you guys win at life

17.  “Don’t say that! Now something is bound to happen.”

with Jace

„I really think this is a bad idea, Jace.“

„I don’t have ‘bad ideas’.“

You roll your eyes and huff. He couldn’t even wait ten freaking minutes until the others arrive. No, Jace had to go after the demon alone. Because Jace was perfect and never failed, you thought sarcastically and shook your head.

„Do you have to be so stubborn? It’s reckless and dangerous.“

„Are you perhaps worried about me?“ He turns around with a smirk and waits for you to catch up to him.  You inhale deeply, holding back the rude comments that are going through your head. You couldn’t win an argument with this guy even if your life depended on it.

„I’m going to say yes if that makes you consider waiting for the others.“

„We’re going to be fine Y/N. Nothing will happen, it’s just your everyday demon, nothing I haven’t killed before.“

„Don’t say that! Now something is bound to happen.“

Jace laughs and takes your hand, pulling you with him. You had tried to slow him down a little by walking behind him but apparently he wouldn’t have it.

„I’m going to protect you.“ He says with a wink in your direction before he begins to walk faster, dragging you behind while you complain.

We make it a home

Imagine a day at home with Jax and the kids

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You woke up to the faint sound of the Looney Tunes intro on your bedroom TV. You groaned a little and got up, trying to get a hold of your crazy hair as you grabbed it into a messy top bun, opening your eyes and looking around to find a smaller version of Jax next to you; also named, Abel. You smiled at the kid and caressed his hair; but he remained in the same position, shirtless, slurping on her cocoa puffs, dumbfounded by the TV screen. You sat down and looked around, getting up and ready to take care of Thomas, but the door opened showing a smirking Jax looking at you and with the baby on his arms.  

“Hey mommy.” Jax said handing you Thomas and leaning closer to peck your lips. “Good morning…”

“Morning…” You smiled at him, bouncing Thomas in your arms. 

“They woke up early. Figured we’d let you sleep but Abel wanted to watch Bugs Bunny…” You nodded, understanding, Abel loved his Looney Tunes. “Hey, Abel, what’s up Doc?” Jax mocked the TV bunny as Abel giggled and lifted his spoon. Jax nodded at you. “What do you want to eat for breakfast? I ain’t got no club business today…”

“And TM?” 

“I’ll take the day off. Left Sack behind me.” You smiled at your husband.

“Waffles…” The blonde man smiled and kissed your lips once again.

“Waffles it is…” 

Breakfast was lovely. While Abel kept watching TV and Thomas was really entertained by staring at the window,  you and Jax had an amazing breakfast you two made; and you had waffles, coffee, eggs and muffins. While you were doing the dishes, Abel came down, empty plates of cocoa puffs on his little hands, tip toeing to your place in front of the dishes, hands all full with soap and foam. 

“Thank you.” Abel said, before running back to his Dad. You shook your head and kept doing the dishes, while Jax picked up Abel, walking towards you. “Mommy, what are you doing?” Abel asked, with an accomplice look on both their faces.

“Washing the dishes, honey..” You said placing a glass in the drying tray. Without noticing, Abel, with the help of his dad of course, took handful of soap foam, giggling and placing it on top of your head, making you gasp and laugh as the soapy water fell to your forehead. “Little rascal!” You said laughing and throwing foam at both of them. 

Jax put Abel down on the ground, the little boy running and laughing. “I’ll hold her back, Abel!” Jax said grabbing you by your hips as you both laughed. “Save yourself, son, run!” The kid looked at both of his parents and ran upstairs, as Thomas giggled in his high chair. 

“Jackson!” You said, grabbing his forearms. “Stop!” You were now both full of foam and soap and life. “You guys win…” You said, your laugh calming down. “The Teller boys win.” 

“I think we won when you got into our lifes…” Jax said, his blue eyes staring into yours as it made you blush. You looked down but he lifted your face by your chin, caressing your cheek with his other fingers. “I love you, (Y/N).” 

“I love you too, Jax.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled at him. “I love your family so much…”

“Our family…” He corrected you. “It’s our family.” You nodded, feeling like crying with joy. He leaned closer and was about to kiss you when a soapy Abel jumped in between you, roaring like a lion and still giggling. 

“Dad!” He said, grabbing your hand as he dragged you away from Jax. “You’re it! Run, Mommy!” The little toddler said. You stared at Jax and just when he thought you wouldn’t follow Abel’s game, you ran towards to the garden, following Abel’s crazy steps. 

Jax stood frozen for a minute, letting the light of the blessed fall into his heart, before following you both. 


Life hack#1(for guys): If you want a girl to like you sing her/ play her a Hunter Hayes song.
Life hack #2(for guys): After you win her heart with the song make sure everyday you make her feel like the girl they song was written about
Life hack#1(for girls): If your guy doesn’t do any of the above, if he doesn’t do it now he defiantly won’t do it later…

Life hack:

When you get your first credit card, immediately subscribe to Netflix or start paying your current subscription with your new card. We all know you’re going to pay for Netflix, anyway, and it gets you set up on a habit of making frequent payments. This is literally how I built the lion’s share of my credit over the first couple years.Even when I was broke, I could still afford $8 a month, and a few years of monthly on-time payments shot my score well over 700.