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03. You’re Mine - Min Yoongi Fanfic

AN*  So I ran across a “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 3rd in the series of oneshots. I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif credit to original poster.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

02. Kim SeokJin - Mama Mo’s

04. Jung HoSeok - My Hope

05. Park Jimin - Awkwardly Perfect

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

07. Jeon JungKook - Call Me Kookie

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

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You’re Mine

Prompt: You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: angst, minor fluff, smut lite, a bit of everything really… *strong language**abuse warning (discussion and aftermath)*

Word Count: 4K

You had NEVER seen Yoongi this angry before… You’d never seen him this… anything before.  Min Yoongi was so quiet and never let anybody know what he was thinking, but he was definitely giving you an earful now.

“I’ll fucking kill him!” he growled as he paced back and forth in front of you.  The energy radiating off of him should be scaring you, especially after what you had just gone through, but it was Yoongi…

“You’re not going to kill him,” you said softly.  

Yoongi surged toward you.

“If I say I’m gonna fucking kill him, I’ll fucking kill him, Y/N!” he shouted.  You couldn’t stop the flinch at his raised voice so close. Immediately the energy shifted and you felt a hand on your knee.  You opened your eyes to find Yoongi kneeling in front of you, eyes soft for the first time since you showed up on his doorstep… with a cut and bloody lip and a bruise darkening on your cheek.

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The magazine falls on the floor of Jo’s dorm room and her bottom lip trembles slightly as she buries her face in her hands, elbows resting on her knees. 

“Oh, Jo, I am so sorry! But it probably means nothing, he loves you, he’s infatuated with you and that girl… he was just hugging her, Jo, come on, don’t be sad! He loves you so much!“ her best friend rubbed her back, stroking her hair.

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Marichat May Days 13-21

So life caught up with me and I fell completely off the tracks for Marichat May;; I’m probably going to miss most of the remaining prompts too, as I have an interview and an operation next week, so here’s a longshot that incorporates some of the prompts I’ve missed:

SIN (implied), Age-up Chat Noir, Something Sweet, Flowers, Balcony Visits, Rejection, Identity Reveal, Night on the Town, Akumatized Marinette.


There were a few factors that could turn someone as pure and sunny as Adrien Agreste into the most notorious playboy in town: neglect, rejection and much more money that sense. Luckily (or unluckily) Adrien could play out his persona as Chat Noir, and no-one was the wiser. In fact, people barely cared about the ‘model Adrien’ anymore. At eighteen, he had broken his contract with Agreste and moved into his own bachelor pad, and never looked back. He filled his empty life with gadgets, alcohol and women. Unwanted by his father and the media, he was welcomed with open arms at Chat Noir. And with every blue-eyed woman he took home to his bed, he wondered if it was her.


‘Alya, I’m still jet-lagged, why are you dragging me to a club?’ Marinette groaned, holding her head as her best friend of nearly ten years merely winked in response.

‘Come on girl, I’ve got to cover this opening tonight for work. We’ve got free passes and a tab at the bar, so stop your complaining and shimmy into that dress, ‘kay?’

Marinette wrinkled her nose. She thought longingly of all her creations folded neatly in her suitcase, back at her apartment. The heap of black silk in the bag didn’t give her much hope.

‘And these,’ Alya said, holding out a pair of stilettos while her mobile phone was crushed against her ear with her shoulder. ‘Yes boss, we’re nearly there.’


‘I hate you,’ Marinette grumbled under her breath, as she tried to maintain her balance. ‘I should have stayed in LA.’

‘Oh, come on, aren’t you bored of all that?’ Alya teased. ‘Don’t lie girl, I know you missed our home boys.’

‘Well…’ Marinette ran her eyes over the line. Certainly, the guys in LA had been a little…samey. And it was tiring having to talk in English all the time. She did miss the language of love a little…

‘The one and only Alya,’ the bouncer nodded, and allowed them right in ahead of the queue. ‘Try to keep out of mischief, hmm?’

‘You know I’ll try my best, Bobo,’ the redhead smirked. ‘But no promises.’


It had only been ten minutes but Chat Noir had already forgotten the name of the young woman that was clutching his arm. The black cat was usually better than this, but she was just such a freaking bore, he wasn’t sure he could even be bothered going to the club with her. At least the music would drown her out, he reflected.

They posed outside for the paparazzi, and Chat flashed his signature grin. He stopped to sign a few autographs, before the bouncers had to tug him away from his adoring public. They were ushered to the VIP area, where silver buckets of iced champagne was slowly melting in the heat of the club.

‘Ahh, if it isn’t our favourite superhero,’ a familiar voice in his ear said. Chat turned and caught sight of his old school friend and now high-flying journalist, Alya. Her Ladyblog had evolved after the spotted heroine had disappeared, and was now called ‘Fly on the Wall.’ It contained all the latest gossip about Paris. Alya usually knew that a celebrity couple had broken up before the couple realised themselves.

‘Bonsoir,’ Chat grinned, tugging at his bell collar. His suit wasn’t built with small, sweaty rooms in mind, and if Alya wanted a photo, he was more than happy to show a little skin.

‘I see you are with Gina tonight,’ Alya remarked, phone at the ready. ‘Wasn’t it Lotte yesterday?’

‘You keep track better than I do,’ Chat smirked. ‘And who is your lovely friend there?’

They both watched as the young woman in the silk black slip navigated the steps into the VIP room, her eyes down at her feet.

‘Aha, back off, tomcat,’ the journalist clucked. ‘Marinette isn’t interested in strays like you.’

‘Marinette?’ Chat breathed, and at that moment she looked up, her big blue eyes locking with his. Her glossy hair was in a neat bob that showcased her collarbone. As she brushed her fringe out of her eyes, he noticed a light pink cherry blossom tattoo on her inside wrist.

‘Chat Noir?’ she was clearly just as shocked to see him, and Gina chose that moment to return with their drinks.

‘Do you want a photo of us?’ she preened. ‘The lighting is better over here.’

Chat felt himself be dragged away, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Marinette. He could remember clearly, like it was yesterday, the last time he had tried to visit her. Ladybug had been waiting for him on the balcony.

‘Come here often, chaton?’ she had asked, her eyes narrowed. He had swallowed, and tried to explain their relationship. ‘We’re just friends…’

‘Don’t visit her anymore…’ Ladybug had warned him. ‘You’ll just get her tangled up in our business.’

At the time, Chat thought his lady had meant the akumas, and he had followed the heroine’s advice.


Marinette could feel herself shaking. She followed Alya to the bar, and for once didn’t complain about the tray of shots. She knocked them back easily, feeling the alcohol diffuse through her blood, steadying her.

It had brought it all rushing back, seeing him. All the resentment and hurt. A throw-away line from a silly game with their old school friends, and the question: ‘Is there anyone you love?’

Marinette could still picture the way Adrien had blushed and squirmed. The girls had giggled and pressed on. ‘Is she in this room?’

The young designer had felt her heart clench with anticipation at the question. The reply of ‘no’ seemed to hang in the air forever, and while the others had squealed and offered suggestions, Marinette had felt herself fall down a dark, endless tunnel. Adrien didn’t love her at all. In fact, he loved someone else.

Alya had left her at the bar to go and chase some boyband, and Marinette perched on the edge of her stool, slowly making her way through rum and cokes. Wine took too long to hit her: this was a much better fix. Marinette drank as she remembered the conversation with Chat on a rooftop a few days later. He had retold the story of her heartbreak without flinching, told her that she was the only one he loved. Not realising that she had been in room. Not realising that what he had said was a lie. Or was it? For Adrien, aka Chat Noir, loved Ladybug. Not Marinette.

She waited until his usual visit night and transformed, telling him never to visit Marinette again. Then after the final battle, she took Chat’s heart as he had taken hers, and crushed it under-foot. She told him that she didn’t love him. And now Papillion was defeated, he would never see her again.

Marinette peered into her empty glass and summoned the barman once more. It seemed like Chat’s heartbreak hadn’t lasted long, however. She had been skeptical of Alya’s updates, that the black cat had turned into the legendary fuckboi of Paris, but now she had seen it with her own eyes.


The champagne was barely touching him. He was so used to it now, he needed something much stronger to even begin to feel tipsy. Which was why Chat abused his liver, seeking new ways to find that numbing, black pit. No matter how bad it got, he stayed away from drugs. They didn’t mix well with the miraculous- he had learned the hard way.

Chat didn’t even need to dig out his wallet: as soon as he approached the bar, several people tried to buy him drinks, men and women alike. He engaged with them all until his headache began to beat at his temples, and soon he slunk away. Just as he was planning to make his escape from the club, Chat noticed Marinette alone at the bar. He was drawn to her, like a cat to cream, and pulled up a bar stool.

‘Long-time no see, princess,’ he purred, resting his arms on the bar. His biceps were nicely defined by the leather, and the lights in the club did wonders for him, too.

‘Hi,’ Marinette replied shortly, taking a sip of her drink.

‘Don’t you remember me?’ Chat asked, taken aback by tone. ‘I used to pop by your balcony for late night conversations. It’s been a few years though, huh. You were in the US, right?’

Marinette sighed, necked her drink, and slipped from her stool. ‘Leave me alone, Chat,’ she said flatly, before walking off.

The black cat had to remember and close his jaw. This was cute little Mari? His princess, that used to feed him sweet things and scratch his chin?

‘Hey!’ he caught up with her in the smoking area, a terrace outside the club. ‘I’m sorry I stopped visiting! I know it probably seemed odd. But, it was actually Ladybug that asked me at the time…’

‘Chat,’ Marinette looked him dead in the eye, and took her mobile phone from her clutch. ‘I don’t care, okay? I’m not interested in talking to you.’

‘What?’ Chat felt himself move forward and grab her wrist, the cherry blossom under his fingers. ‘Can you tell me why?’

Smokers were watching them now, so Marinette glared at him and pulled free. He followed her, feeling confused and light-headed, and it was nothing to do with the alcohol.

‘Let me make one thing clear,’ Marinette said, as she fired off a text. ‘I am not going home with you.’

‘What? That’s not what this is!’ Chat could feel himself blush, something that hadn’t happened in years.

She eyed him coldly, and tried to hail down a cab, but it sailed by them.

‘I just want to talk! It’s natural, isn’t it, when you haven’t seen a friend for years?’

‘You’re right…’ Marinette agreed, cocking her head. ‘So, how’s things been, Adrien? Are you enjoying hiding from the world under you suit?’

Chat Noir swallowed. Her pose, even in the black slip, was menacing. Hands were curled on her hips, and her blue eyes were almost radiating sparks.

‘Ladybug…’ he realised.

Marinette stomped her foot, failing again to hail a cab.

‘You got it, golden boy,’ she said. ‘How does it feel?’

‘Awful,’ Chat admitted honestly. ‘Oh god…Marinette. My lady…’

‘Save it, chaton,’ Marinette retorted. ‘I’m jetlagged and now drunk, and the last thing I want to deal with is your fragile ego. So can you please get lost, or at least find me a ride home?’

The black cat silently unclipped his baton and waved it in front of her.

‘Still not trying to take you home,’ he clarified, before she could scream at him, or worse, become akumatized: there were still a few stray butterflies around Paris that he had to attend to every now and then. ‘But I would be more than happy to drop you off. It’s the least I could do.’

Marinette bit her lip and looked down at her sore feet. ‘Fine. But you take me to the door, understood? And that’s the last I want to see of you.’


The night didn’t quite go according to Marinette’s plan.  

5 Years- Blacknut

hey um, today is 7/8/17 just wanted to say this scenario is cringey, just full on cringe, so is part two. like i apologize for how cringe this is.

Before story starts, I’m hopping this could be a series so let’s give some background info (this is a complete mess btw). You are a famous musician, you’ve been in the music industry for 11 years, debuted under YG in 2006. Left YG in 2012, under good terms, and signed under Just Music. You meet Blacknut in 2011, and have been dating ever since. And you don’t necessarily tell others of the relationship, you thought they’d figure out themselves, but they never have, 5 years passed and still no one knows. You have made friends with plenty other artist over the years, and feature in many music videos and songs because your talented and beautiful. Blacknut doesn’t really appreciate all the love other male artist give you, as you’re the one he’s dating… Anyways, I don’t want to say anymore to ruin anything. 

The both of you were siting in your studio working on a song, and you started day dreaming.

“Hahahahaha,” you laughed out loud.

“What? Did you think of a funny meme again?” He said, confused.

“No, no, I just think it’s so funny that we’ve been together for around 5 years now, and no one knows. Well no one has confronted us. It’s not like our relationship is a deep dark secret, we make it obvious some days, right?” You constantly thought about this a lot, how come no one knows.

“Somedays, yeah. I mean we come out of mine or your studio looking like a mess. That pretty much screams that we’re together, I think.” He replied. “It’s definitely because of all those music videos, you’re in with other rappers. People probably think you’re a whore.” He said jokingly.

“Fuck you, people think you’re a virgin. At least, it looks like I’m getting it in with successful people.” You barked back.

“Well you know the truth, and you were my first and I was your first. Sadly, I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life.” Daewoong replies sarcastically.

“Yeah, it must be really hard for you as I’m the one the brings in 99.99% of our income. Oh, and how much it must suck dating such a distinguished artist. What a horrible life you live, dating a celebrity that has made so much money in the past 11 years that you could never earn in your life.”

This was a normal conversation between you and Daewoong, to anyone else it’d seem like fighting. Sure, you sometimes hurt his feelings but he knows how to egg on a person, that’s probably why he is really good at dissing.

“Oh, I have a good idea!” You said excitedly.

“Is it getting back to the song?” He said.

"No, not that. We can do that another day. We should post pictures with each other. The privacy was great for these past 5 years, but I want to see how the public reacts to us. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” You proposed this idea, that you knew wouldn’t get the most positive response.

“I like this idea of yours, but like do I have to post appropriate photos? If yes, then we must keep this relationship a secret till death.” Daewoong replied.

“Show me the photos before you post, deal? I’ll post some throughout each year, and you can post whatever you want as long as you have my approval.” You compromised.

“I’m older than you, I should be able to post what I want. But, I guess since it’s your idea I will respect it.”  He said pretending to be defeated.

“No, next…”




“God no.”

“You gotta be kidding me, no. Is there anything appropriate?”

2 hours passed.

“Please just chose one, do you really care if they are inappropriate?” He pleaded.

“All your photos of me, are fucking nudes.” You were impatient as well.

“Well, it’s not like people don’t want to see your nudes. If you want me to blur out the bad parts, I will.”

“That won’t make it any better, idiot.” You kept on scrolling through his phone.

You finally came across a photo you really liked, this is probably the only appropriate photo you’ve came across so far. The photo made you happy, it was a mirror picture of the both of you on Valentine’s Day last year. You were wearing a red flowly strapless dress, he was dressed nicely kind of like a waiter, but he looked handsome.

“This one.” You said.

“Finally,” he said. “Cute. Does the caption have to be appropriate too? Can the caption be ‘Fucked her every Valentine’s Day for the past 5 years.’” Daewoong replied, and you glared at him.

You lightly punched his shoulder, "No, pervert. Caption it the date it was taken. You better do that with every photo you post, if I see any inappropriate caption, I swear I will end you.”

“I think you can trust me with the photo selection now, I don’t want to be sitting here for another century. No full out nudes and only dates as captions.” And with that said you gave him your trust, and left your studio.

You picked out photos from each anniversary together, and you posted the first photo you ever took together. To not be such a prude, you posted a photo of him kissing your neck. Without a doubt you had to be cautious of younger fans it was inevitable, even Daewoong had younger fans, but he didn’t have boundaries unlike you. So checking what he posted didn’t make you the happiest person, but you expected it. He posted a photo of you two in the shower with makeup pouring down your face, and captioned it as ‘she is so beautiful!’ Another photo was his hand palming your ass with the caption as '5 fingers, 5 years. Love you! ❤’ He didn’t follow your orders, and at this point you didn’t bother stopping him. In a matter of seconds posting your photos your social media blew up, as well as your text messages.

Daewoong came running out of the studio to the hangout area laughing, “Didn’t listen to your rules, because why the hell would I. You gotta look at what people are saying. A lot are confused, some are offended, and others really like the photos I posted of you.” He took a seat next to you on the couch and you read the comments together on your post, it truly shocked people. After a couple of minutes, the all of the JM crew except Swings showed up in front of you in shock. They looked down at the both of you, but no one spoke, so you and Daewoong just went back reading comments.

“Um, excuse me. Have you guys really been together that long?” Giriboy spoke up.

“Yeah, none of you caught on so we just kept it to ourselves for the most part.” You replied.

“Good for you, Daewoong. I don’t want to offend you are anything, but I find it amazing, how did you possibly get with Y/N. Please tell me the story when you have the time. Anyways, congratulations to you guys for staying together for so long.” Vasco said with a smile on his face, he was seriously so proud of Daewoong that it surprised you.

“Thank y-” Daewoong was cut off by Cjamm.

“No, don’t congratulate them, do you realize how much press this is going to get? Swings is going to be so pissed, especially at you Daewoong. All of the photos you posted are so inappropriate. Y/N, you have the biggest following in Korea, just imagine the amount of criticism you will receive online. You guys just fed the media a weeks worth of food, and our PR team is going to be pilled in shit.”

“We liked the photos.” Nochang and Vasco said in synch.  

“Because your fucking pervs.” Sungmin replied angrily.

“Excuse me that is not how you speak to your elders, young man. You can’t even deny you don’t like those photos, you talk about Y/N everyday.” Vasco scolded Sungmin.

“Shut up. That doesn’t make it right.” Sungmin said defeated and embarrassed.

“You’re just jealous its not you in those photos.” Vasco replied further embarrassing him.

“Sungmin, don’t stress. I know that Daewoong’s post are extremely inappropriate, and I told him to post the opposite. But, if you compare those photos to let’s say music videos or photo shoots I’ve been in, they’re equally the same. I’m well aware there is a huge difference between the two, but too late to delete them now, when there are plenty of screenshots. The worse that will come out of this is hate. I’m gonna lose fans, but I will also gain fans. When Swings comes back later, I will deal with him myself, it was my idea.” You said reassuring the group of men. “Now I will be in Swings office waiting for him, please go on with your day.”

There will definitely be a pt. 2, and I apologize if there’re any mistakes, grammar wise. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy, I haven’t made a scenario in a while, but I will try my best to make them more often. I also apologize for how short this is.

Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 5

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

I just spent way too many hours finishing this lol. I need sleep. Part 6 is already in progress. Hopefully it wont take me two weeks to finish. Thanks again to everyone that has commented on this, you guys give me encouragement to keep going <3 There still seems to be a tagging issue so I’m not sure if everyone will get notifications D: If I forgot to tag you or you want to be added let me know!

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @iloveenzoamore @ang-78 @legitlunatic @fan-fiction-galore @imaginingwwesuperstars @silverrawrs @tooweirdforlifex @darwarsnoam @alexispoo @shadow-of-wonder @mindsetcalamity @omgmissmillie @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laigy2213 @bulletbaybay @thedeboniardevistation @doitwithcole @helluvawriter @allgirlswrestlingclub @sarahmatthews7 @waynscastle @jazzytoosweet @mermaidfett @laziestgirlintheworld @alexahood21 @thathpchick @valeonmars @xxmaddhatter39xx @mrlooch @laochbaineann @fearlessflawlessdior @jenn0755 @wrasslin-x @megan-monroe @brooklyns-scumbag @phlebotomyprincess1 @rollinstrash @squirrel666 @effy-christine @wweximaginesxd @pjanina13 @awkward-potato-imagines @persephone93 @zombiexbody @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay @veewizardofodd @lionpotter

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anonymous asked:

14 —schei-letzebuerg

14: What popular ship do you not like?

Definitely USUK! I know I am going to get flamed to hell for this but I can’t stand it for a bunch of reasons!

First is the age difference

Now the ages aren’t the biggest deal when it comes to immortal beings, especially when by the same token any nationXhuman relationship is pedophilic, but something about how England was a father figure to america as expressed in the show seems weird to me. Especially the concept of getting screwed by your “son”! Idk if this is just me, but as a rule of thumb if you changed their diapers you shouldn’t sleep with them. Picture source

Next is the historical inaccuracies that USUK fanfiction and fanart is prone to
From America raping England during the revolutionary war, to him jumping at the chance to help England during the first world war. I mean seriously guys? Historically, America was never the center of England’s world, and neither was it the other way around. Though this is prone to happen in all ships, where another nation’s world is dictated by another nation, I find USUK can be the worst about abusing this. The worst of this in my book is a few fics I’ve found that show England rushing to America’s aide during the revolutionary war. Really? 

For the Revolutionary War; America was fricking pissed, and so were his people! I mean, the colonies were angry enough to unite against a common enemy, which in case y’all didn’t know was really difficult. Most Americans, and likely including Alfred, believed in the Boston Massacre without a doubt. Looking at the famous drawing by Paul Revere, its easy to understand just how angry the colonists could be

For the American Civil War; Not only was England still spiteful over the revolution, he also wanted to ensure a weak America. This is just common sense! Wanting to ensure an enemy is weak is page one of the war book, and also the best way for England to ensure his people’s safety. He also never took actual part in the war; probably because the Great British Empire had other things on his mind than his long lost colony? Yeah, probably. 

The US was very hesitant to become involved. As you can see with the cartoon below, it was a messy war! Europe was called a powder keg by the US because of how easy they dissolved into war and became problematic. To the US this was a foreign war, and one they shouldn’t care about. Europe’s problem. As Americans watched their loved ones die, they became spiteful to the whole of Europe in many ways, although the Lusitania does prove there may have been a little something going on between the personifications. From when the Lusitania was sunk, there is now quite a bit of evidence that the explosion from the torpedo was horribly spread by munitions the US was illegally shipping to England source, but still it was the Alimo of WWI as seen in the cartoon above.

Here is actually where I feel USUK is quite possible. Despite how the US drug its feet into becoming involved, Lend Lease with Kennedy’s famous speech about one’s neighbor’s house being on fire, chose sides for the US quite definitely source, but still then, England by far was not the only country helped as seen below. For USUK, despite the grittyness of the war where obviously there was likely no love blooming, there was a lot of US and English joint efforts for the war support. The British even enlisted US movie stars to search for German U2 rockets with the first 3D imaging! That being said, there was no possible way America was with England the whole time of the war. Between the US’ rush to find German Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun and their plight in the pacific, I sincerely doubt the entire war was fought in France or Africa as some fanficitons would have you believe. 

Next is how most USUK fans treat the Fourth of July celebration.

I have BEEN to the White House’s celebration and fireworks (an example of which is below). I saw Bush in his pink shirt and everything. It is possibly the most american thing to ever american, yet most every fic I’ve seen about the fourth is filled with England crying and america comforting him. England isn’t an overly hormonal teenage girl and america kinda has better things to do like maybe the $675 million dollars to be made on firework sales alone this year? source imo America and England wouldn’t be hung up on this years later, or at least not let it show. They’re both big boys. Also, if you know anything about america politics, you know that Alfred would want to invite a beautiful woman with a nursing degree who is a part time model to any party he went to.

The USA and UK are still very different from each other 
Up until a few years ago, England still had a dedicated board for nobility. His royalty still very much exists, and despite how many young Americans recently have romanticized England’s Royalty, older Americans remember the tragedy that was Princess Dianna and the plight she went through to get her divorce, one of which many Americans sided with her on. Her photo below

Why is america always stereotypicaly dominant and suave? 
The US is very anti homosexuality compared to other nations, and much of this mentality is instilled in the same social group that fills our military. I find it quite hard to believe that the military based personification (based on how hima draws them) of the US would be willing to (in some Doujin and Fanfic cases) bully England into topping him, or at least calmly top without some discussion and communication beforehand. Navy has literally slept with men and told them “no homo” afterwards. There is that much of a bias against homosexuals, and while I’m all for representation I find it strange to just outright ignore the problem. Not only that, but anyone from outside the crazy would of tumblr and fangirls would be very much lost and confused by this. I don’t know about the rest of tumblr, but I try to write to a wider audience. 

Why is England turned into a hormonal preteen girl?
You know, once the UK was cornered by the Germans who had the world’s first rocket aimed right for them. You know what the British did? THEY INVENTED 3D IMAGING AND RADAR TO JUST BARELY NOT DIE! As much as my american heart hates to say it, the British are resourceful and damn near impossible to kill. Despite how they are now basically obsolete in capabilities compared to the other superpowers, the British still turn out technological advancements and pull crazy fucking shit out of their asses. If England himself was pressed against a wall by America, and didn’t want to be there, he would grAB THAT BITCH’S HAND TWIST IT BEHIND HIS BACK AND PIN HIM TO THE FLOOR. Bottoming doesn’t mean the character has to be weak, emotional, and moe. Also, why is he always crying and insecure? I understand you want to be able to relate to the character, but one should be able to put themself in the shoes of an adult man, a warrior, and a political force when writing a hetalia character, and understand that the personality of a teenage girl is not one he would poses, nor one that he cannonly possesses. 

In the end?
Its not so much USUK the concept that makes it my notp, it’s the fans and how they ship it. 


  • Did I get my history wrong? Is there something you want to debate about? Please, reblog this or message me and I’ll be happy to listen and talk!
  • This doens’t encompass ask blogs since there is a vast amount of AUs and different circumstances
  • I’m not telling you to not ship USUK! If you like it them go ahead! I’m just explaining why I don’t like it.
  • APH America is who I was writing about. This doesn’t have to to with Navy, since if I was writing about navy i’d be writing about all the times he has killed England out of spite :p 

“Lost Love - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader
(GIFs aren’t mine)

Prompt: You run away because you don’t want to go to jail, but the guys find you. (Given to me by the lovely @sons-of-anarchy-imagines-blr)

***I decided to make this two parts with an optional 3rd/4th part if it gets good feedback. Let me know what you think about this first part!!***

You stared at the photograph in your hand as you sat on the bathroom sink, crying. You never pictured yourself in this situation and you hated it. Tears were streaming down your face as you hopped from the sink, whirling around and screaming as you punched the mirror in front of you, shattering it.
“God DAMMIT!!” you bellowed, clutching your left hand in your right, studying the lacerations on your knuckles as the photograph fluttered to the floor. It was a picture of Chibs with Agent Stahl, she was handing him a case file, intentionally conspicuous.

Stahl threatened to hang Chibs out as a rat, pin him as the person that gave them intel on gun crimes the club had committed, and arrest you for obstruction of justice, if you didn’t help her get information on their gun trade. You knew she had pressed Filip for info about the Irish months ago, but he didn’t give her anything, and you knew that’s what the photo was about.
The problem was, his brothers didn’t know she had ever spoken to him because when he had considered cutting a deal with her for immunity, you convinced him it was a bad idea and he put an end to his dialogue with her, keeping the whole thing a secret. Only the two of you knew and you had a feeling once the club found out he had even entertained the idea and didn’t tell them, they wouldn’t be inclined to believe anything else he said.

She chose you to drill into because she thought you were weak. You didn’t have a Sons of Anarchy bloodline which she mistakenly pegged as chink in your loyalty. You were also the newest old lady of the bunch, only being with Filip for a year.
What she didn’t know is that you were probably the most savvy of the old ladies, you did the books for the club because you were good at it, and that meant you saw a lot of transactions and knew a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Now you wish you had never started working for the club.

You wrapped up your hand and scampered to the bedroom you shared with Filip, packing as many of your things as you could, you had to get out of Charming for a while… or permanently… you weren’t sure yet but you needed to get away from Stahl and protect Filip and the club. You scribbled a note on an old grocery list and left it on the bed, grabbing your suitcases and one of Chibs’ Berettas and walking out of the house.

You threw your things in the back of your car, and with one last look back at the house, you wiped the tears from your eyes and pulled out of the drive.

“(Y/N)! Where are ye my love?” Chibs hollered, walking in the front door and tossing his keys on the table beside the couch,  "Gemma is ‘avin a ge'together at her house tonight, I tol’ her we’d be there.“

Something felt off.

"Baby?” he walked down the hall, stopping when he got to the bathroom. He peered in the door, seeing the shattered glass everywhere and throwing the light switch on to take in the sight. He squatted to see everything closer and saw bits of blood on the glass and an ATF photograph of him and Stahl on the tile.
Panicked, he stood, “(Y/N)! You here!?”
He ran into the bedroom where he found empty hangers on the floor, drawers empty, the closet void of your things. He pulled his hands up to run through his hair, breathing heavily. Where did you go? Were you okay? His eyes scanned the room, landing upon a sheet of paper on the comforter. 

Stahl brought me in for questioning today. She said she was going to make you look like a rat and arrest me if I didn’t give up the club on the gun charges they’re pursuing. I’m so sorry love, I can’t go to jail, and I can’t let her make me a rat. I have to protect you and the club. I have to leave. Please don’t look for me. I love you, handsome…. so much.
I will miss you,

Chibs wheeled around and slammed his fist into the wall, breaking through the drywall and leaving a gaping hole in the structure.
“Shite!” he screamed, hitting the wall open palmed, before spinning back around and falling against the wall, sliding down it until he was sitting, his head resting in his hands. He got his breathing under control and pulled out his phone, dialing Clay.

If you wanted to get away from the other charters you’d have to drive for days. The Sons had sister clubs and charters all over the west coast and you knew they’d be looking for you. Even though you asked Chibs not to come for you, he was too stubborn and too much in love to let you just disappear even if it was to protect him.

You decided instead to just try and keep a low profile. You would pay for everything with cash, making sure to stay off main roads and only stopping in small towns. Your entire life was behind in Charming, and you hated to leave it so suddenly and without the one man you loved more than anyone in the world.
Sitting in a shitty pay-by-the-hour motel, you folded your arms around yourself, tracing your ribs through your shirt where the crow tattoo was inked into your skin.

You had only been gone 24 hours and you were already a mess. You pulled out a burner phone you took from Chibs and clipped one of the sim cards you purchased into it, dialing the only number you truly knew by heart and listening to the rings…

Open the Window (Goodbyes May 4th)

He hated this place. Of course anyone that isn’t walking out with a baby hates hospitals. The florescent lights, and the smell of cleaning products always put him on edge. He couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t a place of healing as much as a place where life ended. This was the place where his Mother died, and now it was going to take his Father.  

He walked in to the hospital room the soft beeping from the machinery and labored breathing were the only sounds. In the bed his father laid asleep. It was hard to see him like this. When he thought of his father he remembered the giant man that held him over his head, and let him mess up his hair and then would act surprised for him when he looked in the mirror.  Mark could hardly recognize the slim green figure in the hospital bed.  Garfield Logan was never a large man, but the cancer and its treatments had reduced him to less than hundred pounds. His once bright green eyes had sunken into his face. His hair once hunter green was now silver and thin like a threadbare towel.  

“Dad, Can you hear me?”

Garfield Logan’s eyes slowly opened.


“Yea Dad” Mark forced a smile “how are you doing?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s about four in the afternoon”

“You got here at a good time. If I can get that window open I was planning  to take a fly across the bay.  I could use some fresh air.” His voice choked out.

“Sure Dad”  Mark agreed knowing that he hasn’t been able to change shape for the last year, and for the last month could barely walk.  

“Maybe instead I will turn into a mouse, go along the hallways, tell me do woman still wear skirts? I always liked a nice set of legs.” he said with slow creeping smile.  

“Dirty old man”

“And I am getting older and dirtier by the minute” he laughed. “The good thing about getting old it’s amazing what you can get away with. Most people just think I am confused or senile.  My body might be falling apart but I am as sharp as I ever was”

Mark could almost hear ‘Yea somewhere between pudding and warm cheese’  in his mother’s voice.  Marks parents were always like that,  always jabbing at each other, verbal sparring. You wouldn’t believe that they had been together since they were teenagers, and married for almost 50 years. One minute they were arguing, the next they would be in each other’s arms.

“Maybe you should stay in this afternoon, it looks like rain anyway”

“And Rae would be pissed if I went out and got a new girlfriend. Well since you’re here then I will” he consented. “Is Sam here? did you bring Rachel?”

“Just me this time”

He looked into son’s eyes “I am that close aren’t I?”

Mark couldn’t find the right words. The ones the doctors chose to use did not offer him any comfort. He couldn’t imagine they would help his father.  

“Mark I raised you not to lie to me”  he said taking his sons hand  "Also you are really bad at it, and I take that as a sign of good parenting"

“Hours, You might make it to tomorrow morning”  Mark said with his eyes closed as if saying them was going to kill him right then and there and he didn’t want to see it.  


“Dad? No-” Mark started but his father waved his hand to silence him.

“My affairs are in order.  We have all known this has been coming for a while. In a way it’s been a blessing” He said clearing his throat.  "Do you remember when my friend Vic passed?  Had no will, it was an amazing mess for his girls I was not going to leave that for you and Sam"

Mark didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what he was going to say to his wife or his daughter, no matter what the Doctors had said the idea that his father was not going to be there just did not seem real. Till now.  

“Dad I really don’t care about your stuff-”

“Mark I am ready.” he stated. “This has been a good life but I miss your mother so much.” his voice was ragged “I can feel it, she is waiting for me. She’s probably going to be angry that I am so late.  So I am going to blame you.  She could never stay mad at you.”

He was still joking. Mark could almost see his father looking tough his memories like flipping tough a photo album in his head.  

“We are so proud of you, do you know that.”  

“You and Mom were heroes. You guys saved the world. I am just a guy that designs buildings”

“You listen to me.” He said a new hardness in his voice “My whole life has been about beating the odds.  I was not expected to live when that monkey bit me.  I spent my life putting myself in danger. I have taken on monsters and criminals and supervillains.  I have been shot, shocked, burned, stabbed, and beaten to a pulp. My back is a subway map of scars. I have taken on the Devil himself, and I got your mother to marry me.”  Another round of ragged coughing followed Mark wondering if he should get help but his father would not let go of his hand.

“But you were it Mark!  Your father has DNA alphabet soup your mother is half demon the odds of us having you was winning the lottery while getting hit by lighting. ” Mark could feel his father’s fingers tighten around his “You are the miracle Mark”

Another round of coughing came and a deep intake of breath.  

“We got the chance to raise you, see you graduate, see you marry Sam, have Rachel.” He pointed at his face “Look at me I am a shriveled green raisin. Do you know how many of the people I have worked with didn’t make it to 40?”  He closed his eyes and laid back into his pillow.  "On top of all that I got to spend nearly 48 years married to the love of my life. Trust me nothing tops all that.“

“I wish Mom was here. She would know what to do”  Make said quietly.  He could picture her there standing on the other side of the bed.  She would put her hands on her husband’s face and she would heal him. Just like she did for him every time he had a scrape or a bruise, or that time he broke his left arm after falling out of a tree.  If Mom was here she could fix this! Screamed in his mind.  

“No Mark” His father pulled him out of his head. “I wish she was here too, but this is my time.”

“I miss her Dad, I don’t want to lose you too”

“She at times was cold, impatient, neat freak and stubborn as a mule and I should know, I have been a mule. She was also strong, giving, her mind was as sharp as her tongue. ” His eyes eased closed  "She was truly extraordinary and I miss hearing her voice. I can close my eyes and see her in her chair in the bedroom a book in her hands. She would read to me. It was the first things we did that was intimate. It didn’t matter what it was or what language hearing her voice made my head quiet. She would let me lay in her lap as a cat, and stroke my fur and I would listen to her. When she found a passage that got her interested or excited I could hear it warming her words. It was almost as good as her rubbing my fur”  

“Mom was the neat freak?”  he asked  

“Every time I leave my socks on the floor, or a dish in the sink I can hear her scold me. Even after she passed.” He laughed “I would sometimes do it just hear that.  But I kept the place neat, like she kept it, it made it easier to think she was going to walk through the door again. You know sometimes I would brew up a pot of that tea she loved just to smell it. ”

“I make that tea sometimes. Rachel likes it. She not going to understand this.”

“Children don’t understand death, I am an old man and I barley understand it. ”

“Yeah, but I thought that was because you’re not that bright.” the words slipped out of his lips.  He was going to apologize but his father’s chest started shaking with laughter.  

“You are your mother’s son!” Came out between small chuckles. “Tell Rachel that I am going to be with her Grandmother, that we both love her, and she can have the old game station”  

“My daughter lover of retro video games”

“My son the real hero of the family that keeps stone age technology running.  Also tell Sam that the library is hers, You mom loved having a daughter in law that loved books as much as she did.  I know she will take good care of them”  

“I should have brought them…”

“No, I don’t want Rachel to remember me like this, and she is going to need her mother. Sides I wanted a word with my boy.”

They just sat there quietly, Mark holding onto his father’s hand.  


“Yea Dad”

“Open the window”

Mark was frozen statue still not sure what to do.

“Mark trust me just open it,  the air is stale in here, all I can smell is my old sweat and antiseptic I want to smell the ocean, the rain, please.”  

Mark knew that look in his eye.  It was the look he had when he was going to do something nuts.  It was the look he had when he pulled him out of school so he could introduce him to the Green Lantern.  It was the look he had when he would show up at the house unannounced with toys for Racheal. Or that he and Mom were just going to pick a direction and go and be gone for weeks sending pictures back from their latest adventure.

He also knew that when his father made up his mind about something he was committed.  Mark knew that if he didn’t open that window his father would find away.  He got up slowly and walked over to the awning window. The pane of glass hinged only on the top was meant only to let air in it only opened a few inches.  He stood there taking in a deep breath, taking in the scent of the storm that was brewing outside.  

“Much better” Garfield breathed.  "Thank you Mark"

“Dad, you need anything else.”

“Could you go find that Nurse, the young blond one.” Garfield said with a smile.  

“Dad?” he asked wondering if he was making a joke.

“I am serious, my left leg is doing that thing again,  she will know what I am talking about.”

“Ok” Mark said reluctantly as he left the room to go to the nurses station. He found two older woman and a young man. None of them knew about a blond nurse working in the ward.

When Mark came back to his father’s room the bed was empty. The window was still open and the staff had no idea where he had gone.  Mark didn’t know what to think. That somehow his father was now flying over the water? Or maybe Mom had come to get him.  History will remember Beast Boy the green hero that could turn into animals.  Mark and his family will, remember Garfield Logan a husband, father and grandfather who made bad jokes, gave his granddaughter pony rides and loved his family fiercely.  

“Your late”

“Mark’s fault!”

“No its not, you got too caught up playing with Rachel.”

“I couldn’t help it. She’s cute, and she takes after her grandmother.”

“She had you wrapped around her little finger. ”

“So did her grandmother.”

“Azar,I missed arguing with you.”

“Mama take me home, and please don’t leave me ever again”.

This was a story that has been sitting with me for a long time. I was going to do the other prompt from this but when I wrote it out if felt forced. Also this is also my first attempt at something that is not pure fluff. I like to think of these characters as real people. Well real people die, I would like to think they would after a good long life with a happy family. That is why I do love these fanfics, we get to add or expand the facets of the characters that might not be explored in the books or cartoons.  Also I think that is why that years later why were still writing about them, these were not cookie cutter characters designed to sell action figures, they had depth. 

anonymous asked:

I just read your Idol reader thing and loved it! Maybe you could write one for Seung-Gil ,Yuri K and Phichit? Thank you for your time

I’m so glad you liked them! ((Original headcanons can be read here. And angst version can be read here.)) Thank you for the request,  I hope you enjoy~ (sorry for the wait too ugh. It took me some time to get inspired ;-;)

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • he feels like the luckiest guy in the world holy shit
  • He sometimes wonders how someone as beautiful and amazing as you would choose him
  • Sometimes his insecurity gets the best of him and he has a breakdown
  • “Why would you want to be with me, (Y/N)?! You can have literally anyone you want and you chose me! WHy-“
  • “Yuri, stfu I luv you ok”
  • usually afterwards you have to show him how much you love him if u get mah meanin
  • He usually feels a lot better when you walk proudly by his side in public, holding his hand
  • The paparazzi usually scares him because it can be kind of overwhelming
  • But he sees the way you keep calm and it helps him do the same
  • He likes to tag along to your photoshoots and things to admire you
  • if you catch his eye while you’re posing and wink at him, his heart will either stop or his dick will suffer in his pants, but no matter what his face is gonna get dark red
  • With his skating career starting to take off, he can’t come with you to other countries when traveling for work most of the time
  • These times of separation can be really tough for him, so he buys a Polaroid camera to start a collection of photos to look at and keep himself grounded while you’re away
  • And more often than not he leaves you a bunch of sappy voicemails while you’re working just so he can hear your voice in the voicemail message but don’t worry it’s not annoying it’s cute
  • He doesn’t really know how to handle the fans at times
  • He loves the fact that so many people appreciate how wonderful and amazing you are, but he sometimes feels jealous because he worries that he can’t give you the love you deserve
  • Other times though, he uses his jealousy to drive him to be very passionate and affectionate towards you
  • Overall 10/10 best relationship ever

[Phichit Culanont]

  • Besides your respectful accounts, you have a joint account to document your relationship and activities
  • your official unofficial social media manager no doubt ((but he likes to be paid in kisses))
  • He comes to your photoshoots and events to capture behind-the-scenes moments for your social media
  • The photos he takes are more aesthetically pleasing than the ones the photographer takes???? idk how he does it fam
  • You both make your schedules work out so you’re rarely apart
  • The longest you’ve been apart is probably four days
  • Phichit probably suffers withdrawals if he goes too long without taking a selfie with you js
  • The Snapchat stories you guys make care the cut es t things eve rrr
  • Your fans are the most taken care of fans in the world
  • Phichit is such a sweetheart to both of your fans and would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy
  • Sometimes he even spends too much time taking care of fans you guys come across in public
  • “Babe, we gotta go. We’re going to be late if we don’t-“
  • “(Y/N) pls these are our fans i love them and we need to cherish them“
  • “Phichit jfc pLeaSE”
  • The paparazzi don’t bother either of you in the slightest
  • Crowds of photographers mean a lot of professional photos for free, so Phichit doesn’t waste a single opportunity
  • You guys hold hands and smile for the cameras, holding your heads high and waving and blowing kisses and such
  • One time, a particularly large group of photographers was following you two at a Christmas market, and Phichit grabbed your hand and pulled up up so you both were standing on a bench. He yelled “GET A LOAD OF THIS!” and French kissed you in front of everyone
  • You guys broke the internet from that one
  • You two are the cutest couple in the media and everyone adores you as much as you adore each other~

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • The paparazzi hate you guys because you refuse to give them what they want
  • I’m talking huge sunglasses and big coats while holding hands and walking fast, away from the crowds of photographers
  • Stone-cold expressions are all they’re getting out of you two
  • tbh he just wants to be left alone while he spends time with you but i guess that’s just the price he needs to pay
  • Seung-Gil has some trouble with making sure to dedicate time to your fans
  • It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate them, he just puts you above them on his list of priorities, and that can result in him putting all of his attention on you
  • plus you’re so beautiful that he has a hard time looking away from you and making sure you’re safe
  • You guys probably have a mansion to retreat to at the end of the day
  • and you can bet you guys are gonna have a million dogs just saying
  • He likes to spoil you in every way possible
  • Cars, vacations, expensive jewelry, you name it
  • Seung-Gil’s favorite thing is taking you clothes shopping because seeing you in so many different clothes is like heaven on earth
  • Y’know the thing where boyfriends hate sitting outside dressing rooms while you try on clothes???? yeah 104.7% not him he loves that part of shopping trips
  • He’s a major homebody, so he doesn’t really enjoy traveling with you for work and such
  • Your success makes him very proud, but running around the world with you constantly isn’t really his cup of tea, so he prefers to stay home and work on his skating and take care of the dogs
  • on the contrary he gets pouty when you aren’t able to come to his skating competitions like wtf Seung-Gil youre so nee d y
  • He misses you a lot, but he likes to text you throughout the day and call you whenever he has the chance
  • Probably sends you a ton of pictures of the dogs so you don’t have to miss them
  • Once he sent you a selfie of him and all of the dogs cuddling on the couch and it was your phone background for ages
  • He’s proabbly the type to keep any magazine or newspaper that has you on/in it on the coffee table to look at while you’re away
  • He might act all calm and cool once you come back home, but he’s going to shower you with affection and cuddles once you’re alone and in the bedroom
Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Ten


Warnings: Mild expletives, manipulation.

A/N: It’s been a couple of weeks, but here’s the next chapter! Will Jess tell (Y/N) the truth? Or will Calum have to do it?


Calum’s P.O.V.

Ever since I stepped in the car, I knew it wouldn’t be safe for me to drive. The amount of shit running through my head has thrown my concentration out the window. I just can’t seem to stop thinking about (Y/N). What she said; the hope in her voice; the look on her face when I rejected her. I feel like shit.

I approach a supermarket, and decide to pull over into the car park to try and get my head in gear. I rest my head back on the seat once I’ve parked up, and sigh to myself; the very brief conversation we’ve just had playing over and over in my head.

The second she confessed to wanting to see what there was between us, if anything…was the second I felt like I had died instead. Without even realising it, that’s what I’ve been wanting her to say all this time…and then she said it, and I just backed out completely.

So, why did I? The girl I’ve been desperately trying to pursue finally agrees to give things ago, and I tell her I think that window’s closed? I’m not sure that even makes sense. My mates back home would be ripping the shit out of me if they knew.

The truth is, something just didn’t feel right, and I had to act upon it. I’m sure anyone would call me crazy, and ask what the hell didn’t feel right when the two of us would totally make sense as a couple but…I’m lying to her, and I don’t want to walk into the relationship on a lie.

She thinks I cheated on Jess, but I didn’t, and in fact it was the other way around. I promised Jess I wouldn’t tell her the truth because I didn’t want to lose her. If she found out the truth, she’d know that not only has Jess been lying to her, I have too. I don’t want her hating me, but it’s pretty much guaranteed she will.

I begin to bite my nails, a habit I do when I begin to feel agitated.

The promise I made to Jess wasn’t for her sake. I couldn’t care less if she gets hurt in the process. (Y/N) is going to find out the truth, and Jess is going to be the one to give it to her. I start up my car in a hurry, before pulling out of the car park and driving just above the speed limit in the general direction of Jess’ house.

When Jess opens the door, I greet her calmly and politely. She’s surprised to see me, but nevertheless welcomes me into her home. She offers me a drink, but I refuse, telling her it’s only a quick visit.

“I think we need to take a rain-check on our little deal.” I announce, after we had sat in silence for a good thirty seconds.

She smiles faintly, “We had a deal. There is no rain-check.”

“Yeah, well things have changed.” I shrug my shoulders, “…I’m moving into a hotel. I’ve been trying to avoid her so that I don’t blurt the truth out, but we ended up having an argument, so I’m moving to a hotel.”

“Well, that’s probably for the best.” Jess replies, “Honestly, the two of you can’t stand each other. I’m surprised you managed to last this long.”

“You see, that’s where you’re wrong.” I spit, “We don’t hate each other, it’s quite the opposite actually.”

Jess’ eyes widen in realisation. “You like her?”

“And she likes me too!” I yell.

Jess spits a laugh as she shakes her head at me. “No…that’s something (Y/N) would never do!”

My lips curl into a smirk. “Oh yeah? Than how come she begged me to stay…by telling me that if I leave, we would never be able to see what there is between us?”

Jess’s facial expression changes massively. Instead of appearing overconfident, she shuffles and becomes uncomfortable in my company.

“I turned her down.” I inform her, “I didn’t want to…I really didn’t want to. I don’t think I just like her Jess, I think I could have feelings for her. Very strong feelings, at that.”

“So, why turn her down?” Jess questions, shrugging her shoulders at me.

“Because I’d be entering a relationship on a lie, and that’s something I could never do, especially to her.” I tell her honestly, “(Y/N) is unlike any girl I’ve ever so much as met, let alone date. She knows me. She knows everything there is to know about me. I’ve never had to be anyone but myself around her, and I don’t want to have to substitute that to protect you.”

Jess gulps. I don’t think she was expecting a response like that.

“I didn’t want to have to break my heart the way I just did. It broke me, just as much as it broke her. You’re supposed to be her best friend, and you’ve indirectly broken her heart.” I continue.

“I didn’t know…I didn’t know you were going to fall for each other.” Jess defends.

“Well, now we have.” I point out, “So…what are you going to do about it?”

Jess pauses and thinks to herself for a minute. I hope I’ve pleaded my case to her, and I hope she listens. I don’t want (Y/N) to lose her best friend. I know that would hurt her…but I don’t want her to be lied to by someone who is supposed to care about her. I will do whatever it takes to make sure (Y/N) isn’t being lied to. I believe, since it’s Jess’ lie, Jess should be the one to tell her. However, if she doesn’t – or she refuses – I’ll make sure I tell her myself, even if that does mean she hates me too.

Jess takes a deep breath. “I’m going to go over to (Y/N)’s. I’m going to pretend like you never came to see me, and I am going to let her tell me how you broke her heart. I will then pretend like I haven’t got anything to do it. You might blame me Calum, but you could have told her the truth. There was nothing stopping you from telling her what really happened between us, but you chose to keep it a secret. We’re just as bad as each other, Calum. I won’t take the blame for something you could have resolved yourself.”

Her response takes me by surprise, but even though I know she’s partially right, I also know that she is mostly wrong. She’s the one that has been lying to (Y/N) all these years. She should be the one to come clean.

“Now, if you don’t mind I have a best friend who needs her heart fixed…you can leave.” Jess grins, gesturing for me to leave.

“Your boyfriend.” I suddenly speak, “What’s he called?”

Jess glares at me, “Excuse me?”

“The guy you’ve been going on dates with.” I repeat, “His name? It’s John, right?”

Jess’ eyebrows furrow, “I don’t understand. What’s he got to do with this?”

“Well, I was scrolling through his Facebook the other day…he’d tagged (Y/N) in a photo from that night out you went on, thought it would be nice to see what he’s about…he’s great, so it seems.” I continue.

“Your point?” Jess questions.

“It would just be a real shame if he found out about all of this.” I shrug casually, “You know, if he found out about how much of a manipulative bitch you are. Or how you cheated on me with my best friend. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? See how he feels knowing his girlfriend is a liar and a cheater.”

Jess pouts her lips, “You wouldn’t.”

I raise my eyebrows, before pulling out my phone. I bring up my Facebook app and find John’s Facebook page. We’re not friends, but I go to send him a message. I spend a couple of minutes typing my message of warning to him. Once I’ve finished typing, I show my phone to Jess.

“You can’t send that!” Jess pleads, “I won’t let you!”

She lunges for me, trying to get my phone from my hands. I lift my arm well above my head, one of the major advantages of being tall and her being so short.

“You tell (Y/N) the truth, and little John here goes about his everyday life, totally oblivious to everything else.” I promise her, “…don’t tell her the truth, or lie to her in anyway…and John finds out it all.”

“Now who’s the manipulative one?” Jess spits, bitterly.

I grin, “Love makes you do crazy things, Jess. No wonder I was so sane when I dated you.”

Jess scowls, as I head towards the front door.

“I wouldn’t hang around if I was you.” I call back to her, without turning to face her. “I’m giving you to midnight tonight.”

                                                                              CHAPTER ELEVEN >>

Phan Drabble AU: Oops

Summary: Dan’s doing a liveshow and let something slip about him and Phil that he most definitely, probably shouldn’t have. [Established relationship, Fluff]

Word Count: 1k

Note: Feeling phan af and felt like writing something so hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to send me some prompts. I’m still working on improving my writing and getting back in the fic game you guys so be kind aha.

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Healing - Part 4

Summery: You find out more about what you were told after the BBQ.

Warnings: swearing, cliffhanger.

Word Count: 600+

A/N: This is a short chapter (soz guys). I’m back home in the uk and I’m so happy. Bucky’s not really in it but enjoy this gif (*not mine tho). @helllaellla 🍞 @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @jasmins3

“Healing” Masterlist

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag


‘He’s been cheating on you with a girl named Veronica Sinclair’

‘No, you’re lying. You just don’t like the fact that he’s normal’. You didn’t want to believe but deep down you did. You two hadn’t been as close as you were in recent years but you had tried to change that when you got the new job.

‘Y/N, who is she?’ She put her hand in your shoulder. At first you flinch, it’s is the first physical contact you two had had in almost a decade and you missed it.

‘A girl from my old school, she’s was pretty but fake.’

‘I guess he likes that’ you shot down her feeble attempt at humour with a watery eyed stare. ‘Let me take you somewhere and we can talk properly’.

You decided to go with her ‘Ben, I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back in an hour. Do you want anything?’ You managed to keep strong even though you were about to break. You knew she wouldn’t lie to you, especially with something so important.

‘No, but I thought we were going to spend the night together’ he popped his head round the corner to look at you.

‘I promise I’ll come back soon it’s just she’s only passing through here and we need to catch up’

‘Ok, I’ll be waiting’ he did the voice that you normally couldn’t resist but now it sounded fake and insincere.

The two of you went to the local park that you went to when you were children. You would climb trees and sit in them to gossip in private. But this time the issue at hand was too serious for tree climbing so you decided to walk.

‘Just tell me everything you know, and please don’t exaggerate’

‘He having an affair’

‘Yeah, I got that. Thank you, Viv.’ You were angry, not entirely with her, but you still hated her for what she did all those years ago ‘How long? Where? Why?’

‘2 years’

‘2 YEARS!! So, every time I dressed up for him, tried to made him happy it didn’t work coz he was getting his hits from somewhere else’ you inhaled deeply to stop you from going on. ‘What else? It looks like there’s more’

‘Yeah, but you’re not going to like it.’

‘Well you already ruined our fucking anniversary, no HE ruined it’

‘Wait it’s your anniversary’

‘Yeah, you wouldn’t know though’ she acknowledged your indirect comment about her but chose not to reply. ‘You know she was there, at the party we had today. She’s engaged and still with my husband. They were acting as if nothing was wrong. What were you going to say?’

‘He lost his job, about a year ago’ she took out her phone.

‘But he’s been going to work, he was lying about that too’

She took out her phone. ‘I spotted them together, around midday, I was on my lunch break. They were probably there because they knew no one there’ She showed you her phone. A photo of them holding hands. A photo of them hugging. A photo of them kissing. ‘I called his work, they said that he had been fired for not turning up enough. I asked his old security how long it had been going on for. She’s a good source for information, I’ll give you her number’, she looked up at you.

It had been quite a while since you had stopped walking but you only just noticed. Tears fell from your eyes and you broke down. In her arms. Her safe arms. Arms you knew and loved and missed. Arms you should have trusted eight years ago but didn’t.

‘He. Lied’ every word was punctuated by a sob. ‘All. He. Did. Was. Lie. And. I. Believed. Him. I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.’

After you had finished crying your sister offered to walk you home. You declined, knowing a walk alone with your thoughts would make accepting what you had just found out easier. You were so lost in your thoughts that autopilot took over. Unconsciously walking to your destination. The route engraved in your memory. When you got there you knocked on the door 3 times slowly.

‘Y/N?’ You looked up to meet his eyes.


Part 5

anonymous asked:

I want to ask you about jensen ackles and what the homophobia thing is about? like he seems to be very lgtb supportive lately but is there any real evidence of him being a homo phobe? not hating by the way, sincerely curious about why this has always been a topic in the fandom

Hey! :’)

So, do you ever get a question in your inbox and you’re like; OH LORD NO, I DON’T WANNA TOUCH THIS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE?

This is that question.

First of all, I’m going to leave Destiel completely out of it, because otherwise y’all are gonna be shouting ‘BIAS’ faster than I can publish this message.

Look, I think that if you’re asking for anything ‘concrete’, outside of him having said that certain things weren’t ‘manly’ (this kind of macho behavior doesn’t necessarily equal homophobia), there are two things that really stand out.

The thing is, the first one is questionable. It’s about the fan who brought up being bi, and hinted that she related to Dean because of it. The audience was booing her loudly, and Jensen said something along the lines of ‘don’t ruin it for everyone’.

This article pretty much covers that side of the argument:

But then later on, the girl who asked the question made a post about how it was all a misunderstanding, and that what Jensen said wasn’t aimed at her. She was upset because of the audience booing her, but she claimed that Jensen hadn’t even properly heard the question, and that he was just randomly talking to the audience to entertain them while the staff discussed whether or not to let her finish said question.

In the end they decided to not let her finish (staff, not Jensen), because they wanted to keep the panel ‘fun and light’ and this was changing the entire atmosphere (idk who the ones booing were though; homophobes? Bibros? Leaving that open.) Either way, the girl stated that the only thing humiliating about it was the audience, but that Jensen barely knew what was going on. You can still read her post here: Click!

Not much later fans were already questioning if it was truly her posting it, some saying that if it was her, she might have done it only to not aggravate Jensen fans/bibros in the fandom.

But again, all of this is speculation. The video is pretty vague, and it’ll probably forever remain a mystery what truly went down. Which is why I find it hard to use it as an argument for this, because the stories are so conflicting.

The second thing that probably stands out to most people, was the quote about Brokeback Mountain:

Someone asked Jensen if he would ever do a cowboy movie.

Jensen’s reply was: “I would say yes, but then Brokeback Mountain came out, and my desire to do a cowboy film completely tanked.

Which roughly translates to; Oh yeah, I love cowboy movies, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but then this one cowboy movie including a homosexual romance happened, and it has stained my view of these kind of movies forever.

Of course you can argue that he happened to mention that one cowboy movie because he simply disliked it for the plot/the acting/whatever. But if you’re not overanalyzing it, I completely understand why that comment would sound rather homophobic to people.

Now, whenever we reach this point in the conversation, everyone brings up Jensen’s gay aunt and a whole other discussion starts; can you be homophobic or make homophobic comments even though you’re close to someone who is actually gay? (The answer is yes, in case you wondered, but I’m not stating that this applies to Jensen though.) Or what’s being brought up is Jensen in the past playing a character that was strongly hinted to be bisexual. And everyone discussing ‘does it matter, does it not’. 

Anyhow, this being said; please keep in mind that all of these things happened over three years ago. Whether you’re a Jensen fan or not, I think that it doesn’t take an expert to see that the guy has changed a lot over the past few years. How he interacts with fans, how he’s more comfortable in his own skin, how he’s more open and understanding, is willing to share more of himself, and is clearly enjoying himself more at conventions now that he feels more connected to the fandom.

And that doesn’t mean that you immediately have to be cool with every possible problematic thing he’s ever said, but I’m the kind of person that believes that people can grow. I believe that they can be educated  and change for the better with the right support.

And I don’t want to say it out loud, because I don’t want to be /that person/  that makes this post about /that thing/, but if you honestly think about it, it isn’t hard to guess where this influence is coming from in Jensen’s case. Being more open, trying to understand the fans and the fandom, trying to understand others and be kind to them even though you might think they’re ‘different’, and because you take the time to understand them, being able to see their points of view and supporting them. Supporting the things that matter to them, and in return they will give back and support you and your beliefs as well. Speaking out to everything that isn’t right in the world, supporting groups that need celebrities to be their voice because otherwise they won’t be heard… Helping the fandom by helping to set up this project that reaches out to fans who are struggling with mental health and other problems.

Because if we’re going to leave all of the shipper-y/tinhatting/hateful nonsense behind for once, and we’re just going to look at them as two human beings, and we’re going to be honest about it, it’s not hard to tell that Jensen looks up to him A LOT.

And if we’re going to look the other way around; considering the kind of person that Misha is, he has little tolerance for people who hate on others because of who they are (his recent vendetta against Trump tells you all), he holds the LGTB+ community dear, and although I don’t doubt that the guy would be able to remain professional and tolerate someone with these kind of views for the sake of having to work together, you can clearly see that he not just tolerates but absolutely ADORES Jensen. So I’m having trouble believing that Misha would become this close with someone/value someone this much, if he didn’t know deep down that this person’s heart was in the right place. That this person just needed someone to guide them a little bit and show them some different points of view to make them understand what’s up and what matters.

This week alone, is proof that Jensen might genuinely have changed his views.

Jensen could’ve made a clinical tweet about the Orlando shooting (ala Trump) as his duty as a celebrity, but instead he chose to join the many people who were hurting in changing his icon to the gay pride flag, later on posting a selfie and again mentioning all of the victims in Orlando and dedicating it to them.

When someone wanted him to wear the bi flag in a photo op this weekend, and the fan explained him that it was about bisexual Dean, a very popular headcanon in the fandom that means something to a lot of fans, he said ‘sure let’s do it’, and he’s even looking positive and confident in the photo op, not doing the infamous ‘grumpy face’ or something along those lines. [Phoenix con 2016]

And I get it, us humans we always go for one extreme or the other, and the fandom has always been divided into fans who absolutely demonize the guy, and fans who put the guy on a freaking golden pedestal; there is no in between when it comes to Jensen Ackles.

Me, I like to see him as a human being. A human being that screws up, sometimes says the wrong thing, sometimes is a douchebag because he blabs without thinking, like we all do at times. (Lord knows I do.)

But also a human being who’s made an impact on a lot of fans, has made many girls who felt insecure about their looks feel special during photo ops, and has definitely made an effort to open his heart to the fandom, and with that to the things that they stand for, thus supporting those things.

(PS: Whoever sent me this question, just letting you know that you’re driving me to drink, LMAO.)

anonymous asked:

Hii can you make an optional bias piece where you and him are best friends and u guys haven't seen hung out in awhile, since he's in the kpop industry, so you guys go to a kbbq restaurant (ones with the grill in the middle). P.S you both like each other but haven't really said anything, until a waiter or random customer bring it up. So some fluffy & angst would we great heheh... Thank you.

Well hello anon! To be honest, I’m not used to the ‘angst’ category, so after doing some research, I tried my best to work it in the piece. Make sure to let me know how well I did which isn’t at all, I know Sorry if you wanted it shorter, I got carried away. Make sure to send in a request, or if you want a rewrite of this.

This is an optional bias piece, angst/fluff, and long in length

Enjoy, everyone

When Strangers Notice


You missed him. You really missed him. You never realized how much you’ve felt this way, but it was true. You were in love with a K-pop idol. Or, soon to be, anyways.

But unlike most other fangirls, you actually knew him very well. You had known each other for ages, and you two became fast friends, then best friends. You were the one that first mentioned his amazing performing abilities. This inspired him to train to become much a better performer and you were with him every step of the way to help him become an idol. You became his main and only motivator, since his family was strongly against his choice. He was meant to start working at his mother’s catering business, so the sudden change in his preferred profession didn’t go down well with his parents. But you were by his side then too, telling them what great progress he’d made and how you thought that he could make it in the industry easily. After some more begging and pleading on both of your parts, his parents agreed to it only if he got good scores. You then stayed up with him night after night to help him study. His scores weren’t bad before, but he wanted to impress his parents so he could get permission to go to an audition. After getting on top of his class, his parents permitted him to go to an open audition in the local area. He requested that you go alongside him, and you wouldn’t miss it for the world. You were astounded by how well he pulled off everything he taught himself. When his recording time ended, he walked back to you, all sweaty & gross but it glistened on him so well, it was something you normally wouldn’t notice. It was then you thought about all that you and he had gone through, and you realized that you liked him. Was it sappy? Yes. Was it kind of lame? Yes. But did you care? No.

You chose not to say anything only until the verdict of his success. If he didn’t make it, you would say something to him about it. Maybe he’d actually like you back. If made it through to debut, you’d leave it be. The fangirls can go crazy over one female being around their “oppa”, so you chose to spare yourself that pain. And spare him that pain as well. The male can get just as many threats as the female can, so you wanted to spare him of that too. He doesn’t deserve that. It’s not fair how these girls act, but you can’t change that. So, you just have to roll with it. It breaks your heart to think that way, but, as the phrase goes, ‘If you really love something, let it go’.

-Few Months later

It had been a couple of months since he was recruited as a trainee, and now time seemed to pass by so slow without him there. You kinda wished he hadn’t debuted, so you can finally tell him how you felt. You just wanted him to know, was all. He didn’t even have to like you back, you just wanted him back around. You missed how he always interacted with you. For him to talk to you, to tease you, to make you feel better from your life. There was nothing really wrong with it; it was just so boring for you. Everything always had to be quiet around you. It was part of the culture, you’d tell yourself. There’s nothing wrong with silence every now and then, sure. But not all the time. You’d want to sing out loud and off key, you wanted to speak up to people, you wanted to make a sound that could change the norm you lived in. But, it was something you had come accustom to, so you repressed these thoughts often. Maybe it’s why you missed him so much, he was almost exactly like you. Or, who you wanted to be. He was crazy, loud, obnoxious at times, and he was what you felt deep down inside you would be. Everyone still accepted him, but probably he was an attractive guy, people will do anything for pretty people. You did hate how you were always overshadowed, but you didn’t mind. It was nice to watch craziness than actually doing it, even if you really wanted to join in. It was the closest thing to an outlet for you. That must’ve been another reason why you missed him so much. On the way home from school, you chose to try giving him a call when you got home. He didn’t have a lot of time to chat with you, but he’d always tried whenever he could. From the last time you two chatted on Kakao Talk was when he was telling you about how he was starting to warm up to his new members. You were happy he at least started to get used to everything. You’d hear on the news about how hard the struggles were to be a K-pop idol, but you were glad it wasn’t deteriorating him too badly. So you decided to go to him first. You normally never did this for the fear he wouldn’t pick up and that fact alone would depress you. But, you decided to throw all of your cares away for a few minutes and see if he would pick up and chat some, if he could. When you walked in your house, you still pondered your choice. You still highly doubted he would pick up, and you know how you’d feel if he didn’t. You get so insecure about yourself about every small thing. It was such a burden that you felt like such a burden all the time. He would always reassure you that you were the furthest thing from, but you still doubted it. You felt like just another girl that always stayed quiet in every situation and didn’t know how to speak up for herself. You still wondered why he even bothered to keep updated with you, you were nothing compared to the people at this company he’s at now. Those people are actually talented and have self-worth. You quickly snapped out of this mindset, knowing it’s not healthy to think that way. You walked up to your room and set your bag on your table. You sat down at your desk, still feeling conflicted. You picked up your phone and scrolled to find his contact. You stared at his contact photo. It was a selca he took while he was on break once to send you because you told him you were upset.

-The Conversation-

-Well, what has you upset, __________ -ah? (Him)

-Parents are making things hard on me. Got scolded for screaming at a game that was on. (You)

-Here. See, I’m smiling, and so should you. You look better when you smile (MMS). He had sent a selca of himself on what seemed like a couch. You instantly cheered up.

-I guess I’ll take your word for it then ^o^  

-Alright, practice is starting up again, I’ll get back to you soon, ok __________-ah?

-Alright. Hwaiting! Do well! v(^_^)v

-End of Conversation-

It was such a good picture of him, you thought. He was glistening in that sweat that made you realize how you felt about him in the first place, and his smile seemed genuine. Did something happen before he took it or was just talking to you really make him that happy? You still couldn’t tell to that day. You slammed down on your desk and pressed the ‘Call’ icon. You had a lot of force when you hit your desk and knocked over your pencil cup. While you waited to be connected, but was quickly able to put everything back. When the last writing utensil was placed back, you were connected. There was a voice on the other line that you knew wasn’t his. It was someone else’s. You contemplated dropping the call, but you were courageous now, so you stated your name and asked if he was close by.

“Wait, is this your picture on here? You look like that? What the hell? You sound prettier than you look.” You were quickly brought to silence. It didn’t last long when you asked who the hell he was and what he was doing with your best friend’s phone. You felt better by acting so quickly but he continued with the attitude of an asshole.

“I’m another member of his group. He went on a coffee run and must’ve left his phone. Why, do you know him? It just shows your name here, but no nickname. Normally important people get nicknames. Is someone like you actually important to him? I’d be surprised.” Your confidence was dwindling fast. You instantly regretted this call with every fiber of your being. You just stuttered into the phone. You could hear his stifled laughter and it only sent you closer to the brink of tears. You heard some very faint rustling in the background of this jerks taunting. You heard other voices on the line. You could pick out phrases. You barely heard a difference between them, so you identified them as one person:

“Who are you calling”? “That’s not your phone, is it?” “You know the coffee will be here soon, right? Get off the phone, babo.”

“No, this is his phone. Some girl tried to call him. Look at her.” There was a pause then some more laughter. You could only assume he was showing them your contact photo. What photo did he use of you? You almost never sent bad selcas to him, but now you wished you had never spoken to him in the first place.

“She looks like that. And knows HIM? How does that even work? Yeah, something happened there. Not sure…. What……” their sentences just ended up in more laughter. You felt a tear run down your face. You rubbed it off forcefully. You wanted to stay strong and call them out, but the first member only interrupted you.

“Are you still on the line? I think she still is, guys. Why are you still on? He’s busy with something actually important & worth his time. All you girls are the same, being materialistic. Quit wasting his time.” You then heard the dial tone. You sat there for a few moments in silence, not recalling what had happened in the past few minutes. You lost grip of your phone and it fell to the desk’s surface, almost not making a sound. Did they really just act that rude to someone they didn’t even know? It was so hard to believe. You were just a random person that he apparently knew if you were already a contact. You wanted to call them back and go off on them, but you know there would be no use. You’d probably just get made fun of more. And you couldn’t find any more confidence to do it because they took every last bit of it from you. You tossed your phone onto your bed, then yourself. You began to squeeze a bunny doll that was on your bed, but you quickly chucked it across the room in even more frustration. You almost forgot why you threw it, but it came back to you.

He won you that bunny in a game at a fair for you at last years

-A Few Days Pass

You hated him. You never wanted to see him again. You deleted everything about him in your phone, including his number. You threw that bunny in the back of your closet for you to never take it out again. You were steamed for the past few days, becoming quieter then you normally were. Everything just pissed you off more than normal. You stopped helping the kids who’d ask for assistance in class, you ate lunch by yourself, and you didn’t speak a word to your parents. Not like they mentioned it. Silence, just the way they like it. But with this rage, you found opportunity to study better, so you focused on your school work much more intensely then before. You would get a message every now and then from other friends, but you rarely ever received calls. So you were surprised to see the “Incoming Call” sign on your phone. It was an unknown number, but the number was regional. You contemplated answering, but chose to do it. Maybe someone from school needed you to tutor. A voice you didn’t want to hear was on the other line

“Hey, I was checking my call log, and it said there was a call between us a few days ago? Did you try to call me? I’m sorry if I missed it.” Were you gonna tell him? Or play it off? You decided he needed to know. No one should let their members act so rudely. You needed to let this off your chest, because you tossed caution to the wind again. But you would be braver than last time. You were going to stand up for yourself. Besides, you had to get reassurance from him if his members were right.

“If you’d pay attention to the log, you would notice the call lasted for a few minutes. Look, you should see.” There was a pause, you only hoping he was obeying your orders.

“I do see that. And it was kind of a long call. Did someone pick up for me?”

“What photo did you use of me for your phone?” You thought it would help shed some light as to why they hated your appearance.

“You, you remember the one selca you sent me with the crossed eyes? Oh, that one is my favorite, so I used that one. You were cute in that one. Why do you ask?” What? That one was the one they saw? You actually remembered sending it and liking the way it looked. And it made him laugh, so you were happy to brighten his day.

“They photo wasn’t even all that bad! Why would they make comments about that photo?”

“____________-ah,  I don’t know what you’re talking about. What comments? Who is ‘they’?”

Oh you felt the rage boiling within you now. You could tell he was probably playing dumb to seem better off.You decided to let him have it. Rip him a new one.

“You listen and you listen good, ok,  Geseki? After pondering for weeks and weeks on if I should try being the first to call you for once. And I regretted the choice of not only calling but ever associating myself with you. Yes, I did call while you were out on a “coffee run”, and one of your members picked up, surprised how good I sounded compared to how ugly I looked in my contact photo. He questioned my importance to you because I’m not under a nickname in your contacts either. Then your other members walked in, trying to defend the fact that he was using your phone when he wasn’t supposed to, but quickly changed their minds when they say my photo too. They laughed, wondered how we two even meet because we’re apparently just on opposite ends of the spectrum, and even told me to drop the call because all I do is waste your time. Is that true? Am I just a waste of time? Were all these years we’ve known each other for nothing? Was this a waste of my time as well? I know that I’m not talented, or dedicated, or worth anything, unlike yourself, but come on!  I thought you were my friend, I trusted in you but I’d highly doubt any friend would let anything like this happen to another friend, especially their best friend. Or was that a lie too, to spare my ‘worthless feelings’?” You had finally said it. Bottling up emotions isn’t ever healthy, but you were glad you had a few days to think about what you really wanted to say, and you feel like you put it together very well. There was more silence. You checked your phone: the line was still connected. You also wondered if he had anything to say for himself.

“Look, practice is going to start up again soon, but I’d like to talk about this. I really would. Let me take you to this new Korean barbecue place that opened up recently. I get off practice early on Saturday, so I’ll come then. All expenses paid. I’ll bring a rental car and park outside of your house. I’ll wait for you to show, ok _______-ah?” You heard the dial tone. Did he really just do that? What were you going to do? Saturday is tomorrow, and that wasn’t going to give you enough time to think this through. Well, you had to be sure you could go (even if you wanted to), so you went downstairs to ask for permission.

They told you that you were doing so well in school that you could. You were surprised they let you go so easily, but it only made your choice harder. It would’ve been easier to say ‘Hey. My parents won’t allow me to go on such short notice.’, but now you can’t hide behind that excuse. You knew that they thought he was an amazing man, so they’d cave and let you go out if it was with him. They then asked you why, and you gave them the version without his members bullying you, and they said it sounded nice to meet up after he had been training so hard.

You went back up to your room to think about the offer some more. Why did it have to be a Korean barbecue? He knew that was your favorite. He must’ve done that on purpose. Jerk. After giving it some more thought, you asked yourself why you were mad at him. He didn’t even do anything; it was just his members that were rude. He couldn’t really hold him responsible. Thinking this way made you feel better instantly. Your mother walked up to your room, asking to come in. After allowing her entrance, she thought it would be nice to get you a new outfit for your meet with your newly forgiven friend. You were again surprised at your parent’s sudden approval of everything you asked for. If it had been any other day, you would have to bow in seiza position to get to go out for an hour. But not like you were complaining. You told her that is sounded lovely and you both chose to go on ahead and go. You told her to go downstairs for a few minutes to get ready, and she walked out of your room. You walked over to your closet and looked deep inside of it. You found the bunny you shoved in there a few days ago. You looked at the rabbit and took it in your hands as you sat on your bed. You gave it a small squeeze in your arms. The kind of hug you wanted to give him ever since we left. And now you finally could.

The next day he came around noon in a really nice car. You saw him standing outside, waiting for you to come out. You were already the pretty sundress that your mother bought you. You walked out to greet him and you saw his face light up when you opened the door. When you stopped in front of him, he enveloped you in a big hug. You were caught off guard indeed. You just awkwardly wrapped what was leftover of your arms around him, since most were squished between the two of you.

“You look really nice today .I thought you wouldn’t come.” This tugged at your heartstrings some. You realized you were wrong, but you let him have his moment. Everything would be discussed at lunch, after all. You tried your best to keep the car ride quiet, and he kept silent as well. When you arrived at the restaurant, he helped you out of the car and walked right in. It turns out he had already made a reservation. Sneaky bastard. You were both lead to a table near the back of the restaurant. The table’s grill seemed cleaner than the other tables you passed by, so that only made you want to get straight to eating the moment you sat down. He sat across from you, and behind him you saw an elderly ajumma sitting by herself. You waiter came quickly and you both requested two orders of galbi. As soon as the waiter left, your friend spoke to you.

“Look, I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you, but I just want to talk rationally,_________-ah.”

“After giving it some more thought, I realized I was wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry or lashing out on you. That was far from fair. Your friends made those comments about me, not you.” You were glad that you could finally say it to him. This wasn’t that way you wanted your first conversation to be after his start of training, but to least it was resolving quickly. You also hated admitting you were wrong, but this was the only exception. This time with him all together was more amazing. He seemed in much better shape than he already was. You were glad he was moving on from his old, lame life.

“Well, I’m glad you think that, but I also had something else to say. I just wanted to prove that they are nothing but liars. They said they thought you were a stalker fan that I knew from the past. They said they thought with a lack of nickname meant that I didn’t care for the person in the contact. They were trying to send you off, much like others do in idol groups to get sasaeng’s to back off their “oppas”. I still don’t really believe that, but I agreed to it just to shut them up. But they are wrong in every way. They’re nothing but a bunch of animals. The only reason I used such a silly picture is because if I used any other picture of you, they’d be bugging for your number. I’m just trying to protect you from a bunch of greaseballs. ..……Besides, it’s advised against nicknames in our phones. We never really get any privacy, to be honest with you. That was the main rule we follow in order to keep them in the first place, but I would have one for you if I could.” You were blushing really hard; you didn’t expect to hear all of this so quickly. You had your hand covering your face when the ajumma spoke up behind your “date”.

“Aw, young love. What I wouldn’t do to get my husband back to feel what you two feel. How long have you two been together? You both make a lovely couple, both so good-looking.” You both turned around in shock and said that you both weren’t together almost in sync. You then turned to each other’s surprised faces, scared by how much in sync you both just were. When you looked back to the ajumma, you could just feel the look of disappointment in her eyes. She then spoke up again with a louder voice. Of course ajummas could do whatever they wanted. At least she wasn’t loud enough for everyone else to hear what a commotion she was making.

“All of you young ones are the same! Denying chemistry that is obviously there between two people! You need to speak of it before you get old and can’t love like how you can now. You, young lady, have a man who is fighting to keep you for himself! All the signs are there! Protecting you from his friends, sparing you from crazy fans, and inviting you here! And you, young man, are lucky she’s here. Your friends ruined her self-esteem, and the fact she even considered coming here in the first place must means you’re something REALLY important to her! You men just take woman for granted sometimes, and it makes me aggravated. Hope you two change that this afternoon! And good luck on being an idol, which is what I’m assuming you meant by ‘fans’.” She stormed off right after that. You looked at her table to see that she at everything already, and you were relieved she didn’t waste anything. You would have felt bad if you had made her feel so mad that she left behind food. You looked back up to him, seeing him blushing as hard as your were. Were all those things true? Could she have been right? You really wondered if it was or not, but you both sat in silence. You looked at your hands, twiddling your thumbs.

“Well, she was a colorful character, huh?” He spoke up, trying to lighten the mood, but he failed. He hesitated a few times, trying to ask you something, but it soon came out as

“Well, was she right? Do you have feelings for me?” You were a braver person now, so you were straight with him about it. The moment had finally come, you thought. Just let it out………

“Yes, I do. And I have for a while. When you came back from your audition taping, that was when I realized it. But I chose to not say anything if you made it to becoming a trainee. Spare us the pain of being apart. And from crazy fans and your company. I wasn’t sure if I could handle keeping it so secret. If you even could look past everything wrong about me to think of me that way, which I highly doubted. You deserve someone so much more than what I can give you, and we both know that.” You had believed in what the members had said about you long before the members even said it. You never had told anyone about this, but it felt great to get off your chest.

“It was only then when you noticed? Makes me look like the easy one……” He was acting all nervous in the cute way that made you melt witnessing. But, wait, what did he say? He meant what you thought he meant, right? All you could mumble out was a “huh?” which made him go into more detail.

“Ajumma was completely correct. I don’t want my friends knowing about my beautiful best friend. I want her all to myself. I’ve kept contact minimum so fans won’t be going insane and hurting you like how my members did. And I invited you here to make up with you because I don’t want to lose you. I need you ________-ah. I’ve liked you when you sat next to me to plead to my family. It shows that you really cared about me, and the fact that you are perfect in every way to me only emphasis that. Why do you think I always call you whenever I need help. I would want no one else but you helping me for anything. You don’t listen to my members, they don’t know you like I do. I know you well enough to know that you are the best girl I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t trade for anyone else to be my best friend. But I would trade that friend status for something a little more……..” Your jaw dropped because you had no other response. You never thought he would actually cared about you so much. You thought he would meet some other beautiful female trainee and live happily in the K-pop industry. That’s how all most idol relationships start. You didn’t know what to tell him, so you reached for his hand over the table (but not over the grill) and held in firmly. You smiled warmly at him and smiled right back, squeezing your hand. The waiter came back with both of your orders, and you both quickly pulled away to arrange the plates on the table. Your waiter was quick to pick up and exclaimed

“A happy meal for the happy couple!” You were both sheepish, but then just looked back at each other. The waiter then bowed followed by an apology about the ajumma’s behavior.

“She may seem rude, but she really wants what best for the younger lovers. Her and her husband always went to a recently opened restaurant for their anniversary, to spice it up every year is what she told me. Unfortunately, she lost him last year in his sleep, but she said she wants to keep the tradition going until she joins him once again. She forced me to sit down with her and talk about it when she came in an hour ago. She’s a crazy one, huh?”  You all laughed a little while the waiter was ringed to another table. You then continued to behave like you both always did. He told you stories of how his members were idiots in front of cameras and you told him about how the class you two would have been in was almost like a drama. You two just spent time catching up, almost forgotten you even confessed to each other.

When you reached your house, he walked you out to your doorstep. He was quick to speak, since he had to be back at the company building soon. He cupped your face in his hands.

“You know that talking will be limited? You know that if I could stay here with you, I would? You know that days like this will not be often? You know all of this and are still interested in me?” You nodded at his last sentence. You saw his face melt at your response. He gave his final goodbyes with a kiss on your forehead. He was always one to be kind of greasy, but in a sweet way. Then he walked back to his car and headed off. You stood there for a moment, happy for the events of today, and walked back inside. Your mother was sitting on the sofa with a book in her hands. She looked up to see your happy face and asked you right off the bat.

“How did it go? You two are technically dating now, aren’t you? Sounded like it outside.” Did she really stalk your conversation outside? She wouldn’t have! But you nodded in agreement. She then exclaimed.

“Well it was about time! Your father and I knew it would happen at some point, we just didn’t think it would take so long. I’m happy for you, dear. It will be a struggle with him training and everything, but you two can make it work. I know you can.” You were glad she was so supportive, but also nervous about what your father would say. Regardless, you both knew that you could get past everything as long as it was with each other. Your mother than asked you how he confessed to you.

“Well, actually, a stranger noticed out behavior and she made a comment, a very loud comment.”

“Well, you know what they say. Something between two people can go unnoticed, but when a stranger notices, it’s for real. They have no real context, so they only base off what they can see. So when a stranger notices, you better believe them.”


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Sebastian Stan X Reader
Inspired by the song “Can’t stop drinking about you”- BeBe Rexha
Y/f/n- your friends name
Warnings: alcohol use, also language and depression, and attempted suicide. TRIGGER WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE HAD SERIOUS ISSUES WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE WARNINGS! I’m here for anyone who needs to talk to me!

The bright New York city lights are blinding as you stumble back to your apartment. For the past month and a half this has been your routine. Go to the bar, order the strongest drink they have, and get drunk off your ass, before stumbling your way home. You never planned on becoming this person. You thought that you had left the depression in the past, but obviously you were wrong. You were happy. Happy with your life, and happy with him. It had been the best two years with Sebastian, that is, up until about four months ago. You both started to grow distant, one work schedule always conflicting with the other. Before you knew it, you were fighting with him every night. And then one day it was over. He was gone, and that’s when you fell back down the rabbit hole. You’d told Sebastian about your past with depression, but you never really told him just how serious it was.

He had no clue of your downward spiral towards your own impending doom. One of his close friends told him that they saw you out walking around the city with a new guy, but that friend was mistaken. Sebastian thought you were happy. Even though he missed you and wanted you back, he didn’t want to ruin your new found happiness. So he kept it to himself. If only he knew what was happening to you.

You wake up to the sound of your phone vibrating. You sit up to answer it when you feel your head start to pound: hangover. The phone goes to voicemail before you have the chance to pick it up. “Y/n, I’m getting worried. I’ve called you four times now and you still haven’t picked up, and let me not forget to mention that you were photographed last night by the paparazzi! Call me as soon as you get this!” Your best friends voice comes through the little speaker of the phone, causing your head to pound even more. You decide to get up and get some asprin, before calling your friend back. She picks up after three rings and the loudness of her voice makes you cringe in pain. “THANK GOODNESS! I thought you had died or something! Why didn’t you answer?” “Hangover” you grumble, laying back against your soft feather pillow. “Well then,“ your friend says, “I’ll take it that you haven’t seen the cover of People Magazine?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, not remembering any photographers from the night before. When you don’t respond she continues talking. “Yeah, the cover says, "Sebastian’s girl going off the deep end?” and let me just tell you it’s not a very pretty picture. Y/n, what’s going on? This isn’t like you.“ The concern in her voice is completely obvious. "Come over. I’ll tell you everything.”

About 30 minutes later there’s a knock on the door. Already knowing who it is, you open it letting y/f/n inside. She wastes no time grabbing your hand in hers and pulling you over to the couch. She sits down next to you and turns, looking at you and waiting for you to speak. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. "When Sebastian and I ended our relationship it came back.” She nodded, knowing what you meant when you said “it.” She was with you through your first episode of depression and every episode after that. “He was always there for me when I started feeling down. He was my rock and now,” you say struggling to hold in your tears, the pain beginning to seep through the cracks in the inner wall you’d worked so hard to put up. “now he’s gone. I managed to push away the one person who was willing to put up with all of my shit. All of my flaws, my bad habits, my unstable emotions, he accepted all of them. He accepted all of me, and I pushed him away.” A few stray tears manage to slip out, cascading down your cheeks. Y/F/N pulls you into her side, cradling your head in her lap, shushing you as you begin to cry. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. I promise that I wont let you fall. I’m here and I’m not leaving until you’re better. Come on now,” Y/F/N says, “ sit up. How about this. You go take a shower, and get all of this makeup from last night off of your face, and I will pick some movies, go get some pizza from your favorite little restraunt and snacks from the store, and then set up the living room. s'that sound good?” Nodding, you stand and walk down the hallway to your bedroom. You hear the apartment door shut letting you know that your friend had left to get the food. After getting a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants out of your dresser, you head into the bathroom shutting the door behind you.

You turn the shower on and sit on the bathroom floor with your back against the side of the bathtub as you wait for the water to heat up. Remembering what your friend had said earlier, you pull your phone out and go to the People’s Magazine website. When you see a photo of yourself pop up on the screen, you click on it and read the article. As you read, the blurry walk home starts to become clearer, and by the time you’ve reached the end of the article you remember almost all of what happened. At the bottom of the page there’s a video, and when you click on it you immediately regret it. "YN! Y/N! Where’s Sebastian?“ you hear one of the reporters call out to the drunken mess that was you on the small screen. Several other questions are being shouted at you as well, like "is it true Sebastian left you for Margarita?” or “is it true that you were pregnant with Sebastian’s child?” You see yourself trip, grabbing on to one of the men who was holding a camera in your face. You giggle drunkenly and tell the man sorry followed by an “oops. That was fucking weird!” Now that he had your attention, the reporter takes the opportunity to ask his questions. “Y/n, where's Sebastian? Why isn’t he with you? Are you still together?" You stop and wobble a little on your unsteady legs, before looking up and into the mans eyes. A drunken look of sadness appears on your flushed face, your makeup is smeared, and your eyes appear glossier than usual, while slurred mumbles leave your lips in an incoherent manner. "No,” video you says like a small child, “we aren’t together anymore.” The reporters get frantic at your revelation all shouting at you, wanting to know what happened. You responded to no one in particular, just letting word vomit escape your mouth. “We fought! I pushed him away. He was too good for me anyway. I really never understood why he chose me. I’m just a broken mess who destroys everything in its path. I’m glad he got out before I could destroy him too. He’s too good for me, and I was an idiot to ever believe that I could be fixed.” At that, you began stumbling away and the video ended. You lock your phone and stare blankly at the fogged up shower glass in front of you, praying that Sebastian hasn’t seen that video yet. Your mind goes into overdrive as you think about your secret being out there for the whole world to see, and judge. You think about the nasty comments that are probably blowing up your twitter and instagram feeds. Needing to prove yourself right you check your twitter and scroll through your mentions. After seeing things such as “if y/n is so depressed than she should just do all of us a favor and kill herself,” and several other hateful comments you decide that if that many people think that you should be dead than it must be true. You put your phone on the counter and put the plug in the drain of the bathtub, before filling it up and climbing in, preparing to end it all.

Unbeknownst to you, Sebastian has already seen the video several times, each time causing his heart to break a little bit more. He can’t stand the thought of you drinking your pain away, the pain that he caused you. He couldn’t take it anymore, so here he was in the backseat of a New York cab on his way to save you from yourself hoping that he’s not to late, but something in the back of his mind was telling him that he’s running out of time.

Should I write a part 2? Let me know what you guys think. (Sorry it’s such a grim story)

emm-ey: Could you do a scenario were the s/o of the guys is taking secretly funny photographs of them and they discovered it wanting revenge 7u7.

(Waaaa! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in so long! I hope you guys can forgive me! There may be mentions of nudity in Ayato’s section and a little bit of sexual innuendos in both Shu’s and Reiji’s… Who am I kidding? All of us love it! *insert lenny face* I hope you readers enjoy this!)


Your lover was looking at your phone blankly. Your face grew redder and redder by each passing second as he scrolled up and down the contents of your albums.

“Let’s see,” he mumbled to you, “there’s me sleeping with a moustache, me sleeping with a kink shaming paper on my face, me sleeping and wearing a bra and panties over my clothes, me with hearts and rainbows all over my body, me with clown makeup and a wig, me with-”

You covered your face with your hands with regret. “I get it,“ you said mournfully, “I took stupid photos of you while you were half-dead and I’m sorry. I promise to delete them!”

“(Y/n),” he looked at you pointedly, “sorry won’t cut it in this instance. You know what I want.” the blond stared at you hotly, as though he were undressing you with with his intense blue eyes.

Smirking, you matched his gaze. Curling your arms on his shoulders, you whispered into his ear, “oh? I’m really sorry,” you trailed sweet kisses all over his neck, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell me what you’re thinking…”

“I want you to dress up as a sexy cucumber and let me take pictures.”

You stopped unzipping his pants and stared at him with wide eyes. Your mouth dropped when he glared mercilessly at you.

“What? Screw you! I’m not doing that!”

“Sorry. Would you prefer being a sexy carrot instead?”

“Why the hell would I want to do this, you lazy pervert?!”

“(Y/n), you drew dicks on my face with eyeliner. With Laito of all people. I need a little compensation here, woman!”

“I hate you. Fine, I’ll do it.”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re a sexy cucumber.”

“Open your mouth one more time and I swear I’ll shove Yuma’s cucumber up your ass.”


“This behaviour is completely unacceptable. I will not tolerate this tomfoolery. I cannot believe I have been subjected to such juvenile actions. I feel as though my body was offended and dirtied, thanks to you. (Y/n), I shall have to capture your phone until you have learned from the punishment you are having now.”

That bastard was smirking and you knew it. “Stop being so melodramatic,” you hissed with a blushing face, “it was just one picture, Reiji! One. I will not be humiliated just because you’re being a total drama queen!”

“A fine lady like you should have enough decency to respect another’s privacy. I could honestly sue you for this but I won’t because I’m such a good person.” The bespectacled boy responded sarcastically.

You cheekily grinned despite your current situation. “How could I resist?” you purred, “you had a big yellow beak and some duck feathers growing all over your body. I’d have been crazy if I didn’t capture that precious moment.”

Silence,” your lover all but commanded you. It was hard to get scared of him when his cheeks were getting as red as yours, “it was a minor and seemingly miscalculation during the process of experimenting. I had no clue it would backfire.”

“Your forgot to carry the two.”

Reiji glared at you. Without missing a beat, his frown curled up into a haughty smile. “I hope punishment is to your liking, (Y/n).”

“Bastard. It was either this or you chop off all my fingers… I chose the obvious opinion.”

“I seem to be enjoying this more so than I had initially expected. Now, mewl for me, pet.” 

Biting back a snarky remark, you got back on your knees and fruitlessly tried to pull down the short skirt of your tight maid outfit. “Meow,” you glowered viciously,  “is the tea to your liking, master?” you almost groaned.

“My bad. I seem to have spilled all this tea on my lap, pet. Would you like to lick it off for me?”


“How dare Chichinashi take ugly photos of Ore-sama!” He barely held back an enraged pout.

You raised a brow and grinned, “so you admit you’re ugly?”

Obliviously, you had left your phone in the open while you were showering. That sneaky asshole had somehow opened your phone out of sheer boredom and looked through your pictures. Safe to say… he wasn’t amused.

“You dared me to eat all that Takoyaki! You never said you were gunna post it all over the internet! I would’ve tried looked hella cooler if you told me first!”

“You stuffed at least fifteen pieces of those balls of squid in your mouth… I’m not even mad. That was amazing!” You pinched his cheek and giggled.

He raised his chin up proudly. “Of course Ore-sama is amazing! You probably just took that picture so you could show of to your friends, right?” 

“Sure,” you snorted, “that’s exactly why. Can you get out of my bathroom now? I’m still kinda… indecent as of this moment.” The two of you seemed to have forgotten your current state of undress. Your body was dripping with water and your hair was still somewhat soaked with shampoo.

“Ne, Chichinashi,” the redhead’s eyes lit up and he smiled evilly, “Ore-sama has an idea!” His orbs glazed all over your naked body, committing every curve and every bite mark to memory.

Ayato licked his lips with a wild hunger that wasn’t unknown to you. “Heh. Ore-sama is liking what he’s seeing… would Chichinashi mind if I find ways to… keep this image with me forever?”

You bit your lip; to which he took as you teasing him. “Don’t you even dare do what I know you’re thinking, asshole!” You saw him open the camera of your phone.

You have never thought that you’d have to run around your house naked with a narcissistic sociopathic pervert chasing you. 

Is Markiplier a bad guy?

WARNING: This post is strictly one persons view point of a situation that has nothing to do with me, but I hate seeing good people get crucified over a mistake they made in the past. God knows I’ve made my fair share and so have all of you, We are human. It’s natural. I’m not here to defend either side but to show an outsiders perspective.

So by now those of you that are Markiplier fans and follow him on social outlets like this may have caught wind of a post he made earlier about claims that he had “taken advantage of a fan”

I orginally planned on posting links to her claims and his side but I’ve chosen not to for a very good reason. If you want to read them, trust me they are not hard to find.

After reading his post first I went and searched for the claims made against him. I read her side, I tried to understand but all I seen were red flags. I read her claims a few times and thought “something is off.” so I decided to educate myself and look at few other of her posts and I found one that was unsettling and showed me where the real intent of her sharing this story came from. That will come later. 

Whenever I hear of a victim making claims against the acuser I find it hard not to side with the victim, but in this case after spending a couple hours re-reading and giving it thought it’s hard to find a reason I should be on her side. If you read her post you can see that she is a indeed a “Fan Girl”(her words) but in this case it seems she took it to an extreme. Is being a Fan Girl/Guy bad? Not at all, But when you cross a line or 2, thats where being a fan stops and being obsessive starts.

Lets look at the red flags mentioned. 

She talks about how when he first got Snapchat he tweeted about seeing more guys junk than seeing boobs. Anyone that has watched more than a handful of his videos could probably tell it was a joke intended to get a few laughs, not an open invitation. In these tweets I never once saw one that said “hey, ladies snapchat me your boobs.”

She then asked him if he wanted to do “shirtless trades”. Again, she asked him, he didn’t ask her. She sent the pics and got a few replys, both parties confirm this. Then she admits to continuously sending him pics…

“I continued to send him photos I deemed sexy enough. I was enraptured by him and desperate to continue my hold of his attention." 

You see it yes? Desperate for his attention. In her mind she may have believed this would lead somewhere. I’m sure he was flattered at first and maybe even into it but then after seeing his notifications blow up by her he got those "bad vibes” he mentioned and decided “No, this is a bad idea.” He probably figured “If I don’t respond, she may just go away.” and in truth many of us would have probably thought the same. He then decides to delete Snapchat for awhile, smart move in my opinion.

She says “I was confused, heartbroken, but determined to gain Mark’s approval again. I waited patiently for him to snapchat again, sending my own photos every now and then, desperate but I never got a reply." Again, she is admiting to be desperate for his attention, this is not a fan anymore, this is a STALKER.

She says Markiplier owes her an apology. The only thing I can gather from all of this that he should apologize for is ever responding to her. He didn’t ask her to send pics nor did he ask her to repeatedly send pics, she did it of her own free will, no one twisted her arm to do so.

Her next claim is she was sending her current boyfriend nude photos a month ago and "accidentally” sent one to Markiplier to which she said he read and screenshoted but can’t give proof that he did. She continues on to say “I quickly sent a few snaps, asking why he had screenshot it. He replied with a disgusted face, saying ‘I didn’t, you weird person.’" Does this make any sense to anyone else? Why would he send a pic of himself "disgusted” and give the response of a 7 year old? I do not think Mr. Fischbach is that stupid. He said in his post She asked him if she should stop and he said YES. He even said she can confirm that.

Earlier I mentioned another post she made. One that shed light to me on her true intentions through all of this. She said her dream is work with other YouTubers. Do you see where this is going? Her intentions on telling this “story” wasn’t to expose someone she claims done her wrong but to expose herself and get attention so that when the day comes when she’s on YouTube she will already have a backing of people giving her simpathy subscribes. I applaude the devious effort but most people are a lot smarter than she thinks. 

My final analysis is this; I believe both sides…to a certain degree. She sent pics, he was into it, figured out quickly this was bad news bears because she is obviously an obsessive stalker and chose to step away from the situation. She came up with a way to spin the story to benefit her in the future. But, she left too many of the puzzle pieces laying out for some of us to put together what could be the true story. 

I do not feel Markiplier is a bad person. Does/did he make a mistake? Of course he’s human, no one is perfect. We are allowed to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. It’s like he said in his post, The Truth is often more mundane then the story and to be honest I find that to be a very true. 

Thank You, for sitting through this rambling of mine. If it made you think more about it, cool. If you hated it, cool. That is your right to feel either way. If you have other thoughts on this I’d love to hear them, just make it something other than “youre fucking stupid, this is dumb!” If you feel I’m wrong give an explination as to why. I gave you my opinion it’s only fair I read yours.

sometimes i think about how many times i’ve said that I can’t wait for the day Paul will admit that he and john had ‘something’, that it will be the day I’ll finally have the ‘proof’ that they were more than just friends.

But now I realize that I don’t need it. I don’t need Paul to tell it, and I don’t need photographs or secret tapes of them to know it. ‘Cause for me is so already blatantly confirmed, that it’s useless to hear Paul McCartney saying it. Maybe you’d say ‘well, it would be great just for the haters. Can you imagine their faces? they would shut up and never stress you out’.  But I don’t care, I don’t care about them, or what they think, that’s not the point.

And you know why? ‘cause I think about Paul. A man whose life is constantly under the thumb of the press and his fans. Everything he does is on the papers or in some instagram photos with funny hashtags. I remember when once I saw a photo of him eating an ice cream, this one:

I saw it on Tumblr. Most people laughed and wrote funny comments, but in my opinion this photo is incredibly sad. This man looks like a monkey in a cage surrounded by visitors in a zoo. it’s embarrassing. He went out and bought an ice cream and suddenly everyone is surrounding him, taking photos, clapping, and shouting at him ‘Paul, say hi!’ ‘Ehi paul, look here, paul!!’ ‘Paul, say cheese’.

And what is his reaction? This one:

He’s like ‘Ehi, take a photo of the ice cream i’m eating, look at it. done? was it funny? did you enjoy it?’

He’s being polite, and even cute, but I’m sure he’s thinking ‘damn it, I can’t even eat a fucking ice cream’.

Wait, I’m not blaming the fans around him. ‘Cause this is the life he chose to live, to give everyone a piece of him. It’s the price of success.

I’m just pointing out that probably, regarding McLennon, it’s good for him if he doesn’t reveal anything.

And you know why? ‘Cause probably tomorrow, if he says that he and John had a very deep relationship, that they had their ups and downs, but always loved each other from the first day they met, and sometimes they experienced sex, the same guy with the pink t shirt that now is taking a photo of him will probably yell ‘fag!!’ at him, or burn the Beatles albums, ‘Cause the idea of john and paul as more than just friends is out of his mind. The same people of the first pictures would probably laugh at him, making some homophobic jokes, offending John, and Paul couldn’t stand it.

So he prefers to take it as a joke, randomly saying that they shared a single bed, sleeping so many times together, and looking ‘shocked’ if someone asks him about john’s sexuality, mumbling the same words he has learnt to say for so many years. ‘Cause sometimes it’s better to tell a lie than to tell a truth and destroy the image that you have built for so many years.

And he has all the rights in this world to not tell one single word about it, cause I understand he would prefer to keep it for himself. (Probably it would be the only thing that he knows and the rest of the world doesn’t.) ‘Cause it’s too important and special, and he prefers to save it from the thousands of articles and books that the world would make, speculating about them just to earn money. Because that’s would be the result of his confession.It would be better for him to keep this far from the zoo of the world outside, in which the press can’t wait to see you falling or failing to make a juicy article about it. They don’t care about feelings, they don’t care about the complexity or the importance and the different levels of the relationship you had with John, the result would be always the same: money.

And, another point, which is the most difficult one is the fan. The fan cannot be ‘betrayed’, you can’t suddenly give them a different image of you and your ‘partner’ (as he loved to call you). ‘Cause the fan, in 50 years, has built an icon, an image of the Beatles, that is so strong that you cannot change it. The icon that the Beatles and the press have created is so big that one little different thing would probably destroy them.

A fan creates an image of the music star that it’s not the REAL one. it will never be. Cause the fan doesn’t talk to Paul, doesn’t live with Paul everyday, the fan knows Paul by the image that he has created for the world outside, which is different by the real one. That’s why when you read something ‘bad’ or ‘unusual’ about your favourite star you feel lost, you feel betrayed and sad. It must have happened at least once in your life. Suddenly your opinion changes, and your minds tries to elaborate what happened, and soon you tries to forget it.

I remember when Paul once made an interview in some USA channel, and they made a rehearsal of it, and when the journalist asked ‘what do you think about John?’ paul answered ‘he was disturbed’.Then they made the final official interview, and Paul answered ‘he was beautiful, he was my hero, he was…..etc.etc..’. And he decided to not say that john was disturbed, (which probably he was a bit and you know it) because fans and journalists would have killed him the next day. ‘Cause John’s death has made him become some sort of a saint that talked about peace and love everyday of his life. Which is not true. And you all know it.

So sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut ‘cause it would put you in troubles and make no difference anyway. The only satisfaction Paul would get is from the journalists that have always portrayed his relationship with John as constantly competitive and a mix of jealousy and hate.

When it was nothing but a love affair in which two people were too scared to tell how much they loved and needed each other. And the world hasn’t understood it yet.

Melchior (Kawaii PC, Steam Machine, HTPC, etc) Build Log

Hello everyone! A lot of you have been asking me questions about my PC and I know I’ve been saying that I’ve been wanting to do a build log for you guys for a while (because I get questions alL THE FUCKING TIME ABout my PC) and here it is! This post is a bit long, and I tried my best to be somewhat thorough. And forgive me for making this sound like a how to build a PC post. 

Also, I apologize for the potato quality pics, but the only thing I had on me to take photos was my iPhone 6. Lets get started! 

The Case: NCASE M1

Probably the most important part of my build is the case. For Melchior, I used the NCASE M1; A case that was successfully crowd funded on Indie Go Go. The two people who designed this case, Necere and wahaha360 (with the help of feedback from the community over at HardForum) sought out to make the best mini ITX case on the market without any compromises.

Unfortunately, the case was never mass produced, and the only way to get a case was either during the Indie Go Go campaign or from preordering after it was crowd funded. The case was available for a while for about two more times, and so far there isn’t any plans for a third round of orders. Because of that, there’s only about 1,500 (give or take) of these cases floating around in the world, which is unfortunate because I believe that it’s a well-designed case and everyone should own one. =P

You can probably get one on eBay but the prices might be crazy because people are mean. 

The Components

Here are the components that make up the rest of the build. I built the PC with gaming and entertainment (movies and music) in mind, but I also use it for work and school. 

Again, sorry for the TL;DR, but I really wanted to go over each component and explain why I chose them for this build. 

Processor: Intel Core i7 4790k

Quad core CPU with Hyper Threading. Standard clock speed of 4.0GHz and it boosts up to 4.4GHz. Great for today’s games and future titles. The four cores bundled together with Hyper Threading allows you to multitask like a boss, so you can work, play, listen to music, and watch movies all at the same time without slowing you down so you can still get shit done. 

Not much else needs to be said! 

(Although if I was your employer and you were playing games, watching movies, and listening to music while on the job I’d probably fire you.)

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U9S

Ah, the legendary Noctua. Famous for not only their legendary build quality, silence, and performance, but also for their… interesting choice of colors for their fans. Here’s the thing; When it comes to Noctua fans, you either love the color scheme, or flat out hate it. Personally, when I first heard of Noctua, I hated the color. So much, in fact, that I refused to buy any of their products, but after seeing their fans in person and seeing their legendary quiet performance in action, I fell in love.

Yes, brown and tan fans don’t fit in with a lot of builds, but I don’t mind since you can’t really see the inside of my case. Also, the fact that their coolers and fans are so fucking quiet is a huge bonus for me, especially since you can’t hear the whole computer when you’re watching a movie or something. I hate it when I’m watching a movie and my Playstation 3 sounds like a freaking vacuum cleaner. Sometimes I double check and see if my computer is turned on or not, but its so damn quiet when its idling. When I play games it gets a bit loud, but the loudest part of my computer is actually the stock cooler on my graphics card and I can’t hear any of my Noctua fans over the graphics card. 

Left: my new Noctua NH-U9S Right: my old Noctua C12P SE14

Some of you might have noticed that this cooler looks different than the other one that you can see in some of my older pictures of my computer. Yes, it is a different model, and while this one is smaller it actually doesn’t necessarily mean that it will perform worse. My CPU temps did rise a tiny bit with this cooler, but the overall case temperatures went down significantly because this tower style cooler helps to exhaust more hot air out of the case than recycling it over and over again like my other top-down Noctua cooler. 

Ram: Corsair Low Profile 16GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz

Forgot to take a picture of my ram, but it’s pretty basic. Corsair is one of my favorite computer companies and I’ve never had a problem with their ram. I got the Low Profile model mainly to save on space; again, something that is really important in a build like this. 

Motherboard: Asus RoG Impact VI

This is one badass motherboard. Asus managed to squeeze in a ton of features in a small mini ITX form factor. Some of the key features that this motherboard has and the reason why I picked it for this build include: 

  1. Built in Wifi: This allows me to move the PC around and hook it up to different places, like my living room, just in case I feel like playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web on my couch.
  2. Built in Bluetooth 4.0: Allows me to connect my iPhone, speakers, and other sources of wireless audio. I can play music from my iPhone through my PC speakers, or play the music that’s on my computer on wireless speakers. I don’t have any wireless speakers, but I guess the option is there if I ever get any in the future. I can also connect a PS3 controller to my PC via Bluetooth and use it to play games or to control multimedia software (like XBMC) on my TV. I know I could just buy an Xbox 360/One controller, but I’ve never owned an Xbox and I hardly use my PS3 so instead of spending the extra cash to buy a controller I decided to use what I already had instead. =P
  3. Dedicated Sound Card: One problem with a lot of mini ITX motherboards is that you tend to give up audio quality for its small size. You can put a dedicated sound card in there, but then you can’t put in a graphics card. This board has a dedicates sound card thats built on a PCB riser, so you can have both a sound card and a graphics card in a tiny system. While it’s not the best sounding solution on the market, its definitely leagues better than integrated sound that you find on a typical motherboard. The sound card also has a built in headphone amplifier that can power headphones with an impedance of 600 ohms; A big plus for me since I use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros (250 ohm version) on my PC to play games, watch movies, and listen to music.
  4. M.2 SSD Support: M.2 SSDs are currently being used in many laptops. They are the next generation versions of MSATA SSDs. They’re fast and incredibly efficient when it comes to both power and space, and in a small form factor build like this PC, space is really important. 

There are a couple more features that I’m not going to list, but these were the ones that made me want to pick up this board. Also, this thing is tiny. Here’s a picture of it next to a standard 3.5-inch hard drive: 

Holy shit! Look at it! I think it looks kinda cute. :3

Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 780 Ti

Beast of a card. Allows me to max out most games in 1080p, and its even fast enough for games in 1440p. This card was the flagship GPU for Nvidia last year, and while its not the top dog any more, it’s still a fantastic graphics card. The energy efficient architecture of the Kepler GPU is wonderful, and it’s also one of the many reasons why a card like this can be used in this small form factor build. 

Power Supply: Silverstone SX-600G

Man, power supplies have sure come a long way. I remember back in the 90′s where you were expected to buy a new power supply every time you wanted to upgrade your PC (especially your graphics card). Now a days, computer hardware isn’t as power hungry like it used to be almost 10 years ago, and power requirements are actually getting lower and lower every year. Enter the Silverstone SX-600G: This tiny power supply is 80 Plus Gold rated when it comes to energy efficiency, and it has a pretty awesome semi-fan less mode. 

Basically, the fan usually doesn’t turn on when the computer is idle, even when you’re watching movies and/or listening to music. A huge plus especially for a PC that’s used for watching movies! And with 600 watts of total power, it has enough juice to run multiple graphics cards, hard drives, fans, and a fast CPU with a decent overclock on it. Not bad for such a tiny unit. 

Oh, and did I mention how freaking tiny this thing is?! 

The only drawback is the small fan it uses. It makes some noise when the computer is under load, especially during a long gaming session, but it’s not too loud that its annoying. Again, my graphics card makes more noise than this, and the noise that the PSU makes is barely noticeable. Under load, my computer eats up a little under 400 watts while playing something like Battlefield 4, which is awesome because that means that this PSU is not being stressed out too much.  

Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black (1 x 1TB and 1 x 2TB) and a 128GB M.2 SSD

As you probably noticed from some of the pictures, I’m using two Western Digital Caviar Black hard drives. I’ve always used Western Digital drives, and I’ve never had a problem with them. I have one 2TB drive that I use mainly for storage (music, movies, pictures, Evangelion, etc) and one 1TB drive dedicated mainly to games. Both drives are your standard 3.5-inch drive that you find in many other desktops. 

For my boot drive, I’m actually using a 128GB M.2 SSD. This thing is tiny.

It’s installed on a small riser card that also holds the wifi/bluetooth card. Just for reference, that little Eva Unit 01 that I have on my desk is about 2 inches tall:

Holy Shit.

I have Windows 8.1 installed on my M.2 SSD, as well as other programs that I use frequently. Yes, I have Windows 8.1 installed on my machine. I know its not a good as Windows 7, but I actually don’t have a problem with it. I like Windows 8.1 mainly because of the performance gains it has with SSD optimization and games. 

I installed Startisback, which gives Windows 8.1 a start button, and lets you disable some of the annoying shit in Windows 8.1. The Metro Interface (or whatever Microsoft calls it) is actually pretty nice to use on a larger screen like the 50 inch TV I have in my living room. 

The Other Stuff: Optical Disc Drive and Fans

Optical Disc drives are slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Since games, music, and movies are moving towards digital distribution, they’re not really needed that much anymore. Whenever I buy a game, music CD, or a movie, I tend to go for the physical version of it, because I’m weird like that. I mean, call me crazy, but I personally like to buy physical copies of my PC games and movies because they look pretty badass on a shelf (although I understand that they take up space). I kinda like the idea of having all my PC games and movies neatly organized/alphabetized on a shelf.

Maybe I’m just OCD like that. Or maybe I’m secretly a hoarder. I don’t know. 

Fans: Noctua NF-F12

Man, just look at those fans. Again, Noctua and their crazy fan colors. I think they look nicer in person, but others might disagree, but that’s a discussion for another time. When it comes to fan types, there are currently two different kinds: Airflow optimized fans, and static pressure optimized fans. Airflow fans are great because they do just that: They excel when it comes to moving air inside a case. On the other hand, static pressure fans are great when they’re put up against restrictive objects, such as a heat sink, a radiator, and even hard drive cages. 


The reason why I went with the static pressure version over the airflow one was mainly because I’m using really fine dust filters on this case. The filters are made by a company called Demciflex, and they’re really great when it comes to catching dust. Unfortunately, they can also impact the airflow of some fans, but with a static pressure optimized fan such as the NF-F12, they can easily pull air through the filter without breaking a sweat. The internal positive pressure inside the case is great too because it forces hot air to exhaust out of the case and it helps to reduce dust build up as well. 

And as with their CPU coolers, Noctua’s build quality and noise to performance ratio is second to none. The build of their products just scream quality, and they’re designed with quietness in mind. The engineers over at Noctua really know what they’re doing, and it shows. 

Bravo Noctua. Bravo. 


I did mention that this was going to be a long post, didn’t I? Here is how I put the PC together, that is, if I haven’t bored you guys to death already. =P

Finally, the build: 

First, I installed the power supply. I installed it with the fan in this direction because it allows the power supply to breathe. It gets fresh air from the outside of the case and it exhausts warm air out the top. 

Next, I installed the Optical Disc Drive because why the fuck not. It was as easy as sliding it in a bracket that’s hidden behind the front panel and keeping it in place with four screws (two on the left, and two on the right). Discs are inserted through a slot on the top of the case with the label facing back. 

Note: Not my picture, but I wanted to show you guys how discs are inserted into the system.

I installed the fans next. This allows the computer to intake fresh air from the bottom of the case, and the warm air is exhausted out the back and the top of the case.

I installed the motherboard next. One thing that I forgot to mention was that I already installed the CPU on the board before doing this.

I also plugged in the power cables from the power supply to the motherboard. Usually in a larger case cable management is a bit easier, but it can be a pain in a smaller case. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do when it comes to cable management in this small case, and I don’t have the extra money on me to try making some shorter custom sleeved cables. 

Fortunately, the cables that come with the power supply are a bit shorter and flatter than those that you find with a standard size power supply. 

Next, I installed the rear exhaust fan and the CPU cooler. 

I installed the cooler with the fan facing in this direction because of the bottom to top airflow. The case gets air from the bottom and it pushes it to the top. This ensures that the CPU cooler will always be getting fresh air from the bottom of the case. The rear exhaust fan and the stock cooler on the graphics card both help to exhaust warm air out of the chassis. 

I also started plugging in more cables into the motherboard at this point (USB 3.0, front audio headers, front panel connectors, fans, etc). 

The next thing I installed was the graphics card. This card is 10.5 inches long and it looks like you could also install cards up to 11 inches without a problem. I used cable ties to keep some of the cables from moving around inside the case.  

Small thing I wanted to mention: That riser that says “MPCIE COMBO II” is where both the wifi/bluetooth combo card and the 128GB M.2 SSD are installed. The long pcb right above it (with all the capacitors) is the sound card riser that came with the motherboard that I mentioned previously. Both are installed directly on the board and are located right above the graphics card and slightly below the rear exhaust fan. 

I installed the hard drives next. There’s actually several places in this case where you can install 3.5 inch drives (you can install them on the bottom under the gpu and even mount laptop drives/ssd on the bottom of the case or behind the front panel). 

Here you can see how both drives are installed in the hard drive cage.

I chose to mount them in the hard drive cage which is located on the side bracket. This allowed me to keep both fans on the bottom as intake and it also let me use both hard drives that I already had (instead of buying one large drive and putting everything in there, which is something I wouldn’t mind doing sometime in the future). Both drives are cooled with the air that is brought in from the bottom of the chassis. 

Once that was done, I plugged in all the power cables from the mother board, graphics card, disc drive, and the hard drives into the power supply. I then plugged in the SATA cables that were needed for the optical disc drive and hard drives into the motherboard. 

When that was completed I simply placed the side bracket and screwed it on to the main body of the chassis. Its held in place by four screws (two on the back of the case and two on the side). 

The rigidity and overall structure of the chassis helps to relieve some stress that is put on the side bracket from the weight of the drives. I also forgot to mention earlier that the case does not flex at all when there’s nothing installed and even with parts in it. It’s a really well designed case. 

Now that the assembly is complete, the only thing left to do is to plug it in to see if everything is working properly!


Success! The computer boots up without any problems! At this point, I let the computer idle for about 10 minutes just so I can check if there’s any crazy temperature spikes. Afterwards, I install and run two benchmarks at the same time: Aida 64 and Unigine Valley.

I run both at the same time for about 30 minutes or so. I try to push the system to its absolute limit so I can check out the temperatures while the machine is under load. Games usually never use nearly as much resources as benchmarks do, so if my machine pasts the bench test then I’ll know that it won’t have any problems while I’m playing games. 

Here’s another shot of the computer with everything installed from the side: 

And that’s it! The last thing to do is to put on the fan filters and then add all the side panels back onto the case!


Can of coke for scale. Melchior drinks a refreshing ice cold Coke on a hot Summer day. *Please do not pour Coke on your computer.*

And there you have it! This is how I put Melchior together! I’ll admit, it was kind of a pain to put together when I first got the case back in December of 2013. I got so used to building in larger cases, and I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it was to work inside a smaller one. I’ve gotten used to it and now it’s a breeze for me. 

It will only get easier from here on out once Solid State Drives come down in price and become the norm. Computer parts get cheaper and more energy efficient every year, so heat won’t really be an issue. 

How Melchior keeps himself warm during the cold Winter months.

I think small form factor PCs will eventually become the future of the pro-consumer desktop. There isn’t really a reason to have a larger case anymore, unless you need multiple graphics cards and cpu sockets for work and stuff, or if you’re a crazy enthusiast or game on like multiple monitors of course. =P

If I do decide to pursue the JET Programme in the future I might take this PC with me because of its compact size. Or I might buy a laptop, I still don’t know yet.

Here’s some pictures of it next to my old phat PS3 and one of the interior layout: 

Thanks for taking your time to check out my build log. Also, I apologize for the ridiculously long post (I tried to warn you guys =P). I hope this answered any and all questions that you guys might have had about this case/build. If not, send me a message and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can! 

(Unless I’m watching Evangelion or playing Dota 2 then it might take a while.)