you guys will be seeing scrips from me at some point in my life

The Curves Of You~Min Yoongi

The Curves Of You~Suga


Each member will have thier own storyline, no they’re not connected. And no it won’t be ‘cliche’ or 'cringed worthy’, where the fall in love with you right away. It’s slow, and beautiful.

Warnings: Cursing, body image issues, sexual content{Later parts}, angst, fluff, and cute fucking friendship with Jung Hoseok {J-Hope} and cute ass Min Yoongi like damm.

Parts: {Part1} {Part2}

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You’ve always been shy, your face hidden behind glasses and tangled hair. Your body covered in large pieces of clothing, covering the rolls and over flowing skin. It wasn’t that you hated everything about yourself, you loved the way your thighs looked like, how your cheeks held dimples when you giggled or smiled. But you hated more about yourself then you would like to, the way your arms were large and would flatten against your sides, your elbows holding dimples, and your stomach over flowing any tight pieces of clothing.

So you went the the local library to fall into this imagination, and the point of view of who you wanted to be. A fit beauty,with sculpted abs, tight muscles and perfect looks. Your nose always stuck in a book, reading her story, a story of a dare devil or a geeky girl turning into this beauty that everyone one love. Thats who you dreamed to be, but it changed when you got older.

You hips fitting into you stomach, your arms making you level out with yourself. Soon you where to dare devil, who all men drooled over. But you still could not get over the simple idea; fat girls don’t get loved like skinny girls.

It wasn’t like you hated people for the body type they had, you just wished you looked like them. Toned and fit, even when men seemed to travle over to you only trying to get a good fuck. They always seemed to gravitate to the more skinny and 'fit’ beautiful girls, for a real relationship. Guys are fuck buddies or best friends for someone your size. 

As you grew up, stories became your passion more then before. Different story lines, leading to you becoming a director, manly for short flims. Your scrips becoming popular around small online communities. But even that didn’t take up your weekly day at the library that started the passion for it all.

It was the middle of the afternoon, your nose deep into a book, glasses sliding down your nose. Lip slightly parted, as you turn the pages. The story line becoming of of beauty and fluidly written to horrible toxic and over all sickening. When the slam of a book pulled your from the book.

Eyes snapping up raven black hair, and deep eyes that made you hearts stop. He sat across from you, his hands holding a book on musical theory, his eyes glacinf at your for a aplit second before he looked back down. Your own snapping away from him. It was weird, no one had ever sat next to you, well more at the table with you. Mostly because book scattered around you, all having been read by you at least twice. You had no idea who he was, only that his music was most likely classical due to the piano keys flowing through the air around him.

You let your lip roll between your teeth as you got lost back into your book. The way the story explained love made you frown disgusted, shutting the now ruined book. You stood up, grabbing everything you’d read that day. Your mind kept going  the book you thought you’d enjoy, love was toxic in the book. Something violent, something inhuman and not what real-life type of love was. As you begin to put them back a hand tapped you shoulder. Letting out a squeal you turn around clutching the book to your chest. Eyes wide as you see hus raven hair, he held a light smile as his eyes shinned.

“May I help you?” You question in a hushed tone, catchung your breath as you turun back to the shelf.

“You forget this at the table Miss.” He spoke with a light airy tone, your turn to see the white papers in his hand.

“That one is mine..” you mumble making him look to the cover.

“Who’s Y/n?”

“Me.” His head snapped with a smile.

“You’re directing a short film?”

“T.V show actually.” Your words made his eyes brighten even more as he nods, his eyes looking to the script. You reached for it making his eyes snap to you, a smile that made your freeze.

“Yoongi.” He said as the papers fell into your hands, the weight of the first episode making you huff. “When does it start showing?”

“I don’t know, I have to defend it to a broad of producers first.” He nods as you start to walk away, as you do you swear you hear him sigh.

As you leave the library, there stood you best friend. Jung Hoseok, he had a large smile on his face as he held a habd out to you. “You didn’t answer my text.” He pouted pulling you into a hug, his arm over your shoulders as you two begin to walk.

“Didn’t take my purse, just my script.” He nodded as he pulled from you. His hand lacing with your as he swang the laced hand back and forth.

“You’ll get the time slot. I swear it.”

“I don’t have the meeting for a few months. Hobi-oppa.” You mumbled as you pull your habd from his, “even if I did have it today I’m not even close to ready. I have to remove some characters and add some more. It’s so stressfull. I mean not many shows are written by just the director, they have a team. All I have is a team of me.” Your words made him laugh as he shook his head.

“Sometimes all you need is yourself to be successful in life.” His words made you smile as you let out a breath of air.

“Somtimes I think , what would I do with out my sunshine…you know you’re literally one of the best people I know Jung Hoseok.” He couldn’t help but giggle as he wrapped an arm around you again.

“So are you, my dearest Y/n.”

The next day, you woken up to the realization, you had another day off. Looking to your phone you see Hoseok had texted you seeing if you were free for the a best friend movie night. Agreeing to his terms with him picking you up again from the library.

Waking into the the building of books and silence, you see Yoongi sitting at your table. You grew nervous, a large sweatshrit and baggy sweats pair with some convers covered your body. Hair in a messy bun and absolutely no makeup on your face. At the sound of a book falling both of your eyes snap to a boy, his blonde curly hair a mess and his eyes wide as he bows his head in apology.

Eyes going back to the table, you see him already looking at you. As you pass by he gives you a light hearted smile, you do the same. Grabbing a fiction book you go and sit at your normal spot across from him. It felt strange. Like someone’s eyes were watching you, looking up his eyes snap to his book again. It made you crule into yourself as he did it again, and agains and again. Soon you slam your book closed and look at him, his eyes wide as you glare.

“I get that I’m fat, but no need to stare.” You stand, leaving you book on the table wan rush out. You body rushing away from the building, catching Hoseok on the way.

“Wow,wow slow down hotshot. What’s the matter? You left pretty early.” His words made you nod as you shrug.

“Read all the book they have..probably gonna have to fine a new library.” Your words made his eyes widen as he walked with you to your building.

“That a lie." 

"So what….can we just watch the movies and stuff our faces with ice cream?”

“I’m sleeping over right?” His question made you roll your eyes as you walk down tge hall to your dorm.

“Yes, what else do you do when we have movie nights.”

“Talk about how cute this guy is in dance.”

“Park Jimin?” Park Jimin is a dancer for a class Hoseok teaches, he makes your hope blush and grow flustered.

“The one I want you to date,yes.”

“Why don’t you date him?”

“I like gi-”

“Boy, I’ll fight you.” You said moving around you dorm, he lets out a laugh and falls to the couch. “It’s a safe place here, you know that.” He smiles at you as he patts the couch.

“Okay, yeah I’m Bi, but how does one come out to parents like mine….he’s also very traditional. He’ll never be into me.” He look sad as you sit down. His head falling into you lap as you play with hus hair.

“Then he’s missing out on an amazing sunshiny guy. Who likes to cuddle, and make others so happy, he’s missing out in you.” Your words made him bury hus face in your tummy, making you tense, but remember its Hoesok. Your friend since freshman year of high school, and you relax.

“Same goes for you…..if we’re bot in relationship by 38 want to get married, adopt kids and a bunch of dogs?” His question made you let out a loud laugh as you look down at him. 

“100%, You’d make a great husband.”

“You’d make an okay wife.”

“Just okay?” He nods making you flick his forehead,he lets out a wine as he buries his head back into your stomach.


"Love ya.” You say smiling down at him as you turn on the TV, forgetting the lingering looks of Yoongi.


REQUEST: Sebastian seeing again his ex gf reader when they were a little childs in Romania? And now they are in the set in Civil War and they still have feelings for each other? (First love is beautiful♡) pretty please??


Being an actress in this day and age was tough. When you would tell people that you wanted to get into the entertainment industry when you were younger, some didn’t take you seriously. They figured that it was a phase and you would get over it.

Acting was something that you took with extreme seriousness. You loved the thrill of playing characters that were so unlike yourself or some that were totally like you. After doing some television, you started branching out to do movies. You starred in a few comedies and eventually a romance one. Now, you were going to be in your first action film.

When you first got word that you were going to be in Captain America: Civil War, you couldn’t believe it. It seemed like everyone around the world loved the MCU, along with yourself. Being apart of something that was globally known and meant so much to people meant the world to you.

You were so excited to be playing such a strong character that wasn’t scared to kick some ass. The character that you were going to be playing was being recruited to join Captain America’s side in the movie. She was a former assassin and was long time friends with Natasha Rominoff. However, just because she was friends with Rominoff didn’t mean that she was with her and Team IronMan.

As much as you were excited to be joining the marvel family, you were also a bit nervous. You couldn’t do a bad job since there were millions of fans around the world that loved the characters. You wanted to do it justice.

Another reason why you were nervous was because of a certain actor you would be working with.

Sebastian Stan.

You and Sebastian had a past. Growing up in Romania, you met Sebastian because you both attended the same school. He didn’t live too far from you so he would often walk you to and fro school. He had been your first kiss and first boyfriend. It was sweet puppy love and just like first loves, sometimes they didn’t last. Sebastian moved to the United States with his family and you both lost touch.

You were bummed when he moved but when he made it big, you were so proud of him. He was sort of an inspiration to you to try and live your dreams too.

Now, the two of you were going to be reunited for the first time in many years. It was nerve wracking. Would he remember you? Would he have completely forgotten about your existence?

The first day on set was the table read of the scrip. All of the actors and all of the producers along with the two directors would be there. Seeing Sebastian was inevitable.

Your assistant drove you to the set on time and you bid her goodbye until that night. After the table read, you had practice for a fight scene you were in in the next coming days. You weren’t sure exactly who you would be practicing with since you were in a couple in the movie.

You went to the main conference room on set where you knew the table read would be as told by your assistant. The room was almost full and you recognized some of the actors easily. Part of you wanted to geek out. Robert Downey Jr. was in the same room as you! You saw Scarlett Johansson and thought that she was just as beautiful in person as in movies.

“Hey, you’re (Y/n), right?” You heard someone say. You turned and saw Chris Evans walking over to you.

Chris freaking Evans.

You smiled, “Yeah, that’s me.”

He held his hand out for you to shake, “I’m Chris. It’s nice to meet you.”

You shook his hand, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Glad to have you join the family. I’m a fan of yours for sure.” He smiled.

You were in awe. He was a fan of yours? You had to contain your excitement. “Wow, thank you. I’m a fan of yours also.”

“Thank you. Let me introduce you to some of the cast.” He placed a hand on the small of your back and led you to where some of the others were mingling around.

“Guys this is the newest addition to the cast. (Y/n), this is Anthony, Scarlett, Robert, Paul, Elizabeth, Chadwick and Emily.” You were already familiar with all of the actors but Chris pointed them out anyways. He mentioned that some of the other actors had yet to arrive.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” You told them.

“Welcome to our crazy family.” Anthony joked.

“I’m glad to be here.”

You chatted with the group for a little bit and then the doors opened and more people came in. You spotted him easily.

Sebastian was once an adorable kid who shared his candy with you. Now, he had grown into a handsome man. He had bulked up once again for his role as Bucky Barnes and his hair was longer, but he still had those piercing blue eyes that you remember staring into.

You looked away in fear of being a creeper and waited patiently.

“There’s my man Vanilla Ice!” Anthony exclaimed once Sebastian had walked over towards your group.

“Seb, this is (Y/n). She’s the newest edition to the cast.” Chris said.

Sebastian took one look at you before throwing his arms around you in an embrace.

“He didn’t do that to me when we first met.” Anthony joked.

Sebastian pulled back from your hug and looked at you, keeping his hands on the tops of your arms, “I can’t believe that it’s you! It’s been forever since I last saw you!”

You nodded and felt relieved that he did remember you, “It has. I’m really glad to see you again.”

“How do you two know each other?” Chris asked.

“(Y/n) and I grew up together in Romania. She lived not far from where I did and we went to the same school.” Sebastian looked at you while answering Chris’ question.

“How amazing is that! You guys were childhood friends and now you’re in a movie together.” Scarlett commented.

“We were actually more than friends. (Y/n) was my first girlfriend.” Sebastian admitted.

His confession made everyone ooh and aww. You knew that you were so close to blushing which would add more comments.

“Everyone let’s get started!” Someone at the front of the room called out.

Sebastian let go of you, “Wanna sit by me?”

You glanced at the table, “I think they’ve assigned seats.”

His smile faltered, “Oh. Right after don’t leave right away okay? I want to catch up.”

You agreed and went over to where your name was on the seating cards. You were seating between Tom Holland and Elizabeth Olsen. You quickly introduced yourself to Tom before the table read got started.

Sebastian was seated directly in front of you next to Anthony and Chris. It was like all of those emotions that you felt for him started rushing back. You knew that it was silly. You guys were so young and it was so long ago. He probably was seeing someone anyways.


The table read went really well. The nerves that you had seemed to evaporate. You felt confident that you could do the role and do it well.

When the table read was over, Sebastian walked over to you and sat in the empty chair previously occupied by Tom.

“How have you been? It’s been years since the last time we spoke.”

“I’ve been really good. Been busy with work and life in general. How about you?”

“Same. I feel like all I do is work now but at least I’m doing what I love, you know?”

You nodded, “I know exactly what you mean.”

The two of you sat for a while and chatted about your families and other things while the room cleared out. Soon it was just the two of you.

“Do you remember that one time we went to the movies, I don’t remember which one, and we got caught sneaking in candy?” Sebastian laughed.

You laughed too at the memory, “That movie theater had Red Vines and not Twizzlers! What was I supposed to do?”

Sebastian smiled and wondered if all of those memories were running through your mind too. He could remember how he felt when he used to be around you. Sure you both were young but he felt like what was there was love.

You glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost time for rehearsal.

“I have to get going to rehearsal.” You stood up from the table and so did Sebastian. “I have rehearsal too. Is your rehearsal for the fight scene they’re planning on filming in a couple of days?”

You nodded, “Yeah, it is.”

Sebastian grinned, “Then it looks like we have the same rehearsal. C'mon, I’ll show you where it is.”

Sebastian gave you quick tour around. He showed you were the rehearsals for fight scenes were normally held and where some of the trailers were.

“Do you need to change?” Sebastian asked you once the short tour was over.

“Oh, yeah. Is there a bathroom around here I can change in?”

“My trailer is just right there,” Sebastian pointed to one a few down from where the both of you were standing, “You can change there if you want.”

You nodded and followed him to his trailer. It was clean and tidy inside and smell a little like vanilla. He pointed you to the bathroom where you quickly changed into your workout clothes. It was a simple splatter paint black and white crop top with matching leggings.

Once you were done, you walked out and saw Sebastian pulling down a shirt that he just put on. You saw the muscles of his back and quickly turned away. You hoped that you weren’t blushing like a school girl.

“All done?” Sebastian asked once he realized that you were there.


Sebastian lead you out of his trailer and back towards the rehearsal space. You saw Scarlett there with Emily, Chadwick, Robert, Chris and Anthony.

You walked over to the group and Sebastian followed. You noticed that he kept little space between you. He was a lot closer to you than anyone else. It reminded you of when he would walk you to school and would stay close by you.


When rehearsals were done, you felt tired. It was a lot to try and remember but you knew that in the end it was going to be worth it. The scene was pretty crazy but going to be amazing to come to life.

You couldn’t wait to go back to your hotel and take a hot bath. Rehearsals were bright and early that next morning for the fight scene and a couple other scenes.

You told some of the cast bye before grabbing your things and heading out.

“(Y/n)! Wait!”

Turning back, you saw that Sebastian was hurrying after you.

“What’s up?” You asked him.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go and get something to eat. There’s a nice place near the hotel that I discovered when I was here last.”

“Yeah, that would be great. Can we meet back at the hotel? I really want to shower.” You laughed. You were sure that after all the sweating you did you didn’t smell like roses.

Sebastian laughed too, “Sure, I need to do that too. Can we exchange numbers and you can let me know what room you’re in. I’ll meet you there.”

You took your phone out of your bag and handed it to him and he did the same. Once your number and name was set as a contact, you put the emoji that was the smiley face sticking it’s tongue out.

You gave his phone back to him and he handed yours back. You told him bye and started to walk away but he grabbed your hand to stop you.

“I’m really glad that you’re here. I’m glad to see you again, (Y/n).” He told you.

“I’m glad to see you too, Seb.” You smiled.

“See you in a bit.” He leaned down and kissed your cheek softly surprising you a little.

You walked away with your cheeks burning up, anticipating what was to come.



part two??

No Way In Hell (CS Actors AU; Chapter 1)

born from my set and scrip tease and your wonderful excitement, I present to you the 1st chapter of No Way In Hell

Summary: Heartthrob Killian Jones and Hollywood’s golden princess Emma Swan are chasing their dreams, hating each other since before their first meeting and thinking they will just have to tolerate the other while the shooting of their latest movie lasts. But there’s some fine print on their contracts and it seems that they don’t know quite what they have signed up for, both on and off set. Also on
Rating: T (will rise eventually)
Word Count: 1 724

“I ain’t working with her!”

“Oh, yes. Yes, you are.”

“No, no, no. Sorry, sis, but even I have my limits.”

“Really? Where did you find those? See, I know you must have found them because you don’t have the money to actually buy… well, anything.”

“You’re exaggerating, lass.” Killian rolled his eyes at his sister, no, his agent, she was 100% in agent mode right now.

Funny thing though - no matter which part she was playing, Ruby Jones was always a pain in his ass.

“I’m not broke, Ruby. I’m just not gonna be buying you a new Ferrari anytime soon.”

Something dangerous, almost animalistic, flashed in the brunette’s eyes. Something that Killian was usually delighted to see because it meant she was going to hunt down one hell of a role for him. Something that right now, as his little sister stalked towards him in her blood-red 6-inch heels, scared him more than a little bit.

“Yeah, you are!” she said once again, literally shoving the contract in his face.

“No way in hell, David!”

David Nolan took a seat on the black leather couch behind him and with a groan let his head drop in his hands. If there was one nightmare that all agents shared it was a stubborn actor and he had been living the nightmare for the last six years. Oh, he loved the girl but to say she was difficult was a bit of un understatement.

“Emma, please, if you let this chance pass you by, you’re going to regret it. I’m begging you here.”

“Which part of me wanting to be taken seriously did you not understand?”

“This is exactly why you have to take the part. This movie is not your typical action-packed blockbuster that will blow over in a week. It’s going to open you the door to a whole new side of the industry.”

“Ugh,” Emma Swan buried her hands in her blonde locks and pulled in frustration. “I cannot believe they want to cast that idiot!”

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Summary: Heartthrob Killian Jones and Hollywood’s golden princess Emma Swan are chasing their dreams, hating each other since before their first meeting and thinking they will just have to tolerate the other while the shooting of their latest movie lasts. But there’s some fine print on their contracts and it seems that they don’t know quite what they have signed up for, both on and off set. Also on
Born from my set and scrip tease and your wonderful excitement. :))
Rating: T (will rise eventually)
Word Count: 1 900

Perhaps she should have been coming up with a plan while she was running through the club and dashing outside to find the idiot. Perhaps she should have argued with Ruby some more and made her chase after said idiot. Perhaps she should have said screw it and gone home. Perhaps she should stop thinking and do something because Killian was already straddling his bike and-

Jesus Christ! The guy doesn’t even wear a helmet! Isn’t that illegal or something?!

The bastard wasn’t going to stop and listen to her no matter what she said so before she could actually think this through (and decide that she did wanna live to see another day) Emma sat herself behind Killian, trying to be casual (not absolutely frazzled) about having to wrap her arms around him.

She felt him jump a little beneath her touch and a small smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth. At least she had caught him by surprise.

Killian twisted his head around to look at her, annoyance written all over his face and a sneer already on his lips when he caught sight of her face. His face dropped in shock, his eyes running up and down her form before coming to rest on her arms where they were wrapped tightly around his waist.

What? Did he expect somebody el- Oh!

He probably did, she realized with a start. The number of fangirls who had mounted Killian’s bike without asking permission after one too many drinks at the bar was probably enough to knock her right out of her stylish stilettos.

Shock however quickly gave way to annoyance again. Only, having seen the real thing, Emma could now tell that he was trying a bit too hard and there was a baffling undertone of panic in his eyes.

“Get off,” he gritted through his teeth finally, turning back around.

“Such a gentleman,” shot back Emma, sarcasm dripping off her words but she didn’t budge. “You’re giving me a ride home.”

“Don’t remember offering one.”

“You didn’t. But since you seemed so damn convinced that you can drive yourself, I don’t see why you can’t drop me off too,” said Emma, voice a tad too chipper now as she tried to act as if she wasn’t aware of how inadvisable it was for him to be driving anybody anywhere.

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