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The thing that really gets me is that I try so hard to explain my symptoms, but people don’t listen. If I feel myself getting angry or splitting I say to people, “I’m getting really upset now but I know it’s not rational, it’s a symptom so please bear with me”, but they still get pissed off and shout at me like I’m the bad guy! Or if I tell someone, “I’m feeling really anxious about doing this thing and it makes me not want to do it” I get called weak and lazy!

Like people don’t care that I can’t always control BPD. They don’t care how hard I’m trying, or how well I’m dealing with things. They just see all my symptoms as evil.

  • Aoi: InterFM897, tonight again RAJIGAZE iiiis staaartiiiing 📻

  • in a bit, at 2 a.m. ! !
  • Aoi: after listening to these guys talking I don’t feel the least bit charismatic.
  • but they’re adorable. *shine*
  • Aoi: this week, for some reason, I can totally feel how fired up the director is...
  • Ruki: we’ve been doing RAJIGAZE for one year now. 
next week’s show is finally the last episode!
  • ah, even though we’ve been doing it for a year I didn’t get used to it 😌...
  • Aoi: aaah, that was fun. it was our fabulously ordinary selves.
  • so, please look forward to next week’s show!
  • See you next week. bye-bye!
  • Reita: I thought it would be bad but it was honestly funny. when I laughed I threw my head back so much that my earphones came off (lol) also, next week it’s finally the last round! I’m so grateful to everyone. you can meet us anytime.
  • Aoi: what? so, in the end all of the GazettE listened then? (lol)
  • we’re so much in love with ourselves 😌
  • Ruki: I was not listening...😌
  • Ruki: something I regret about RAJIGAZE, probably just that I wanted to do all sorts of things, you know? I would have loved to do like a nonstop 4 hour special without commercials or songs, or an after-show live broadcast segment or something, you know 😌

  • I’ve liked listening to the radio since I was little so it’s sad that we’re done with the show, I’m gonna miss it.
  • Ruki: anyway, I’m doing some detailed work and it won’t end...


Um, hi! I’m Steven! Steven Universe.

Sorry to interrupt your blogging, but I’ve got something super important to say! I promise it won’t take long, so just hear me out, okay? 

I just wanted to say… 

well done. 

I know sometimes life might be hard! Trust me, I know all about that, and.. sometimes, you might think you can’t get up in the morning, or you don’t feel like eating orr doing anything, but.. you’re still here. You’re fighting through the hard times, you’re still going, even though it’s super tough, and i’m so proud of you guys for that!

Sometimes, your own mind can tell you some pretty bad stuff, that you’re not special or important, but that’s not true. You’re totally important! You’re a human being! You’re unique in every way. No-one in the universe is like you, you’re the only you there’ll ever be, isn’t that cool? Don’t let other people get you down. 

If things are hard right now, it’s okay to take a break, you need to look after yourself. drink some water, take a nap, just take the world one step at a time. It’s not always going to be easy, but there’ll always be someone out there who cares, and.. well, I care, too! 

Take care of yourselves, okay? You guys are super important. You all make the Earth worth protecting!

I guess that’s it, really. Thanks for listening.

Bye! I love you!

One Shot (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Chanyeol

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 5,814

Summary:  You’re a deadly assassin, hired to kill bad guys. But what if the bad guy doesn’t seem so … bad?

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6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime.

1. Mean Girls. - The amount of times I have watched this movie is unbelievable. The limit literally does not exist.

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2. She’s Dating The Gangster. - My all time favorite Filipino movie. I’ve watched it a lot and yet I still cry. 

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3. 13 Going On 30. - I literally have watched this movie so many times, it’s kind of bad. 

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4. White Chicks. - The dance battle was an iconic moment of my life.

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5. Keith. - I don’t know if it’s because I love Jesse McCartney or the movie in general. But anyways, I always get emotional when I watch this movie. 

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6. Clueless. - Two words. Paul Rudd. 

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Letters to Bucky (Part Seven)

Part Seven! Seriously they just love each other. So much. I literally rolled my eyes writing some of this because oh my god the fluff. Also a little bit of drama making its way in, but nothing too bad.
Catch up on the story HERE. Thank you so much for the likes/comments/ messages every single one of them makes my day! I love hearing from you guys!
Enjoy this update, lovelies!

Morning came too soon.

Tony sat propped up on the single pillow left on the bed, waiting for Bucky to come back from the kitchen, idly rubbing over the hand shaped bruise on his hip.

“I’m sorry about that honey.” Bucky said with a frown, dropping back into the bed with some water. “I should have been gentler.”

“It’s fine.” Tony waved him off. “It will be a nice reminder that these twenty four hours actually happened. When you’re half a world away by tonight I’ll be able to–”

“Hey.” Bucky covered his mouth with a gentle kiss. “None of that.”

“Sorry.” Tony abandoned the pillow in favor of laying across Bucky’s chest, his fingers tracing down over lots of bare skin, tracing the deep vee of Bucky’s hip bone, loving that the soldier had yet to put any clothes back on. “I tend to be dramatic.”

“I know.” Bucky kissed the top of his head and held him closer, rubbing his back comfortingly, smiling when he saw the framed poem sitting on the nightstand.

“I didn’t notice the poem there last night.”

“Yeah well, it’s been there since you sent it. And last night we were busy.” Tony mumbled and Bucky grinned.

“Damn right we were.”

“Can I ask you something?” Tony shifted in his arms, looking up at him curiously.

“Ask me whatever you want, Tony. Anything you want.”

“It sounds weird when you say it like that. Like you should be making fun of me but aren’t.” Tony wrinkled his nose and Bucky laughed out loud, tugging a wonderfully naked Tony up and into his lap, running his big hands in soothing strokes up his sides and arms.
“I just like hearing you talk sweet thing. After so many months of just letters I can’t get enough. So ask me baby. What’s on your mind?”

“What would you have done if you showed up and I didn’t want to see you?” Tony asked slowly and Bucky’s eyebrows drew together in a frown.

“Why would you ask that?” He reached for the comforter, dragging it up and over Tony’s shoulders, shielding them both against the morning chill.

“Because if the situation were reversed… and I’d showed up at your place, and you hadn’t wanted to see me I’d…well I’d probably fling some fantastic insult at you then check into a shitty motel and cry into a bottle of scotch for a week.” Tony shrugged. “What about you?”

“Oh. Alright. Let me think about it.” Bucky was quiet for a minute, his hands moving lower, over the firm roundness of Tony’s ass, fingers trailing through the cleft there, searching and pressing where he was so warm, and still just a bit sore.

Tony hissed a little and shifted forward, resting his head on Bucky’s shoulder.
“You like that, don’t you babe? When I touch you like this.” Bucky said with a pleased smile and Tony sighed into his neck, lifting himself up as Bucky worked him open, pausing just long enough to get the nearly empty bottle of lube. “You’re almost out honey. Should we get more?”

“Won’t need it after you leave.” Tony said with a little shrug. “It’s just you, Bucky. I don’t need it for… any other reason. Haven’t for a while, even before our phone call.”

“How long?” He asked, scooting down in the bed, running his hand over himself, reaching for a condom. “How long Tony, since you haven’t needed–”

“Close to two years.” Tony answered. “Several months before my accident. And not after my accident until you. So it’s just you.”

Bucky was silent, watching as Tony lifted himself up, and took him deep into himself with one long slow slide.
When Tony shouted his name as he tipped over the edge into an orgasm, when Bucky followed just a few seconds later, the soldier swallowed what he really wanted to say, and held his lover tight, as close as he could, just hoping beyond reason, praying, that Tony knew what hadn’t been said.

“You never answered me.”
Tony said later, after they had cleaned up and were laying across the bed again. “About what you would do.”

Bucky exhaled loudly.
“OK Tony. If I’d come here and you hadn’t wanted me like I wanted you, I would have taken my poetry back and burned your building to the ground.”

Tony burst into laughter. “What? That’s a total overreaction! Wait, I can’t tell if you’re joking. Are you joking?” He looked up to meet Bucky’s gaze. “You are so intense and I kind of hate that I love it. Tell me the truth soldier, am I sleeping with a crazy person?”

“I don’t know what you mean by that.”  Bucky shrugged. “We haven’t been sleeping at all.”

“Seriously.” Tony insisted and he sighed.

“Seriously? Tony, I would shaken your hand and walked out the door. And never answered when you called or written you anything ever again because you… you would have broken my heart.”

Tony blinked back whatever emotion was making his eyes well up and cleared his throat. “Already that invested, huh baby buckeroo?”

“Already that invested, sugar.” Bucky brushed his knuckles over Tony’s face.

“Yeah.” Tony said, his throat tight. “Me too.”

“I’m gonna write you from the plane.” Bucky said as he finished buttoning his jacket. “Will you write me back?”

Tony handed him his hat. “I always do.”



To: Bucky
–Pepper told me to go change but I’m sitting at my desk and writing you real fast. I can’t believe you’re here, sitting downstairs in my office. Whatever gave you the idea to just show up here was… genius.
–I can’t wait to spend tonight with you. So many plans. So many naked plans.
To: Bucky
–you fell asleep faster than me. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Still can’t believe you’re here soldier. I’m gonna be a wreck in the morning I’m already sure of it so sorry in advance.
–I’m also gonna have a you sized hand print on my hip and I freaking love that
–I forgot to ask you about the red star on your jacket shoulder. Remind me.
–you literally just stepped away to the kitchen and I miss you. I hate it. I don’t want to tear up when you leave so I’m not going to let you say anything too nice.
–I hate that you didn’t ditch your family and spend the whole ten days with me. I don’t even care if that’s rude.
–you know poetry isn’t really my thing, not near as good with words as you are, but I hope you know that… well, you know. What we didn’t say last night. I hope you know how I feel.
–stay safe soldier.
–come home soon

Bucky cleared his throat, carefully folding the scraps of paper Tony had scribbled notes on and somehow shoved into his jacket.
He hadn’t found them until he’d reached for his tickets and boarding pass in his pocket, and they’d fallen to the floor. He’d had to wait till he’d gotten settled in his set and the plane had taken off, but he’d finally pulled them back out, smoothing the letters and reading them a few different times.
Then he started to write back.
To: Tony
–I made it onto the plane. Heading to Germany first, then back to base.
–sweet thing, I wish I would have skipped seeing everyone else and been brave enough to show up at your place as soon as I arrived.
–hopefully I haven’t lost your interest, since I was told tall dark and handsome only guarantees me a night and most of the following morning. Maybe that’s less true now, hm?
–I am sorry I bruised you, not sorry that you’ll be forced to remember me for at least a week. Now that I know you are YOU I’m a lot less convinced of my ability to charm my way into permanent place in your heart, not with as much as you have going on every day. I kind of loved the idea of you pining away behind a desk with nothing better to do than be waiting for my letters
–I still want a picture of you. Need a picture of you. I’m not going to forget how you look anytime soon but it would be nice to have something to keep in pocket. I’ll send one for you too.
–and I know, honey. I do. And I get why nothing was said, it’s fine. But I know. And I hope you do too.
–I’ll send this as soon as I get back to base so you know I made it
–I miss you Tony
–I’ll be safe.
Ps. The red star is the symbol for my unit. All the men have one on their uniform.

To: Bucky
–I bought more pillows. Didn’t ever bother me how big my bed was until I shared it with you. So thanks for ruining that for me.
–pepper won’t quit asking about you, as if i can magically talk to you anytime I want and ask you questions to satisfy her curiosity. I only know so many officers after all, only so many phone calls I can wrangle out of them.
–a picture of us together surfaced from the charity dinner. Your face is pretty hidden but it’s obvious I’m staring dramatically into the eyes of a man, so now rumors are everywhere, but that doesn’t bother me. Would it bother you if the General public knew we were kind of dating?
–what are holidays like over there? Can I send you a box or something? A video phone call? Because it’s not really the holidays without getting some kind of sex after all
–my bruises are all gone. Kind of hate it. Kind of glad my hips aren’t sore anymore. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to your size or if it’s always gonna be like that
–I miss you. We should try for a phone call soon. Not for any reason other than to talk, I don’t just want you for your body and that sexy Brooklyn boy accent you have. I mean I definitely want you for those reasons, but I’d like to just hear you anyway.
–how long has it been for you? Since you were with anyone else? You know how long it’s been for me. I just… I won’t be mad or anything. I get it. War time. Soldiers. You’re gorgeous. I get it. I just want to know.
-stay safe Bucky baby. All of you guys.
Ps. Can we have a code word instead of saying you know all the time. It’s not that I don’t want to say it. I promise. You understand, right?

To: Tony
–I’d apologize for the bed thing but I’m not really sorry. Selfishly I want you to be lonely every time you lay there without me. I’m glad the bruises are gone. Glad you aren’t sore. What did I say about crossing shit out, sweetheart? I want to know whatever you are thinking about. For what it matters, I hope you never get used to me inside you. Not because I want you to hurt or anything but I hope it always makes you swear and groan and say my name, cuz I’m never gonna get tired of that.
–wouldn’t bother me at all if people knew we were dating. Because we are together right? I don’t like the word kind of, don’t use that anymore. I like you, you like me, right? No kind of about it.
–I’d love to be able to talk on the phone, but honestly things are rough here right now. Rotations are longer, breaks are shorter. Can’t say too much, but things are… rough. Don’t believe everything the news says. I can’t really predict when I’m here and when I’m not and I’d hate for you to call and me not be here.
–I get it Tony, about not ready to say anything like that. It’s fine. It is. Because as long as you know what I feel, and you feel the same things then it’s always gonna be fine.
– And Tony, it’s been years for me. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of men I’ve been with. I’ve always been careful, if that’s an issue. I’m clean. I waited till I was eighteen and shipping out for boot camp before even admitting to anyone besides Steve that I was gay. Lost my virginity that same night and you can imagine it wasn’t spectacular. A few times during my first tour, and when I was home for six months before my second tour I dated a nice guy but it didn’t last. So besides you and my hand, it’s been years. I was just.. waiting for someone worth my time. Honestly didn’t think I’d find that person until I was back home and not touring again. Wasn’t even looking for that person yet.
But I found you, didn’t I? Or maybe you found me?
–I’ve got to go, we are heading out in the morning and I’ve been writing instead of packing.
–write me back sweet thing I can’t wait to hear from you.
Ps- a box is fine but not necessary. Letters from you are amazing. They always try to hook us up with something good to eat for thanksgiving/Christmas, but half the time I’m out on rotation anyway. war doesn’t stop because of the date.

To Bucky
–happy holidays, soldier, since I know I might not hear back/be able to write back until after everything, especially since your rotations are getting longer.
–I’m sending you a box definitely. Why would you be definitely 100% no kind of about it dating a rich guy if you didn’t get big presents for Christmas?
–so a business thing real quick. I was approached by a team of researchers from Germany and Sweden who want to work with robotics and strength serums and soldiers. Like make them into cyborgs. Have you heard anything about that over there? It’s an interesting concept and I am reading up on it, because it could absolutely be what remakes war for this generation. But it seems… morally skewed. Turning men into machines. They want me to develop the robotics side of things. Tell me how you, as a soldier would feel about fighting next to or against super soldiers, or how you would feel about being one yourself.
–I’m glad you understand. Thank you. Maybe one day we can talk about why talking about stuff like us and relationships and the four letter word that begins with ‘L’ is difficult for me, but for right  now thank you.
–and thank you for telling me about.. well all of that. Your number of partners made me feel like a complete man whore but hey, my twenties were pretty wild. And for the record I’m clean too. Tested regularly, especially since I dabbled in recreational drugs quite a bit for a while there. Not in years tho. I’m serious. Years. So maybe next time when we have more time we can skip the precautions and just make a fucking mess sorry about that. That was pretty vulgar even for me. All I’m saying is, if you’re good and I’m good, I want to know what it feels like to just have you. There that was a more romantic way of putting it, right? Staring at your poem all day must be wearing off on me.
–I think your mouth erased some of my scars. We need to try that treatment again asap.
–stay safe for me, soldier.
–come home soon.

To: Tony
–happy one year anniversary of your accident. I know this won’t reach you until closer to Christmas, mail is so much slower this time of year, but happy anniversary anyway. I know you hate that your scars haven’t faded and that it still hurts to take deep breaths but honey just think of all you and I would have missed out on, if you didn’t have those reminders. It would mean that you hadn’t survived that crash and I’ve already told you I can’t handle that thought. Because of that four letter word that starts with ‘L’.  
–seriously you don’t have to send me anything. Just a picture. That’s all I want. And if it’s one of your professionally done ones for a magazine I’m gonna be pissed. Send me a real one.
–cyborg soldiers. Tony, Steve was approached a while ago about something like that. Not robotics, but basically testing a new steroid or something. Accelerated healing, extra strength without the extra mass, extra speed. Sounds a lot like what you are looking into. All he said when I asked him is that it was in no way a possibility for him now, at least not until this tour is over and we are home. He thinks arbitrarily selecting soldiers to be super soldiers and then unleashing them on the rest of the troops is a horrible idea, and I do too. If these super soldiers were ever created it should be entire units, not just one or two men in a unit. How can you expect regular men to follow an enhanced Captain into battle, knowing he will walk away every time and they probably won’t?
–I kind of like the idea of being a super soldier. I’m lethal enough now, the serum would just make me unbeatable. Heady stuff.
–I miss you sweetheart. Wish we were spending the holidays together. Guarantee you’d be wearing mistletoe and a red ribbon and that’s about it.
–Oh and I agree. We should try a mouth on scar treatment asap. Longer this time. Several days. Oh honey, Let’s make a mess together. Want to know how you taste, want to know if I can fit all of you in my mouth. Want to know what you feel like inside me. I want it all. Let’s make a fucking mess. We can burn the sheets after.
–are you blushing yet?
–write me back baby


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I’m fucking sick and tired of people thrashing on @markiplier for no fucking reason.

It makes me upset to the point where I want to cry because he deserves everything good and to me, he’s everything. He might not think so but me and so many other people think the same.

You’re a fool if you think Mark is a bad guy just because he wanted to express his emotions. How dare most of you just read the title of the video and assume that he is whining because that can’t be farther from the truth.

This isn’t even the first time and that’s what makes me angry. I’ve seen so many jokes like “what editor did he yell at so much they quit this time” obviously referring to when he CAME OUT AND ADMITTED he treated Matt and Ryan bad. It takes a lot to admit to something wrong you’ve done.

And now “oh no mark is whining about his emotions guys aren’t allowed to do that” uh well first it’s not whining it’s expressing and second if you actually watched the video, it’s about how he thinks he’s not doing enough for his fans and he’s very self conscious about it.

Over the years he has gone above and beyond for his fans. He went even further and actively tried to meet fans in his area and put them in videos. HES GOING ON TOUR FOR CHRIST SAKE



He just wants to make his fans happy. Why are some of you so against that?

The Girl in the Pond Pt. 2 (Bones: Marvel AU)

Characters  in this chapter: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Original Male Character

Warnings: Language, More talks about a dead body, Slight violence.

Pairings: None. (Eventual Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: You are a forensic anthropologist working for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. when you and your team get recruited by the FBI to aid one of their top field agents, Special Agent Steve Rogers. Together, along with  your colleagues/friends you put faces on the voiceless and throw the bad guys where they belong.

Author’s Note: So this is my first Marvel AU series and I’m quite nervous on how this is going to turn out. The series is going to be based on the TV show Bones and since the show is 12 seasons long I’m just going to base the series on some of my favorite episodes including the series finale coming out in the upcoming weeks. I only hope I do it justice. I want to thank @mrs-squirrel-chester​ for convincing me into writing this and for not only being as awesome beta but because she also made this kick-ass edit above.

“What’s the context of the find?” you asked Agent Rogers as you both walked down the grassy hill, reading the names on the rows of white marble headstones.

“Routine landscaping,” Steve replied, looking down at his notepad. “Dropped a load in the local pond, one of the workmen thought he saw something.”

You recognized the emblem on the side of the black windowless van that was parked a few yards away from the pond; it was the Smithsonian Medico-Legal Lab emblem. The passenger door opened and a young man hopped out; duffle bag in one hand and a camera in the other.

Recognizing him immediately, you waved him over. “Hi Peter.”

Peter greeted you with a hug, ““This eco-warrior look works for you. Very action oriented.”

“Thanks.” you replied, looking down at your outfit. “Agent Rogers, you remember my assistant Peter Parker?”

“Of course,” Agent Rogers answered, sticking out his right hand. “Great to see you again kid.”

“How was Guatemala? Dig up lots of massacred victims? Learn a thing or two about machete strikes?” Peter asked you, completely ignoring Steve, who made a face at Peter’s rude gesture.

You cleared your throat and Peter quickly realized his mistake. “Sorry,” he muttered, taking Agent Rogers’ hand to give it a firm shake. “Good to see you again Agent.”  

“Hey Pete, I need water samples and temperature readings from the pond,” you ordered.

“Right away doc.”  He spun on his heel, quickly turning the other way, leaving you alone with Agent Rogers.

“Kid’s got no sense of discretion. Typical Squint…” Steve said, as they reached the river bank.

“Squint?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ah you know, when cops get stuck, we bring in people like you. You know? Squints. You know, you squint at things,” Steve explained with a shit-eating grin. “Like this,” he demonstrated for you.

“Oh, you mean people with very high IQ’s and basic reasoning skills?” You gave him a smart-ass answer.

His smile dropped, giving you a look as if he had just tucked his tail between his legs. “Yeah.”

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unpopular opinion i guess but when the media doesn’t talk about sex trafficking or a kidnapping it’s just them cooperating with the police. law enforcement usually doesn’t want the media to get involved because it fucks everything up every single time so when i see those posts that say “NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS!!!” that’s usually really good. do you guys know anything about psychology or criminology at all. publicity is really bad for victims’ lives

anonymous asked:

SVTFOE really breaks a lot of tropes (ex. Perfect Princess, Jerky guy, Socially Awkward Geek, Helpless princess, etc). Do you think that the show has really tackled its biggest trope yet? Is there a trope you personally want to see subverted or overcome in the future?

Great questions! Star is doing a good job at portraying characters in a unique way that doesn’t usually rely on stereotypical character types, which I think is really important. The way I process story stuff always starts with character; so if a character isn’t believable or multi-layered, I feel like the story just becomes a flat fairytale. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s different than a story.

There are still some characters that are stereotypical in this show; for example in some episodes there’s a mouth breathing nerd boy, and personally I find those character types a little old fashioned (and maybe kind of offensive? eh I dunno). But characters like that in this show seem to be showing up less and less, which I think makes room for stronger, more interesting ones!

One of my favorite characters in SVTFOE is Queen Moon. She seems to be a stuffy, unrelatable authority figure when we first meet her–but as we’ve seen in more recent episodes, she has another side of her that is the complete opposite!

If I had a wishlist of tropes I wish would evolve or change entirely, I’d say… Mad Scientists, Nerds, The Stoned Kid, the Bookworm… oh and the Wacky Artist who wears berets. These can all be great characters, but they’re just very flat on their own. If we add an unexpected quirk or flaw, we instantly get a more interesting character… For example, Rick from Rick and Morty is a Mad Scientist with a drinking problem. That’s already fraught with conflict! Great character.

Having said all this, I should point out that stereotypes–as unhealthy as they can be in real life–actually DO help sell visual storytelling very quickly without any verbal or text explanation. So if we’re going for a super quick visual gag, then yeah, a mad scientist with crazy white hair and goggles will do the trick. I’m just talkin’ about how if we give these characters more screen time, they can be more than just the stereotype. Give them life!

But also, break all the stereotypes.

And there you go! Haha.


There you go guys

now you finally know what I sound like


Mango: So, you’re definitely not going to Hibiscus’s party this weekend?

Hyacinth: Nah, parties aren’t my thing. My brother might want to, though. You could ask him.

Mango: Uh, thanks, but no thanks. I wasn’t really wanting to go along with your brother.

Hyacinth: Oh. That’s too bad. He’s a cool guy. I’m sure you two could be great friends if you gave it a shot! 

Mango: Hyacinth, I’m not really looking to be–you know what, it’s cool. Can you help me with number four?

Hyacinth: Sure thing!


Summary: The Company thinks you’re a man so when they find out that you’re not, one dwarf isn’t too pleased.

Warnings: Swearing. Multiple short time skips so it might be a jumbled mess, there is a part where some might get offended: please don’t. I didn’t mean it like that.

Pairing: Dwalin x Reader

Word Count: 2,844

A/N: Holy shit this was longer than I expected. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but as I kept writing, I had a hard time finding a way to end it so this happened. This is probably the longest one shot I’ve ever written. @fandomnationwhore I do hope that this is what you wanted. IF it’s not, let me know and I’ll write another one. Its so bad lmfao

Also, I don’t know if you guys realize this but my requests are always open lmfao


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supernachounicornllamalady  asked:

Hi. I don't know how you feel about curses, but I'm hoping you could help me? There's this one guy I want to curse, he's made me regret some things he and I did, and he is extremely rude and disgusting, and hurt my friend. What kind of curse should I go about casting on him? Also, what other cursing ingredients are there beside the popular "spicy" ones? Thank you!

I’m personally fine with witches using curses if they deem them necessary and go about them responsibly. One thing to definitely keep in mind if you do perform a curse is to cleanse your work area so that there’s no residual bad energy to harm you in any way. Before I give you some curse ideas though it’s always worth thinking about why you want to curse someone and if there aren’t better means of addressing your problem. If it’s someone you can easily distance yourself from then do that, if you have yet to address them verbally one-on-one then that is always the step to do before cursing, it’s unfair and unethical (I think) to curse someone if you’ve never brought your issues to their attention in the first place and given them a chance to make amends. So bear in mind that mundane action will often get faster results than just flinging a curse at someone. That being said, other than spicy ingredients, I like using rotting and decaying things, rusted things, wounded and broken things. Rotten food, broken trash, rusted useless pieces of metal, these are all good ingredients I think. This one. by oldmotherredcap is a favorite, but anything by her is fabulous. I hope this helps

Ahhh, I’ve finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn tonight and I’m gonna tell you, it’s definitely in my top 10 favourite games ever :)

I dunno if I like the game so much, because of its storyline or gameplay, because both are top notch. But it must be the storyline that made me come back to HZD every evening in the last 3 weeks. I guess it was refreshing to play an open-world game where the story is really at the first place… It reminded me why I appreciate The Witcher 3 so much.

Because how creative you have to be to combine pre-historic / roman empire vibes with robo-dinosaurs and make it all sensible? Because HZD’s storyline absolutely makes sense.

Sure, at some point I was laughing at all the ‘I refuse to die till I talk to you’ or ‘it’s absolutely impossible for the bad guys to get here before me, but here we go’ or ‘we could easily explain everything here, but we’re not gonna do that because you still have a few more places to discover’ video games cliches - they were overused. And the beginning it was kinda hard for me to get into the story since Aloy’s every important question was ignored. So I was getting irritated… just like Aloy. So it was even more satisfying to become more and more important persona in this universe. From an outcast savage to… well… you should just play the game to find out ;) Plus Aloy is a very likeable character and I absolutely love how her relationships with most of the NPCs are written (especially male ones - very refreshing).

Like I mentioned before, the gameplay is extremely satysfying too. From hunting to crafting and even collecting things. Okay, I admit I got a little bit tired of collecting metal flowers and digging in ancient debris, because I suddenly decided to get them all to get a platinum trophy (which I did) - but the variety of the world and challenges to overcome, made it worth it :D

So yeah… If you weren’t sure about this game before (like me), I recommend to give it a try, because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Now cover your eyes, because of big spoilers! Do yourself a favor and don’t spoil the game for yourself.

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