you guys this is so bad

My dogs are all having some sort of club meeting under my bed and I wasn’t invited. Noodle keeps happy scream barking so clearly is a lot of fucking fun and Hubble brought his grunting hedgehog so its an actual party.

Thanks guys.

I’ll just sit on the top of the bed…


I bought a ukulele to learn to play songs for Rhos’ bardic inspiration poems I’ve written when we play D&D, and other dumb shit like this! I made this song up yesterday at lunch when I made two eggs and regretted it, but I ate it all anyways.

ANYWAY THIS IS TERRIBAD! I literally bought the uke yesterday and these are the first two chords I’ve learned. 😂 also my fingers hurt real bad!

Long ago (Angst)

Pairing: Jimin and Reader

Word Count: 1,046

Description: You come home hoping to make up with your boyfriend Jimin, but it takes a turn for the worst.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

You and Jimin had hit a major rough spot in your relationship, you guys were slowly drifting apart. 

It was so bad that you guys hadn’t talked to each other in a week and you were honestly kind of tired of it and were planning to put a an end to it tonight. 

You missed him.

You stopped by his favorite Chinese restaurant and picked up some take out.

You had a positive mindset while driving home.

The thought of you guys talking and being happy with each other again made you smile so big that your cheeks hurt.

Once you were in front of your house you checked your appearance in the review mirror and straightened down your hair and swiped some lip gloss over your lips before grabbing the food and getting out of your car.

Looking down at your shirt, you decided to unbutton one button to make him a little vulnerable.

Satisfied you walked up the stairs and unlocked your door.

Everything was quiet. You were surprised he wasn’t on the couch like usual.

“Jimin” You called out.

No response.

You figured he was in the restroom and decided to set up the table.

You set up plates and placed the food in the middle. 

You walked upstairs to your room to check if Jimin was there.

As you got closer to the door you heard Jimin laughing. It was the first time in a while you heard him laugh. You also heard some mumbles you couldn’t make out.

Curiosity got the best of you and you pressed your ear up against the door. 

“Really?, wow” he said

You could practically hear his smile and that made you happy.

You figured he was talking to one of the boys and were about to walk in until you heard what he said next.

“I’m so glad your day went well baby” he said with a chuckle.

“Baby?” You whispered to yourself in confusion.

“Hey, listen it’s 8 so Y/N is going to be here any minute, I’ll talk to you later. Love you babygirl” He finished off with.

The hang up noise echoed in the room.

Standing there you just looked down, then emotions hit you. 

You burst through the door as Jimin looked up at you jumping slightly with wide eyes.

“Oh it’s just you” he said calming down.

“Yeah, just me and not your Babygirl” you said beyond pissed, and putting air quotes up at the word Babygirl.

“What” he asked confused.

Then he realized that you were listening to his conversation.

“Oh, you heard that?” He said bluntly, scrolling through his phone.

“Yeah I heard that and I want to know what’s happening Jimin!” You yelled.

Jimin got up looking you in the eyes. “I met someone” he shrugged.

“You met someone? That’s all you have to say?” you yelled.

“Well what do you want me to say Y/N?” he said getting annoyed.

“I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOUR OUT MEETING GIRLS WHEN YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP!?” You yelled your eyes getting watery over frustration.

“Y/N we both know this relationship was over when we stopped putting effort into this” he said.motioning between you and him.

“Stopped putting effort? Is that why I came home hoping to smooth things out with you? Huh? Is that why I set up the table with your favorite food?” You said scolding him.

“You set up the table?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I did. It doesn’t matter though because i’m leaving. We’re done” You said trying to control your breathing.

“Sweetie, I considered us over a long time ago” he said laughing quietly.

You ignored him and  grabbed a random bag and started filling it up with clothes. It was hard to see through teary eyes, but you didn’t wipe them wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible.

“I’ll be back to collect the rest of my things tomorrow evening” You said storming past him.

“Don’t worry they’ll be in the front lawn by then” he answered coldly.

You looked back and scoffed before walking outside shutting the door.

 You fell at the doorstep while you cried into your hands.

This was supposed to be the day everything went well and it ended up being a total nightmare.

After a couple minutes had passed you heard Jimin on the phone inside.

“Hello? Baby? Yeah everything is fine. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner. Chinese is on the menu” He said giggling into the phone.

“Okay see you in ten” He said before blowing a kiss into the phone and hanging up.

Your heart was hurting after what you just heard. You couldn’t believe him. This wasn’t affecting him one bit. A month ago you two were the happiest couple in existence and now it was all in Hell.

“Y/N?” Jimin said opening the front door.

You were sitting on the ground with your eyes red and head against the wall.

You looked up at him and quickly wiped your tears.

“God, you’re sniffling is so loud. Anyway I need you to get off my doorway, my friend is coming over. Also I figured you had no money so here’s some money for a hotel” He said throwing some bills in your face.

“Oh and button up your shirt, you just look desperate” he said giving you a look of disgust before shutting the door.

You got up leaving the money and walking to your car. 

You got in and hit your head against the wheel several times.

This whole situation was embarrassing and you wanted nothing, but to just disappear into thin air.

What happened to him? What made his heart stone and blood so cold?

The Jimin you just encountered was nothing like the giggly, sweet, and comforting Jimin you knew.

Where did it all go wrong?

You turned on your engine driving to an unknown place.

You didn’t know where to go.

You had nobody to go to.

You laughed silently and questioned what you were doing.

You pulled into an abandoned stores parking lot and just sat there. Staring at nothing.

Thinking .

You soon fell asleep listening to the sound of your sniffles hoping to never wake up.

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Your ancestors started shit but you're still living off the privilege & their legacy. Bc of the white racist ancestors u guys don't face the same issues as PoC bc ur riding on that sweet white privilege u might not want to have but still do. Racism isn't as simple as a dictionary definition. Throughout history the people who've suffered institutionally due to racism have been PoC. Racism is about power & u cant kick upwards. This don't mean its ok to treat any1 bad bc of their skin color tho

Like I clearly stated before, I don’t engage in discourse involving unchangeable history. It’s pointless.

Discourse about privilege is its own world of yikes, and as we all know

and I’m not afraid of it.

The last sentence of this anon is the most important to this conversation. That’s what I’m about. I’ve got white privilege, but I’m disappointed that it actually exists.

A dictionary definition of racism sets the standard for what is clearly hatred for no goddamn reason. Shut the fuck up about this fucking ability some POC made up to be complete assholes to others because it’s the cool thing to do now and “omg fuck white people what trash go kys stop oppressing me” (I’ve literally seen that on Twitter, I shit you not)

Get the fuck off my blog.

  • <p> <b>Murdoc:</b> *looking at himself in the mirror* holy fuck. Holy fuck holy fuck holy fUCK<p/><b>2D:</b> what?<p/><b>Murdoc:</b> bloody hell. I look so fucking handsome today. What the heck. So handsome. I love me<p/><b>2D:</b> *giggling* babe i love u but u r not really handsome<p/><b>Murdoc:</b> yeah love say whatever u want I don't care. Today I'm the pretty guy. *stares at himself again* Holy shit can you believe this? Fuck you you're so damn lucky for shaggin' me. Wow<p/></p>

well i mean…. yeah he’s said this shit but like? so has almost all of ah at a point? and a good amount of rt people…. and like, an overwhelming amount of youtubers/streamers in general (game grumps too). so has my grandpa and probably your grandparents and neighbors and even grocery store baggers and like? a lot of people? 

i thought we learned to enjoy rt/ah/gg content and speaking out when things get too bad, but without starting fires every time they say wrong things. 

I really don’t think we should be putting down DDADDS just because ray is involved, theres so many better things to focus on here! we are getting a game literally about queer dating, that seems pretty kind and happy and not derogatory at all, and you guys are focusing on one voice actor who may or may not have apologized already? grow up

spiderman-prettyboy  asked:

im a trans guy but sometimes i get like a flash of femininity deep down and i feel like what if im just faking it? i feel like im predatory in mlm spaces bc im secretly a het girl or not a real mlm. idk if im binary or nb trans guy tho, does that give me more room to be not 100% dude? i mean i was really fem as a kid and stuff. when i think of myself as a girl it feels really bad, like i cant imagine growing up to be a woman. i get some dysphoria (not much) do you think im faking it?

Okay!! Hey :D

Breathe for a sec, I get questions like this a lot so believe me you aren’t alone okay?
Whether you’re binary trans on some kind of nb/trans masculine you are //not// invading mlm spaces, you identify as a man and you’re entitled to be in those spaces if you choose to be.

Also even if you’re a binary trans boy, it’s completely okay to like feminine things- I do and I identify as binary trans!
You also don’t have to show signs of being trans or more masculine as a kid to be trans so try not to let that give you doubts!

I know it’s tough trying to figure yourself out, but you’ll get there.
It sounds like you could be a binary trans guy or trans masc, but that’s your decision to make, pick whatever label you feel most comfortable with and even if it changes over time that’s okay too!! - Matthew

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Hi! So, i'm a trans guy (pre T) and I'm asexual, i see that a lot of people who start t see their sex drive or whatever it is going up and I'm scared that if it happens to me I won't understand what's going on and feel really bad because i'm really extremely disgusted by sex... Have you heard about anyone in a situation like this or maybe have advice on what I could do if it happens ? (It's not urgent since I won't start T before a long time, I was just wondering) Have a good day !

Hey! Testosterone probably won’t change the fact that you’re a sex repulsed asexual; all it will do is increase your libido (need for sex), but probably not make you want it any more than you do now. There are cases of people starting T and no longer identifying as ace but it’s rare and if this does happen you will be okay! You should be fine, try not to worry about it too much!

If anyone has any info about this please add in the comments!

blake-broacher said:

So uh, I have a character that has no memories, no this isn’t one of those “I need a blank character and I’m just making a default one” he’s a guy made from a (monster) guy that tore up half a city with only his hands but nobody in their right mind would tell that to him so the narrators would just say he has amnesia. Is this bad? I mean I will hint towards the whole thing, I have a story behind the original guy as well. Does this feel cliche? And sorry for the long ask.

If there’s a good reason behind why a character has amnesia or has no memories/history/etc., it’s fine. At taht point you’re not doing it to avoid giving him a back story. It’s a fundamental part of the story. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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what inspired you to write The Mean Marquis?

It was a post that @a-schuylerr made about what type of Lafayette fics she wanted to see and there was something about an arranged marriage and Laf having this reputation for being a bad guy (I don’t remember it exactly) and I loved the idea so on a whim I wrote the scene after the wedding when they are alone together for the first time and then just kept writing!

SS family a "military family"

Ok, I’ve seem a lot of things coming from the S/S fandom but this is just ridiculous in a huge way.

Are you really tryng to explain Sasuke’s absence by saying that SS’s family is like a military family. No. Just no. Kishimoto is just like that, he didn’t explain anything because he didn’t wanted, he doesn’t care.
He create Gaiden just for a drama for the shippers and in the end he wrote some chessy words about how their “love” is the real deal even after proving in all the Gaiden that is not like that. Is like me watching an abusive relationship type of movie and saying at the end that it wasn’t that bad because the guy didn’t killed her at the end so they should be together.

Are you seeing my logic?
Man SS is not as a military family, the military families actually gave contact with each other even per month with letters and photos.

Konoha is in peace they aren’t in any war. Sasuke neglecting his own family is not because he is too busy with war, he is in a special mission yes but that doesn’t excuse him of not knowing his own daughter’s face when they meet for the first time

Because yes, he tried to kill her. It doesn’t excuse Sakura of having to top his own photo on a Taka photo because she didn’t have one of Sasuke and her as a “happy marriage” or even of their own weeding.

I’m pretty sure military marriage actually have photos of their most important person. That is not a excuse, SS’s problem was so horrible that even their own daughter had to look for her father and Sasuke was clearly pretty close to Konoha.

He has a cellphone and a hawk. He wasn’t in other continent as most of the soldiers on the war he was THERE. Sakura not knowing if his own husband used glasses or not is sad. In Sakura’s novel she actually release how little he knew about Sasuke.

“Oh but Sarada ask her about if she and Sasuke had kiss”
“She was happy and blushing the day Sasuke arrived”

That is fucking sad. How would you blush if you have so many years with your husband, plus SS doesn’t have a canon kiss and the “even better than a kiss” (because is clear he never gave her one) was Itachi’s form of leaving Sasuke’s side. It wasn’t a proof of love, Kishimoto never said that and in the manga it clearly says by Itachi’s mouth that he used it to get away from Sasuke.

How is SS a military family when they barely see each other, know about each other and care to have some family time?
Is clearly not Sakura’s fault because she obviously wants, but Sasuke who actually choose to train Boruto that train his own daughter and have some family time, doesn’t want.
The military families aren’t like that. Sasuke don’t sending a fucking “I’m fine” in all the decade he wasn’t in Konoha is not because he is too “busy” with war, is because SS is a broken family.

Seriously this guys need a better excuse.

So the UK government has issued an initial statement saying Europeans who are settled here won’t be asked to leave after Brexit. But in return it wants Europe to say the same thing about British people living in Europe.

And all people have to say about it is that it isn’t good enough.

Europe is silent meanwhile, so British people living in Europe don’t have ANYTHING to go on.

But, you know, we’re the bad guy’s. :|

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Oh wow I'm so sorry that someone would steal/claim your art. Art thieves make me sick I'm so sorry this happened to you.

(adm: I’ve had to deal with art thieves countless of times, but this is actually the first time this is happening to me so many times. This is stressing me out a LOT, like you guys have no idea how stressed I already am with dealing with irl problems and shit, this is really getting to me and starting to be bad for my health. Sorry for venting, thank you for your kindness.)

Go Fish

A/N: I just noticed that I didn’t post this during the celebration…. so here it is… My Bad guys!

Uno, Back In

Prompt: Part Three (and probably final unless I get more than one person asking) of the Card series.

You had been working your new job for a few months now, you came to work you had coffee waiting for you at your desk, you worked until lunch where you had lunch with the other secretaries (okay, they were former SHIELD agents, and didn’t look like secretaries, but still).  Before you went back to work until about five. You too the elevator down and went home, talking to Jarvis the whole way down and slowly getting over your fear of elevators. Some days you’d even get to see Doctor Banner if he wasn’t too busy. It was nice, and it was routine.

Until the Tower was randomly attacked. The former SHIELD agents sprang into action as the tower shook. You wanted to dive under your desk and stay there, but as the other secretaries pulled out guns Had they been strapped this entire time?!? someone else entered the room. Doctor Banner, he nodded to them as they ran out and he reached for you, “Y/N, There you are,” he said and you fell into step with him as he guided you out of the lobby towards the emergency stairwell. “Come on, the emergency evacuation is enacted the moment the Tower is attacked, you have to get out of here.”

You looked back at Doctor Banner as you stepped through the doorway into arguably the soundest and most fortified part of the building, “What about you?”

Doctor Banner smiled, “I’ll be fine.” That was when you saw something fly towards the window that was behind him.

Your face fell when you saw it coming “Doctor Banner,” you said while you reached for him, to pull you inside the stairwell with you. Doctor Banner turned to look back by the time you had locked onto his arm, you pulled hims forward while he turned back, you saw green, then there was an explosion, you were knocked out with a loud roar and ringing in your ears.

You woke up in the hospital. You were fine-ish. You had a headache and could tell that there was a lot of bruises forming. You looked to the right to find none other than Natasha Romanov, otherwise known as the Black Widow, sitting by your bedside, You had seen her briefly, for a moment or two at the tower. She gave you a small smile, “Hello Y/N. How are you?”

You cleared your throat, “Very beat up, but otherwise, pretty okay.”

“Good,” she stood and went to get you a cup of water, “Well, from what I heard from the Doctor, you’ll be fine. The Big Guy took a lot of the damage.”

“Is he okay,” You asked taking the cup from her, “ I don’t remember much…”

Natasha nodded, “Yeah, he made it out okay. So don’t worry about it, he actually handed you off to me and I brought you here.”

“Shouldn’t you have been helping,” You asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Oh, I did,” she smiled, like a mountain lion, you decided, pride radiation off of her, “did pretty well when I got back. But, thought I’d come check on you.”

“Thank you,” You said, finishing your water, “ I appreciate it.”

“No problem,” she noting as she left just as a doctor and nurse walked in to check you out before they dismissed you.

Your business went on as usual, until someone got footage of Hulk carrying you to the ground floor. Not only that, but Natasha approaching him and getting him to hand you over to her. Paparazzi and fans of Hulk wanted to get you pictures and interviews. You avoided them while trying to get through your daily routine.

Apparently, that was what made it easy for you to be grabbed on your way to work. You were dragged into that van kicking and screaming, you dropped your purse and got one good right hook to one of the attackers, but it didn’t do much good.

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

My dude if you had read my blog at all you’d realize I am 1.) A BISEXUAL woman and 2.) Have had a two year relationship with a *admittedly rather mediocre* man. So like, no.

And as another point the ‘Gold Star Lesbian’ concept is toxic and TERFy as hell like honestly stop making lesbians feel bad that they either 1.) Realized their sexualities later on or 2.) Fell victim to compulsory heterosexuality which is a very real thing.

The concept is stupid as hell my guy.

  The person who tagged me wrote 11 custom questions for the people they tagged, and I will write 11 of my own questions and tag some of my followers.

@missmercurythekillerqueen @bohemianbeatle @fondantfancyfree and @the-great-mr-bad-guy tagged me :) thank you! So many people make me feel important 😊

@missmercurythekillerqueen  questions:

1. What hobby have you recently started?

I don’t know if I would call it a hobby, but i am loving it so much… I started taking jiu-jitsu lessons and I am absolutely loving it. I already train muaythai but no, I wont fight mma (people are amazed when I say I don’t even watch fights on tv, i say ‘i hate violence’ hahah, but i train two very hardrock modalities haha)

2. Biggest regret this year?
I think not starting the jiu-jitsu lessons before, and i cant say it is a regret. i’ve been doing things aiming to not regret.. I’ve been so busy lately, i have no time for regrets :P

3. Do you have any weird habits?
Is sleeping with the fan on during winter a weird habit? many people do it… I also used to have fun reading dictionary… well, my vocabulary is quite good (specially in english.. I learned many stuff in english by reading dictionary - my native language is not english ok)

4. Would you want kids in the future?
No. I am the kind of person that loves being alone.. I cannot imagine having the obligation to be 24/7 with someone, even my own kid.. i like children, I love my niece, she adores me (i am not an old witch, see?).. but no.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, would it be to someone or somewhere? Who/where?
I would love to see Australia.. but i am a lazy traveller 😩

6. First favorite band?
When I was around 8 i found out the Beatles! I remember being in a family lunch one day and singing ‘twist and shout’ and my mother said something like ‘‘she just found out the Beatles…” as if I was happily doomed forever hahahaha.. and I was :D

7. What trend do you despise?
I am a professional trend despiser! hahah anything that comes from internet to real life; those modern music that they always have to ‘‘feat.’‘ someone (can’t people do music by their own and be successful? hmm i know the answer.. )

8. Song stuck in your head?
Bittersweet, by Hoodoo Gurus (criminally underrated band!)

9. Summer or winter?
summer please!! it is already cold here and I don’t like it at all! 4ºC yesterday and take it away from meeeeee

10. Ever been in a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc.)?
No… where I live there is no such things, but one day I was at the beach and the tide started rising very suddenly and oh it is soooo funny to see vacationers having their cars stuck on wet sand (yes, thy put their cars on my beach:(( ) or when a summer storm is coming and see their stuff being blown by wind, their cars being filled with sand, the parasols flying away, and their desperation to leave the beach ahuha (i am evil 😈)

11. Do you ever wish you could change your name?
No, people already do it for me. My name is veronica, but they call me vanessa, veridiana, valeria… ¬¬

@the-great-mr-bad-guy​ questions:

1. Is Queen your all-time favorite band?
I am afraid it is…

2. If so, what’s your second favorite band?
Midnight Oil

3. Favorite band member?
Brian May, he is perfect from every angle

4. Favorite Queen song?
are you mad? this is not a answerable question!

5. Favorite Queen album?
Sheer Heart Attack

6. Whats your opinion on Hot Space?
I used to dislike it but if you focus on what matters, it is a pretty fun thing

7. Do you ship any pairings? (Maylor, Frian, Deacury, etc)

8. Have you ever seen Queen live? If so, original line up, or Queen + Adam Lambert?
+ AL version. Twice, and it is amazing. It does not matter what’s your opinion about AL.. the energy of a Queen concert among Queen fans looking at real Queen members is unique

9. Who’s solo career do you like most?
I don’t follow any solo.. i wish i would

10. Favorite Queen concert? (Wembley, Live Aid, Queen Rock Montreal, etc)
Hammersmith.. Montreal… 1x1

11. How long have you been a Queen fan?
Since ‘92. Make the calculations 😆

@bohemianbeatle​  questions:

1. Deaky’s long hair, Deaky’s short hair or Deaky’s floof hair? What’s your favorite?
Deaky’s short hair

2. What was your first Queen-experience?
I really don’t remember. i think I was toooo small. They’ve always existed.. so I dont remember

3. Whose eyes do you find the prettiest?
Freddie 😍

4. What’s your favorite song by each member?
By Brian: It’s late
By Roger: Heaven for everyone
By John: Misfire
By Freddie: BohRhap

5. Name a song you didn’t really like at first, but you love it now!
Get down make love. you must admit that the rock n roll part is incredible!

6. Which of Freddie’s cats seems the nicest?
I’ve only known Delilah by video and it seemed to be a round charming cat :)

7. What’s your favorite music video by them?
One vision

8. Santa!Roger or Shaved!Roger?
70′s Roger

9. Playing Monopoly with Brian or driving a car with Roger?
Playing with Brian. Specially Queen Monopoly, he would tell me stories

10. Who has the nicest voice when talking?
Brian! I could attend mathematical astrophysics lessons with him just to listen to his voice

11. What’s the funniest thing about Queen for you?
The fact that they used to fight a lot. I cannot imagine, even in my craziest dreams, Brian having a wild argument with anyone


@fondantfancyfree questions:

1. If you could travel in time, which concert would you go to?
I’d like to see Smile and Larry Lurex

2. What would you ask your favourite band member?
Brian! Would you let me touch your celestial hands?

3. Queen II - black side or white side?
Black Side

4. Dominique or Debbie?
I think “I” would fit better

5. Favourite stage outfit?
Wings! Wings!

6. Which song makes you cry?
Oh White Queen at Hammersmith! if you don’t cry, consider yourself a heartless robot

7. Which song makes you smile?
Driven by you. I ALWAYS smile when I listen to the first millisecond

8. Which band member are you closest to in personality?
Brian, no doubt . He is a skilled version of myself

9. Freddie’s cats or Roger’s cars?

10. Which song lyric would you have as a tattoo?
“It’s strange but it’s true

11. Favourite pic?
all from the photo session with Dewe Mathews, 1974 😍



1. What was your most recent disappointment?
2. Name some famous person that you find attractive but is not exactly a popular opinion.
3. Is there something you are curious about trying but never had courage to do so (from food to anything else)?
4. What is your biggest fear but it is something you are ashamed of for being silly?
5. Do you read tags? You write tags?
6. The coolest thing you learned recently and want to share?
7. Name something that was common in the old days but you never had access (for being from old days) that you “miss” today.
8. Are you a charitable person? Last / biggest charity act of yours?
9. What is something that makes you be proud of yourself?
10. Bearded Brian, 1976 interview Roger, Hot Space tour Freddie or Montreal Deaky?
11. Say something you would like to erase from Earth.


I have absolutely no idea of who’s been tagged lately. sorry if i repeat you