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Bedroom Warfare - oneshot.
  • Sehun x Reader
  • Angst - AU - Smut
  • Word count: 3217
  • Warnings: Smut

Description: Sehun is the worst, everyone loves him, well except you. You won’t fall for his fake face that he feeds all your colleagues. Until you both come to an understanding.

A/N: Apparently I’ve had this sitting in my google drive completed already. I guess I’ll just upload it for luls. This was totally inspired by one ok rock’s song ‘bedroom warfare’. Sehun fit the profile pretty well tbh. You guys wanted smut, you have smut. Bad smut.

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Punk (Chap. 3)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3324 (I know, long.  But it’s because idk when I’m gonna have more time to write the next chapterssss)

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  I’m overwhelmed with the feedback on the first 2 chapters!  love you guys and i can only hope to live up to your expectations with this and all future installments!

If there was one thing you hated more than anything else in the world it was clothes shopping.  OK, that’s not entirely true.  Hydra was definitely up there…and commercials’ whose volume was louder than the show you were just watching so you had the crap scared out of you by some lady who was dancing and trying to get you to buy tampons so you’d ‘have a happy period’ (no such thing)… you really hated when you stepped in puddle on the kitchen floor while only wearing socks…any sort of insect…when you bought a book series but, for some unfathomable reason, the individual books weren’t the same height, because that’s just ridiculous.  Why would anyone think it’d be acceptable to have books 1, 2, 3, and 4 to all line up perfectly on the shelf then have 5 be slightly taller only to then revert back to the original proportions for 6 and 7?!  It’s was utter nonsense and the people responsible for inflicting such depravity on the literary world should—

Rap! Rap! Rap!  “Get dressed!”  Nat hollered from the other side of the dressing room door.  “I’m going to pay for these.  Meet me at the register.”  The clinking of hangers and rustling of clothing signalled her departure as you hopped back into your jeans and slipped your “Talk Wookie to me” T-shirt back on.  You let out a sigh at your reflection.  Can’t wear this anymore, you thought dejectedly. It was your favourite shirt. Faded, thin, and baggy from having been thrown into the wash so many times it was a shadow of what it once was.

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Good Boys Like Bad Girls (Part 2)

Word Count: 7k

Summary:  Most teachers had a pet student but not many students had one. Except you.

Kinks included in this chapter: Skype sex- overstimulation- choking- grinding (pillow fucking- is that a thing?- it should be a thing)

Warnings: mentions of domestic abuse

NSFW links:  These are the videos that inspired the first, second, and third smut parts. (this is porn guys ok)

(gif credit)

Part 1, Part 3

                 The bruises on your body ached dully as you adjusted your position on the bed. Once again you were at the receiving end of one of his alcohol induced rages. He being the man that some called your father but that you no longer did. Not since your mother left him for someone else and he started directing all his feelings of anger and inadequacy at you. Never mind that you were abandoned too, all he saw in you was a scapegoat to place all the blame on so he wouldn’t have to face himself.

He constantly compared you to other people ever since you were an innocent and faultless little child. He yelled at you and beat you up for not being good enough, for not being smart enough, for not being pretty enough, and who should be the shining example that you were supposed to live up to? The one person you got the most grief for not being more like? It was Taehyung himself.

You went through hell because of him, because he couldn’t just be a normal guy who liked drinking and fucking around. No, he had to be Mr. Perfect, and the more perfect he got, the harsher your abuse became.

You’ve hated him for so long. Every day you fantasized about getting your revenge on him. You daydreamed about bringing the golden boy to his knees and ruining his life, but these remained just fantasies, mental devices designed to get you through the day, until the golden boy started showing an interest in you. He played himself right into your hands and you couldn’t be blamed for seizing the opportunity.

Moans wafted towards you from your phone. One the screen you could see a guy lying down on a bed with his shirt pulled up and his pants around his thighs. His hand was moving almost imperceptibly over his dick.  

“___, please, I need to cum, please.” Taehyung’s voice was strained. You glanced at the time and saw that the video call was closing in on an hour already.

“You’ll cum when I say you can. Remember, stop touching yourself when you get too close. You better not pull any tricks.” You said sternly. It was 3:27 in the morning. You had called him an hour ago knowing that you had a very important test tomorrow, but also knowing that he wouldn’t dare ignore your call.

You watched the hands of the top student, the same hands that he used to ace tests and accept academic awards, move to the chorus of his moans that ended in a mewl as he pulled his hand off of himself, his stomach convulsing as he tried to fight off the orgasm he craved. You could see how close he was, his cock that rested on his stomach left a clear fluid where the tip touched the skin. This must be torture for him, and yet the second he took his hand off his cock, he pulled up his shirt that had inched down from all his thrashing and played with the exposed nipples for you.

“You’re such a good boy.” You cooed. He really was. He always did everything you asked of him and more, and that would be his downfall.

You ran your eyes over the part of Taehyung’s body that was exposed to your eyes and captured by the camera. You could almost feel the warmth radiating to you from his pretty sun-kissed skin, the skin you had kissed and caressed more devoutly than a pagan kisses his stone idol. He was pretty all over. If you weren’t doing this for revenge, you would probably still have had him as your pet. He was too pretty to pass up.  

“Where is your pussy, puppy?” You chirped and he sucked in a breath. His ‘pussy’ is the name you gave to the transparent silicone stroker you gave him. It was a cheap toy and you rarely allowed him to use it, but he loved it so much. It was the only tight thing, besides the times you felt charitable enough to deepthroat him, that he got to feel around his cock. The camera jumped around as Taehyung moved to go get the toy. When he was back, he showed it to you and waited impatiently for your next instruction.

“Well, what are you waiting around for? Lube it up and use it.”

The moment the toy slipped around his cock, his body eased up completely like an ex-smoker who was taking his first drag in decades, before he started moving it over himself and tensed up again, the muscles in his arm flexing as he went for it.

“No, don’t do it like that. It’s a pussy, you have to thrust up into it.” You had specifically chosen a transparent toy for these purposes, you wanted to still be able to see Taehyung’s dick even while he used it.  He obeyed, ass lifting off the bed to welcome the toy’s tight and wet embrace. His bed squeaked under him but he was too far gone to worry about anyone hearing him.

Seeing him fuck the toy like that made you envious. When you had first took him in, his moves were shy and sloppy, but you’ve since put him through enough for him to know exactly what he liked and how he wanted it, and your hungry eyes watching him sent signals to your pussy to contract around the phantom cock you were imagining pounding into it to the pace of Taehyung’s thrusts.

This little session was intended as torture for him, so why were you getting affected as well?

“Stop,” You ordered the squirming boy.

“But I’m not that close yet. I can control it.” Oh, he definitely was close. He just wanted a few more moments of pleasure even if he wasn’t going to disobey you and cum without your permission.

“I don’t remember asking for your input. Move the camera closer to your cock, I wanna see all the precum you have for me.”  

He moved the camera downwards until all you could was the engorged head of his cock bulging out from the open end of the toy, another quality you have carefully chosen, loving the sight of his perfectly shaped head. The amount of precum that had spilled out didn’t disappoint you, and Taehyung touched it with his finger then pulled them back, showing you the sticky strings it made.

“Good boy,” You praised. “That’s enough for today, put the toy away and go to sleep.”

“G-go to sleep? But I didn’t cum yet.”


“I can’t go to sleep like this!” He protested hotly but then remembered who he was talking to and said much more meekly, “We have a test tomorrow, I won’t be able to concentrate like this.”

“Are you questioning my judgement?”

“No, god, no!”

“Are you saying I don’t know how to take care of my pet?”

“No, you always treat me so well.”  The way he said that, the sincerity in his voice, had you almost believing him. If only you didn’t know how untrue that was.

“I may be your dom but that doesn’t mean I’m forcing you to stay with me. If you think I affect your studies negatively, you’re more than welcome to leave.” That wasn’t true as well. You only said that because you knew he would never do it.

And just like you had predicted…“No, it’s fine. It’s more than fine. After all, you know best.” He backed down.

You had to add something in; if you kept on being this aggressive he might start suspecting your intentions. “You’re smart, puppy, everyone knows that, but I want to know just how focused you can be. If you can refrain from touching yourself tonight and still go on tomorrow and ace that test, I will give you something you really, really want.”

What was the thing that Taehyung wanted so bad he was willing to jeopardize his perfect academic record? Sex with you. You’d never allowed it to him before… and you weren’t going to allow it to him ever, but he didn’t need to know that. You let him believe that if he obeyed you, he’d finally have you completely, so he wouldn’t think about your real intentions of undermining him. It didn’t matter what he thought you’d give him, he would fail anyway. Taehyung always had to get a full night of sleep before any exam he took, and you disturbed that. Additionally, you made him painfully hard and left him high and dry, and that ought to really mess him up.

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ok, my people, bear with me because this is my first giveaway. this is a thank you to all of you wonderful people on this website. there will be 2 winners!! the 1st winner will get the first picture and the second winner will get the second picture!! i will include a list of everything that i sent but some things that i am SUPER excited to be able to share with you guys are the howlite hearts, black moonstone palm stones, fluorite points, and those adorable tea cups!! each winner will also get one of the sets in the last picture. i also plan on getting some incense, sage bundles, and a couple of more goodies that will also be added. so!! rules. ok. here we go. 

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thank you and good luck!! hit me up if you have any questions about anything


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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1661

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, the usual…

Anon Requested

A/N: I’ve been listening to a lot of Twenty Pilots lately… Don’t know why that was important but… Anyway, I hope y'all like this one! I will really try to post a lot more. Love you guys!


To be blunt, having a twin sucked ass. Well, with your experience it did. At least you were the older one, which had to count for something. Ok so there was a two minute difference between the two of you, but you used the leverage when you could. 

 Reggie was always a little asshole, even when the both of you were kids. He always stole your toys out of your hands claiming they were his. And he was the perfect golden boy in your parents eyes. His arrogance only sky rocketed with their parental encouragements. 

He was always very popular in school. Had the coolest friends, was part of all the sports teams, and when he came of age, dated the prettiest girls. You on the other hand were always different. 

You preferred reading and staying indoors rather than playing with everyone else. Of course your parents still forced you to try out for sports, (you soon enough became partial towards softball.) 

 Your stupid brother and his rather loud reputation never meant well for you. Everyone knew he had twin, but never bothered to really get to know you, always assuming you were like your brother. 

Nonetheless, writing was your specialty. You always had a way with words. You knew from an early age you wanted to major in some sort of English profession, whether it be teaching it or writing it. In fact, that’s how you ended up meeting your current boyfriend Jughead Jones. 

At first he was skeptical of you, but once the both of you clicked, it was one of the best things to happen to both of you. Thinking back on the whole start of it all always brought a smile to your face. 

“Ok girls, I’ll see you guys next practice.” You had hollered over to your teammates before swinging your backpack over your shoulder as they all shouted their own farewells. You left the school grounds and decided to go to Pop’s. One, because their food was amazing and two, you were hoping you could get some work done in the usually peaceful setting. 

 You made the effort to walk over there even though your sore limbs protested greatly. Once you got in to the beloved Diner, you went up to the counter and ordered your usual before going to find a seat. 

 As you walked through the small building, your eyes locked with stormy blue ones for a few short seconds. And in that short amount of time you were intrigued. He watched you with a weary stance, as if he were mapping out your every move before you executed it. 

You’d seen him before. Jughead Jones, he was in your English class. But you never talked, just silently drifted off into the lesson given that day. With a split second thought you decided to approach him as you waited for your food. 

“Hi.” You said hesitantly, immediately beating yourself up on the inside for making a fool out of your self for coming over. Hi? Really, that’s all you could come up with? You reprimanded as you stayed silent and watched him. 

 Of course all that had happened in a moments thought and he actually replied quickly. “Hi.” He said with an unsure look. You looked around and noticed he had a laptop out that he was typing in, taking up your interest you decided to try and make conversation out of it. “What are you doing?” You asked as you nodded over at his device. 

He looked to see what you were referring with a quickly glance and replied with a short worded answer. “Writing.” You grinned, you had a passion for the subject. Deciding to trust your gut, you sit yourself in front of him and smile brightly. “What are you writing about?” You asked. He still looked unsure of you, although, these types of looks weren’t unusual when you met new people. Mostly because Reggie and his erratic behavior met them first. 

 "Why do you want to know?“ He asked with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, I love writing. I hope to have a career to do with the subject one day.” You answered as you messed with your fingers over the table. 

 "Hm.“ He said in thought. “What?” You asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess I just figured that the twin sister of the oh so famous Reggie Mantle would be more.. well, Reggie-like.” “Well, I play softball if that’s what you mean. But otherwise I’ve always been the more soft spoken one I guess. My brother is just a real pain in my ass all the time.” You huffed as you crossed your arms. 

 "Interesting.“ He looked at you for a few seconds, considering whether he could trust you. He smiled when he saw the genuine curiosity in your eyes. "Well if you must know, I’m writing a novel.” “That’s awesome! About what?” You asked. “Riverdale.” “Well that was descriptive.” You retorted as he cracked a grin. 

 Your food finally came out at that time, your fries looked exceptionally delicious. “Wanna share?” To which he grinned. 

 That encounter alone sparked on many more encounters after that. After meeting up 5 more times after that first one, he asked you out. You obviously hid it from your brother, neither of you could even imagine the torment that would come. 

 The both of you had been together for a little over 6 months now. A whole summer had passed and the two of you were still going strong. When sophomore year started, softball started again too. 

 He always went to your games and was the cute supportive boyfriend. Whenever you made a home run he was always right there for you. And it wasn’t like your brother ever went to your games so you never had to worry. 

When you had started dating Jughead, his three other friends adopted you in their group and they were all for your secret relationship, never bringing it up when Reggie was around. Archie came close a couple times to spilling the beans but Betty and Veronica usually kept him in check. 

 It was a particularly sunny day when another softball game had taken place. It was the final game of the season, which meant your parents were obligated to come too. However, this meant they were forcing Reggie to be “supportive” of his sister. Of course Jughead had come to watch. 

You were the best pitcher on the team so that was the position assigned on the field for you. Before you ran out with your teammates, you gave Jughead a quick kiss, promising to see him afterwards. You didn’t realize your brother had come to your game until your eyes had met when you made it to the pitchers mound. 

He smirked but applauded with everyone else, cheering you on. The first batter on the other team made it to the plate and hit the bat against the ground a couple of times before getting into position. You smirked and readied your arm before pitching. 

 The game lasted a couple of hours, your team winning by a home run (that you had made). Your entire team was hollering as was the crowd. Your parents told you they were proud of you and that’s when you noticed Reggie was missing. 

 "Hey, where Reg?“ You asked your parents. Your mom wasn’t paying attention to you as she typed away on her phone. "He went to talk to someone I think.” Your dad said before leading his wife away to the car. 

 You shrugged before going to find your boyfriend. When you found him, you realized he wasn’t alone, Reggie was with him. “Oh god.” You muttered under your breath as you approached them. 

“Oh, hey sis. Good job on your game.” He said before continuing his malicious staring at Jughead. “Reggie, what are you doing?” You asked. He turned to you again. “Just finding my answers from this little freak here.” He turned back to Jughead who only looked at him with a pissed stare. 

 "So, are you gonna answer my question? It was you who killed Blossom huh?“ "I didn’t.” Jug spat. “What’s it to you anyway Reggie? Just leave him alone.” You said as your eyes met Jughead’s a couple times. “Because my coach has been non-stop breathing down my neck thinking it was me! I figured I can try to catch the person who did it so he’d leave me alone. And I bet it was him.” Reggie stayed as he looked at Jughead.

 "Reggie stop. Leave Jughead alone, he didn’t do anything.“ You said as you tried to shove Reggie away from him. "Oh, so you’re friends and with the little freak. Wouldn’t put it past you, you’ve always been weird. You know, I wonder if it was you that killed him.” He said. Your jaw dropped. 

“What the hell Reggie. Are you really accusing me of murder!? Murder Reggie, that’s insane. And besides, you know I was at an early softball practice on July 4th. And Jughead and I met up right after to hang out so why don’t you take your stupid accusations somewhere else.” You snapped at your brother. 

 "Why are you protecting him? This little geek is just a stupid nobody that nobody likes.“ He growled. "I like him! Reggie, he’s sweet, and funny, and caring… and all the things you aren’t!” He stopped and stared at you analyzing your words carefully. 

 "Wait… are you two… oh no way.“ His eyes widened as he looked back and forth between the two of you. "Back off Reggie.” You spat as he his shoulders slumped and he walked off giving you one last glare before disappearing around the corner. 

 You grinned as you looked over to Jughead who was in shock. “Well, so much for not telling him.” He commented with a sly smirk before wrapping you in his arms and congratulating you on your win.


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Part One : Prologue

Request: Something cute and full of fluff where Y/N likes Harry a lot but he’s blind af to see that Y/N loves him and Louis guides her and tells her it’s ok and then they hang out a lot and Y/N falls for Louis but ends up with Harry - @haharryyy

Thank you for requesting this gem. I can already feel that I’m going to love writing this. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, let me know your thoughts HERE. Checkout my masterlist HERE.

Word Count: 2.85K


Being friends with the boys is difficult but so worth it. They all are like family to you. You were fourteen when you first met Harry. Okay sure, he wasn’t the most popular kid back then but he had his fair share of fan following even then. He has always been a charmer. Always liked entertaining everyone and it was literally impossible not to love him.

 After two years, when One Direction was formed on The X Factor, you then thought that maybe this was it. You would lose your best friend to fame and money, but that didn’t happen. He actually introduced you to the boys, and all the boys immediately loved you and hung out with you whenever you were in town for their small gigs. You were so proud of them that it caused great despair in your heart when after six years of being together they were going their separate ways to achieve things in the solo industry. Yes, you totally agreed that the boys needed a break, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

 Now came in,  your feelings for your longtime best friend from Holmes Chapel.  After eight years of knowing him, which three of them were spent loving him from afar and supporting his every one of his relationships, you finally feel that it’s time to tell him about your feelings.

 “He feels the same way, love. I can assure you that. The guy literally can’t go without seeing your face for even a proper month.” Louis tries to explain and encourage you to go up to Harry’s front door and knock on it. He’s been trying to convince you to tell Harry about your feelings before it’s too late. You sigh and look at him.

 “Are you sure, Lou? I mean he hasn’t even given any hints that he might-”

 “I’m hundred percent sure. Now go in there.” he lightly pushed your shoulder, indicating you to get out of his car. “I’m waiting right here, if you need me, ey?” You nodded once more and gave him a grateful smile. He smiled back at you and nodded his head toward the door. “Best of luck, love. Not that you need it.” you laughed and shook your head at him. You got out of the car and walked up to the front door, slightly shaking with nerves.


 That’s why you are in front of his house knocking on his front door. You look down to your feet, waiting for him to answer. The door opens and you look up with a smile, but the smile instantly drops when your eyes meet the pretty eyes of the unfamiliar blonde in front of you. She smiles at you and pulls you in.

 “You must be YN! Oh my gosh, I’ve heard so much about you. I was dying to meet you.” she exclaims. You are in too much of shock to say anything, and flinch when she yells out to call her babe.

 “Babe! Hurry up, look who’s here!” she runs to stand near the end of the stairs. Harry walks downstairs slowly with a pout.

 “What’s with all the squeals, hun.” he asks her. He wraps his arms around her, not even noticing you at the entrance of the living room. Your heart breaks observing their interaction. The way he is looking at her is different. Unlike any other times you have seen him with a girl. She giggles and pulls his face to her by cupping his cheeks in one of her hands and turned his head towards your direction. His eyes met your impassive ones.

 “YN?! What the in bloody hell? What are you doing here, angel!” He runs to you, excited to see your face after two months. He has been away to Jamaica, recording for his new album. He has been very busy, not even having time to call you once in awhile. Only a rare text message once in a blue moon. But apparently he wasn’t too busy to find someone to date during his time away. “C’mere you..” he pulls you into a tight hug. Before you could even wrap your arms around him he pulls away from you and extends his free hand to pull the girl closer to the two of you.

 “Babe, this is YN, remember? I was talking about her-” he goes to introduce you but the blonde cuts him off with a eager nod and wide smile.

 “I know I know! This guy right here couldn’t wait for me to meet you. He’s been talking about it forever.” she laughs. You give them a small smile. Harry is too busy staring at the girl beside him to notice your quiet exterior. You looked down at your feet for the second time in fifteen minutes, a nervous habit of yours. You let out a mute and sad laugh at your own expense. What were you thinking? Harry could never have feelings for you. He was one of those guys who would confront you about his feelings. He was honest and kind. So if he ever had feelings for you, he would’ve told you about that. How could you be so foolish? He is way out of your league. You never stood a chance with him.

 So for the sake of saving you from the embarrassment, you put a wide real/fake smile on your face. You are used to it now. You always used it when Harry introduced you to his new girlfriend. It was real because all you wanted was him happy, so you were really happy if he found someone worthy of him. Fake, because everything in you, especially your heart pains like a open stitch.

 “Well mister, when were you planning to introduce this lady to me?!” you laugh and looked at them. He smiles and blushes.

 “I was planning to this weekend, but you fucking surprised me by this visit.” He looks at you and studies your expression for the first time after your entrance. You looked genuinely happy for him. That’s what he loves the most about you. Your selflessness. Always making sure everyone is happy and comfortable. Even strangers. He shakes out of his trance and looks back at the girl beside him, “This is Ella, m’girlfriend.”

 Your heart stings one more time, but you keep your smile and nod at her, “Hello, Ella.” you say in a playful formal voice and extend your hand to shake hers. She once again smiles wide at your acceptance and shakes it right back. It is definitely impossible to hate the girl. She is  bubbly and lights up the room, she is everything the boy you loved deserves. She is everything you wish you were.  

 “It’s great to meet you, YN.” she pulls you into hug, which you return but shortly pull apart after seeing Harry’s smile. “I’m really hoping that we get along and be good friends.” she tells you.

 You keep your smile intact and you nod your head frantically, “Of course..Of course!”

 She squeals and Harry laughs before wrapping his arm around her shoulders, you instantly look away.

 “I should get going.” you blurt out.

 He looks back at you just in time for you to look back at the pair of two in front of you. He frowns, “Already?! You just arrived… At least have lunch and go, angel.” he says. You scrunch up your nose a bit, and shake your head in denial. At that he looks at you in ridicule. “What that expression o’yours? This is bonkers! You just arrived, YN-” This was the first time you are behaving like this. But you have to get out of this house before you break down.

 “Harry, I actually just came to say hi. I heard you were back in town and I thought I should stop by. I have work to attend, mate.” You sass. He feels a bit of remorse. He knows he hasn’t been in contact with you a lot and both, you and him have noticed it but chose to ignore it for unknown reason.

 “Well..” he replies and look at you expectantly. Waiting for you to call your workplace and tell them you will not be coming in today, but that is not going to happen. Not today.

 “Well, I’m heading out now. “ you look back him copying his expression for the fun of it. He goes to shake his head but you beat him to it, you look back at Ella. “It was really great to meet you, El. El.. is it okay if I call you that?” you chuckle.

 She nods happily, “Yes! Everyone calls me El as it is.” You give them one more tight-lipped smile and walk towards the door, you hear Harry whisper something to her, and not look after he is falling your footsteps.

 “You can wait you know that.” He wraps his hand around your shoulder in a friend like way obviously. You look at him and sigh, he is looking right in front of him as he walks you to the door.

 “Of course I know that, you knob. But I seriously just came to say hi and remind you that your best friend still exist.” He snaps his head at you instantly and whines.

 “I’m sorry, angel! I know I’ve been neglecting you but I plan on making it up to you.” He humps and kisses your temple and opens the door for you.

 “I’m counting on that, mister.” you tell him. He clicks his tongue and you and winks before pulling you into a tight hug. The hugs lasts longer than normal but you pull away and smile at him once more, “See you around then.”

 He rolls his eyes at your words but abruptly stopping when his eyes land on the familiar car waiting outside his house in his driveway, “Lou?” he looks back at you in confusion. You follow his previous gaze and see Louis in his driving seat, looking down at his phone, yet to notice the two of you.

 “Oh…. he’s just dropping me off to work.” you lie. He raises one of his eyebrows at you.

 “I thought you drove here.” he chuckles in confusion again.

 You nod, “I did.. I drove here with him, H.” he forms his mouth in a o shape then forming a pout.

 “What happened to your car? If you needed a ride you could’ve call me, y’know? I could’ve driven you to your workplace.” he shrugs. You look at him with a weird expression.

 “And how was that possible? I surprise visited you, incase you forgot, H.” You chuckle and shake your head. He forces a chuckle right after you.

 “Right…” he looks back at Louis’s car and suddenly yells out to him, causing you a fright, “Hey, you dickhead!”

 Louis snaps his head at the voice and lands his eyes on the figure he smiles and rolls down the car windows. “Ello, lad! Everything good with you?” he yells back. Harry nods and Louis returns with a thumbs up, then he reads your melancholic expression before her quickly comes up with an excuse for not getting out of his car. “I would get out to hug you the shit outta yeh, but I’m running a bit late and I’m too lazy!” He said loudly.

 Harry shakes his head at his other best friend. “Oh sod off, you lazy arse!” and watches you walk up to the car before bringing his hands inform of cups to the corner of his mouth before yelling out once more to the guy sitting in the car, “If you’re trying to replace me in her life, you can forget about it, mate!”

 Louis lets out a loud laugh and raises his middle finger at him before pulling his car out of the driveway and Harry watched it back out then going back in.

 Back in Louis’s car atmosphere was tensed. He knew things didn’t go the way you two had planned. He wanted to ask you but not before give you space and time to recollect yourself. So he just took a hold of your  free hand which ways flat against your seat, in attempts to give you support. You looked at him and he looked back at you with a comforting smile. You rested your head against his shoulder accepting the comfort as you tried to forget the pain in your heart in the silent car ride.

She’s a person too - Cheryl x Reader imagine

Anonymous said: 
Can you do a Cheryl x Reader where you’re best friends with the main squad and nobody can see why you’re with cheryl and she’s low-key insecure about it until she hears you defending her and it’s all cute and fluffy

Originally posted by bettysarchie

I tried my best with this one, I hope It’s ok anon :)

warnings: none I think

word count: 726

You were secretly hanging out by the bleachers watching as your girlfriend, Cheryl Blossom, practiced her cheerleading with the River Vixens. You always admired the way she put so much passion into it, and her confidence in leading the other girls. You were going to surprise her after practice since you know she’s been super busy and stressed out with everything that’s going on. You guys hadn’t spent much time together that week, so, since it was Friday, you planned a cute movie marathon date at your place after school.

 Cheryl caught your eye as she spotted you admiring her from afar and shot you a smirk, but, her smirk slowly faded away into something you couldn’t quite read as she stared at something beside you. You turn your head to see your friends approaching you, and lightly smile at them, but at the same time feeling bad for Cheryl as she’s expressed to you in the past of how she’s insecure of the way your friends don’t particularly like the concept of you two together.

 “So (Y/N),” Ronnie starts, “what could you possibly be doing here?” She teases. You smile and give your friend a light shove. Veronica was the only one in the group that somewhat approved of your relationship with Cheryl and she loved to tease you about it. “Seriously what ARE you doing here?” Jughead complained in his usual tone as he dramatically rolled his eyes. “Waiting for Cheryl.” You snapped back with a smile. “We’re gonna go to my place and watch movies once she’s finished practice.” You said matter of factly. “I thought we were all supposed to be going to Pop’s tonight?” Betty groaned. Shit. You completely forgot about that. “Sorry guys, I can’t today. I’ve been meaning to spend time with Cheryl.” You apologised. “Ditching us for her?” Archie teased. “I still don’t see what you see in her, (Y/N). She’s the queen bitch of riverdale, with a stone cold heart.” Kevin hissed, sounding more rude than he intended.

 You looked at your friends in complete shock. What was their problem with yours and Cheryl’s relationship? Why couldn’t they just support you? You were so angry at this point, ready to lay into Kevin for insulting your girlfriend, that you didn’t notice Cheryl watching from a few feet away.

“I can’t believe you guys!” you started, “You’re supposed to be my friends? all you’ve done since I told you about our relationship is hate on it! Can’t you take into consideration that Cheryl is going through a lot? Try to remember that she’s burying her brother. She’s a person too, you know. She has feelings, more than you guys know. If you took the time to know her, you’d see how sweet and beautiful she really is.” You let out all these built up feelings and it came out in a frustrated rush of emotion.

Your friends stared back at you, speechless. “(Y/N), I’m sorry. We had no idea we were making you feel this way, honestly. We really weren’t being serious.” Kevin spoke up. The rest of the group agreed. “Of course we support you, (Y/N). We know how happy Cheryl makes you!” Betty added. “You know what? Let’s invite her over with us to Pop’s next time.” Archie purposed. “You’re right, we should get to know her better.” Jughead said. 

You smiled at your friends, happy that they understood how you felt now and were willing to accept Cheryl. “Thanks guys.” You simply said and Veronica nudged you, “Speak of the devil” She playfully said as she pointed at Cheryl approaching. You turned your head to face Cheryl and the rest of the group left so you could have privacy.

“Cheryl..” You started. “I heard all of it.” She cut you off and embraced you in a tight hug. “Thank you.” She sweetly whispered in your ear. You pulled back and looked at her. “Anytime.” You softly said. “I’m so lucky and thankful to have you, (Y/N). God knows what I’d do without you.” She smiled weakly as she stroked your cheek. “Well I’m here forever, there’s no getting rid of me now.” You joked and Cheryl chuckled. “I love you.”… “I love you too.” And with that, you were off to spend the rest of the evening cuddling and watching movies together at your place.

Obvious (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do one where y/n & Shawn are both denying the relationship, but the love is so obvious that it soon becomes too much to deny anymore?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,021

a/n: ok, you guys really gotta tell me what you think. I really love this one and I think it may be one of my best so far. also, great songs to listen to for this are friends by ed sheeran & i found by amber run :) 

Even though the space was large, the room was crowded with unfamiliar bodies and whispers about the two of you. 

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81. Drunk


I know it’s a little early but if I don’t publish this, then I can’t work on anything else. Just the way my mind works. And I’m just so excited to be a part of @bucky-plums-barnes 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Project!

Happy Birthday, Old Kinky Man!

Warnings: SMUT. Oral (female receiving). And swearing.

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Guys, this is my first proper smut so any feedback would be appreciated. If it’s crap, tell me to stop. If it’s ok please tell me so!

Originally posted by hothothotgg

You woke up confused with the commotion happening in your bedroom. You lived alone and the only person who had a spare key was your boyfriend, one and only James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Captain America’s best friend and recent villain-turned-hero. You gave him the key in case of emergency. Apparently late night shenanigans were what he considered an emergency.

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Game Night (Ethan x reader)

It was game night. Mark and Ethan had finished recording all the videos for the day, Amy and Kathryn had finished editing, and Tyler…Tyler had woken up from his nap. To celebrate the day, the team decided that playing monopoly was the perfect reward. To your surprise, they invited you to play with them, well Ethan did. You had met Ethan over a year ago, in such a cliche and awkward way that sometimes you thought you imagined it. It was your first week being in LA and the only place you were used to, besides your apartment, was the coffee shop down the road. The morning rush was bustling in and out of the small cafe and you had just wanted to get a cup of coffee to wake you up. Of course, life was never that simple. As you were walking back to your house, coffee in hand, an energetic blur bumped into you as they past, causing you to not only spill your coffee on yourself but on them as well. Lucky for the both of you it was an ice coffee. The blur had traced back their steps to stare at you with guilt filled eyes, “I am so, so, sorry. I wasn’t even looking, I was so excited about getting to-I’ll buy you a new coffee, I promise- oh, of course you’re wearing a white shirt that’s going to stain!” His words came out so fast, you were worried he was going to run out of breath.You put your hands out, attempting to calm him down.

“Whoa, whoa. It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You chuckled, surprised someone could be this distraught over spilled coffee. “I needed to get away from the heat anyway.”

He had smiled at your (very bad) joke and stuck out his hand, “I’m Ethan.”

You took his hand in yours, surprised by your confidence, “Why hello Ethan, I’m Y/N.” And the rest, as they say, was history.

You smiled at the memory as you waited for someone to open Mark’s door. Ever since then you and Ethan were inseparable. When he wasn’t working of course. You would go to the movies, go shopping, eat out, anything that came to mind. He had even asked if you would be in his videos, though you said no, not wanting to be in front of the camera. And when he introduced you to his friends, there was no getting rid of you, the team accepting you into their small family. The door opened wide, breaking you from your thoughts, Mark standing with his arms open wide, a smile on his face. “You’re here!”

You spread your hands in response, “I’m here!” You laughed. Satisfied, Mark nodded, dropping his hands and stepping to the side to let you in.

“Everyone is in the living room, we’ve been waiting.” A playful glare was thrown your way.

“A person can only walk so fast.” You passed by Mark, heading to the living room.

“You could always, oh I don’t know, drive your car.” Sarcasm dripped from his words.

You fake gasped, “How could you even suggest a thing?”

Before Mark could answer, another voice joined the conversation, “Suggest what?” It was Katheryn


“He propositioned me!” You spoke with an accent, as if you were about to faint while pointing to Mark and walking deeper into the living room. Ethan got up from the couch and stood behind you.

“How could you?” He placed his hands on your shoulders, shaking his head disappointingly at Mark.

“I would never!” Mark walked over to stand next to Amy who was sitting and laughing with Kathryn on the couch as the scene fell before them

“You callin’ me ugly!?” Tyler then joined the laughing girls, joining Ethan behind you and patting your shoulder sympathetically.

“Amy, contain your heathen!” Ethan pointed from over your shoulder, you could barely contain your laughter.

“Heathen!?” Mark’s face broke your resolve and soon all five of you were laughing hysterically. You calmed yourself down and looked to the people around you.

“So, monopoly?” The laughing started again.

You had been playing for who knows how long, friendships were being ruined left and right, no one was safe. Kathryn had quit, giving all her spaces to Amy, which didn’t last long since she went bankrupt soon after. Mark begged for money as he saw his stack running low and no one landing on his spaces but he too fell victim to the monopoly board. You, Ethan, and Tyler were left, Tyler getting cocky as he was the one with the most money. Until her fell on boardwalk, where two houses stood.

“OH, pay up gigantor!” You held your hand out, a shit eating grin on your face. Tyler counted his money, his frown deepening as less and less money could be called his. When all of his money transferred to his other hand he dropped his head in shame, handing the money over. “HA, I’m rich, big boy, RICH.” Amy and Kathryn laughed from the side, while Mark comforted Tyler.

“It’s ok big guy, shhhh, don’t let the mean Y/N hurt you.” You stuck your tongue out at them before turning to Ethan.

“You sure you wanna do this little blue? I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Little? I’m bigger than you Y/N!”

“Details, details. I got you trapped, there’s no way you can pass my entire street.”

“Yea, well, I so can.” His eyes stared, worried, at the bored.

“Then take your turn” You couldn’t help the smirk on your face, you never won on game night.

“Oh, I’ll take it.” He moved to throw the die but Mark’s voice caused him to throw the dice off the table.


You and Ethan stared at Mark with wide eyes while the other three nodded in agreement. A smile slowly grew on your face as you turned to look at Ethan, him doing the same. “Should we tell them, babe?”

“Wha-babe?” Tyler sputtered. They ignored him. Ethan moved closer to you, a shit-eating grin of his own growing.

“I don’t know doll, we could always keep them guessing.” At this point you two were sitting next to each other, looking at each other with huge smiles. You were going to kiss him, not being able to stop yourself when a hand pushed your face away. From the sound Ethan had made, you could tell the other hand did the same to him. Mark was now in between you two, Amy, Kathryn, and Tyler in shock behind them.

“Woah, woah, woah, woah.” He removed his hands from their faces, instead pointing at them both. “Woah. What?”

Ethan peaked over Mark’s pointing finger, “Shall I do the honors?”

“Oh, I think you shall.” You responded with a wink, Mark’s hand returning to your face as he shushed you.

“We’ve been dating for a couple months now.” A collective ‘what’ came from the four friends, Amy’s ‘why didn’t you tell us?’ standing out. Ethan shrugged, “Nothing really changed between us. Now we just kiss and stuff.”

“And stuff.” You wagged your eyebrows, the joke too obvious to make. Ethan blushed.

“Awwww, look at the blue boy turning red!” He squished Ethan’s face, laughing as he did.

Amy and Kathryn cooed as Ethan blushed more from the teasing, congratulating you and him as they did. “Ok, ok, get your hands off my boyfriend.” You swatted Mark away, moving him so you were in front of Ethan. He stared at you, happy that his friends now knew about them.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss” Tyler chanted, his fist pumping in the air. You looked at him with a look screaming ‘Are you serious?” He shrugged, “We’ve been waiting for this to happen since he introduced you to us so-KISS,KISS,KISS-” Soon the other three started to join in as well.

You turned to Ethan, moving in close, “Well what do you say?”

He moved in closer, “I say we give the people what they want.”

Your lips were about to touch when you stopped, looking up into Ethan’s eyes. “But first, I’m going to kick your ass in monopoly.”

“Oh, you’re on!”

*hope you enjoyed!! Feedback and requests are always welcome!*

me:a advertising: you guys get to bang so many aliens guys like if you see an alien you can just fuck it!!! smooch all the alien babes uwu this is the most banging we’ve ever done like you can romance a pyjak its so insane!! we’ll bang ok!!!!

the actual game: five (5) human romances, one (1) asari, one (1) turian, one (1) angara

Please Don’t Leave - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Ok, so I wrote this pretty quickly last night since my work schedule’s been all over the place so I didn’t edit it, oops!  Sorry in advance if there are any god-awful errors!  I hope you guys enjoy this one! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1118

Warnings: a couple swear words!

Request: “Hey can you do an Auston Matthews imagine with prompt 152? Thanks! Love this blog btw :)” - @thecrosby-chronicles

Prompt: #152 “Please don’t leave me.”

Up next: Jake Guentzel


“Good morning Aus” you murmured as you rolled into your boyfriend’s side.  

He squinted his eyes then gave you a small grin before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you tightly against him.  “Morning love.”

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Washington, Dear (George Washington x Reader)


Anonymous said:ok b,,,, imma need more gwash. Could you do one sort of similar to your last, but instead the reader simply has to bring him something he left at home, and calls him dear or something? And all the guys are like ???? Wtf??? Our kickass general and leader just got called dear? And smiled?? With love?? Hes married?? And to such a fuckin babe oml

Word count: +700

A/N: This is a lil shorter but I hope you like it!

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Muse - “Crazy Hypotheticals”

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! an update!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i’m so sorry this took forever it’s almost 5am as i’m writing this and i love u and i really hope u like it because if you don’t or do, pls let me know bc my heart grows when you do and if u hate it i still wanna hear from ya bc i love a good roast !!!!
also: i hit 200 followers and i know it may not seem like much to some of you but i’m so new here and your support as been OVERWHELMING i absolutely adore all of you thank you thank you thank you thank you
this !! is !! 4 !! u !! og bitches !!!!


summary: *to the tune of ‘what’s this’ from a nightmare b4 christmas* first date? first date!! there’s magic in the air! first date, firs- wait!!!! Karen, what should i wear!!!!!!!!!!
word count: 5600+ lmao kill me 
warnings: swearing !! as per usual i’m sorry yall i cannot help myself - also drinking, bad dancing, some terrible spanglish!!! lots of stuttering !!!! terribly formatted texting + facetime, lots of dopey smiles + way too many commas

part one / part two / part three 


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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.12

                                             Part T W E L V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im alive, still! ((thankfully)) here is chapter 12 for yall ! its a bit steamy so, sexual warning (?) i guess. brace yourselves, bc this was something beyond me. hope you guys enjoy ! :] x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Tokyo, 23:40 P.M.

“The parties here in Tokyo are amazing!” Taka, the lead singer of One OK Rock, gushed. He, along with his band mates, were touring you guys down Tokyo, the busiest and biggest city in the world (though it still fights that title with the Big Apple). The tall buildings were brightly lit with screens of commercials and Japanese icons. You couldn’t help but become fascinated with it. 

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Somebody with maybe photography knowledge or something, go and write a fic about Jack’s resigned teacher, talking to the rest of the staff about this student in her class who only does assignments on his boyfriend.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, and he’s definitely inspired, but I know how many freckles this kid has on his nose. It’s getting awkward.”

THEN she finds out they are not dating.

“I don’t understand how he doesn’t see it! Literally. It’s right there, printed and staring him in the face and everything.”

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I’m an idiot

Jason x reader imagine. You are a batkid and joined the Outlaws because of your boyfriend, Jason. It’s a quiet night at home but SHIT GOES DOWN cuz lets be real, you live with the 3 most melodramatic vigilantes on the planet. This is mostly fluff, but also some angst so prepare urself for a multitude of feels. 

It was one of those nights. You, Kori, and Roy were home resting from a long mission- while Jason was off to “put that motherfucking drug dealer down, with a hailstorm of bullets” as he so poetically stated before he left.  The three of you had settled down on the couch and were watching some cheesy rom com on HBO. As the film was droning on, your bored eyes wandered around the room, finally landing on Roy who was on his 3rd bowl of popcorn. In your tired state, your gaze settled on his ginger locks. It’s so beautiful you thought. You continued to stare at his hair with your mouth open- I wanna touch ittt. Run my hands through it, it’s so luscious, so beautiful. Ughh I so wanna braid it!!- your mind raced. Your once tired eyes lit up with gleeful determination. You gently nudged Kori who was sitting in between you and Roy. She turned around to give you a puzzled look. You leaned in quietly “Kori, oh my god, we have to braid Roy’s hair”. Your galactic friend looked even more puzzled as she asked “What is braiding?” “Oh my god Kori you have not lived” You said in a state of shock “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. We just have to hold Roy down. There’s no way in hell he’s letting us touch his hair.” you continued. Kori was now completely intrigued by the proposition of braiding Roy’s hair and asked “What shall we do now?” You gently leaned past Kori’s shoulder to look at Roy who was loudly munching his popcorn and looking at the movie, oblivious to the plan his two teammates were concocting. “Ok- you continued to whisper “on the count of 3 we jump him. You hold his arms down and I’ll tie them with the scarf” you stated, motioning to the garment on the coffee table. Kori nodded seriously “I am ready.” “ok- you whispered excitedly “ one.. two.. THREE!!” Before that poor boy had a chance to process what was going on, Kori jumped and straddled him while pinning his arms down. You made a mad dash for the scarf and ran to tie his hands. “AAAHHH GUYS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING” Roy screamed. “It’s for the greater good Roy.” you exclaimed as

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You’ve Lost Your Mind - William Nylander

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed my love for Willy but I do!  He’s the cutest little human!  He could probably run me over with a truck and I’d be chill with it! Anyways, this is definitely the longest I’ve ever written and I got carried away but I hope you enjoy it! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1727

Warnings: some smut, swearing, mention of drinking

Request: “Hiiii! Ok so I love your imagines and you like Willy too so you’re awesome. I was wondering if you could do a #2 “Have you lost your damn mind” with William Nylander? Like maybe (y/n) is one of the athletic trainers so the guys are used to seeing her in athletic stuff so when they all go to a club the boys are blown away by how good she looks, especially Willy. And they dance and get all flirty and maybe a bit smutty??? I know you’re busy so do my imagine (if u want) whenever you get a chance!” - @pookie-cleary

Prompt: “Have you lost your damn mind?”

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“You’re coming out tonight right Y/N??” Mitch Marner asked as the boys all filed out of the dressing room.  The Leafs had won a pretty crucial game so everyone was going out to celebrate.  You were an athletic trainer for the team and it resulted in you becoming friends with all they players.

“Maybeee” you pondered.

“Oh come on!  You have to!”  Auston Matthews exclaimed, “you’re done school and everything so you have no excuses!”

“But I’ll be so tired!” you whined, slipping on your Leafs athletic jacket.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” the small group of boys started to chant.

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            HOLY SHIT !! So it’s been five years today since I decided to join Tumblr and start a blog for one of my favourite characters of all time. It’s been an incredible journey, with lots of ups and downs but my love for Gwen never left me and it’s because of you guys that I was able to bring Gwen to life in ways I never would have thought possible. You’re the ones who loved and supported me through all my bullshit and allowed me to grow both as a writer and a person. I met some incredible people during my time here, people who’ve been with me since day one and friends I made just last week. You are all amazing and I am so thankful to have you all in my life. Below are the people who helped make my blog what it is. Whether we’ve been partners for years, just met or if we just see each other on the dash with a like or reblog, I love you guys and you bring my dash to life  If I forgot anyone I’m so sorry, just know that I love you all !

                                                                                                            xoxo – Katrina

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