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*Patiently waiting for the full story behind the recent klance comic*

we were chillin on the stadium getting ready for roll call in gym and these two dudes and a chick come out (they’re all freshmen if that says anything.) and one dude is always joking around and making gay jokes and what not. and the other one does too. but one day one of the guys (we’ll call him dude 1) has a football and says “hey if i make this into the trash can, then i gotta kiss allura (obviously i changed the name bc i honestly dont remember her name nor do i care) but if i miss then i gotta kiss you” and the whole time the girl was saying no like she doesnt want to be kissed or whatever and dude 2 is just laughin away. (note this trashcan is like. a good 40 feet away from us) but dude one just w i l d l y throws it no where near the trash can okay. so the girl is like “lol yeah go ahead kiss him.” and dude one walks up slowly and bRUSHES HIS FACE AND KISSES HIM. LIKE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SHOCKED IN MY GOD DAMN LIFE OKAY. and then a few seconds pass and dude two just laughs and goes “BRO THAT WAS THE MOST HOMOSEXUAL THING IVE EVER DONE!!” i was trying so hard not to laugh at this point like h o n e y,,,, its o k a y.

“His Wedding” Part 4

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“Um… am I disturbing you guys?”

The owner of the voice finally came in view, he had a cheeky grin on his face, having heard Natasha’s exclamations. The mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes told me he was eavesdropping on our conversation from the half open door.

“How long have you been there?” I ask him in a playful way, but also let him know that I’m a little creeped out by him.

“Oh, don’t worry, Y/N. I don’t think I heard anything but Nat shout out she saw you naked, which I already knew.” Steve chuckled before shrugging his jacket off and draping it on the armrest near me. He plumps his heavy body on the couch between me and Nat, chuckling. “Didn’t know you were into girls.”

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Light Up the Ice - Chapter 1

Summary: Aelin Galathynius has never really been into sports. Yes, she likes to keep in shape, and she works out, but watching people run up and down a field, trying to keep a leather ball away from each other? It’s always seemed a bit childish to her, and decidedly NOT a way for a grown adult to make a living.

Rowan Whitethorn has recently been drafted by the Terresen Staghorns, one of best teams in the EHL (Erilean Hockey League). And since he moved to Terresen from Wendlyn, it’s been hard for him to get more than 30 seconds alone from someone demanding a picture with him. Getting drafted straight out of college wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but he’s not complaining. Until he accidentally meets a girl. More specifically, until he accidentally meets his neighbor. She seems to have no idea who he is and for some reason, that’s refreshing. But will she still want to be with him once he shows her the truth?

Author’s Note: Well, friends, here we are! My newest multi-chapter has begun! This is a spinoff of my one-shot Missed Dreams and Lost Sleep which, if you haven’t read, I suggest you read it before you dive into this one! You can find it HERE! I’ve been bouncing this idea off of @tacmc for about a month at this point and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

Originally posted by liddellmadness

Keeping his feet moving was the only thing that kept Rowan Whitethorn from falling asleep on the ice. He harshly tapped his stick on the ice, letting his teammate know he was open for a pass.  The puck glided across the ice to the other side, and he skated around the back of the net, changing his position to where he was supposed to be next.

He danced around the edge of goal, staying out of the way of the goalie and was ready, waiting. He didn’t see the stick of the defensemen in front of him, however, and his skate got tangled up in it.

He hit the ice, shoulder first, taking the other player’s stick with him and groaned. Before he could make a move to get back on his feet, he got hit in the chest with the puck. Hard.

Gasping and resting on his hands and knees, he heard the whistle blow.

“Whitethorn!” He looked up, finding Coach Brello skating through the neutral zone. “Where the hell is your head today?”

He made it back to his feet and winced as he rubbed at his chest through the thick pads. Ress retrieved his stick from the ice by his feet and clapped him on the shoulder.

Everyone knew Brello was fair, but he was harsh when it came to slacking off on the ice, whether that was at practice or during a game.

“Just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, coach,” he said, standing to his full height of 6’4. “My building had a false fire alarm and we were all evacuated for most of the night. I’m here, I promise. It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Let me make sure you can get some sleep tonight.” Almost as one, the entire team turned to glare at him. “Speed backchecks, let’s go! Line up!”

There were quiet grumbles as everyone skated to the other side. Rowan’s line sidled up beside him.

Lorcan, the Terrasen Staghorns’ captain, and Rowan’s left defenseman glared down at him. “Getting real sick of running drills thanks to assholes who can’t do their job at practice.”

Fenrys, his right winger, snorted from Rowan’s other side. “Says the one who caused us to run puck control drills for forty-five minutes last week because you bounced the Valg’s captain’s head off the ice.”

“He deserved it. He was playing dirty.” The sentence was more growl than it was words.

Gavriel, his right d-man, said under his breath, “If you don’t both shut up, coach will have us running a lot more than just backchecks.”

As the whistle blew and Lorcan and Gavriel took off towards the puck at the center of the ice, Fenrys nudged him. “You sure you didn’t finally get some last night?” There was a gleam in his dark eyes. “Didn’t finally sample some of the sweet things Terrasen has to offer?”

He turned away so the fastest forward in the EHL wouldn’t see the blush attempting to creep onto his already flushed face. “No, man, I wasn’t with anyone last night.”

Lie. It was an outright lie, but only because Fenrys was talking about spending some time in the bedroom. He didn’t say anything about the front lawn of his building or the diner down the road.

The whistle blew, alerting them that Lorcan netted the puck. He and Fenrys took off, having to go 2x2 until one of the pairs scored. They hadn’t lined up fairly, and Rowan planned to use that to his advantage. Two forwards against two d-men would typically be pretty evenly matched, but with Fenrys’ speed and Rowan’s puck handling, they would make quick work of their captain and alternate.

Fenrys beat him to the puck – unsurprisingly – and passed it to Rowan as he made to curve behind Gavriel. He chipped it with his stick, sending it around Gavriel, who expected it to skirt in front of his skates. Lorcan anticipated it though and had fallen back, ready for the forward to charge ahead. Fenrys wrapped behind the net and with expert skill, Rowan sent the puck to him and fell back. Lorcan had to decide, keep an eye on Rowan or keep Fenrys from netting the puck.

He chose wrong.

Turning to press Fenrys, the puck slid to Rowan’s waiting stick. Rearing back, with a crack that filled the empty arena, he sent the puck flying towards the goal. It caught in the netting and the goal horn blew.

“Looks like Mr. Whitethorn finally decided to show up for practice,” Brello hollered from the box where he and the assistant coach were manning the horn controls. He glanced at his watch. “Next line, reset the puck and go. They completed the full drill in less than 50 seconds. If you cross a minute, you’ll be running drive drills until my wife gets home from work.”

The entire team knew that Brello wasn’t married.

Skating over to the benches, the first line grabbed their bottles. Rather than drinking his, Rowan sprayed the water over his face and neck, shaking his silver hair out.

“Good misdirect, Rowan,” Gavriel, said, one leg swung over the wall separating the ice from the bench.

As he nodded his thanks, Lorcan said, “Use that against Red Desert tomorrow night and they’ll have no idea what direction you’re coming from.”

The rest of practice flew by. Rowan tried to keep his mind on the game, on practice, but his mind kept drifting back to last night. Back to the laughs that he’d shared with her; to the 24-hour diner she’d shown him down the street; to when he’d stood outside her door this morning and asked if he could call her and she’d said no, temporarily causing him to think back through the whole night. Had he been that far off on how she’d been looking at him? When she’d said he could just knock on her door and then shut said door in his face, a devilish smirk on those lips, he couldn’t do anything but stare. And then smiled as he headed to his own door down the hall.

Pulling his phone out of his bag, he saw it was just after 5:30. People with real world jobs would just be getting off work now, so maybe he could catch her just as she was getting home. Maybe they could grab dinner. As he sat down in the locker room to take off his skates, that plan went out the window.

“Kennedy brothers, Whitethorn, Bourne.” He glanced up to see Brello holding a clipboard. He suppressed a groan. “I want you clocking another 3 hours in the gym tonight. Do it here, do it at home. Hell, do it at Planet Fitness for all I care. But I want at least an hour of cardio, an hour of free weights and an hour of bands. The rest of you rest up. I’ll see you at 10:30 for pre-game ice time tomorrow.”

Knowing that Bourne lived in a fancy high-rise with a gym and the Kennedy boys had a gym at home, Rowan elected to use the facilities gym. It wasn’t often he could work out in solitude. His morning run was the closest he got, but only because he was up before the rest of the city was.

Since he’d been drafted by the Terrasen Staghorns, it had been nearly impossible for him to get more than 30 seconds alone before someone noticed him, but so was the life of a professional hockey player in the Erilean Hockey League.

Coming from Wendlyn, he knew nobody here, yet everyone seemed to know him. Luckily, a few of his teammates – specifically, his new line –  hailed from the same lands, and he’d gotten in tight with them. They were now a force to be reckoned with, a perfect line of offense and defense and it was almost as if they had one thought process running throughout them.

That’s one reason that the girl from last night had been stuck on his mind. She looked at him like he was just a normal person, not a professional athlete. He wasn’t sure if she was very good at ignoring the obvious or if she genuinely didn’t know who he was.

Stripping out of his pads and putting on an old shirt from his days at the University of Doranelle, he tied the laces on his shoes and made his way to the gym. Might as well get this over with if he had any hope of seeing her again tonight.

Pulling the door open to her coffee shop, Aelin attempted to fight off a yawn. The little bell tied to the knob jingled, alerting Lysandra that there was someone coming in.

“Goooooood morning, boss, slash best friend, slash person who I love more than anyone else on this planet.” The dark-haired vixen called from behind the counter.

“Hey,” came a male voice from beside the door; Aelin’s cousin, Aedion.

She pointed a wet rag from where she’d been wiping down the counters in his direction. “Hush up. You don’t make my schedule.”

Aelin looked from her cousin back to her best friend, yawned, and said, “Somebody is obviously about to ask for another day off.”

“Blame him!” Lysandra said, pointing to Aedion, who immediately set his cup down and held his hands up in the universal gesture for I didn’t do anything. “He got tickets to the hockey game tomorrow night and wants me to go with him.”

Aelin fought the urge to roll her eyes and headed behind the counter. Lysandra handed her a cup of black coffee and she walked towards her office, sipping the sweet nectar as she unlocked the door. “I just don’t understand why you’d want to pay to watch a bunch of grown men play a child’s game.”

Aedion had stood and followed her into the back office Aelin used as her base of operations. He dropped a few envelopes on her desk and Aelin immediately began to open them, yawning again. Bills, ads, and teenage resumes; the usual mail she received. “Children don’t beat the shit out of each other when they play,” he said. “These guys do. It’s awesome.”

“Ooh.” The sarcasm lacing Aelin’s tone as she threw the sales flyers in the trash was evident.

“Come on, Aes,” he said, sitting in the chair in front of her desk. “My boss gave them to me because he can’t go. I really think Lys would have fun. Please?”

Turquoise and gold eyes met across the desk. Looking at her cousin, his bottom lip jutted out like a petulant child, she rolled her eyes. “Of course, I’ll let her have the night off. I’ll just cover the barista shift tomorrow night. It’s not a big deal.”

Aedion jumped up and ran around the desk, planting a loud kiss on his cousin’s cheek. Aelin pushed him away as she fought off another yawn.

“Okay, that’s the fourth time you’ve yawned since you stepped foot in the door,” Lysandra said, leaning on the frame of the doorway separating the office from the front of the Staghorn Café. “What’s up?”

Aedion turned and looked her up and down. “You didn’t finally get laid, did you?”

“Ugh, Aedion,” Aelin groaned. “You’re practically my brother. You don’t get to ask things like that.”

“Yeah, Aedion,” Lysandra said, smacking him on the shoulder and plopping into the seat he had just vacated. “But I’m the best friend, so I do. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Letting her head fall into her hands, she said, “I did not finally get laid.” She put emphasis on finally since so were they. It had only been 3 months since she and Chaol decided they just didn’t work as a couple. They were actually great friends now, his current girlfriend working as Aelin’s baker, filling her shop with the delicious scents of freshly baked bread and pastries. She and Nesryn got along surprisingly well, considering the awkward way they knew each other.

“The fire alarm got pulled in the building at, like, three this morning. I had to sit on the front lawn until the sun rose and they cleared the building for us to go back in. I’m just tired, that’s all.”

“So there wasn’t a guy involved?” Aedion asked, and the tips of Aelin’s ears involuntarily turned pink as she thought about him.

Lysandra squealed and shoved Aedion out the door. “Man the counter, babe.” She slammed the door in his face and sat back in front of the desk, her green eyes huge as she waited for Aelin to fill her in. A muffled “I don’t even work here!” could be heard through the door. Lysandra sat, waiting.

Aelin couldn’t stop the smile that broke across her face, causing Lysandra to squeal again. “It was him, wasn’t it? Your neighbor?”

“Rowan,” was all Aelin said, and Lysandra cried, “You got his name?!”

So Aelin gave her the quick recap of the night, from waking up to the alarm screeching to turning around and seeing Rowan in nothing but boxer-briefs, to watching the sunrise and grabbing breakfast from Emrys’ Diner down the block. By the time Aelin finished, she could tell Lysandra was already trying to decide what kind of dress she should wear as the maid-of-honor in their wedding. Her green eyes were wide and she asked, “What’s his last name?”

Aelin opened her mouth and then closed it. Somehow, she hadn’t gotten it last night. They’d mostly talked about trivial things; movies they liked, their favorite breakfast foods, the path Aelin normally took when she was running.

“I’m not sure,” Aelin said honestly.

“You have to find out! What if it’s like “Johnson” or “Peters” or,” she gasped. “Cox?”

Rolling her eyes, Aelin pointed towards the door. “Out. You can have tomorrow night off. Enjoy watching the man-children ‘beat the shit out of each other’,” she said, quoting Aedion.

Blowing a kiss across the desk, Lysandra jumped up and ran back out front.

Yawning, Aelin took another long drag of her coffee.

She was exhausted. She hadn’t gotten to run this morning or take a shower or even start her laundry from the night before. But it was worth it.

Glancing at the time on her computer, she saw it was 11:45 in the morning. She wouldn’t be home until nearly 10:00 that night. Hopefully, he wouldn’t stop by when she wasn’t home. Hopefully, if he did, he wouldn’t take her lack of answer as a lack of interest.

Hopefully, she’d be seeing him again tonight.

Tag List (people who told me they’d be interested, I’ll start a full tag list on Ch 2): @abigailmadeline, @tacmc , @bbyshadowbat , @tiny1hallie , @photofeesh , @queenoffantasy , @otaku-trash-sendhelp1000-7 , @yourejustassaneasiam3 , @eternally-reading , @queen-archeron .

The One With Stevie’s Book

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A tiny discovery of Steven’s interest leads to a very surprising turns of events. 

Word Count:

Warnings: heavy making out ;) a lil’ nsfw, nothing much tho

Author’s Note: repost!! based off a friends episode, i think from season 7, TOW Rachel’s Book. i’m sorry guys, i’m not in the state of writing anything new, still coming down with the cold and all ugh 

Masterlist Here

Tonight was never supposed to turn out the way it did, but somehow you’re glad that it did. He was just here to tutor you since you needed his help. And he even did for three hours. After making you understand three whole chapters of Business Economics, your mind had blocked itself and you didn’t want to talk more about micro or macroeconomics. The demand for a break had overcome the supply of your energy and you desperately needed a drink to settle your mind.

So, Steve nonchalantly agreed upon staying when you asked him if he had anything better to do. You knew he’d either go to a frat party or just lay in his bed with his SpongeBob PJ’s and a shirt that was at least a size smaller for his chiselled torso.

You both snuggled up on your bed, away from your desk where you abandoned your books to watch a zombie movie your dorm roommate, Wanda had suggested. Opening your laptop, you enter the password and let Steve handle the task of searching the movie on Netflix.

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Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You and Tom are just friends, but your new boyfriend isn’t sure if he agrees.

Warnings: A fight that gets a lil intense, no hitting or anything, but just some yelling and taking steps towards people. Maybe two or three swear words? Some real bad writing that I lowkey will regret, and quite a few kisses.

Note: Wow I’m finally back! This is the second to last part of the Ed Sheeran series and holy cow it is looooong. Also, I want to thank you guys so much for all the support that I’ve gotten this past week, it really does make a difference. Ok, enough of my rambling, enjoy the story!

It was now Spring. The snow on the ground had long melted, and now the buds on the trees littered London with their pink hues. You were heading to Tom’s flat, a movie night had been decided on between the two of you.

You grabbed your jacket, pulling it on over your shoulders and slipping on your boots afterwards. Just as your were about to leave, two hands grabbed your waist and turned you around. You smiled up at Noah, placing your hands on his shoulders.

“Have fun, love,” Noah said, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I will,” You turned and opened the door before shouting an “I love you!” back at him. You closed the door behind you, walking out of the apartment and into the hall.

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Grear!! Can i request rfa + saeran having accidents, they are fine but they forget MC- they forget their feelings for her too??? I hope for happy endings ^^. OvO Can you write this?? Please do it O-O Please OvO

N/A: Sure thing but sadly I can’t make this really angst except V’s, especially when all my ideas consist of memes, trolling, and other happy-related stories for Mysme. 


  • Say hello to friend zone, MC!
  • Still hangs out with MC sometimes, out of obligation. Ouch.
  • Being with amnesiac Zen isn’t that bad, but MC still feels the ache.
  • One day, he wakes up really early and hears a strangely familiar and beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.
  • At the time, MC dramatically reads a major role from one of his old scripts and apparently that role despite not being his own, he is secretly really fond of the character.
  • And dayum, MC does it so professionally to a certain point that the handsome actor starts sobbing to himself.
  • Only wants to practice with MC outside his acting practices since then. Will use his charms to make MC give in.
  • Eagerly wants to hang out with MC on his weekends and free time.
  • Zen on-guard duty is back. Will glare at any potential man coming near MC. MC Protection Squad where you at?
  • After sometime, he confesses to her and finds the shocking news of them already dating. Still happy as hell tho.


  • You know what you’d expect if Yoosung forgets MC. MC is Rika!
  • Has really high expectations of MC as RFA’s coordinator and hides his disappointment if MC doesn’t do it like Rika.
  • Tired MC is trying so hard! Poor MC, she’s going through the same phase again.
  • The whole RFA (including Saeran) is tired of this phase as well.
  • Thankfully, realization slaps Yoosung in the face when he starts seeing the differences between them.
  • He apologizes by asking the others about her favorite dishes and makes them. Surprisingly, he knows how to make them well.
  • Starts spoiling her with food and gets her into gaming. Wait, how did MC beat him in her first time?!
  • Yoosung becomes really affectionately clingy. Will use his begging puppy eyes to get her to pay more attention to him.
  • Thinks he’s still in university until MC shows him to his workplace as a veterinarian.
  • Guessing that they were/are currently dating, and MC gives him the face.


  • There must be a misunderstanding; Jaehee clearly remembers not having a roommate.
  • Wait, when did she start wearing contacts and her hair being long?! Mr. Han will be pissed!
  • Damn it, Jumin is this close to having Ms. Kang back as his assistant! Still suffering from his new annoying assistant. RIP Mr.Trustfundkid.
  • Mostly ignores MC unless it was a necessity to give her short formal conversations.
  • MC helps Jaehee with maintaining cleanliness in her/their apartment and Jaehee is impressed.
  • Turns out MC is her employee and she clearly loves MC brewing good coffee for her.
  • First sees MC as a friend whom she can freely talk and ask advice to.
  • Finally someone whom she can watch movies (of Zen) with!
  • She gets this feeling that were once a couple (still is) based on recurring yet quick flashbacks and tries to rebuild their relationship.
  • MC is happy to help her but takes it slow.


  • Wait, there’s a new maid? Why is he not notified of this?
  • Consists of a full thorough investigation and a confused MC thinking of Jumin who’s better off as a investigator.
  • How come this maid knows where he likes to keep things and take good care of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • OMG, is she a permanent maid now? Kinky MC does not mind (but still wants to rebuild their relationship.)
  • Best friend Jaehee is so ready to burst through his penthouse like a boss and explain the whole truth but the whole RFA is holding her back.
  • Pretty much ignores MC after getting used to her presence, hang in there MC.
  • One day after looking through his things, Jumin finds hidden photos & letters of him and MC, and a suspicious-looking ring. Confused Jumin needs to know the truth. NOW.
  • Gets into a frighteningly serious discussion, but not an argument because MC has the patience of a goddess and Jumin is trying to be rational.
  • After their discussion, he realizes what this weird feelings were (developing lately) and pretty much apologizes to her while bowing down on his knees for a thousand of times during the whole week.  
  • Will make a fool out of himself and have his dignity destroyed as MC is his first priority. Imagine this dude putting up embarrassing-looking posters.


  • Let’s go back to when Seven was pushing MC away without the whole there’s-a-bomb-in-Rika’s-apartment ordeal. He’s dangerous, that’s why!
  • Pfft, as if the Great 606 will be defeated. Prepare to have your walls broken down, Defender of Justice!
  • Clearly surprised that MC not only cleans his usually pigsty place but places them where he want it to be. Be free of your burden, Vanderwood!
  • Knows how to evade his antics, but MC does it with swag.  
  • Tsundere Seven is struggling with his clashing emotions and persistent MC is getting better at handling him.
  • Rarely gets missions that has to do with infiltrating and installing CCTV in a big-shot opposing company.
  • MC tags along to his annoyance but is secretly awed that he managed to pass through, all thanks to her being a distraction.
  • The effect didn’t last for long and they were being chased down. But for some reason, this very moment is so déjà vu…
  • During their escape, he did not once let go and is stuck to her like a leech.
  • After the mission, MC is greeted by Seven wearing a maid outfit in a sexy weird pose. Capture a perfect angle of him, MC!


  • Has forgotten that he no longer has feelings for Rika.
  • Imagine V pining for Rika who’s currently being treated and MC pining for a confused V.
  • Treats MC politely yet distantly and MC is struggling between her emotions and rationality.
  • Jumin comes to the rescue and brings down his hammer of realization onto V. His savege-ness has no boundaries and V is stunned.
  • V makes an effort to know MC once more.  
  • The rising feeling of nervousness, excitement, and longing is starting to unsettle him whenever he’s around MC.
  • MC, the master of comfort and reassurance is back.
  • Dude is feeling torn between MC and Rika.
  • Recovering Rika spits out some harsh truths to him that makes him realize of what he really wants.
  • Jihyun Kim is MC’s significant other™. Prepare to get melted, MC.


  • Let’s welcome back angsty kid, Saeran!
  • This girl with no eyes (her bangs are just covering it!) is suspicious to him!
  • MC knows how to deal with his outbursts and tantrums like it’s no big deal.
  • Unsure of how to interact with her so he straight up ignores her, but MC know how to twist this back into her favor.
  • He secretly appreciates how she’s not treating him as if he’s made of porcelain like everyone else. He’s amnesiac not broken for goodness sake.
  • Also thankful that she’s not Rika and helps him whenever he seeks for it.
  • Falls in love all over again as they get closer.
  • Unlike Tsundere Seven, he’s unsure what to do with his feelings so he dwells into the virtual world of romance because this noob lover-boy needs to learn.
  • Seriously takes notes as if he’s studying for finals and applies it to his life but fails because MC can come up with a better pickup line. Come on MC, give this pitiful trying-so-hard-to-impress-you kid a chance!
  • Despite his inexperience in dating, these two make fast progress in their relationship.


  • This girl is obviously a spy.
  • MC ain’t a clingy girlfriend nor a coward.
  • Is stunned at the fact he found a person who doesn’t irritate him.
  • Will defend the poor guy from Seven’s antics.
  • What Vanderwood wants he gets, despite being reluctant about it.
  • Finds comfort in MC as he full-blown rants about Seven and his bizarre cough adventures.
  • MC knows how to deal with his criticism and be better at what she’s terrible at through practice.
  • One time when they were surrounded by enemies, Badass MC beats them up with a Gucci purse. Vanderwood is impressed.
  • Sometime later, he finds out about their relationship from his confidential files and still pretends he doesn’t remember.
  • He still won’t admit he loves her but him being overprotective is getting out of hand. No one can touch his woman.
ad finem | pt. i

Originally posted by baeksilisk

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Scenario: Time Travel AU
Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader
Word Count: 2429
Rating: T (violence in later chapters)

Summary: When the Museum of Ancient History reveals its newest exhibit, you’re expecting a blast from the past. You just hadn’t counted on it being literal. 

next part >>

You look down at the brochure that’s clutched tightly in your fists. You’d only just arrived and already the glossy paper is crumpled from your nervous fidgeting, your hands clammy from holding it.



To be unveiled to the public on Saturday, October 8

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Green Eyed Monster.

Request from anon:Would you be interested in writing a Bucky x Avenger!reader where someone in the group convinces everyone to go to a club and the reader surprises everyone with her outfit and suggestively dancing with someone and Bucky gets jealous, yanks the guy off her and takes his place? And maybe it ends in smut (implied or graphic, I’m good with either lol).

Note: Apologies for the delay in this post. Also because my mind has been all over the place lately can you please let me know if I forgot to add you to my perm tag list? Thank you! <3

Jealous!Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,660

Warnings: Very mild language, flirting and implied smut….think that is everything. Let me know if I need to put anything else.

Disclaimer: GIF used is one that I made <3

This was a stupid idea. A REALLY stupid idea. It had taken you long enough to socialise properly with those you now considered your family and now you were being dragged out of the tower… a club no less! A club that had quite the reputation if you remembered correctly and it wasn’t one you wanted to indulge yourself in either.

“Nat….I’m really not up for this.”

“You’re not getting out of it [l/n] so don’t even try. I know there’s a party girl in there somewhere and I am determined to bring her out into the open!”

“WE are determined to bring her out.” Wanda’s voice soon sounded out from the other side of your bathroom door as she waited along with Natasha for you to get yourself ready. “….and I know that there is a little part of you that is excited about this….”

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Sleepless (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Originally posted by freshyellowmemes

Author Note: Sorry not requested…. BUT I WAS INSPIRED OKAY AND IT HAPPENED SO GIVE ME THIS! I am working on requests all the time though I swear! Anyways I hope you guys like this one…. Also they’re 16 or 17 on this one!


Tell me am I going crazy? (Uh huh)

Tell me have I lost my mind? (Yeah)


Richie huffed falling onto his bed. The frame creaked and shuddered in protest though he seemed oblivious to it. Richie’s eyes may have been trained on the ceiling, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

They were wrapped up in you. Yes you. The girl who sits beside him in math. The one with the brilliant eyes that were focused out the window every time. The girl with shimmering hair that always curled at the ends. The girl who laughs at every sarcastic comment that Trashmouth makes.

Richie was confused as to what he was feeling. His heart hammered in his chest and stones seemed to press down on his lungs. He could hardly speak without sounding like Bill… No offense to him.

Richie sighed and placed his arm over his eyes. “What the hell is wrong with me,” He mumbled to himself. He had never felt this way for a girl before. He never felt this sick to his stomach at the thought of a girl. He never even stuck around a girl for long, yet here he was chasing after one now.

He definitely lost something. He was unsure of what though.


Am I just afraid of lovin’? (Uh huh)

Or am I not the lovin’ kind? (Yeah)


Richie wasn’t fond of feelings or growing attached. That much was obvious by his reputation. He was the “love them then leave them” type of guy. He’d flirt and treat you write, but by the end of it he grew tired.

He would just leave. It’s not that Richie ever tried to be mean, but there was never thst spark. The tantalizing spark that always seemed so out of reach. The one adults tell kids about, but then claim they’re too young to know it. Richie just wanted to find it.

He found it in you. The way you would shake with loud uncontrollable laughter at something stupid he would say. How you were the one to pick up the pieces when his parents hardly cared. The spark was just slightly out of reach.

He could never speak up. He wasn’t sure what it was. Fear? Maybe. Rejection? A possibility. Whatever it was Richie clung to it like a lifeline. It was the one thing that made sure he kept his feelings buried.

He sighed slightly and turned on his side. His eyes scanning over his dirtied room. His clothes strewn all across the place and cups of slurpees littering almost every surface. Richie wondered for a moment. Just a moment.

What if he just wasn’t made for loving…


Kissin’ in the moonlight

Movies on a late night

Gettin’ old

(Uh huh)


Richie huffed slightly trying to dismiss the hammering of his heart. His head swarming with thoughts of you. It always lead back to you.

There was that one time at the theater. He invited you out to the movies. You were all dressed up because you had been visiting a close family member. You had smiled and apologized for being a little late, but Richie was too lost in just admiring you.

The way the dress hugged your curves, yet flow freely neared the bottom giving you an innocent look. Your hair neatly curled and shimmering. Richie was in awe at how simple things made you shine even more.

The whole time the boy was just flustered in your presence. There was this unexplainable fluttering in his stomach. Was that what people meant by butterflies? It was a sickly feeling and Richie was not a fan of it, yet at the same time he never wanted it to go away.

Cause wouldn’t that mean that you would go away too?


I’ve been there, done that

Supposed to be hot

But it’s just cold



Richie groaned slightly and buried his face in his pillow. He was very tempted to scream away his frustrations. Why was he being such a pussy?

Then again the relationships never seemed to work. Heck his last one lasted a week, because in the end there was never anything there. Richie could hardly remember a relationship that lasted.

He would try so hard in the beginning. He would take them out and joke around, They would hang out with the other Losers, or he would just flirt. He never felt a damn thing though. It was like something could never switch on for him. He would desperately try and try. Just wanting to feel something.

He never felt anything though.


Somebody wake up my heart

Light me up

Set fire to my soul, yeah (Uh huh)

‘Cause’ I can’t do it anymore (Yeah)


He startes feeling when you came along though. You just showed up one day. A transfer student who wasn’t raised in this hell hole. You were set next to him and were told that if you needed anything to just ask him.

He wasn’t too fond of you at first. You were quiet and never spoke when he tried to talk with you. It was like you thought you were well above the rest. You proved him wrong though. You began speaking after you grew comfortable in the new environment. You explained to him that you were just a little shy before.

Richie’s cheeks were burning now as he thoughts wandered to that day. He switched his light off deciding he should rest. He took his glasses off and set them on the nightstand and turned away.


Gimme that can’t sleep love

(Gimme that can’t sleep)

I want that can’t sleep love

(Gimme that can’t sleep)


Richie shut his eyes as his breath began to even out, yet he couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard he tried his mind would always wander back to you, and when it did that his chest ached and those stupid butterflies returned as a goofy grin spread across his face.

He tried to push the thoughts of you away. He’d never get sleep if he couldn’t, but deep down he knew.

He knew it was going to be a sleepless night.


The kind I dream about all day

The kind that keeps me up all night

Gimme that can’t sleep love


No Such Thing

Summary: You and Bucky have been friends for a while now.  How is it that neither of you know what the other does? (Artist!AU)

Word Count: 1482


Author’s Note: This is my submission for @whotheeffisbucky AU Writing Challenge!  I picked the artist!AU because I have no self control.  It went in a little bit of a different direction than I had planned, but here it is!


Originally posted by buckingoffthebed

You had met Bucky a year ago, just before graduation.  You guys had one of those really casual friendships where you could hang out and talk for hours, but…you weren’t sure what exactly Bucky’s job was, just that he worked with his best friend.  Now that you were thinking about it, did he know anything about your job beside the fact that your boss’s name is Tony?  

It wasn’t that you didn’t care about what he did for work, but there was so much other stuff to talk about. And to be honest, after a long week, the last thing you wanted to talk about was your job at Stark Art Gallery. It seemed like Bucky was of the same opinion, because he never brought up work either.You thought about all of this as you got ready for another day on the job.  The ringing of your phone brought you back to reality.


“Hey, doll.” You felt an easy smile grow on your face at the sound of his voice.

“What’s up, Bucky?”

“Want to meet up at the coffee shop when you get off work?”

“Of course!”

“Alright, see you then, doll.” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“See ya!”

The call ended, but a text came through almost immediately.  It was from Miss Potts, Tony’s fiancée.  She had been on a small business trip for Tony, visiting a young new artist to be featured in the gallery.  Apparently, he was on board and would be bringing his portfolio for Tony to view – today.

You flew into action, getting the rest of your belongings you would need for the day and hurrying out the door.  You loved your job and Tony was a great boss, but you would need to be on top of everything today if Tony was going to be discussing business with this artist.  To be a Stark Artist was a big deal. And Tony was kind of intense. So not only would you be taking care of the rest of the gallery, but you also had the task of censoring Tony so he didn’t scare the kid away.

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hello ladies and gents and taylor, just dropped by to post this^^

what am i doing here with this pic? well, buckle up kids, the ride begins.

firstly, i am happy for and congratulate everyone who got into ss, it’s truly an honour to hear the album and spend time with the most adored artist of yours, and mine as well.

there are people who are truly deserving of meeting taylor, the kindest and sweetest people, they’ve put their hearts and effort for years and years in trying to meet her; i’m happy for you guys.

where i am getting now applies to a minorty who got in. it seems quite unfair to invite people with such homophobic views (like the tweet above), who are disrespectful people, and ones who dare to steal anything (this time a board game) from taylor, even just for a souvenir’s sake. it’s gotten out of control, of course. note that, stealing is a serious crime, committees face charges for that. it’s unacceptable, no matter what’s taken.

people, fans are chosen to meet her for their adoration for taylor. fair enough. but there are things we need to consider too.

speaking of respect, what’s said in the screenshot isn’t. it isn’t respect towards an artist who changed, neither towards the lgbt+ community, nor her decision of clothing whatsoever. how do you expect from people like that to show the same amount of love and support blah blah blah if, let’s say, taylor comes out as whatsoever (or whatever the situation could possibly be). who are the first ones to trash and attack her for that? not me, not taylor stans for sure. it’s them.

being so far up her ass doesn’t mean they have the right to be rude to others but still be excused for whatever they do if they are vile just because taylor swift held them in her arms in her house.

being a fan is not about being far up an artist’s ass. it’s also about being critical of what they do. that’s why twitter fans are looked down bc we dare to have an opinion. and it’s never a bad thing.

what is a bad thing, is being disrespectful and doing unforgivable things. it’s hurtful! it’s immature. and i can carry on for days.

it’s unfair for us to see someone be all of the above i said, meet her. this sucks. and is disappointing. because you see, one can be disrespectful and still be far up her ass yet have bigger chances of meeting her than people who are actually truly deserving. this sucks. and it’s unfair.

maybe taylor and her team should dig a little deeper when choosing. and i am not here to shame taylor at all i am just saying they should be careful when picking.

that’s all i wanted to say. it’s my opinion. and many others’. i just put together what people have mentioned so far. you can agree or disagree with it.

((i have no idea how the picking goes btw do not attack me for that)) ((and i didn’t proof read so it’s messy))

Tell me Anything, doll

Summary: Steve comforts the reader during a time where she feels insecure. How emotional things get test their ability to just be friends. 

Word Count: 3527

Authors note: This is my first plus size imagine so PLEASE let me know what you guys think!! I think this came out beautifully, ugh Steve was so perfect for this one !!

You were currently laying in your bed, unable to shake all the bad thoughts coming into your head. The relationship you had with your body was a love hate relationship, you wouldn’t trade your curves for anything but sometimes you couldn’t help but question everything about yourself.

You’d been so deep in thought that you hadn’t heard the knock on your door, it wasn’t until you felt the weight on the bed shift that you looked up. There sat Steve, looking down at you with his beautiful blue eyes, “What’s wrong (y/n), did Bucky prank-”.

When Steve really looked at you, he could tell that something was wrong. It wasn’t normal for that infectious smile of yours to not be present, you didn’t even look happy to see him. Steve knew you too well, he could tell that something was wrong.

He shifted to face you, “Is it the last mission? Tony was only joking around with you-”. You shook your head, but avoided eye contact. Softly you said, “ It’s not the mission..I just..”.

Steve sat there waiting to figure out what was wrong, because all he wanted to do was make it better. His concern grew when he realized you were on the verge of tears, “You can tell me anything doll”.

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Selcouth | CH 1

Originally posted by bwisou

Author’s Note: I am sorry for any writing errors! I am really excited about writing this series (゚⊿゚) Tell me what you guys think because if I don’t get that many good reviews, I might stop writing it! 

Plot: You were given the opportunity to clean up in the main castle where the queen and king reside. The castle is beautiful and filled with treasures and riches from unknown land. You are thankful for being given the chance to have a beneficial job that provides a place to sleep and eat, but you find yourself irritated over one small problem – the prince. You are unable to focus when the prince arrives from a small mission. When you see him, it is as though space and time becomes the finest point imaginable. You hope that the love for him vanishes because he is destined to be with a princess. It would be a fairy tale to be with the prince, an unimaginable dream come true.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Chapters Links 

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader

Word Count: 2095

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REQUESTED: our times // ong seongwoo // END

Originally posted by darkclouds2510

genre: fluff // angst

ficstyle: bulletpoints // LONG // PART 1 // PART 2

summary: “ ong seongwoo as your prank mate “ was inspired by the Taiwanese movie “OUR TIMES” just with my own twist

note: this is inspired by the film

  • it’s been 10 years since you’ve seen Seongwoo
  • you were always reminded of him, by carrying an old Jimin bobble head keychain, a gift that was included in the bag of gifts he got you
  • you were also reminded of the wish you made on a shooting star with him
  • i wish that I could have a future with Seongwoo
  • you had to move on with time
  • your boyfriend, Daniel was living with you for the past year
  • you guys are going through a rough patch
  • you were a workaholic and he never seemed to want to work it out
  • he never comes to your guys’ planned dates anymore or take the time to talk to you like he did when you guys were in high school/college
  • honestly, you don’t know how the relationship came to be
  • after a long day at work, you rushed to your guys’ favorite restaurant where you held a reservation
  • you waited for 2 hours and they kicked you out
  • you called Daniel and he only picked up to say he was tired and was at home
  • when you came home, you both got into an argument
  • “So you couldn’t call me as I waited for two hours?!”
  • he didn’t say anything for a while
  • “you know what? I’m sick of us fighting. let’s break up?”
  • you wondered if he even loved you
  • Daniel look at you and you were reminded of how you saw him as a bright looking idol-looking prince of the high school
  • it seemed like while he was with you it, was just a miserable ride at the amusement park
  • “yeah. let’s break up”
  • he packed up his things
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t keep your promise” he mumbled as he looked at the picture you guys took together with everyone at the camping trip you took back in high school
  • you were confused but you both gave each other one last hug
  • “promise me that you’ll find someone who will truly make you happy” he whispered into your ear
  • you looked at him and shed a tear
  • you weren’t gonna lie, you both shared some unforgettable memories together
  • “I will try,” you smiled as he wiped your tear away and kissed you on the cheek, goodbye
  • the next morning, you woke up to an empty bed and it was a lonely yet refreshing feeling
  • you took a walk out to a street cart across from the old bookstore where you and Seongwoo skipped class
  • this guy with a black cap in front of you, he seemed to have forgotten his wallet
  • you handed the cash register your card, “could you also add in a medium blended peach milkshake?”
  • the guy looked at you and thanked you, “what’s your name, miss?”
  • “y/n, what’s yours?”
  • he was a little taken back, “do you know an Ong Seongwoo?”
  • you were taken back as well
  • “yes.. it’s been ten years now but.. how do you know him? do you know where I can find him?”
  • the guy took off his cap and revealed his face
  • you gasped and your lower jaw just about fell to the ground and your eyes nearly popped out of your sockets but he covered your mouth before you yelled his name
  • “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t cause a commotion”
  • the lady called you to get your drinks
  • Jimin went to get the drinks for you and asked, “Seongwoo and I are pretty good friends, we met 2 years ago in America. I asked him if he had any inspirations for a lyrics and he told me about a girl he met in high school.”
  • as he said that, you held your tears back
  • “how she was a clumsy and short, but caring and lovable. how she’d be so into a conversation to have milkshake spill on her. how she’d love roller skating but always fell. and how he fell in love with her at first sight.”
  • you were a little embarrassed with how Seongwoo told YOUR IDOL about your embarrassing stories but happy that Seongwoo still remembers you
  • “would you like to come to our concert? it is one dedicated to our friend he’s done a lot for our group”
  • you were in shock, all your life you never had the time or money for a BTS concert
  • “I don’t hav-”
  • “if you meet my manager in front of the designated arena, he’ll let you in”
  • you were crying, never have you thought that Seongwoo would help bring you and BTS together
  • Jimin looked at his watch
  • “I have to get going, but I will see you soon, y/n-ah” he gave you a hug as you rushed off
  • you’ve got to be dreaming, you thought
  • you went home to dress up, when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you were reminded of your outfit you first wore when you went out with Seongwoo out of your guys uniform
  • you wore a loose white, embroidered blouse with a pair of black high-waisted tartan shorts and sported taupe thigh high boots
  • you had your wavy hair in a half-up half-down pigtail look and wore a deep, mauvey pink lipstick
  • you smiled, even with time, somethings never change
  • you ran around trying to look for Jimin’s manager
  • “Y/N!”
  • you turned to see who called your name and you were sure you recognized this face
  • “it’s been a while”
  • it was Ong Seongwoo, not Hong Seongwoo, not Ong Seongwoon but Ong. Seong. Woo.
  • “Seongwoo?”
  • you were on the verge of tears from shock
  • he came up to you and placed his hands against your cheeks
  • “i’m sorry I left, i didn-”
  • “i know why you left, Daniel didn’t have to tell me”
  • you felt his hands slip from your face
  • “he kept his promise I see…”
  • you grabbed his hands before they completely left your face
  • “he..we split up.. it didn’t work out..”
  • he was worried about what happened
  • “he wasn’t you”
  • at that moment, Seongwoo planted a kiss on your head
  • “this whole time, I thought my feelings were one-sided. but as long as you were happy I was fine”
  • before you could anything, he grabbed your hand and ran into the arena
  • “we gotta hurry, the show is about to start!”
  • you both ran to the best spots in front of the stage (saved by bodyguards)
  • you heard ARMYs loudly cheer
  • one by one you saw each member walk out onto the stage
  • Namjoon held the mic up
  • “this stage is for our very special friend, of how he fell in love and how he lost his love to someone else.. but even overtime, he couldn’t forget her and he wouldn’t. for our friend who has sacrificed his time for her love. we’d like to dedicate our first song to them. Ong Seongwoo and y/n? could you please come to the stage?”
  • the spotlights hit you guys
  • Seongwoo gave you his hand and you both went up to the stage
  • being an ARMY you were balling and snot was running down your nose
  • “stop being ugly in front of national television can you?”
  • even after 10 years, his savageness still ran strong
  • BTS surrounded you guys and sang “For You” with Seongwoo’s lyrics, dedicating the song to you, for you
  • nearing the end of the song, Jimin passed the mic to Seongwoo and Seongwoo sang the last part of the song
  • you were shocked
  • has Seongwoo always sang this well?
  • the guys held out bouquets of flowers as Seongwoo knelt down
  • “to make up for lost time, y/n. would you finally be my girlfriend?”
  • you were still crying from having to stand so close to BTS
  • but now you were crying even more for finally having someone you’ve loved for so long, love you back
  • you just nodded and Seongwoo embraced you
  • ARMYs and BTS cheered
  • that night was the most memorable night you’ve had
  • you and Seongwoo had to split ways to go home
  • “y/n?”
  • “yes Seongwoo?”  
  • “did your wish ever came true?”
  • you reached up to cup his face and tippy-toed to kiss him
  • “yes. yes it did”
  • out of embarrassment, he put you in a headlock
  • “EXCUS-”
  • he dragged you under the starry skies as the night is filled with happiness you didn’t even know existed
Live Wire: An Aftershocks Sequel- Part 3

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: PTSD, angst

Word Count: 2198

Summary: In the debrief after Romanoff’s capture and rescue, you find out some damaging information 

Authors Note:   If you have not read Aftershocks, please do, so you have the context and story for this sequel! I hope you guys like it, Enjoy!

My Masterlist

Live Wire: Part 1 Part 2

You stand there for a moment, remaining quiet in the elevator as the doors slide silently open. Bucky steps forward, moving out of the elevator in front of you. You stand there for a moment your sight of the hallway ahead of you narrowing slightly as you spot Steve and Wanda standing by the conference room door.

Their heads are inclined towards each other, quietly whispering to each other as smiles pull slyly across their faces. Wanda’s eyes flash up to Steve, delicately. Watching his mouth move gently as he whispers a response to her. They both jump at the sound of the bell as the doors slide open, their gaze quickly flashing towards Bucky’s emerging form.

Your heart pounds feverishly in your head as your vision tunnels slightly, your breath quickening as your fingers fumble to find the railing behind you, your body stuck against the elevator wall.

You feel the hairs at the back of your neck stand on edge as every muscle in your body tenses, your fight or flight responses falsely triggering as the adrenaline suddenly pulses through your system.

Your fingers grip firmly to the steel of the railing, the heat of your hands distorting your senses of the metal, making it feel as if it was molding to your grip.

“Hey,” Bucky whispers, turning around a few steps from the elevator as he notices you are not beside him. Wanda and Steve glance over at the sound of his voice, watching as he lightly jogs back to you.

“Y/N?” He whispers softly, coming to stand in front of you, your eyes still locked forward as you stare through him, the world around you spinning. “Doll?” He asks, concern heavy in his tone as his hand glides up to your jaw, forcing your gaze up to his.

You jerk roughly away from his touch, forcefully flattening against the elevator wall as you hear a small creak behind you. “I…” You stammer, blinking rapidly as you look at him, your heart still pounding in your head as you try desperately to make sense of the triggered responses flooding through your body.

Your gaze flips rapidly from his to those of a concerned Wanda and Steve watching onwards from a distance, unsure of what is occurring inside the elevator. You feel heat rise in your face as you search hurriedly for an exit, some way to deflect the attention from you.

“I… I’m uh… fine. Just zoned out.” You stammer as you duck beneath Bucky’s still outstretched arm. You force a throaty laugh as you step forward out of the elevator. Turning around you see Bucky still standing there, his gaze locked on the spot where your body had just been.

His eyes focused, unbeknownst to you, on the imprint your grip had left on the railing. He bites his lip nervously, reaching out quickly with his metal hand to firmly swipe a thumb across the distorted steel. Coughing loudly to distract from the sound of the smoothing metal. He turns quickly, following in your wake as the doors close behind him.  

You flip your hair as you hurry forward, smiling and waving at Wanda and Steve as you fight to steady your breathing, the tense grin cemented across your face.

You feel Bucky move behind you, his large presence catching up beside you as his hand rests gently on the small of your back, his lips pressing against your ear as he breathes “You’re a terrible liar, doll. If you don’t want to go to this meeting, you don’t have to.”

You had been arguing with Bucky for the better part of the morning on whether or not you should attend the incident debrief of your last mission.

The investigation into black widow’s capture had finally turned up more information, and the debrief was vital to future attack plans.

You roll your shoulders, shrugging off Bucky’s concern as you step forward to a smiling Wanda, falling stiffly into her hug as you fight to slow your pulse. “You ok? Are you sure you want to do this?” She asks softly, pulling back to look at you with genuine concern.

You feel a sharp twist in your abdomen at her soft words, looking quickly from her face to the two broad shouldered super soldiers standing around you, the same look of trepidation on all their faces.

You feel a small flare inside your chest, the indignant anger from your late-night sessions with the punching bag rearing its ugly head, causing your fingers to curl defensively against your hands, your fingernails digging into your slick palms.

“I’m fine.” You insist, with a bit more hostility in your voice than you had planned. Wanda’s face falls from worry to confusion as you roughly shrug out of her grip, turning towards the door behind you.

You take a deep breath, steadying yourself for the quiet structure of the meeting, anything in there would be better than the pitying looks out here. You press your hand quietly to the keypad causing the door to slide open revealing a sizable crowd of people.

Everyone turns to look at you, a slight hush falling across the dull murmur of the crowd. You feel Steve’s looming presences behind you. His broad shoulders pushing forward into the room as he clears his throat, signaling to Maria Hill.

She nods and quickly calls everyone’s attention to the front of the room. You feel Bucky’s hand push at the small of your back as he guides you forward into a pair of chairs. Wanda slips in quickly on your other side, as Steve settles in next to her.

Maria begins with the debrief, disclosing to the crowd the nature and relevance of the assembly. “As most of you know we are here to discuss an incident that recently occurred on a routine rescue mission of an agent, Natasha Romanoff, Alias: Black Widow.”

There was a small murmur throughout the crowd as eyes fall on Natasha, situated in the front row, you breathe slightly easier, relieved to have the focus removed from you. “We are very happy to have you back and home safely, Agent Romanoff.” Maria inclines her head politely to Natasha who nods in acknowledgment.

Maria continued, holding the attention of the audience at the front of the room, “The mission was intended to be a routine search and rescue, but as we have come to discover, hydra’s forces are growing at an alarming rate. The security present in their safe hold alone was unlike anything we’ve seen previously, on such a heightened level that even Stark’s ‘code cracker’ was unable to infiltrate it.”

“And is that why an unauthorized and untrained agent was approved to enter into a combative zone under your watch Commander Hill?” Commander Ross stood in the back of the room, drawing all attention to him.

“Fuck.” Bucky growls quietly, his hand flying nervously to his hair as his metal fingers tense around your thigh.

“What’s wrong,” you whisper, turning to him quickly, “Who is that?” you ask, not recognizing the new speaker as a shield operative.

“Someone who really does not like me.” Bucky whispers, leaning forward to make concerned eye contact with Steve.

“He doesn’t really like any of us.” Wanda whispers, shaking her head as she hunches in her chair slightly.

“Commander Ross, I wasn’t aware that you would be attending this debrief.” Maria stands tall, speaking clearly as she acknowledges the source of the interruption.

“It seems there is a lot you are unaware of nowadays Maria.” Ross speaks slowly as he descends the steps, moving towards the front of the room to come stand by Maria, “That’s exactly why I’m here.”

He signals quickly to a young man in the front row who jumps quickly into action, connecting a tablet to the projector system as Ross continues speaking.  

“What you seem to be neglecting to mention in this disclosure is that this was anything but a… what did you call it? A routine retrieval mission?” Ross clicks his tongue, as if a father scolding a daughter as he advances on Hill. Your teeth clench at the sound, your hackles rising in dislike of this man.

“Excuse me?” Commander Hill responds, her eyebrows raising. You jump slightly as Grant Wards photo appears on the screen, his old shield ID card projected alongside an observation photo taken of him in the past few months.

You feel Bucky’s metal fingers tighten harshly around your thigh as your breathing hitches in your chest, your perception of the lights in the room distorting slightly.

“This is Ex Shield Agent, and Current Hydra General, Grant Ward.” Commander Ross speaks clearly to the general assembly, motioning towards the photographs on the screen. “He is responsible for the planned kidnapping and consequential capture of Agent Romanoff.”

“Commander Ross,” Maria clears her throat in announce, forcing Ross to focus on her, “this is precisely the point of this meeting, to discuss Ward as a threat and review the information that came from Romanoff’s recovery.”

“What you neglect to acknowledge Maria is that Agent Romanoff was simply used as bait, that Ward was not even present at the mission that resulted in Agent Romanoff’s capture.” Ross spits fervently at Maria Hill, as if in the middle of a game of poker and he had the winning hand.

The projection changes slides, your eyes reflexively flick up, only to fixate on the image in front of you. It was a photograph of you, standing in front of Bucky at the ice cream truck on the first date you had, the first day you kissed.

You feel Wanda and Steve’s eyes dart to you and Bucky as the heat rises in your face, your eyes glancing beside you at Bucky as his shoulders curl into a defensive posture, his lips drawn tightly together as his murderous gaze settles on Ross.

The projector flicks once more to show you both leaving the pizza shop, smiles stretched wide across both your faces as you stride happily in front of Bucky, not a care in the world, your joy etched into every moment of the secretive photograph as Bucky’s face gazes at you adoringly, his love etched eternally in the photograph.

“While Agent Romanoff was being compromised in a separate state, Ward never left New York. He instead was tracking your newest agent… watching her every move.” You feel your stomach twist at Ross’s words, your eyes flicking to him as you try to process his statement.

“We were able to recover these photographs from the files that were recovered during Agent Romanoff’s retrieval.” Ross confirms, looking directly at you as you feel your head begin to swim, your eyes flicking back the projection of your happiness, frozen in time.

Commander Ross’s next words blur in your head as all sound swims around you, your heart pumping so heavily in your head that it drowns all your senses as the picture changes once more to you and Bucky soaking wet, standing on opposite sides of a dark alleyway, pressed flat against the wet surface as rain frames the edges of the photograph.

He was there… He was watching… Even when I thought I had escaped… When I was safe… When I was happy… He was still… Your chest rises heavily as your breathing quickens, you suddenly realize that Bucky’s hand had released your thigh, his full stature rising beside you.

“That’s enough, Ross.” Bucky growls, as he moves in front of you slightly, shielding you defensively from Ross’s hostile gaze, “I don’t see how invasive photographs are relevant.”

“Don’t you?” Ross snarls, his lip curling snidely. “Agent Romanoff was not the target, she was only bait. Ward was willing to compromise any member of this team to settle a grudge match between him and his former prisoner.”

Ross turns towards Maria once more, opening his hands as if in a casual shrug, “I for one don’t want to see anymore Shield operatives in danger because of a high-risk recruit.”

All eyes flip to you once more as you battle to keep your face still, your eyes focused forward. Struggling to maintain a sense of decorum while your adrenaline courses aggressively through your body, the fight or flight response threatening to overwhelm and possess you.

“I am imposing a recess and rescheduling of this debrief so that Commander Ross and I can meet in private and discuss further. Effective immediately, dismissed.” Commander Hill speaks quickly, speaking to the room at large before moving quickly to pull Ross into a private argument.

You waste no time in rising to your feet, almost barreling over Wanda as you move hurriedly towards the door. In a dream like state you tear the door open, the handle crumbling bizarrely in your hand as you feel the world distorting around you, you race down the hallway only vaguely aware of Bucky calling after you.

You reach the stairwell, throwing the door forcefully open, hearing it slam against the cement wall as if cracking it. You race down the stairwell, not sure yet of where you are going only focused on creating as much distance as possible.

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Starry Night Stan x Reader

Originally posted by stanoodle

Author’s note: I wrote this because there is going to be a meteor shower in my area and I thought of this cute lil imagine and… I named it after one of my favorite paintings of all time. Hope you guys enjoy!

Reader’s pov:

Stan had planned a little date night tonight and I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. I do know, this date night was different, we were sneaking out at midnight. Usually Stan was more of the rule follower than I was but it definitely struck me as odd.

I laid in bed, ready to go as I waited for Stan. I couldn’t help but stare at the clock, my eyes grew heavy until a knock startled me. It was time, I wondered what he’s plans were for the night but he came empty handed, offering no clues as to what the hell we were doing at midnight.

“Good morning beautiful.” Stan smiled when I opened the window.

He always knew how to make me blush like crazy.

“Good morning to you too babe.” I said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

Stan helped me out of my window. He took my hand as he led the way. The suspense was killing me, I needed to know, it was a quiet night. After a few minutes, we came to a small field, the sky was so bright and so beautiful, I’ve never seen the night sky this clear.

“Woah.” I muttered to myself.

A large blanket was laid out on the ground. Stan sat, pulling me down to sit in between his legs. He wrapped a blanket around us, holding me tight.

“There’s a meteor shower, we should be able to see it soon.” Stan said. “It’s called the Orionids.”

We sat there, staring up into the sky, it wasn’t long before we could see beautiful meteors flying past. I’ve never seen anything like this.

“This is beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you.” He said.

I rested my head on his shoulder, taking in his scent, I felt at home in his arms. The view left me speechless, it was that amazing. We continued to watch for hours, until the sun started coming up but the meteors still kept going.

“Why don’t you make a wish before they go away?” Stanley asked.

“I don’t need a wish. I already have you.”