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Interrogation Techniques

For the anon who requested 45 and 58 with Reid “My eyes are up here.” “It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.”

Warnings: Some degrading language

‘Type killers’ always got under your skin a little more than random acts of violence. Seeing all those faces that looked eerily similar, murdered just for having the misfortune of sharing traits with someone else long gone. It bothered you even more when you were sitting and staring at a pile of woman who bore a striking resemblance to you.

Your teammates kept a close eye on your for the entire week, which only added to the slight paranoia that came with looking like murder victims. Once the guy was in handcuffs and shoved into an interrogation room you felt a weight you didn’t even realize you were carrying being lifted from your shoulders.

“We still need a confession.” Hotch announced coming into the room that your team was sat in, watching the unsub who seemed far too calm and collected. “We’ve got him on at least two accounts, but a confession for the other four would solidify his prison sentence.” The room was silent for a moment, all of their minds following separate trains of thought, but all arriving at the same station.

“I’ll go in.” You nodded, standing up from the desk you’d previously been stationed at. Spencer, who had been resting beside you shoot up immediately at your words.

“What? No!” You ignored him, turning to face your boss, straightening your back in a way you knew showed your determination. You knew what you had to do; it came with the job.

“Hotch, we all know his chances of talking are considerably higher if I go in and play nice. If you go in and start with that tough guy routine we’re going to move nowhere but backwards.”

“(Y/N) no.” Spencer stated using his firmest voice. His hand gripped at your arm and you continued to ignore him.

“I’ll go in, I’ll be able to catch him off guard, get him talking. If it- I mean if I’m not getting anywhere I’ll come out and you and Morgan can go in and do what you need to do.” Spencer’s hand tightened slightly and you lifted yours up to pat his, not breaking eye contact with Hotch.

“Go in. Play nice. If he gets too… crude. But no information is coming through you get up and you leave or I will come in and remove you myself.” You cocked an eyebrow before nodding and removing yourself from Reid grip.

“Gotcha.” You nodded turned around and swiftly removing the blazer you were wearing and popping open a few buttons on your shirt. You stood up straight and fixed your hair giving yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. When you zoned back in you couldn’t help but smirk slightly.

“My eyes are up here.”  You teased, putting a finger under Spencer’s chin and lifting. He glared. Okay maybe not a time for jokes.

“You’re not meat, (Y/N). Don’t unbutton your shirt for that pervert.” You smiled gently and moved your hand up to pat his cheek.

“You’re sweet Spence, but if it gets a confession out I think I’ll manage. I get similar looks from the creeps that stalk the subway. I’ll manage.” He made a soft noise of protest and you hushed him quickly, “I’ll be okay.”

Thirty seconds later you were swiftly entering the interrogation room, sitting in the chair and keeping your head down as you looked through the files, giving him a moment to really look at you. You felt a bit… dirty. Allowing yourself to be ogled at but when you looked up and caught his staring at you practically licking your slips you had to bite down a smirk. You’d gotten worse. Most women above the age of… well. Birth. Had gotten worse from people passing on the streets. Being leered at for a few minutes would be worth it if it meant this sicko was put away for a long long time.

The first few questions were easy. He answered them gladly, licking his lips from time to time, eyes focused on you. His comments were lude but not obscene. You were making progress.

“Do you know any of these women?” You asked, setting a series of photos out in front of him.


“You didn’t look.”

“I’m sorry, Skank. But I can’t seem to focus. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so damn attractive. Or if you had the decency to button your top.” Your body tensed. The profile pointed to all signs of him wanting to sexual engage his victims, not that their appeal angered him. You opened your mouth to ask again when you heard a shuffle from outside the door.

“Reid!” Emily called as Spencer burst into the room, face flushed with anger. You raised both eyebrows in surprise. Reid quickly approached you, gently grabbing you by the elbow and lifting you from the seat nudging you towards the open door where Emily stood looking shocked.

Spencer turned on the unsub not even waiting to make sure you left and his eyes became a kind of intense you’d never seen before. It was like they were oozing with anger. He’d never looked so intimidating.

“Hello, I’m that Skank’s husband, and I will be finishing your interrogation.” He sneered as you let the door fall shut. You stood completely shocked for a second, mind processing what just happened. Spence rarely ever lost his cool. You waited another moment before you allowed yourself the pleasure of a little smirk. That’s your man.


Summary:   Jack hates conventions – the crowds, the noise, the forced socialization, but it’s a work thing that must be done. Enter Samwell Hockey Player, Eric Bittle, who attends the convention with a group of friends. Suddenly things begin to look up. Jack and Bitty meet at Falcs Fest. Flirting, shenanigans, and love ensue. 

“Jack, I realize it’s not how you want to spend your weekend,” George said then paused to take a long sip of coffee. “But it is what it is, and everyone has to do it.” She smiled and added, “So suck it up, mister.”

Jack frowned, “Fine. Fine. Everyone else has to attend, too, right? Everyone?”

George leaned back in her chair and nodded, “Yes. Tater, Thirdy, Guy, Marty, Snowy, Poots – everyone. Misery loves company, after all.”

Jack huffed petulantly.

“I’m kidding!” George said with a laugh, “Come on. The Hawks are always bragging about their convention, so we have to make our inaugural one fantastic and have everyone there.”

Jack shrugged and took a pen from George’s desk, he twirled it absentmindedly in his fingers.

“Jack, it’ll be fine, and guess what? You might actually enjoy it. An entire weekend surrounded by adoring fans, eating anything you want, being handed people’s babies, dancing and whatnot?”

Jack got up and pushed his chair in. “Thanks, George.”

George smiled, then took her attention back to her computer, as Jack loomed in her office doorway.

“Yes, Jack?” She asked as she wrote something in an appointment book.

“Do we have to stay at the hotel, too?”

“Up to you, Jack. Do you feel like driving home back and forth early in the morning and late at night? Most of the guys are making a weekend of it and staying there. There’ll be team brunches every morning. We still have a couple rooms available in the block we reserved, so you can stay there if you want.”

Jack frowned again.

George paused and looked at him, “A little fun won’t kill you, Zimmermann.”

Jack nodded, attempted a meager smile and exited George’s office.

“Oh, and Jack?”


"Can I have my pen back?”

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The time Shiro cried because Keith had a boyfriend

7:38 AM

       The first thing Shiro noticed when he woke up was that he had a serious case of cotton mouth. The second thing he noticed was when he got up the room was spinning. “What the hell happened to me? Keith?”  He and Keith usually woke up together and enjoyed each other’s company before they had to get up and face the day. “I guess he already left for breakfast.” As graceful as a baby deer walking for the first time, he walked to the bathroom adjoined to his room. He looked up into the mirror and saw that his eyes had major baggage and puffiness. Groaning he washed his face and drank dome water straight from the tap of the sink. “I haven’t felt like this since the party that Matt threw after we were chosen for the Kerberos Mission.” After that night Shiro decided that his drinking days were over. Of course, a week later he found himself at another celebration that involved drinking.

       “What happened last night?” The last thing he could remember was trying out some elixir that the people from Methuis gave them as a thank you for freeing them from the Galra but after that everything was fuzzy. “Maybe Keith or the rest of the team can fill me in.” He couldn’t find his boots so he had to use his lion slippers instead. He still felt a little dizzy but he managed to make his way to the dining area without keeling over.

       “Speak of the devil!” Shiro winced at the sound of Lance’s loud voice. “Oops, sorry Shiro. Forgot you’d probably have a killer hangover.” Most of the team were sitting down enjoying the delicious breakfast that Hunk had made for them. Hunk and Corn sat on one side of the table as Pidge and Lance sat on the other. Keith and Allura were the only ones missing from the table.

       “Hangover? So that ‘elixir’ was just alcohol?” He asked as he sat down next to Lance and Pidge.  A grateful smile was sent Hunk’s way as their resident chef passed him a pre-prepared plate of food.

       “For the most part, yes. But from what Hunk and Lance have informed me about your planets drinks, the little sip of elixir you had was equivalent to about 12 of your earths…shots, was it?” Pidge nodded at Coran’s question.  

       “Yup, about 12 shots of Vodka. I’m kind of impressed you didn’t throw up.” Pidge gave a teasing disgusted face. “Although, I almost did with how gross you were being to Keith.”

       “I thought it was sweet. We never get to see them be all couple-y.” Hunk said with a soft smile.

     “I thought it was hilarious! Who knew Shiro was such a flirt?” Shiro’s face flushed at Lance’s comment.  

       “Flirting? What happened? I don’t remember anything from last night.” The looks that Hunk, Lance, and Pidge gave him did not do anything to ease his worries.


The night before: 10:30 PM

       Coran had told us that the drink wasn’t anything harmful but we were still a little worried about it so you offered to try it and five minutes later you started mumbling something about little lions

      “Where are my little lions?” Shiro was pulling of his boots and throwing them across the room in an uncaring manor as he stumbled around. Hunk looked over at Pidge mothing ‘little lions?’ as she just shrugged in response.

      “Uh, Shiro? What do you mean by little lions?” Lance was the one to ask their fearless leader as he looked around the rooms furniture.

      “The little lions! Y’know the ones that go on my feet. The black ones with the red wings.” Pidge snorted trying to contain her laughter as Hunk and Lance looked at Shiro in disbelief. They had never seen Shiro like this. He was always so calm and collected. Sure, they’ve seen Shiro be somewhat silly but this was a whole other level.

      “What is in this stuff?” Lance went over and sniffed at the still mostly filled drink and gagged at the smell. “Ah gross! It smells like someone mixed rum with vodka!” Still coughing at the smell Lance dumped out the drink. “I don’t think he’ll need the rest.”

      “If it’s alcohol there’s no way he can be this drunk already. He only had a sip!” Hunk picked up the bottle but the bottle didn’t have any kind of label on it (not that he’d be able to read it if it did).

      “Maybe space drinks are a lot stronger than the ones on earth.” Pidge couldn’t keep the laughter out of her voice as she talked. “That drink is probably similar to absinthe on Earth.” Shiro finally found his black lion slippers hiding under the couch and slipped them on. Just as he slipped them on Keith walked in with his hair still damp from his shower. The Garrison trio watched as Shiro’s eyes landed on Keith and his jaw dropped. Keith froze at Shiro’s intense gaze.

       “Um…Shiro? You okay?” Shiro stood up straight and walked up to Keith.

        “I’m better now that you’re here.” Lance made a weird noise as Shiro picked up Keith’s hand and gently pressed his lips to bruised knuckles. Keith’s ears were bright red as he looked questioningly over to the rest of the team.

        “Is he drunk?” They didn’t get a chance to answer as Shiro forced Keith’s attention back on him.

         “Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you look? Especially those eyes, they have more stars than space.” At this point, Pidge was muttering how she wished she had a camera and Hunk was watching Keith’s face turn redder and redder with every word that came out of Shiro’s mouth.

           “Shiro! You stole my line!” Lance grumbled as Shiro didn’t even acknowledge him but instead gave Keith a sickly-sweet look. Lance raised an eyebrow as Keith took his hand back and gave Shiro a fond and exasperated smile.

           “As a matter of fact, someone has told me that before.” At Keith’s statement Shiro immediately glared over at Lance. Pidge was laughing so hard that she was hiccupping and Hunk was getting there just by the look of fear on Lance’s face.

           “If I may ask, who?” Shiro asked, turning his attention back at Keith. Keith shook his head with a smile on his face as he crossed his arms.

           “My boyfriend.” Shiro froze and stared at Keith with a heartbroken look. The four of them saw tears swell in his grey eyes.

           “Boyfriend?” Keith nodded not affected by the tears or the bust of laughter from the trio still watching them. “Is he good to you?” Keith nodded. “Does he love and respect you?” Keith nodded again with a soft look. “Does he treat you like his equal and tell you how much you mean to him every day?” Another nod. “Does he make you happy?” At the final question, Keith gave the most genuine smile.

           “More than I think I deserve.” Shiro smiled sadly.

           “Then I’m happy for you but if you don’t mind, can you tell me who he is?” Keith huffed in amusement as he uncrossed one of his arms to grab Shiro’s right hand and tangle their fingers together.

           “He’s you.” Keith laughed as Shiro’s face lit up and his human arm wrapped around his waist to pull him closer.

           “Me? Really? How did I ever get so lucky?” Keith brought his other hand to Shiro’s cheek as he pressed their foreheads together.

           “I think I’m the one supposed to be asking that.” Shiro smiled softly as he tried to memorize every detail of Keith’s smile. Keith thumb stroked Shiro’s cheek as he pulled their faces closer together to pull him into a sweet kiss. When Keith pulled away Shiro immediately chased after him and pulled him into another.

            Their moment was shattered at the sound of fake gagging from Pidge and Lance, and the sound of Hunk blowing his nose still crying from such a heartfelt scene. “It’s just so beautiful.” The rest of the night was spent with the team messing with drunken Shiro with Keith glued to his side.


           “At around one in the morning we lost the two of you. I’m guessing you guys went back to your room since you were falling asleep.” Shiro nodded at Coran’s words, face incredibly hot as he got up. “Alright, thanks for catching me up.” He shuffled out of the room and leaned against the wall right outside. Why did they have to see me like that? Sighing in defeat he went off to the training room to find Keith. On his way, he bumped into Allura.

           “Ah, Shiro! How are you feeling? I heard you had a bit of a rough night.” Allura asked him in amusement. He wasn’t surprised they had told Allura what had happened. He found he didn’t mind so much. At least it showed Allura that he wasn’t near perfect.

           “I’m a little better now that I’ve eaten. I was just looking for Keith.”

           “I believe he just finished his morning training with the gladiator. I’m sure he’s still in there.” He thanked her and continued walking to the training room. He walked in to see Keith using the bottom half of his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face. His gazed lingered at the exposed skin as he let himself in.

           “Enjoying the view?” Keith gave him a teasing smirk and he pulled his shirt back down. Shiro just smiled back as he walked up to Keith and pulled him into his arms.

           “Always.” He replied and gave a gentle kiss to Keith’s forehead. Keith scrunched his nose and pulled away.

           “Gross, I’m still sweaty.” Shiro pulled him back in, closer this time, and buried his face in the crook of Keith’s neck and shoulder.

           “I don’t care.” After a minute of just holding each other Shiro pulled back with a sheepish smile. “I’m sorry about last night.” Keith shook his head with a small smile.

           “You don’t have to apologize. It’s not like I haven’t seen you drunk before.” Keith looked down, hiding behind his hair. “Besides, it was actually really cute.” Shiro chuckled warmly and tilted Keith’s chin up to press their lips together. Keith pulled away first and looked into Shiro’s eyes. “I love you.” Shiro’s eyes widen as he remembered one final detail from the night.

The night before: 1:13 AM

           Keith had helped him down the hall to their shared bedroom. He hadn’t bothered with the lights seeing as Shiro was already falling asleep before they even made it to the bed. Keith gently removed his shirt and pants to replace them with sweatpants and a loose shirt. He then did the same for himself and crawled into bed. Keith pulled a blanket over the both of them and just laid there watching as Shiro fell into an easy slumber.

           “You always talk about how lucky you are to have met me but I still think you’re wrong. I’m the luckiest person in the universe to be right here by your side every day. I would have never made it this far in life without you.” Keith whispered gently. “You saved my life when we met and now I’ll do everything it takes to keep you safe, just like I know you’ll do for me.” He felt a soft press of lips against his own. “I love you.”


           Looking into those grey blue (who are you kidding? They’re purple.) his chest ached with how much love he feels for the man in front of him. His right hand. His best friend. His boyfriend. Sometimes he feels selfish for being happy that Keith was here with him because Keith should be safe back on Earth. But then who would be coming to my rescue? Everything that has happened to this point has been fate. Their story has long since been written in the stars.

           “I love you, too.”

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You found her, now go and get her ✘ Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: I’M FINALLY POSTING MY FIRST REQUEST, YAY! I’m sorry it took so long, anon. School kills. I hope you like it! As well you, guys!

I’ll tag WestAllen bc this one got Westallen, but it’s not a Westallen imagine. Tbh I ship it so fucking bad and MY HEART HURTED!

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

 (Y/F/N) = Your fake name. (Y/L/F/N) = Your last fake name.

✘ Request: This might get complicated but can you do a Barry/grant imagine where Barry is trying to move on from iris (maybe they broke up or something) and he is either shown through Gideon or travels to our world where he sees the reader (singer actress) and grant have been together for awhile and are very happy so he tries to find the reader on his earth with the teams help

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

Things had been strained between Barry and Iris since the end of their engagement. They didn’t talk, they couldn’t stay in a room alone, and when their eyes met, before so demonstrative of love and admiration for each other, would just look away, making both people uncomfortable and any other human or metahuman around being able to feel the heavy breeze from the pressure in the air.

They loved each other, of course, they had loved each other since forever. And when they finally got together, Barry thought that maybe this time he had really won, maybe he’d gotten his happy ending, his peace.

Holy shit, how wrong he was.

Iris missed him more than anything, and so did he.

But it was clear that the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t say or show it more when Cisco entered excited on the cortex, saying that the future had changed. Iris would live. Savitar wouldn’t kill her.

“Actually, I saw her in the headlines. ‘Iris West, the youngest Central City’s journalist to win a pultizer award, public an article about metahuman medicine, with help from her old  friend, Caitlin Snow.'’ Cisco spoke in a forced tone of journalist’s newspaper’s 7, smile never leaving the his face. "Guys, Iris is alive and Caitlin won’t turn into Killer Frost!”

‘’But what changed?’’ Julian asked, but no one could care about what event made the tragedy go away, the focus was clear: the worst thing won’t happen anymore.

‘’We won Savitar, I knew it! I knew it!’’ H.R said exltedly.

Joe hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes as Cisco hugged Caitlin and HR ran out screaming something about coffee and cake to celebrate the occasion.

As much as Barry’s heart was relieved - Iris, the woman he loved, would live and have the success in journalism that she deserved! -  A persistent doubt struck the back of his head. Asking Iris to marry had not changed the future. Had breaking up with her done it?

Barry smiled at Iris as their gazes met, the first real smile from the end, she took a step toward him, and he could not help but try to reach her as well, but Caitlin hugged her just in time, happiness and relief filling the room.

Looking at the people that Barry Allen most loved in the world in such happiness, he couldn’t help but leave when no one was noticing and go to Gideon. Barry had to see if a certain event had reappeared.

His heart pounded, hoping he would continue with Iris, the girl he always wanted…

But he was not.

Flash missing vanishes in crise.

By Iris West.

No hyphen, no Allen.

Iris was alive, but she would only be like this if he didn’t have her.

A solitary tear fell down the cheek of Central City’s hero.

It was surprising how he could save everyone but himself.

But it was okay, if his happy ending was Iris at least alive, Barry accepted that.

He loved her too much to be selfish.


It was 3 months since Barry discovered he could not stay with Iris anymore. He was doing okay as much as possible. The thought that she would be alive made him try to move on, for Barry knew that if he didn’t, the West girl would die.

So the speedster was trying. The best he could, at least.

“This time, I’m 100% sure that the particle accelerator will not get you to another earth.” Cisco said while putting the device in Barry’s suit.

“100%?” Barry raised an eyebrow, doubting his friend’s statement.

“Okay, maybe more to 89%,” Cisco said as he moved to the computer. “Or 67%…”

“Oh, great! ”

“Earth two?” Julian asked Caitlin, trying to find himself in the conversation.

“No, it’s down to earth 4. It’s where Supergirl came from.” Caitlin explained.

“Who?” Julian asked confused as Caitlin began to gesture and explain about Team Flash’s interdimensional travels and friends.

“Okay, get ready.” Barry prepared to run, happy to do something that would always distract him from the world around him. “1… 2… 3… Go! ” The Flash ran, leaving papers flying through the cortex, Caitlin rolled sighed and went to pick them up while Julian approached Cisco to see Barry’s speed on the computer, until it simply disappeared.

“What was it?”


The Scarlet Speedster could feel in his breath that that oxygen was not that of his earth. He sighed and looked around, looking for some information on where he was or how to get help to get home.

As much as “home” was now all his relative happy, uncomfortable moments between him and Iris, the sure certainty that he would not have a happy ending and…

Barry shook his head from side to side, trying to hide his thoughts like someone throwing dirt under the rug. Time to gather information, find help, and go back to his earth.

The hero looked around again, he was on a street, one that seemed to belong only to the richest of any place. Hearing a loud noise as loud as hysterical screams, Barry glanced back, managing to see himself waving to a group of screaming people. Was that version of him famous?

He sped in the big place, looking twice, was a recording studio. The Flash sped through the room, studying everything until it found a trailer that contained clothes in his size.

Barry changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack, putting his uniform inside, starting to look around the trailer at human speed.

“Cool.” A smile appeared on his face to see a photo of him with two more dogs, he always wanted dogs. Barry finally found a computer and searched for the name on the door of the trailer.

Grant Gustin.

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an American actor, singer and dancer. Best known for playing the role of “Barry Allen” in The Flash series from CW show.

Okay, what should he be most shocked about? The fact that he is representing himself  or that he can dance?

Anyway, Barry continued his research. Grant Gustin seemed like a completely normal guy, in fact, all of the team seemed to be normal. No metahuman activity here.

Indicated for the best chemistry award on TV: Grant Gustin and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

This was a new one, he didn’t know anyone by that name. Barry clicked on the link of the story, basically they and 4 other couples competed for this award. The Forensic Scientist kept looking at the photo of himself smiling and hugging a girl, whom he couldn’t see, although he could not help but feel curious and even neediss to meet her.

Barry coughed, moving away from the computer. He had not felt anything like this since Iris.

Search: (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

Allen sighed and clicked on the first link to youtube that appeared, “(Y/F/N)” was talking and suddenly began to sing. He giggled, her voice was wonderful.

The next video was one of an interview with her, Barry clicked on the link and folded his arms, waiting for what could come.

Fully open mouth in ‘’O’’ was a euphemism for Barry’s expression. His chest was full of excitement, confusion… Hope?

His version of this earth was with this girl for years, and he seemed quite happy with her.

This was not Barry’s life, he knew that. But something inside his veins was begging for him, go get this girl.

For the first time after Iris, Barry Allen could feel something.

Just then, Cisco appeared, smiling relieved to see his friend well.

'’How about a vibe home, bro?’


“They were together for like three years and they looked really happy. I have to find this girl. I just have to. ”

“You’re like one of those in love Disney guys, are you going to start singing for no reason like them?” Cisco joked.

“And she was a singer actress!” Barry remembered.

“As lovely as it is, you know this was not your earth, right?” Caitlin said, wanting to make sure his friend’s head was in order.

As Barry opened his mouth to speak, the rest of the team entered the room. His heart ached a little to see Iris, she’s still Iris after all. The difference is that, this time, he accepted his new idea of destiny, Barry Allen was happy. He would have Iris at his side as his best friend, fully alive and amazing at job and someone to love, that was more than enough. It took some months to accept that he wasn’t going to be with Iris and a couple weeks before he came back from the other earth to accept that he could be happy with another person. But he did it.

Barry Allen accepted it and would hold onto this future.

“What were you talking about?” Wally asked with Big Belly Burger’s mouthful, Iris rolled her eyes at his brother’s attitude.

“About the girl that B.A is looking for! She and his look-alike, can you believe it? Look-alikes! - were together and kaboom! He wants to meet her here!” H.R said excitedly, not noticing what he was really talking about and in front of who.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco chided him, H.R looked around, his mouth popping open and his expression showing surprise at what he had done.

Before H.R could stutter some apoloze, the reaction in the cortex was completely the opposite of what was expected. Iris smiled at Barry, a genuine smile.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Bear.”


“What do we have?!” Barry asked as he stepped into the cortex, already in his The Flash outfit. Cisco and Caitlin had called him to STAR Labs saying they had found something that needed to be resolved urgently, but the whole Team was there, which was weird for a wednesday morning.

“What do you have to get, bro.” Cisco said smiling, eating another of his candys.


“We found her.” Caitlin smiled sweetly. Barry looked around the room, his eyes wide and his crescent-shaped mouth resting like a smile. “Her name on this earth is (Y/N) and… ”

“And we’d say more information about how much work to find her we got, but I guess all you want now is to run for her.” Cisco interrupted and laughed at his friend’s expression, noting how excited he was but happy for him as well as his entire team was.

“Go get your girl, Flash.” Iris said, smiling in encouragement, he stared at her and nodded, running out as he received the information from her location by the microphone in his suit.

And then, the world seemed finally to stop when Barry laid his eyes on (Y/N). Nothing was fast or slow, everything was in harmony for the first time in centuries. Barry could swear on his knees that there were no wars or problems in the world, because… How could something bad happen in the world when her smile existed?

There’s Nothing Holding Us Back (Part. 1/?) | Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by a-lovesweet

Pairing : Jeff Atkins x Reader

Words : 1532

A/N: This is my first imagine ever so please be gentle, i’m french so excuse me if i made some mistakes i tried my best :) I decided to pick Jeff because i clearly had a crush on him since the first time i saw him in 13RW and we all agree HE DESERVED BETTER. I will try to write other imagine about him and the rest of the cast so send me some requests if you want. And for this one, there will be probably 4 parts I guess :)

Enjoy and spread love

- Mathilde :) xx

You’ve been watching every details of your reflection in the mirror since ten minutes, just to find something that you could change. Something you could improve. If your shirt was good enough, even though it probably is the seventh that you tried. You know Jeff will arrive in about thirty minutes but you didn’t even decided about what you will wear tonight. There are must be fifteen different outfits scattered in your room, proving your indecision.

“Whatever you’re wearing, he will like you.” You can’t help but jump when you hear your best friend’s voice, Clay. He’s leaning on the door, still wearing his favorite hoodie. You didn’t even hear the doorbell or Clay climbing the stairs because you were too focused on your flaws. You smile at him while he’s sitting on the edge of you bed, where luckily there weren’t any clothes. “I’m sorry, Clay. I didn’t notice you were here.” His lips stretch in a mocking smile. “That’s what I’ve seen.”

You let yourself fall beside him, completly desesperate. You known him since seven months but he has quickly become someone very important for you. It was him who’s been charged to show you the Liberty High the day you arrived. You just couldn’t be far from each other since that day. All of your afternoons spent together in the library allowed you two to found out common grounds. Especially Comics. Being a big fan of Marvel, particurlarly the Winter Soldier, you just couldn’t let him criticise Bucky Barnes - who clearly deserved better. And the bound become wider.

He can do something for you. He can help you with Jeff. He knows him, right ? Plus, Clay has been talking with him about Hannah. You were hoping that the baseball player could have told him what he likes in girls. “I just can’t make a choice. It’s like I can’t get dressed anymore.” He giggles at what you said and you let your head laid on his shoulder. A bra suddenly appears in front of your face and Clay shakes it. “You really want to get it on with him, huh ?” You try to push him on the floor than laugh with him. “Fuck off, Jensen.”

“I just can’t understand why you’re so scared about this date. He has seen you without makeup, all sweaty and with your awful morning face.” You stick out your tongue at him. He’s not wrong but he just can not understand. Even though all of your gym class didn’t scare Jeff, you still wanted to be the prettiest girl in his eyes. “Look Clay, boys can only wear a jean and they still appear to be handsome. But girls need to feel beautiful, desired by guys. Get it ?” 

“Yes, but…” He’s been shutted by the ringbell. Of course, it’s Hannah who goes into your room, smiling. “Hello, Y/N. Hi, Helmet.” You give her a smile while Clay was just blushing. He blushed even more when she sat next to him. He can make fun of your sexy underwear but his reaction everytime Hannah is around him is a lot more funny. The poor guy loses confidence and becomes all nervous. You really have to do something to help these lovebirds. “You both wanted to stress me even more, don’t you ?” 

“Helmet called me. And the situation is worst than I expected.” You turn to Clay who is smart enough to understand your question. “Your brother. He saw how much you seemed to be lost and since your parents aren’t home, he called me.” It’s as if you didn’t have anyone but Clay as a friend. Although, this is not totally false. But there are also Tony and Skye with whom you get on well.

And there’s Hannah. A new student like you with whom you created a true friendship since you helped each other in physics class. You tried to talk with other students like the famous groupe friends of Justin Foley but you didn’t appreciate the way they treated Hannah. So you prefered hang out with the “biggest ass” of the school instead of completly douchebags.

“What Jeff told you about your date ?” Clay is trying to reassure you making conversation with you while Hannah has her head in your closet. She really wants to help you. “Barely nothing.” you respond. She hands you a navy blue blouse that goes up to your neck, one of your favorite shirt. “Wear this one. It suits you well and I’m sure, he’ll fall for you.” Just before putting it on, you turn to Clay so that he looks somewhere else. Of course, he has seen you in swimsuit at Bryce’s parties — where you forced him to go with you — but it wasn’t the same thing as underwear. Hannah is helping you to zip up in the back and as she said, you looked pretty cute wearing this shirt.

Jeff has to pick you up at 7, you only have 8 minutes to finish preparing you — you still have to do your makeup and put on some perfume then pick out you shoes. “Don’t you have work tonight ?” You didn’t pay attention until now but they are helping you instead of working at Cresmont. “There are two new and young employees who wanted to prove they can handle the job.“ Perfect. They can see each other anywhere else than the Cresmont or the school. 

You know how to do your makeup so it only takes you 5 minutes to do it. Of course, even a date won’t separate you from your eternal pairs of Nike. All covered with little drawings from Clay, Hannah and even Jeff. There’s also a little smiley with cross eyes from Justin Foley — he made it at the first party you came at the start of the year. Your favorite one will always be the one from Tony, two little laurel leaving on each side of your shoes.* But above all, you take his letterman jacket that he gave you after one of his baseball games. From this moment, you’ve had a big sign above your head saying “Taken by Jeff Atkins. Don’t touch”. And you kind of liked that. Getting you rid of assholes like Monty de le Cruz. And you were considered being more than just a friend to him.

“What are you going to do after I go ?” You give Clay a chance to propose her to do something together. “Maybe watch a movie ?” You were praying that Clay make the first step but Jeff decided to distract you from your goal. He has the chance you like him a lot because you totally could ask him to come back later.

You froze in the middle of your room while it feels like your heart will come out of your chest. “Shit. I wasn’t ready. I’m not ready. I can’t…” Okay, you’re gonna pee on yourself in about two seconds. “Shut up, Y/N. Everything will be alright. Just take a breath and calm down.” Clay wasn’t the type of guy to swear. But you knew that when he does it, it was because something particularly affected him. He was the calm one between you two. “C'mon, Y/N. It’s not as if it was Sebastian Stan** who was here to pick you up. It’s just Jeff Atkins. But for fuck’s sake, it’s still Jeff Atkins.”

“Now, stand up and join your boy.” he pursued. You give them a quick hug. “Thank you, guys.” Just before you step out of the room, Hannah took your hand, looking deep in yours eyes. “Please. Do not miss this chance.” You smile at her, thinking of all the times she pushed you and Jeff to recognize your feelings. Jeff was having a chat with your brother about the next baseball game. They were in the same team and you were relieved to know that they get along well. Your brother knew how kind and gentle was Jeff so there was no problem with you two hanging out.

They stop their conversation as you make your way to them. He’s wearing a white t-shirt highlighting his suntanned skin. God, he’s beautiful. “You ready to go ?” You can’t help but feel a little hurt because he didn’t say anything. Even if you’re just wearing a shirt with a pair of pants and you had his jacket, you were still hoping he would say something. “Yep. We can go.” You give a kiss to your brother just before leaving and following Jeff to his car.

“I didn’t want to make you feel unconfortable by making this in front of your little brother and Clay and Hannah who were clearly spying us but…” He’s looking at you with his beautiful smile. His legendary smile that makes all the girls fall in love with him. He’s running his hand across your face to your lips, caressing it with his thumb. Then presses it while your heart is beating more and more.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous.” He kisses you a few millimeters next to your lips, just where his thumb was. Even though he didn’t kiss you, the contact of his lips on your cheek totally electrified your all body. Jeff then took your hand and didn’t let it go until you arrived. 

*so I was thinking about harry styles’ tattoo for this drawing.

**he’s the one who plays Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) in Captain America.

Imagine that Bitty goes to a different uni and when he graduates he goes to work for a TV show/network where he mostly does food stories, has his own cooking segment, a series of very popular books and an online vlog, etc.

And let’s say that the reporter meant to be covering the latest Falconers game is indisposed because she’s having a baby, she’s friends with Bitty and knows he knows hockey and played in college so he gets voluntold to take over.

Bitty is pretty excited cause he’s a fan of the Falconers and also he still loves hockey and misses playing, and all goes well until the postgame interview in the locker room where Jack Zimmermann zeroes in on Bitty with laser focus.

“Didn’t your team play against Samwell in the frozen four?”

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Bucky Barnes One Shot/Blurb

Prompt: “If you touch so much a single hair on her head i’ll fucking kill you!” 

Bucky had kept his distance from the team ever since he’d joined the Avengers. He was a fragile soul, knowing full well that he’d hurt the people he was now working with and a part of him wished they’d treat him badly because of it rather than pretending as if it’d never happened. Despite being an on-looker in most situations, he’d grown to care and adore for every member of the team and was very protective of all of them – even if they didn’t know that.

You were his favourite though.

You didn’t pretend that he was never the Winter Soldier and you actually used it to your advantage. If you were ever on missions together and Bucky didn’t go ‘too hard’ on the enemy because he didn’t want to scare any of his team members, you’d turn around and yell something along the lines of, “I’ve seen you as the Winter Soldier, dammit! You kicked my ass and I know full well that you can kick theirs!”

It was weirdly motivational.

Steve had asked Bucky on several occasions if he wanted him to go talk to you about it and ask you to lay off him but Bucky insisted it was fine. Although Steve was worried that it might trigger Bucky in some way and make him ‘worse’, he eventually began to notice just how much it was helping his friend. It was even beginning to bring out a side in Bucky that Steve hadn’t seen since the war, a more humorous and charming side so he decided to keep his mouth shut. If it helped then so be it.

You had no idea about the effect you were having on Bucky Barnes. You thought he was cute and a bloody good agent, that was for sure. From the stories you’d heard from Steve about how Bucky was growing up, you even had become to feel protective of the man. He’d been such a light in Steve’s life and helped him through so much and now Bucky had basically had his soul sucked out of him. You did notice that he was beginning to seem like the Bucky that Steve had described, him casually throwing a bit of banter your way and being rather like a gentleman towards you – but you had no idea that this brighter side that was showing was because of your motivation.

When the team was preparing to raid a Hydra base, as per usual, they tried their best to dodge the touchy subject of Bucky’s once involvement with the organisation. They knew that he was loyal to the Avengers but they were worried that despite the amount of therapy he was getting that the ‘trigger/activation’ words might get him to get under Hydra’s control again. They spoke about this in hushed tones as Bucky was preparing in another room and they all agreed that it’d be best if you were the one to stick with him.

“If they use those – uh – trigger words and they affect you… do I have your full permission to knock you out?” you asked him on the quinjet.

Bucky gave a weak smile, “yeah, of course. I might be a bit heavy to carry though so just leave me there if it’s the best option.”

He was surprised when you suddenly placed a napkin in his lap and then handed over a pen to him.

“Like I’d leave you there, James. Now sign that waver saying that it’s okay for me to knock you out because I don’t want you getting all snarky on me afterwards if I leave a mark.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, looking down at the napkin in his lap.

“This is just a napkin that says ‘I, James Buchanan Barnes, am cool with (Y/N) (L/N) knocking me out when she sees it necessary.”

You shrugged, “I couldn’t exactly type up any serious legal documentation within the five minutes that I was told we’d be partners. I don’t know why I’m surprised though – we always seem to be partners now… probably because we’re the best team members.”

This earned a ‘hey! I heard that!’ from Sam but Bucky’s weak smile soon turned into a rather large and genuine one. He liked that even in dark times you still managed to have a sense of humour.

When you all began to file into the base, Bucky had a difficult time trying to keep up with you. You were agile, zipping in and out of rooms quickly whereas Bucky was much larger and bulkier than you so it was a challenge trying to cover for your quick self. Things seemed to be going well on your side as team A, who were on the west wing, were the ones that walked into the main part of the base. Bucky was beginning to think that the two of you had gotten lucky when he noticed you hadn’t reappeared out of one of the rooms.

“(Y/N)?” he whispered rather loudly, poking his gun into the room and his heart sped up when he saw you in a much larger man’s hold with a gun to your temple.

“Ah, the Winter Soldier – how good of you to join us,” the man said, a hint of a Russian accent in his tone.

“If you touch so much as a single hair on her head I’ll fucking kill you!” Bucky almost roared, his gun pointed straight at the man’s head but he didn’t even seem to flinch at his raised voice.

“Don’t worry, I know how much Ms (L/N) means to you. We’ve been watching you, Mr Barnes. We’ve been listening in on you talking about the feelings you have for this girl – she’s very pretty, isn’t she? I promise not to hurt her,” the man edged his gun towards Bucky, “but you will.”

Bucky and you were both utterly confused until the man started reciting the trigger words. You recognised the Russian words, ‘longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak’, and you thought you were heart was about to break in two as you watched Bucky stiffen up. You’d been an agent for a long time but you knew there was no way for you to get out of this one.

After the man said the final words, you could hear Steve’s panicked voice coming through your comms as he desperately tried to locate you and Bucky. Bucky now seemed as if he was waking up and you struggled in the grasp that was on you.

“Kill her and get me out safe,” the man said, stepping aside. Your weapons had been disposed of already and you began to calculate how you could get to the corner of the room to grab them. You didn’t want to fight Bucky – before, when he was the Winter Soldier, it hadn’t mattered when you fought him. You didn’t know him. Now… things were different.

He aimed the gun at your head and almost seemed to have a lifeless expression. You wondered if Bucky was still in there until you saw an oh-so familiar glint his eye. Swiftly, he turned his gun and shot the gun out of the enemy’s hand and then shot him in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. The gun shots had attracted the other agents who came running into the room, Steve mumbling “oh thank god” over and over again as he went to secure the prisoner.

You and Bucky seemed to be in some sort of trance. You weren’t usually affected by shock but this experience had really been something quite new. Bucky couldn’t believe that he’d overcome the activation words but as he looked at you, he knew why. He could never hurt you and he could never hurt his friends again.

“Fuck it,” you accidentally said aloud, basically sprinting into Bucky’s arms and kissing him so passionately that he stumbled backwards in surprise. He cupped your face, the kiss that you two were finally sharing having been a built up of emotions over several months and a few agents stepped out of the room as they felt as if they were ‘ruining the moment’.

“Guys!” Steve yelled, “is now really the time?”

You and Bucky were still close to one another, both of your faces flushed pink but thankfully it was hidden by the darkness. You could see the other team members, your friends, smirking to themselves as they pretended to be minding their own business but even the guy you just captured was smiling quite widely.

“I’d never hurt you, you know that, right?” Bucky mumbled, feeling embarrassed as you and him stepped back to let the others handle the situation. Both of you were still traumatised by the events that had just occurred but neither of you could stop smiling.

“I know, Bucky. Besides, you signed a waver saying that I could knock you out at any time that I felt necessary.”

He snorted, “it was a napkin.”

“It’s a sealed deal, soldier.”

Dear People In High School

This will mostly apply to girls but I think it’s still good advice.  If you have a crush on a guy learn how he acts in the boys locker room. Have a friend who is a guy who’s in the same gym class tell you if he talks disrespectfully of girls in the locker room.  For whatever reason locker rooms are where boys show their true colors, I’ve been on a ballroom team as well were everyone was pretty much family and got the same experience during shows and competitions which really pissed me off and I told the coaches what’s going on.  If you’re wondering if your crush will treat your well or is secretly a douche ask a trustworthy guy friend to tell you.  

I’ve had many friends that I had to tell “hey by the way your crush objectifies you and your friends with other boys in the locker room”  One friend still dated the guy saying “he’s changed” nope that’s just a play to get in your pants.  Said friend really regrets what happened.  Please be safe while in high school and I know it’s hard to tell which guy is a nice guy or secretly crazy but this should hopefully make it easier.

The Sun and The Stars {6}

Previous parts:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Word count: 3020

Warnings: Mentions of smut, light violence

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

“Don’t you two have a bed for this?” A voice sinks into the dull haze of your mind. You open your eyes to see Tony Stark in a full suit, standing over you.

“Fucking hell, Tony.” You groan as you scramble to cover yourself. “A little warning next time?”

Bucky wakes up from your movements and instantly pulls you against him to protect you from Tony’s gaze, but Tony, ever the gentleman, has turned his gaze from you and focuses on the view of the city.
“I mean I’m all for adventurous sex but at least end up in your own room at the end of it.”
“Shut up, Tony.” Bucky laughs as he sits up and pulls on a shirt.
“Now where’s the fun in that? I totally get the allure though. This view is incredible.” Tony replies as he fixes the buttons on his sleeve.

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How does Nora feel about femdom? (Asked by anon)
  • Nora, sitting with her team, a puzzled look on her face: I'm not sure what that is? Do you guys know?
  • Nora, after getting a collective shake of heads, stands up: Ah well, I'm gonna head off to the little girl's room. I'll ask Blake on my way back, maybe she'll know.
  • ~~~
  • Ren, sipping his tea while talking to his teammates: Mhm, Jaune you have gotten much better in your combat, though I still think you should get a little more mobi-
  • Nora, slamming a tight grip down onto Ren's shoulder, leaning into his ear: We need to
  • Jaune, watching Nora run off with Ren in tow: Ah...must be something about that thing she asked Blake, huh Pyrrha?
  • Pyrrha, holding onto her bright red cheek with one hand, the other holding her scroll, a lustful look on her face: Oh....oh my...
  • Jaune, raising an inquisitive eyebrow: Umm...Pyrrha?
Swollen eye

 Pairing : Carlos x Reader

Warnings : mention of a fight, a swollen eye and insults (+ kinda hinted bullying (better safe than sorry))

Summary : You got into a fight because someone said something bad about Carlos and your boyfriend patch you up.

Requested by Anon, thanks for the request I hope you’ll like it ! :) : “Can you please write a Carlos x Reader imagine where he comforts you after you get into a fist fight with someone who was making fun of you and/or him?” 

Originally posted by iiobsessionsii

The ice stung when Carlos carefully placed it on your swollen eye. You groaned because of the pain and your boyfriend stopped moving for an instant, looking intently at you. His eyes full of confusion, fear for you and of another thing that you couldn’t really pinpoint. Ah yes, anger, whoever did that to you was going to regret it, but first, he needed to understand why you were wounded.

“What happened ?” Carlos asked softly, putting the ice gently back on your eye while examining the rest of your body to detect any other injury. He felt extremely relieved when he saw that you weren’t any more injured.

“It’s that boy from our chemistry class, that a…. You know, the one who thinks you’re a villain ?”

Carlos nodded, you didn’t need to give any more explanation, that idiot had told multiple time the white-haired boy that he was a bad person and that he’d never change. Carlos ignored him most of the time and had already assured you that it was nothing and that, compared to the isle, the guy was an armless little worm.

“Don’t tell me…” Your boyfriend started again, afraid to understand what had happened. “Did he attack you ?!” You saw anger boil in his big brown eyes.

“With his words, yes.” You started before wincing because of your eye. “He said horrible stuffs about you and me. How you were going to hurt me, to leave me… How he was going to make you go back to the isle… And he went on again and again and I… Snapped. Then he punched me back.”

Carlos opened his eyes wide, he had never taken you for someone that would get into a fist fight. He didn’t know what to think of it, he was very happy you were okay but he hoped that it wouldn’t cause you any trouble. Above all, he decided it was time to go and talk to fairy godmother about the annoying boy. He didn’t care if that guy occasionally annoyed him but if you were concerned, then it was time to take care of this issue.

“I know it’s bad to fight but… He just… I know how hard it was for every one to believe you and the VKs are good guys. I don’t want him to try and make the others believe that you’re not good. I don’t want you to go back to the Isle. So I… kind of showed him that even children of heroes could punch people ?” You tried to light up the mood but the seriousness in Carlos’ eyes didn’t fade.

You both stayed in silence for a while until Carlos took off the ice from your eye. It seemed to be in a better shape. Taking a step back, your boyfriend put the ice on a drawer before he came back by your side and took you in his arms.

“Thank you for defending me but I don’t want you to get hurt in the process, y’know ?” He said, letting his head fall gently on your shoulder.

“I’m fine, I’m just protective of my boyfriend.” You smiled.

“And your boyfriend is protective of you.” Carlos completed before taking a step back, you hands still in his, while looking at your wound again. “Is it better ?”

“I feel like I have an actual eye and not a big ball. Still hurt a little tho…”

Carlos played with your fingers before telling you about his plan.

“We need to talk to the fairy godmother and to Ben, he’s the one that wanted to give the VK a chance, they’ll do something. We’re not going to let a bully rule our life…” He looked pointedly at your smollen eye. “… or hurt us, or make us expelled… That needs to stop. But before, we’re going to see Mal, I’m sure she’ll have some magic to heal your wound.”

You nodded with a smile and you left the room still holding hands?


 2 Days later, there was 1 student less in Chemistry class. The guy that annoyed you and your boyfriend had been told to stop and his parents had been informed of what he said and did. They weren’t very pleased with it and decided to transfer him in another school, closer to where his family lived. The chemistry class was now a better place.

“We’re a pretty good team together, aren’t we ?” You asked softly to your boyfriend while looking at the professor who was writing something on the board. “Fighting bullies, solving chemistry problems…”

Carlos smiled at you, nodding and took your hand in his. Then he turned his head to the board again.

Winners always get the girl

Title: Winners always get the girl

Characters: Cedric x reader, Harry, unnamed Hufflepuffs

Word Count: ~1.4k

Warnings: Snappy end, jealous Cedric, small hints at sexy time like blink and you miss it hints,

Request: Cedric x reader please! Maybe where reader helps care for another player after a rough quidditch and Cedric gets jealous because he likes her but hasn’t told her yet and want her to himself. Thanks xxx

It had been a particularly harsh match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Quidditch always tended to be a dangerous sport, but today all the beaters seemed to have focused especially on the Hufflepuff captain. He had taken quite a few hits, but at the end he stayed on his broom all through the game and that was what mattered.

Or it would matter if it hadn’t been for Potter once again being his super talented self and catching the snitch. Cedric liked the kid well enough normally, but sometimes he seemed unfairly talented and on the field he wished a bludger would hit him in his stupid face.

Especially on days like today when he saw you coming down from the ranks, walking straight to Harry to check if he was okay and to congratulate him for the awesome win. It was days like today that he wished his team would only once beat the damn Gryffindor’s so he would stand a slight chance to be the one you walked up to. A guy was allowed to dream.

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Chameleon [part 1]

Synopsis: [in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far


This is my first Marvel fanfiction. The storyline and the time are different, some characters weren’t supposed to be there, others are out… Hope you guys like it.
P.S.: You will start seeing more drama and action from chapter 3. Still, the first two chapters are very important.

You weren’t used to be around superheroes. You saw them on tv whenever the news had amateur’s footage of the Avengers’ act of justice around the country and even the world. It was the closest you got from an Avenger before, seeing them through a tv screen in some heroic situation.

But this time was different. You were right there, in front of the national idols, the role models for the kids and teenagers of America. You wanted to feel somehow amazed by that, maybe thankful to have the opportunity to be right there and then with them in the reunion’s room. But you didn’t. You were thinking too much and getting scared of what was to come, it was when Fury introduced you to the team.

“No more procrastination, this is Y/N and she is now one of us. One of you.”
Nobody seemed to understand how could anyone like you be any good to be an Avenger.

Your looks didn’t reveal much about you, there was nothing apparently ‘bizarre’ or heroic about you. You seemed just like a young woman, a regular civilian, nothing very special to be with them. But you were choosen by Nick Fury what made the team give you some respect even if they still didn’t know what were the goods you were bringing to their cause.

“Y/N is going to get a room on the 13th floor.” Your ‘mentor’ pronounced himself once again. “She is also going to train with your guys. For that, I already arrenged her schedule; I want her with you, agent Romanoff. I know you can have this responsibility in your hands.- Stark,” he called the genius that imediatly regretted being in this room if he only knew that Nick was going to ask anything.

“Let’s start working on some technology for our Y/N here.” Fury touched your shoulder in a caring way but never letting down his leader’s attitude.

“For that I’ll need to know what this teenager has to offer…” Tony Stark gave you a mean look, way too curious about your skills. You didn’t care about that, but the way he called you a teenager already built a wall between the two of you. You were no teenager, you were no little 'non harmful’ girl. They didn’t know anything about you. Maybe only Nick.

“I don’t need your technologies. I’ll be fine on my own skin.” Your words caught their attentions and Nick was happy to see what you got to say.

Natasha on the other hand wasn’t so pleased to know she would train you. Well, who were you in the first place? Agent Romanoff wouldn’t help anyone she didn’t know- but she had to, because she trusted Fury and all of the Avengers had this commitment with him. Trust. That’s what being a superhero was all about.

“Captain” the blue eyed man had a serious look towards the both of you, his perfect posture and clenched jaw were things you you took notice of. “May you show Y/N the accommodation is?”

The man nodded. You never thought in your entire life that you would have Captain America to show you around the Avengers’ accommodation while Tony Stark had a massive discussion with Nick Fury in the reunions room. It was comic to you, not so much to the other avengers.

“This is where we train. You’ll spend a lot of time in here with Natasha.” Steve’s serene voice was much better than his serious face from minutes ago. He was trying his best to embrace you in this whole new phase in your life even though all he knew about you was your name.

“Do you know how to throw a punch?” he asked somehow lightning up the mood. He was Captain America but he felt a little intimidated by your mysterious vibe. Who would even think of that? Surely not you.

“I prefer having a strategy, a plan, than to actually throw punchs. But if that’s what you want, I guess I’ll do my best to physically hurt someone.” your words.

Gosh, how scary you were for a girl that looked so angelical and saint. This wasn’t right to his eyes. Steve didn’t expect Fury to bring an amateur to the team, but neither he expected a strategist to join them. He thought you would be more of a physical fighter like everyone else.

Steve was wrong, everybody was wrong. They didn’t know you. You didn’t feel like you were anything like them, but someone completly original, authentic. There wasn’t anyone else like you out there, with the same powers, same life path…

How did you get there though? How did Nick find you? You were so well hidden from the world, from the big city, the villains, the criminals, the people like you and like Fury.

You shook your head before your thoughts turned into words and out of your mouth. Steve looked at you curious and concerned. He had a soft side that told him to take care of you. Nothing unusual for our Steve Rogers.

The captain led your way out of the gym. Both of you walked around the accomodation and he had all the patience to explain to you what every room was for. Sometimes he didn’t know what some of the doors would lead to, but he surely knew they were more of Bruce and Tony’s science labs.

“And this is your new room. I hope you like it. It’s not so fancy but has a nice view.” He pointed to the window where you could see the city from a very hgh level. New York, what a place.

“If you excuse me.” Rogers was making his way out of your room leaving you alone with the beautiful sunset.

After the door was closed, you let out a relieved sigh. This wasn’t going to be any easy. You didn’t feel like a superhero yourself, but you were making it for something important, for someone who trusted you, for your country and everybody else who was on the aim of getting hurt, killed…

You were an Avenger now, even if the other memebers still didn’t accept you completely. Although you felt Rogers having a positive first impression about you and this being important to gain the respect of the others, you knew that whenever they learned what were your 'superpowers’, things wouldn’t be so easy on you.

Dinner time.

Next: Part 2

A/N: If you wanna use the tag #Chameleon on this blog, you will keep up with all the chapters I’ll be posting from now. Don’t forget to leave some feedback. 

-Pearl Writer

Alexander Wennberg #1

anon: Can you do an Alexander wennberg one where you bring your new baby to meet the rest of the team? Love you writing:)

I’m back! and i’m so sorry that I disappeared for so long. I promise that i will post all the requests. Now… this is really not my best imagine, but hope you enjoy it!

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You were with your mom both sitting on the sofa. You didn’t go personally to the game because Alex didn’t want you to leave the house if it was not wrapped in that plastic with bubbles to wrap fragile things. You are pregnant of 9 months and the water could break anytime. Honestly, you were a little scared. Being a first-time mother was nothing you could control. Hormones are a constant up and down.

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ISG : Chapter 1

Welcome to the Internet Support Group. Please Enter your name and patient number to login.

Name : Luke Alvez

Login # : 765009

The lights flickered in the room, lamp swinging side to side as the boat rocked. He took one step forward, testing the floorboards and making sure they wouldn’t creak and alert the target of his presence. He stepped lightly making his way in despite the ringing in his earpiece telling him to wait for backup. Advice he might have heeded in any other situation except this one. He felt his unit chief words bind him in place for a second, pulling him back but he swore under his breath and pulled the ear piece out and ran in. He kicked the door open, nearly smashing into pieces.

“Federal agents! Put the weapon down!” he yelled on instinct. But as soon as the fell off his lips he froze. The perp stood over Mel, blood dripping off the knife in his hands. The metal plate walls stained with it as well. The smell of rotting flesh and smoke filled the air.

The man turned, face him. Pale white skin gleaming under the dirty dull lamp light, yellow teeth shining through a thin lipped grin.

“Should have waited Agent” he sneered. As if on instinct Luke’s hands fell on the trigger, pulling it and shooting furiously at the man. The light bulbs burst from a stray bullet. Luke put his gun down, grabbing the flashlight on his waist and turning it on. The man had gone, only leaving his victim bleeding profusely.

Luke looked around trying to figure out how the killer had escaped but it didn’t matter now. He ran to his partner , his friend who was attempting to sit up despite the fact that he was cut open. Stomach slit with medical precision almost reaching the spot between his lungs.

“Mel, hey Mel look at me buddy. You alright?” Luke called, hands cupping his friends face flicking the flecks of blood of the sides of his mouth.

“Bomb” he coughed, choking. He gripped Luke’s hand and pushed him. “Go” he coughed.

“No I’m not leaving ya Mel, come on “ Luke said, panic evident in his voice. He shook the chain that were locked around Mel’s wrist and ankles. A ticking time bomb on his half open chest.

Mel grabbed Luke’s hand with all the strength left in his body, shoving his  badge and wedding ring in the palm of Luke’s hand.

“Go” he croaked.

Luke gasped sitting up in his bed, sweating and panting. His hands clutched the bedsheets around him. Roxy whimpered beside him, lifting her head up from the doggy bed in the corner.

Just a dream, just a goddamn dream.

Dreams are figments of imagination Alvez, you didn’t imagine that.

“Luke? You okay?” Irene asked, rolling onto her side. At least, he thought that was her name. He’d picked her up at the bar merely a few hours ago and they really spoken that much.

“Yeah, yeah just hold on a second” he mumbled hopping out of the bed. The dull moonlight glistened against his bare and sweaty body as he made his way to the living room, Roxy trotting at his heels. He picked up his phone and scrolled through the contact list ,quickly tapping at the number that sent him straight to voicemail.

“Hey Hotchner, this is Luke. I’ve reconsidered. Is that spot on your team still open?”

Welcome to the Internet Support Group, courtesy of the U.S government for struggling veterans.

Sign Up

Name :Mayavati K Pillai

Condition : PTSD (relapsed); Anxiety

Current profession : NCIS Special Agent

military affiliation :Ex Navy Doctor

Maya stormed into the office, flinging the door open so that she startled the PA whose name she’d forgotten.

“Is Vance in?” she growled, glaring at the girl with wild eyes.

“Y.yes but you can’t..”

Ignoring her Maya pushed through the door straight into Vance’s office, interrupting his phone call.

“I will call you back Eli” he sighed, cutting the phone.

“You’re benching me?” she yelled, slamming the form that  Gibbs had placed methodically on her desk.  

“I had no choice” Vance snapped, face clear with annoyance.

“Yeah you did. You could have not benched me. Come on Director it was one breakdown, one. It didn’t even cost us the goddamn mission “ she pointed out, pacing about the room. Stalking him like a hungry lioness.

“A breakdown is still a breakdown. What if your teammates hadn’t been there?” he replied.

“I would have shot the guy and the victims would have gotten justice” she retorted.

“You don’t believe that” Vance sighed.

“No I don’t, which means I am thinking rationally and am aware my actions could have had consequences. But they didn’t and won’t because we are a team and are always there for each other. I was in the Navy for God’s sake, I know how to fight through fear” she sighed, voice tinged with desperation.

“Put me back on the field Vance”

He looked up at her and simply sighed, spitting his toothpick out into the trash.

“Until you prove you are mentally stable I can’t, it’s protocol”. His response cause Maya to snap yet again.

“Where was protocol when we were in Somalia?” she yelled. The tensed silence that filled the air was broken when Gibbs walked in.

“You will attend that support group every day until you show to me that you can handle the field. Besides it will give you time to figure out how to do paperwork” Vance ordered, the edge in his voice clear that his decision was final. Maya stood up straight and stormed out, glancing at Gibbs who merely shrugged his shoulders.

Her mind was blank with rage she stomped on each step with all the strength in her body as she walked down to the bullpen, hoping to at least slightly damage the infrastructure. She pushed passed her co-workers who had been crowding around her desk, staring at the Director’s office.

“I take it that didn’t go well” Tony asked, wincing as Maya slammed her desk drawer shut, pulling the days files out.

“No it didn't” she sighed, still fuming.

“So are you going to do it? Attend the support group?” McGee finally asked, after Tony nudged him for the billionth time.

“Do I have a choice?” she sighed looking up at the three of them .

“You could attend a real support group and physically talk to people” McGee pointed out.

Maya scrunched her nose at the very thought.

She pictured a white and cream colored room with too clean wooden floors and people sitting in a circle crying their eyes out over other people’s problems. The awkward ice breakers, the touchy feely mentors.

Maybe Vance had caught her a break.  

“Well it is better than not being able to work here” Ziva suggested, nudging her arm.

“Easy for you to say, you already passed your psych eval” Maya grumbled, logging onto her computer to begin running down the location of their most recent victims mother.

“With great difficulty. Trust me Maya , it’s better that you actually talk to someone about your feelings before you take it. Otherwise you just end up saying the wrong thing” Ziva consoled, squeezing her shoulder before she walked off to her desk.

As her co workers settled back into their daily routine, Maya began her new one. One filled with aimless info searching, data entry and filing.

Oh joy.

Thank you for choosing the United States Support Group for your needs. We have analyzed your application and paired you up with your partner for this 6 month period. Your partner is chosen based on the similarity of your conditions and experiences.Everything you type is protected so you are free to talk about your professional lives within reason. Please email us at

User ; Maya.K

Check in time : 6:47pm

Maya.K : So what are you in here for?

Luke.A : What no hi, hello, hey how’s it going…

Maya.K : Hi I’m Maya, what are you in here for

Luke.A : Hi Maya I’m Luke. I’m here for PTSD, what about you.

Maya.K : Pretty much the same thing, among other things.

Luke. A : Wanna talk about it?

Maya. K : So direct, we’ve only known each other for 2 minutes

Luke . A : 3 minutes actually. And this is coming from the girl who’s words to me were what are you in for?

Maya.K : Technically it was so, what are you in here for. And how do you know I’m a girl.

Luke. A : I don’t know many men called Maya.

Maya.K: I could be a 40 year old obese man who chops up people to get off for all you know.

Luke.A: Why is that scenario so specific?

Maya.K : My last case revolved around a dude like that. It was creepy.

Luke.A : What is it you do exactly?

Maya.K : I’m an NCIS agent

Luke.A: Navy? Ex-Military?

Maya.K: Navy doctor.I would say ex but then again dies ex military really mean anything?

Luke.A: If it did we wouldn’t be here.

Maya.K: Who said anything about breakdowns? I am a completely fictional human being. Now, what’s a seemingly normal guy like yourself need therapy for?

Luke.A: I am attempting to join the FBI,which is why I need to prove to them I am not crazy.

Maya.K: Fair point, but if you are working with crazy people you have the license to be insane within reason

Luke.A : Insane within reason,what does that even mean?

Maya.K : I guess we’ll find out together now won’t we.

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Lucid Dreams

“Night” you give Sophie a mocking military salute before going into your room and calling it a night, no, a week!

House parties are super fun! Except when your housemates are the ones throwing it… the party was kinda great, you had fun and got a little tipsy, made out with that gorgeous guy from the football team; that you don’t quite remember his name, but it’s okay. The cleaning after is the whole problem.

After the police showed up at the front steps you had to throw everyone out and now almost 3 hours later you’re going to hit the hay, knowing you still have stuff to do in the morning.

You lay againt the door and close it with your back as your fingers hook on the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head, you’re already working on your jeans when a snore-like sound startles you.

“What the-”

Quickly, walking backwards you turn on the light. “Fuck.”

There’s a guy passed out in your bed, just laying there, he’s only wearing a pair of boxers, hi clothes strewn all over the floor and he’s.giant. His long legs are stretched making his big feet hang over the side and… well his butt’s kinda nice to look at.

“Uughh fuck it!” you sigh, giving up after you shake him and he doesn’t wake up.  You poke him in the ribs until he rolls to the side a bit, leaving enough room for you to lay next to him.

You’re exhausted, you’ll deal with all of this in the morning…

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hey can u do one where the team are staying over at a hotel for a case and reader is having a really rough night cause the case brought back memories of her past ( rape maybe?) and Luke sees you drinking and crying and you talk for a while and then start kissing and it gets really heated but then you hear the team close the door (they haven’t seen you guys) and then you both get super awkward when they walk into the room your in? But they still don’t find out 

Requested by Anon~

You didn’t know how you and Luke went from talking about your past to kissing. But you’ve been drinking and crying and trying to push away bad memories when Luke approached you. And now, you barely remember why you were crying.

His hand went up and pressed against your back, lightly pulling you closer. The heat radiating off his body made you a little light-headed. As the kiss ended, your foreheads touched as you two panted for breath.

And just as you were about to speak, you were dimly aware of the door closing. As if somebody had just come into the room. Instantly, you pulled yourself away from Luke, who was trying to fix his hair.

“Hey, guys.” Prentiss greeted tiredly, followed by the rest of the team. They weren’t grinning. Weren’t teasing. Maybe they didn’t see a thing. When you glanced up to Luke, he shrugged and mouthed, ‘you okay?’

That warm feeling returned; the same feeling you got when you first kissed Luke. When you nodded, he turned away, as to not draw attention.

Annoying love

Request: anonymous: So, reader is an avenger and they all live together at the tower (including Clint’s dog, damn you MCU for not having Lucky) and Clint and the reader are always annoying each other, Clint is more laid back during missions while reader is kind of paranoid and when they get teamed up together, this go south. Reader gets injured and Clint feels really guilty, then they fight because he apologizes too much and in the middle of it he confesses he loves her.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Word count: 1.286

Warnings: swearing, injured reader (getting shot)

A/N: I feel like I stretched this one out to far. What do you guys think?

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“BARTON!” your angered voice sounded through the Avengers tower, causing Sam to stick his head around the corner in curiosity. He quickly retreated his head when you stormed past him, face flushed with anger and hands balled into fists.

“Oh dear, she looked exceptionally angry this time.” He muttered and looked over to Steve, who hurried to finish his coffee. “What ever he did, we better not be in the line of fire. Wanna take Lucky for a walk?” said man asked in between sips of his drink.

“You bet!” Sam answered and together they hurried out of the kitchen.

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Youre a what?
Young justice x reader

Warnings: none

I wrote this a long time ago but never posted it. Hope you like it.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

You’re secret identity wasn’t really a huge secret. Not like robins. Actually to be honest, the whole team knew… I mean you did live in the cave.

The funny thing about being on the team was hearing robin complain about all the pot heads at his school and how much he hated the smell.

You were responsible about the fact that you yourself are a stoner. You made sure you were never high for missions.

Usually you would sneak out of the cave in which you live and smoke up on the beach.

You hid the fact that you smoked pot pretty well. Always made sure you sprayed perfume,burned incense.

No, it wasn’t untill you accidentally left out a plate of the strongest weed brownies you had ever had on the counter in the kitchen one evening.

You were too high to remember where you put them but, eventually you remembered. Upon leaving your room to retrieve the brownies, you saw that everyone was in the kitchen eatting Them.

“Uh oh…” everyone looked at you as you said that.
“Y/n, did you make these? They are fantastic!” Oh megan…

“Yeah babe, these are fantastic.” Kaldur’, artimis and superboy all nodded in agreement.

Looking around the room, you just saw robin staring at you with a blank expression.

“Thanks…guys..” Robin was still staring ay you and you quickly turned to leave the room.

You sighed as you crashed on your bed. ‘Tomorrow, we can deal with this. For now… bong hoot then bed’

As you woke up in the morning, you suited up and walked out to see that the whole team was sitting in the kitchen talking.

You felt a smirk pull at your lips as you recalled last night. By now, they all knew for sure that among them selves, they had ingested about an ounce of weed stuffed into a pan for baked goods.

“Have a fun night last night,guys?”

They all looked at you. “It’s not a joke y/n. You drugged us.”

You look at artimis and see the dead serious expression on her face.

“I did no such thing. I simply forgot the brownies on the counter and you found them. They were actually for my school friends.”

You struggle to hold back a laugh as their eyes widen slightly as they realize that that makes more sense then what the had all thought.

“Hello megan! You would never drug us. Sorry. ”

With a sigh, you shake your head. “Don’t panic, it’s organic.”

You make your way through the kids and get a glass of water.

“I’m do not understand. What is this weed? How does it work? They never said anything of this in Atlantis.” You turned to face Kaldur’ and began to explain how it worked. After talking about all things weed with the team for about 15 more minutes you retreated to you room.

Today seemed pretty uneventful so you decided to go down to the beach and blaze a bit.

As you were about to pull the bowl, artimis and superboy both sit infront of you.

“Err- sorry to bother you. We just wanted to make sure you were - uhm…okay?”

You pull out the bowl and inhale the rest of the smoke before letting it out.

“I am great. Why wou-” you were suddenly cut off by a gust of wind beside you.

Turning your head, you see wally also sitting among you on the oceans edge.

“Hey babe, may I..take a hoot?”

You start to pack another bowl for wally.

“Never thought I’d blaze with the wally west.” You handed him the bong and your lighter.

Turning your attention back to the two others, awkwardly scratch the bck of your neck. “You guys want a hoot?”

They both shared a glance before shrugging. “Might as well try it.”

You smile at the fact that superboy was about to smoke weed for the first time. “How exactly do you do it?”

Taking the bing back from wally, you pack yet another bowl.

“Well, you place your mouth on the top right here… and then you start to suck in as you light the weed that is in the bowl. It’s okay if you don’t pouch the bowl the first time.”

You watch as he does what you told him to do and bite back a smile as he starts to cough half way through his hoot. “Noob”

After his struggle to inhale all the smoke, he looked at you, but before he could say anything he burst out laughing.

“Urm…you okay wally?” Artimis asked.

“Hahahahah couldn’t. …be…better. take take a hoot.”

You packed 5 more bowls. 1 for artimis, 2 for super boy, and 2 for yourself.

You all got high relatively quickly. It was nice to not blaze alone for once.

The 4 of you layed on the beach and watched the could pass by. It was a while before anyone of you spoke up.

“This is nice. I’m really glad you joined the team, y/n. I was skeptical at first but you’ve taught me how to take a break and relax for once. Thank you” Superboy reached down and grabbed your hand.

You always had a thing for him, but you were too shy to say anything.

“Yea. I was really mad yesterday when I thought you drugged us. But this is actually pretty chill. I’m sorry I got so mad”

You smile. Perhaps this was the start of something new. “You guys can blaze with me when ever you want. Just don’t be high for missions and don’t say anything to robin.”

As the sky faded into darkness, you all fell asleep to the sound of the ocean waves lap at the Sandy beach. It was a good day.