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Astral Wish

Word Count: ~800

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader

Notes: demon/royalty! au or something like that

“the world has changed, the night sky is filled with silver stars.”

“Are you serious? You too?” A booming voice echoes through the great hall, making everyone cower.

“I-I’m sorry my Lord,” a small figure kneels below the steps that lead up to the magnificent throne. Chanyeol looks down from the seat, his ruby orbs grows even more intense.

“This is the fifth time it’s failed. Are you all just here for decoration?” He directs these words even at his highest commanding officers, who all have their heads down in embarrassment.

Chanyeol lets out a frustrated sigh and runs his hands through his jet-black hair a few times. “Get out. All of you.”

“My Lord, I-I can expla-” the man chokes mid sentence, the air around him thins, and his whole body paralyzes.

“Did I fucking stutter?” Chanyeol’s eyes are glowing, and a dark aura surrounds him. Immediately, the hall clears out, and the small man scuttles away, drenched with sweat.

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Prompt: “What about a Soulmate one with bones.” -Anon

Word Count: 2,140

Author’s Note: In doing my research for this one, I learned that I think I love this trope. It’s so cute. I hope you guys like this, we’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

Tags: @bkwrm523

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Bad Day: Poly Hamilsquad x reader

Warnings: Mentions of Bird waste products, group hugs

You sat on the couch, eyes glued to the tv. You’d been crying earlier but it had calmed down to hiccups and almost-sobs. You would have cried more, if you had any energy left.

It took a lot of energy just to raise the spoonful of ice cream to your mouth.

Tissues surrounded you, wrapping around you like a blanket.

You did have a blanket around you under the tissues but there were so many tissues that you weren’t sure if you could see the blanket.

It didn’t matter to you much anyway. Nothing seemed to be going right today and you just couldn’t handle anything else going wrong. So you called in sick and stayed home, your boyfriends unaware that you hadn’t left the house. Yeah, you heard that right. Boyfriends! Yes, you were all dating each other and no, no one was cheating on anyone.

You’d met Alex first and only learned of the other’s relationships when Alex introduced you to them.

You hadn’t been scared off like so many people before you. Instead, you had smiled at them and said, “I’m so happy you could find three other people who will love and support you! Sometimes it’s hard to just find one person that will do that. Thanks for telling me, I know this couldn’t have been easy for you all.”

That ended in a group hug session and from then on, you loved hanging out with them.

Over time, you started to develop feelings for the Hamilsquad and they felt the same way toward you.

The day that they told you that they wanted you to join in on their relationship was one of the happiest times you could remember. You were so happy to find such loving and supportive people.

Even that happy memory wasn’t enough to block out your sadness and stress.

That’s exactly where your boyfriends found you when they walked in the door.

They had all went grocery shopping after they could go home as a surprise to you, because they knew you were stressed. They didn’t quite realized how stressed you were until they walked in through their front door to see you, covered in tissues, not even looking up toward them.

Their laughter immediately died off as they saw you, quickly walking through the front door of the house you all shared.

They put the grocery bags on the table, quickly putting the things that needed to be frozen or refrigerated away before they rushed over to you.

John sat to your right, while Hercules sat to your left. Alex sat in front of John, on the floor, making sure to leave room for your legs. Lafayette did the same thing and sat in front of Hercules.

You still hadn’t realized they were there, still staring blankly at the television screen.

John, worried, said, “Y/N? Y/N? Are you ok? Y/N?” The last Y/N caught your attention and you looked up toward John, only now noticing that he was there.

You glanced around you, seeing that Laf, Alex, and Hercules was there as well. They all looked concerned and slightly worried.

Their looks of concern, worry and love only brought the tears back full force and you fell into John’s arms, sobbing. You quickly became the center of a group hug. John kept his arms around you, while Hercules gently ran his hands through your hair in an effort to calm you down. Lafayette gently rubbed your back and Alex was talking to you in a soothing tone.
In that instance, you were incredibly happy that he could talk nonstop.

It took a few minutes but slowly, you had calmed down enough to sort of be able to breath in without setting off another round of hiccup-sobs.

Still hiding your face against John’s chest, your “I’m sorry” came out muffled but they all heard it.

Various “it’s ok” and “what’s wrong?” echoed throughout the room.

Gently sitting up, trying not to startle anyone, you took a deep breath and glanced at their faces, tears blurring your vision.

“I had a really crappy day. You all were gone before I woke up, like normal, but my alarm didn’t go off so I slept in for two hours past my alarm. I spilled coffee all over my favorite shirt” you sniffled here and Alex handed you a tissue. You muttered a thanks before blowing your nose. “It’s the shirt you made me Hercules. I tried to get the coffee out but it’s stuck!” You started crying again, wishing that you had worn any shirt but that one. It unfortunately was the first top your hands had landed on. Then I tried to make more coffee, because all of it was on the shirt, but then the coffee maker broke! And then on my way out to my car, some stupid bird pooped on my car door handle and I didn’t see it in time. Plus, I keep getting projects and I just can’t finish all of them! They aren’t giving me any time between projects and I just can’t do that anymore.“ The group had pulled you into another group hug, wishing they could do something to help.

“I called in as sick, I just couldn’t handle something else going wrong.” The words were mumbled as yet again, your face was pressed against someone’s chest.

You let out a small laugh, saying, “Um, guys? A little squished here!”

Instantly, they pulled back from the group hug, smiling toward you. They were glad that you were feeling a bit better.

Suddenly, Lafayette’s eyes widened and he said, “pourquoi don’t we help you with your projets?” (Why don’t we help you with your projects?)

Hercules chimed in next, “I can always make you another shirt out of the same fabric. I still have a lot left over from making your other shirt.”

John said next, “I can help you with your alarm! I think I accidentally bumped into the power outlet the other day and I don’t think it’s quite plugged all the way into the wall.” He sheepishly smiled toward you and you shook your head, a small smile on your face.

Alex, the last of the group, said, “I can run to the store and buy another coffeemaker. Our old one definitely needed replacing. I can also run your car through the car wash on my way back.”

They looked up at you, waiting to see your reaction.

A large smile spread across your face as happy tears fell from your eyes.

“You are the best boyfriends in the entire world. I love you all so much!”

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Sick - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 10)

Requested by anons: In love with PT diaries😍, could part 8 possible be Parise trying to pursue the reader? Geno gets super jealous and maybe he kisses her out of anger ?

Could you please do another PT Diaries where another player is nice to you and Geno’s upset about it but you’re like “no way are we doing this again. Especially while you’re injured” (sorta like part 5??) Thank You!!!

A/N: Okay, this sucks a lot and has nothing to do with the prompts and I’m awful. I’m so sorry. I hate it. Ugh. Send me brutal criticism, I deserve it.

Word count: 1108

Warnings: none other than stomach sickness.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8  Episode 9

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Originally posted by 871malkincrosby

Our trip to Minnesota couldn’t have been more turbulent and I am still not feeling well by the time we get to the hotel. We are staying in Saint Paul for a couple days and then in Detroit for another two before going back to Pittsburgh.

“Feeling any better?” Michelle Crechiolo, and my roommate, asks me.

I shake my head, using my thumb and index finger to pinch the bridge of my nose. I am quite dizzy, my head is pounding and my stomach is rather upset after getting motion sickness on the plane and then endure a bus trip from the airport to the hotel.

“Maybe you should stay here and skip practice today.” She suggests and I nod, plopping myself on the bed and burying my head on the pillow. “I’ll tell everyone. Get better, babe.”

I don’t say anything but I hear the door opening and shutting behind her, leaving me by myself. The room is dark and I can feel myself drifting into sleep, snuggling into my pillows. Knocks on my door wake me up and I try to get on my feet as soon as I can and open the door, finding Geno on the other side of the door, holding himself up with his crutches.

“Geno, hi.” I say, rubbing my eyes. The pounding in my head and the dizziness are pretty much gone but my stomach is still upset.

“Michelle say you are sick.” He tells me. “Guys are worry.”

“I’m feeling a little better.” I smile a little trying to convince him, or convince myself. “I’ll be okay for dinner.”

“Good.” He says, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear on a swift move. His hand lingers on the side of my face for a second, caressing my jawline until he gets it back to his side. “Uvidimsja (I’ll see you later).”

“Geno…” I warn him. He hasn’t taught me that one yet.

“It means ‘see you later’.” He says and I nod, trying to remember the word.

“Bye.” I wave at him, shutting the door carefully.

The Xcel Energy Center is buzzing with excitement as the players from both teams jump on the ice, there are quite a few Penguins fans on Minnesota. I’m still feeling quite sick, but I stand on the bench, helping Fleury tape his wrists for the game when I see him, Zach Parise.

“(y/n), long time no see.” He says, leaning on the edge of the bench.

“Zach.” I acknowledge him. “How is your thigh?”

“It’s alright.” He says, putting his leg up and stretching his muscles. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Nothing to report.” I laugh, finishing Flower’s wrists up and helping him with his gloves so he can jump on the ice.

“I’ll say something.” He tells me and I raise an eyebrow. “You are looking stunning today.”

“Of course I do.” I say, shaking my head. “Go away, Parise.”

He smirks and skates away, joining his team for warmups. I bite my lower lip before turning around and walking towards my spot on the staff line-up when I see Geno looking at me, anger clear on his face. He is sitting on a chair next to the bench, supporting his teammates before going to his private suite to watch the game.

“I’m not doing this again, Geno.” I warn him when I see the rage in his facial features. I have only seen him this mad once, an Zach Parise was also involved. “When you are injured. Not now. Not never.”

“I don’t like him.” He just says and I shake my head.

“Why do you care?” I whisper, trying to keep my anger at bay. We are surrounded by people and I don’t feel like giving the team, staff and fans a show.

“He is not good for you.” He tells me and I groan, wanting to slap him.

“We were talking, Geno.” I say. “TAL-KING.” I articulate.

And then I have to run, going straight to the bathroom and throwing up all the content of my stomach. I have eaten very little since yesterday when we landed, but everything it’s going down the drain.

“(y/n)?” I hear a voice behind me. I know who it is, so I don’t turn around. “You good?”

I nod, but as I do I gag again and I throw up bile.

“You need doctor.” Geno says and I wave my hand, trying to say no. “You need to sleep.”

I’m not going to say no to that, I feel exhausted. After a couple minutes I get on my feet and splash some water on my face. Geno is looking at me with a concerned look and I give him a small smile.

“I think I’m gonna go to the hotel.” I tell him and he nods.

“I’m going with you.” He says and I don’t argue.

Geno tells everyone that I am not feeling well and the Wild’s therapist agrees to treat our team if something happens when I am gone. We get into a taxi, seating on the back. Geno holds me close to him, keeping an eye on me in case I feel sick again, but we make it to the hotel without any incidents and Geno pays up before I can even open up my bag.

“I feel bad.” I say and he chuckles.

“I know. Sleep will help.” He answers me and I shake my head, following him across the hotel reception to the elevator.

“No, no, no, not that. Well, that too.” Great, my brain isn’t working now. “You are missing the game and you paid the taxi and…”

“You are sick.” He cuts me off. “We can watch game here.”

We take the elevator and go up to the tenth floor to my room, using my card to get inside. Geno walks to the bedside table and grabbing the remote, turning the TV on and going through the channels until he finds the game. Five minutes in the second period and the Penguins are winning one to nothing. I change into a pair of leggings and sweatpants and crawl on the bed, sitting next to Geno.

“Thanks for bringing me back.” I whisper after a while of both of us just watching the game in silence.

“Budet delat’ eto v tysjachu raz (I’d do it a thousand times).” He says and I look at him; he has said that to me before when I cut my foot with a piece of glass.

“That means ‘you are welcome’, right?” I ask and he gives me a sideway smile.

“Kind of.” He says and we go back to watch the game.

Behind The Scenes 3 (17/21)

Author’s note: I know this one is shorter than usual, sorry about that. Sorry for any errors.

Word count: 2192

Genre: angst?drama? idk (Suga, Jhope, Jungkook)

City: Singapore (Day 3)

Summary: Suga and Jhope confront Y/n about her cutting them out.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Now that you were back from the concert, Jungkook looked as tired as ever. In your opinion, it was his own fault for being so extra the entire time. Then again, he was probably just happy things were back to normal for the two of you. The whole day before the performance was filled with his non-stop attention to make up for the day you were not speaking to him.

You wanted to see the smile back on his face so you told him a few nice words. “You guys did great today, you especially!” you smiled.

“Well, thank you for noticing.” A bit of life now back in his face.

“You seem extra tired right now, you should take a shower first.” You said.

A smirk grew on his face and he stepped closer to you. “Ok, but how about you join me?”

You playfully rolled your eyes at him. “How about no!”

Jungkook laughed at the rejection. He wanted to keep going, but he held himself back, he knew better than to push things with you. “Well, if you change your mind, feel free to just hop in.” He walked over to his suitcase and began rummaging through it for his sleep clothes.

Oddly enough, there was a knock at the door that surprised the both of you.

“I’ll get it.” you offered and walked over to see who it was.

You looked through the peephole to see Suga and Jhope standing out in the hallway looking like lost and tired puppies. When you opened the door, they jumped up and turned to you with much urgency.

“Y/n, we need to talk.” Suga blurted out

You looked between the two of them blankly, still not wanting to talk to them. You slowly closed the door, but Jhope desperately threw his foot in its path and kept it from closing.

“Y/n.” Suga said in a soft voice. “You promised me that’d we’d talk later, now it’s later.”

He was right. You kept up with the whole silent treatment going on for long enough. Without a word, you walked back in to the room, leaving the door open so they can follow you inside. “Who was at the door, ba-“ Jungkook’s words stopped when he looked up from his suitcase and saw Suga and Jhope step into the room. “Hm? What are you guys doing here?”

“We came to have a talk with y/n.” Jhope answered.

Jungkook looked at you as your eyes wandered around the room. He came up to you and whispered, “Jimin told me everything. Are you cool with this?”

You nodded. “Just go take a shower.”

Jungkook let you all be. He walked past the three of you and to the bathroom. However, without anyone noticing, he only stayed by the restroom door and kept his eye on you as the conversation was about to begin.

“What do you guys want?” you asked.

Jhope looked over at Suga and Suga nodded that he could speak first. “Y/n, what did we do to you that you won’t speak to us?” Jhope asked.

You let out a heavy sigh, preparing for a lengthy explanation.

“Whatever we did, whatever I did, I’m sorry. We just don’t want you pushing us away like this.” Jhope added.

“… I don’t trust you guys.” you finally admitted.

The two of them looked confused and Suga was quick to get offended. “What do you mean you don’t trust us? We are your friends!”

“No, you’re not!” you raised your voice right back at him.

“Of course we’re your friends! How could you say that?!?” Jhope was confused more than anything.

You scoffed at him. “Then it doesn’t come off that way. It hasn’t in a long time!”

“What do you mean?” Suga asked.

You could feel your eyes stinging a bit at just the thought of what you were going to say, but you did your best to kept yourself at bay. “For months the both of you have been brushing me off! I’m always last for you two! You never pay attention to me cuz you were both too busy getting drunk or high, o-or when you were both lying to Aiko and Mei-hui! There was never any time for me, not even when I need you guys!”

“What are you talking about?” Suga snapped. “We have been by your side since the beginning! We have always been looking out for you!”

“But what about now?!?” your voice cracked a bit. “I need you guys now too!”

They both stayed quiet for a moment. “But we have been trying to talk to you! You were the one that was pushing us away!” Suga retorted.

“You only came to me when you were done with everything else. I was never a priority! It took you guys a few days to even realize that I wasn’t talking to either of you! Did you guys know what happened back in Beijing? Namjoon got after me and almost gave me a concussion cuz it looked like I was having “too much fun” on Jungkook’s birthday outing! Afterwards, I was scared and crying so Jungkook went to get one of you guys, but neither of you weren’t able to talk let alone be there for me!”

Both of them stayed quiet.

“Yoongi!” you finally used Suga’s real name. “Remember that little deal you made with Hiro? Big surprise, it didn’t work!” you whimpered. “Back in Os- in… in Osaka, Jimin and I were locked in the room with him! It was between me and Jimin and he came after me first!  H-h-he told me he didn’t care about the stupid money! He was going to take me if he wanted to! If-If it wasn’t for Ji-Jimin, who knows what he would have done to me!”

With tears in his eyes, Jhope asked, “Why didn’t you ever tell us? You still could have come talk to us about it…”

“Don’t say we weren’t there for you y/n! How could we have known any of this if you never said anything?!?” Suga said.

“You could have come to my room and come talk to me like before! You guys never came anymore and when I’d talk to you guys you were always on your fucking phones! It was always Mei-hui this and Aiko that! Both of you doing just as that monster told you, but what about me?!?”

“We had to!” Suga raised his voice a bit. “All this Aiko and Mei-hui stuff was for Namjoon, yeah, but it was also a way to protect you!”

“No!” you yelled. “No, no, no!” you were losing control of your voice again. “Don’t give me that bullshit! I was supposed to be the mule! Me! It was never supposed to be anyone else, but you went and opened your fucking mouth and made him change his mind! Plus, the whole reason I was supposed to be the mule in the first place is so that Hoseok can keep his fucking pills! Everything revolves around those damn fucking pills and I’m sick of it!”

Jhope lowered his head, but Suga kept at it. “I wasn’t gonna put you through having to be the mule for the whole tour! I wasn’t gonna risk anything happening to you or you getting hurt from it!” He insisted as he took a step towards you.

“So it was better to get six other girls instead?!?” you fought back.

“We care about you y/n! I care about you! At the end of the day, they were random girls, what mattered to me was that you were okay and that Namjoon got what he wanted so he wouldn’t use you against us!”

Suga’s words disgusted you. “Fuck you!” you shouted. “Don’t you hear the sick shit that’s coming out of your mouth?!?”. Your eyes shot between the two of them. Jhope had stray tears rolling down his face, while Suga fought to keep his composure. “Both of you make me sick!” you spat. “Back before the tour there was a time that I really needed you guys.” you paused to clear your throat. “I was really lonely and I felt abandoned cuz it was months s-since you guys had even snuck into my room to talk to me…” your voice began to falter, but you tried hard to keep speaking. “This was before anything had happened with Hiro and I just needed a friend. I wasn’t close to Tae or Jungkook or Jimin yet, so I looked for you guys.” you let out an ironic chuckle just thinking back to that day. You felt so stupid that at one point you felt Suga or Jhope could be there for you. “I wanted someone to vent to so I went to Hoseok’s room, but as usual, he was as high as a fucking kite!” you glared had shift from Jhope to Suga. “So I went to your room Yoongi. And no surprise, you were as wasted as can be! Stupid me stayed in your room though. I was that desperate to talk to one of my “friends”.” You studied their faces and they both looked so lost, as if you were speaking a different language. “And you wanna know what happened? You fucking kissed me because you thought I was Aiko!

“Huh? I don’t remember that!” Suga said quietly to himself, a perplexed look stayed on his face as you continued to yell at them.

“You should have heard the things you were saying that night! I know you cared about her so don’t fucking tell me she was just “some random girl” or that you were just “following orders”. I started off as just some random girl! What makes me any different from the rest of them?!? Mei-hui, Aiko, Eunhee, Lailani, Chuntao and whoever the next girl is, they were all girls that trusted you guys and were manipulated!… I’ve been stuck with you guys for what feels like years now and I’ve seen all side of you guys and accepted it all… but this, this is something else entirely! My life is not worth the lives of six others!” you cried. “I should be the one that’s dead, not the rest of those girls! It should be my body lost somewhere!” your sobs grew louder and you could feel yourself getting lost in what you were originally trying to say. “I should be dead! I should have died a long time ago! You should have let him kill me!” you screamed. “I fucking hate my fucking life! I wish I was fucking dead! If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have gladly let Namjoon kill me!”

Both boys were now overfilled with guilt and were in tears just as you were. Jhope came up to you and hugged you. He was too distraught and didn’t realize how loud he was when he said. “No y/n! Please don’t say that! Please!”

You tried to push him off because he was basically screaming in your ear.

Suga was about to walk up to you and do the same when Jungkook appeared. He pushed passed Suga and pulled Jhope off you. “Both of you leave her alone!” he ordered.

“You shut the fuck up!” Suga shouted at Jungkook. “I’m tired of your ass always getting in between us and y/n. Mind your own damn business!” Suga shouted, pulling Jungkook away from the three of you.

“It involves y/n, so it is my business!”

Suga could feel his emotions boiling. “Fuck you! You don’t mean anything to her!”

“I mean more to her than you do! You heard what she said, so both of you back off!” Jungkook said sternly, giving Suga’s shoulder a hard shove.

Suga clenched his jaw. “You’re one to talk! How many people are dead because of you, huh?” Suga got in his face and asked something he knew he would regret later, “Why don’t we ask Yoona?!?”

At just the sound of his ex’s name, a look of rage consumed Jungkook. “You fucking bastard!”. He pushed Suga hard to the wall. Jungkook charged at him, his fist drawn back to land a punch.

Suga ducked and Jungkook’s fist broke through the drywall. Suga tackled Jungkook at his core and pushed him all the way across the room and slamming him against the wall and causing a large portrait to be knocked down, shattering the glass table that was under it.

Jhope ran over to you and shielded you from the fight. “Guys! Stop!” he begged.

They didn’t listen and kept fighting. Jungkook shoved Suga off him and as Suga caught his balance, Jungkook landed a solid punch on his eye.

Suga stumbled and caught himself again, this time with the dresser and accidentally knocked the TV over in the process. Still seeing red, Jungkook attacked Suga with a series of punches, each one landed on Suga anywhere from the gut to the top of his head. Suga never had a chance to recover or fight back.

With all the fighting and the crying, no one noticed Rap monster step into the room until his voice boomed. “What the fucking is going on here?!?”

In that moment, Jungkook landed one last punch on Suga’s jaw and Suga fell to the floor unconscious.

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You’re always so sweet to me nicchessa 💕 Thank you! I’m happy some of you guys noticed the color change, I bleached it myself awhile ago and it turned out sorta decent!! I’m just going to leave another selfie in here oops

Jealousy (idk what to call this lol)

Request: Dang I’m late but can you do a cute Philip x Reader where he gets jealous? Thank youu

Warnings: none

Tags: non

Notes: man i suck at writing about people being jealous lmao but i got you my dude (psst- it’s a modern au too but like,,, it’s kinda obvious)



A lot of things are associated with that word; the color yellow*, fofos*, heck; it’s even a deadly sin*. Overall, being jealous is not a good thing.


Wish you would tell that to Mr. Philip Hamilton over here, glaring at others that hung out with you or showed any kind of affection towards you. Of course, you noticed nothing at all; seeing all these acts of affection and love as acts of friendship and care. But of course, Philip could not see it as that at all.

It all started when Philip realized an important smidge of information about you: he had a crush on you.

A really bad one.

So it’s no wonder why every time he sees you with someone that wasn’t him, he gets this feeling of…hatred towards the person.

He never planned to be like this, but he was just a shy boy who wanted to ask you out.

Was that too much to ask?


Philip was lying around in his room, playing some lame nerd game on his phone that some dude introduced to him a while ago. As he was playing, he dropped his phone on his face as he received a text from you. He shouted in surprise as the tiny box thing hit his face. He sat up and rubbed the spot where the device hit him before seeing what the text was about. He almost dropped his phone on the floor as he read what you sent him.

From: (Y/N)

hey yo dude- you wanna get some food later? all my friends are gone and i’m lonely :(

He audibly wheezed as he read over the message over and over again. You, the person he had a crush on, was asking him, some lame boy who didn’t know how to confess to you, to get food.


Philip scrambled to his phone again to see what you sent this time.

From: (Y/N)

haha whoops forget to add this-

i was gonna go get food now

His eyes widened as he read the word “now”. He quickly texted you a “yes sure where should I pick you up?” and ran to look for something decent to wear and found nothing. He cursed the gods for preventing him from doing his best. He quickly went through his roommate’s things and put together something nice. He scribbled a apology for borrowing their clothes without notice and left it on the bed. He grabbed his phone, car keys, and wallet before rushing out the door and to your house.

When he arrived, he parked the car and got out. He was just a tad bit nervous, but he managed to get to your door just fine. He pulled out his phone and quickly texted you before knocking.

To: (Y/N)

Hey- i’m outside your door :)

He waited for a couple minutes before he heard the doorknob turn to be opened. He was greeted with you face; something he could never get out of his head. Your eyes brightened when you saw Philip at your door.

“Ah hey- welcome! But uh…” You furrowed your brows in confusion before looking back up at him. “What’re you doing here?” Philip was now confused.

“You said you wanted to get food-” You squinted in confusion before cursing under your breath.

“That must’ve been Theo- she took my phone earlier and-” Philip waved to shush you.

“No no it’s fine- still wanna get food?” He asked hesitantly, giving you a shy look like. You nodded and a wave of relief washed over him.

“Yeah sure- I’ll go change. Go ahead and come inside; make yourself comfortable.” he nodded before walking in and taking a seat on your couch. You quickly ran upstairs to change. During this time, Philip looked around at the living room and found a couple of pictures of you and others. Seeing those pictures made that feeling of jealousy rise up again, but he kept it on the down low. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly turned to face you, a smile gracing his features when he saw you. He got up and walked out the house with you to his car.

Soon enough, the two of you went out to get some food and now you were walking back to his car; hands entwined. He didn’t mean for it to happen- it just did. He had his head turned away so you couldn’t see the red on his face from him being flustered. You just grinned happily, not minding the hand holding. Soon enough, you spotted a classmate of yours and you waved him over. Philip blinked before turning to face you again and was met with another person. Philip’s smile turned into a scowl as he realized who this person was. It was George Eacker.

“Hamilton.” George hissed out. Philip sighed.

“Eacker.” You blinked.

“You two know each other?” Philip and George nodded, the hatred for each other not leaving their eyes.

“So what’re you doing here with my (Y/N)?” George angrily breathed out and Philip felt himself grow angry at hearing that my.

“Excuse me- she’s not yours.” George scoffed.

“She’s not yours either.”

“Uh hey guys-”

“Not now, (Y/N).” George dismissively said, pushing you back. That was crossing the line for Philip. Philip grabbed your hand yet again and stormed off but not before throwing some sick insults and profanities (he learned that from his dad :) ) at George.

Once Philip got far enough away from George, you crossed your arms at him. Philip still had a angry aura around him, but he pouted slightly when he saw that you had that look on you face.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Don’t you ‘what was what’ me, mister.”

“It was nothing.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“…he pushed you.” You sighed before rubbing your temples.

“He’s like that Philip.”

“But you didn’t deserve to be pushed!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine Phi-” A thought crossed your mind. You stared him down. Philip looked away, coughing nervously.

“Were you jealous?” He coughed out a “wha- no-” and you moved closer to him and he began rambling.

“YesIwasjealousbutit’sonlybecauseIreallyreallyreallyreallylikeyouandandand-” You held up a hand for him to stop. You heard something in there that made everything click together.

“You like me.” Philip’s hand flew to cover his mouth.

“Did I really just say that-” His voice a bit muffled from behind his hand. You nodded. He paled and you laughed. Philip moved his hand away from his mouth and gave you a questioning look.

“So you like me-” You stated once again. He covered his face in embarrassment.

“Stop bringing that up-” You placed a hand on his shoulder and he peeked at you from behind his hands.

“That’s too bad-” you hummed, rocking back and forth on your heels. 

“Because I like you t-” You never finished that sentence as you were smothered in his arms in a bear hug.





“Philip. I need to breathe-” His eyes widened before letting you go so you could catch your breath.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend-” His eyes brightened. “On one condition.” He blinks confusedly an urges you to go on with his eyes.

“If you give me a kis-” And there he goes- he leaned down to kissed your lips mid sentence. Your eyes widened in surprise before pulling away. You cursed yourself internally; you asked for this. He smirked at you and you wheezed on the inside.

“Hey you look pretty hot in your frocks- how about we go back to my house and strip down to ou-”



*yellow is actually the color associated with jealousy, not green (idk i read it on Yahoo Answers lmao)

*fofo is a type of yellow flower that is also associated with jealousy (again, Yahoo Answers)

*Jealousy is a synonym for Envy, one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The other ones are: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Sloth.


Wow hey I finally finished this
I had like…no idea what to write for this
This is harder than I thought like
How do people coughTayah+Finnycough write so much like jfc

anonymous asked:

Hey dads, I know you guys are busy but I majorly fucked up! So first of all I'm a huge lesbian and I'm not out to my parents yet, but they probably suspect it. I've been dating my girlfriend for just over 5 months <3. Last weekend my girlfriend slept over and well we kind of both ended up with hickeys. Her parents saw them yesterday. She's not in trouble but I'm afraid shes mad at me. I texted her 2 hours ago, no response, Ive worried myself sick. How do I face her parents and keep anxiety down?

well, i hope she’s not mad, because she gave you hickeys too. honesty is what i suggest, though that is a hard thing to do. the less you keep in, the less anxiety you have. 💙💙 -remus

Shiro Please Stay Alive
Shiro Please Stay Alive

[03/10/2016, 20:06:08] contradiction headquarters: …… stay alive
[03/10/2016, 20:06:09] contradiction headquarters: hamilton
[03/10/2016, 20:06:25] spread seperate©: geT THIS OUT OF MY FACE

/ this is all based around the voltron series 2 trailer that has destroyed us all, i had to take some liberties as obviously we don’t know what will happen yet but… i hope you suffer with me. also im still pretty sick so sorry you guys get my ill voice lmao 


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10 Points to Hufflepuff

Summary: Dan is the typical cocky Slytherin while Phil is a shy Hufflepuff. Dan has had a thing for Phil since the third year when they worked on potions together. Not knowing how to show his affection towards him, he chose flirting in the most shameless way.

Words: 1341

Genre: Fluff, Crossover, AU, Jealous!Dan

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Slight swearing


“Lester, Lester, Lester.” I yelled too enthusiastically, as soon as I saw the hot nerd in glasses walk into the class. He huffed, rolled his eyes and sat next to me, turning his head the other way. I grinned seeing how he was trying to look annoyed but that blush covering his cheeks just proved me the opposite

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PJ Liguori Imagine - Magic Kingdom
External image

This was a fic I’ve been writing ever since I’ve gotten back from Disney World, enjoy!



It was your second night in Disney World, you decided to take a vacation by yourself. Being alone took the stress out of planning which rides you were going on, or what you were having or dinner. Being in Disney with no strict schedule was the breather you needed from your first year in college.


It was getting late, around 9:00 pm, Magic Kingdom was closing in two hours so you thought you’d ride your second favorite ride in the park a few times. Being an expert in Disney World, you knew there wouldn’t be a line during the fireworks, so the line was only a five minute wait.

You walked over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, easily making your way through the entrance. Turning the corners of the line you made your way to the other people in line.

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Supernatural One Shot: Promise Me The Moon

Summary: Life isn’t easy for a fledgling vamp trying not to feed on humans. Your brother is the only one who is looking out for you. That is, until one day you find him dead. Then, the famous Winchesters find you and even though you’ve just saved their lives, the shorter angry one won’t lower his blade from your neck. Yeah. Life isn’t easy.

Word Count: 1.5k

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Some angst

Notes:  Hello honeybees, did you miss me? I’m sorry for my absence. Going from doing nothing all summer to not having an hour of free time came like a punch to the face. Nonetheless, I wrote this yesterday in my random blessed one hour gap before physics class. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Your brother winces as he watches you bite into the neck of the deer. Not because of the action you were committing but for whole other reason entirely.

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We Lost

Anonymous Asked: Scenario: Vixx sets up the pepero game with you and Leo because they know you love eachother, but are just to awkward and to shy to confess? Make it fluffy with some extra fluff :)

Here ya go! Hopefully, it’s fluffy enough, [this admin is sleep deprived but would rather be doing this ;) excuses excuses ] Hope you enjoy! ^^

~Admin Maknae

Reader x Taekwoon

1,456 Words


I was almost skipping as I headed to the boys dorm. Their schedules were finally free since their promotions had ended, and we could get back some normalcy. At least for a little while. I could hear the laughter as soon as I approached the door, and with a smile on my face, I rang the doorbell. 

The door was immediately jerked open, “__-ah!” Jaehwan answered the door flinging me into a bear hug, “Ya! __-ah’s here!”
“Noona!” I heard a yell from my right and was once again being squeezed so hard I thought my lungs would collapse.
I let out a breathy laugh, “I missed you all, too.” Looking away from Hyuk, who was still clinging to me, I saw Taekwoon standing behind them all. Silently grasping what was happening around him as he always did.
“Hi, Taekwoonah,” I greeted him, letting him know that I missed him as well. I was replied with a smile. Taekwoon’s smile that always made the butterflies in my stomach whirl.
Still smiling at me, he patted my head and sat down on the armchair that was in the corner.
“__-ah! Are you hungry?” I heard Hakyeon ask from the kitchen.
“Uhm,” I wasn’t able to react, still staring at the silent man in the corner, “Uh, yeah, yeah I am.” Finally turning my gaze, I went to see what food Hakyeon had to offer.

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Why (part two)

Here’s the second part of ‘Why’! I just gotta say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for 3k followers it means so much to me how many of you guys support me. This chapter is dedicated to all my internet friends who I really don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you guys for always being there for me and I love you all.

Setting: Long-Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and all the BROTPS in between.

Read part one here

Summary: Everything was so surreal now for Lucy. She overcame hardships and met her best friend, Natsu. After a year in college, Lucy decides it’s time to meet the rest of the gang, because after all, internet friends are just as great as real friends.

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text Messages

Lucy: Hey everyone!!

Natsu: Hey Luce

Levy: Hi Lu-chan!!

Lucy stared longingly at her computer, a sigh coming out of her pink lips. The first year of college had been a success, for both Natsu and herself. Lucy smiled at the thought of the past year, her and Natsu had practically been inseparable. Even with all the acquaintances they made, they still managed to include each other in their lives everyday. For the holidays, Natsu traveled back to his hometown while Lucy made the two hour trip back to her estate. Even with all the crazy schedules, they still managed to get a lot of alone time together. The corner of Lucy’s lips turned upward in a smile.

There was nothing she’d rather do than to be with Natsu.

Gray: Oi Flame Breath! How’s it feel to be away from Lucy?

Natsu: It sucks. I miss holding her already :(

Gray: Gross! Keep it PG in here since your sisters in here!!

Natsu: Whoops, sorry Wendy!

Wendy: It’s okay.

Natsu: Well, its not like I’m gonna be here for long anyways. Luce, Jude and I are going to look at apartments for me and Luce.

Levy: You two are moving in together?!?!?!!

Lucy groaned, sliding a hand down her face.

Juvia: Gray-sama! Lets move in together!!

Gray: No! … Not yet anyways.

Lucy: Natsu! It was suppose to be a surprise!

Natsu: Sorry Lucy! I’m just excited about it’s all.

Lucy’s slight anger dissipated quickly after what Natsu had said. Man, did she love this idiot.

Erza: I believe there are more serious matters to be discussed.

Levy: What can be more important than Natsu and Lu-chan moving in together?!?

Erza: Have you all forgotten about our plans to meet up in a few weeks?

Lucy: How could we forget?

Lucy became more excited with each passing day. She was finally going to meet the people who she’d considered her best friends for four years. Lucy heard her phone vibrate on the desk next to her.

Gajeel: Can we do a call or somethin’ to talk bout it? All this damn beepin’ is making my brain hurt.

Natsu: What brain?

Gajeel: Fuck off Salamander, you’re just jealous that my brain is bigger than yours.

Lucy: Language! Wendy’s in here!

Gajeel: Hmmph.

Erza: All of you need to shut your damn mouths, but I do agree talking in a call will be easier.

Natsu: Okay I’ll start it!

Not a second later, the pop-up for the Skype call popped up. She reached for her headphones, plugging them into her laptop before pressing answer.


“Hey Luce!” She heard Natsu greet, a smile was instantly on her lips.

“Hello Natsu.”

“Please keep it PG.” Gray’s voice said as he answered the call.

“Oh shut up Popsicle. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous of what? I got Juvia.”

“Ahh Gray-sama!”

“Smooth move exhibitionist.” Natsu snickered.


“Gray, Natsu. Shut. Up.”

Natsu and Gray shivered in fear as they heard Erza’s commanding voice over their speakers. “Y-Yes ma’am…”

“Hi everyone!” Levy’s sweet voice chirped in.

“Hey Levy-chan!” Lucy greeted. “Now who are we waiting on?”

“Well, Igneel wants me to meet you all first before I bring Wendy along. So, just lug-nut.”

“Who you callin’ lug-nut?”

“Whoop there he is.” Gray announced making everyone laugh in the chat.

“Hey Erza,” Levy questioned. “Where’s Jellal at?”

“His family is in town, so hes spending the day with them. I’ll inform him later.”

The chat fell into pointless chatter and Lucy just decided to listen to it rather than talk. The vibrating of her cell phone brought her out of her thoughts.

Jude: Lucy, the business meeting I’m attending is running a bit late. I thought I would just let you know. Love, Dad.

“What was that? Sounded like a buzzing sound.” Natsu questioned.

Lucy smiled at her dad’s text message before talking in the chat. “Oh sorry that was me, my dad told me his meeting was running late tonight.”

“Aww, so you’re going to be alone? Wish I could be there to keep you company.” Lucy smiled at Natsu’s sincerity.

“You’ll be here soon enough.”

“Your guys lovey-dovey shit is making me sick.” Gajeel’s gruff voice sounded out while Gray was making vomiting noises.

“You dicks are just jealous.” Natsu muttered out, his face reddening the sweetness he tried to hide from his friends. Out of respect for his girlfriend being a closet romantic, he only showed his affection for Lucy privately. He guessed after a year of not having to hide those said affections it just kind of slipped out.

“We got girls too Salamander.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t even met Levy yet.”

“Yet.” Gajeel said sharply. “Say that to my face in a few weeks.”

“All you will have is a few weeks to live if you don’t stop your fighting.” Erza said in a dominating voice that shut up the three bickering boys. “Anyway, I was just confirming the plans. We are meeting in Crocus correct?”

“Yup!” Levy said excitedly. “And since Natsu and Gajeel have motion sickness, the amusement part is out. But, it’s Crocus! Theres so much to do in that town.”

“Right. I did the liberty of reserving the hotel rooms for the week. Girls shall stay with girls while boys stay with boys.”

“WHAT!” Natsu, Gray and Gajeel screamed in unison.

“Do you WANT us to kill each other Erza?!?” Natsu shouted.

“I agree with Natsu for once. Did you even consider the possibilities of what could happen?!”

“You really are the redhead she-devil.” Gajeel stated more calmly than Natsu or Gray. Erza felt her temper flare.

“Thats ENOUGH!” She roared, earning squeals of fear from the three males. “Our hotel rooms are right next to each other, and if anything does go wrong… you won’t be the ones killing each other.”

The three males audibly gulped, making their three girlfriends sweat drop at them.

“You three are something else.” Levy mumbled. “But yeah Erza, sounds like a plan to me! We just need to research some things to do so were not all cooped up together.”

“Agreed. The Grand Magic Show is in town, would any of you be interested in seeing that?” Erza asked.

“The circus is in town?! I’m so in! I love the fire act.” Natsu commented with enthusiasm. He wished he was able to do things with fire like actors did.

“Of course you would you pyro.” Gray sighed out. “But sure, it’ll give us something to do.”

After everyone else in the group agreed, they started to discuss other ideas of what to do. The girls suggested going shopping while the boys suggested going to watch sports. After a few hours of discussion, the group had their plans in place.

“Excellent.” Erza stated in satisfaction. “So, circus, sports, shopping, sightseeing, the beach and going to see a concert. I will go tell Jellal, I shall talk you all later.”

“Yeah, its late here. Goodnight everyone!” Levy hung up the phone. Soon followed Gajeel and Juvia until there was only Natsu, Lucy and Gray left.

“I’m out too, I don’t wanna hear you guys be all lovey dovey.” He instantly clicked the hang up button leaving the couple by themselves.

“Well then.” Natsu said after Gray left. “Guess its just us.”

“Yep.” Lucy replied awkwardly. “Can you believe it though? First it was us, now everyones meeting.”

“I know, it's… great.” Hearing Natsu’s voice swell with emotion brought a smile to Lucy’s face. She knew Natsu would never admit it to anyone but herself, but Natsu was thankful for their small group. After Zeref’s death, they were there to help him cope with the incident after the period where he isolated himself. He owed his life to their friends, as she did hers.

“It’ll be nice to actually have friends for a change.”

“What about everyone we met at college?” Lucy rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean… having true friends.”

Hearing Natsu chuckle relaxed Lucy’s nerves a bit. “I gotcha Luce. Yeah, I wish all my friends were like internet friends. They’re the best.”

Lucy smiled. “Yeah, people over the internet sure are the best.”


“Attention passengers this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to land.” The planes captain announced over the intercom. Lucy buckled her seatbelt just like she was told. Her heartbeat was rapid. In just a few minutes she was going to meet all her friends for the first time. That, and she got to see Natsu again. Her smile turned giddy at the thought.

She felt the wheels hit the runway, signaling that the plane had landed. After the pilot said that they may exit the plane, Lucy stood up and grabbed her luggage for the week.She knew she was the last one of eight to arrive since her plane was delayed due to weather. Baggage gripped tightly in her hand, she started to walk off the plane.

Once off, she looked around to spot any sign of pink, blue, red or black hair. She didn’t see any, but heard a disturbance.

“Where’s Luce at!” Natsu whined out to the group.

“She’ll be here soon Flame Brain, stop your whining.”

“What’d you say to me?!”

“You heard me!” Natsu and Gray butted heads. But soon they were torn apart by Erza’s strong grip.

“Behave yourselves or I will make you cry like children.”

“Yes ma’am…”

“You guys are already fighting?” Lucy spoke up in an amused tone. They all turned to look at the blonde who just made her presence known.


“L-Lu-chan!” Levy stuttered tears streaming down her cheeks. Lucy felt tears burn her eyes as well.

“Levy-chan!” Lucy shouted back before embracing the petite woman. “I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you.”

“Me neither.” The bluenette sniffed pulling away from the embrace. “You brought your books right? We’re gonna have a book night for sure!”

“Boring.” Gajeel groaned out to the two bookworms. Levy walked back over to her boyfriend.

“Oh hush, you’re just mad I’m going to spend a day just reading with my best friend.” Gajeel rolled his eyes, throwing a shoulder round his short girlfriend.


Lucy looked at all her friends, disbelief rushing through her veins. She watched as Gajeel pulled Levy closer so she was flush by his side. Juvia clung onto Gray’s arm like a second skin, but the ink-haired boy didn’t seem to mind that much. Also, he watched as Jellal and Erza had their fingers intertwined together. They were all smiling at her, the overwhelming feeling of contentment rushed over Lucy. She watched as her own boyfriend walked up to her, stretching out his hand to her.

“Come on Lucy, a new adventure awaits.” He said with his infamous grin. Lucy’s lips stretched so wide, her cheeks started to her. Everything was so perfect in her life at this very moment. Her family life, her friends, her boyfriend… everything. The emotion she felt was so strong, tears of joy began to slide down her pale cheeks.


She took Natsu’s hand as he began to lead the girl away, onto a new life and adventure with her best friends she had met over the internet.

Ok, you all probably know by now that I like dressing up, and recently I got to dress up to my heart’s content and I loved it. The best part is that I didn’t buy any of these three dresses. The first one is a hand-me-down; the second is vintage and it was tailor-made for one of my aunts, but fits me perfectly; and the third was bought for me by a friend. I tried to look as ultra Chinese as I could and I think I succeeded :D Gotta embrace your ancestry and all that, right? I would have done my hair in buns if I had sufficient skill, but I can only do braids. 

I probably should never even go near the internet when I’m drunk and it’s past 2am but I am so angry right now, I’ve just been out to a couple of clubs with my friends and it would have been perfect if it weren’t for all the scumbags who populate my town, I was literally just walking around this club wearing this long t-shirt dress because I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself and yet these guys were just grabbing my bum wherever I walked and putting their hands on my chest and just blatantly groping me and it made me want to be sick in my mouth like they’d just fondle my bum and walk off without even looking at my face and it just made me feel so dirty and worthless like I literally just felt like a piece of meat. I know people would say ‘what do you expect’ when you go to a club because obviously everyone is drunk but you don’t get girls walking around grabbing guy’s dicks, it fucking pisses me off, how men think it’s okay to casually touch up women. I went to a different club and as I was walking to the toilet some guy just grabbed me by the hair and started stroking it, and when I frowned at him he shouted at me calling me a frigid bitch and saying he’ll 'fucking rape me’ if I didn’t 'wipe that look of my face’ and I just hid in the toilet and cried and had to go home because I felt so scared and ashamed. If my boyfriend went out and got felt up by a girl I’d be absolutely fuming, but because I’M a girl I have to just accept that men are 'seedy’ and it’s just inevitable that that will happen if I go into a club? I’m fucking sick of it, I feel so freaked out and dirty right now because of all the men’s hands that have brushed against my body tonight. I’m so drunk and I just want to be sick because I cannot stand it. I’m so sad. I hate being a girl sometimes I just want to hide away forever I feel so sick

“Ice is my life!”

  Here I am coming to talk about another small “pointless” scene in Frozen but jfc how do I not talk about this.

Every time I watch this scene I laugh because I can’t help but think that “Ice is my life!” is a rhyme Kristoff thought of a long time ago and has been /waiting so long/ to have someone to say it to because he’s so proud of himself for thinking of something so ‘clever’ and like after he says it he just stares at Anna and smiles and it looks like he’s just waiting for her to comment about how clever it was but she just kinda walks it off and then his face is just kinda all 'oh.’ and idk this scene is just really important to me okay he’s too precious for this planet.

anonymous asked:

How is it possible for Metatron to understand that Cas is in love but not see who it is that Cas is in love with?

Because he’s a dumb ass. Seriously, there’s no other way for me to put it. Look at this ass hat:

He reminds me of this kid I knew in high school who was an honors student only because he weaseled his way into your personal space and copied all the answers off your homework AND your tests. He thinks he’s clever, but sometimes he’s too busy copying your hard work to notice that he just wrote your name on his own paper. This is a shitty analogy but what I’m getting is that this guy isn’t the sharpest angel blade in the arsenal.

Also, as 9x18 showed us, subtext isn’t his strong suit. He can see what’s on the surface, that Cas feels deep love, and that love is directed at Dean much of the time, and Dean is human…therefore Cas must love humans. It’s a simple case of taking things at face value…like that kid who used to copy my homework but he would forget to show his work on the math problems because he was too focused on just writing down the answers.

Are you sick of my shitty analogies yet? Because I know I am. :P