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Sangwoo is an excellent villain

I mean, think about it. Most of the villains in fiction are the type that are either
1. extremely annoying
2. too perfect
3. interesting but not hateable
4. so mustache-twirlingly evil that you can’t take them seriously

A ‘bad guy’ I can name off the top of my head is Light Yagami. His character was extremely interesting to watch, but I can’t say I genuinely hated him as I should. Hell, in some parts of the anime I was actually rooting for him. Also, Light was a bit too perfect, he was a genius that managed to get out of most tight situations throughout the show. The only time he TRULY cracked was at the end of the show where he ultimately Fucked Up. Honestly, it was only in the last episode where he felt truly human rather than someone who felt so untouchable.

Another of my favourites is Hisoka. Sangwoo actually reminds me of him a bit, both are serial killers (except Hisoka makes Sangwoo’s crimes look like a joke) and both of them get off on really….interesting things. But again, I just can’t see Hisoka as ‘human’ because the dude has never truly lost it. He’s ALWAYS in control and has the same expression most of the time. Sometimes I actually forget he’s not supposed to be a good guy at all because of how freaking lovable he can be (I actually had Schwing as my wallpaper for a while…lol). These aren’t really what I’m looking for in a villain. I guess I find Hisoka a little bit too predictable too? He usually wins every fight, so I don’t feel like he’s ever truly in danger (talking about anime-only events here).

But getting to the main point, Sangwoo is fucking amazing. I genuinely loathe this guy and find him creepy as fuck. I want to see him six feet deep in the ground, but I also LOVE watching him and trying to guess what he’ll do next (he’s honestly unpredictable as fuck). He has typical villain qualities like being very charismatic, good looking, and smart, BUT that isn’t all he has. I can easily see Sangwoo as human because he can actually get nervous or scared too, and has lots of flaws. I hate him but find him intriguing and interesting yet NOT annoying, which to me, is some astounding characterization. He might actually be the first character whom I felt this way about. I mean, Killing Stalking is not even close to being over, but WE’VE ALREADY SEEN MANY DIFFERENT FACES OF SANGWOO. He doesn’t feel flat! I loved, loved, loved chapter 13 for this reason; the terrifying bad guy actually completely loses it:

Sangwoo actually shows uncertainty in his actions, he knows that he’s not perfect and indestructible. The best part is, once Yoonbum realizes this he can actually use it to his advantage. I can see Sangwoo as a real person, one who’s extremely disturbing, fucked up, and creepy (there are no shortages of him irl).

But someone like Hisoka? Not realistic at all. I love him, but not as a villain. 

You should be watching Emerald City alright because The Wizard is this white dude who can’t stand that there are women who are smarter than him so he goes to a whole other world and is devastated to find out that there are women there who have more power than him too, so this guy just destroys them all and leads a crusade against the source of their power and if that’s not an appropriate 2017 story idk what is

Guys… I haven’t decided what to do yet, but I think I should inform you all here and now:

All episodes of the upcoming Steven Bomb have been released/leaked.

They are out there. I will not post them here because even I think that’s too far. I’m sorry to everyone who expected me to be on top of the leaks, but this is absurd. I love leaks, I will watch these episodes, but I do think CN should try harder not to leak their own episodes like this. People will of course always go looking for them, but CN should secure their servers more and not put episodes up early anywhere for anyone. They will leak.

This might be officially released episodes but they were never meant to be spread outside of their customers, so I still regard these as leaks.

Either way, be careful. It’s time to blacklist SU again if you don’t want to get spoiled.


Dating Minho would include

- this boy is a walking joke ready to happen, so it’s basically you making fun of him….a lot, like you’re savage, you bring in shit from like 2009

- Minho can dish out fire too, so to others you guys are so harsh to each other but that’s not even it, you both just thick skinned people who love each other AND making fun of each other

- “Minho? Why are you pushing me away? Do you need some dibidibidistance?” “Get out of my house y/n.”

- late nights in the town with him and the rest of shinee, watching them down shots and tipsy Minho insist that he should be the main vocal

- jonghyun and onew playing with your hair, then Minho gets mad and sits with you on the edge of the table, his arm literally crushing yours and you’re like Minho l e t g o

- Minho giving you a heart attack whenever he sneezes because like…..why are you so extra about sneezing….

- Minho really loves when you dress him, he doesn’t like to do it too early in the mornings because he’s tired and so he lets you pick and just lays back and smiles while you happily go through his closet

- making up dumb handshakes for different reasons, like for anything, Minho wanted to make a handshake for whenever you guys just had sex but you shot that one down

- “but it would be so cool! We could-” “I said no Minho”

- Minho refusing to hide your relationship, you’d try to look out for him and insist that it was okay he hid you but, Minho would have none of it, “I’m in love with you, if my fans accept that or not isn’t what’s important, you need to know that”

- sometimes Minho makes you so emotional becauSe it’s so rare and he makes you cry sometimes but then he doesn’t know what to do and panics and calls Jonghyun and jonghyun doesn’t know what the fuck to do either so it’s just you sobbing on the bed and Minho running around behind you searching ‘how to make girlfriend stop crying’ on Google

- from playful sex that ranges to holy shit we need a safe word because the way Minho fucks you is 100% dependent on so many things like how many times key pissed him off and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you

- Minho adoring you when you snuggled up to him before bed, like laying your head on his hard chest and draping a leg over him because he wants you like that and feeling safe with him 24/7 because he values you so much it’s amazing to him.



anyway, i haven’t watched a single ep since after 2x08 except 2x12 “luthors” and maybe you guys should too to stop giving them views and making them think we support this. i’m sorry but someone like my baby cousin watches this show and i’d hate for her to grow up and think that this kind of relationship is okay and that she should have to deal with fuckboys like man hell. no, just, no.

The Stereotypical Musician
  • Band Version, as determined in a half hour discussion in the band room
  • Piccolo: Quirky, lighthearted, wants to be left alone about their instrument
  • Flute: Takes things way too seriously
  • Clarinet: Shy, goofy when you get to know them, watches anime
  • Oboe: Tired
  • Alto Saxophone: Chill, usually an attractive guy
  • Tenor Saxophone: Awkward girl
  • Bari Sax: Doesn't look like they should be playing bari sax
  • Bassoon: Tall and serious girl or a short carefree guy
  • Bass Clarinet: Short and irritable
  • Trumpet: Immature, but fun
  • French Horn: Very few morals, if any
  • Trombone: Very flamboyant in all that they do
  • Tuba/Baritone: fat white guy with pimples
  • Percussionist: either is very serious about their instruments, but doesn't have the best rhythm or not very serious about their instruments but knows what they're doing.

This is all of the information I had touched on from Lucy’s insta live last night. Here is the proof and substance for you guys to have for yourselves. PS: shes going to be doing these every Friday night, and honestly they are really good! She’s so damn intelligent. You should totally watch them. (Plus these PARTICULAR topics seem to be a reoccurrence for our little dankass hearts to feed off of, so thats nice too😅)

Watch eyewitness on TV.

Okay guys so if you are one of the people who watches eyewitness on YouTube (like i used too) you should stop doing that and start watching on TV. If you need to catch up on the show then you can go on the USA website and their should be a link where you watch them for free and download the episodes. The reason why you should stop watching it on YouTube is because those views (which is a big number) don’t count as TV views and the show has a good chance of getting canceled if the ratings don’t go up. Every view counts. Eyewitness is on the USA network and you can record it if the time is too early or late for you. The shows airs every Sunday (if you live in the Nevada area it airs at 10 pm i don’t know about other areas). If you do not watch eyewitness i strongly suggest watching it because it has accurate and realistic LGBT representation in the main characters of the show. And it also has a murder mystery plot so the show isn’t all about the fact that the two main characters are gay. If you live out of the states i will try to reblog some things that show you how you can watch the show in a way that helps the ratings. I’m sorry I explained this so badly. If you want more information you can look through the hashtags and there will probably be posts explaining this better.

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So for anyone wondering, the visit to this barn went well. The people were really nice and I honestly ended up wandering off with a couple other teens to meet their horses and watch one of them ride. The adults were nice too, much more approachable feeling then my current trainer. They seemed to really understand the situation I’m with with the loss of confidence. I’m gonna try a lesson there tomorrow and see how it goes.

Should I make a personal/horse blog to post about what I’m doing with my riding and my horse as well as my random rants? I sometimes worry I annoy you guys with the random personal posts XD
IKON REACTION: To you change your clothes casually in front of them (in relationship but not too long)

B.I.: “oh girl, control your clothes… or I’ll have a heart attack”

Jinhwan: “all right… I like the view”

Yunhyeong: *staring at you, but try to disguise like nothing is happening”

Bobby: “What should I do? Where should I look?”

Donghyuk: *look away* “she wants to kill me god”

June: *watching all your moves*

Chanwoo: “omo. jagi… you…wow”

I haven’t posted for a long time, I missed you guys

 ~ADM Cherry~

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hc + gadgets

Alright, alright, alright.

What’s a non-emotional way of saying “They freaking love all their cool spy gadgets”?

Because you know, I’m not saying if you told them they get their watch back if they talk, they would tell you all the names of their employers, but hey, if electroshocks don’t work, it might be worth a shot?

Someone should tell Simon.

Seriously, the spy gadgets are pretty much the coolest thing about being a spy, and if they had to name one thing they truly miss in prison, it would be their watch.

I just remembered they tried to use their grappling hook to get out of a courtroom with no ceiling and I just–

No but really, their watch is fucking cool, there’s a grappling hook, a propeller thing and a jamming device, that’s super neat? Also their lighter slash handgun.

And let’s be honest their watch can probably do a lot more, it’s probably like an AppleWatch for spies (SpyWatch™?) and they get their assignments sent to it or something, Idk.
Also there’s other cool stuff they certainly have, because I totally googled this, and did you know there are pens with 2.8mm wide-angle cameras built in and also with a microSD card slot and a microphone? Also there are things called keyloggers which you can just plug into a computer and it records which keys are pressed so heeey you’ll know the password in no time. What a time to be alive!

Just, basically, they really really like all their gadgets.

Edit: Also let’s be honest they probably try to improve their gadgets themselves and sometimes it works and sometimes they just break their stuff.

Moonlight Love (ch.1)

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

You were on YouNow watching some random guy named Nate (Maloley).  You were bored.  

You were waiting to be guested.  You did it just because.  You had nothing to anyway.  But you were suddenly on the screen.  You were guesting (lol i do not know what to call it).  

“oh hi” You said blushing
“Oh my gosh you are so pretty lil mama” He said smiling in the camera

“Them dimples!!!!!!” You thought

“Aye you should hit me up dm me” He winked
“Okay” You turned red
“Whats your name ma?” He asked
“(y/n)” You said lightly smiling but still blushing
“Yea you’re too damn cute i need to talk you” He said
“Okay i just dm’ed you Nate” You said
“Bye lil ma” He said and winked
“Bye Nate” You said

The guesting ended.  It was late so you went to go take a shower and got ready for bed.  You were all washed up and went to bed.  


You woke up to a dm from Nate.  

Nate: hey wanna go to a party on friday?

Y/N: Yea here is my number **********

Nate: Okay cooo

Y/N: ok c u

You got up from your bed and got dressed and put some light makeup on.  You headed downstairs to eat.  

You sat on the island and your mom handed you waffles.  
“Morning” She said with a light smile
“Morning” You said

“Mark!! come down here!” Your mom said

Your brother came downstairs and sat beside you.  
“Sup kiddo” He said
“Your only an hour older Mark” You said and rolled your eyes

He sat beside you and started to eat.  

“Hey mom can I go to a party on Friday with a friend?” You asked
“Who is your friend?” She asked
“uhh its lyssa and Jack (gilinsky)” You lied
“Okay” she said
“Thanks” You said putting the dish in the sink

Mark had finished eating so you guys went outside and jumped into the car.  You sat on the passenger side and Mark drove.  

You guys made it to school and went different ways.  You went to the band room where you, Jack and Lyssa meet up everyday.  

They were standing there waiting for you.  
“Sup babe” Lyssa said
You and Lyssa really close so she called you nicknames.  

“Hey” You said walking up to her and giving her a hug
“Hey Jack” You said getting on your tippy toes to hug him
“Hi (y/n)” He said hugging back
Jack and you were really close too he was like a second brother to you.  You had the biggest crush on him when you guys were in middle school but you never said anything to him about it.  

“Okay we’re all going to a party on Friday with my friend” You said
“Whose ‘Nate’” Jack asked
“A friend I met he is super chill plus he’s really hot” You said

You told them about Nate and how you guys met.  And more details about the party.  
You went to class.

-after school-

You met up with Jack and Lyssa at Jack’s car because your brother had practice.  You all got in the car and you and Lyssa talked about going shopping and how you were gonna drag Jack along with you guys.  

They dropped you of home.  You went upstairs to your room and texted Nate.  

Y/N: hey Nate

Nate: wassup ma

Nate: You coming to the party for sure right?

Y/N: nun much and yea I’m done

Nate: good good well i gtg talk 2 u later ma

Y/N: bye

You went through your social medias and watched some tv.  

You were super bored so you decided to go to the beach.  Thats why you lived in California right?

You got in the car and drove to the closet beach.  venice.  
Once you were there you just walked around and looked at everything.

You were on the boardwalk and someone tapped your shoulder.  You turned and was immediately greeted with a hug but you still couldn’t tell who it was.  

“Hello?” You said
The person released and you got a good look.  It was Nate!  

“Oh my gosh no way i didn’t know who you were” You said and leaned in for a real hug
“How you doing ma?-Still gorgeous as ever” He said
“Thank you and good what about you?” You blushed
“Good with some friends wanna join?” He asked
“Yea” You said

You followed him to the beach and there was a small group of guys.  
“Hey guys this is (y/n) the girl i was telling you guys about” He said

All his friends were hot as hell.  
“Hi I’m sammy”
“I’m John but you can call me swazz”
“I’m Derek”

You looked up and your mouth instantly dropped.  Amazed at the sight of him.  You were mesmerized but also shocked on how he was so hot.  on how all of them were so hot.  

“(y/n)….(y/n)” Nate said tapping you
“You okay there” He chuckled
“Uh yea” You replied
“So what were you doing here”
“oh I was just walking around…You know”

“Want some?” Swazz said handing you a blunt
“Nahh” You said passing it to Nate
“You don’t smoke?” Nate asked you
“Once but it wasn’t for me” You said smiling


“well i gotta go but see you guys at the party” You said giving Nate a hug
“Bye” They said like it was cued

You hugged sammy and swazz.  But you were scared to hug Derek because you might melt in his arms. You walked up to him and gave him a hug.  You heart was pounding out of your chest.  

“Bye guys” You said again walking to your car

You went to go wash the sand off of your feet and went to your car.  On the drive home you stopped at jack in the box to grab something to eat.  

You made it home and went upstairs to your room.  You went and took a shower.  After the shower you went to sleep early.  


Today you plan dot go to the mall with Lyssa and Jack.  He didn’t agree but you guys were going to make him.  

-End of school day-

You, Lyssa and Jack decided to meet up at your house.  So you drove home and you went inside.  

Jack and Lyssa were already inside.  “I guess mom let them in” You thought
You put all of your stuff in your room and grabbed some money.  You guys went in Jack’s car.  
On the way to the mall you told Lyssa and Jack about Derek.

-At the mall-

You guys arrived to the mall and walked in.  You guys went all over the mall.  After hours and hours of shopping.  You guys all had something to wear.  

You guys headed to the food court because Lyssa wanted one of those pretzels from ‘Auntie Annie’s’.  You guys walked to the booth where Auntie Annie’s was.  

On the way there you saw a guy walk by and he was gorgeous and he looked familiar.  He made eye contact with you.  He started to walk closer and then you saw it was.  Derek.  

“Hey (y/n)” He said giving you a hug

The sound of your name on his tongue gave you goosebumps.  

“Hi Derek” You said blushing like an idiot

You saw Jack and Lyssa come towards you guys.  

“Derek this is Lyssa and Jack” You said
“Hi I’m Derek” He said putting his hand out

They shook hands

“Well i’ll see you guys tonight” He said and winked at you

You wanted to hide.  

“Bye” You guys said

MiniLadd+Jay and slight red light escapist rage

So if you watched Mini’s new video, then you should know already by the title of this. I cried when I watched the video. I got pissed too at the one who drove at them. I hope both of them will recover quickly.

Guys. DON’T. RUN. RED. LIGHTS. I freakin mean it. Just because you may think it’s daring, doesn’t mean it couldn’t hurt anyone. Look at what happened. Drive safely and drive wisely. Come on.

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OMG I'm a huge fan of Chase and Aaron! Well I'm mostly a fan of Chase's channel but I also love the podcast so much. Everyone should check out "uppercaseChase" and "you're so brave"!

yeessss, i love them they’re so great! i knew about chase before i knew about you’re so brave but i learned about aaron through the podcast, and now he’s kind of my fave

i started watching you’re so brave around episode 8-ish? and i haven’t stopped watching since!

it’s really easy to pick up wherever, but if anyone new is coming along i recommend going back and watching all of them cause there are a lot of jokes you wont get (though i think they explained most of them to stef in the latest episode, still worth watching everything imo)

links if anyone wants them: you’re so brave, chase’s channel, aaron’s channel

Sashay video

I love you guys, but seriously.. if you really want Sasha and Shay react on Emison fanfictions, you’re freaking crazy. Don’t be stupid, it’d literally ruin their opinion on us AND Emison which is not something you should want. and I don’t think you do.. If you want them to make a reaction video, then they should watch Emison videos where they can understand why we love Emison so much and they could fall in love with Emison too and then Emison could be even better on screen and not the opposite which would happen if they read fanfictions. They’d never be able to feel comfortable to film kissing scene or just anything together ever again.

Not to mention that a few months ago, we fought against Travis who posted sexual allusion towards Sasha, Sasha said many times she’s uncomfortable with any sexual allusion on her or her characters so we wouldn’t be any better than Travis.

So I think that you should think about it one more time, if you want Sashay to dislike Emison or fall in love with them..

PS. I personally would rather see SASHA AND SHAY having fun about something which isn’t connected to the show because we’ve never seen them hanging out, so I think that if Sasha and Shay cooked something or played some kind of challenge, it’d me much better. 

At the end of the day, Shay said they’ve already talked/thought about it so I’m sure that they will do what they wanna do :)


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Pairing: Avengers x Reader 

Prompt: Hey! Could you please do an one-shot where the reader is a part of the avengers (you choose her powers), and she insists the team to go ice skating so they all go to ice skating, but almost all of them fall? (Extra laughter and teasing) thanks!

Warnings: Curse words  

{The reader’s power is creating and controlling fire btw 🔥}

     You walked to the common room, where the other Avengers were seated and watching TV. 

     “Guys…” You moaned loudly. “Get your lazy asses off that couch and let’s do something.” The Avengers groaned in response. 

     “Why should we?” Tony asked. 

     “We have been moving around too much, let’s just stay here.” Clint said. 

     “Not acceptable guys.” You told them. You continued to walk around. “How about laser tag?” 

     “No way, Natasha will win every round.” Steve said. Natasha laughed out loudly. 

     “No I agree with Y/N, let’s do that.” Natasha said. 

     “How about a trip to the beach?” You asked. 

     “Last time we went, the water was way too cold and there were no waves.” Pietro said, shaking his head. You thought some more. 

     “We never went to the ice skating rink,” you thought out loud. Suddenly, you realized that the idea you just said was actually a good idea. “Guys! There’s an ice skating rink at Rocketfellar Plaza, why not go there?” 

     “Really Y/N?” Steve asked, throwing his head back. 

     “Ugh, not now.” Bruce groaned. 

     “How about no.” Tony said. 

     “What is an ice-skating rink?” Thor asked.

     “See, Thor is the only one that agrees with me!” You said, walking back to the group. 

     “Oh, pardon me Lady Y/N, but I wasn’t agreeing with you. I was simply curious as to what an ice-skating rink is.” Thor said back to you. 

     “Shut up Thor, you’re agreeing with me.” You shot back. Thor lifted his eyebrows and put both his hands in the air in surrender. “C’mon guys, why not? It’s night time, it’s a Tuesday, and we’re not doing anything!” No one moved. You sighed loudly. “Alright, you brought this onto yourselves.” You said. Using your powers, you created a flame on Tony’s crotch. No one noticed for a while, until Tony started to sniff loudly. 

     “Do you guys smell something?” Tony asked out loud. 

     “Yeah, like burnt fabric.” Bruce replied, his eyes still stuck on the TV. Tony continued sniffing, looking around. His eyes landed on you. 

     ‘Look down,’ you mouthed, using your finger and pointing to the ground. Tony looked down on him, spotting the fire. 

     “AAHH!” Tony screamed. Tony scrambled up on feet. The other Avengers saw the flame and quickly stood up from the couch. 

     “What the hell Tony?!” Natasha yelled. 

     “Tony, you are on fire!” Steve shouted with disbelief. 

     “No shit grampa, someone help me!” Tony yelled, looking desperately at his other team mates. Pietro zoomed to the kitchen and back out with a cup full of water. Pietro dumped the water right onto Tony’s crotch. Tony screeched. “Fuck, that’s cold!” You stood in the background, laughing quietly to yourself while the others ran to Tony, asking if he’s okay. Soon, the Avengers glared at you. You grinned back at them.

     “We are going to that ice rink, or Steve’s hair comes next.” You threatened. Steve gasped dramatically, grabbing onto his own head. The others didn’t say anything, until Wanda broke the silence. 

     “Y/N does have a point, we have been doing nothing for the entire day.” Wanda said. 

     “Thank you Wanda!” You said. The others looked at each other. 

     “Yeah, why not.” Clint said. “I wouldn’t want her to wreck any of my clothes and body parts.” 


     You and Natasha strapped on your skates quickly, as the others struggled. 

     “Do you guys need help?” You asked. Everyone quickly shook their heads. Tony, however, completely ignored you. He was still clearly upset that you set his crotch on fire. After a few minutes, everyone was finished strapping on their skates. 

     “Alright, let’s hit the ice.” Natasha said, standing up on her skates and walking to the rink. You joined her, as the others struggled to stand up. 

     “Woah,” Steve muttered, rising out of his seat slowly. The others did the same, taking their time to stand up. You and Natasha stared at them. 

     “I’m stating to think that you guys don’t know how to work this.” You said. 

     “No no, don’t mind us. It’s just been-” Wanda interrupted herself, almost falling. Pietro caught her. “-a little while since we’ve done this.” Wanda finished. Pietro pulled her up on her feet. 

     “Alright then,” Natasha said. She stepped through the empty doorway and glided gracefully onto the ice. 

     “Wow Natasha, you’re really good!” you exclaimed, stepping onto the ice as well. It took you a few seconds before you got the hang of skating on ice again. 

     “Thanks, I had some practice back at the motherland.” Natasha replied, smiling at you. You and Natasha held hands as the both of you skated around the rink. From the corner of your eye, you spotted the others hesitating to go on to the ice. 

     “Why are you guys hesitating? Come out on the ice!” You called to them, motioning them to come to where you and Natasha were. They all looked up from the ground. 

     “Uh… sure just a minute!” Steve called back. He cautiously stepped onto the ice, as if he were testing it out. You rolled your eyes and skated up in front of them. You grasped Steve’s hand and slowly led him onto the ice. The others tried following Steve, stretching their hands out for balance. Steve wobbled a little bit. “Easy Y/N…” Steve muttered. Suddenly, Steve slipped. 

     “Woah!” you yelled, using your other hand to grab Steve’s other hand. But it was too late, Steve fell to the ground. The other Avengers fell down together as well. Cling and Thor fell on top of each other, Wanda tripped over Pietro, and Bruce and Tony fell on their butts. You, who have been holding on to Steve’s hand, also came down with them. You fell right on top of Steve. You and Steve, along with the others, groaned loudly. You pulled yourself up, balancing on your skates. Natasha skated to you and the fallen group. Natasha laughed at the sight in front of her. 

     “Do you guys want any help?” Natasha asked, still laughing as she crossed her arms. The Avengers frowned and averted their eyes away from you and Natasha. 

     “Maybe…” Bruce mumbled. Natasha skated towards Bruce and helped him up. You picked up Steve, Clint, Tony and the twins. 

     “So, you guys have no idea how to skate?” you asked. No one moved. “Wow, the mighty Avengers. The ones who can save the world from the grasps of Loki and Ultron, but can’t even skate.” You said, laughing. 

     “Don’t blame us, this is really difficult,” Pietro mumbled. You laughed again. 

     “Watch me guys, one foot slides right, one foot slides left.” You explained, sliding your feet across the ice. You repeated this several times. “Okay guys, your turn.” 

     The others started to slide their foot, but failed terribly. The group toppled over each other. You and Natasha bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from laughing out loud. 

     “Don’t think about falling, just think about moving one foot and then moving the other foot.: Natasha said while you and her helped the others get back up again. 

     “We got it Romanoff…” Tony muttered, attempting to skate again. You watched him as he slid his right foot in front of him. “Well, would you look at that!” Tony said, giving you and Natasha a smug smile. Tony started to slide his next foot before losing his balance again and falling flat on his face. Natasha smiled widely while you clamped your hand to your mouth, muffling your laughs. 

     “This activity is extremely difficult, how are you accomplishing this?” Tony asked as he stood up and stuck his arms out for balance. 

     “It looks easy…” Clint said as he grabbed onto Natasha’s shoulder and he pulled himself up. 

     “C’mon guys, let’s keep practicing.” You said, motioning forward. The Avengers tried again. Thor and Wanda immediately fell after the first step, however the others were a bit more lucky. Pietro and Bruce slipped after the third step, but Tony, Clint, and Steve were still on their feet. “Nice job guys, just go slowly.” You told them. Tony Clint, and Steve skated slowly towards you and Natasha. The others who were on the ground got up on their feet and tried again. 

     It was fun to watch the Avengers’ faces scrunch up in concentration just to do this simple task, but after a while, the Avengers go the hang of it. Pietro zoomed around the rink on his skates while Wanda giggled as she held onto Pietro’s waist, pulling herself along. Bruce and Natasha were skating happily beside each other. Clint was attempting to do some figure skating moves in the middle along Thor (both were embarrassingly failing), and Tony and Steve were about to race each other. You skated towards them. “Can I join your party?” you asked. Both of their heads turned to you. 

     “What if we say no?” Tony asked. You raised your eyebrows, held out your hand, and produced a flame on it. 

     “Sure Y/N! You can race with us.” Steve said immediately. 

     “Thanks guys!” you exclaimed. The three of you stopped  your tracks at once, ready to race. 

     “The first person to do three round wins.” Tony said. You grinned. 

     “One, two, three!” Steve yelled, and the three of you sped off. 

Author’s Note: Imagine Tony’s crotch catching on fire 😂 Sorry anon for taking such a long time, thank you for your patience ❤️ More stories coming up! Follow for more writings and one-shots, and feel free to request scenarios! <3

okay but garnet accidentally splitting apart when steven asks which pokemon game he should get not because the decision is too hard but bc ruby wants him to get sapphire and sapphire wants him to get ruby and both of them are being so stubborn about him playing the game with their luvs gem in it 

imagine the poor gamestop clerk watching this tall square mom explode into then two smaller square moms and then and immediately they charge at the game stop guy and Sapphire is all “Pokemon Ruby. He is getting Pokemon Ruby. Do not take her money you will regret it” and starts throwing bills at the clerk and Ruby fu cking shouting at the guy “I WI LL POUND YOUR FACE IN IF YOU TAKE MONEY F ROM HER HE IS GETTING POKEMON SAPPHIRE

steven stops the fight by asking if theres a gba cart of emerald instead

(he scratches out the label with a sharpie and writes “garnet” on it just for them)