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Dating Enoch O’Connor Would Include #2

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okok so I’m actually gonna start writing more Enoch stuff because he’s a babe

first one can be found here, all parts forthcoming will be put in my navigation on my about me page :)

- You two reading together

- Him listening to you reading Olive (book age Olive y’all) a bedtime story before she goes to bed, but him not admitting he was listening

- Him getting really jealous whenever you talk with Jacob

- You watching him make his homunculi and him explaining to you how every part is made

- Whenever Millard goes to playfully pick on you, he takes it personal

- “No other guy should be staring at you in a provocative way except for me.”

- Running your fingers through his hair mmmHMmmmm

- Him insisting he isn’t ticklish but damn right he is.

- Him looking and smiling at you at the dinner table

- Everyone probably being like “What do you even see in him he’s annoying??”

- Confronting him when he picks on Bronwyn and him immediately apologizing afterwards

- Stumbling to his room really late at night with the “I’m cold” excuse but you really just wanted to cuddle with him

- Speaking of cuddling, you do a lot of that ^^ 

Also: I’ve got an Enoch imagine in my drafts so be on the look out for that my dudes !!! I’m actually really excited for it and I hope you like it.

Should’ve Kissed You

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 992
summary : (sort of) based on ‘I Should’ve Kissed You’ by One Direction
note : this is an old draft i found on my phone and just got it finished around 4AM, hope you guys like it ☺
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Being invited to a party at Elena’s dorm at the end of the weekend, was a surprise for Kai. A part of him thought that maybe after he lifted the spell linking Elena and Bonnie, they were starting to warm up to him so when Damon had asked, Kai had agreed to go but only because there was someone he hoped to see at the party.
The night was dragging itself slowly and he spent most of his time with his least favourite Salvatore, mainly because the vampire refused to leave him alone, probably thinking Kai would murder someone. However the young heretic’s mind was far away from this, completely consumed by thoughts about only one person and he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away from her since the moment she walked in.
   “Does she have a boyfriend ?” he asked, when she looked at him for the hundredth time that night with a smile on her face, making his heart skip a beat.
Damon followed Kai’s gaze and clenched his jaw the moment he saw who the young heretic meant. A few metres away, at the other end of the room stood Y/N, Caroline and Elena. They were talking and laughing at something on the younger girl’s phone, while holding a red plastic cup in their hands.
   “No, no. Don’t even think about it.” growled the vampire. “She is too good for you.”
   “I was just asking.” said Kai, raising his hands in defence. For a second it looked like he might give up on the subject, but then he leaned in a little towards Damon, asking the same question. The vampire gulped the rest of the bottle with bourbon in his hands at once and sighed.
   “No. She doesn’t. Y/N is shy when it comes to liking guys that way. Even if she likes someone, no chance she’d do or say something.”
Kai felt a spark of hope hearing Damon’s words. Y/N was single –
   “Why not ? Who would say ‘no’ to her ? She is so beauti –” Kai cleared his throat, seeing Damon’s expression. “I am just saying. Whoever she chooses will be the luckiest man alive.”
   “Indeed.” the vampire patted Kai’s back with a smirk on his face. “Except, it won’t be you.” he said in a serious tone.
The young heretic looked at Damon as if to say ’We’ll see about that.’ and got up, finishing his cup before leaving it on the table. He took a few steps towards Y/N before Damon grabbed him and whooshed them down the hallway, pinning the heretic to the wall with his hand around his neck.
   “Listen to me, twirp. You are lucky I haven’t ripped your head off by now.“
   “Why haven’t you?”
   “Someone asked me very politely not to, saying that you deserve a chance –“
   “Who ?” wondered Kai, his mind immediately going to Y/N. Who else would ask Damon that ? Surely wasn’t Elena … or Bonnie.
   “Not important.“ grinned the vampire. “Point is – stay away from her. Y/N doesn’t need you hur–”
   “Motus.” muttered Kai, sending the vampire flying away from him. “I am not going to hurt her. I think I might be –” he stuttered and sighed, looking at the ground.
   “Don’t you dare say it.” threatened Damon.
Kai rubbed his neck, glancing at his least favourite Salvatore. He liked Y/N, maybe even more than like her. Out of everyone in the group she was the only one who actually made him feel welcome and appeared to enjoy his company as much as he enjoyed hers. Ever since the moment he saw her, he wanted her to like him, for them to be friends … Perhaps more than friends, if he was lucky. He had spent countless nights since they met, laying awake at night thinking about her and only her, wondering if there was someone in her life. Now that he knew there wasn’t, he wanted to do something and find out if she felt the same way about him. To find out if her she felt like she couldn’t breath when they weren’t together, or if her skin turned to fire just at the thought of being in each other’s arms.
Kai wasn’t good at emotions or feelings but he knew he felt something about this girl and he wanted to be better because of her. When the young heretic had put the sleeping curse on Elena, no part of him had intended on ever lifting it but after learning who the doppelganger was to the girl he liked, things changed. He had done it for Y/N. To give her back her best friend growing up.
   “Once. Trust me just this once. Y/N might not even like me that way –”
   “If you hurt her in any way, I will kill you. Got it ?”
   “Got it.” said Kai, taking a step towards the room while fixing his shirt and hair. He stopped at the entrance and took a deep breath. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when Y/N looked up at him and he could hear her heart trying to leap out of her chest all the way from where he was standing when their eyes met. Kai made his way through the crowd, feeling nervous all of the sudden. wondering what he was going to say to her.
A few moments later, he had shortened the distance between them and was now standing barely a step away from her and Elena, who glanced between them and then went to talk to Damon at the other end of the room, leaving them all alone.
   "Hey.” smiled Kai.
   “Hey.” she smiled back.
Y/N wasn’t like all the other girls he had met, she wasn’t even like her friends. There was something about her, maybe it was her kind heart or the fact she had seen a sliver of good in him when everyone told her she was crazy and had given him a chance, that pulled every fibre in his body towards her and he was pretty sure he’d fight off anyone who dared and tried to steal her from him.
   “What w-were you and Damon arguing about?” she interrupted his thoughts. ”I haven’t seen him clench his jaw like that in weeks…”
   “You, actually.”
Y/N looked at him with surprise in her eyes. “Me ?”
   “He doesn’t approve of me coming to talk to you. He is worried I’d hurt you or something.” sighed Kai. “I’d never hurt you… though, he doesn’t seem to want to believe me.”
Y/N turned in the direction of her friends, who were talking without taking their eyes off her and Kai. Damon smiled at them, waved his fingers in a ‘hello’ and leaned in to say something to Elena. Everyone always assumed Kai had some sinister plan, a hidden motive behind his actions. Everyone but not her. Y/N liked him, but as usual she didn’t have the courage to tell Kai how she felt.
   “Who cares what he thinks?” she muttered, taking a sip from her cup. “I am more than happy you are here. And I um - I like talking to you.”
   “You don’t find my constant talking annoying ?“
   “No. Not at all.” she smiled shyly and Kai smiled back at her.
   “Hey um… D-do you want to dance or something?”
   “I’d love to.” she said, her eyes lighting up at his question.
Kai smiled widely at her and took the cup from her hands, feeling sparks of electricity the second he touched her and by the looks of it, she felt them too. He left the cup on the nearest table and they pushed their way through the crowd, his hand carefully placed on her back while listening to her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. For a while they danced and Y/N could barely tear her eyes away from him, just like he couldn’t take his eyes off her. There was something different about the way she was looking at him in that moment, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Her friends’ kept starring at them, but neither of them cared. Then a slow song started to play. Y/N rubbed her nose just like every time she was nervous and took a step back.
   “Um…“ she started to say, when he placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him again. Y/N looked up at him, smiling nervously. “I am not good at slow songs. I’ll step on your foot and –”
   “I want to dance with you. I don’t mind you stepping on my foot –”
I just want to hold you in my arms, always and forever. he finished in his mind before leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Vampire, remember ?”
Y/N’s lips curled and a moment later her hands hooked around his neck. Their eyes met and her breath got caught in her throat while she got lost in his smoky blue eyes glowing like never before in that instant. They were standing so close to each other, she was worried he might actually feel her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. Kai rested his forehead on hers, her cheeks flushed immediately and she completely forgot how to breath. Neither of them even noticed the song had changed, neither of them cared about anything else but the other. It felt as if the temperatures in the room had gone up suddenly the closer his lips got to hers, their eyes darting between the others’ eyes and lips. His hot breath was intoxicating her completely and just as he was about to kiss her, Y/N’s feet caved in.
   “Are you okay? You look like you might faint or something ?” asked Kai with concern, holding her towards him. “Maybe we should go get some fresh air or something –”
   “Mmmhmmm … s-sounds good.” she said, her eyes fluttering closed for a second while he snaked his hand around her waist. Having him hold her like this was definitely not helping her remember how to breath, or calm down her heart. And she couldn’t stop thinking how it felt as if his hands and her body were two pieces of a puzzle, fitting perfectly with each other.

They made their way through the crowd and walked outside, sitting on the steps at the entrance of the building. Y/N took a deep breath, feeling the cold air fill her lungs and her mind cleared up a little. Though not nearly enough.
   “Feeling better ?” he asked, not taking his eyes off her.
   “Yeah, yeah.“ she smiled at the ground, hoping her heart would calm down but that never happened. All she could think about was how he had almost kissed her and that out of all the girls who kept making googly eyes at him all night, he only appeared to have eyes for her. Or maybe she was imagining it. “It got too hot in there.”
   “Tell me about it.” he muttered, wiping his face with his hand.
For a few long moments, neither of them said a thing. They only kept stealing glances at the other and Y/N couldn’t help but notice how his eyes sparkled differently in that moment and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
   "So um, are you having fun ? At the party I mean?“
   “No, not until I got to dance with you.” he smiled nervously. “Damon invited me and then pretty much forced me to hang out with him. Makes no sense. He doesn’t even like me –”
   “He didn’t. I mean… I kind of made him invite you. Though I thought I’d be the one hanging out with you all night, n-not him.“ she said quietly, smiling at the ground again.”I got pulled away before I got the chance –”
   “You are the one who wanted me to come ?” he smiled, with a hint of surprise in his voice. “Why didn’t you ask me yourself ?”
   “I um…” she laughed nervously, avoiding his question. “I like being around you. You are funny and –“
– you get my heart racing like no one has ever been able to. she finished in her mind.
Kai lifted her chin up until their eyes met and he could hear her heart skip a beat the moment he touched her, and then her heart rate increased to dangerous levels. “Woww. Does that mean you lik– are not afraid of being all alone with the big bad heretic ?”
Y/N gazed into his blue eyes for a long moment, drowning in them for a millionth time. Had he just almost asked her if she likes him ? Why had he changed his mind mid-sentence ?
   “No. Why would I be afraid being around one of my friends ? I um .. actually, I – ” she smiled nervously, getting tongue tied yet again. I like you and I want to be near you and be in your arms, always. she finished in her mind.
   “I’ve never had a friend before.” he smiled, “This feels nice. Hey, maybe we can go um get some coffee sometime or … go see a movie or something? F-friends do that right ?”
   “Yeah, f-friends do that. J-just the two of us, r-right ?” she said quietly, her eyes darting between his lips and his eyes. Had he just asked her out ? Kai gently brushed his palm against her cheek and nodded, slowly leaning in towards her. Without realising it Y/N slowly leaned in towards him too, her heart beating so fast she was worried everyone could hear it. Kai surely could. They gazed longingly into each others eyes, their lips barely a half an inch away — and then a large group of college students rushed past them down the stairs, nearly trumping them over.
Kai cleared his throat while Y/N blinked fast a couple of times, starring at the night sky. A shooting start glazed across it in a blink of an eye, so fast she wasn’t sure it had really happened, but she made a wish anyways.
   “I should um … We should probably go back –”
   “Yeah, yeah of course.” said Kai, helping her up. “So um, h-how does F-friday movie night sounds ? I can compell the whole movie theatre j-just for … us.”
   “Can I pick the movie ?“
Kai grinned. “Absolutely.”
    “Hey so, what do you want to – “ said Y/N, turning around so abruptly as they got at the entrance, they bumped into each other and she would’ve fallen unless it had been for Kai’s hand on her waist, holding her steady. He pushed her against the door frame, bracing his hand next to her head when another group college students rushed inside. Y/N could feel her heart beats blurring into one and her cheeks were for sure a very bright shade of red in that moment. Kai’s lips were barely a heart beat away from hers and she wanted to feel them on hers so badly in that moment.
    “Whatever you want to … watch.” he replied, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. 
A small smile showed on her face and Y/N reached to touch his cheek, feeling his breath on her face intoxicating her. This time will be different. I don’t want to lose him to someone else. she thought, feeling Kai’s hand on her waist pulling her towards him. I can tell him. Maybe he feels the same. Maybe –
   “Y/N ! There you are !” Elena grabbed her hand. “Come on. I want to show you something.”
Kai closed his eyes and sighed. There it was again. How it was they always got interrupted somehow ? His eyes followed Y/N through the crowd and she turned around looking at him while Elena continued pulling her away from him. It looked as if she was trying to say something but before he had had time to figure out what, he had lost sight of her. He couldn’t help but feel angry at himself he had missed the moment again, still feeling the lingering feeling of her body this close to his. Almost as if she was still in his arms –

    “Why did you do that ?“ Y/N asked Elena, a hint of frustration in her voice. “I was just about to –”
   “No, Y/N. Listen to me. He is bad news.” said her friend, passing her a cup with bear. Y/N pushed it away. Her mind was foggy enough from all that had happened, or had nearly happened with Kai and she didn’t need the extra buzz.
   “That doesn’t mean I can’t kiss him and like it. Or feel something for him for that matter.” she blurted out.
Elena’s eyes widened and a moment later Damon showed up behind her, snatching the cup from his girlfriend’s hand while looking at Y/N. “You have clearly had too much to drink.”
  “Stay out of this Damon. Who I chose to kiss or to whom my heart belongs to is none of your business –”
   “He is not –”
   “Save it.” she turned on her heels, walking away from them. Y/N looked around, hoping that maybe Kai was still at the party somewhere, or near by at least but there was no sight of him anywhere. “Damn it.”

*       *      *

By the time Y/N got home, it was already 1.37AM. She changed into her PJ’s and headed towards the kitchen to get herself some ice cream from the freezer before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. Tom and Jerry was on, but unlike all the other times, cartoons couldn’t distract her from the thoughts drowning her mind in that moment. Kai had almost kissed her three times and each time had been seared into her mind, playing on a loop in slow motion. His lips had been so close to hers, she could almost feel them touching hers. His strong hands had held her towards him so gently, just the thought of being this close to him made her heart race. And his eyes – they had been so insanely blue, kind of like comets in the night sky.
A sigh left her lips and Y/N took out her phone, scrolling down her contacts until she got to Kai’s name. Her finger hovered over the dial button while she tried to decide if she should call him or not. He didn’t sleep so she wouldn’t wake him but what would she say to him ? And they still had that movie night coming –
   “Why are you like this? Why, Y/N?” she said to herself, getting up to return the semi-empty ice cream box in the freezer.” Why can’t you just say ’Hey, Kai. I like you as more than a friend. Do you like me too ?’ but to his face ?”

No matter how hard Kai tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about the moments he and Y/N had almost kissed at the party. Magic could do a lot of things, but couldn’t turn back time like he wished. Instead of going home, he just walked aimlessly down the streets around her apartment, trying to work up the courage to knock on her door. Around 2.17AM he couldn’t take it anymore. All the thoughts and feelings he felt in that moment had consumed him completely and he had to see her, immediately or he’d lose it.
Kai got to the third floor, where her apartment was, and knocked on the door. He could hear she was still awake - the TV was on, then suddenly got turned off and footsteps neared the door. The young heretic took a deep breath, feeling the collar of his shirt tighten around his neck a little… and then Y/N opened the door.
   “Kai ? Wh-what are you doing here ?” her eyes lit up.
   “Hey, um … Can I come in ?” he asked, smiling nervously while his palm pressed against the invisible barrier keeping uninvited vampires out.
   “Yeah, of course. Come on.” she smiled shyly.
   “Cute PJs.” he smiled, touching the loose ponytail as he walked inside. Y/N was wearing short shorts with a top saying ‘I ♡ cupcakes.’ and a drawing of a cupcake with white fuzzy bunny slippers.
As soon as the door closed, Kai backed her against it and placed his hands on either side of her, caging her in with his body. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since the moment the door had opened, listening to her heart beating faster than a hummingbirds at the sight of him. His fingertips brushed against her cheek and the corners of his mouth twitched, noticing how she literally stopped breathing for a second when he gently touched her lips.
   “Don’t freak out.” said Kai, in a hushed voice a second before his lips pressed against hers. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach, spreading the feeling through her entire body and her heart almost burst out of her chest. Kai kissed her. He kissed her !!! Y/N’s mind went on full overload and she couldn’t think about anything but his lips on hers and how soft they were. Or how it felt as if they were literally made for each other. Then, too soon, he pulled away.
   “I had to do that, at least once.” he rested his forehead on hers. “I should’ve kissed you earlier, I almost did. Three whole times I missed every single chance. Y/N, you are all that I can think about. You are always in the corners of my mind, sneaking into my dreams and it’s driving me nuts how much I want to be with you but … Damon is right. You are too good for me.”
Y/N started to say something but he didn’t give her the chance.
   “I am just happy I got to kiss you.” he slowly stepped away from her, placing his hand on the door knob. He started opening the door when Y/N put her hand on his and pushed the door closed again. Her lips curled into a smile at the way their hands looked together, feeling Kai’s thumb lightly rubbing her hand and she looked up at him, her heart skipping a beat, or ten.
   “Kiss me again.” she said quietly.
So quietly, if Kai didn’t have supernatural hearing, he would’ve completely missed it. He smiled at her, cupped her face and took a small step closer until their lips met again. This time Y/N hooked her hands around his neck, pulling him against her until his body was so close to hers, there was literally no space between them. His hands found their way on her waist, moving up and down her back while their lips moved against each other as if they had kissed their whole lives. Everything felt like a dream, like maybe she had fallen asleep on the couch and would wake up at any moment, but she didn’t care. All that mattered were Kai’s lips on hers and his hands on her body.
   “Y/N –” he brushed his palm against her cheek, resting his forehead on hers.
   “I want to be with you too.” she smiled at him. “I – I like you and I’ve never been able to say that to anyone I like, but I’ll be damned if I let some girl take you away from me.”
Kai smiled at her. “No one can take me away from you. Not now, not ever. I belong to you.
   “And I belong to you.”
Kai grinned at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Hey so um, d-do you still want to go on that movie night with me ?”
   “Y-you mean as a boyfriend and –“
   “– girlfriend. Yeah.” he smiled nervously. 
   “Like on our –”
   “–first date.“ he finished for her. Y/N pressed her lips against his. “Is that a ‘yes’?’
   “A million times ‘yes’!’


Phoenix AU Page Up!

Hi all!

You may or may not know that I’ve been working on a fic since forever, and I decided to make an info page for it since it’s a unique universe! This is mainly cuz I decided since I’ve been talking about it since forever I should at least compile a bit of the info for you guys :””) Also ty to @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters for encouraging me throughout this fic :”””)

You can access the page from my main tumblr blog (since it’s a tab, there’s no actual link to the page sorry!) from the tabs on the top as you can see in the image above!

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Any lucy centric director Sanvers stuff floating around my good pal?

i promise this started as light and fluffy. the group message was sitting in my drafts, then it got a little angsty? with some fluff at the end? enjoy! 

[12:27am] lucy to home: what kind of pizza place closes after midnight? in washington dc of all places? i don’t understand. 

[12:28am] lucy to home: i miss you guys. 

[12:32am] maggie to home: livinonaprayer.mp3

[12:33 am] lucy to home: you’re not funny 

[12:34 am] alex to home: you should see her, she thinks she’s hilarious

[12:36 am] lucy to home: how long have you been waiting to send me that?

[12:37 am] maggie to home: how long do you think? 

[12:38 am] lucy to home: three days. 

[12:40 am] maggie to home: dingdingding. 

[12:41 am]alex to home: she’s had a post-it on the fridge reminding her.

[12:43 am] lucy to home: nerd.

[12:45 am] maggie to home: it’s funny and you both know it. stop ganging up on me.

[12:47 am] maggie to home: anyway three more days then you’re home for a week.

[12:49 am] lucy to home: counting down the days.

[12:49 am] lucy to home: i love you guys. 

incoming phone call from maggie sawyer 

hey there,” maggie’s voice comes in clear over the line, and then alex’s 

you eat yet?” 

yeah,” lucy sighs “leftover chinese. is that bon jovi?” 

lucy can practically hear maggie’s smirk as the music cuts in the background “you’re halfway there.” is all maggie has to say for herself. 

it’s still too long.” lucy says,  there a pause and then “could we,” she starts, 


“nevermind.” lucy says, a little embarrassed “it’s nothing.” 

c’mon,” maggie says gently “what’s up?” 

there’s a long pause and then, 

i miss you guys,” lucy whispers. 

two seconds.” maggie says, and then the line goes dead. 

lucy’s phone vibrates a moment later, as the facetime request comes up. she smiles because of course, 

of course they know. 

she answers and there’s a moment where she can’t see anything but herself in the little box in the corner. then a jolt of noise and replacing the black screen is alex and maggie. they’re both smiling at her, and lucy feels the tension along her spine drop considerably just by seeing their faces.

“hi.” she breaths. 

“hey,” alex says, and then maggie, 

“tough day, babygirl?” 

lucy lets out a long breath and nods. but she can’t say anything else, not without the swell of emotions caught in her throat getting the better of her. 

“why don’t,” alex starts “why don’t you get in bed?” she suggests “I know you have to be up early.” 

“we’ll talk you to sleep?” maggie suggest.

and god, lucy nods because she didn’t even know that was exactly what she wanted until it’s what’s happening. until she’s climbing under the sheets and pulling the duvet back up. until she’s propping her phone up on some pillows and settling herself down. 

all the while her girlfriends are talking, about their days, about kara’s shenanigans. and lucy comments a little, but mostly she lays there, with her eyes closed, 

letting the sounds of her girlfriends voices ease the stress from her system, letting their banter and their soft laughs coax her to sleep.

where the last things she really hears are 

“i love you luce.” 


“sleep tight luce.”

and she does. 

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Hello, my old friend. I've got a brand new problem with my starting drafts. All fives of my friends who've read some parts say that the love interest of my story is too ugly for the main protagonist. For context, she's a bit chubby and has some freckles. Note, three of the readers are guys and two girls Would you think that those make her too ugly and should I tone it down on her design?


Short answer is, don’t change how she looks.  Turn on a random cartoon, sitcom, film, or what have you – Family Guy, Honeymooners, Superbad, et cetera – and you’ll see one male wish fulfillment couple after another.  

Mediocre-looking or traditionally unattractive men are constantly paired with stunningly gorgeous women, and it’s treated as normal.  It plays into a tiresome trend in which women are the objects of male desire, and what they find attractive, desirable, or sexually pleasing is either disregarded, treated as shallow, or nonexistent.    

One female love interest with a bit of freckles and pudge is actually a welcome reprieve from the norm.    

Slightly longer answer is, you might want to change how you’re describing her.  If you’re focusing on the love interest’s features as negative attributes, or if you’re focusing on her not being not conventionally attractive, of course the readers are going to wonder what your protag sees in her.

There are ways to make a character with your love interest’s features sound beautiful.  For example:

Delilah ran up to me, heart-shaped face pink with excitement, making her freckles stand out and dimples prominent.  She reached up to tuck a wisp of sandy hair away from long-lashed, doe-like brown eyes, while the other tugged her waistband up over the creamy-white role of her midsection, skirt hugging thick, soft thighs.

Obviously, I’m filling in the blanks a bit on your character’s other attributes, but you get the picture.

In any case, I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

Press Coverage/Less Coverage (Tony Stark x Reader) (Part 1/2)

Rating: T, it’s mostly buildup; there’s a little bit of suggestive dialogue but that’s mostly it (for now. wink wink).

Word Count: 4.2 k

Warnings: Suggestive dialogue, Justin Hammer makes a brief appearance, some swearing

A/N: Jesus guys I’m so sorry kms!!! i totally lost my momentum and this ended up taking three months I lowkey hate myself but guess what!!! I’m about halfway done editing my rough draft of my novel which i actually finished!! Also I’m fostering a puppy this weekend and his name is Dan and I love him but anyway !!! here you go, part two is in the works and idk when it will be out but hopefully it’ll be soon!

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Yo do us all a favor and write season 8 will you? These gifsets you're making are fucking amazing! Keep up the great work 👍 P.S. When will you post part 5? You said "soon", but I want it now lol 😅

I’m no screenwriter lol 😅😅 But thank you so much, I’m having a blast making them, and I’m so happy you guys like them. 😚💙💙 

Part 5 is already done, it’s just sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to hit “post”. When will I hit “post”? I’m working on part 6, and I’m not going to post part 5, until I’m done with it, in case I write stuff in part 6, that require me to change stuff around in part 5. Idk, you should see part 5 on wednesday/thursday, depends on how much free time I have. 

Thank you for the lovely message.

 Sending you a warm hug lovely anon 😚💙

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Hi~ :3 Can I get a gif reaction where Jungkook up and went traveling the world via train, hiking, etc. with a girl without telling his hyungs? (I kind of want to do that after college so idk :P) Thank youuuu :)

Oh cool I hope you get to do it! Here’s your reaction sweety!~

Jin: *video calls him immediately* Hey hey hey why did you just leave? Do you know how worried I was? Oh but make sure you’re eating, and make sure she is too *goes on like the Mom he is*

Suga: *sad grandpa*

Jhope: *gif*

Rap Monster: Why would he just leave? I mean he at least should have told us he was leaving!

Jimin and V: *video calls with them all the time while they’re gone* “Are you seeing all the cool sights?” “No they’re probably just staying in the hotel room doing ‘stuff’ or something.” “Ew. Send us back some cool things okay?” tbh Jungkook and his girl wold barely be able to get in a word when these two call

Jungkook: Come on guys I was going to tell you later. How am I supposed to have peace and quiet with my girl if you keep calling me!

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Sorry, Twin Peaks killed me.

// I’m still around guys, should be doing some drafts tomorrow and be more reliable about answering things starting next week.

// Feel free to hit me up on Discord at FireWalkWithMe#6940 to plot or talk, whatever. Bonus if you come at me with Twin Peaks feels.

// I’ll be reposting my starter call once I reply to everything in my tracker and clean up my drafts. So. Hopefully next week.

// Or sooner if I’m feeling ambitious and don’t get sucked back into the Black Lodge.

// See you in time.

  • <p> <b></b> I am so sorry I was supposed to upload something, but I got stuck on BTOB I can't stop watching their videos.<p/><b></b> The first Fanfic that I'm posting should be only two parts or is only two parts. I have the first one ready it needs to be edit also almost done with the second.<p/><b></b> I'm also working on the second part of the "Giving love a shot" the second one doesn't have the same name but I'm gonna try to combine them to see how that's gonna be, but dont expect that till next year (I hope fingers crossed)<p/><b></b> I also want to know if you guys are interested in another fic other kpop/khh or regular fanfics without idols. My draft is full. I never finish them cause I think it might be a waste of time if no one will read them.<p/><b></b> Let me know if you have any comment or question..<p/></p>
Grace & Frankie fanfic

Hi all, my Grace & Frankie fanfic is now gonna be posted on my side blog @graceandkooky so please follow me there if you’re interested in seeing my updates! (I tried starting a G&F side blog before but I made that private so I can keep my drafts there, so this is a different one.)

I have a fic in the works that should go up later today or tomorrow and I’m drafting a lot more, so keep your eyes peeled :).

I hope to see some of you guys there! (This blog is a lot more eclectic so I figured it will give people just interested in the fics (and myself) less of a headache to keep them separate.)


And i’ve found out that only my images and drawings on the Oppositestuck folder (and other folders) were deleted. LUCKILY my notes were still intact and so you guys can read the whole story for the Halloween event. Though, keep in mind, these were DRAFTS and so may not be written eligibly. I’ve also found the drafts/sketches of one scene and was wondering if you guys would want to see it (edit: meaning seeing both the writing AND/OR the sketches) or should I just move on to the next event?

Hey fellow Pitch Perfect lovers! 

So, I use to do a lot of video editing before, then I kind of dropped the hobby, but suddenly I’ve gotten inspired again! This is the rough draft of a quick Chloe Beale appreciation video. I’m planning on putting more effects and movements to the clips, but I wanted to see what you guys thought of it first and wether or not I should even add more effects. It’s been a while since I’ve edited, so let me know if I still got it! 😄 

Hope you enjoy! ❤️ 

drunk!yuuri at his own wedding reception
  • yuuri: *one drink* there are so many people here and everyone's looking at me where's victor???!! oh he's right there, thank god
  • yuuri: *seven drinks* woooo dance-off!!! *strips*
  • yuuri: *twelve drinks* did you guys know i married victor??? THE victor nikiforov??? ohmigod i love him sooo much, you should all meet him, he's my coach!
  • everyone: yuuri, we were all there. we all know him.
  • yuuri: oh yeah right well anyway do you SEE how beautiful he is??? Much prettier than a katsudon, i'm glad i didn't marry a katsudon, i doubt that's legal, but i like vic-
  • yurio: kill me

Imagine Woozi assuring that you’re beautiful and gorgeous when you start doubting your appearance and visuals.

On Inspiration and Getting Stuck While Writing.

Some of you know that I’ve been working on my novel for about eight years now. It’s on draft five. The current one has been going for about a year, and I’ve been stuck on a certain misbehaving chapter for a month and a half.

I’ve followed my own advice to some degree. I kept writing future scenes in one of the many notebooks I cart around, but in my mind I’d always come back to that one stuck point. That one, god damn, nagging stuck point. It wasn’t anything major, and I technically already had a solution written, but I didn’t like what I had come up with. And, being the obsessive, over-thinking writer I am, I couldn’t let it go. Even with all of my thinking, and forcing, and plotting, and pulling my hair out, and rolling around in utter frustration, I still didn’t get anything.

Until today when I was walking out of the bathroom of all places.

The solution just struck me randomly. I wasn’t even really thinking about it and then BAM, right in the grey matter.

I know common advice is to not wait for inspiration to strike, but damn, when it does it’s absolutely wonderful and makes you realize you’re a genius for about five seconds.

The funny thing about my bathroom epiphany was that the solution I came up with was one I should have already figured out. What I needed to fix my woe was already in the scene I had been working on. I was just so worked up over the scene not being what I wanted that I didn’t see what was right in front of me.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I’ve noticed that a lot of the crap I get stuck on already has solutions I had put into the draft and was just too silly to realize it. So, my advice to you guys is to sometimes take a step back from what you’re doing and then search your work to see if you already figured out a solution that could help your story.

Aside from that, I’ve also learned that a solid 75% of the solutions for plot issues I come up with happen in the bathroom. The other 25% tend to be during walks. Quiet places and the outdoors are great for brainstorming. Don’t forget to use them. Your solution might be a few steps away.