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Tumblr User! Ong Seongwoo

[credit to each pic owner!]

ok so i was just eating some filipino food at a restuarant when my mind was like “YO YKNOW I WONDER WHAT WANNA ONE WAS PPL ON TUMBLR WOULD BE LIKE” so here i am BSJXNS [this is literally not proofread tbh everything i write isn’t proof read im so sorry DHFKD]


  • his username would be
  • ongtheslate95
  • 95 being the yr he was born in
  • so he’s probably one of those aesthetic tumblrs that posts aesthetic photos that everyone loves
  • like he’ll post aesthetic photos of him posing at places that look so nice and stuff 
  • honestly his photos were so pleasing that they actually ended up being used in a lot of places 
  • also being used without credit but tbh ong didn’t mind, as long as he got recognition for his photos and his artistic style through being aesthetic he was happy! 
  • so you also happened to be an aesthetic blog, people also admired you
  • you didn’t really take pictures of yourself mostly of places that looked aesthetic. 

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Are you flirting with me?// Colby Brock

request from: @justmeabbbby - Hi!! I would love #56 #57 #66 #67 you can pick which ever you would like to do!! Thank you so much hope you have a great day!!

Summary: (from the “nearly 200 writing prompts” the love section post I reblogged) Colby x reader have been friends for a year now. Colby starts to like y/n so he starts flirting with her and she doesn’t realizes that he’s flirting. #56

Third person.

Colby and Sam were making a Q&A video, when y/n came downstairs from hanging out with Devyn and Kat. “HEEYYYY Its Y/N everybody! come say hi to the camera y/n.” Sam yells scaring her for a moment. “dude you scared me with your yelling.” Y/n says laughing at how loud he was, but decided to wave to the camera. she entered the living room and sat between them, and waved at the camera smiling.

Colby started to smile that beautiful smile of his and before y/n knew it, he had wrapped his arm around her waist loosely. Looking at her half smirking, but y/n didn’t notice until Sam slapped his arm. “OWW DUDE what was that for?” he asks laughing and rubbing his arm, where Sam slapped him. “Well it was nice seeing you guys.” Y/n tells the camera “adios people!” she said getting off camera.

They were still asking questions and answering them. Until you heard one that caught your attention. “are Colby and y/n dating?” Sam asks smirking at his friend, you grabbed your water and slowly made your way to Sam’s room you turned to the side looking at Colby who turned to look at you and smirked, then turning his attention back to the camera. 

“uhh… no no we’re just really good friends. She is cute though” he told the camera then looked at you again and winked smiling like a cheeky fella. You half smiled, walking up the stairs upset that he only sees you as a friend. You knew that he wouldn’t date you because of him being cautious of people, but you couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same.

“Hey! what took you so long?”  Devyn asked once you entered Sam’s room. “Nothing just went to say hi to the camera.” you told them smiling. “Well… I was thinking we should go to the grove and shop or look around maybe?’‘ “YES!” You and Devyn both yelled at the same time causing you guys to laugh, and grabbing your things and leaving Sam’s room.

“Hey y/n it’s pretty chilly outside, maybe you should put a sweater on” Devyn tells you, “fuck I didn’t bring a sweater. Ill just borrow one of Colby’s, Ill meet you guys downstairs” you said jogging to his room grabbing his now or never hoodie, its not the first time you borrowed one of Colby’s hoodies.

you put the hoodie on, and went downstairs to see Sam, and Corey with Devyn and Kat. Please don’t say they’re coming with us, you thought to yourself. it’s not that you don’t like hanging out with the boys you do, but its just their couples, and your single af and you’d be third wheeling.

“Hey ready to go?” y/n asks hoping its just the girls. “Yeah you don’t mind if the boys come with us do you?” Kat asks hugging Sam by the waist. “fuck guess I’m third wheeling” y/n thought to herself. “sure they can come too.” “YAY WE’RE GONNA GO SHOPPING!” Corey yelled dancing like he always does, getting laughs from you guys. 

You realized that you didn’t have your phone with you and told them to go without you. you ran upstairs to Sam’s room, and it wasn’t there, you decided to check the living room, and the kitchen and found nothing. You thought it might be in Colby’s room, so you went and knocked on his door. “Come in!” He yelled, you opened it and saw Colby editing a video for his channel.

 “Hey Colbs, I lost my phone and thought I may of lost it in here.” You told him starting to look around. “Alright ill help you.” he said getting up from his chair and searched for your phone. “Can you call my phone?” you asked him. “Yeah hold on.”

He said pulling up his phone and tapped on your picture and it started to ring. you heard your phone coming from the closet, you opened it and found it under one of Colby’s T-shirts. You grabbed it and looked at Colby. “Thanks for helping me find it.” you told him putting it in your back pocket, He looked at you and smirked.

“What?” you asked confused. “I was going to ask why it was in my closet, but I realized your wearing my hoodie.” He said getting closer to you. ‘’Oh yeah well its cold outside so I borrowed it.” you said feeling your cheeks getting red. “Well you make it look good. I should have you model my merch.” he says smirking at you. “Yeah thanks?” you said furrowing your eyebrows.

“your welcome, but your probably use to it by now right?” “use to what?” “being called beautiful.” You were so confused as to why he was saying all these things and looking at you like that. “What’s happening?” you asked as he wrapped his arm around your waist. “Nothing.” He smirked putting a strand of your hair behind your ear.

Then you realized what was happening, the winking, the waist holding, even the times he would put his arm around your neck. “Are you flirting with me?” you asked embarrassed you barely catched on.

 “Its about time. You know for how long I’ve been waiting for you to catch on? Like I have been acting flirty all day in hopes you’d finally realize that I like you.” “you smiles shyly blushing. “i’m so sorry I’m not use to guys flirting with me, I thought you were just being friendly.” you told him laughing.

 “Well maybe it was my fault I probably suck at flirting. For the past two months!” he said as the both of you laughed. “I thought you were. You know cautious about girls who want to date you.” “Yeah, but you haven’t given me a reason to be concerned if you like me for me or not.”  He says staring into your eyes.

 “How about I take out on a date?” you smirked looking at him. “Are you flirting with me?” you ask, giving him a flirty look. Causing him to blush giving you a smiling. “yes I am. I believe I am y/n.“ “Then id love to go out with you Colby.” You told him as you kissed his cheek.

You and Colby spent the rest of the day with Sam, Kat, Devyn, and Corey at the grove. “Finally I wont be third wheeling” you said out loud, “did I say that out loud?” you covered your mouth looking at Colby as he chuckles nodding his head yes. “yeah, but I feel the same.” He said kissing your lips. As the Sam and Corey both said “AWWWWW YOU GUYS are soooooo CUTE TOGETHER.” “SHUT UP BRO.” Colby yells at them. making all of you to laugh.

well that the end of this request @justmeabbbby hope its what you wanted !! ill to the other once later throughout this week, if I’m not that busy with school.

sorry if there are any misspelling or if it’s bad written, but I hope you enjoyed this Colby Imagine. I am taking requests of anyone you’d like me to write about I don’t write SMUT. Anyway yeah feel free to message me your request and ill get right to it anyways have a great day/night Xx.

Real Talk:

Why don’t more people talk about ever after high? Sure, it’s a children’s show created by the same people who made monster high, but we know that shows originally intended for children can gain a massive following *cough* miraculous ladybug *cough* steven universe *cough* So why doesn’t Ever After High have the same treatment? Below are just a few reasons why I believe people should really consider watching Ever After High.

1. Strong female characters, both mentally and physically. There are literally so many strong female characters in this show, and they all show it in different ways. Even characters who you thought were two dimensional at first are shown to have way more depth. For a show about princesses, it really lacks in the helpless princess troupe. Sometimes it even makes fun of it. Though sometimes it is distinctly lacking in male characters, the guys that they do have are all amazing characters too.

2. The character arcs. As I stated before, even the most two dimensional characters are shown to have tons more depth than we ever imagined they’d have. My favourite character in the entire show was the biggest jerkwad in the beginning. But eventually, just like real people, even the most unlikable of characters are shown to have their motivations. And they don’t make excuses for assery in this show either. The characters learn to grow as people, and most never try to make excuses for their past mistakes once they have grown.

3. REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. This show isn’t lacking in diversity (except in the body types, but that’s a style choice) Their are so many pocs in this show, and many of them have huge parts. All of the characters are varied in personality and looks, and they don’t find themselves restricted to how the princesses are usually portrayed.

4. I almost put this with representation and diversity but it deserves it’s own category tbh. ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS KISSED BY A WOMAN. And not any woman, a kickass princess who she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Did I forget to mention that it isn’t just any kiss, it’s true love/destiny’s kiss? Y'know, that kiss that most princesses are administered in their stories? Yah, the only on screen depiction of that we’ve gotten that actually worked was between two women. And this isn’t really seen as that much of a problem for the two characters involved (it’s more of a problem for the guy they thought was her prince tbh. I mean his sister took the destiny he was sure was his. That’s gotta hurt) One of the two that was involved in the kiss just kinda accepts it, because she’d been doing shit that wasn’t expected of her for a while now, and the other has been having a pretty hard time accepting it. The one who was kissed has also shown no attraction to men whatsoever, except politely saying that she wasn’t dating the guy she was supposed to be with. Like she uses guys, and does what’s expected of her. That’s it though.

5. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DEPTH TO THESE CHARACTERS??? I’m really passionate about this. They make mistakes, they try to fix themselves, some fail, other don’t. I just love these characters.

6. The ARTWORK. This show is in a really unique style, and it suits the fairytale aspect so well. The overall aesthetic of this show is amazing, and the detail in their eyes and outfits is phenomenal. I could talk all day about the tiny details in this show, but I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s gorgeous, simple as that.

6. It has a lot of content out already. The tv show itself is a Netflix original show and it already has 5 seasons. THAT ISNT IT THOUGH. It also has a bunch of webisodes that are available on YouTube. They aren’t really important to the actual plot, but they add background to the characters and makes them feel more real. They’re also super fun. Plus there are multiple books that are also great.

7. This is the last point guys. The backrounders. Y'know, those characters that are in the background to make scenes more populated. I love them. They all still feel like characters with their own lives and stories, and when I watch with my little sister we’ll point out our favourites doing things. Like they are all still gorgeous, and even though they are simpler than the main cast (well, some of them) a few main characters started out as backrounders. Basically the backrounders are amazing and I’ve rewatched the series just for them multiple times and though this isn’t the best point to leave it on and I could say a lot more I just wanted to make you aware of the backrounders and how much I love them.

Ever After High is a series with some flaws, all series have flaws. It’s main point is to sell dolls, but it’s a lot more than that. The characters all have real life to them and the plot is really intriguing. More people should give it a shot. Also I’m sorry that I didn’t add pictures, I had a few that I wanted to add but I’m on mobile so what are you gonna do?

I Can’t Save Her: Part 14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Alcohol, Mild Violence, Some Angst, Sex 

Word Count: 2765 (sorry - it’s a little long)

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Do you ever have a scene in mind – like you don’t know where the story is going, but this scene appears out of the blue and you know when you write the story it has to be there? This scene is like that for me. Before I had worked out all the details for the progression of this story I knew this scene had to be in it. For full effect listen to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love- Remix” when reading. 

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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“Y/N!” Wanda shouted as she shook me out of my sleep.

“I swear to god – I need to use the lock more,” I muttered sleepily as I opened my eyes. I looked at my alarm clock and shot straight up. “Oh god! I only have three hours to get ready?! How did I manage to sleep all day!” Without any further prompting from Wanda I ran clumsily to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I knew the people that Tony had hired to do our hair and makeup, on Wanda’s request, would be arriving at any moment and I wanted to avoid Tony’s direct ire today.

“Has Bucky gotten in?” I asked hopefully through the door as I stepped out of the shower.

“No,” Wanda responded. My heart sank. I had been holding on to a sliver of hope that he would make it back in time, but I reminded myself that whatever he was doing was important. He had told me he would try his best to be back in time, and I trusted in that. With that being said – it made me less than eager to go on my own.

“Do I still have to go?” I asked miserably as I walked back into my room to grab my sweats so I could get dressed in the bathroom.

“Since you more or less swore on your eternal soul to Tony that you would be there, I would say… yes,” Wanda replied through the bathroom door as I dressed. I groaned in protest as I opened the door. “Oh come on Y/N. What else would you do? Sit at home alone and sulk? At least this will give you something to do! And it’s Christmas Eve – we need to all be together.” Of course she was right – I followed her down the hallway to the common area, which now looked like a beauty triage unit.

After two and a half hours of being poked, prodded, brushed, and painted I followed Wanda back to room to get dressed. First I put on the lingerie that Wanda was adamant that I wear – even though it made me feel ridiculous, and then I allowed her to help me with the red gown. It certainly fit better with all the alterations that had been made to it. Within no time we were both dressed and ready to go. I had secretly been practicing walking in the killer heels, that Wanda had demanded I buy, for weeks so I was able to confidently walk down the hall with her to meet the guys. Upon our arrival Tony’s face lit up, and Steve blushed furiously. “What? Do I have something in my teeth or…?” I asked self-consciously.

“No – you look amazing!” Tony exclaimed with a clap of his hands. I could feel the heat rushing up my neck and to my cheeks.

“You really do look great,” Steve added. “I know Bucky really wanted to be here – and after seeing pictures of you I can guarantee that he will be mad that his missed it,” he added with a wink. I smiled shyly at everyone – I never liked to be the center of attention but there was something about their admiring glances that made me feel powerful. I had constantly fought to stay out of the spotlight but I was beginning to realize it wasn’t bad to feel admired – especially after being miserable for weeks. “I thought I could maybe escort you since Buck isn’t here?” Steve asked hesitantly.

“Sure Steve – that would be great. Tony, should we be going now?” I asked anxiously. As much as I was enjoying their attention I was really ready to get the show on the road.

“Yes!” Tony responded and just like that he herded us into the elevator with a swish of his hands.

We arrived at the hotel hosting the gala and were greeted with a barrage of handshakes and camera flashes. The way to the entrance seemed to stretch for an eternity as photographers shouted out commands for us to stop and pose. Steve was a calming presence beside me – we were both out of our element but I was glad that he had asked to escort me in the absence of Bucky.

I must have breathed an audible sigh of relief once we entered into the lobby, because Steve turned to me and grinned. “I feel like that sums up that experience quite nicely,” he chuckled.

“I think the flashes are permanently seared into my eyes,” I complained as I shrugged out of my coat and handed it to the waiting attendant. “Of course the press is going to have a field day – did you hear the one guy call me Captain America’s girlfriend? What the hell?” I shook my head. Steve chuckled and offered his arm to me as we walked into the ballroom.

Steve whistled as we took in the full effect of the party that stretched out before us. “Stark’s out done himself this time,” he muttered under his breath.

I had to laugh because he was right. Tony always found a way to make his parties bigger and grander than the last. A full orchestra and the ridiculously huge Christmas trees around the room seemed to to fit together in the perfect way. “Tony always knows how to throw a party,” I laughed as I shook my head.

“Well, shall we dance?” Steve raised an eyebrow in question. “You know if we don’t mingle and interact there will be hell to pay with Tony.”


I was pretty impressed that Steve was as good of a dancer as he was, and was actually really beginning to enjoy myself. As he turned me I stopped in my tracks – I saw a familiar back – the broad shoulders were shifting uncomfortably under the suit jacket as the man carried on a conversation with someone. He turned slowly towards me and before Steve grabbed my hand to spin me back to him my eyes met Bucky’s. My brain hadn’t even had time to process before Steve spun me again – this time letting go of me. Suddenly I was caught in Bucky’s embrace. He grinned at Steve as he grabbed my waist and brought me as close to him as he could. One hand remained on my lower back and the other held on to my hand tightly.

“Hey there, doll,” he whispered in my ear. My body felt like it was on high alert – his voice, his touch, his smell – after being apart for almost a month I wanted to pull him into a closet and have my way with him. “I hope you don’t mind if I cut in.” Every word he spoke dripped with seduction. I could feel the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile as it rested on the side of my head. This was a different side of Bucky I hadn’t experienced before – he was cocky and, if I was being honest, a damn good dancer. He may have been out of his element and uncomfortable, but he didn’t let on at all.

“Hi,” I answered meekly into his chest to which he laughed heartedly. I was having a hard time formulating words. All I could think about was the touch of his body against mine. I felt like I was holding a live wire and the rest of my body was tingling with electricity. I finally quelled enough of the feeling to get a grip on the real world, and peeked up at him. “You cut your hair… I like it.” His hair was slightly shorter and pushed back except for one part that fell forward into his face.

He laughed again. “You look beautiful tonight; did you know that?” he muttered into my ear.

“So I have heard,” I sighed back. With what I was thinking about – I was eternally grateful for Wanda’s urging me to buy something special to wear under my dress.

“I heard all about Captain America’s beautiful girlfriend when I got here and I just had to see for myself,” he added sarcastically. I looked up and opened my mouth to protest, but he just looked amused. “I’m kidding doll – you’re mine and I know it,” he growled playfully into my ear.

“Oh am I?” I asked playfully. I couldn’t help but think he was a little jealous, and after a month of being apart and worrying – I would by lying if I said I didn’t like it.

“Really,” he said seriously as he spun me. He pulled me back into him and kissed me hard— only breaking away to take a breath. He raised his eyebrows playfully as he bent down to kiss me again – biting my lip.

“We should um…leave…” I said breathlessly as he pulled away from me again. “Now.” I was afraid that I was going to combust if we didn’t.

“Let’s go,” he muttered as he hooked his arm in mine and led me towards the lobby. “I have a room – but first – let’s take advantage of Tony’s open bar,” he smirked as we walked towards it. “What do you want?” he asked as he let go of my arm – there was quite a crowd so I hung back out of the way.

“Gin Martini – dry,” I called back to him as he turned to fight his way to the bar.

As I was admiring him a voice broke my revelry.  “Thought you came here with Captain America? What are you, a super hero groupie?” the man asked cockily.

I turned around with my eyebrows raised to come face to face with the guy I had choked out at Tony’s last party. I just stared at him annoyed – I was trying my best to keep my temper in check because I didn’t want to detract from Tony’s event. Seeing that I wasn’t going to respond he continued, “But that guy really isn’t a hero is he? He’s a fucking murderer. Everyone thinks so… if my dad had had his way your buddy would have been dead a long time ago,” he sneered.

Bucky brushed up against me and I looked over at him. His eyes were steely, and his body was tense. “Y/N, is he bothering you?” he asked coolly. I could tell by his voice that he had heard everything the man had said.

“What are you going to do about it buddy? You gonna kill me too?” He had his mouth open to say more but was silenced by an audible crunch. In a completely blind rage I had punched him straight in the nose – breaking it immediately. His eyes watered as blood gushed from it.

“He won’t kill you – but I can’t say the same for myself. I’m sure you’ve heard enough about me from your daddy to know that’s true. Now why don’t you get the fuck out of here,” I said through gritted teeth. “Come on, Buck. Let’s go,” I added as I grabbed my drink from him. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Bucky’s expression was mix of astonishment, admiration, and humor. As we walked towards the lobby I downed my drink and placed the empty glass on a table as we passed. I grabbed Bucky by the hand and he followed me obligingly to the elevators. “What floor?” I asked calmly as we entered.

“Penthouse,” he replied. I hit the appropriate button and as soon as the doors closed he was on me. He pinned me to the wall of the elevator as he pressed himself against me. His hands groped at the clingy fabric of my dress as his mouth sought mine. He wasted no time letting me know what awaited me once we arrived at the penthouse. Finally, the elevator doors opened and he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. We made it as far as the hallway before he stopped and gently pushed me against the wall. “I can’t wait anymore,” he whispered as he kissed down my neck and pulled up the hem of my dress. As his hands explored my thighs they came across the lace of my lingerie. He paused momentarily with a wicked grin spreading across his face. “What’s this?”

“Something for you,” I replied breathlessly.

“Maybe I can wait a little longer” he muttered as he grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Once we were there he pulled me into him and kissed down my neck and spine as he unzipped my dress. Before he could take it off I turned and pushed him playfully on the bed.

“You need to be patient,” I said coyly.

“It’s been a month doll – I’m not sure how much longer I can wait,” he answered darkly. He bit his bottom lip as he ran his hand through his hair. I tsk’ed at him as I slowly let my dress fall to the floor. He drew in a sharp breath as he drank me in. Slowly I crawled on top of him—pinning him to the bed. He leaned up to bring his mouth to mine – his hands flying erratically all over my body. I unbuttoned his shirt as quickly as I could – all the while my mouth keeping contact with his. Finally, I raised up and unbuttoned his pants. He graciously removed the rest of his clothes and flipped me on my back. His metal hand traced up and down my thigh teasingly as he kissed me. Suddenly I heard a rip and saw the black lace fabric that was once my underwear fly across the room. “I’ll buy you another,” he muttered as he kissed down my neck and my breasts. Suddenly he thrust himself into me causing me to cry out in surprise and pleasure. He groaned lowly as he moved back and forth. I dug my fingernails into his back as his thrusts brought me closer and closer to the edge. Finally, I wrapped my legs tightly around his hips and matched his movements causing us both to cry out as we each found our release. He rolled off of me and onto his back with an audible sigh. “Maybe we should wait for a month more often,” he laughed as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Or you can be here and we can do this every night,” I added coyly as I rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat furiously and I had to smile. “I missed you,” I added as I wrapped my arms around him.

“I missed you too, doll,” he whispered as he kissed the top of my head and stroked my back. We fell into silence as our bodies began to relax. His breathing mixed with the rhythm of the strokes of his fingers made my eyes feel heavy. I closed them peacefully and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up feeling a little hazy – I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep, but Bucky was still awake and stroking my back. “Buck?” I asked shyly as I looked up at him.

“Yeah, doll?” He asked as he looked down at me.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you since you left…” I paused for a moment. If I said what I wanted to say there was no turning back on what we had. Our friendship swayed in the balance.

“What is it?” he asked curiously – a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“I love you,” I replied shyly as I nuzzled my face into his neck.

“You do?” he asked as he pulled back. His voice sounded surprised but his face had lit up like Christmas when I looked at him.

“Mhm,” I replied shyly. Suddenly he rolled me on my back – pinning me down. He was the happiest I had ever seen him and it made all anxiety I had about my revelation melt away.

“I love you too,” he replied and kissed me sweetly. After covering me with kisses he rolled over on his back and pulled me close to him. “Y/N?” he asked sweetly.

“Yeah, Buck?”

“Oh nothing…” he sounded embarrassed.

“What is it?” I asked as I raised myself up to look at him.

“I just… I think this is the happiest I have ever been,” he replied with a smile.

I snuggled closely to him and gave him a gentle squeeze. “Me too, Buck,” I added softly before drifting to sleep.

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Suga Scenario~

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You are currently with Eric Nam doing an intro for the show after school club. You’re a co-mc along side with Eric, and today the guests are Bts. You are a huge huge huge fan of Bts and everyone knew it. “Yeah thats right everyone bts is in the house today” You said next to Eric. “Hey better watch out I hear were in danger” Eric joked. “No but for real everyone give it up for bts” He said as the boys made their way into the camera shot. Hellos, and Hi’s were exchanged along with some handshakes and hugs. 

Your bias is the one and only Suga, and of course since you are pretty close with Eric, he knew. You are also a rapper/singer, your career took off really well, you’re working on your first mini album and you just so happened to land a spot on ASC.

After the beginning of the show, you finally got to the part were the boys can talk to the fans via video chat. “Okay here is Jen from the Tucson, Arizona. Also my hometown by the way” You said smiling. “Jen what would you like to say to the boys” you asked. Jen continued her little talk to the boys after a while I piped In. “Okay Jen its nice seeing you, before you go is there anything you would like to request or ask bts” you asked. “Yes, I have a question for Suga” She said smirking. Suga smiled and motioned for her to continue “Who is your favorite female solo artist and why?” She asked. Suga smiled shyly after you translated for him. You noticed everyone around him smirking a bit. “y/n i-is my favorite” He said with his cute accent. You cheeks flushed red. “B-Because she’s really talented and she extremely pretty” Suga said with a big smile plastered on his face. You turned a deeper shade of red.

“Aww thank you” You replied smiling. “Isn’t this a coincidence because Suga’s y/n’s bias” Eric said smirking. You eyes widened and once again you flush red. Lightly smacking Eric on the arm “Eric!” You glared. “Alright Jen thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful day” I said changing the subject. Everyone said goodbye to the fan. To sum it up, you were so embarrassed, especially when Eric decided to pip in.

After the show was finally over, Eric knew what was coming. The second that camera shot went off he went running. “Eric!” You yelled chasing after him. “Im sorry I had to, it was killing me” He yelled running behind the camera men. “I’m literally going to kill you” You yelled. “No you’re not, you love me” Eric stopped smirking. You glared at him. “Oh come on at least you know he favorites you back” Eric said placing an arm around your shoulder. You hit him in the stomach smirking. “Yah! cut it out we have to go take the pictures with the guests” Eric said groaning.

Everyone gathered up and took a group photo, then singling out so each mc gets a picture with each member. Rapmonster walked up to me smiling placing an arm around my shoulder handing the photographer his phone so he could take a picture with it also, i followed doing the same. The processes is, you do a couple of poses, the photographer takes em with his camera, then more from the phones that are given to him. “You Know,” Rap monster said in between poses. “Suga has a huge crush on you” He continued. Switching Your pose to you about to kiss his cheek, but you really couldn’t because he’s so tall and you’re shorter. “Really” You asked excitedly. Rapmonster bent down a big so you could actually kiss his cheek. “Yep he talks about you all the time” Switching poses you hugged his waist and he hugged your shoulders. “You like him too don’t you” He said smirking. “Maybe” You giggled. “Well you should be up for a surprise in the next few minutes” He smirked once more. “Wh-” You were cut off by the camera man shouting “Next” The next was Jungkook, Then V, Then Jimin, Then Jin, Then once it came to J-Hope you looked back to see Suga nervously waiting his turn. J-Hope wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your around his neck for the first pose. “So I understand you like Suga” J-Hope said as you 2 switched poses. “Is it that obvious” I asked. “Yep” He said popping the ‘p’. He placed his lips on your cheek and you ruffled his hair. “But don’t worry, something goods about to happen” He smirked. “How many of you are going to tell me that goodness. You all are making me nervous” You growled as you switched to the final pose. “Next” The camera man yelled out. Your face flushed a light pink when Suga appeared next to you. “Hi y/n” He said smiling. “H-Hi” You replied shyly. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you wrapped yours around his waist. He kissed your forehead and you blushed. “So I was uh wondering if maybe-” He said inbetween the next pose which was you both standing with his arms around your shoulder and your still around his waist, smiling into the camera. “Maybe what?” You asked smirking moving into the next pose. “Maybe if after this you would like to hangout, like go get some food or something” He asked nervously. You Smirked wrapping your arms around his neck and placing your lips on his cheek, a little closer to his lips than they should have been. “Does that answer your question?” You giggled and he turned a shade of red. “Okay that’s a wrap” the photographer called out “Wait!” Suga said. “One more picture on my phone” He begged. The Camera man smiled as he took his phone. Suga smirked. He placed his leg behind yours and before you knew it you were about to fall but Suga placed an arm around your waist and one on your upper back. You wrapped yours around his neck and for what seemed like forever you were staring at each other. “When do you think they’re gonna realize that the guy already took the pictures” Eric said to Rapmonster. Rapmonster laughed “They’re gonna make a great couple”


Lost - Chapter 3

AUTHOR: Peskipixi
GENRE: Romance / Drama
FIC SUMMARY: OFC Joanne discovers a mysterious stranger that is in need of her help, and takes him home to look after him. But who is this beautiful black-haired angel? Where did he come from, and why did he materialise in her life and turned her world upside down?

RATING: Mature (for profanity and most probably smut later)
WARNINGS: None at the moment. Possible (or make that probable) smut later.

Author’s Notes – please read: Seeing that I’ll be pretty much absent from tomblr for the rest of the week (hubs is home from Cape Town) I’ve decided to post Chapter 3. Also, I’m excited for you guys to read it. J Enjoy, and please like, reblog and comment, feel free to give suggestions and ask questions!

Previous Chapters: [1] [2]

Chapter 3

Jo stood frozen; the implication of the words that just came out of his mouth hit her immediately and hard. She felt ice cold and winded, as if she’d been hit in the solar plexus. He doesn’t know who he is.  The thought terrified her. What was she going to do now? Thoughts raced through her head at a disorientating speed, sending her into a near panic almost immediately. Slowly, she came back to the present, concentrating hard to breathe deeply and calm down. Panicking is not going to solve anything or change the situation. She took a few more breaths, closing her eyes tightly. Feeling more in control, she opened her eyes again and looked at the barely covered man in her shower.  He was still looking at her as if she was his only hope, his lifeline, which in a way, she was, she supposed. He was starting to shiver again, and she wasn’t sure whether it was from the cold or from something else.

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anonymous asked:

I saw your reblog Oikawa picture. He like Kise right? Like personality?

(I did reblog something with Oikawa. LOL Yeah, he is pretty similar to Kise in many ways. To be honest, I’ve always kinda wanted to write something with both of them in it. So why the hell not? This, as always, is for limitlessmonster, who inspires everything i write)

Oikawa doesn’t get jealous of the attention other people receive. 

Why should he when he has his own fan club hanging over the railing that runs around the gym, screaming his name, swooning over his boyish good looks, chattering about how talented he is. No, he’s never jealous.

But he can get irritated. 

Oikawa squeezes the volleyball in his grasp and glares across the court at some blond nobody that came from nowhere. Despite this fact, the stranger attracts attention like bears to honey. He even recognizes some of his own girls blowing the guy kisses from above. 

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5SOS Preference #1 Part 3: You have a fight/ arguement

part 1

part 2

Luke: You didn’t think Luke would go to such extremes. He had no reason to end his life, unlike you. “Luke… You don’t have to do this. Just leave, I don’t want to see you get hurt” you said to break the silence. He didn’t reply. “Luke! Listen to me! You have so much to live for! You have your friends, family and fans who care about you so dearly! You can’t let them down…”. He lifted his head and kept firm eye contact, “I know that…but you see I let the one person I truly love down; you. This is the only way I can repay you”. You were speechless, how could Luke even think like this. You looked at the large clock in the train station; only a few minutes till everything would end. Luke held your hand so tight that it went numb. You could see the numerous amount of tears rolling down his cheek. You were more scared for Luke, than you were for yourself. You could see the train coming, so you stood up; still holding Luke’s hand. Now the train was only a couple of metres away, “Jump in 3, 2, 1!” you slightly yelled in fear. *this is where you can change to the sad ending if you want* The moment you left the ground you were pulled back. You didn’t land on the bottom of the train tracks, but in the chest of your boyfriend. “I told you this was the only way I could repay you…(Y/N) I would never let you do that. You mean too much to me, I can’t let you go that easy” he said as he hugged you tight while you cried into his shoulder.

Sad ending Luke: You both jumped, but you didn’t end up on the tracks; Luke did. He had pushed you back onto the platform so you wouldn’t get hurt. “Luke! Luke! No! Luke are you okay!? Luke!!!!” you sobbed loudly. Once the train passed, you say Luke’s dead body. Blood everywhere and bones not in the right places. You were mortified. Other witnesses came to help the boy, but it was too late. He risked his life for you, like he said he would.

Ashton: This time you weren’t going to let him go that easy, so you ran after him. You grabbed his wrist making him stop walking. “(Y/N) please go! I may hurt you! I told you I’ve changed! I got angry at you just because you told me to play softer!” he exclaimed. “Ash, that doesn’t matter..I’m not angry or upset with you. Just can we talk about this?” you said in calm tone. Ashton didn’t say anything, he just walked away. “You can’t keep running away Ashton! It doesn’t work like that! You hurt me more when you say nothing at all!” you said a little too loudly. He punched the wall in frustration, “You don’t get it, (Y/N)! You are making it so hard for me to start a new beginning. You see basically the whole world told me I should disappear because I’ve fallen in love with you! And I’m criticised by everyone, they say that I’m not good enough for you and that you deserve better! It’s true, you do! I’m just a drummer who is helplessly fallen in love with a beautiful woman”. You didn’t know what to say so you just kissed him. “Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. I love you and I could not ask for a more perfect boyfriend.”

Calum: he pulled you away from Dylan sharply and took you back to your shared apartment without saying a word. When you got back his face was still red with anger. “Just because I kissed a girl, doesn’t mean you can go off and flirt with some random guy! For gods sake! First you say you don’t love me and then you go off and flirt with the first guy you see!” he yelled out of anger. “I still love you cal…it’s just at the time I was so annoyed and hurt from your actions, but in reality what you did was not too bad. It was just one kiss. Also Dylan and I had like a 3 minute conversation so there was nothing going on!” you explained to your very furious boyfriend. “Oh really?! It didn’t look like nothing to me! It looked like he was going for a kiss!” Calum yelled. “Then you know how I feel when I saw that picture of you and that bimbo…” you mumbled. He paused, now seeing your point of view clearly. “I’m sorry (Y/N)..I’m such a bad boyfriend..” he said with his head towards the ground. You lifted up his head, “You’re a great boyfriend” you said in between kisses.

Michael: You walked slowly towards Michael, feeling a little uneasy about this whole scenario so far. Once you got to him he didn’t say a thing. “What the hell Michael?! I’ve been looking for you! Where have you been?!”. “Getting ready of course…” he said in a posh accent. For some reason you became aggravated by his silly games he was playing with you, “No listen to me Clifford, I waited for you to finish those stupid games of yours! I got so bored of waiting that I went into town and you didn’t even notice I was gone for at least 3 hours. Yes, I did bump into an old friend, but nothing ever happened. I can’t believe you didn’t trust me!” you yelled. He said nothing and just got on one knee. You were very confused by his actions. “(Y/N) I told you I would take you somewhere special. I also knew that you couldn’t wait, so I made you wait. I wasn’t actually angry at you, I just acted like it so I could get this suit from the dry cleaners because you know how they are and- …Anyways, I love you (Y/N) and I guess what I was trying to get at was…will you marry me?"he looked up at you with a goofy smile. You jumped into his arms hugging him tight, "Yes! Yes! Yes!”

wow sooo many people asked for part 3. idk if its good, im pretty crap at writing lovey dovey things. Like/ reblog if you liked it <3 also, maybe request? just leave a msg in my ask box saying what you want me to write about. You are all beautfiul, have a nice day c;

With Mourning Comes Peace - FrUK

Summary: Based on a prompt, the suicidal Francis sends a text to a random number, who turns out to be a sympathetic if not socially awkward boy who talks him down.

Pairing: FrUK

Characters: Francis, Arthur, Michelle (Monaco), Italy twins, Alfred, Antonio, and Gilbert briefly mentioned

Word count: 3,235 words

Trigger warnings for: Character death, attempted suicide, depression

Enjoy! And please reblog instead of liking, so more people can see it! Thank you!

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anon requested: tumblr/internet friends AU

“It’s just a blog, Dean, what’s the worst that could happen?” That’s what Sam said when he convinced Dean to join tumblr. They had gotten into a whole big, dumb argument about how it’s missing the letter E and Dean didn’t think that made any sense, which was his whole basis for not joining. Sam decreed that a bad reason and forced him to at least ‘give it a shot’. So that’s what Dean did, he gave it a shot.

He picked a url with “impala” in it and made a blog. It was pretty boring, because he didn’t know how to make the layout all fancy like other people and frankly, he didn’t care. Then he started following some random blogs that tumblr made him choose from. It was all pretty run of the mill, muscle cars, pictures of pie and other delicious foods, classic rock tribute blogs, the kind of stuff Dean liked. Then he found his way onto some blogs that made gifs of scenes from his favorite movies and it all kind of spiraled out of control after that.

Dean couldn’t even begin to explain how he ended up following Cas’s blog, because he couldn’t remember how he found it, to start with. The guy posted all kinds of stuff, deep poetry, pictures of amazing things in nature, sometimes there’d be a fish for some reason, or bees. He also had interesting taste in music. And then it happened. While doing some meme survey thing, Cas posted a picture of himself, upon request of an anonymous ask. Dean remembers that, because he stopped strolling as soon as he saw it and wondered who the celebrity guy was. When he scrolled back up and saw that Cas posted it and tagged it “gpoy” Dean had to do some googling. It turned out that “gpoy” wasn’t some acronym of a show he hadn’t heard of, it meant that the picture was Cas himself.

The guy was ridiculously hot. 

The two of them had been what Dean learned was called “mutual followers” and they had talked a few times about music. They both reblogged each other’s posts and Dean had kind of figured the two of them to be internet friends, as it were. He had no idea that the interesting guy on the other side of that blue tumblr background was a magnificently attractive man.

He opened up Cas’s blog and read the “about” page once more, checking again exactly how far away this guy lived. It would only be a five hour drive to get to his state. Dean and Sam had gone further for concerts before. It could totally be doable to get there and meet him. Then Dean realized he had to pump the breaks for a second there. So instead he went back to the photo of Cas. He clicked on the little bubble to reply.

“Holy shit, dude.” 

Okay, so it wasn’t his most eloquent reply to a post ever.

It must have worked though, because soon the little “1″ appeared over his inbox icon.

“Is that a good thing?”

He hit reply.

“Holy shit yes it is. Damn, Cas.” Then he clicked on Answer privately.

Dean sat staring at the inbox icon, waiting for a reply. Five minutes later it popped up. He refreshed his inbox. 

“Thanks. :) Hey, do you have skype? You should add me.” 

He did have Skype, because that’s how Dean and Sam kept in touch when Dean was away at college. A reply was sent with his username and email address, because Dean wasn’t entirely sure which Cas would need to add him and wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, himself. Dean could take apart an engine he had never seen before and put it back together no sweat. But he was at a loss using these things like Skype and SnapChat and Instagram. 

A minute later, Skype was making noises and Cas was chatting with him. His profile picture was the same image that Cas had just posted on tumblr. Did he just change it to that? Dean quickly checked his own and cringed when he realized it was a picture of himself making a really dumb face at Sam, when Sam set up his Skype account. Great.

Cas: Cute picture, Dean

Dean: Yeah, yeah. My little brother took it.

Cas: You’re pretty good looking, even when you’re making faces.

Dean: seriously?

Cas: Yes.

Dean: you’re right, I’m not bad

Cas: haha, you should send me a serious one sometime

Dean: really?

Cas: Absolutely.

Dean: I’ll get right on that.

And he did, right that second. What transpired after that wasn’t something Dean would talk about in the most open fashion. There was a surprising amount of flirting, an eventual video chat, lots of laughing and joking around, sharing of music and by the end of the call, they were checking google maps for exactly how many miles away from each other they were. 

Next time Dean spoke to Sam, he might actually thank the kid for telling him about tumblr. Meeting Cas might be worth the week’s worth of gloating from his over-sized little brother. 


This is how I feel the fandom is going…for me…and possibly a few other people.  I’ve been wanting to express this for a long long time…

“I like Hiddleswift!”

“Okay that’s cool, you’re entitled to your opinion”

“I don’t like Hiddleswift”

“Also cool, you are again entitled to your opinion”

“Are you on board the ship or not?”

“Well I am-”

“Because if you don’t support this ship, I’m not supporting you”

“Yeah and if you don’t hate the ship I also am not supporting you”

“Okay this ain’t cool-”

“If you don’t like Hiddleswift, you’re not a fan of Tom”


“Yeah and if you do like them, you’re delusional”


“Look at these pictures of them together!”

“I don’t really-”

”Look at these articles that say it’s fake!”

“Okay you both need to calm-”

“Taylor is such a good fit for Tom! Don’t you agree?!”

“Well it’s not my place-”

“She’s so fake, they are so fake!”

“Okay guys I’m gonna just go-”

“You have to choose!”

“Yeah Choose!”




I’m on the sidelines. I don’t think it’s cool that the fandom is splitting down the middle over this. I don’t think it’s fair that we should all be at each others throats over our opinions on the matter - Everyone is entitled to one! Everyone is allowed to express them, it doesn’t mean we have to agree with them but to literally stop supporting people because their opinion differs from yours is…..well it’s like being at bloody school again “You took my best friend!” Or to literally send hate to a page because their opinion is different to yours is bullying! Up straight Bullying!

Some people support Tom for his work and acting abilities….some people know him as T.S’s boyfriend. Does it literally matter how we came to be of the Fandom? Does it literally matter if one page is not on board and one page is?

Do we have to pick sides in order to survive? Do we?

I’ve come away from it for now…I’ve seen some things that made me laugh about it, I’ve reblogged them but pretty much I am in the shadows at the moment because of the fact I refuse to reblog any pap shots of the pair because of my belief that is an invasion of privacy! I expressed my opinion on the matter ONCE and I have had followers jump ship because they assume I am dead against it.

I’m Not! Why should I be? I’m not a part of their lives. I’m not a concerned friend or family member!

So why the hate towards each other? Why the mass unfollowing because other people don’t share the same view? Why suddenly is this a war between sides?

Let’s be grown up about this! Lets not let opinions of one subject (Whether right or wrong) Be the thing that divides friends, Lets just unite over the fact we all met because of one guy who’s work and character we adore.

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Love post about Jensen :)

So, it’s a litte late after Asylum16, but I just wanted to have some time to process. Asylum16 was my first convention ever and it was hectic and rushed, but I loved it and enjoyed myself.

I got into the fandom pretty late around the end season 9 and to this day I know next to no one around here. I spent a lot of time in the Glee fandom and I know people there and the transition was really weird and I mostly just watched and reblogged till now. Add to that that I’m from the Czech Republic and the only SPN fans I know around here are my best friend (whom I personally got addicted to the show) and her boyfriend. But I saw and read and watched a lot about the conventions so I didn’t go in blindly. I also had a wonderful help in Amanda, who took me under her wing when I was in Birmingham and made sure I don’t get my ass lost five minutes after arrival.

I probably don’t have to tell you that from the accounts I’ve read on people meeting Jensen in person, I was convinced I was going to babble, cry, faint or die or all of the above the minute I look into his eyes. While I love all of the cast and most of the characters dearly, Jensen and Dean are my favourites (with Misha and Cas hitting close second) and a part of me just wanted to sit back and watch like I do on Tumblr and not even try for extras (which I thought was a lost cause anyway). In the end though I managed to get a photo double with Jensen and Mark, Jensen’s autograph and, amazingly, Jensen’s Sunday lounge.

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The Flash + Westallen rant

I thought long and hard about ranting about 3.01 and decided to address some of what I’ve seen lately on Tumblr. These things (opinions) that I will be addressing today is solely my opinions and observations from over the last couple weeks. THIS. IS. NOT. A. HATE. POST. Please bare that in mind. Also I will be speaking on the fans reactions to Flashpoint, Westallen, and Barry Allen. Now let’s get started. 

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Autumn Leaves - Part 6

So here’s part six. I honestly have no idea how many parts this will have but I’ll just keep going with it until I get it to where I want it to go. Thanks again for reading/liking/reblogging you are all great and enjoy!

kneekeyta ducky17 rinncincin stephsadickhead bitchy-broken i-dream-of-emus tinakegg jessicacandesign murderyoursoul abullofshit celestev31 areyousad8118 girlwithafoxhat kristicallahan jackiewalsh2013 finnsnelons anglophileyoungblood idontliketalkingtoanybody llexis milymargot alyssaloca scumothaearff


“I- It’s not, it’s not what it looks like” Rae stuttered her eyes wide with shock.

“Yeah I fell and Rae helped me up and, and…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me but you two fuckers are lucky that it was me who just walked in here and not our Chlo. I wouldn’t expect this from you Rae I mean your Chloe’s best mate, him" Chop said pointing to a shocked and disappointed Finn "maybe, but not you”. Well that was something Chop hadn’t expected to happen tonight although he wasn’t completely surprised. He had an inkling Finn had a bit of a thing for Rae by the way he’d gotten all weird yesterday and the look of disappointment on his face from presumably being interrupted confirmed this.

“What! You’ve got it all wrong nothing happened or was going to we were just chatting. I wouldn’t got for Finn and especially not after he’s been with Chlo and upset her because the last thing I’d want to do is hurt her” Rae lied. Recently she’d been thinking about Finn more and more and she knew she had got him all wrong but she just didn’t want to admit it. He was of course extremely gorgeous too and Rae wouldn’t have minded just putting her lips to his right there and then and getting to taste a bit of the ultimate slice that is Finn Nelson. That could never ever happen though not now he and Chloe had had a thing and Chloe so clearly still liked him and would do for quite some time.

Finn snapped his head to look at Rae after hearing what she’d just said. ‘I’d never go for Finn’. What would be so bad about going out with him he thought. A minuet ago it had seemed she was about to kiss him if he hadn’t kissed her first and now she’s saying she would never be with him. He really didn’t understand this girl. He probably shouldn’t have tried to kiss her the same day he’d ended things with Chloe though because from what he’d gathered she was pretty cut up about it. That wasn’t what he wanted but he couldn’t let things go on any longer, couldn’t lie and then upset Chloe even more one day. He knew Rae was a really great friend too and he knew she would never betray Chloe so nothing could happen between the two of them. He’d just have to push his feelings aside, it was just a crush after all, he’s had them before and they’d passed and this would too.

“Well whatever ‘that’ was let’s just forget about it yeah? Chop suggested.

"Sounds good mate, why don’t we head to the kitchen and get a couple more drinks, I’m not nearly as drunk as I should be by now” Finn said cheerfully, patting Chop on the shoulder.

“That’s more like it, let’s make this a proper party. Raemundo you coming?”

“As much as I’d love to Chop I think i’ll go find Chloe and see how she’s doing” Rae said.

“Alright well you know where we are” Chop said grinning before walking off with Finn in tow.


After pushing her way through the mass of drunken and almost lifeless bodies Rae found herself at the stairs and decided it was best to start up there. Barney’s house was really fucking big.

After checking three or so rooms, being greeted by ‘fuck off’ mostly, she decided to try the fourth room at the other ending of the landing. Just as she was making her way there something caught her eye. It was Archie. Kissing some guy. It stopped Rae in her tracks. She didn’t care that care that Archie was gay, it was his business and he was still the same person, it just shocked her. She wasn’t sure what to do. Should she just ignore it, maybe he didn’t want everyone knowing. She decided just to walk past as though she hadn’t seen anything but just as she was walking past Archie looked up and seen him, his face was a picture of complete terror. Like he’d just seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

“Rae” Archie breathed out.

“Do you wanna go outside for a chat Arch” Rae said sympathetically. She could find Chloe in a while but right now she knew Archie needed her.

“Ehhh, y-yeah” He stuttered. His eyes were glazed over with a threat of tears spilling out of them at any moment. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was always unsure of his sexuality but kissing that guy tonight had proved to him he was gay and he didn’t think he’d been so relieved about anything in his entire life. That thought soon faded away though when he seen Rae. Now everyone would find out. He’d be known as gay Archie, he’d be called names like faggot and poof. As much as he’d hate all that though he was most worried of what Finn and Chop would think of him. It had always been the 3 of them, ever since they were little kids. They would do absolutely everything together. He didn’t want them to treat him differently. He didn’t want them to act different around him, like they were worried he liked them as anything more than a friend. He didn’t want them feel like he’d lied to them and that they didn’t really know him at all. He was still him. He just liked guys.


Once they were outside they found a wall to sat on and Archie took a deep breath preparing himself for what was to come.

“Look Rae about what you saw, you can’t tell-”

“Arch I would never tell anyone ever unless you wanted me to. You being gay, if you are that is, has nothing to do with me. I just want you to know that if you are gay, you can talk to me. I’m not about to go treating you any differently because your still the same kind, caring, considerate, loyal and might I add boring bastard at times, that you were when I first met you. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met anyone quite like you and I known you al that long but I love to bits”. Rae looked Archie and see nothing but relief and a small smile on his face as he looked at her.

Archie engulfed Rae into a hug and lay his head on her shoulder ”I really fucking love you Rachel Earl”.

“Oh Arch” Rae said gently rocking him as he wept.

A few in minuets later Archie pulled out of the hug. “I think I’ve always known” he said thoughtfully. “I’ve done stuff with girls but it just never felt right. Then tonight when I kissed Adam, it just felt so right. I was so fucking relieved it’s like I’ve spent my whole life unsure of who I am and tonight I finally figured it out. I’m so glad it was you that seen that happen. You we’re just the person I needed tonight Rae. How am I ever meant to tell Chop and Finn” he asked, his eyes searching her face as if it held all the answers.

“Look we will worry about that in the morning but tonight you should just go and enjoy yourself. Celebrate finding out who Archie really is” Rae said.

“Your right, thanks so much I don’t know what I’d do without you I’m so glad I met you” he said before kissing her cheek.

“Hey don’t you get all soppy on me now. Finn and Chop are in the kitchen . Go join them and get pissed” Rae said laughing slightly.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“I’ll join you in a bit, I need to go find Chlo first”.


After Archie left her she made her way back up the stairs and headed for the room she was about to check when she seen Arch.

She stood at the door to listen for any noise and she thought she could hear voices but it was very faint. She slowly pushed the door open and drew in a sharp intake of breathe at what she saw.

“Chlo? Rae said her voice shaking.

"Rae? What are you doing here? Chloe asked almost angrily, confusing Rae.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing, taking that shit? Rae asked firmly pointing to the lines of a white substance Rae presumed was cocaine that Chloe had clearly sniffed up her nose as she kept wiping it self consciously.

"I’ts just a bit of fun, Ian let me have some you should try some” she slurred swaying slightly.

Rae looked over at he bed to see a sleazy looking man watching them looking lustily at Chloe. She then turned to look at her friend and found that she wasn’t there anymore. Her eyes were dark, almost like they were dead they had no life in them.

“That’s not fun Chloe, fun is going to a gig or getting drunk at the pub and having a food fight after it. That” she said pointing to the drug “isn’t fun!”

“Oh give it a rest Rae what are you my mum, why do you care anyway”

“Of course I care your my best mate Chloe” Rae couldn’t believe Chloe had done this. It was like she was having a breakdown

“Oh is that why I saw you kissing Finn then ” Chloe asked shrugging her shoulders.

“What are you talking about I’ve never kissed Finn I wouldn’t do that to you.” Rae didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“I seen you two earlier  getting all cosy, he was going to kiss you, so don’t tell me you care about me when you’d do that” Chloe said looking away.

“No you’ve got it all wrong we was just talking and he fell and I helped him up and we ended up close nothing happened and it wouldn’t have because I don’t like Finn that way and I couldn’t do that to you” Rae said hoping Chloe would believe her. She couldn’t bare to lose her best friend.

“Whatever” Chloe said. Rae noticed the colour had drained from her face and she seemed like she was trying to focus on something, anything. She then began to stumble around a bit before she collapsed with a thud to the ground.

“CHLOE!” Rae screamed before dropping to her knees beside her friend. “HELP SOMEONE HELP!”

People began rushing in to the room and within minuets the gang had cane uo to see what was all the cause for the commotion. They peered there heads through the crowd in the room to find an unconscious Chloe and a crying Rae who’s face was clouded with concern and fear.


“Omg what happened” Izzy cried also bending down next to Rae.

“She, she took something and then she- just down she went” Rae said her voice cracking.

“Holy shit” Archie said bringing his hands up to his mouth.

Finn looked down at Rae crying and he did the only going he felt he could do in this situation. He took her in her arms and let her cry on him. He tried up soothe her as best he could but he knew it was no use. He was just as worried as Rae was.

“What the fuck we going to do” Chop asked, sounding fragile as he looked down at his friend in horror.