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There’s something that new k-pop fans might not understand about the older generations of idols. Many people like to criticize Super Junior for their past actions, seeing them only as variety idols without any musical value. Some might wonder how they have lasted for so long, thinking that they aren’t even popular anymore, that they are overrated, etc.
It’s a well known fact that one of the secrets to Suju’s successful career is because they treat everyone around them with respect. Numerous hoobaes and sunbaes have said the same thing over & over again : you might not see them as popular or relevant now, but their popularity and impact were grandiose, more than you could ever imagine. SJ has so many connections in the industry, going from actors/singers, to MCs/producers. They spent a decade trying to tie countless of relations here and there, finding many opportunities to spread their talents. What they do might not interest you, but they are really what you call a well-rounded group. There is not one single member who is useless or isn’t talented.

You want a good producer? You have Shindong. Great MCs? Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun are doing well. Radio DJs? Ryeowook and Shindong are comfortable doing that. One of the best vocal line, if not the best in kpop? Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung are here to please your ears. Zhou Mi is super great as well. Kangin & Shindong went on Masked Singers (Still waiting for Heechul to make an appearance). Actors? Yesung, Siwon and Heechul are pretty confident in this field. Dancers and choreographers? Of course we can’t not mention Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong. Composers? Not only Donghae is a genius, but a few of them have proven to be talented as well (Did you listen to Don’t Leave Me? If not, you should, and thank Siwon later; also can we talk about Henry? That guy never cease to impress me). Musical actors? Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun excel in musicals. And those are just a small part of what each member can do. On top of that, members can play instruments, have a great variety sense, are hilarious, are a genuine and caring group of people, are hard workers, and most importantly : all of them can actually sing, contrary to popular belief. Their voices mixed together blend perfectly and they have a unique sound. Even their sub-units will impress you. Give their discography a listen, because they have proven themselves so many times already. You will not be disappointed.

The thing is that it seems like everyone who’s working in this industry knows how talented Super Junior is and how difficult it was for them to be where they are today, yet the public chooses to ignore this side of the group. They’re veterans in the industry that should be respected. I mean, their name was supposed to be SM Junior when they debuted, but they changed it to “Super” because the members themselves said : 
We have to become first at what we do best, so that when members gather, we’ll be the top of the top. That’s why we are Super Junior.” 

How Do You Transformers Anatomy: A Guide By A Fan

Also titled “Grey’s Anatomy Transformers Style”

OKAY SO I HEAR A LOT OF PEOPLE GET CONFUSED ABOUT ALL THESE WORDS AND TERMS FOR TRANSFORMERS (because we, as a fandom, like to use fancy words for our robots, we have literally reached subculture status guys we have our own dialect congratulations) AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO USE FOR WHAT SO BECAUSE I TOO SUFFER I WILL HELP YOU



  • Been here since I was 12
  • Fanfic writer
  • I’m smart
  • “I was here before TF was cool” hipster status
  • Transformers consumed my life


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my opinions on the instruments since you guys are asking (reblog and add yours!!1!)

french horn: honestly so pure. i always think of Dvorak’s 9th when i hear them and u g h y e a s

tuba: my bias here should be obvious

euphonium / baritone: honestly they’re so pretty and cute and nice to listen to. basically improved versions of tubas (sorry @me)

flute: pretty but anyone who can play them is clearly dabbling in dark magic

mellophone: i haven’t met one but i really like their sound. its so nice and… not to be redundant but mellow

trumpet: tbh i could listen to trumpets all day. even beginning players sound amazing to me

trombone: i always listen to the trombones when i’m confused on my part, so they’re sort of my anchor. thanks frens 

piccolo: similar to flutes but the notes are even prettier and the players are using even more dark magic

saxophone: honestly saxophones=awesome jazz to me, and i love jazz, so 

clarinet: they sound like the ethereal wood fairy version of flutes (im not sure why i think this). there’s a really good clarinet player at our school so i always think of their solos when clarinets get brought up

oboe: like clarinets but more flute and less wood fairy

bassoon: oboes but stronger

percussion: thank you kind friends for keeping the beat when i am too lazy to count

piano: probably the very purest musical insturment

viola: like with french horns i always think of Dvorak and how awesome y'all’s parts are in his stuff

violin: amazing but also definitely dark magic

cello: i live to listen to cello solos. (also just Dvorak in general, but the two are intertwined)

bass: you’re the string version of me. i respect you


moving in with calum would be like...
  • it would have been brought up in one of the late night cuddles, right after he got off from a long tour, and it would be as if it was a joke but calum would have taken it super serious
    • i bet he would have looked up close by apartments when you fall asleep 
  • and he would bring it up again the next day and i bet he would be super excited bc he wants to take the next step with you and he now can’t imagine not being with you 24/7 
  • soon the two of you would be looking around at places and you finally find one that both of you think is perfect and i bet walking through it calum would be pointing out places to put your own furniture 
    • “babe that corner would be perfect for the dog bed” “cal, we don’t have a dog” “but we could!”
    • “y’know, we could probably fit a king size bed in here” “i just like the way you’re thinking, hood” 
  • putting a bid on the apartment and calum wanting to go all out and bidding over just to make sure you get the apartment
  • you making sure he doesn’t 
  • ending up getting the apartment and calum can’t stop smiling all day
    • (imagine all those calum smiles ugh)
    • plus congratulatory sex  
  • touring through the apartment and trying to find colour matches and floor samples 
    • i bet calum is good on some things like paint matches but then he would bring up the option having carpet in one room and he would be taken off of the controls 
  • goodbye sex in every room of both of your old apartments 
    • because “babe we have to leave a mark”
  • calum saying he should be the one to put in the hardwood floors because hes a manly man and him and the boys can do it but you very much disagree 
    • somehow the weekend that the floors go in he’s away but you have no idea how that could have happened right? 
  • starting to paint the apartment and SHIRTLESS calum painting your living room 
    • “you know babe you don’t have to stare you can see this whenever” 
  • somehow paint getting in calums hair and you having to spend all night trying to get it out 
    • “this is why i told you not to goof off with the paint brush” “i was trying to flick paint and YOU not at myself!!!”
  • him not listening to you and wearing the jeans that he likes not old clothes
    • him ending up getting paint on his jeans and complaining about it the rest of the week 
  • getting all the boys to help carry in your furniture and all putting in their opinions on where everything should go 
    • “michael we are not putting a mini fridge beside the couches so you don’t have to get up to get beer” 
  • calum wanting to christen the whole house even though the boys are still here 
    • “cal not now” “if i get them to leave, can we” “… sure” “guys get the fuck out”
    • michael never letting you guys live that down
  • calum wanting to leave the spare room empty and you not getting why
  • “but then where would the baby sleep”
    • “CALUM i am not pregnant we do not need to keep the spare room empty for that my god” 
  • “I’m so happy were here”
    • “calum of course we’re here its our apartment”
    • “don’t give me sass i’m trying to be romantic”
  • coming home from work one day to find all of the boys sitting in your living room, beer bottles and chip bags lying around, luke with a mouth full of food “welcome home” 
    • calum smiling sheepishly on the couch “the boys are coming over” 

didn’t really proof read so may be ugly but hope you enjoy 

SNK 93 in a nutshell
  • The setting: We are now in Marley, 4 years after the battle for Shiganshina. After losing the colossal titan to Armin, the Marley military weakened, causing a rival to start a war. They just won that war.
  • Reiner: He's about 21 now. Big bro figure to the younger warriors. Remorseful.
  • Zeke: Important warrior, respected by Eldians and Marley alike. Royal blood.
  • Magath: The Marley commander in charge of Eldian Warriors. Rough and pragmatic, but not a horrible person.
  • Galliard: Current holder of Ymir's titan (Oh yeah, Ymir got eaten). Medium-High key bitter towards Reiner for letting his brother, Marcel, die.
  • Peak: The Mule Titan holder. A cute girl. *SHOCK AND AWE* She seems pretty chill.
  • The Warrior Cadets (all about 14):
  • Gabi: Excitable, proud, and capable. Loves Reiner a lot, unclear if it's hero worship or if she's pulling an Asuka and wants his ARMORED DICK.
  • Falco: The Shinji Ikari in this Asuka-Shinji-Kaji analogy. Doesn't want to be a warrior, disillusioned. Very selfless, but pretty sarcastic. Probably likes Gabi.
  • Udo: Paranoid, loud, speaks his mind, and kicks shit when he's mad.
  • Sophia: Little shit, deadpan, may or may not be best girl.
  • Marley Admiral: So basically what you're saying is that we won, but at the cost of revealing to the whole world that the Titans are totally beatable with modern military technology.
  • Magath: Not to mention, we're in some serious shit since we colonized all those foreign people thinking the titan's power was enough to keep them in check. So we've got more shitstorms approaching than we can count on your two hands.
  • Zeke: Guys, I think we should invade the walls and try to get our titans back.
  • Admiral: Were you listening to anything anyone said in the past 5 minutes?
  • Zeke: Yes, and that's why we need to get the titans as soon as possible while they'll still serve as some minor deterrent. That way we can build up our military.
  • -------------------
  • Colt: Wow Zeke, you sure are cool, talking to Marley officers without bowing towards them the mandatory 9 times.
  • Zeke: Eh.
  • Colt: You're also the coolest titan ever. For some reason, when you inject someone with your titan's spinal fluid, you can turn them into titans and then control them when you want. Why can you do that? It's not like you have ryal blood.
  • Zeke: Heh Heh, yeah, totally. By the way, wanna hear a secret.
  • Colt: What?
  • Zeke, noticing Magath approaching: I can use my titan's long-ass arms to wipe my titan's hairy-ass ass.
  • Magath: Please, don't mind me. Continue talking about your titan's ass.
  • Zeke: Oh nevermind, let's exposition the audience some more.
  • Magath: Sounds good.
  • Zeke: All our ships we sent to the walls vanished, presumably destroyed by their titans. Not to mention, they have the Ackermen(TM) who were genetically engineered using Titan Science(TM) to kick my ass and haunt my dreams.
  • ------------------
  • Reiner, having dreams about almost dying twice: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
  • Galliard: Sup bitch, I saw you having a nightmare so I decided not to wake you.
  • Galliard: By the way, fuck you for letting my brother (Marcel) die by being eaten by Ymir. Well, at least I got to eat Ymir and get his power back.
  • Audience: OH GOD MY SHIP IS DEAD.
  • Peak: Hey guys, I'm the cart titan and also a cute girl.
  • Audience: .........go on.
  • ------------------------------
  • Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Sophia hanging by the ocean:
  • Reiner: Heya, kiddos!
  • Reiner: Sure did, kiddo! *Pats head*
  • Sophia and Udo: Oh hey it's Reiner! *Head over to Reiner*
  • Reiner: *Pats heads*
  • Reiner: Hi, Falco!
  • Falco: ....Hello.
  • Reiner: *Sneaks head pat onto Falco*
  • Falco: Reiner should be in bed.
  • Gabi: Falco, you can Falgo fuck yourself.
  • Reiner: *Urge to protect these adorable children intensifies*
  • ----------------------------
  • On a train heading back to their internment camp:
  • General: Magath, shut them up.
  • Magath: Oh, let them have their fun.
  • Reiner: So Gabi's probably going to inherit my Titan.
  • Falco: Yeah, and then she won't live a day past 27, if that.
  • Reiner: Are you talking shit about inheriting one of the 9 titans? You know they can punish you for that.
  • Falco: No, I, uh, Inheriting the titans sound great!
  • Reiner: Then do you want to? Do you want to inherit it in her place?
  • Falco: *Thinks about how Gabi will die if she inherits it*
  • Falco: Yes, I want to inherit it instead.
  • Reiner: Then become a better warrior than Gabi. Please, you have to, if you want to save her from the hell I went through.
[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Greed

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“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is a complete fool.”

The words naturally rolled off my tongue as my hand reached out to caress the pair of grey satin house slippers I had just purchased not even five hours prior. Had I become like one of those materialistic humans who spend all their money on useless things? Ah, what was the word? A Shopaholic?

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Monsta X reaction to I.M and his gf having a fight over his jealousy.

mawwtothepotato said:Can you make a reaction with I.M fight with him because he was jealous and he is really sorry so he wants you back?

~Since I already contacted you and cleared up the understanding of your request. REVISED COPY OF REQUEST-Monsta X Reaction to I.M and his gf going at it, because of his jealousy. I DID NOT INCLUDE I.M, SINCE IT WAS HIS FIGHT THEY WERE REACTING TO.


Shownu: Kinda doesn’t want to be here, since the two are going at it. It’s get real awkward since I.M is bringing up Y/N having male friends….and he’s one of her closes ones.

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Wonho: He feel like he should say something, to clear up the misunderstanding. But he doesn’t wanna make things worse. But! he sure doesn’t wanna ruin his relationship with I.M or ruin I.M relationship with Y/N, all because he was being so friendly to Y/N.

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Minhyuk: *Casually listening to argument* Y/N: “Why are you so angry, what is your problem, seriously?” I.M: “YOU AND HIM, ARE ALWAYS HANGING OUT” Him: *In his head* Oooh shit! who is him? Y/N: “Who!” I.M: “MINHYUK” Him: *GIF*

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Kihyun: *Light turns on* I.M: “Yeah dude can I sleep here tonight, Y/N kicked me out for the night…”

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Hyungwon: He sits there listening to them like he’s a couple therapist. Only information he has is, that they’re having some problems because of I.M’s jealousy. I.M: “My jealousy is not that bad, your over exaggerating.” Y/N: “REALLY, I asked a male worker for a help and you got upset!” Him: *GIF* I.M: “You could’ve of asked me.” Y/N: “When the hell did you start stacking shelves at Walmart?”

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Jooheon: “Guys were outside, maybe we should-” Them: “SHUTUP” Him: “….I was just-” Them: “ SHUT..UP!” Him: *Stays quiet* Y/N: “Will you quit being so rude” Him: *GIF* “What the….yo all I’m doing is breathing” 

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NCT Dream: Reactions to when another person confesses to their S/O


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He would have to think over of what just happened but keeps getting surprised with his eyes wide open, but then complimenting you cause he know why they would confess.


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Just reminding you that he loves you very much and that you’re everything to him and that you should care about any other boy except him, which includes the other members too, my boy keeping safe at all times.


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“okay?” nervous laugh, thinking that maybe he should hide you so no one confesses to you again. speechless, probably rethinking life again too. “Y/N I don’t know what to say to you…”


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*wtf expression* for like 100 years, but would go up to the guy like, “ She my boo, hand off” and then would start telling you how he was surprised of why that guy even bothered to ask when you already got the best in the world.


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Probably just like Jeno, extremely speechless, and will just keep smiling, and try to think of ways he could impress you more just because of whatever reason he has or show other guys that he can always do anything better cause guess what. he’s Jaemin. I wonder how my baby condition’s are


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XD This boy would just start laughing evilly cause we know how he is until he goes up to the guy and put his arm around you shoulder and be like, “She’s taken, your feeling are irrelevant” then laughing all over again in his face.


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He probably wouldn’t find out until you actually tell him, he would so surprised but wouldn’t be so surprised cause you good for him but lowkey jealous and will keep thinking about it overtime, and asking you if any other boys asked you out.


still taking request, and y’all should listen to Osshun Gum. And sorry the link weren’t working on the description so I deleted them, I’ll fix them by tmmr.

I’m a waitress at an all-you-can-eat sushi/other Japanese food place. I’m pretty strong because of all the lifting I do, but customers don’t realize that and constantly try to grab food before I put it on the table.

The other day I had a guy try to grab a large, very hot bowl of udon soup out of my hand as I was putting it down. We lost balance on it and it tipped over, almost wrecking the iphone he had sitting on the table. It was partially my fault because I should have told him to stop, but nobody ever listens when I do tell them and so they end up knocking something over or spilling the food.

Just because I’m a rather small-looking girl doesn’t mean that I can’t lift a plate, people. Please, I know you’re trying to help, but don’t grab the food before it gets to the table unless your server asks you to.

Misconceptions- Chapter 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

 Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) also swearing. 

Okay so i did a thing. i don’t know how good this is but it will be multi-chapter constructive criticism is appreciated. This is my first time writing anything so please be gentle! also a huge thank you to @denialanderror whose encouragement finally got me to write something. 

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Hindsight. You stared at them from your spot on the couch and all that you could think was hindsight. The blinding aching pain that seemed to spread from your chest into every frayed nerve, neuron and cell of your body roared in agreement. Hindsight is always 20/20, you should not have agreed to his proposition, you should not have let his puppy dog eyes reel you in, you should not have listened to your heart. He twirls a lock of her silky red hair around his finger, tugging slightly to get her attention, she all but purrs at him ‘Barnes’ she warns him, ‘Not here big guy, we at least have to pretend to be interested in movie night’. He pouts at her but relents, snuggling into her hair and breathing her in. You can feel the scream clawing at your throat, doing its best to make him realise just how much he hurt you. How badly he broke you. How seeing them together, the man you love and your best friend, rips into your psyche, searing the image into the back of your eye lids. How beautiful dreams of you and Bucky building a life has been replaced by a gasping moaning Natalia under an equally aroused Bucky. Stupid you think, stupid insipid girl, stupid stupid stupid. You watch as Natalia seemingly melts into his embrace, the content sigh that escapes her and the blindingly beautiful smile Bucky graces her with. It’s enough to make you want to hurl. You swallow the lump that’s forming in your throat. ‘I’m a trained assassin, I’ve had worse, seen worse. I can do this’ you tell yourself. Yet you can feel your body revolting, your mind and heart shattering with every word they exchange, bile burning a hot path up your digestive tract and you bolt to the nearest bathroom, purging yourself of everything you’ve seemingly eaten in the last week. Through the haze of tears and dry heaving you hear banging on the door the concerned voice of Bucky filtering through your foggy mind. 'Doll? Doll are ya alrigh’ in there sweetheart?’ You moan into the toilet bowl. of fucking course. Bucky fucking Barnes could not leave you to throw up in peace, oh no he had to be your saviour. ‘I’m fine James’ you reply, spying your birth control at the end of the basin. Shit. Oh oh shit. ‘You’re puking buckets into the toilet, doll face. I don’t think your fine’ he throws back at you ‘For the love of God Barnes, FUCK OFF’ you scream ‘I don’t need you treating me like a goddamn child Bucky, please just leave me alone’. You’re staring at the birth control, trying to quell the mounting panic, counting off the days since your last period, and connecting the late night fridge raids to the devastating realisation that your 2 months late and your last partner was none other than Bucky Fucking Barnes.


 ‘Kitty cat can we talk?’ Bucky asks as he fidgets with his shirt sleeve. You can tell he’s nervous, you can practically feel it rolling off of him in waves. ‘Of course, sugar. Whadda ya need?’ you don’t see him flinch at the nickname or the grimace that takes over his features. You’re giddy. Excited. Its been six months since you and Bucky started sleeping together, a desperate night born from an exceedingly horrible mission and pent up frustration of not being able to do more, to be more for the people you are supposed to protect. ‘I need ta talk ta ya about us, or whatever this is’ he replies. ‘Finally’ you muse. You’re smiling now, a big toothy grin that wraps around your face and scrunches the corner of your eyes. 'You have my undivided attention, Buck’ you sit across from him, feet tucked underneath you, waiting with bated breath for the words you’ve been dying to hear for what feels like forever. 'I met someone’ he blurts out. ‘I really feel for her ya know? And I wanna try with her’. You feel the blood in your veins turn to ice. ‘I’m sorry kitty, but you knew this was temporary. You’re my closest friend next ta Stevie and I really don’ wanna lose you over a mistake’ Mistake? He thinks you’re a mistake? ‘And Nat an’ I just sorta happened’ he adds. And in that moment you can feel your entire life implode. 

One awkward trip to the doctor, an entire tub of chocolate mint ice cream and a night of dreams involving Bucky’s face on the body of a new born baby screaming for Natasha later and your strolling into the kitchen scanning the room for Tony and deliberately avoiding Bucky’s gaze boring into the back of your head. You haven’t spoken to him since the bathroom incident, actively leaving the room when he walks in, ignoring his frantic calls of your name, ignoring the screams that echo through the tower at night. You’re being petty and unfair, you know, but you can’t listen to his declarations of love for the woman you would literally take a bullet for. Your gaze lands on the billionaire, you take a deep breath to calm your ever-rebellious stomach and mentally call out to him ‘Tony I need your help’ his eyes snap to yours ‘Got an itch that needs scratching, sugar tits?’ he replies waggling his eyebrows and leering playfully. ‘No you perv, I’m serious can you meet me in the lab? In like 10 minutes?’ He sobers instantly ‘Sure (y/n) I’ll be right up’ 

10 minutes and a bitten thumbnail later and you’re staring at a fuming Tony Stark trying to explain just exactly how you managed to get yourself knocked up. ‘You have got to be fucking kidding me (y/n), you’re baby bumping around the tower and you didn’t think to tell me?’ He’s screaming now, an interesting shade of puce on his face “you didn’t even have to use words! you can think shit at me, you’re unbelievable’   ’T I’m so sorry, please, no one can know, I need your help. Please T’ you’re pleading, the sound of your own voice grating your pride. ‘Why?’ he splutters ‘Why can no one know kitty I don’t understand!’ 

 ‘It’s Bucky’s T. I’m pregnant with Bucky’s baby’

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Drunken Calls

Summary: You and Dean are best friends and he calls you in the middle of the night when he is drunk and needs someone to come pick him up. It’s always been just friendship between the two of you but the following morning the truth comes out.

WARNINGS: Smut. Some language. And a little bit of fluff at the end.

*             *             *             *

You heard your phone ringing on the bedside table. You groaned as you reached up and rubbed your eyes. You glanced over at the clock on the table. 2:14 AM. Who would be calling you at this time of the night?

You reached over and picked up your phone. You groaned when you say the name on the screen. Dean.

You slid your thumb to the right and then brought the phone to your ear.

“You better be dying.” You said, knowing that usually when he calls this late he’s drunk and just wants to ramble.

“Y-y/n. I-I n-need h-help.” He slurred.

You immediately sat up on the edge of the bed as you began to panic. He needed help. What had happened? Did he get in a fight? Did he get hurt? He never called and said he needed help. Ever.

This wasn’t the first time he’d gone out and gotten too drunk to find his way back to the hotel, but it was the first time he had ever said he needed help.. And unfortunately for you, you were the only person he thought to call when he was that drunk. Not Roman or one of the guys. It was you. Always you.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?” You asked.


“Dean where are you? I’ll come pick you up.” You said.

“S-some bar down…down the s-street.” He mumbles. “Y-you’re such a n-nice friend…all caring a-and funny and stuff…do you want me to c-come pick y-you up?”

“No! Dean, stay where you are! I’m coming to pick you up!

"Okay…whatever you say b-babe.”

You rolled your eyes at the word, knowing it was because he was drunk. The truth was that you’ve had feelings for Dean for a couple of months. But he didn’t know that. Nobody knew that, not even the girls. He didn’t need to know that. You knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to settle down. You had even heard him tell Roman that he didn’t want a girlfriend. If you told him that you had feelings it would ruin the friendship and he’d probably never talk to you again.

You threw on an oversized sweatshirt and slid on some shoes. You grabbed your keys and purse off the TV stand and then hurried down to the hotel parking lot where your rental car was parked. You slid in behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition.

You made your way down the street slowly looking on both sides for any sign of your best friend.

You drove slowly as you glanced towards both sides of the street, looking for any sign of your best friend in front of any of the bars. You finally saw him in front of a bar about six blocks from the hotel. You silently cursed to yourself when you saw him chest to chest with some other guys outside, looking like they were about to get into a fight.

You quickly pulled the car over and put it in park before getting out of the car and running over to the two of them.

“You wanna say that again? Huh?” Dean said as he moved even closer to the guy.

“What? That you’re crazy? Maybe they should send you back to the insane asylum?” The guy challenged.

You couldn’t let Dean get into a fight with a fan. It would be all over the internet and you knew there’d be consequences for Dean to face with WWE if he got into a fight with a fan.

You stepped in between the two of them and put your hands on Dean’s chest, pushing him a few steps back.

“Y/n s-stay out of t-this.” He said as he kept his eyes locked on the guy behind you.

“Dean get in the car!” You said.

“Yeah Ambrose…listen to your little girlfriend…get in the car.” The man said.

“You little-” Dean snarled.

“Dean. Car. Now” You said loudly as you pointed towards your rental car.

“But he-”

“I don’t care. Go to the car! You’re drunk!” You said.

“Yeah, you’re drunk. Why don’t you go to the car?” You heard the guy behind you say.

“Excuse me darlin’.” Dean said as he stepped around you and landed a solid right hook straight to the right side of the guy’s face. The guy immediately fell to a knee, obviously caught off guard by the punch.

“Dean no!” You yelled trying to grab his arm. But he was quick. He leaned down and swung and landed a second shot to the guy’s jaw.

“Don’t fucking talk to her!” Dean yelled.

You grabbed Dean’s arm and pulled him back with all the strength you had in you. You managed to get enough space for you to slide yourself in between the two of them. You then reached up and put your hands on Dean’s chest and tried to push him further away.

“Dean go to the car. Now.” You said angrily, doing your best to look as intimidating as possible.

“Okay darlin’. Whatever you say.” Dean said as he took a few steps back. He had a proud smirk on his face as he cracked his knuckles like the fight was just beginning if he had anything to say about it.

Are you fucking kidding me? You thought to yourself.

He had caused a huge scene and drawn quite a crowd in front of the bar. And he was proud of himself for it.

“Are you kidding me Dean?” You asked.

“What?” He asked with a shrug.

“Get in the car before I make you walk back.” You said, annoyed with his cockiness.

You expected some smart ass remark, but he did as you asked and turned towards the car without a word. However, he stumbled over his feet after two steps and almost ran into a pole that was near by.

You sighed and walked over to him and threw your arm around his torso to help lead him to the car. He slung his arm around your shoulders.

“Thanks, darlin’.” He mumbled.

“You’re welcome, Dean.” You said.

You helped him slide into the front seat before you walked around the front of the car and slid in behind the wheel. You turned the car around and headed back towards your hotel.

You were about a block from the bar when Dean started rambling.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He said as he looked over at you.

“Dean you’re drunk.”

“I might be a tad bit drunk, but I…I know a beautiful woman when I see one.” You blushed at his compliment, but tried not to let it go to your head too much. He didn’t mean it. He was drunk and probably didn’t even know what he was saying. He wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning.

You pulled back into the parking lot and turned your car off. You walked around the car and as soon as Dean stepped out he threw his arm around your shoulders.

“You’re such a good friend, Y/n.” He said.

“You would do it for me if the shoe was on the other foot.” You said.

“Hell yes I would. Anytime you need me, I’ll be here, okay?” He said.

“What room are you in?” You asked.

“Um…fuck I don’t remember. Three something?” He said as he scratched the back of his head

“You know what I have two beds in my room. You can take the spare.” You said.

“Thanks babe.”

You led him into the elevator and pushed the button for your floor. The ride to the fourth floor was quiet between the two of you. The only sound that could be heard was Dean’s breathing.

The doors opened and you stepped out with Dean leaning on you for support. He was heavy, but you were determined to make it down the hallway to your room. You reached into your pocket and pulled out your key card and slid it into the slot.

You opened the door and helped Dean over to the first bed, that was still perfectly made from housekeeping. He immediately fell onto his back and just looked up at the ceiling.

“I love you.” He said.

You thought at first you didn’t hear him right. He loved you? Then you realized he just meant he loved you as a friend.

“I love you too Dean. You’re my best friend, you know that.” You said.

“No. I mean I love you love you.” He said.

Your heart stopped. Did he really just say that? did you heard him right?

“Dean, you don’t mean-”

“But I do. I’ve loved ya forever. I just could never tell you.” He said.

“Dean, you’re drunk.”

“And drunk people tell the truth. You’re the only person that’s always there for me. Nobody else would’ve come down there and drug my ass back here. But you did.” He said.

“It’s what friends do, Dean.” You said.

“I don’t want to just be your friend anymore, Y/n. You know why I punched that guy? Cause he was talkin’ about you. Nobody talks about you when I’m around.” He said.

“Dean, you need to go to sleep.” You said.

“I can’t sleep…will you come lay with me darlin’?” He asked.

You stood there as he looked over at you. He didn’t look like the strong, brave, care-free man you saw in the ring. He looked scared and vulnerable.

“Okay.” You said with a sigh after tossing around the idea in your head for a few minutes. “Just let me change, okay? You should probably get into something more comfortable too.”

You went into the bathroom and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt before walking out of the bathroom. Dean was laying on top of the covers in just his boxers when you walked out. His shirt and jeans being discarded on the floor next to him. You crawled into the bed next to Dean and then reached over and turned the light off.

“Thank you for puttin up with me.” Dean said as he reached over and put his arm around your waist.

“You’re welcome Dean.” You said.

*             *             *             *

You woke up the following morning and looked over at Dean. His lips were slightly parted and soft snores were escaping. He still had his arm around your waist, and you could feel the heat radiating off him. You carefully slid his arm off of you, trying your best not to wake him up.

You showered and then got dressed for the day. You opened your purse and pulled out the bottle of Tylenol you kept in there in case you needed it. You poured two pills into your hand and then set them on the bedside table next to Dean along with a glass of water.

You headed down to the complimentary breakfast to get you and Dean some food.

“Hey have you seen Dean? He never came home last night.” Roman asked as he approached you.

“Yeah. He’s upstairs sleeping. He called me and I went and got him.” You said.

“Thank god. I was afraid he was passed out somewhere…thank you for going and getting him.” He said.

“Of course. I couldn’t just leave him there.” You said.

“I don’t know what he’d do without you, Y/n. He doesn’t deserve a friend like you.” He said.

Friend. That word flashed in your head. Is that what you were to Dean? Or were you more? Would he wake up and forget what he said last night?

“You okay?” Roman asked as he noticed you spacing out.

“Y-yeah. Sorry.” You said as you shook off the thoughts.

You grabbed some food for yourself and Dean and then headed back up to your room. You opened the door as quietly as posisble so that you wouldn’t wake Dean up. Once you were inside the room, you saw him sitting up on the side of the bed with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands.

“You okay?” You asked.

His head popped up and he turned to look at you. His lips curved into a small smile when he saw the food in your hands.

“I…I thought you left.” He said.

“Just to go get some food.” You said as you handed him the plate of pancakes you had made for him.

“Thanks.” He said as he took it from you. “I’m sorry, by the way.”


“Last night. Waking you up and making you come get me in the middle of the night.”

“That’s what friends are for. I couldn’t just leave you there.” You said.

“Most people would’ve.” He said.

“Well I’m not most people.” You said. “I’m your friend. I care about you. I worry about you.”

It was silent between the two of you for a few minutes as you took small bites of the muffin you had gotten for yourself. You noticed that Dean hadn’t touched his pancakes.

“I thought you liked pancakes.” You said.

“I do…I’m just not hungry.” He said.

“Why?” You asked. “You’re always hungry.”

“My head hurts.”

“Take the Tylenol. It’ll help.” You said motioning to the two white pills sitting beside him on the table.

“I meant what I said, you know.” He said.

“What are you talking about?” You asked.

“Last night. When I said I loved you, I meant it.” He said.


“Please. Just give me a chance. I swear to God I’ll show you how much you mean to me. I’ll show you that I can be a half-way decent man. Just give me a chance. I can’t…I can’t keep just being your friend. It’s killin’ me.”

You were terrified. Terrified of being with Dean. What if it didn’t work out? What if you broke up? You wouldn’t be able to go back to just being his friend. You would lose him. You didn’t know if you could handle losing him.

“You have to tell me what you’re thinking.” He said as his eyes stared into yours.

“I’m scared.” You said softly.

“Scared of what, babe?” He asked as he reached out and took your hand.

“What if…what if it doesn’t work? What if we end up hating each other? I don’t want to lose you-”

“You’re not gonna lose me. No matter what, darlin’. You won’t lose me. Come here.” He said as he pulled you into his arms. You leaned your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. He held you tight in his arms. You felt your eyes start to water as all the emotions you were feeling hit you.

Dean let go of you and reached up to cup your cheek with his hand. That was when he noticed your watery eyes.

“Aww, c'mon darlin’, don’t be cryin’ on me.” He said.

“I’m sorry…I can’t…I can’t help it.” You said as you tried to control your emotions.

You felt a tear escape and he wiped it away with his thumb.

“I won’t make you do nothin’ you don’t want to. If you just want to be my friend, then that’s what we’ll be.” He said.

“But I don’t want to hurt you.” You said.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” He said.

“I do love you, Dean. I want to be more than your friend, but I’m scared.” You said.

“I’m scared too, love. This is all new for me. But I want to try it. We can figure it out together. Whenever you get scared just come to me, okay? I’ll wrap you in my arms…” he said as he pulled you back into his arms.

“And then I’ll do this…” he said before he leaned in and pressed his lips to your temple.

“And then I’ll tell you that I’m right here and that everything is going to be okay.”

He then reached up and cupped your face in his hands. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to yours. You felt butterflies in your stomach as his lips moved with yours. It was the kind of kiss you read about in books. The ones where you get butterflies and feel like there’s fireworks going off in the background. It was everything a kiss should be and more.

You pulled away to catch your breath and Dean leaned his forehead against yours.

“I love you.” He said softly.

“I love you too.” You said.

He then leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again. This time it was much more needy. He was rougher this time.

He ran one hand through your hair as the other slid down to your lower back to push you flat against his body. Your hands ran down his chest, feeling the muscles contract against your fingertips as they made their path.

You hesitated when you reached the top of his boxers.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked as he pulled away from the kiss, noticing your hesitation.

“Yes.” You said.

“Then take ‘em off baby.” He said.

You swallowed a lump in your throat before hooking your fingers into the waistband and sliding them down. He lifted his hips to make it easier for you to get them off.

“You need to take a few layers off.” He said as his lips moved from your throat to your neck.

His hands gripped the bottom of your shirt before pulling it up and over your head. He then hooked his fingers into the band of your sweatpants and slid them down to the ground.

“Fuck.” He said as his eyes ran over your exposed body.

You leaned in and pressed your lips back to his as your hands came up to play with the hair on the back of his neck.

“How long have you loved me?” You asked.

“As long as I can remember” He said as he began to suck on the soft spot below your ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked.

“Didn’t think I had a shot. A guy with a background like mine and a girl like you…they don’t belong together.”

You cut him off by reaching behind him and unclasping your bra. You slid it down your arms and then reached for your panties. You turned around and teasingly slid them down your legs, trying to look as sexy as possible.

You were caught off guard when you felt a sharp slap come down across your left butt cheek. You let out a small moan from the stinging slap.

“Waving it in front of my face like that…you were just asking for it to get smacked.” He said.

“Do it again.” You said.

You felt another sharp slap to the other cheek.

“Get over here baby.” He said as he reached out and put his hands on your hips. He then threw you onto the bed before he crawled over you.

He reached down and held his dick in his hands as he positioned it at your entrance.

“Should I tease you baby? Hmm…you’ve been teasing me with that perfect little ass for so long…maybe I should tease you?”

“No!” You groaned as you moved your hips up towards him.

“No?” He said with a smirk as he slowly circled his tip around your entrance.

“Please Dean.” You said. You needed some kind of contact with him. You were worked up and needed some kind of relief. Any kind of relief.

He pushed all the way into you and you let out a yelp, not expecting him to go all the way in on the first thrust.

His hands gripped your hips as he pulled out until just the tip was in before slamming back into you.

You heard a groan escape his lips as he thrusted a few more times.

“Dean.” You moaned.

“You like that baby?” He asked.

“Y-yes.” You moaned out.

Then you felt the tip of him hit that spot inside you.

“D-dean!” You yelled out.

“Right there?” He asked.


He thrusted a few more times and hit your spot every time.

You then felt the pad of his thumb begin to rub circles on your clit.

“F-fuck!” You breathed out!

“Come on darlin’…cum for me.” He said.

You felt yourself go over the edge and his lips came down to yours as he swallowed your moans with the kiss. You felt your body sahking as you came.

He pulled away from the kiss and you felt your body sink into the sheets and pillows.

Dean laid down next to you and gave you a lazy smile as he looked over at you.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yes.” You said as your chest rose and fell as you tried to catch your breath.

“You’re not going to regret this, are you?” He asked with worried eyes.

“No. Are you?” You asked.

“Hello no. This was the best day of my life.” He said before he draped his arm across your bare stomach and pulled you closer to him.

He leaned in and pressed another kiss to your lips, this one more calm and gentle.

“I love you.” He whispered as he laid his head down on the pillow next to yours.

“I love you too.” You said.

“You’re mine, okay? Any time another guy looks at you, you tell them you’re mine.” He said.

“I’m yours!” You said before you leaned in and pressed another kiss to his lips.


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Imagine Josie inviting you to join the Pussycats

No one knew who you were. You had lived in Riverdale your whole life but had always managed to stay in the shadows. Of course, that wouldn’t last long. Especially not after Josie found out you could sing.

Your life would immediately change as you’d suddenly be thrown into the glitz, glamour, and sinister secrets that the small town of Riverdale had to offer.

You had not made your public debut with the Pussycats yet. There had been whisperings, rumors that the Pussycats had a new member, but no one knew who it was.

Josie had been pushing you and the rest of the band to do your best. ’We have to show them were good. We have to be amazing in order to get to the top. ’ That meant after school practices in order to prepare for the upcoming football game.

There was one particular day where you had decided to stay even later than the rest of the Pussycats. Yes, you were in the band but that could change in a matter of seconds. You had to prove to Josie that you had what it takes to be a part of it.

Glancing up at the clock, you noticed it was almost seven. Eyes widening, you rushed to gather all your stuff and bolted out of the music room. You had to be home by seven. Arms full of books, you didn’t notice where you were going until you crashed into a wall.

At least you thought it was a wall until you heard a loud groan. You had crashed into a boy, effectively dropping your things in the process.

“I’m sorry!” You blurted. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The boy chuckled, sitting up as you gathered your stuff once again.

“Who are you and what are you doing here so late?” The boy questioned.

You stuttered over your words, standing up and finally saying a quick ’Nothing! I’m sorry. ’ and running off once more, leaving the boy on the ground.

Jughead pushed himself up into a sitting position, reaching out for the small object you had left behind.

“Hey! Girl!“ he called out after you. “You left your…glasses.”

Sighing to himself, he stood up and walked away, telling himself he’d just give you your glasses the next day.

But the next day came. And so did the next. And so did the next. And he couldn’t find you anywhere in school.

He had asked all around, yet nobody knew who you were, not even Kevin who always seemed to know everything about everybody in town. He had asked B & V, who had shrugged and shaken their heads. He had asked Archie, who had ever heard of a girl matching your description. Jughead was beginning to think you were a figment of his imagination, created by his lack of sleep.

He had been talking with Archie and Betty when Valerie, Josie, and Melody came up to their small group.

“Have you found her yet Jug?” Betty asked.

“No,” Jughead replied. He couldn’t find you and it was frustrating. He couldn’t understand why he was so intent on finding you. He didnt even know you.

“Ohh mysterious,” said Valerie as she came up behind Archie. “Another missing person?”

Archie snorted. “More like Jug trying to find some mysterious girl who bolted away from him.”

Jughead shot him a glare before turning to the Pussycats. “You guys wouldn’t happen to know this girl would you?” He asked, giving them a description of your appearance.

Their eyes all widened. Of course they knew you, you were their newest member. They exchanged glances before Melody spoke up. “Actually Jughead-”

“Maybe we do, maybe we don’t,” Josie interrupted. She gave the two other Pussycats a meaningful look. “But you should definitely consider going to the game Friday night.”

Jughead glanced at her suspiciously as she walked away.

“What was that about?” He questioned.

Valerie sighed. “Listen, Jughead, just go to the game Friday night.”

She walked off with Melody.

Jughead turned to his friends, who simply shrugged and walked off to class, leaving him to ponder Josie’s words.


Friday came a lot quicker than you expected, and you were feeling nervous. It would be your first time performing and you couldn’t mess this up.

You were also still feeling a bit shocked from what had happened the other evening. You had crashed into Jughead Jones. The most intimidating person you knew.

And you had lost your glasses. This week was not going well for you.

“Alright Pussycats, listen up!” Josie said, effectively grabbing your attention. “Tonight is the night. We’re introducing a new Pussycat and we’re going to show everybody that we are amazing at what we do.”

You could feel the adrenaline running through your veins as you guys huddled in and group hug before running out onto the football field.

You stood nervously next to Josie, not paying attention to Cheryl, who had introduced you guys. You were snapped out of your daze by Melody, who had begun drumming the best of the song. Looking out towards the crowd, you were suddenly glad you had lost your glasses. It meant that you couldn’t see the crowd properly and instantly, your nerves became somewhat settled.

You took a deep breath as you and Josie began to sing. You couldn’t mess up now.


Jughead’s attention was caught by you. His mouth gaped open as he watched you on stage as you sung. How could he have not noticed you before?

It was official. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, Jughead knew you had caught his interest the moment you ran into him in the hallway. The fact that you were a complete mystery had just added onto his intrigue.

His leg shook nervously throughout the game. He was going to talk to you and he couldn’t calm his nerves.

He stood up as Archie, Betty, and Veronica approached him, Kevin trailing behind.

“Pop’s?” Questioned Archie.

Jughead nodded dumbly, having spotted you walking away from the field with Josie.

“Uh yeah, you guys go ahead. I have to do something real quick,” he replied, running off to catch up with you.

Betty, Veronica, and Kevin all exchanged meaningful glances while Archie just stared after him in confusion before shaking his head and walking off.


Both you and Josie stopped at the sound. As you turned, you froze in fear. It was Jughead.

“Jughead,” Josie said, a smirk playing on her lips as she glanced at you. “I see you came to the game.”

Jughead chuckled. “Yeah, I decided to take you advice.”

Smirking at you once more, Josie turned to Jughead. “Well I hope you enjoyed out performance. I have to get going, my mom needs me. I’ll see you two on Monday.”

You were engulfed in awkward silence as she left.

“I uh, I think these belong to you,” Jughead stated, holding out a familiar pair of glasses. “I meant to give them back to you sooner but I couldn’t find you.”

You reached out to take your glasses from him, your hands shaking due to his close proximity. “Th-thanks Jughead.”

You cursed yourself mentally for stuttering as you slipped them on, your vision instantly becoming clearer.

“Well…thanks for returning them,” you said weakly, turning around and walking off whilst mentally berating yourself for being so awkward.

“Hey, wait!”

Your footsteps sped up in an effort to get as far away as possible from the beanie clad boy. It didn’t work.

“You were really good up there,” Jughead said as he caught up with you.

“Thanks,” you mumbled back.

“So anyways,” Jughead said nervously. “To make up for that little incident a few days ago, how about I take you to Pop’s to make up for it?”

Your eyes widened as you immediately refused. “Oh no thanks. I really should be getting home.”

“I insist. My treat.”

You felt yourself respond with the words you dreaded so much. “Ok, sure.”

You just couldn’t pass up free food.


On the walk to Pop’s, you felt yourself become more relaxed around Jughead as you guys talked about nothing and everything that your conversation had to offer.

Jughead could feel his nerves melting away. The girl that walked beside him was a mystery that he knew would keep his attention a lot longer than the murder investigation ever would.

He couldn’t help himself from noticing every little thing she did. From tucking her hair behind her ear, to pushing her glasses up every time they slid down her nose, even to the way that she’d stumbled a bit every time she laughed. He couldn’t tell it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You had been wrong. Jughead Jones was not in fact very intimidating at all. He was as normal as could be, with his sarcastic remarks that never failed to make you laugh. You had misjudged him, and for that, you felt guilty.

And as you both entered Pop’s, you knew it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

And so did Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin, who began shipping you two as soon as you passed the booth they were sitting in.


Once again just a little thing I came up with. I’ll be writing these short little works until I get enough free time to actually use my laptop do finish up requests so I’m very sorry to everyone who has requested, THEY WILL BE UP SOON I SWEAR.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)


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Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: The girls are supposed to be Marine Biologists. I know nothing about that profession. I am doing a bit of research for it, but if any false information is given, I sincerely apologize. Also, please don’t expect a lot of fluff in this. Honestly, this isn’t really going to be a romantic series. The mermaids/mermen in this fic are predators and will act as such.

“Nat, see anything on the radar?” She sighs in response, disappointed with the results after an hour of scanning. “Not a single thing. We’re not even picking up fish in the area. We should have spotted one of the pods by now.” Y/N starts flipping through the charts from the past few years. “This makes no sense. They’ve been coming here every year. Where the hell are they?” The door to the cabin opens and Wanda steps in after scouting the waves for breach sightings. She grabs one of the papers sitting on the desk and then looks over the map. “Well we’re definitely in the right spot, but I’m not seeing anything out there. You think they relocated?” Y/N shakes her head, “Doubtful, the waters here are rich, perfect for breeding and raising their young. Something must be wrong.“ Nat grumbles something under her breath before turning and heading downstairs. “I’ll radio the guys. Maybe they can find something on the males we tagged last year.”

Y/N drops down to her chair and runs a hand down her face, frustrated that they have not had any progress in the past few hours. “What do you think happened, Wanda?” “The thing that really comes to mind is climate change, but everything has pretty much been the same. Only other possible conclusion is that maybe a bigger predator moved into the area.” “Girl, they’re Orcas. Nothing is above them in the food chain, except asshole humans. Giant squids? Maybe, but the Orcas hunt in packs and squids are solitary creatures so I don’t see how that would keep them away.” Wanda hums for a bit, trying to think of anything else. She smirks when a thought pops in her head. “Megalodon?” Y/N glares, inwardly cursing at her for even bringing up such a thing. Especially when they were currently adrift on a boat that’s probably small enough to be swallowed by one. “What the fuck, Wanda? Are you trying to terrify me?” She goes into a fit of giggles as Nat comes back up to join them. “Clint says that the pod isn’t even close to this location right now. They’re apparently sticking to the deeper waters. He has been watching they’re movements and it seems the pod is moving back and forth at the edge of the shallows. Something is keeping them from getting closer. There’s also news, that one of the males is dead. His tracker hasn’t moved in the past two weeks.”

Nothing is adding up. What could possibly keep Orcas from traveling into their natural breeding grounds? “Do you think whaling could be involved?” Nat scoffs and shakes her head at the question. “They would have to be really idiotic. Whaling on the coastline would make them a very easy target. Anyone could spot them.” Wanda hops up from her spot on the couch with a smile on her face. “Well, I have an idea, but you guys might not like it.“ The girls turn towards her, giving her the sign to continue. “Lets get our gear on and head in. See if we can find anything strange.” “You were right. I don’t like it. That is a horrible idea. We are not about to jump into the sea with who knows what might be out there that the whales are afraid of.”

Nat starts pacing, “She has a point though. We have to find out what the problem is, one way or another, right?” “Or…you know, we can leave it to some other professionals who might have some kind of weapon in case something big is lurking down there.” The conversation comes to a halt when a sound comes through the hydrophone. All three girls freeze and listen closely as the sounds come through a second time. It was a low rumbling, almost as if another boat was passing by. However, when Y/N looked out through the windows, there was no one around them for miles. There was a sudden thud that came through the speakers, alerting them that whatever made the noise was now underneath them.

“Oh god…” Wanda looked frightened as she stared Y/N in the eyes. “I knew I should have warned you guys this morning before we left.” Nat gives her a look, “It better not be something I’ll kill you for.” “I was watching the news last night and they mentioned finding abandoned boats all across the coast these past two weeks. Whatever got our whale probably got those people too.” Y/N throws her arms in the air, “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Nat places a hand on her arm, in an attempt the calm her. “Relax. Chances are the people from those boats probably got drunk and fell overboard.” Another thud came through the speakers, the rumbling noise picking up again, but somehow more drawn out. “Yeah, we are going home.” “We can’t just leave, Y/N. We have to find out what it is. Imagine what it could bring to our research!” Nat sighs in exasperation and stares Wanda down. “Sweety, I love you, but what you’re suggesting…well, that’s how people end up dead.” “Come on! It could make history today. Look, we don’t have to get in the water, just drop the camera in and see what we can find.”

“The water is too murky for the camera to pick anything up, but sure if it gets you to agree to just go home.” Y/N reluctantly picks up the equipment and heads outside, both girls following close behind. The sounds had stopped, but they were all wary of whatever could still be around. The camera is slowly lowered into the water and the girls stare at the screen. Nothing could be seen no matter which way it was turned. The water was just not clear enough. “Well this was a complete waste of time. At least we can g-” Before Y/N could finish speaking, the camera and the rest of equipment was yanked out of her grasp. The girls jumped back and almost stopped breathing. “Okay, yeah…that right there was some horror movie type shit. We are going home, NOW.”

As they turn to head inside, something slams into the boat and causes them to lose their footing. Y/N ends up slaming her back against the rails while Nat and Wanda are sprawled out at her feet. “What the fuck was that?! I almost broke my spine!” “No idea, but it definitely is not friendly.” Y/N scoffs at Nat’s response as if it wasn’t obvious enough from the beginning. “Lets just get the hell out of here.” Two more slams violently rock the vessel, throwing Y/N right over the edge of the rails. The last things she hears right before hitting the water were the screams of her friends as they try reaching for her and the blood curling screech of whatever was waiting for her below the surface.

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Different Slytherin

She was perfect. No, she wasn’t … She is perfect. The way her ssmile is so bright, the way her perfect hair bounce everytime she moves or the way her laugh is so loud.  She screamed Gryffindor or even Hufflepuff, she screamed fun,love and everything that poets love.

The first time  he saw her it was in the Great Hall, in the line that he knew very well,  she had arrived and everyone was so excited to discover which house she would belong, which house everyone there would belong.

She was one of the lasts. She was there, when almost everyone was sorted, smiling and with her arms crossed. And when her name was called everyone in the room hold their breath and no surprise she just smiled and somehow he knew the she would go to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She is so bright of course she belongs there.

Everyone was paying so much attention. It was impossible not to when she was smiling so big while sitting in this chair where everyone seemed to be so afraid of. It was the big time of everyone life include hers.

When the hat was placed in her head, above her mess of hair, everyone was in silence.

The girl was moving her feet and just smiling while her eyes was looking at everyplace she could.

It passed longs minutes when the hat screamed the name of house she would belong. The house where she would made her friends and maybe even met the lover of her life.

“ SSLYTHERIN” The hat screamed and she smiled again,  cause even if everyone just met her she seemed to be the type of girl who is always smiling.

She jumped out of the chair and walked to the very green table. She sat and then he lost her in the middle of a lot of Slytherin students.

He was not happy with that… She was so beautiful, so shinning and how that kind of girl could belong to a such horrible house. How could that happen?

- Are you okay,  PadFoot? - James asked looking ate his friend that still had his eyes at Slytherin table.

-Yeah, I am okay. Just so surprised that this girl is a Slytherin. -He said shrugging his shoulders.

- And You will never guess. -One boy, the one that was jut sorted like the beautiful girl, said.

-What? -Peter asked curious.

-She is not a pureblood.

-What? -The marauders screamed, even Remus who was quiet before. - That’s impossible. -Sirius completed.

The boy just nodded his head and turned to listen Dumbledore speech and letting all the boys still shocked and a Sirius with wide eyes looking at the girl talking to Severus and Lucius and right after smiling  at the boy besides her, his brother who was sorted a few moments before her.

Some years passed anyway, and the girl still was the girl who always smile, but now it was a little more private. The smile was smaller and her long and black hair now was short and so much more curlier, lot of locks of curls. She was a example to everyone.

The girl that Sirius didn’t know the first name after all this years was polite and always classy, wearing the most perfect clothes and her hair always perfect. She was almost a angel in the middle of lot demons.

- (Y/L/N) did it again. - Peter said sitting next to his friends. - She defended the Hufflepuff’s first year from Malfoy.

- Why the hell she is a Slytherin? - James asked confused. -For the first time I think the Hat made a mistake.

- I think that too. You are here after all. -Remus said rolling his eyes and trying to pay attention to his book and his homework. - Why are you talking about this girl again?  She a Slytherin, get over it. Now can we back to our homework?

-But Moony, she is a angel. How can she be there? -Padfoot whispered

- Lucifer was too. - Remus said smiling. - Look, no one here even know her first name, we just know that maybe she is not that bad but hey, we don’t talk to Slytherin any way, so why we should bother?

Pads just sighted and went back to his book but his mind still was in the different Slytherin. He didint know why but that girl just confused him. She intrigued him so much with her eyes showing a fire but still having the sweatiest smile ever.

The day the Marauders descoverd her name it was a week after, when they was joking around Snape, giving him names that he didint like and laughing so laud that anyone near could listen.

They were having fun when James felt a tap on his shoulders making he stop laughing a little to turn around and face the Slytherin girl wearing a beautiful smile.

- Hello, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. - She said with a big smile and then looking at Snape who was on the air without any pants. -Hey, Severus. - Said waving her hand ate him. -How are you all?

- Good? -James said _ asked _ looking ate his friends confused.

-That’s very good,I was excellent a few minutes ago, if you minded. - She said sighing - But then I saw you all making fun of my very dear friend and that’s not a very polite thing to do,guys.

- And who says we care to being polite? -Peter said laughing and gaining a very sharp look of the girl.

-Well, Lucius told me that you, Gryffindor,  are not very polite but I wanted to believe otherside and now I am just regretting that. -She said looking a little sad. -If you don’t let my friend down I will have to do something that none of you would appreciate.

- And you,a Slytherin,think that you can do something to us? - James asked laughing loud and then looking at his friends. -Did you see that? This little girl think she can harm us.

- (Y/N)! You don’t have to do it. -Snape shouted.

-Its not a problem, Severus. Lucius said that I should practice a little more anyway. -She said with a smiling and then looking at the four boys in front of her.

All the boys lost their doubts about her being Slytherin when they saw the smirk on her lips and her eyes with a fire. None of them could actually tell how all of that could happened but the just blinked and they were hanging in the air, all of them, while Severus was outing his pants besides the girl.

-What the hell do you think are doing? - Sirius shouted looking at the girl who just laughed -Let us down.

- Look, Severus, They don’t think that joke is fun anymore. - (y/n) said taking of their pants. - Do you think I should let them down?

- C'mon, Snivellus, You know we were just kidding with you. - James said.

- I don’t think he will let us down. - Moony said just to his friends listen.

- Let us down now!

- Or what? Would you tell you mom, Sirius? - Snape asked.  - Wait, your mom doesn’t care about you. -He laughed

- Severus. - (Y/N) shouted looking at her friend. - That’s not a thing that you should say! - She told him while throwing the boy’s pants at the lake.

-Why that? Its not like we are their friends anyway. -He shrugged.

- Okay, guys,I think I had enough. - She said letting all the boys falling hard on the flour and walking to them. - And Sirius, you can’t have a mom but that doesn’t mean that you dont have a family. -She said smiling at The black haired boy. -Oh, please, dont meses with me friends anymore or I will do worse than that.

- She is a weirdo . -James said looking at the girl who was walking to the castle with her friend. - Who is nice and a demon at the same time?

- Yeah, a weirdo

What Sirius never told anyone that moment it was that weirdo had, maybe, stole his heart.

A lie >> Suga, You (Drabble)

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Requested by anon. Based on A Lie by B1A4 

“Leave, Y/N. I don’t want to see you again.”

“No. I won’t do that. I don’t want to.” Tears filled your eyes as you looked at him.

It was just a small mistake and Yoongi seemed to be not blessed at all by it. When you went over to visit him in the dorm, he didn’t look happy to see you and suddenly fear crept inside of you. You didn’t want to Yoongi to hate you again. You broke the wall between the two of you, only for you to build it all over again because of a small mistake.

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why i hate the words, "i hope you get better soon"/"i hope youll be healed up soon" as someone with a chronic illness

so, the obvious answer here is that chronically ill means that i wont get better but, theres a lot more to this.

yes, i get that people who say this to chronically ill peeps tend to have good intentions and i know they dont mean to sound ignorant, but the problem is that when they say this, all it proves is that they ARE ignorant, and so are their words, no matter how well intentioned they might be.

i also hate it because it reminds me that im not getting better, and that people dont care enough or generally dont know enough to acknowledge that, so them trying to be comforting, telling me that “itll be okay soon” and “they hope i get better soon” is a lot like giving me a tissue to wipe off spit on my face, but they didnt realize that that tissue is also covered in spit.

like, thanks, the intention is nice and all but it doesnt help and it can make me feel worse. idk if im making sense but honestly im tired of being told that people are just trying to be nice so i should deal with it, like, how about i talk to them and try to make them understand why its not the best thing to say.

i want to tell them that it makes me uncomfortable, that im not sure how to respond because what i was ignorant and frustrating but because they didnt mean to be rude i should just let it be? nah my guy, listen, theres a ton of things you can say that would help, like “im sorry you have to go through that, you shouldnt have to” or “i dont know what to say, but i wish i did” or literally anything else

cause honestly when you say “i hope you get better soon” or “i bet youll be healed in no time”, all youre doing is showing how little you know about my issues and my struggle, because often a part of my struggle is knowing that i wont get better.

During Infinity Wars

“Don’t say it, Tony.”

“Oh I won’t because believe it or not, I’m more mature that that.”


“But of course, maturity isn’t something that this group is used to so I TOLD YOU SO.” 

He told all their asses and he ignored them so let him be bitter and spiteful.


Mall? Nope not there again!

You were waiting for Jaehyun your BF to pick you up from your shared apartment to take you to the mall so you can help him shop for a new watch because apparently he wanted oneㅋㅋㅋㅋ but after that he said he would take you to a fancy hotel to eat dinner, so you decided to dress to the occasion. A minute or so later a red BMW honked signaling for you to come. It was Jaehyun and he looked as handsome as ever. He was wearing all black and his hair looked messy since he just came back from practice yet he looked very hotㅋㅋ

“Welcome my lady” greeted Jae as he opened the car door for you. “Thanks Jae” you smiled and he felt his stomach explode. He was mesmerized at your outfit. It was a baby blue mini dress that was flowy at the bottom and laced at the top and wrapped around your neck gracefully. Your hair was straightened and put in a simple yet beautiful side braid. Jaehyun fell in love all over again. You noticed him staring and blushed a deep shade of red. Even though you were dating for almost a year you couldn’t help but blush everytime he does something. He was so handsome you were so lucky to have him and he thought the same about you. However you could never stop thinking that he will one day realize that so many girls are prettier than you and leave you for one of them. You loved him so much you were afraid you weren’t good enough for him. On the other hand Jaehyun always thought “How did I get such a perfect girl?” and he would always doubt himself for not being the best man he could be for you. He too didn’t want to lose you.

Once you arrived to the mall after the silent car ride he opened the door for you and held your hand as you entered and your stomach had fireworks inside once he did that and so did his. As you walked towards the shop Jaehyun was going to you couldn’t help but over hear conversations of girls talking. They were saying awful things about you like “She is so ugly how can Jaehyun oppa like her” or “Eww she is so much darker than us how can he like her?” or “she isn’t even korean why would he like such an ugly dog” and you couldn’t help but frown at what they are saying. You doubted yourself. Is that really how I am? Is that how Jaehyun views me as? Thoughts swam in your head, Jaehyun noticed your change in mood and he knew it was because of what they were saying. He didnt know why you got upset since non of what they said was true to him. Not even a single bit. He heard some guys saying “Wow she’s so hot” and that’s what he believed however he didn’t like that they were saying that since clearly he was your boyfriend and they should have some respect. He looked at you with sad eyes and asked “Heyy whats wrong jagi?” And kissed your forehead, you were embarrassed at the sudden action and also because you heard people say “Ewww why would he kiss her, oppa might get sick now” and you felt so little at that. Jaehyun tried to ignore them but once they said “I hope she dies” he blew.

“LISTEN UP! ALL OF YOU BASHING MY GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS 100% PRETTIER THAN YOU. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS AND YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS, SO PLEASE STOP ANNOYING HER AND INSULTING HER BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK BAD. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE INSULT I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” You were so shocked at what he said. A huge smile grew on your face. You wanted to hug him so bad but he quickly pulled you to the exit door, but before you got out he stopped and yelled “AND YES GUY IN A BLUE SHIRT. SHE IS HOT BUT SHE IS MINE SO STOP LOOKING AT HER. ONLY I CAN”. You blushed so hard at what he said. He pulled you into the car and drove away from the mall at speed of lighting. You got scared so you clutched your seatbelt like your life depends on it. Jaehyun noticed your action and slowed the car down “Sorry” he mumbled. “Why are you sorry Jae?” You asked confused. “Because I probably embarrassed you in the mall” he looked down as he stopped the car infront of your apartment. You looked at him with sincere eyes and said “You are never an embarrassment. In fact you are the light of my life! You made me so happy by saying those things I wanted to kiss you on the spot! And why are you wearing all black don’t you know you look so hot in that!! And stop making me die with all those cute things you do!!!” You were panting. You suddenly realized what you said and turned so red you were almost as red as jimin’s hair in dope. Jaehyun tried not to laugh at your cuteness. He was melting at what you said. He felt so loved and lucky to have you as his girlfriend. While you kept your head down you felt hands on your chin lifting your head up. He faced you and gazed into your eyes so intently and slowly leaned in and kissed your cheek. You were so flustered yet disappointed. You wanted him to kiss your lips. You looked up at him and out of no where his lips touched yours. It was a simple kiss yet you felt as if you just won the lottery. *sings exo lotto* He pulled away and whispered to your ears “I love you” and he sounded so 🔥🔥 you melted on the spot.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you. You pressed on the elevator button waiting for it to arrive. Silence filled the area. Jae knew you felt shy so he decided to tell you “Do you want to watch a movie when we get up?” And you shyly nodded. He resisted the temptation to kiss you on the spot because the elevator had just arrived “Ladies first *remembers lay* Or should I say Princesses first” and he sent you a wink. The elevator closed behind you and as you waited for it to arrive Jaehyun suddenly panicked “OMG OUR DINNER!” You started to giggle “It’s okay Jae! Watching the movie while eating popcorn is more than enough for me” he smiled “Omo my jagi is so cute! And call me oppa okay!?” You giggled once more. The elevator arrived and you opened the door of your apartment “Oppa let’s wear matching pjs!!” You squealed. “Okay jagi!!!” He yelled with even more excitement. You got into your couple pjs and sat on the couch waiting for your adorable boyfriend. He came out with wet hair and you laughed at him. “You look so cute oppa! Come let me dry your hair” you took a towel and started to dry his hair while standing infront of him since he was so tall (He was sitting on the couch) once you were done he kissed your nose and said “Okay let’s watch the movie now” you cuddled with Jaehyun and before you knew it you were fast asleep in his embrace. He picked you up bridal style and put you on the bed as he gave you a light kiss on the lips and whispered “Goodnight my beautiful jagi” he layed next to you stroking you hair until he too fell asleep🌘

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Uhh so... I have a problem and I don't know who I should speak to about it. My girlfriend keeps doing things I don't want her to do like smacking me across my head, slapping my cheeks, pushing me, tugging my hair etc. (all of them for nothing). I've told her to stop but she's not listening. What should I do with it avoiding coming out 'not manly'?

There is nothing ‘not manly’ about this, it’s straight up abuse, no matter what gender you are.
Your girlfriend is a total bitch who is most likely using her gender against you to be on top of the relationship.
It’s controlling, it’s manipulative, and it’s straight up wrong.

What’s even worse is that if you try to defend yourself or fight back, you will be labeled as the bad guy and the ‘sexist abuser, while she comes off as the poor victim that every woman should protect and stand up for.

So just leave her.
She clearly doesn’t love you and is only using you at this point, while knowing she can get away with anything she does to you simply because you’re a man, and she’s a woman.
Reasoning doesn’t work with people like her, so ‘talking’ about it will only make her more mad.
you need to put your foot down and show her that she has no upper hand any more, her abuse and obsession for control has only led her to losing her control over you.
That’s one thing that ever abuser fears, losing control, and it’s time she lost it completely.

If you’re scared she might get violent, do it over the phone or have a couple of friends with you. So if she does lash out physically, you will have witnesses and you can take her ass to court if she does damage to you.
if she begs/cries/pleads you to not leave, DO. NOT. LISTEN.
Another thing about an abuser is that they’ll tell you what you want you to hear to make you stay, hoping to still have some kind of control over you.
Don’t fall for this, take your things, and leave.
If she’s living with you, do what you need to do to have her moved out from any lease, or her belongings when she’s not around.
Let her know you’re putting your foot down and she’s not welcome in your home anymore.
If she tried to break in or refuses to leave, call the police and have her escorted off your property.

You deserve way better, and there are much worse things in this world to be worried about than appearing ‘manly’.
It’s called your self worth and she’s ripping it apart to build herself up.