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There’s something that new k-pop fans might not understand about the older generations of idols. Many people like to criticize Super Junior for their past actions, seeing them only as variety idols without any musical value. Some might wonder how they have lasted for so long, thinking that they aren’t even popular anymore, that they are overrated, etc.
It’s a well known fact that one of the secrets to Suju’s successful career is because they treat everyone around them with respect. Numerous hoobaes and sunbaes have said the same thing over & over again : you might not see them as popular or relevant now, but their popularity and impact were grandiose, more than you could ever imagine. SJ has so many connections in the industry, going from actors/singers, to MCs/producers. They spent a decade trying to tie countless of relations here and there, finding many opportunities to spread their talents. What they do might not interest you, but they are really what you call a well-rounded group. There is not one single member who is useless or isn’t talented.

You want a good producer? You have Shindong. Great MCs? Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun are doing well. Radio DJs? Ryeowook and Shindong are comfortable doing that. One of the best vocal line, if not the best in kpop? Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung are here to please your ears. Zhou Mi is super great as well. Kangin & Shindong went on Masked Singers (Still waiting for Heechul to make an appearance). Actors? Yesung, Siwon and Heechul are pretty confident in this field. Dancers and choreographers? Of course we can’t not mention Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong. Composers? Not only Donghae is a genius, but a few of them have proven to be talented as well (Did you listen to Don’t Leave Me? If not, you should, and thank Siwon later; also can we talk about Henry? That guy never cease to impress me). Musical actors? Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun excel in musicals. And those are just a small part of what each member can do. On top of that, members can play instruments, have a great variety sense, are hilarious, are a genuine and caring group of people, are hard workers, and most importantly : all of them can actually sing, contrary to popular belief. Their voices mixed together blend perfectly and they have a unique sound. Even their sub-units will impress you. Give their discography a listen, because they have proven themselves so many times already. You will not be disappointed.

The thing is that it seems like everyone who’s working in this industry knows how talented Super Junior is and how difficult it was for them to be where they are today, yet the public chooses to ignore this side of the group. They’re veterans in the industry that should be respected. I mean, their name was supposed to be SM Junior when they debuted, but they changed it to “Super” because the members themselves said : 
We have to become first at what we do best, so that when members gather, we’ll be the top of the top. That’s why we are Super Junior.” 

my opinions on the instruments since you guys are asking (reblog and add yours!!1!)

french horn: honestly so pure. i always think of Dvorak’s 9th when i hear them and u g h y e a s

tuba: my bias here should be obvious

euphonium / baritone: honestly they’re so pretty and cute and nice to listen to. basically improved versions of tubas (sorry @me)

flute: pretty but anyone who can play them is clearly dabbling in dark magic

mellophone: i haven’t met one but i really like their sound. its so nice and… not to be redundant but mellow

trumpet: tbh i could listen to trumpets all day. even beginning players sound amazing to me

trombone: i always listen to the trombones when i’m confused on my part, so they’re sort of my anchor. thanks frens 

piccolo: similar to flutes but the notes are even prettier and the players are using even more dark magic

saxophone: honestly saxophones=awesome jazz to me, and i love jazz, so 

clarinet: they sound like the ethereal wood fairy version of flutes (im not sure why i think this). there’s a really good clarinet player at our school so i always think of their solos when clarinets get brought up

oboe: like clarinets but more flute and less wood fairy

bassoon: oboes but stronger

percussion: thank you kind friends for keeping the beat when i am too lazy to count

piano: probably the very purest musical insturment

viola: like with french horns i always think of Dvorak and how awesome y'all’s parts are in his stuff

violin: amazing but also definitely dark magic

cello: i live to listen to cello solos. (also just Dvorak in general, but the two are intertwined)

bass: you’re the string version of me. i respect you


How Do You Transformers Anatomy: A Guide By A Fan

Also titled “Grey’s Anatomy Transformers Style”

OKAY SO I HEAR A LOT OF PEOPLE GET CONFUSED ABOUT ALL THESE WORDS AND TERMS FOR TRANSFORMERS (because we, as a fandom, like to use fancy words for our robots, we have literally reached subculture status guys we have our own dialect congratulations) AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO USE FOR WHAT SO BECAUSE I TOO SUFFER I WILL HELP YOU



  • Been here since I was 12
  • Fanfic writer
  • I’m smart
  • “I was here before TF was cool” hipster status
  • Transformers consumed my life


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anonymous asked:

Hey, I just stumbled upon your meta posts and I love all your thoughts and analyses! I was wondering, though: in season 3 especially, Keith really does seem to make a lot of poor leadership choices, and the writers almost seem to go out of their ways to highlight his bad judgement. But looking back after reading your posts, I feel like I might've been biased, so I was wondering if you could elaborate. What moments (particularly in season 3) convinced you that Keith has leadership potential?

It’s not season 3 that convinced me of that haha. It was mostly what I saw in season 1 and 2. But season 3 really didn’t change my mind.

Even tho at the beginning of the season Keith is a terrible leader.

And I complained non stop about Keith’s extreme reaction and odd decisions even before I saw the first two episodes, just after hearing the sdcc spoilers haha. But now after watching season 3 I understand why it had to be like that and how it all fits. No complains.

And what I feel they are trying to shows you, is not his bad leadership skills, but just his love for Shiro.

Like they weren’t kiddin when they said Shiro was the only thing that could calm him down and keep him in check haha

And I really didn’t expect Keith to fall apart like that, it seemed really out of character for him, just from what I’ve seen in Keith in seasons 1 and 2, I expected him to hurt but to step up and take command just like Shiro wanted him to.

Because he kinda always did that before… Like watch how fast he is to take control of a situation when Shiro is out of commission or a bit lost or away or even in actual danger.

Keith knows what he’s doing and he’s good at giving instructions even and knows how to command a team and knows when to hold back (Don’t forget he was the one against going to save Allura because he knew it was too risky).

And then Shiro is gone, and suddenly all that is out of the window, suddenly it’s What team? What mission? Shiro is the only thing that matters.

And I didn’t like that because of how it made Keith’s character be all about Shiro, but now that they’ve drawn this parallel between him and Zarkon (with how he betrayed everyone and basically screwed the universe for the person he loved) I’m totally fine with it because I see it’s actually going somewhere.

And “Shiro or the universe”, is something I saw them going for already, just didn’t expect them to put so much focus on it and so early on.

Now ok, this is how I explain Keith’s shaky start as team leader there:

He doesn’t want to do this. 

That’s basically it.

You kno like when someone asks you to wash the dishes, so you wash em badly, so that they won’t ask you to do that again haha.

I’m not saying he didn’t struggle a bit with the new lion and the new position 

(although I dun remember him having any problems with the different controls when he was saving Shiro in “Across the Universe”, but because it was a quick deal I’ll leave him the benefit of a doubt..)

He’s just not really into it.

And at first I was like, he wouldn’t go that far as actually putting his teammates in danger over this, right?

But then with how emotional he’s been acting in the first two episodes all “SCREW EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE, SHIRO IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS TO ME”, I dunno if I should put it out of the equation…

Basically what I feel he’s doing in the first 3 episodes is being “Oh no look what I did!! I acted like a crazy impulsive loner and messed things up, maybe we need Shiro after all…hmm I guess we should just keep looking for him.”

And I’m saying it because of this:

Here Allura says

For Keith it seems like it’s true when it comes to Allura (as he had no problem leaving her behind in season 1) but apparently not when it comes to Shiro haha.

And Keith agrees with her there.

But look what he does on that Gas planet, Allura takes a hit and he leaves Allura behind and Lance has to yell at him to stop.

And then Allura apologizes and then Lance is like:

“We’re a team. We stick together. Isn’t that right, Keith?” 

And Keith goes:

“It’s not about the team.

We have a mission that’s more important than any one of us.

We need to find Lotor and stop him, and I plan on doing that right now.”

So I feel like in a way he just goes “Oh yeah Allura? It’s bigger than any one person? So I guess I’m just gonna leave you behind for this mission, actually I have no problem leaving any of you behind JUST LIKE YOU’RE LEAVING SHIRO BEHIND”

I think he’s kinda being passive aggressive about them forcing him to pilot the black lion haha.

Also I think he just wants to get rid of Lotor so fast not because he really wants to put an end to the Galra empire thing, because well, he didn’t care about that just awhile ago, but because he’s in the way of them looking for Shiro.

Seriously, listen to him in this scene, he sounds so fake here…

”This is all my fault. I followed him right into this trap. Everyone warned me, but I didn’t listen. I put the entire team in jeopardy.”

And Lance is just: “Yeah, you kinda did. But now we gotta fix it.”

Like yeah sure Keith, I bet he knew it was a trap from the start. (but also that it was nothing that he couldn’t get them out of easily if he wanted to)

So I think Keith tried to convince them he sucks but then he realized it’s not working and they still want him to lead, so he finally takes this seriously.

And it think you can immediately see the switch in his attitude. They form Voltron right away. He knows exactly what to do. He even says “No, we need to wait and not fight Lotor”

That seems like too fast of a character growth haha

Like what, Lance tells him one line? And suddenly he’s a good leader?

I don’t think so. I think he was just faking it so they won’t give up on Shiro.

Also notice that from that point on he doesn’t make any more stupid mistakes.

Like here, who was the one who said “Hey guys… it’s a trap!”

“Hey, Allura, maybe you should not help these guys get that rock”

And guess who didn’t listen and fucked everything up???

And then Shiro, mr “I really need to feel valuable and appreciated rn” comes back and is making stink faces at Keith for taking his position as leader (even though he totally gave it to him before) just cause he can’t face the thought of him being useless.

And again, no one listens to Keith! Even though he’s right!

Keith realizes that Lotor is probably smarter than all of them, but at this point he might not be stronger.

And they already messed up like 2 times with him and gave him an advantage.

Keith knows that if they give Lotor time to think and plan, he will most likely have the upper hand soon.

So yeah, they had to go for him at that very second, because at that point they have a ship with a teleduv and Voltron, Lotor just has some scaultrite and a ship with an inexperienced pilot in it. They had a good chance taking him down at that moment.

And yeah, I think they could have taken down the meteor ship and also got the cargo, but if they had to chose then taking down the ship would be the better choice, because it’s the more dangerous thing to let Lotor have.

Shiro is…. I dunno what he’s thinking.. But he’s obviously wrong and Allura is all “Shiro is right! Yay Shiro you perfect leader you!”

( For Allura’s defense tho Keith kinda left her to die twice already, so I understand why she has a bias for Shiro haha)

But yeah, they screwed up big time there by not listening to Keith.

And like Keith and Shiro are so different in their leading style, and they are kinda set up to complete eachother eventually.

Shiro is very team focused, and he usually strives to avoid conflict and is incredibly soft and I’d say even passive.

And as someone who thinks like Keith most of the time, it’s annoying me till no end haha. But I know the power of his way of leadership, and I know that it’s needed sometimes. So I’m not looking down on that.

Keith is the opposite of that!

Keith’s mind is “progress progress progress now now now” he sees an opportunity and he takes it, like they just learned about Lotor’s existence and Keith already has a tracker on him and is on the way to beat him up haha.

He thinks and operates so fast.

Shiro likes playing it safe. (and slow)

I kinda spoken about this before already, how Shiro is trying to survive and Keith is trying to win. And they need to balance it out or it won’t work.

Which is what’s going to happen in season 4.

Because we see Shiro being all “Our top priority is the coalition!” which is not a bad idea at all. Just not at that time.

And Keith’s like “Nooo we need to get Lotor he’s gonna fuck us all up if we don’t go after him now!!”

And guess who’s right, and guess who’s finally gonna run out of luck (hopefully) and suffer the consequences of their poor decision making?

I’m Yours (Jason Todd x Reader x Dick Grayson)

Requested: NOPE.

A/N: I’ve been having mixed feelings for both Jason and Dick lately and all I could think about is taking them both….at the same time, so here I am sharing my fantasy with you freaky hoes. You guys should really listen to sexy music while reading this, it helps A LOT! I LOVED WRITING EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS BTW!!!!


Words: 2,965

TAGS: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @insideoflit @jxsontxdds @annoyingtacoart  




The morning light streamed through half-closed blinds. The pounding migraine in your head made you groan loudly. You shifted your naked body under a soft blanket. You turned your head, laying your cheek against a pillow and opened your eyes slightly. You saw Dick’s back, peacefully rising and falling. He was laying on his stomach, his head turned towards the wall, with one arm flung over your waist.

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moving in with calum would be like...
  • it would have been brought up in one of the late night cuddles, right after he got off from a long tour, and it would be as if it was a joke but calum would have taken it super serious
    • i bet he would have looked up close by apartments when you fall asleep 
  • and he would bring it up again the next day and i bet he would be super excited bc he wants to take the next step with you and he now can’t imagine not being with you 24/7 
  • soon the two of you would be looking around at places and you finally find one that both of you think is perfect and i bet walking through it calum would be pointing out places to put your own furniture 
    • “babe that corner would be perfect for the dog bed” “cal, we don’t have a dog” “but we could!”
    • “y’know, we could probably fit a king size bed in here” “i just like the way you’re thinking, hood” 
  • putting a bid on the apartment and calum wanting to go all out and bidding over just to make sure you get the apartment
  • you making sure he doesn’t 
  • ending up getting the apartment and calum can’t stop smiling all day
    • (imagine all those calum smiles ugh)
    • plus congratulatory sex  
  • touring through the apartment and trying to find colour matches and floor samples 
    • i bet calum is good on some things like paint matches but then he would bring up the option having carpet in one room and he would be taken off of the controls 
  • goodbye sex in every room of both of your old apartments 
    • because “babe we have to leave a mark”
  • calum saying he should be the one to put in the hardwood floors because hes a manly man and him and the boys can do it but you very much disagree 
    • somehow the weekend that the floors go in he’s away but you have no idea how that could have happened right? 
  • starting to paint the apartment and SHIRTLESS calum painting your living room 
    • “you know babe you don’t have to stare you can see this whenever” 
  • somehow paint getting in calums hair and you having to spend all night trying to get it out 
    • “this is why i told you not to goof off with the paint brush” “i was trying to flick paint and YOU not at myself!!!”
  • him not listening to you and wearing the jeans that he likes not old clothes
    • him ending up getting paint on his jeans and complaining about it the rest of the week 
  • getting all the boys to help carry in your furniture and all putting in their opinions on where everything should go 
    • “michael we are not putting a mini fridge beside the couches so you don’t have to get up to get beer” 
  • calum wanting to christen the whole house even though the boys are still here 
    • “cal not now” “if i get them to leave, can we” “… sure” “guys get the fuck out”
    • michael never letting you guys live that down
  • calum wanting to leave the spare room empty and you not getting why
  • “but then where would the baby sleep”
    • “CALUM i am not pregnant we do not need to keep the spare room empty for that my god” 
  • “I’m so happy were here”
    • “calum of course we’re here its our apartment”
    • “don’t give me sass i’m trying to be romantic”
  • coming home from work one day to find all of the boys sitting in your living room, beer bottles and chip bags lying around, luke with a mouth full of food “welcome home” 
    • calum smiling sheepishly on the couch “the boys are coming over” 

didn’t really proof read so may be ugly but hope you enjoy 


How can you work there? That guy said it himself, they’re just liars. I know. They are. But, I’m not sure that he knew what he was saying. Oh, you sound just like them. Have some moral fiber and leave their asses. Their practices are well documented and it’s all despicable. Listen, this isn’t my business, but don’t drink their Kool-Aid. Look, I just needed a job. What kind of an excuse is that? You don’t understand. You should hear yourself–

you know what you all should read?

the love interest by cale dietrich


the summary’s all like “the girl must choose one guy and the one she doesn’t choose will die, but they start getting feelings outside of training that could kill them both” and that sounds like tHE MOST HETERO NONSENSE BUT IT’S GAY AND AMAZING

plus. it is. a SPY book. 

listen. i love genre lgbt ya fiction. AND THIS IS QUALITY

I Love You - Montgomery x Reader One Shot

One of the main advantages of baseball games being played usually on Friday was possibility of throwing the party right after it – not matter if Liberty High’s team wins or loses. This time wasn’t different. Bryce wasn’t playing that game because of the injury, so party started before most of the baseball team even arrived at his home.

When Montgomery got there his girlfriend Y/N had been there already for over an hour and was after a few drinks.

“Hey, babe”, he came up to her, put his arm around her waist and leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Hey”, she smiled at him. “Mister Jack Daniels was keeping me a company while I was waiting for you”, Y/N pointed at red cup in her hand.

“AND THEEERE HE IS, THE MAN OF THE GAME”, before Monty could even answer, Bryce and other jock came up to them, put their arms around his shoulders and took him from Y/N.

“It’s okay, go”, she smiled when Monty looked at her with apologizing look in his eyes.

Y/N was used to it. Even though Bryce was the captain, Montgomery and Jeff were real stars of the team and after each game there was bunch of people who wanted to talk to both of them and congratulate them, so she was always standing in the back, waiting for Monty, which didn’t really bothered her. She didn’t like being in the spotlight, it was Monty’s thing.

Monty on the other hand didn’t really care about talking to all those people. He liked attention – sure, it has always been that way, but something has changed it him since he started dating Y/N. He much preferred spending time with her, whether on party or in his bedroom binge watching Netflix than talking to jocks and all cheerleaders who only wished to be in Y/N’s place.  

Time passed, he was just finishing his beer pong round when he, and many other people, heard hiccup. Very loud hiccup. He turned around to see it was coming from Y/N who was talking to Sheri.

“Do this last one for me, I got something to do”, he handed the ball to Zach and went towards Y/N.

“Come on, you could use some water, huh?”, he asked her and took red cup out of her hand. “Thanks for keeping an eye on her, Sheri”.

“It’s okay, Monty”, girl smiled and went to watch new beer pong round.

Y/N could barely even stood on her own feet, not even mentioning walking. Monty went with her to the living room, where he made her sit on the couch.

“I’ll be back in a second”, he rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. “Here, drink it”, he opened it and made Y/N make a sip.

“There’s no alcohol in it”, she said clearly unimpressed.

“Cause you definitely don’t need more”, Monty laughed.

Y/N’s phone buzzed in his pocket – which was place where it always was during the parties.

“Shit”, he said as he saw who was calling. “Wait here”.

He quickly rushed to first empty room and picked up the phone.

“Hi, Mrs Y/L/N, it’s Montgomery”.

“Hi, Monty. Is there Y/N anywhere near you?”, Y/N’s mum asked.

“She’s in bathroom. With Sheri”, he lied quickly as Y/N definitely wasn’t in condition that allowed her to talk to her mum.

“And which of them had to get to the bathroom?”.

“Sheri. Some guy drama and all that stuff”.

“I see”, Y/N’s mum laughed. “Listen, I just wanted to ask if Y/N is staying at your place after party or is coming home. She left her keys, so I don’t know if I should keep the doors opened for  night”.

“She can stay at my place. I mean… It’s safer. And you don’t have to sleep with door unlocked”, Monty said.

“Yeah, right”, she chuckled. “Okay, have fun kids, just please, don’t make little Montys, okay?”

“Okay, Mrs. Y/L/N”, Monty smiled.

As much as he was a little afraid of Y/N’s dad, he felt like her mum really liked him and he was really hoping that she was able to realize even a little bit of how important her daughter was for him.

He ended the call and left the room. Y/N was sitting on the couch, red cup was back in her hand.

“Baaabeee”, he moaned as he kneeled in front of her. “You really had enough”, he took a cup from her.

“Babe?”, she looked at him confused. “What else do you think you can call me?”

“Honestly, I can call you whatever I want”, he left quick kiss on her lips.

“Oooo, boy, you’re in trouble”, she slowly shook her head.

“Why?”, now he was confused.

“If my boyfriend see this, he’ll kick your ass”, she whispered into his ear.

Monty bit his lip trying not to laugh.

God, she’s so wasted, he thought.

“So I probably shouldn’t do that?”, he asked putting some hair from her face behind her ear.

“Dude, seriously”, she said with serious face. “Don’t even try your pick up lines or anything, because one - Monty will kick your ass, two - I love him so much, that…”

“You love him?”, Monty interrupted her.

They’ve been a couple for some time by now but neither of them had said three magic words again yet. Until now.

“Duh, yeah”, she rolled her eyes. “I mean, he still can be a dick to everyone except me but for me he’s the best boyfriend I could ask for”, she was talking slower and slower and put het forehead on Monty’s shoulder.

“You wanna go home?”, he asked. “With Monty of course”.

Y/N nodded her head.

“Wait here”.

Y/N made herself comfortable on the couch while Montgomery went to asked Jeff to give them a ride home.
Y/N woke up feeling like shit. Headache was killing her and she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. She remembered, barely, she black out last night, pretty early, and assumed Monty was probably pissed about that. She slowly pened one eye and saw she was in her boyfriend’s room.

“Monty?”, she mumbled.

No response so he wasn’t in the room. She closed her eye again praying for headache to stop. Few minutes later she opened the eye again when she heard door opening.

“Look who woke up”, Monty smiled. “Good morning, princess”, he sat on bed next to her and handed her a huge cup of water with aspirin.

“Hi”,  she smiled weakly and drank everything at once almost.

Monty took her spare hand, tangled his fingers with hers while looking at her with puppy eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me or something?”, she asked.

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because I got wasted last night, black out and you couldn’t enojy the party because you had to take care of me?”, she said stroking his hand with her thumb.

“Jesus, you’re so silly”, he laughed and hide his face in the crook of her neck.

“Should I thank you or what?”, Y/N asked confused.

“If I had to choose between you and taking care of you versus anything else, I’d always choose you. you know that?”. he looked up at her with dreamy eyes. 

“Monty, did I say or do something yesterday that I don’t remember because you’re acting really weird”.

“I just…”, Montgomery took a deep breath. “I love you, Y/N”.

In a second Y/N felt millions of butterflies in her stomach and huge smile showed up on her face. It was the first time Monty confessed his feelings for her and she couldn’t be any happier. 

“I love you too”, she smiled at him.

“Yeah, I know”, he shrugged with a smile.

“Oh really?”, she chuckled.

“You said that last night”.

“What?”, she sat on the bed. 

She was mad at herself for telling it first and not even remembering it. 

“Yesterday, you told me I shouldn’t flirt with you because you have a boyfriend and he’ll kick my ass and that you love him”, Monty said bringing her closer to himself.

“Ugh, I’m so mad!”, Y/N covered her face with blanket. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that… And I wanted to remember that”, she said angrily.

“Hey, babe”, Monty uncovered her head. “Don’t you think the only thing that matters now is that we both finally grow some ball and spilled it out?”

“You’re right, yeah”, she smiled and started playing with his hair. “Now say it again”

“What?”, Monty acted surprised.

“You know what”.

“No I don’t”.

“Monty”, she punched his arm. 

“Are you trying to hurt me with this funny, small fist?”, he grabbed her hand, unfist it and tangled his fingers with hers. “I love you”, he said looking her in the eyes. 

“And I love you”, she nestled into him while he put his arms around her.

Okay, this is shit, I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time x 

SNK 93 in a nutshell
  • The setting: We are now in Marley, 4 years after the battle for Shiganshina. After losing the colossal titan to Armin, the Marley military weakened, causing a rival to start a war. They just won that war.
  • Reiner: He's about 21 now. Big bro figure to the younger warriors. Remorseful.
  • Zeke: Important warrior, respected by Eldians and Marley alike. Royal blood.
  • Magath: The Marley commander in charge of Eldian Warriors. Rough and pragmatic, but not a horrible person.
  • Galliard: Current holder of Ymir's titan (Oh yeah, Ymir got eaten). Medium-High key bitter towards Reiner for letting his brother, Marcel, die.
  • Peak: The Mule Titan holder. A cute girl. *SHOCK AND AWE* She seems pretty chill.
  • The Warrior Cadets (all about 14):
  • Gabi: Excitable, proud, and capable. Loves Reiner a lot, unclear if it's hero worship or if she's pulling an Asuka and wants his ARMORED DICK.
  • Falco: The Shinji Ikari in this Asuka-Shinji-Kaji analogy. Doesn't want to be a warrior, disillusioned. Very selfless, but pretty sarcastic. Probably likes Gabi.
  • Udo: Paranoid, loud, speaks his mind, and kicks shit when he's mad.
  • Sophia: Little shit, deadpan, may or may not be best girl.
  • Marley Admiral: So basically what you're saying is that we won, but at the cost of revealing to the whole world that the Titans are totally beatable with modern military technology.
  • Magath: Not to mention, we're in some serious shit since we colonized all those foreign people thinking the titan's power was enough to keep them in check. So we've got more shitstorms approaching than we can count on your two hands.
  • Zeke: Guys, I think we should invade the walls and try to get our titans back.
  • Admiral: Were you listening to anything anyone said in the past 5 minutes?
  • Zeke: Yes, and that's why we need to get the titans as soon as possible while they'll still serve as some minor deterrent. That way we can build up our military.
  • -------------------
  • Colt: Wow Zeke, you sure are cool, talking to Marley officers without bowing towards them the mandatory 9 times.
  • Zeke: Eh.
  • Colt: You're also the coolest titan ever. For some reason, when you inject someone with your titan's spinal fluid, you can turn them into titans and then control them when you want. Why can you do that? It's not like you have ryal blood.
  • Zeke: Heh Heh, yeah, totally. By the way, wanna hear a secret.
  • Colt: What?
  • Zeke, noticing Magath approaching: I can use my titan's long-ass arms to wipe my titan's hairy-ass ass.
  • Magath: Please, don't mind me. Continue talking about your titan's ass.
  • Zeke: Oh nevermind, let's exposition the audience some more.
  • Magath: Sounds good.
  • Zeke: All our ships we sent to the walls vanished, presumably destroyed by their titans. Not to mention, they have the Ackermen(TM) who were genetically engineered using Titan Science(TM) to kick my ass and haunt my dreams.
  • ------------------
  • Reiner, having dreams about almost dying twice: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
  • Galliard: Sup bitch, I saw you having a nightmare so I decided not to wake you.
  • Galliard: By the way, fuck you for letting my brother (Marcel) die by being eaten by Ymir. Well, at least I got to eat Ymir and get his power back.
  • Audience: OH GOD MY SHIP IS DEAD.
  • Peak: Hey guys, I'm the cart titan and also a cute girl.
  • Audience: .........go on.
  • ------------------------------
  • Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Sophia hanging by the ocean:
  • Reiner: Heya, kiddos!
  • Reiner: Sure did, kiddo! *Pats head*
  • Sophia and Udo: Oh hey it's Reiner! *Head over to Reiner*
  • Reiner: *Pats heads*
  • Reiner: Hi, Falco!
  • Falco: ....Hello.
  • Reiner: *Sneaks head pat onto Falco*
  • Falco: Reiner should be in bed.
  • Gabi: Falco, you can Falgo fuck yourself.
  • Reiner: *Urge to protect these adorable children intensifies*
  • ----------------------------
  • On a train heading back to their internment camp:
  • General: Magath, shut them up.
  • Magath: Oh, let them have their fun.
  • Reiner: So Gabi's probably going to inherit my Titan.
  • Falco: Yeah, and then she won't live a day past 27, if that.
  • Reiner: Are you talking shit about inheriting one of the 9 titans? You know they can punish you for that.
  • Falco: No, I, uh, Inheriting the titans sound great!
  • Reiner: Then do you want to? Do you want to inherit it in her place?
  • Falco: *Thinks about how Gabi will die if she inherits it*
  • Falco: Yes, I want to inherit it instead.
  • Reiner: Then become a better warrior than Gabi. Please, you have to, if you want to save her from the hell I went through.
Monsta X reaction to I.M and his gf having a fight over his jealousy.

mawwtothepotato said:Can you make a reaction with I.M fight with him because he was jealous and he is really sorry so he wants you back?

~Since I already contacted you and cleared up the understanding of your request. REVISED COPY OF REQUEST-Monsta X Reaction to I.M and his gf going at it, because of his jealousy. I DID NOT INCLUDE I.M, SINCE IT WAS HIS FIGHT THEY WERE REACTING TO.


Shownu: Kinda doesn’t want to be here, since the two are going at it. It’s get real awkward since I.M is bringing up Y/N having male friends….and he’s one of her closes ones.

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho: He feel like he should say something, to clear up the misunderstanding. But he doesn’t wanna make things worse. But! he sure doesn’t wanna ruin his relationship with I.M or ruin I.M relationship with Y/N, all because he was being so friendly to Y/N.

Originally posted by sukiiieee

Minhyuk: *Casually listening to argument* Y/N: “Why are you so angry, what is your problem, seriously?” I.M: “YOU AND HIM, ARE ALWAYS HANGING OUT” Him: *In his head* Oooh shit! who is him? Y/N: “Who!” I.M: “MINHYUK” Him: *GIF*

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun: *Light turns on* I.M: “Yeah dude can I sleep here tonight, Y/N kicked me out for the night…”

Originally posted by yookihyun

Hyungwon: He sits there listening to them like he’s a couple therapist. Only information he has is, that they’re having some problems because of I.M’s jealousy. I.M: “My jealousy is not that bad, your over exaggerating.” Y/N: “REALLY, I asked a male worker for a help and you got upset!” Him: *GIF* I.M: “You could’ve of asked me.” Y/N: “When the hell did you start stacking shelves at Walmart?”

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Jooheon: “Guys were outside, maybe we should-” Them: “SHUTUP” Him: “….I was just-” Them: “ SHUT..UP!” Him: *Stays quiet* Y/N: “Will you quit being so rude” Him: *GIF* “What the….yo all I’m doing is breathing” 

Originally posted by chiqkihyun


Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby

Contains: Expect a lot of excited omegaverse fluff because….Yuri’s expecting!

In a sequel to this audio, Yuri wasn’t doing so well the past few days. He was always sick and he wasn’t acting like himself and it was worrying Otabek to bits. So, Yuri finally goes to the doctor to get a blood test, and he ends up going home to his alpha with some exciting news.

A/N: I have so many prerecorded audios you guys you all have no idea. Expect them sprinkled in throughout the next couple weeks! I won’t be too frequent since Lily’s coming back today and I go to New York from the 20-29th, so there’s that. But once all that craziness settles down, I should be getting back on a regular schedule. Thank you for your patience and thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy!

This audio is a commission from @kymbawee, if you wish to purchase a commission, please click the link below!


Friendly reminder that trans folks are valid. They deserve nothing less than the utmost respect from within the LGBTQ+ community and outside of it from those who are cis and/or het. They should be loved, protected, supported, and appreciated for the stellar human beings they are. 

Regardless of what some bloated pig who managed to swindle his way into office says or does, trans people are not a burden. They are no less valid than someone who is cis and anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong. We here @ the McHanzo blog ain’t here for this transphobic bullshit and we wanted to offer moral/emotional support to those who might need it.

It’s important to be a good ally to the trans community and offer support however you can – and not just today, but every single day moving forward. Help make your fandoms safer and more inclusive for trans fans. If you see casual or blatant transphobia, please try to correct those who’re committing the transphobic acts. I’ve personally seen people in the McHanzo community making unnecessary remarks about trans depictions of McCree or Hanzo and that’s unacceptable. I’ve also seen some TERFs lurking around and they need to keep the motto “Protect your sisters, not just your cis-ters” in mind. Don’t stay quiet about that, you guys, even if it’s from a blog you might really like. 

It’s not enough to support from the sidelines; you have to speak up and step in when transphobia goes on right in front of your face. (But also be careful not to speak over actual trans folks. Try and help boost their voices rather than drown them out, and listen to them when they try educating you on the struggles they go through and how they feel about particular situations.) 

tl;dr Transphobia is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form and we should all do our part to make trans fans feel safe not just in the McHanzo community, but throughout the Overwatch fandom in general. Many people look to their fandoms as a means to escape from the real world, so it should be a safe space they can turn to for a much needed reprieve.  

Don’t get me wrong

I love Samuel and Jonghyun with all my heart. 

But to start a petition for their justice??? What about Jung Sewoon? What about Im Youngmin? What about all the other trainees who got eliminated?

I love all of them, but to see people being salty mainly because of Sam and Jonghyun not making it into the final lineup is becoming annoying and tiring because it’s been 4 days of “samuel and jonghyun deserved better”. Four fucking days. It’s only been four days, and maybe even after a year, people are still gonna be salty.

Well let me tell you that Jung Sewoon deserved better. Im Youngmin deserved better. Takada Kenta deserved better. Lee Woojin deserved better. Ahn Hyungseob deserved better. Yoo Seonho deserved better. Kwon Hyunbin deserved better. Jin Longguo (Kim Yongguk) deserved better. I Know You Know Team deserved better. A lot of them deserved better. 

I know for a damn fact that Samuel deserved better. He’s finally getting to debut now. I better not see you people complaining anymore about how he deserved better because he’s going to go solo. Fucking solo you guys. He’s that good. So support his debut and forget about him not making the final lineup, please. I was salty about him not making it, but the more I think about it now, he’s better off going solo. 

Jonghyun is the national leader. We get it. I know this for a fact. I don’t see anybody complaining about the other two NUEST members often. But you guys should know that NUEST is coming back. Be happy that they’re coming back. The reason I’m salty about the remaining NUEST members not making it is because they won’t have Minhyun. Minhyun won’t have them. So the best thing we can all do is support both. Jesus, I’m praying for NUEST x Wanna-One interactions here. 

Now, if you’re that heartbroken, please, don’t listen to me, and go ahead and don’t stan Wanna-One. I don’t care. Do whatever floats your boat.

My whole point here, is that people need to stop complaining about (mainly) Samuel and Jonghyun. I know you guys are super salty af but you don’t have to hold onto that for the rest of your life. They’re doing things with out being in the final lineup and the least we can all do is support them.

If you disagree or agree with me about anything go ahead and message me, I don’t care. I’m just super stressed out because of this. It physically and mentally hurts to read the same thing about Jonghyun and Samuel every day. I don’t think they’d want you guys to keep hanging on to the fact that they didn’t make it into the final lineup. None of the trainees would. The whole point is that you’re always going to be there for the trainee(s) you support.

By the way, Seonho dyed his hair brown and I fucking love it. Yoo Seonho and Lai Guanlin make me happy. No wonder why I love them so much.

Breakfast / Cody Christian series

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Plot: After that sleepover things between you two got a little steamy. More and more by every passing minute.

Word count: 1 132

Warning: a little kissing and flirting

A/N: This is the third part of my Cody Christian series. I think that I should call it something else so if you have any recommandations then feel free to send them to me. Also y’all I’m so fucking sorry I just read the second part of my series and honestly. Idk how you guys understand, what I’m saying. I need to start proofreading my things #fat_fingers. Sorry. Enjoy x

Listen to me, when they’re in the car

Part 1

Part 2

He smiles at me and says: “Good night, y/n!” I smile wish him good night as well. This was the perfect moment for him to kiss me, but he didn’t. Is he not into me or he’s just being a gentleman? He must be a gentleman, because just a few seconds ago he asked me if he was in my friendzone. Enough for today, I should get some sleep.

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Drunken Calls

Summary: You and Dean are best friends and he calls you in the middle of the night when he is drunk and needs someone to come pick him up. It’s always been just friendship between the two of you but the following morning the truth comes out.

WARNINGS: Smut. Some language. And a little bit of fluff at the end.

*             *             *             *

You heard your phone ringing on the bedside table. You groaned as you reached up and rubbed your eyes. You glanced over at the clock on the table. 2:14 AM. Who would be calling you at this time of the night?

You reached over and picked up your phone. You groaned when you say the name on the screen. Dean.

You slid your thumb to the right and then brought the phone to your ear.

“You better be dying.” You said, knowing that usually when he calls this late he’s drunk and just wants to ramble.

“Y-y/n. I-I n-need h-help.” He slurred.

You immediately sat up on the edge of the bed as you began to panic. He needed help. What had happened? Did he get in a fight? Did he get hurt? He never called and said he needed help. Ever.

This wasn’t the first time he’d gone out and gotten too drunk to find his way back to the hotel, but it was the first time he had ever said he needed help.. And unfortunately for you, you were the only person he thought to call when he was that drunk. Not Roman or one of the guys. It was you. Always you.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?” You asked.


“Dean where are you? I’ll come pick you up.” You said.

“S-some bar down…down the s-street.” He mumbles. “Y-you’re such a n-nice friend…all caring a-and funny and stuff…do you want me to c-come pick y-you up?”

“No! Dean, stay where you are! I’m coming to pick you up!

"Okay…whatever you say b-babe.”

You rolled your eyes at the word, knowing it was because he was drunk. The truth was that you’ve had feelings for Dean for a couple of months. But he didn’t know that. Nobody knew that, not even the girls. He didn’t need to know that. You knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to settle down. You had even heard him tell Roman that he didn’t want a girlfriend. If you told him that you had feelings it would ruin the friendship and he’d probably never talk to you again.

You threw on an oversized sweatshirt and slid on some shoes. You grabbed your keys and purse off the TV stand and then hurried down to the hotel parking lot where your rental car was parked. You slid in behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition.

You made your way down the street slowly looking on both sides for any sign of your best friend.

You drove slowly as you glanced towards both sides of the street, looking for any sign of your best friend in front of any of the bars. You finally saw him in front of a bar about six blocks from the hotel. You silently cursed to yourself when you saw him chest to chest with some other guys outside, looking like they were about to get into a fight.

You quickly pulled the car over and put it in park before getting out of the car and running over to the two of them.

“You wanna say that again? Huh?” Dean said as he moved even closer to the guy.

“What? That you’re crazy? Maybe they should send you back to the insane asylum?” The guy challenged.

You couldn’t let Dean get into a fight with a fan. It would be all over the internet and you knew there’d be consequences for Dean to face with WWE if he got into a fight with a fan.

You stepped in between the two of them and put your hands on Dean’s chest, pushing him a few steps back.

“Y/n s-stay out of t-this.” He said as he kept his eyes locked on the guy behind you.

“Dean get in the car!” You said.

“Yeah Ambrose…listen to your little girlfriend…get in the car.” The man said.

“You little-” Dean snarled.

“Dean. Car. Now” You said loudly as you pointed towards your rental car.

“But he-”

“I don’t care. Go to the car! You’re drunk!” You said.

“Yeah, you’re drunk. Why don’t you go to the car?” You heard the guy behind you say.

“Excuse me darlin’.” Dean said as he stepped around you and landed a solid right hook straight to the right side of the guy’s face. The guy immediately fell to a knee, obviously caught off guard by the punch.

“Dean no!” You yelled trying to grab his arm. But he was quick. He leaned down and swung and landed a second shot to the guy’s jaw.

“Don’t fucking talk to her!” Dean yelled.

You grabbed Dean’s arm and pulled him back with all the strength you had in you. You managed to get enough space for you to slide yourself in between the two of them. You then reached up and put your hands on Dean’s chest and tried to push him further away.

“Dean go to the car. Now.” You said angrily, doing your best to look as intimidating as possible.

“Okay darlin’. Whatever you say.” Dean said as he took a few steps back. He had a proud smirk on his face as he cracked his knuckles like the fight was just beginning if he had anything to say about it.

Are you fucking kidding me? You thought to yourself.

He had caused a huge scene and drawn quite a crowd in front of the bar. And he was proud of himself for it.

“Are you kidding me Dean?” You asked.

“What?” He asked with a shrug.

“Get in the car before I make you walk back.” You said, annoyed with his cockiness.

You expected some smart ass remark, but he did as you asked and turned towards the car without a word. However, he stumbled over his feet after two steps and almost ran into a pole that was near by.

You sighed and walked over to him and threw your arm around his torso to help lead him to the car. He slung his arm around your shoulders.

“Thanks, darlin’.” He mumbled.

“You’re welcome, Dean.” You said.

You helped him slide into the front seat before you walked around the front of the car and slid in behind the wheel. You turned the car around and headed back towards your hotel.

You were about a block from the bar when Dean started rambling.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He said as he looked over at you.

“Dean you’re drunk.”

“I might be a tad bit drunk, but I…I know a beautiful woman when I see one.” You blushed at his compliment, but tried not to let it go to your head too much. He didn’t mean it. He was drunk and probably didn’t even know what he was saying. He wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning.

You pulled back into the parking lot and turned your car off. You walked around the car and as soon as Dean stepped out he threw his arm around your shoulders.

“You’re such a good friend, Y/n.” He said.

“You would do it for me if the shoe was on the other foot.” You said.

“Hell yes I would. Anytime you need me, I’ll be here, okay?” He said.

“What room are you in?” You asked.

“Um…fuck I don’t remember. Three something?” He said as he scratched the back of his head

“You know what I have two beds in my room. You can take the spare.” You said.

“Thanks babe.”

You led him into the elevator and pushed the button for your floor. The ride to the fourth floor was quiet between the two of you. The only sound that could be heard was Dean’s breathing.

The doors opened and you stepped out with Dean leaning on you for support. He was heavy, but you were determined to make it down the hallway to your room. You reached into your pocket and pulled out your key card and slid it into the slot.

You opened the door and helped Dean over to the first bed, that was still perfectly made from housekeeping. He immediately fell onto his back and just looked up at the ceiling.

“I love you.” He said.

You thought at first you didn’t hear him right. He loved you? Then you realized he just meant he loved you as a friend.

“I love you too Dean. You’re my best friend, you know that.” You said.

“No. I mean I love you love you.” He said.

Your heart stopped. Did he really just say that? did you heard him right?

“Dean, you don’t mean-”

“But I do. I’ve loved ya forever. I just could never tell you.” He said.

“Dean, you’re drunk.”

“And drunk people tell the truth. You’re the only person that’s always there for me. Nobody else would’ve come down there and drug my ass back here. But you did.” He said.

“It’s what friends do, Dean.” You said.

“I don’t want to just be your friend anymore, Y/n. You know why I punched that guy? Cause he was talkin’ about you. Nobody talks about you when I’m around.” He said.

“Dean, you need to go to sleep.” You said.

“I can’t sleep…will you come lay with me darlin’?” He asked.

You stood there as he looked over at you. He didn’t look like the strong, brave, care-free man you saw in the ring. He looked scared and vulnerable.

“Okay.” You said with a sigh after tossing around the idea in your head for a few minutes. “Just let me change, okay? You should probably get into something more comfortable too.”

You went into the bathroom and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt before walking out of the bathroom. Dean was laying on top of the covers in just his boxers when you walked out. His shirt and jeans being discarded on the floor next to him. You crawled into the bed next to Dean and then reached over and turned the light off.

“Thank you for puttin up with me.” Dean said as he reached over and put his arm around your waist.

“You’re welcome Dean.” You said.

*             *             *             *

You woke up the following morning and looked over at Dean. His lips were slightly parted and soft snores were escaping. He still had his arm around your waist, and you could feel the heat radiating off him. You carefully slid his arm off of you, trying your best not to wake him up.

You showered and then got dressed for the day. You opened your purse and pulled out the bottle of Tylenol you kept in there in case you needed it. You poured two pills into your hand and then set them on the bedside table next to Dean along with a glass of water.

You headed down to the complimentary breakfast to get you and Dean some food.

“Hey have you seen Dean? He never came home last night.” Roman asked as he approached you.

“Yeah. He’s upstairs sleeping. He called me and I went and got him.” You said.

“Thank god. I was afraid he was passed out somewhere…thank you for going and getting him.” He said.

“Of course. I couldn’t just leave him there.” You said.

“I don’t know what he’d do without you, Y/n. He doesn’t deserve a friend like you.” He said.

Friend. That word flashed in your head. Is that what you were to Dean? Or were you more? Would he wake up and forget what he said last night?

“You okay?” Roman asked as he noticed you spacing out.

“Y-yeah. Sorry.” You said as you shook off the thoughts.

You grabbed some food for yourself and Dean and then headed back up to your room. You opened the door as quietly as posisble so that you wouldn’t wake Dean up. Once you were inside the room, you saw him sitting up on the side of the bed with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands.

“You okay?” You asked.

His head popped up and he turned to look at you. His lips curved into a small smile when he saw the food in your hands.

“I…I thought you left.” He said.

“Just to go get some food.” You said as you handed him the plate of pancakes you had made for him.

“Thanks.” He said as he took it from you. “I’m sorry, by the way.”


“Last night. Waking you up and making you come get me in the middle of the night.”

“That’s what friends are for. I couldn’t just leave you there.” You said.

“Most people would’ve.” He said.

“Well I’m not most people.” You said. “I’m your friend. I care about you. I worry about you.”

It was silent between the two of you for a few minutes as you took small bites of the muffin you had gotten for yourself. You noticed that Dean hadn’t touched his pancakes.

“I thought you liked pancakes.” You said.

“I do…I’m just not hungry.” He said.

“Why?” You asked. “You’re always hungry.”

“My head hurts.”

“Take the Tylenol. It’ll help.” You said motioning to the two white pills sitting beside him on the table.

“I meant what I said, you know.” He said.

“What are you talking about?” You asked.

“Last night. When I said I loved you, I meant it.” He said.


“Please. Just give me a chance. I swear to God I’ll show you how much you mean to me. I’ll show you that I can be a half-way decent man. Just give me a chance. I can’t…I can’t keep just being your friend. It’s killin’ me.”

You were terrified. Terrified of being with Dean. What if it didn’t work out? What if you broke up? You wouldn’t be able to go back to just being his friend. You would lose him. You didn’t know if you could handle losing him.

“You have to tell me what you’re thinking.” He said as his eyes stared into yours.

“I’m scared.” You said softly.

“Scared of what, babe?” He asked as he reached out and took your hand.

“What if…what if it doesn’t work? What if we end up hating each other? I don’t want to lose you-”

“You’re not gonna lose me. No matter what, darlin’. You won’t lose me. Come here.” He said as he pulled you into his arms. You leaned your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. He held you tight in his arms. You felt your eyes start to water as all the emotions you were feeling hit you.

Dean let go of you and reached up to cup your cheek with his hand. That was when he noticed your watery eyes.

“Aww, c'mon darlin’, don’t be cryin’ on me.” He said.

“I’m sorry…I can’t…I can’t help it.” You said as you tried to control your emotions.

You felt a tear escape and he wiped it away with his thumb.

“I won’t make you do nothin’ you don’t want to. If you just want to be my friend, then that’s what we’ll be.” He said.

“But I don’t want to hurt you.” You said.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” He said.

“I do love you, Dean. I want to be more than your friend, but I’m scared.” You said.

“I’m scared too, love. This is all new for me. But I want to try it. We can figure it out together. Whenever you get scared just come to me, okay? I’ll wrap you in my arms…” he said as he pulled you back into his arms.

“And then I’ll do this…” he said before he leaned in and pressed his lips to your temple.

“And then I’ll tell you that I’m right here and that everything is going to be okay.”

He then reached up and cupped your face in his hands. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to yours. You felt butterflies in your stomach as his lips moved with yours. It was the kind of kiss you read about in books. The ones where you get butterflies and feel like there’s fireworks going off in the background. It was everything a kiss should be and more.

You pulled away to catch your breath and Dean leaned his forehead against yours.

“I love you.” He said softly.

“I love you too.” You said.

He then leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again. This time it was much more needy. He was rougher this time.

He ran one hand through your hair as the other slid down to your lower back to push you flat against his body. Your hands ran down his chest, feeling the muscles contract against your fingertips as they made their path.

You hesitated when you reached the top of his boxers.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked as he pulled away from the kiss, noticing your hesitation.

“Yes.” You said.

“Then take ‘em off baby.” He said.

You swallowed a lump in your throat before hooking your fingers into the waistband and sliding them down. He lifted his hips to make it easier for you to get them off.

“You need to take a few layers off.” He said as his lips moved from your throat to your neck.

His hands gripped the bottom of your shirt before pulling it up and over your head. He then hooked his fingers into the band of your sweatpants and slid them down to the ground.

“Fuck.” He said as his eyes ran over your exposed body.

You leaned in and pressed your lips back to his as your hands came up to play with the hair on the back of his neck.

“How long have you loved me?” You asked.

“As long as I can remember” He said as he began to suck on the soft spot below your ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked.

“Didn’t think I had a shot. A guy with a background like mine and a girl like you…they don’t belong together.”

You cut him off by reaching behind him and unclasping your bra. You slid it down your arms and then reached for your panties. You turned around and teasingly slid them down your legs, trying to look as sexy as possible.

You were caught off guard when you felt a sharp slap come down across your left butt cheek. You let out a small moan from the stinging slap.

“Waving it in front of my face like that…you were just asking for it to get smacked.” He said.

“Do it again.” You said.

You felt another sharp slap to the other cheek.

“Get over here baby.” He said as he reached out and put his hands on your hips. He then threw you onto the bed before he crawled over you.

He reached down and held his dick in his hands as he positioned it at your entrance.

“Should I tease you baby? Hmm…you’ve been teasing me with that perfect little ass for so long…maybe I should tease you?”

“No!” You groaned as you moved your hips up towards him.

“No?” He said with a smirk as he slowly circled his tip around your entrance.

“Please Dean.” You said. You needed some kind of contact with him. You were worked up and needed some kind of relief. Any kind of relief.

He pushed all the way into you and you let out a yelp, not expecting him to go all the way in on the first thrust.

His hands gripped your hips as he pulled out until just the tip was in before slamming back into you.

You heard a groan escape his lips as he thrusted a few more times.

“Dean.” You moaned.

“You like that baby?” He asked.

“Y-yes.” You moaned out.

Then you felt the tip of him hit that spot inside you.

“D-dean!” You yelled out.

“Right there?” He asked.


He thrusted a few more times and hit your spot every time.

You then felt the pad of his thumb begin to rub circles on your clit.

“F-fuck!” You breathed out!

“Come on darlin’…cum for me.” He said.

You felt yourself go over the edge and his lips came down to yours as he swallowed your moans with the kiss. You felt your body sahking as you came.

He pulled away from the kiss and you felt your body sink into the sheets and pillows.

Dean laid down next to you and gave you a lazy smile as he looked over at you.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yes.” You said as your chest rose and fell as you tried to catch your breath.

“You’re not going to regret this, are you?” He asked with worried eyes.

“No. Are you?” You asked.

“Hello no. This was the best day of my life.” He said before he draped his arm across your bare stomach and pulled you closer to him.

He leaned in and pressed another kiss to your lips, this one more calm and gentle.

“I love you.” He whispered as he laid his head down on the pillow next to yours.

“I love you too.” You said.

“You’re mine, okay? Any time another guy looks at you, you tell them you’re mine.” He said.

“I’m yours!” You said before you leaned in and pressed another kiss to his lips.

CS FF: Why Can’t We Have Pancakes, Too?- Part 1/1

Summary: Emma and Killian’s children have no idea why their parents laugh every time they request pancakes for breakfast.  (Smutty future pancakes.)

Rating: Explicit

Note: So I’ve been loving all of the smutty fics that have come from that pancake scene.  This just came from thinking about how this pancake euphemism for sex might live on for years and what would happen when Emma and Killian had children of their own who want pancakes.  I originally didn’t intend to make it smutty, but I just couldn’t help myself.   Hope you enjoy it! ~Steph

…Why Can’t We Have Pancakes, Too?- Part 1/1…

Killian wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist as she poured a cup of coffee.   His lips moved to her ear.

“Last night was amazing, love,” he whispered.

Emma giggled as his lips trailed down to her neck.  

“It sure was,” she breathed, as she threw her head back onto his shoulder and closed her eyes.  

Killian’s hand moved to the belt on Emma’s robe.  He quickly undid it and slipped his hand underneath.  His fingers trailed under her camisole until he was stroking the soft skin of her stomach.   Emma let out a contented sigh as his hand began to trail down to the lace of her panties and his hook slid up to circle her nipple.

“I don’t know about you,” he muttered, as he used his teeth to pull back the robe to reveal her bare shoulder and move his mouth to it.  “But I’m really craving pancakes this morning.”

“We can’t,” she managed weakly, as he kissed her shoulder.  “The kids will be up any minute.”

Killian sighed against his wife’s skin, as he heard the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs.  Emma jerked her head up and elbowed him in the ribs so he would remove himself from her.   She quickly tied her robe.  Killian bit down hard on his lip and ran his hand down the front of his jeans, just as the kids made their way into the kitchen.  

“Good morning,” Emma said, dropping a kiss on their heads.

“Morning, loves,” Killian said.

The two stepped back to admire the products of their true love, as they commonly did.  It still amazed them sometimes that their love had created them.  They were like looking at miniature versions of themselves.  Ruthie blonde and fair skinned and Liam dark haired and blue eyed.   

“What’s for breakfast?” eight year old Ruthie asked, as she sat down at the table.  

“I want pancakes!” six year old Liam said.

“Me too!” Ruthie agreed.

Emma and Killian stared at their children.  They turned to look at each other and then burst out laughing.

Ruthie crossed her arms over her chest. “Why are you laughing?”

“Why do you laugh every time we ask for pancakes?” Liam asked.

Emma stifled another laugh.  “Sorry.  No time for pancakes today.  You’ll be late for school.”

“We never get to have pancakes!” Ruthie pouted.

“Yeah, you two get to have pancakes all the time without us.  It’s not fair!” Liam shouted.

Killian’s brow furrowed.  “What do you mean we get to have pancakes all the time without you?”

Ruthie shrugged. “We hear you guys talking, you know.  You don’t think we’re listening but we are.  Just last night when we walked by your bedroom, we heard you say you were having pancakes for dessert.”

“Yeah, we like pancakes and we like dessert,” Liam said. “But you didn’t ask us if we wanted any.  And you guys always tell us we should share.”

Emma and Killian shot each other a glance.  Pancakes as a euphemism for sex had become a frequent inside joke between them.  They didn’t think their children had noticed, but apparently they had.  

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BTS reaction- Finding out about your depression

Anon asked:  “ Can I request a BTS reaction to finding out you go to therapy for depression & suicidal thoughts”

A/N: I am going to tweak it just a little bit and only mention depression as one of the themes as I am not comfortable talking about anything suicide related.Also I made it so that they didnt know about the depression to begin with. I am sorry anon and I hope that its okay for you :)

If you are reading this and you do struggle with depression I want you to know that you can do it. I want to tell you that you can get through it because you are stronger than your mind. You are stronger than all the negative emotions. Please don’t give up. Keep fighting because I know you can. If anyone ever needs to talk please do message me. Don’t struggle alone and shoulder this by yourself. I struggle with anxiety so I can understand. You are not as alone as you think. Stay strong. <3

WARNING: May be triggering. 

*gifs not mine. Credit to owners*



I believe Jin would be very very very shocked. He expects a lot from himself and somewhere he prides himself on being a caring person. So I think he would blame himself for not taking care of you sooner. I imagine he would beat himself up over it. 

He accidentally overheard you talking to your therapist on the phone, and that’s how he found out you went to therapy. He didn’t really know how to react and how to ask you because he felt like he failed you. He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your shoulder. “I am sorry” he whispered. You were puzzled by his reaction. Before you could speak he continued on “Why didn’t you tell me y/n? You know I would have helped you right?” You could feel his tears spilling on your shoulder. “I am sorry too. I didn’t want to burden you” you replied in a raspy voice. “Lets be together babe. Forever. Let me take care of you okay?” he kissed your shoulder. 


I think he would be hurt the most and he would understand it the best. He would be like Jin in the sense that he would feel he failed but not for the same reason. Because has been though depression I think he would even hate himself to an extent for not figuring it out sooner. 

The moment you told him you had depression and went to therapy for it he would break down. He would apologize to you again and again. “I am so sorry for having been such a bad boyfriend” he would cry and wrap you tightly in his arms, afraid that you would vanish from before his eyes if he didn’t. “Yoongi dont..” he cut you off. before you could continue “No y/n you dont understand. I should have known because I have been through it. I should have seen it” he berated himself. “You have me y/n. You will always have me. Lets get through it together okay? Please be strong for me because I cant lose you” he kissed your forehead while one of his arms was still wrapped around your shoulders.


He is a very rational guy, so I think he would be the calmest out of them all. But that doesn’t mean he wont be hurting. I think for your sake he would keep a cool and calm front. But he would be very sad on the inside. 

Namjoon listened to you as you told him about your depression and that you had been seeking help for it. “I am so proud of you. You know that?” he smiled at you while holding your hands in his as a gesture of his understanding and support. He would move closer to you and embrace you. “My baby is very strong. I am so so so proud of you for being so brave. It makes me respect you and love you even more” he said while trying to blink away the tears. You couldn’t see his face but he was hurting just as much as you were. “I am here with you. Come to me anytime, and I will help you. Dont hide from me anymore please” he softly said. “Thank you” you replied. He tightened his arms around you even more and rocked you both back and forth. 


He is very emotional and he cares too deep so I think he would most likely cry.He would be very hurt and sad that you had to go through something like that. I don’t think he would let you out of his sight after finding out. 

Tears were pouring down his face as you let out all your feelings. “Y/n” he choked out your name and he opened his arms. He motioned for you to come to him and he cried on your shoulder. “I am never letting you out of my sight. For your next appointment you are taking me with you. Promise?” he asked you as he wiped his tears. “Thank you Hoseok. For caring so much” you avoided his gaze. “No. Thank you y/n. For telling me. I love you and I am going to love you so much more that your heart will be filled with nothing but me” he said as he kissed you all over your face. “I am never letting you be sad again. You have to promise me that no matter what happens, you will come to me first.” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “Please trust me.” he said in a raspy voice.


I think Jimin would be a mix of Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok. At first he would be too shocked to respond, but as your words sunk in he would realize that he needed to be there for you and that he needed to take care of you even more.  

Jimin had no idea that you were depressed to begin with and when you sat him down and told him he went very silent. “Jimin” you had to shake him to get him to respond. “Baby how long? Why did I never…” the questions were more for him than you. As you told him your story, tears started building up in his eyes. He kind of sat shocked, but at the same time he felt angry at himself for not being able to see that behind every laugh, every smile, every word of yours was a lot of suffering. “You aren’t alone anymore. You are not going to be sad anymore because I am going make sure that every moment you spend is a happy one” he brought you close to him and held you there silently. He looked into your eyes and all he hoped for you to see was the love he had for you.


I think Taehyung would be very understanding and supportive. Contrary to what a lot of people think, he wouldn’t be confused. I think he would really understand you and offer his full support and love to you. Behind all the silliness, is a very deeply emotional guy, so he would know the right things to say.

Taehyung was very calm as you told him about your depression struggles. After a moment of silence he brought your hands in his and kissed each of your fingers. “You have always been the light in dark for me y/n. But now let me the happiness in your sad times. Let me do everything for you. Let me take care of you.” he genuinely smiled at you. You nodded your head as tears fell from your eyes. He cupped your face and kissed your tears away. He brought his lips over yours and kissed you softly but deeply. It took your breath away. “Tae I don’t know how to thank you” you said meekly. “Shh.” he shook his head and sat you on his lap while whispering soothing words to you.


I think he has grown up a lot so he will be able to handle the situation. He would quietly listen to you, but somewhere he would be angry at himself. He would be angry because he didn’t meet you sooner to help you through the tough times. He felt bad and guilty for not being able to protect you when all he wanted to do was keep you safe.

His hands were balled into fists on his knees. He was trying hard to control the anger he was feeling at himself. “I am sorry for not being able to protect you, not just from the world but from yourself.” he mumbled as he tried to choke back the tears. He took a deep breath and spoke in a more smoother voice. “You don’t know this but I swore that I would always be there for you. I swore to myself that I would always love you. So please y/n let me love you and be there for you.” You nodded in response and he continued. “We’re going to get through this together. This is my problem too now. I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, like I always should have been. So come to me anytime. Please” he pleaded . He pulled you into his chest and softly hummed to you. 

*please excuse any spelling errors*

I hope you like this anon! I also made this vey gender neutral as you requested! Have a lovely day ahead everyone

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful