you guys should go watch this

everyone should closet cosplay taako right now

so I don’t even Adventure Zone because I have sensory issues that mean I can’t listen to podcasts or really watch long youtube videos but I’m seeing this stuff going around tumblr and I’m like 

1. all taakos are valid


2. everyone is taako

i don’t really know what makes a taako mind you? he’s an elf i think? he has a nice hat? he likes fancy things? he has an umbrella sometimes? but anyway i figure that regardless of your gender, ethnicity, body type/size, you should cosplay taako. get your best fanciest hat out of your closet and uhhh whatever else makes a taako and cosplay that guy 

Let’s Run Away Together

Word Count: 1327

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: angst

Summary: Dean finds his way to you again and wants to give up the hunting life for good. Does he stay true to his word? Will you get your happy ending with the man you love?

Author’s Note: I was binge-watching the third season of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix the other day and was inspired by episode 3x05 when a beautiful, but painful scene happened. This was a quickly written one shot and I just wanted to be able to post something that wasn’t SoU! Let me know what you guys think (aka tell me if I should stop writing cause I’m terrible lol). 

“Let’s run away together,” his raspy tired voice snapped you from dozing off.

“And go where?” you asked. Your voice was hushed and breathy. Your head laid heavily on Dean’s bare chest, syncing your breaths with each rise and fall of his diaphragm. The strength in your eyelids started to waver as you let him continue his thoughts. It had been months since you had last seen each other and you didn’t want to miss any moment with him. After all, he wasn’t supposed to be here. You weren’t supposed to be together anymore. It’s for the best, Dean would say.

“A small town. Somewhere we can start over. I’ll get a normal job and take care of you. You can stay home and we can start a family. We’d have cute kids, no?” Your eyes were shut, but you felt the pressure of tears welling in the corners at the thought of a better life with Dean. You shut them tighter.

“A place where I never led this life and I never left you,” his confidence caught in his throat. You couldn’t say anything. You wanted to bring up something else, anything else that didn’t have to do with hypotheticals. This short rendezvous was about you and Dean. Not the world, not Dean’s hunting life, and certainly not your make-believe-could-be life. It should be about you and Dean right now.

“Somewhere we never have to go without each other again,” he said.

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superwholock-stole-my-heart  asked:

Prompt: Pillow fight, pairing of your choice!

It was supposed to be a nice sleepover, well actually there wasn’t even suppose to be a sleepover, but of course Prince just had to break out the puppy dog eyes, and Morality didn’t want to be left out or leave Logic out, so now Anxiety was dealing with all the others setting up camp in his room.

“Hey, do you guys wanna watch some movies?” Prince asked the moment everyone seemed to have set up.

“No, just go to bed so this can be over quicker,” Anxiety replied already done with everyone.

“What he meant to say is that we would love to,” Morality said, shooting Anxiety a look.

“I agree with Anxiety, you should sleep at a sleepover, it’s in the name,” Logic responded, confused as to why they would watch a movie instead of sleep.

“Wait, has Logan never been to a sleepover?!?” Prince exclaimed.

“Well no, this normal doesn’t happen,” Logic responded like the answer should have been clear.

“Then we have to initiate him of the ancient ways of sleepovers,” Prince said, making it sound like they were going to sacrifice to ancient gods.

“I am going to say it again just go to-” Anxiety was cut off by getting smacked in the face with a pillow. His immediate thought was that Prince had smacked him in the face. He was wrong, it was actually Morality who hit him with the pillow.

When he regained his senses and picked up a pillow which he used to whack Morality so hard in the face that his glasses fell off. For a moment there was silence. Then Prince could be heard laughing.

Morality and Anxiety looked at each and smiled. As if they had communicated telepathically the both leaped at Prince at the same time and attacked him with pillows. The sound of laughter filled the room as Logic witnessed the absurd scene that played out before him.

Prince threw a pillow a pillow at Logic and yelled, “Save me and if you can not avenge me,”

Logic jumped into the fray and yelled, “Of course,”

The fighting went on for several minutes until they were all tired. They just flopped in a big pile on Anxiety’s bed and drifted off to sleep. Before he succumbed to slumber Anxiety whispered, “I really hope you guys realize I love you all,”

Waking up was a mess of cuddling limbs and it was perfect.

@ young girls watching supergirl: no, you don’t need to keep giving second, third, fourth chances to a guy that disrespects you constantly and don’t listen to you. no, a guy being possessive is not “love” or “care”. no, a guy that drives you crazy in a bad way at LEAST once a day is not someone you should go for. no, it’s not your job to teach a guy how to be a decent person.

i get that we all love malec and its the reason most of us even watch this show but i see so many of u talking about the homophobic aspects of the last ep but there was also so much racism some of it subtle and some of it not like

-the izzy storyline which was so blatantly racist it actually makes me sick

-the fact that maia and simons date was mostly about clary (a white girl) and her feelings more than maias

- the way cleophas’ storyline is going and her siding w/ valentine

-the way luke is treated in general but esp how valentine had the upper hand during their fight

-and the way magnus’ feelings are ignored and he barely gets any screentime to explore his character w/out alec 

so what im saying is if you guys wanna watch the show and criticize it when its homophobic you should also talk about how extremely racist its getting w every new episode

The Habit of Planning

Prompt: During a busy day at Central Park, Lin mistakes Y/N as a paparazzi and he is not happy.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 4,759 (brace yourselves)

A/N: I’ve been writing for this for so long, I’m glad it’s out of my head. I wrote the basis of the fic under the tags for ‘Monochrome’, and a couple of you guys happened to read it and told me I should write it! So thank you to all of you! I hope you guys enjoy!

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Did you know there’s a new documentary coming about about behind-the-scenes Muppets stuff directed by Frank friggen Oz???


Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched, directed by Frank Oz, is described as:

In this inside look at “The Muppet Show,” five of the original performers, including the film’s director, Frank Oz, discuss how the Muppets originated and reveal secrets about how they crafted the characters and brought them to life. Muppet fans should be intrigued, which means just about everybody should be intrigued.

Who Should You Fight: Gothic Horror Edition

Mary Shelley: Are you Harriet Westbrook?  If so, consider fighting Percy instead.  If not, why on Earth would you want to fight Mary Shelley?

Bram Stoker: Go for it; the guy was sickly all his life.  Just try not to catch his latest batch of terminal illnesses.

Edgar Allan Poe: Like Bram Stoker, but really sad.  Don’t fight Poe.

Matthew “Monk” Lewis: You’ll have a fun time fighting Matthew Lewis, whether you win or not.  Watch out, though- he fights dirty.

Oscar Wilde: You think you can take Wilde?  Really?  I mean, I know pop culture thinks of him as silly and frilly, but he was also 6′3″ and Irish.  You cannot take Oscar Wilde.

The Marquis de Sade: Win or lose, there is no possible end to this fight that does not leave you feeling gross.

John Polidori: Absolutely fight Polidori.  If only his little half-assed attempt at a mustache were longer, you could pull on it!

Henry James: First, decide whether you believe he was sympathetic to the plight of women or revelled in depicting their downfall.  Then bypass Henry James entirely in favor of fighting one academic side or the other.

Ambrose Bierce: I cannot emphasize enough how much you cannot beat Ambrose Bierce.  This man ended his life by riding off to join Pancho Villa’s army, and some scholars believe he was murdered for sassing his host.  Unless you are Pancho Villa, don’t fight Ambrose Bierce.

M.R. James: You could beat James up, but then Christopher Lee would beat you up.  Choose wisely.

Charles Dickens:  He’ll be the one to fight you, for calling him a gothic horror writer in the first place.  And while I have no proof of it, I am convinced Dickens has killed men before for such insults.

Sheridan Le Fanu: On the one hand, I feel bad advising anyone to fight a man who campaigned to get the British government to do something about the Irish famine.  On the other hand, those muttonchops were meant for grabbing.

H.P. Lovecraft: You’ll win, but you won’t enjoy it.  There’s no fun in kicking a man who’s already down.


Clone Shepard Messed with the Wrong Space Hamster

Y’all, Bioware is fucking insane sometimes, and I absolutely love it.

Jen Hale’s delivery is genius, I dissolve into giggles every time I watch this.

Commander Shepard: “Please send this to an animal shelter for proper disposal as a warship is not an appropriate….” Oh, that is not okay. She messed with my hamster, guys. Now it’s personal. Guys? Were you gonna say something, or… No, no, I get it. Hard to even find the words. Should we check on my fish, ‘cause if she’s getting rid of all the pets… We should probably deal with her first, huh? Alright. Sit tight, little guy. Anybody gives you trouble… Go for the eyes.

Let's Not... Please

I want to start off by explaining my reason on making this post: a conversation I had with a friend did not go well. Of course, I love Cody’s villainous character in Teen Wolf and of course, this friend of mine hates Theo. It frustrates me because while we were watching the last episode, they had the nerve to state that, “Theo is still a bad person. He hasn’t changed.”

People should really stop hating on Theo in Teen Wolf. It pisses me off that even after season 5 has ended and Theo is back, some still have negative things to say about him. While you guys are hating on him, why don’t you also hate on Peter Hale? After all, this guy has done worse in the show, yet no one wants to call him out on his actions and why you guys do that, I still don’t know why.

You can not join a fandom and be fake at the same time because it just shows that you’re not a true fan. That’s like you hating Niall Horan from 1D because of his crooked teeth but once he gets braces and they come off, all of a sudden he’s “hot” in your eyes and automatically you’re a true 1D fan. Every character should be treated equally in this show. Everyone loved Void Stiles and Peter Hale so why can’t we love Theo?

Another thing I want to add is that Cody has feelings. Therefore, if his character is a villain and he’s the most hated person, he’s going to feel upset in real life. It’s not fair that Peter Hale or Void Stiles can be villains and we can love them but we can’t do the same to Cody.

Personally, I adore Theo Raeken. I think that he was great as a villain in season 5 and him returning this season makes me really happy. I know he’s not back to cause damage but fix it and thats what makes it more exciting. He’s realized that he’s done bad and obviously, there’s a part of him that is still human. He’s doing his best to make his life better and we as a fandom should understand that instead of bashing an actors character.

Please, I just want everyone to not treat Cody like this. I feel bad for him because some of us are supposed to be true fans of this show yet they want to find someone to hate on. For those of you who agree with what I’m saying, thank you.

Your love is needed for Cody, Theo, and I.

With recent news of Disney dropping pewdiepie after the WSJ reported on his recent antisemitic ‘jokes’ is making the waves. You are going to be seeing a lot of big Youtubers defend him and stick by him. Know that these Youtubers are complicit to someone being antisemitic and therefore enabling antisemitism. If you truly care about the damage that is done by stunts like pewdiepie has done, then you should not support those Youtubers as well.

What damage you may ask? He is just one guy, what could he possibly be doing that’s harmful? Pewdiepie is the biggest Youtuber and his videos are watched by millions of young people. He is the biggest gaming Youtuber and keep in mind the new nazi movement the alt-right got started when a woman wanted to talk about video games. His stunts and behaviors influence his viewers that this kind of thinking is okay. That while antisemitism is on the rise with Jewish communities and synagogues receiving bomb threats and graffiti of swastikas littered over towns across the world, he decides to take advantage of two young men who know little English to hold a sign that wishes death to an entire people. An entire culture where there are still survivors of when the last time the world wished death upon them. And that is just one of many antisemitic stunt he has pulled in the past six months!

But it should be obvious it’s a joke and not like he is actually for this sort of hatred. He did get his fame for constant rape jokes and racial slurs after all, so we all can tell he’s a jokester. And he’s so sorry that people were offended by his stunt. Please tell yourself what is the purpose of this joke? It’s funny because he doesn’t really think that? But there is nothing in the joke ridiculing those who hold that opinion. He’s made similar jokes a number of times recently, how am I to believe he’s sincere saying he’s not for hate when there is nothing more than empty words to prove that? 

Unfortunately, despite Disney dropping him, he will receive little backlash by the Youtube community. Many of your favorite Youtubers will still be supporting pewdiepie. They will be proving they complacent with someone who contributes to current antisemitism. There is no being neutral when it comes to hate, to be neutral is to be for it. If you truly care about helping Jewish people and other minority groups, you will stop supporting pewdiepie and the Youtubers who will defend him and continue to work with him.

when people call tjlcers out on “fetishizing queer people”, do they not realize that the majority of us all fucking Gay™ ???

maybe all we want is honest representation. i wouldn’t spend 7 years watching a show just to see two guys fuck.

and then they go on about how we should just appreciate the episode even though it’s not “yaoi”??
no, fuck-o, the episode was shit no matter which way you look at it. please get your head out of your ass.

BTS Reaction: They get jealous when you dance with another guy

Request:  Hey 🌟🍃 A BTS reaction with the guys beaing jealous over you dancing with another guy at your birthday party?

A/N: Hey there anon, thank you for the fabby request, hope you enjoy! xx

Warning: There are parts of this which are a tad explicit so if that’s not your jam then feel free not to read ^_^


Originally posted by missbaptan

When Jin turned around from talking to Jimin to see you dancing with another guy he would become tense to say the least. He would watch you both from the sidelines for a while, tracking exactly where his hands were and how you reacted to him. While you seemed fairly uninterested he certainly did not and so after a while, he came up to you and pulled you closer to him so he was now dancing with you, whispering in your ear that you should take a break and go somewhere more private. When he put his arm around your waist and guided you away from the party he made sure to turn to the guy who had been dancing with you and blow him a smug kiss before turning back to you.


Originally posted by haninnoona

It seemed you were having far too much fun at your birthday party to notice the guy you were dancing with literally eating you with his eyes. Yoongi on the other hand was significantly more sober so to take care of you and so he wasted absolutely no time in storming right over there and pushing him away from you, telling the drunken creep to go slobber over someone else because you were taken. As the drunken man stumbled away into the crowd Yoongi pulled you close to him and shouted in your ear to be more careful and that he was the only one you’d be dancing with tonight before planting a cheeky peck on your liquor stained lips.


Originally posted by itsrapmonster

As if he was going to let himself be out danced by some classless creep. He hit the dance floor so hard that with in seconds all eyes were on him and yet the only person his eyes met was you. He felt the music guide his body and before he knew it the guy who had been dancing with you previously had slunk away out of his view. That didn’t stop Hobi who was enjoying having your attention and so he beckoned you forward to join him, you two dancing in a way that had everyone’s envious eyes drinking up your moves and electric chemistry.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Just because it was your birthday that doesn’t mean you can get away with making Namjoon look foolish like that. Even though he wasn’t the greatest of dancers on his own, he didn’t hang about when he joined you two on the dance floor, making a point to stare down the guy who thought it was okay to dance with his girl. He would pull you against him purposefully and feel your body dancing against his, staring into your eyes before whispering that you weren’t to dance with other guys in front of him- not that you’d want to after that performance.


Originally posted by gotjimin

You dancing with someone else? Not with Jimin there you’re not. He’d watch you for a little while, making eye contact every now and again to see you smirking at him deliberately. You were trying to make him jealous? Fine, you’ll see what jealous Jimin can do. He’d stroll casually to you and grab your hips forecefully trailing sloppy drunken kisses down your neck as you leaned back indulgently. And then, just like that he’d be gone, sauntering off to the other side of the room to the bar, leaving you stood there perplexed, still feeling the lingering touch of your boyfriend’s electric touch.


Originally posted by pjkook

Tae would see this is an opportunity to get you to come to him instead of the other way around and so he approached you slowly like a lion stalking his prey before turning his attention to the girl next to you, dancing as if totally oblivious to you and the guy you were dancing with. In his drunken haze he never went too far but just far enough to see you overcome with a green haze that had you grabbing his hand and leading him from the dance floor to a place where it would safe to release the sexual tension built up between you both.


Originally posted by pjmjjk

The golden maknae was not used to losing at anything, let alone losing his girl to some slimeball who thought it was okay to dance with you. In his drunken stupor his liquid courage would take control of his body as he walked over to you and the guy, pushing the guy out the way gently in order to take your face in his hands and kiss you with a passion that was usually reserved for the nights after long tours or particularly long days. He showed the creep behind you who’s girl you were and with his hands gradually travelling down your body served as a warning to anyone else who thought about going after his girl.

Rated R - Sodapop Imagine (Requested)


“Aw, I love that movie!” Steve chanted as Two-Bit flipped through a stack of movies.

Soda and I were laid back on the couch while the rest of the gang crowded around Two-Bit like a herd of wild monkeys. It was a chilly Friday night and since it was too cold to go out to the drive-in, we were all huddled inside trying to pick a movie to watch.

“Nah I think we should watch this one.” Pony said, grabbing a disk from, the now, very messy pile the boys made.

“Yeah, pick one with James Dean in it!” Johnny piped up.

I sighed and rested my head on my boyfriend Soda’s shoulder.

“Will they ever pick something to watch?” I half-smiled.

“You know how the guys can be” he laughed, flashing me his world famous smile.

I’d been so busy with juggling school and work this week that I’ve barely had any time to spend with my boyfriend Sodapop. Not that I didn’t love hanging out with the gang or anything, we always have a lot of fun. It’s just been so long since I’ve gotten any alone time with Soda. Not that I was worried though, I’m just glad I got to see him tonight. Any time together is worth it.

The boys finally picked a movie and we all settled in. Johnny and Pony sat on the other couch while the rest of the gang stayed on the floor.

I felt Soda’s hand come around and rub my thigh. Chills shot through me, but I brushed it off, figuring he probably didn’t notice he was doing it. The rest of the guys were making small talk or laughing about the movie as it began.

Minutes later I felt a hand caress me again. But this time, he brought his hand even higher up my thigh than before, slowly rubbing me under the blanket.

“Soda” I whispered so only him and I could hear it. “Cut it out.”

“Oh come on baby, I haven’t seen you in forever..” he gave me puppy dog eyes, knowing damn well what he was doing.

I glared at him and he eventually moved his hand back, resting it over my shoulder.

Minutes passed when I suddenly felt Soda lean into me, his hot breath hitting my neck. It was clearly intentional.

I furrowed my brows, now even more sexually frustrated than before.

Fine I thought to myself. If he wants to play dirty, than I’ll show him just how dirty I can be.

I slowly moved my hand across his jeans. A small gasp escaped his lips followed by a smirk as I ran my small fingers up and down his now growing erection. The guys didn’t seem to notice.

“(Y/N)” he warned.

“What baby?” I pouted, imitating his actions from earlier. “We haven’t seen each other  in forever, remember?”

“Besides..”I whispered slowly in his ear, carefully unzipping his jeans. I knew he was bound to crack soon.
“I miss how good you feel inside me.”

“Jesus” he sighed.

“I miss the way you feel..I miss the way you moan..”
“But you know what I miss most of all Sodapop?” I smirked.

“(Y/N) baby, please” he whispered, sounding uncomfortably horny.

“I miss the way you taste.”

With that, I quickly slid my hand out of his pants and right back into my lap. He let out a small whimper at the loss of contact.

“But I guess I’ll just have to wait. Besides, we should finish this movie anyway.” I smiled.

I turned my head to face the TV, completely ignoring Soda’s reaction.

“Oh you’re gonna regret that” he said.

All expression drained from his face except for a look of lust in his eyes.

“Oh, am I?” I smirked back, pretending to laugh at his words.

I could tell Soda’s dominant side was coming out. It was rare to see him like this when he’s usually so sweet all the time, but god did it turn me on even more to hear him take control.

“Touch my cock” he growled in my ear.

I practically choked on my own breath at his words. My confidence in this little game shattered.

“What?” I turned to him.

The Sodapop I knew was never this nasty; it was always about pleasuring me first. By this time, my panties were beyond wet.

“You heard me. If not then get on your knees.” he smirked.

“You mean..r-right here? Like - now?” I choked out, looking around the room at the rest of the gang hypnotized by the television.

“Did I stutter?”

I looked up at him, flashing my best innocent face. I slid my hand back under the blanket and back into his already unzipped pants. My tiny fingers were nothing compared to his enormous bulge showing through his boxers, I practically moaned at the sight of it.

Then, I did the unthinkable. I slowly moved my hand into his boxers, rubbing up and down his length. I could already feel the pre-cum dripping onto my hand. I brought a finger up to my mouth and licked all off his juices off, making sure he saw all of it.

“God, I love it when you’re nasty” he groaned.

I brought my hand back down, going at a teasingly slow pace. I grabbed his length with my small hand and dragged it up and down, running my thumb over the head.

“Fuck (Y/N) - more” he demanded into my ear. His hot breath made my thighs clench.

I squeezed my fist and picked up the pace. Thats when he lost it. Soda’s head tilted back by now I was sure the guys noticed.

I could feel him tensing around my hand and I knew he was close.

Suddenly the tension in the room was sliced in half by the sound of laughter. The lights flipped on and our eyes widened in fear.

“Hey, look at these two!” Two-Bit laughed, pointing towards me and Soda on the couch.

A chant of “Oh my god”, “Y’all are nasty”, “Couldn’t hold it in Soda?“ and “Somebodys getting a little frisky”  erupted along with tons of laughter from the gang.

I flushed as bright as a tomato and quickly pulled my hand out of his pants, still hidden under the blanket.