you guys should consider dating tbh

Namjoon as a MLM Boyfriend

i wanna do a series like this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! 

i’ve been inspired by the lovely @queerbbangtan <3

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- museum dates !!!!!!!!!!!!

- he would have his arm around your waist as often as he could on dates, without being overbearing of course

- namjoon would just love taking you out and showing you off tbh 

- “the whole world should know how much i love you!”

- hand holding in public. a must

- that would probably be extent of your PDA tho 

- shy joonie wouldn’t want too much attention on you guys, considering people were already staring because you were two guys holding hands 

- as soon as you two were in a friend’s house or alone, he’d enter extremely cuddly and needy mode

- back hugs !!!!!!!!!!! i’m weeping 

- he’d love just randomly coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder, maybe even giving a few gentle kisses to your neck

-  he would be really tough and stern with everyone but when it came to you he just   s  o f  t 

- his favourite pet name for you would be baby boy …. :’)

- everything you did and said turned him so mushy and gay and adorable 

- speaking of gay 

- PRIDE EVENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- namjoon would fucking love going to pride with you

- this is the one place where he felt good/safe doing PDA 


- he’d end up buying one of the gay flags for himself and also your sexuality’s flag (gay, bi, pan, asexual, etc)

- you’d both wear them as capes and run around all day having the best time ever 

- he would honestly put so much effort into your relationship because he knew how hard it was on the both of you when he left for promos or tour

- skype dates !

- if he was feeling really stressed, you’d just sit an ramble softly to him, and he’d eventually fall asleep to the soothing sound of your voice 

- when he got back home,,,,,, CUDDLES

- namjoon would always shotgun being the big spoon

- he’d love it when your back was right up against his chest, your fingers interlaced in front of your stomach, one of his legs up and over your waist

- brb i’m crying 

- if you were stressed/sad, he’d stroke your side gently while kissing your head, quietly murmuring how much he loved you

- he would just be the best ok?????

- he could always count on you and vice versa, always having each other’s backs and knowing you loved each other without even having to say it 

well that was emotional ,

anyways let me know what member u want me to do next!

- angus 

He turns around and says to me “your Korean is really good, let’s be partners next time” ....

Reading all of your submissions made me remember my friend from uni who could’ve been my first real bf but we’ll never know lol :(

So I was in first year of university and super shy, super insecure, etc. I decided to take Korean in 1st year because I had been into DBSK beforehand and had just gotten into Big Bang via Dirty Cash/Good Bye Baby (I am old aaahh) and I was really interested in learning the language. So there I am, sitting in the back, one of two black girls in the class. Fun.

There was this 1st gen Korean guy there who I literally hadn’t spoken to prior to me getting paired up with him for presentations. He was tall (already a plus) and fun/funny and really easy to talk to. We got along really well and we always said hi to each other when we got into class, always sat near each other, always joked with each other, etc. My friends said he liked me but I was really shy, really insecure, etc. Plus I’m sure he had a female friend who was pretty and Asian so I figured he just was being nice to me. But literally the only people I spoke to in that class were my two friends, girls, and him, so something must’ve been up. I remember after we’re done the first Korean presentation, he turns around and says to me “your Korean is really good, let’s be partners next time” - and loud enough for the entire class to hear, mind you. So I’m there turning red and my friends are nudging me and people are staring at me and it was mortifying lol. But he always chose me to be his partner for every presentation for the rest of the term anyway. Bam. ;p

So first year Korean is over and I see him before exams somewhere near the main uni hall. And he fully stops me and asks if I’m planning on taking Korean next year too, and I was like ‘uh idk maybe’ and he’s like ‘you should take it, because I’m taking it’ and I was like ‘uh idk maybe’ haha. 

Honestly, writing this out and thinking back on it, everything seems so obvious. I don’t want to be mad at my former self, but ugghhhhh I really wish I had been just a BIT more outgoing lol. Things might have been different. I did end up dating another Korean guy for a while, but this guy would’ve been the ultimate bae tbh. He was just really, really cool - and considering how tragic my style was in first year uni, I’m sure he liked me for me lmao.

The end!