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It is very rare for a series to have real true depth for its characters. One series that does that extremely well is Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series. The series has an extremely diverse cast, as should most series, having characters of different shapes and sizes, characters of colour, an autistic character and multiple characters from the lgbt community and when I say that I do not mean just having one white gay guy, but instead having bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual and transgender characters. The all the characters have real depth and you tend to feel sympathetic for even the worst ones. It is very important for a series to have in depth characters for without great interesting characters books aren’t worth reading. If you haven’t read her series already I strongly suggest you check it out.

Imagine Number Eighteen - Dean Winchester

Imagine almost dying on a hunt and Dean realizes, that he can’t live another day without claiming you, officially as his, so he proposes.

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It was supposed to be a somewhat simple hunt, kill a few vampires and go home. Simple, right? Nope, it just had to be an entire nest and you guys were not prepared for that. Dean was chopping off one of the vampire’s head while you were dealing with a vampire of your own, but you didn’t notice another one sneak up behind you until it was too late. When you guys finally got to the bunker, Dean immediately dragged you to his room and started to tend to your wounds.

“Oh Y/N, babe, I should have been paying attention, I didn’t think that there would have been a whole nest, we should have checked it out first and maybe you-” He ranted until you cut him off.

“Dean, I’m fine, I’m a hunter just like you, these things are bound to happen, it’s how our lives are.”

“No, Y/N, I am not okay with that, I used to think that hunters couldn’t live a normal life because of the reality that you or the ones you love could die at any moment, but then I meet you, my life seemed so much better, I smiled more, I had fewer nightmares and I came home every night happy that I found you. I know that this isn’t the most ideal situation to ask this, but will you, F/N L/N, make me the luckiest man on Earth and become Y/N Winchester?” He asked loving with a beautiful ring in his hands.

“Yes Dean, Yes, I would love to become a Winchester!” You reply excitedly as you grab dean’s face and kiss him with as much passion as you could muster.

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“I love you, Mrs. Winchester.“ Dean said smiling.

“I love you too Mr. Winchester.” You reply happy that you were going to marry him.


Request:  BadBoy exo gif reaction to liking a good girl (you) ✨

admin k: wow, i gotta stop doing this whole on-off hiatus thing haha thanks for the request!



tries to seduce her w his looks, money and talent

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claims that she’s annoying and he hates her but really only says it to mask his true feelings because hey bad boys don’t have feelings right

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will endlessly pick on her to get her attention but that’s not what u should do guys be nice to the girl u like pls

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checks her out from afar so he doesn’t make it obvious he’s interested

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goes straight for her with no shame about their different personalities

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“mmm she’s pretty… pretty ugly

the guy who tries to convince himself that he doesn’t have feelings for her

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the bad boy who struggles with being bad and aloof

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watches her longingly from a distance, probably accepting the fact that due to their polar opposite natures they wouldn’t last long together

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“who the fuck is she and why do i feel like this”

the one who doesn’t seem to understand his feelings

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makes his interest known loud and clear so everyone knows that she’s off limits

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tries to befriend her but still manages to scare her in the process

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likes the look of her almost immediately after he first sees her

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Sick Of Losing Soulmates (Biadore) Chapter 1

Hey guys!! This is my first time posting a fic on here so I hope you like it. It’s based off of the song sick of losing soulmates by dodie clark, and the concept is inspired by the fic say you won’t let go by fucking awful, which you should check out!! Don’t worry the plot is completely different, it’s just the song thing, lol. This should be a few parts, not sure how long tho. The bold  is the lyrics. Thanks for reading if you do!!

Keep reading

I don't even know your name

Requested by @lenaa-chwann Aw man this only took forever to post, thank you for sticking with me! You guys should check this gal out, she has a really fun blog!

The fanfic was inspired by the song I don’t even know your name

As I was listening to it I couldn’t help but wonder what would get Natsu to reach that point of having a crush? Like what situation would he go through when it hits him that he likes this girl he’s never met?

I hope you like it! (All rights to Hiro Mashima)

(Just a FYI but I cannot forgive Zeref for what he’s done to Natsu and the guild. Saying he’s depressed is no excuse for the pain he put them through)

“You fucking idiot!” Zeref’s fist collides against Natsu’s face sending him careening against the wall.

“Who the hell do you think you are!?”

Anger flared up in the young man who immediately gets back up. “I’m Natsu Dragneel!”

Their relationship was anything but friendly, brothers they may be but Zeref always beat his younger sibling. Both were orphaned at a young age and although Zeref tried to tough it out he broke and violence ensued. Natsu, who was only 10 at that time, learned to grow up fast.

Foster homes after foster homes, the two were constantly shifted around. The fear that Zeref would lose Natsu because of his destructive behavior made Zeref all the more aggressive.

He had to discipline him. If Zeref didn’t beat some sense into Natsu, they would be separated.

“Shut up!” Zeref shouts, “You are not Dragneel anymore- you are Natsu Anderson!”

The Anderson’s were the fifth family to foster the brothers and yet Natsu had gotten into enough fights that the family was beginning to reconsider. As of now they’re talking with the orphanages headmaster Makarov, and it wasn’t looking good for Natsu and Zeref.

“I won’t let them take my name! I am Natsu Dragneel and I belong to me!” Tears of frustration begin to stream down his face as he attacks Zeref in a rage. The constant abuse, adults trying to take his identity, everyone expecting him to be someone he wasn’t, it was all too much.

Dragneel was the only link Natsu had to Igneel, couldn’t Zeref see that? Did he even care? The scarf he wore from his neck was from mother, it was her last gift. He refused to let them go, Natsu wouldn’t let people take his identity away from him.

In a violent rampage the two wrestle and tear at each other. Zeref clawing Natsu’s face and kicking him in the gut while Natsu punches and rams Zeref against the floor. Gaining the upper hand Zeref tears Natsu’s scarf off of him.

“I’ll shred it.”

The pinkette freezes, his brother wouldn’t really do this would he?

Standing up Zeref grins at his brother. “You know something Natsu? Maybe this is best.” Before Natsu can even react Zeref shreds the scarf in half.

“Stop! Zeref please!” Desperation builds in him as his mother’s final gift is torn apart.

“Beg all you want you brat! This is for all the foster homes you put us through!” A second tear appears in the scarf. “All of the trouble you’ve caused!” A third tear. “The grief you inflict on everyone!”

By this time Natsu is on his knees begging and weeping for Zeref to stop as his scarf is torn to pieces. But his brother is to angry to listen and continues his attack.

“Zeref that’s enough!”

The sudden outburst startles the both of them enough for Natsu to take what remained of his scarf from Zeref. A blonde girl, no more then 16, storms into the room. Natsu had seen her around but never actually new her, only Zeref interacted with the girl and Natsu didn’t want to get close to any of his brother’s friends.

“Natsu is no threat to you! You have no right to treat him this way!”

By the way she raised her voice, other orphans were beginning to peer into the room. Natsu doesn’t seem to notice though as he holds the remnants of his scarf close to his chest and cries.

“What would you know!? You’re not even an orphan! Just a wretch whose own father abandoned her!”

Not backing down the blonde gets up in Zeref’s face looking ready to kill.

“You want to fight you piece of shit!?”

“Break it up! Break it up!” Makarov forces himself into the room and every orphan scatters leaving the blonde, brothers, and headmaster alone. Quickly surveying the situation Makarov glares at the three of them.

“Zeref if you hurt your brother again I’m kicking you out, and Natsu stop being so dense that you refuse any help given. And you-” Makarov turns to the girl,“ If you see a fight, don’t join in just tell me!”

“Yes headmaster.” All three grumbled.

Makarov, seemingly unaffected by their grumbling, orders the brothers into his office. Just like always, their foster family abandoned them, and predictably Makarov wanted to settle things.

Zeref glares at the girl and then looks at Natsu in disgust. “You’re such a waste of time.” He says as he follows the headmaster out. Natsu gathers the pieces of his scarf and begins to leave the room but stops to thank the girl.

“You didn’t have to help you know.”

“I’m tired of Zeref’s behavior,” she scoffs, “what a loser. He even brags about beating you. I’m sick of hearing it.”

“Oh…well, thanks I guess.”

She gives a look of sympathy.

“I’m pretty good at sewing you know. Is it okay if I fix your scarf for you?”

At this Natsu brightens up, was she really willing to do this for him?

“I have no way to repay you.”

“It’s okay,” She smiles, “I’ve been wanting to have a friend. Could we hang out sometime?”

His heart skips a beat and Natsu willingly gives her what’s left of his scarf.

“Sure! But I don’t even know your name.”

“NATSU GET OVER HERE NOW!” Makarov yells.

“Go go go,” She begins pushing him out of the doorway, “You shouldn’t keep him waiting. I’ll give you the scarf tomorrow at this same place okay?”


For the first time since his parent’s death, Natsu’s life might actually be changing for the better.

anonymous asked:

Hey people! I talked to the guy I like for the first time in half a year (the last time we talked he suddenly got in a relationship and my heart was broken) but yeah, we talked. And I can't get him out of my head. And i low key know that he's going to hurt me again but I just need some fresh opinion I guess? I mean he is a DRUG to me. And I need someone to slap me in the face and tell me that I should stick to powdered sugar and not cocaine? Hope you have a great day! (Didn't check for errors)

Since you haven’t spoken to him in so long, and it sounds like (sorry if I’m misunderstanding) he wasn’t actively trying to hurt you last time you spoke, it may be worth it to try talking to him more and see how it goes. If he’s not in a relationship right now he may even be interested in you! That being said, if you feel like any kind of relationship with him (romantic or platonic) will end up hurting you, then you should take care of yourself and avoid putting yourself in any situations that could end up hurting you. Trust yourself, if you think you should give him a chance then you should. If you think that nothing good can come of it, then don’t pursue it any further.

Good luck and take care of yourself!

-JJ 💙

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what are some fics that you will never forget, like fics that you will remember the whole day. I would like Namjin and Yoonseok. Sorry if this has been answered! Love you guys ❤❤

Seeing as Namjin isn’t my absolute favorite ship (or even a ship i read that often, *gasp* i know) I don’t have much that I can’t ever forget yakno. I’m sure admin ange can fill us in

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi by shikae (39smooth) [E, 9.9k]

You Should Let Me Love You by infinitizeit [T, 7.6k]

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes [T, 8.5k]

The Two Billion Songs On Love by lexwrites [M, 16k]

theres more on our yoonseok tag, but also check out the namjin tag too


nomercyderolo  asked:

hey! can you give me a list of some serious pros and cons to starting t? (my mom is concerned that starting t will make me aggressive or later on give me cancer)

Pros - you go through a normal male puberty 

Cons - You…don’t…not go through a normal male puberty…?

To be perfectly serious, everything that happens on T is the same stuff that happens to the average cis guy when they hit a certain age. Your mom saying that not going on T because it might make you aggressive is basically saying that all boys should be given puberty blockers because there’s a chance that T might, I dunno, take them through puberty?

And last time I checked there was no conclusive research saying that T gives you above average chance of cancer when compared to the rates of cis males. 

Instead of a pros and cons (which is going to be very personal and different for everyone - a pro of mine for example is I”m now hairy as fuck, but that might be a con for a different guy who prefers to be less hairy) I would suggest finding out all the things your mom is afraid of and talking her through the arguments one by one. A lsit of pros and cons isn’t what’s going to persuade your mom, it’s careful research backed by evidence that address everything she’s concerned about. 

Just a little note on discourse :3

Hey guys, while we’re all excited and confused and terrified about what’s happening in the fandom, we still have to be respectful.


Everyone is equal in this community. We all need to lift each other up instead of bringing others down to advertise our own blogs or theories.


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have you guys heard of the korean singer Amber? She's such a butch icon tbh!

I had seen her but I didn’t know her name! 
I’m excited to learn more about her! Thank you for sharing anon! 
Y’all should check her out too, supporting butches of color is important! 
-Mod t


“Please stop your scaring me
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right you should be scared of me”

Yep, more coderunners art ^^ virus just always seems super angry and guys like that snap, and Codex is the guy always following him around and the one who replaced him sooo~

(I don’t like Codex’s slide that much BC I did it in the middle of the night)

Virus and Codex belong to @coderunners / @thenobelscosplay

And guys, if you haven checked out Tanu and Chinchi (thenobels) yet, go say hi and follow them! They are great artists, AMAZING cosplayers and they’ve inspired me so much! so go give em all that love and fanart! They deserve it!

Self Rec

Hey, guys, so you should go check out a Drarry fic I wrote for @decanthrope like months ago for the Drarry Squad Secret Santa Exchange, but didn’t advertise a lot because, at the time, I hated it. 

But, I just re-read it, and realized that with a few tweeks and edits it’s actually pretty cute and I want it to have more love.

Fighting ‘Til The War Is Won | E | 5k|

Written by Your’s Truly (nimiofftherails) on AO3

The war had a big impact on him. He knew he wouldn’t come out of it without at least some mental scarring, but he hadn’t expected it to be so bad. All he wanted for this year at Hogwarts was to relax and finally focus on school. He wanted to play one on one Quidditch with Ron and study in the library with Hermione. Go with the guys to Hogsmeade and have some butterbeer without worrying if he was going to die at any moment. There was also just one other thing he wanted to do before the year was up. He wanted to make amends with Draco.

A Sneak Peak of the cuteness so you’ll be more interested:

There was one point during their partnership that reminded him of the years before…

“Potter, you imbecile!”

Harry laughed, “I’m sorry!”

“No, this is absolutely unforgivable.”

Harry tried to neutralize his expression as he looked at Draco’s furious gaze, but he couldn’t help himself and started to stifle his laughter.

Draco tried to keep a straight face but he couldn’t help but start to laugh as well. He turned back to the ruined potion in front of them and shook his head.

“I hate you.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Oh, please.”

They smiled at each other across the tables during dinner that night.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if these fics exists but, something where Isak gets hurt (emotionally or physically) and Even beats the one who did it up

Hello, babe!

I don’t know about the 2nd part of your request - I doubt there are any fics with a violent!Even at all, but I have recommended a few hurt!Isak fics here and here.

EDIT: An anon mentioned the fic below, so check it out! (It’s heavily Josak-focused though, so be aware!)

  • All That You Can’t Leave Behind by DiscoNight
    Summary: Isak looks at Even, with that soft and quiet adoration, the way he used to look at Jonas. This should be a good thing, right? No straight guy wants their best friend to be in love with them. Or: Jonas finds himself in a downward spiral when he realizes his feelings for Isak were never purely platonic. When a painful event from their first year rears its ugly head, he manipulates the situation to his advantage.

+ Another anon recommended this one with hurt!Isak:

  • My Heart is Strong by photographer_of_thoughts
    Summary: His bipolar disorder made him want everything to be a great tragedy, a Baz Luhrmann film; because how else did things have meaning? His brain told him that time and time again. He’d lost track of how many people he’d let go because he wanted to “lose them forever” and subsequently keep them forever; tucked away into the memory palace in his brain… But he didn’t want that anymore. As soon as he’d kissed Isak he knew he wanted to be better this time.Or, Isak and Even meet in a doctor’s office waiting room. 


Movie Affair

Chapter VI

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Language & harrasment.

A/N: I still don’t know how to place gifs in the middle of a text correctly. So you might have to go down mid-reading to check out Ross at dinner. Sorry lads!


- Christine Lee’s at 7:00, should I send Ross to pick you up? ;) -

I quickly typed back - Sure, what are you wearing? -

- Sparkly dress but w a jacket, I’m hitting Club Fate after. OPEN BAR! You’re welcome to join me. 😘 -

- K, see you there. -

- See ya sexy -

I chuckle and drop the phone on my bed, next to two different outfits. My body was wrapped around a white towel and my hair was dripping wet. I washed it and combed through it, after applying every single hair product I found on my suitcase so it could look decent. Since it was going to stay (wavy/curly) until I went back on set. Because I had no plans to straighten it myself.

I sigh, I couldn’t decide what to wear and it was 6:30 already. “At least my hair is done” I tell myself. Deciding to put on my underwear already I drop the towel and walk to my suitcase. I pick black lacy panties. Cuz you can never go wrong with black underwear.

“Total lie” I think to myself but still put them on. I gaze at the bed again. One outfit consisted of a long sleeve, black blouse and a ‘sparkly’ short skirt. The other was an off-the-shoulder peach tight dress.

After what felt like hours of trying to decide I chose to send Kelly a picture of the outfits. She new better when it came to fashion. I wrote; - Need help, dinner w cast & crew, then nightclub. What do you think? -

I decided to continue to start my makeup as I waited for an answer. And after the basics are done my phone buzzes with an incoming message. - SPARKLES n blouse! Leave the dress for a date ;) -.

I chuckle and decide it’s not a bad idea. - Thanks, you saved my life, again. 😂 -

- Good luck, bet you’re looking hot af. Need to know Aaron’s reaction. 😏 -

I cringe at the mention of Aaron, recalling the events earlier that day. Trying to put them to the back of my head I quickly dress myself and continue to finish my makeup. Nude eyeshadow, black eyeliner, contour and a peach -ish matte lipstick.

My phone buzzes as I sit on the bed, I pick it and it reads Unknown. I frown and answer, waiting for the other person to talk.

“Y/N? It’s Ross”

“Oh hey, didn’t realize you had my number” I talk relieved. Ross was better than a crazy fan… or hater.

“I didn’t, Liz gave it.” he pauses for a moment, “I’m outside your hotel” he says.

“Oh, I’m almost ready. I’ll be right there.” I say rushing over to grab some black high heels.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait” he says and I hear him kill the engine.

“Thank you Ross” I say a little breathless as I standing on one feet, strapping the heels on. I hang up and grab a hand purse, stuffing shit in it. I splash perfume all over me and literally run out of the room.

As I get in the elevator I take a deep breath. “I’m not about to sweat my makeup off” I think to myself. After I’m a few floors down I a picture of my outfit and send it to Kelly - Ready to break some hearts. -. I walk out the elevator and head outside. After looking around I see Ross deep on his phone inside a black jeep.

I cross the street and open the passenger door, getting in. “Hi” I say smiling when he looks up. His eyes roam my body and he smirks, stopping at my hair.

“Looking wild tonight,” he says and I chuckle. “You’re going to break hearts.” he starts the engine.

“Hopefully yours is one of them” I joke winking at him and he gives me a dry laugh.

“I don’t doubt it” and with that he drives off, speeding down the street.

He looks nice, I loved the way he styled his hair. And the button up shirt he was wearing fitted his body well. Seeing him drive reminded me of that day Aaron took me to the mall and I roll my eyes to myself. Reaching for the radio and putting some music on.

“Am I underdressed? I feel underdressed” he asks and then states. I frown, he had jeans but he looked fine.

“Ofcourse not. You look nice” I say giving him a smile.

“Thanks” he says “Are you joining us at Club Fate?” I give him a poker face.

“What do you think I’m wearing this skirt for?” I ask putting my hands up like that emoji, he shrugs exageratedly.

“Women are unpredictable y/n, one’s gotta ask” Ross says and I start laughing.

“Yup, you seem like the kind of guy that doesn’t know a lot a about women” I nod pressing my lips in a fine line. He chuckles and tilts his head, frowning.

“Is that the impression I give?” before I can answer he continues “I mean, who understands women?” He asks to himself and I huff.

“Who understands men?” I ask and shrugg “You people are just as complicated” I say high pitched and now Ross rolls his eyes.

“Na ah”

“Uh huh”

His lips part to let out a sigh and he eyes me, smiling just enough for me to notice. He looks annoyed, and that simple gesture seemed pretty hot to me. Damn it! I needed to control myself. This dude was not someone to have a crush in. Definitely not. I didn’t even like him that much. He acted like some kind of fuckboy, and he was 27.

“I’ve had many girlfriends” he says and I kick an eyebrow up. “Never been able to understand them, what do they want? What is their purpose? Why are they so clingy? Why do they get so bitchy?” I throw my head back on the seat letting out an “UGH”.

“You probably haven’t taken the time to actually try and ask; Do you need something? What do you want? Have I done something wrong?” I say looking away and crossing my arms.

“ She can ask what do I want to! And why am I the one who did something wrong? She could’ve too for all you know.” He says making gestures. “You are very stereotypical”. I snort.

“So are you!”

“Am not!” He says looking offended and I lay my forehead on my hand.

“Dude, not every woman is complicated. Not all of us want to be clingy. Some of us don’t even want you around at all. Sex and that’s it. Not everything is about you people with dicks.” I say lifting my face and moitoning my hands to him. We stopped at a red light and I realized I was completely turned towards him.

He’d gotten on my nerve with that caveman thinking. But it all resulted very funny really. He stared at me for a few seconds and started laughing. I, defeated, started laughing as well. I couldn’t change his way of thinking, why even try?.

“I can’t argue with you” he says mid laugh and starts to drive again at the green light. I seat back correctly and chuckle, feeling more relaxed than a few seconds ago. “Damn that was hot” he says and I laugh more, I knew I could get really stubborn sometimes. I also was aware that some men found that attractive.

“You are really stubborn tho” I say and he hums yes. He was focused on the traffic, I looked out the window and see the big restaurant.

“Two stubborn people in a car. Seems to me this jeep could explode at any moment,” he says laughing and I laugh as well. I take a hand to my stomach that had started to hurt from all the laughing. And then I notice some paparazzi outside the place. Either they knew we were coming or there was another celebrity here today. “Oh my dear friends” Ross says regarding the people with cameras and I chuckle.

“Those people are nobody’s friends” I say covering my face from them. I truly didn’t like the attention, but I suppose it was a price to pay for a little fame. I sink deeper on the sit, leaning a little towards Ross’s side. He notices that I’m uncomfortable and pulls my hand down. I lock eyes with him making a pout and he smiles, shaking his head as he reaches for the sun visor and puts it down. Making me less visible to them. I smile looking at him still sunken on my seat. “Thanks”.

One of his hands grabs my chin and he gently makes me sit straight again “You’re welcome”. He doesn’t break the contact right away so I do, getting on my phone until we reached the valet parking. Once we did he turns to me and says “Don’t get down yet” I frown but he gets down from the car without further explanation.

I see him jog around it and head towards my door, I slowly shake my head with an amused smile. He opens my door and extends me a hand, making his eyebrows dance and we laugh. Oh paparazzi were so getting this.

My hand meets his and he helps me get down the car. I smile at him once we are down and he closes the door behind me. “A complete gentleman for the camera huh?” I say and he turns to me again.

He winks at me “A complete gentleman for you, little heartbreaker” I laugh and he extends an arm for me to walk alongside him, making me notice a few too many unbuttoned buttons. Instead of taking his arm I take a step closer and start buttoning them. His eyebrows kicks up at me from his height and I avoid eye contact.

“There, you look much more dressed now.” I put a hand on his chest ironing the shirt with my hands. He smiles amused and I start walking without him. After a few seconds he catches up, paparazzi following us with their cameras. “Thanks” he says.

“Welcome” says a guy at the restaurant door. “Do the lovely couple have a reservation?” He asks nicely and my eyebrows kick up. Ross chuckles nervously, he whistles looking to the other side saying “Like I’d ever get that lucky” I roll my eyes. “We are not a couple” I say, loud enough for the paparazzi to hear too. Ross looks at the man again “We are here for the, uh, Summer Productions cast and crew dinner.” He pulls put some kind of ticket and hands it to him./p>

“Oh but ofcourse, my apologies.” He says and makes for us to walk inside. “Second floor Mr.Butler.” We thank him quietly and walk inside side by side. There are immediately stairs to our left and we follow them. He clears his throat “For the record, we would make a cute couple.” I eye him.

“Not really cute babies tho” I say and he gasps.

“I’d make beautiful babies Y/N!” He acts offended and I chuckle. ‘Not with Me’ I say to myself as we reach the second floor.

“Besides…” I trail off “We would probably kill each other” I say looking around for the rest of us. The floor has a dim light and only a few quiet couples, I frown then open my mouth. “Don’t tell me Liz…” But my thoughts are cut off by a lot of noise coming from the other side of the floor.

“That’s them” Ross says and grabs my wrist, pulling me with him as he walks. I let out a breath of relief. I was already thinking she had set something up for Ross and I. Since she was such a ‘shipper’.

“And you are right about that” that’s the last thing we say as we approach the table. Liz is the first one to see us and she claps excitedly. Making the other cast members to see us, I smile and wave at them. Freeing myself from Ross’s grip.

“Here, here com sit!” Liz tells us, there are a few free chairs so I sit in front of her while Ross takes one next to her. “Hi everyone” Ross says and everyone greats back cheerfully.

There was a girl next to Liz I recognized from costume too. Liz had a very red drink on her hand, with ice, but the other girl had what looked like a cocktail… it was very red too. “Uh I want one of those” I say to Liz and she smirks. “Try mine first” with that she hands me the drink and I smell it before taking a sip.

I scrunch my face making her and Ross laugh. “No idea how to describe that but I don’t want it” I say laughing. “Tequila, lime and a looot of sugar.” Liz says taking a sip herself.

“Try mine, it’s called Berry Berry Crazy Cosmo” the girl next to Liz says and hands me her cocktail. I take a sip right away. Now that was more like it. “This has vodka” I say handing it back and she nods “I want” Ross chuckles at this and calls over a waitress.

“She’s going to get one of those” he points at the cocktail “And I’m getting a chocolate martini.” She nods and walks away.

“Mmm, I wanna try that” Liz says. Ross smirks “You both have to try it” he points at each and we nod. Chocolate man, couldn’t say no.

“Hello everyone, sorry if I’m late” Aaron’s voice says from behind me. The girl next to Liz smiles up “Not at all, we’re just starting to drink” she says. “Come, sit here” she motions to the seat next to her.

He walks over, kisses her cheek and sits. My eyes can’t help but to stare as his roam through the table. When they place on me they linger on mine for a little longer, then he looks back at the girl next to him when she talks. Not a smile, not a flinch on his face. Damn I’d fucked up good… the friendship ofcourse.

And no friendship. Less of a chance of me screwing him. IF there ever was one at all.

I finally look away from him when my drink is place in front of me. I smile at the girl. “One Berry Berry Crazy Cosmo, that’s Ciroc Red Beryy vodka, Voli raspberry vodka and cranberry juice. Very strong,” she pauses putting Ross drink in front of him “And a chocolate martini here, that’s Dorda and Chopin Rye vodka, garnished with chocolate. Strong too.” she finishes and Ross smiles at her as well.

When the waitress leaves Liz takes Ross’s drink and sips from it. Ross, who was checking the girl’s ass out, barely noticed. I take a quick sip too and place in front of him again. He turned to face me again “She’s got a nice ass” I chuckle and he does too.

“You girls gonna try it?” “Yeah” Liz nods and grabs it again, my eyes go wide and I laugh. She stares as she sips, again. “You’re an alcoholic” I joke and she gets red and laughs. “Hush your mouth” I shake my head slightly and chuckle as she hands it to me again.

I look at the glass “It’s got syrup and everything” I say and drink, liking a bit of the syrup. “Hey!” Liz complains and I snort, putting it down. “Better than yours” I say and she rolls her eyes.

“You don’t know how to drink” she says and I raise my eyebrows smiling.

“Oh I know how to drink alright?” I assure her and lick my upper lip.

“Shit Liz” Ross elbows her teasingly “We gotta test her tonight at the club.” he says and she nods, drinking from her own drink.

I chuckle, feeling a heavy stare on me. Unconsciously my eyes go up to Aaron. And there he was, looking at me. I frown and look away at Ross. He was doing a little dance annoying Liz, - gif - but his eyes were deep in mine, a smirk spread on his lips. I breathe out taking a gulp of my drink.


•••••••••••••• 12:30 ••••••••••••••••

“Keep em comiiing!” I yell over the music euphorically. Taking two glasses from Ross and handing one to Liz. Who danced agaisnt my body out of rhythm. She takes it and starts gulping it. Oh my God she needed a break. I needed a break.

We dance to a couple more songs when some other cast members join us. It was like we were having our own private party in the middle of the dancing floor. We were all dancing at nothing, or maybe at how drunk Liz and her friend were.

Her friend. If she was here with us Aaron must’ve been left alone at last. I looked around, my vision blocked by Ross’s chest. “Dude you are unusually tall” I say but ofcourse he doesn’t hear me. Instead grabs my shoulders shakes me until I’m dancing again. I laugh at the way he flips his hair like this was some kind of metalica concert. I felt like I’d been dancing for HOURS. Wich I probably had been. I was sweating between my thighs, a coat of it on my neck and forehead too.

I feel a slap on my ass and spin around. Relieved to see Liz smiling with her tounge out. I keep dancing and Ross gets closer, bracing my hips. It doesn’t bother me, it was just dancing anyway. And I was a bit too drunk to care.

“Refills. You’re up” Liz says. I’m about to answer when Ross’s hands caress the back of my thighs. My eyes go wide and Liz frowns. He starts trailing them up and I turn around, his eyes find mine and I know he’s drunk. I’d known that for hours. He then really sees me and opens his mouth. “Shit I’m sorry” he says putting them up.

There were too many people around us. Feeling suffocated I took the last gulp of my drink and made my way out of the crowd.

I head for the bar to get us more drinks. I stumble with people on the way but I finally get there. The bartender recognizes me and nods, getting started on the drinks. I rest my elbows on the counter and sigh. It maybe was like 1:00 am but I was tired already. All of us came here right after dinner, around 9:00 pm probably. It had been some time since I stayed out so late.

“Sleepy huh?” a man asks next to me and I nod. Maybe it was noticeable on my face. “You’re young! You’re supposed to have the energy to dance all night!” he chuckles and I roll my eyes.

“Not all of us party all the time” I slur and the bartender puts three drinks in front of me. “Get me one of those color shots too please” I ask slurring my words again and she raises an eyebrow with a smirk. She turns her back to me.

“You sure you wanna do that?” the man next to me asks and I roll my eyes again. I turn around and look at him.

“What do you care?” I ask raising an eyebrow and giving him a fake smile. Aaron smiles at me and shrugs. I blink. “Oh you’re talking to me!” I fake cheer and chuckle turning to the bar again. The lady puts a blue curacao shot in front of me and I grab it.

“Isn’t that too strong?” Aaron asks and I roll my eyes. Making sure he is looking when I down it. Uh, it was pretty good, and strong.

I grab the three drinks how I can and walk to the dancing floor again. Aaron walks with me, a drink in hand. I try to find Ross and Liz again, mostly Ross because he was tall as fuck, easy to find. The music got louder the closer we got to the Dj.

“I’m going back to the hotel, wanna ride?” He asks leaning to my ear and I frown. Sure I was tired, but I don’t think I wanted to head back just yet. I eye him, squeezing through the crowd.

“You got a ride?” I yell over the music and look around me again. Where the hell had they gone? I look back at Aaron and he shows me his phone. The Uber app open, I nod and think about it. And finally Ross ends up finding me and taking two of the drinks. Liz right behind him with some other two guys from the cast. I couldn’t leave her alone with three guys. “I think I’ll stay for a little longer” I slur blinking too much and he nods frowning a little. Oh my was I drunk.

“Ok, take care” he says and walks away. Getting lost in the crowd.

And to think he was trying to have some fun with her. Perhaps because he’d grown jealous of her friendship with Ross. He thought he couldn’t lose her friendship to a stupid teenager act. Then there she was, turning him down. But he knew he couldn’t have expected her to ditch the drink and dancing just to be with him…. or, at least he knew it now.

Either Aaron was no fun when he drank, or he hadn’t had alcohol at all. Liz screams when another song comes up, letting her drink slip from her hand and spill on the floor. I groan and look at her, she looked at it for a few seconds like she could cry or something.

“I’ll get it” Ross and I say at the same time. We look at each other. “I’ll go with you” he says and I head back to the bar annoyed.

I sit on a stool and Ross stands next to me. A little close, but I ignore it. “Listen sorry bout that” he says.

“Don’t worry, It’s fine” I say without looking, waiting to catch the bartender’s eye with my back to him.

“S'not, really” he drags the words a little and I chuckle, turning to him.

“Reallyyy” my own words sound dragged now “It’s fine” I slur and try to smile at him. He kicks and eyebrow up. Moving closer.

“Oh is it now?” he asks and a smirk places on his lips “Have I misread you?” he asks again and I frown. The he’ll was he talking about?

I felt his hand on the discovered skin of my thigh, his eyes inspect my reaction and he grips it tight, sliding his hand inside my skirt. “What the fuck?!” I push him away and stand up. “You are a sick…” I don’t finish my sentence and splash my drink on him. He stands there confused and I walk away, my face flushed with anger.

I head towards the bathroom and push the door open. A few girls were there but I ignored them and locked myself in a cubicle. I took deep breaths, repeating to myself that he was just drunk and had misinterpreted what I had said. I sit in the toilet. My face felt hot and it was hotter inside this place, maybe I should just go.

Perhaps I was still able to catch a ride with Aaron. I open the cubicle and walk out of the bathroom. Ross was outside waiting for me. I sigh and walk to him. Preparing to say that I was sorry I’d pushed him and shit. He walks towards me too fast.

I frown when I see how mad he looks and open my mouth but he interrupts me by poking my shoulder. “You didn’t have to be such a bitch!” he says and my eyes go wide.

“Excuse me?” I scoff “I was a what?” I ask daring and he scoffs.

“This is what I mean about you people!” he stresses.

“Us people who? Women?” I ask sassily

“Yesss! you could have just told me that’s not what you meant!!” he stresses with his arms.

“And you could learn the fucking difference between being nice and being flirty you douche!”

“I’m the douche? You fucking poured your drink on me!”

“OH, I’m sorry if I hurt your very fragile ego. But YOU tried touched me in front of everyone too!” I yell.

“Oh don’t act like you didn’t fucking like it!” he yells and I blink repeatedly. My lower lips trembles and we stay in silence. Until I head towards the front door, sprinting out of the place. If I had not I would’ve probably slapped him, and there were too many people around. That wouldn’t have looked good for the press.

Once outside the hot air hits my face and my breathing is uneven. I walk away from the line of people waiting. My heels making that dramatic sound you hear in the movies. I look around, hoping that Aaron wasn’t gone yet.

And just as I saw his figure some feets away he sees me. “Hey” he says and waves but Ross calls my name behind me. Aaron tilts his head and Ross grabbed my arm and spun me around. “What the fuck!?” I yell and slip from his grip “Stay away from me” I push his arm.

“You need to stop being such a bitch and listen” he talks lower, but still angry.

I clench my jaw and slap him hard, and even if his face doesn’t move more than an inch. He was surprised. My voice was low now but very clear when I leaned in and said “And you need to learn how to treat a woman, asshole.”

“Listen you fucking..!!” before I know it Aaron passes by my side and shoves him.

“Hey hey what’s goin on?” He asks standing by my side in a protective manner. But I’m all too pissed to think of it.

“Fucking what?!” I ask walking towards him but Aaron holds an arm against my stomach. I stop and breathe in, my nails digging on my own skin. “No wonder why you’re a bust with women.” I speak and he scoffs.

“Honey I can take better chicks than you to bed” he slurs the words, Aaron mutters a “shit” as I throw myself at Ross, expecting to punch him in the face, but Aaron traps my waist in both his arms and walks away with my feet off the ground. Back pressed agaisnt his side.

I let out a frustated squeal and shake, hoping he’d let me go already. I wanted to run back and beat his fucking pretty face until he bled. I groan and exactly then a car pulls over, Aaron opens the door and almost literally throws me inside. Getting in himself while I sit up.

“What the hell?!” I yell at him and the driver looks at us.

“I’m not kidnapping her, I swear” he says putting his hands up. And I cross my arms angrily. We start driving back to the hotel I imagine and I concentrate on looking out the window for a while.

“You could’ve let me beat him up a little” I slur after a few minutes.

He chuckles “You’ve had too many drinks”. I frown, after this I wasn’t too sure I was that drunk anymore. “What did he do anyways?” I look at him.

He didn’t know how serious this was, at least for me. He’d touched me -intimately- without my consent and then tried to make it seem like I somehow had made him believe he could. That fucking sucked and it wasn’t my fault but I still felt like I could beat his face until I saw blood. I look down, Aaron’s eyes on me.

“He was just a douche” I say, voice breaking. Yeah now I was upset for some goddamn reason instead of being mad. I push my skirt down to cover me more and look out the window again.

Aaron imagined that was not the real reason… or at least not entirely. But seeing how upset he had made her, he decided not to ask. But instead try and cheer her up, so he told the driver to take them to McDonalds. He knew she’d tell him another day.

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clymacs  asked:

Hi! What nickname do you go by and do you have some izuocha fics to recommend?

Sup! Well, most people just call me Rex, and as for fan fics….

@shockwrites has plenty of good and cute drabbles and short one shots you should check out! 

There’s also THIS wonderful little thing by @airquietworks if you havn’t read it yet.

Also, on AO3 there’s a guy called Drosolmire, who has written plenty of stuff for Izuocha (and todomomo and Kamijirou so if you ship those too you’ll get a kick out of him :3). Be warned though, some of his stuff is a bit more….heated, then your usual Izuocha fluff-fest.

And that’s pretty much it! chances are if there isn’t a fic i mentioned you probably read it already. since there’s so little of it to begin with :I

hope you like ‘em!

also maybe read my little fic of them that I wrote ages ago but eh might as well plug myself

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could you please draw john tull carrying helen twombly, lovers style? thank u so much

You should check out this sleeping post @hollyashton did if you really like this ship! It’s so unusual but yeah ambiance practice 😄 

I’m getting ready to go to the airport so I’ll be offline very soon I didn’t wanna let this sit in my ask box, guys I’m so happy!! 😊 aaah I’m scared of flying but I don’t care at this point I miss my family! yipeeeee!!

I reached 300 followers! I know that compared to others it is not that many but never thought I’d reach it; especially as I have only been on here a few months!

I know I don’t really interact with my followers as much as I should so I thought I’d change that and get to know you guys a little better!
So I’m going to be doing some stuff for you guys

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