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I’ve been awol so have some love

Okay so I never bother with looking at follower count or any of that but I realise I’ve not been around enough lately so I’m hoping that this post can show you all how much I love and appreciate you and that I’m very sorry that I’ve let stuff overwhelm me!

@strivia <– this excitable weirdo right here is one of my best friends and I love her. She posts a lot of awesome content for a variety of different fandoms. My icon was commissioned by her, her art style is really lovely and fun so you guys should check it out! She is always there for me and we can spend hours (and we have) talking about fandom things. We once spent 8+ hours in an edit suite trying to finish editing on a project for class. Oh and she gives the best hugs.

@mobsterkara <— Xana is one of the nicest people I know. I didn’t really know a lot of people in the fandom and so I overcame some anxieties and hopped into her inbox. I wasn’t expecting such a good conversation (not that I was expecting a bad one) and I was kind of shy but she was so nice to me. We talked about the reasons why Winn and Lyra had become a bad thing and then she was kind enough to let me join a Supergirl chat group with her and some of her friends. I have felt so much happier since joining the chat and have made some really great friends. Xana is so wonderful, she is so brave and good and I’m very lucky to be able to call her my friend. Her blog is awesome so you should spam her with tons of love.

@luthores <— Neve, my weird food combination loving friend. What can I even say?! Neve is fantastic guys! Her gif making skills are fierce and she always posts such high quality content. Her headcanons are always so fun to read and they give me such great fic ideas (we won’t mention that horrible one that made people want to kill me). Neve is such a funny person and I love getting to know her more. Leaving her tags is especially fun because she always provides such colourful content that gives me so many feels. Y’all should check out her blog, especially if you are a fan of Lucy from Dracula! 

@gaylenaluthor <— This girl is incredible! She is such a good listener and has such great advice. Her content is always incredible. I was not aware that she loved Carmilla and so I was very blessed with this news because it meant that I could talk to someone else with just as much passion as I have. She is always really supportive and heartfelt whenever we talk. She is also just so funny and makes so many wonderful posts. Plus she is very helpful if you have something deeper that you want to talk about, she replies to anons that have questions whether that be about sexuality, mental health - they are responded to with such care and support. You guys should love her because I do.

@jessthesecretary <— Grace!!!!!!! HIGH QUALITY SINNING. I choked, Grace! She is wonderful, she always very supportive and she’s just a great person to talk to. She always tells us to go to bed at reasonable hours which despite the fact that I definitely won’t do that I very much appreciate it! She is a very understanding and lovely person and reblogs some awesome stuff. When she shows off the content that she makes you should expect something incredible, I always do and I’m never disappointed! 

@bezzie-mate <— Lauraaaaaaaa. She scarred me with bald!Kara and bald!Lena edits and I’ve never fully recovered. She always says that her blog is crappy but she is a liar, her blog is great! She always leaves me tags that make me smile and the way she drags a certain stale, white bread never fails to amuse me. She is a great listener and I enjoy talking to her about pretty much anything. She deserves so much love and appreciation!

@strange-the-emily <— Em! She is always so great to talk to, we have a lot of similar opinions so it’s always nice to have someone that I can discuss my opinions with. We’re both somewhat quiet but she always has such lovely things to say and is very supportive of everyone. Pop into her inbox and show her some love, she loves Supercorp so you know she’s a great person!

@lenazorel <— Mia! She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Anyway…she is fantastic and always makes such beautiful gifsets, go check out the last one she made because it is incredible and she worked so hard on it. She created the famous Lena yeeting Mon-El lion king gif and it will always be my favourite post. She is always very supportive and I love getting to know her more. She is into a lot of the same fandoms I am and recently I got to talk to her about my experience at the Wynonna Earp panel at Fan-Expo. She loves Supergirl, Orphan Black and Wynonna Earp and I’m sure she’d love getting to talk about her thoughts on all of them. I know I love hearing her talk about them. She is so kind and thoughtful so you guys should love her!

@saving-from-falling  <— Gabby! I’ve not known Gabby for very long but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. She always has something nice to say and she’s very understanding, she’s sent me some really nice messages that have made me feel reassured and it’s been really helpful to me. She got to go the recent Supergirl event with Katie McGrath and tried to give as much info as she could, I’m insanely jealous still! I’m looking forward to talking to her and getting to know her more because from what I know she is an amazing person!

@mobsterlena <— Quinn!!!!! My dude I love you. He is a very kind, very funny and very awesome person. He works so hard and I’m very proud of all of the things he’s accomplished. He gave me inspiration to make some graphics and write little fics about having a trans Conner Kent and it was so much fun getting to express myself in a creative way. He always gives me such love and appreciation and I wanted to take this time to send it back! He is lovely and his inbox deserves to be showered with love. 

@mostazasa <– My very talented friend! They make such amazing Supergirl fan art and I met them through me reblogging some of their artwork. Their artwork is one of my favourites and they work so hard on it. They always have time for me and they are always available to listen and rant. I love having conversations with them because I love being able to show my appreciation and make them smile.

@sarcasm-with-sarah <— Sarah is amazing. She sends me headcanons and inspires my creativity. She always helps me with my writing and I love getting to bounce ideas back and forth with her. She once sent me a bunch of random headcanon asks and it made my day! She is a great listener and a great friend. I love that our mutual love of Supergirl and Supercorp has brought out such creativity and fun conversations. She is amazing and you guys should love her!

@schrei-lost-punk <— Ara, my wonderful friend. They are so random but I love them so very much. They always, without fail message me when I’m upset, they always send me fun gifs and play games so that I become less anxious. They are so supportive and understanding and they always do anything they can to make me feel comfortable. Our conversations go from being really random to sending gifs back and forth to deep and more serious topics. I wish I could hug them in person because I love them an awful lot and I’m very glad we became friends. They call me kitty kat and it makes me really happy.

@tacpee <— I don’t think we’ve ever spoken but you always reblog and like my posts and I really appreciate the constant love you show me! I’m 99.9% sure that you are one of my more constant anons and I always love seeing your URL in my notifications. If you ever wanted to pop up to me then please feel free because I think you are incredibly awesome and I would love to get to know you (but you definitely do not have to and I will never force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with).

We all need a little comfort sometimes

A full commission I finished recently for an awesome and supportive person by the name of @hadjiiembercolgatenerdmctillhawk, based on their really awesome fanfic, that you guys should totally check out. I had a blast drawin this, and I tried out a few new things with it that I think went rather well. 

Aywho, if you’d like to get a commission of your own, head on over here and then hit me up with an ask or PM, and we can work out the details. 

I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day/evenin/night. Stay frosty ^u^/)

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I'm writing a shrunkyclunks fic and idk if you'd enjoy it but here it is /works/11010186/chapters/24531138 lol enjoy my trash

Hey friend! I am sure it’s not trash (and maybe it’s hypocritical of me to say, but you should probably not talk down on your work when you’re trying to get other people to read it!). I’ll definitely check it out when I get a chance. If anyone else wants to read it, here’s the link:

Babysitter by buckybarnesismyhusband

Captain America is known for saving lives and fighting bad guys, but what some people don’t know is that he has a two-year-old named Peter. On a search to find a babysitter he finds Bucky Barnes, a beautiful man with a heart of gold. Steve isn’t sure how long he can keep himself together with Bucky living under his roof.

Eurovision 2K17: Graham Norton's Best Bits

“It’s a grey, damp night outside so there’s a faint smell of wet dog in the arena.”

“So, the theme this year is celebrating diversity, so let’s see who they’ve got to host… Oh, it’s three white men. Well done.”

“I can’t mock the jacket because… I’ve worn worse.”

“Timur is a personality powerhouse.”

“They’re excellent at speaking at the same time, they’ve cracked that.”

“Her brother will be fiddling with her on stage tonight.”

“Nathan Trent is actually his stage name. His real name is… Very difficult.”

“If you think my job’s hard, check out the guy pretending to play the saxophone for three minutes.”

“I should tell you, the Union Jack just fell off the wall in the commentary room. Hope it’s not an omen.”

“Nothing’s gone wrong. This was planned.”

“By the way, don’t worry, he hasn’t bought his mother’s ashes onstage with him. It’s actually a mini milk churn, which- who knew- could double as a musical instrument. Well, I say musical.”

“By the way, there hasn’t been a stage invasion. The woman is a professionally trained dancer. She is meant to be there.”

“The dancer trying to hide there. Who can blame her?”

“Inside that gorilla is Italy’s leading choreographer.”

“If you’re going to dress someone as a gorilla, at least get a decent costume. It looks like two carseat covers sewn together.”

“She was born and raised there (Australia). Moved to Denmark… Suspiciously recently.”

“There is so much love in this room.”
“Not for you, Alex.”


“And you keep thinking, ‘oh, this will make sense in a moment’ and… No…”

“She very kindly gave us some promotional chalk. I’ll be taking that home.”

“Ironically, for a man singing a song called ‘My Friend’, he doesn’t seem to have any.”

“Song 14 is Australia. Let’s not get into it.”

“My only piece of advice would be don’t start looking at his eyebrows unless you don’t want to stop”

"Does he advertise car insurance?”

“It’s got lots of things euro fans will enjoy: a beautiful woman, a stonking disco beat, and two half-naked men splashing around in a paddling pool.”

“Ooo. Some dodgy notes in there. I wonder if something’s gone wrong technically… Or maybe he’s just not great.”

“He wasn’t supposed to be singing but he stepped into the breach when the original singer… Came to his senses.”

“Comedy alert, ladies and gentleman.”

“Now… If I say this song is rap meets yodelling…”

“She claims to be the only yodeller in Romania. Probably because the others don’t talk about it. It’s the first rule of Yodel Club.”

“She splits her time between Berlin and London, so if you think you know her, you’ve probably seen her waiting for a bus or something.”

“Eurovision fans know it’s a long wait for the competition.” “A year. It’s a year, Timur.”

“The next thing you’ll ask is… How can three minutes be this long?”

“I just hope she enjoys it (performing) a bit more than she appears to.”

“This boy is a boy.”

“He’s literally just turned 17. He was born in this century.”

“We’ve done it, ladies and gentleman. This is song 26.”

“Terrific graphics, though. Mind you, if we’re looking at the graphics, something’s gone terribly wrong, hasn’t it.”

“Verka and her mother. I think it’s the same mother she had in 2008, we can’t be sure.”

“She (Verka) has already started drinking tonight.”
“Oh, I can believe that.”

“If zombies did aerobics, it’d look a bit like this.”

“Two hundred million people… Are watching this.”

“This is quite torturous. A very long minute.”

*gasp* “I smell charisma.”

“I shared a urinal with John Ola Sand earlier. I didn’t talk to him…. Thought best not to.”

“Look at us, on the left hand side of the scoreboard.”

“Do you think she gave the other half of her jacket to the man from Croatia?”

“This is like an international version of First Dates.”

“They’re like the muppets with accents.”

So I was supposed to post this like a week ago but my computer decided to break down because I have awesome luck. 

Anyways, this is based off of @parfaitperi‘s How to Train Your Dragon au which is absolutely splendid and I love it a lot so please go check it out here.

Little Nightmares

Super happy that @therealjacksepticeye is playing Little Nightmares, it’s such a curious game with some really cool ideas and images. I love how big the world is compared to you, and how your character can crawl around on things like shelves and bookcases. So I did this doodle for it. It might be a little too bright and colourful to capture the creepiness and harsher light of the game, which is why you guys should definitely check the game out for yourselves if you haven’t already! 

One foot in the grave

From the age of two Lance never stopped moving.
He would crawl through his house making it impossible to keep track of him.
However it was nothing compared to what he was like when he learned how to walk.
Soon as he could stand on his own two feet he was gone.
He would run through the garden chasing birds.
He would run to his classes in school.
He would run to the store.
He would run across the road.
Without looking both ways.
He would run straight into the path of a truck.
While he was lying in the hospital bed with his legs shattered all the doctors would tell him was how lucky he was to be alive.
For a while Lance thought that his luck would also save his legs.
But it wasn’t to be.
The doctors did all they could, using pins to try and fuse the bones back together.
However after only two days infection had set in and they had no choice but to amputate the first leg.
The second came a week later after it became clear that the bone just wasn’t fusing back together.
For months Lance was trapped in a chair, healing and waiting.
He never cried though. If he cried then his mama would cry.
Lance wouldn’t have his mama crying because of him.
When he finally got prosthetics it wasn’t what he had been hoping for.
It was a long painful process full of disappointment and failure before he could walk again.
And an even longer time before he could run again.
However Lance was determined and never gave up.
By time he moved to a new high school no one could tell he was missing both legs.

Lance was walking home from class grumbling to himself. He was pretty annoyed that his best friend Hunk had decided that he would prefer to hang out with Pidge then him.
Well not decided more like had to do he wouldn’t fail the project they were working on.
But Lance felt like being petty.
It had been raining that day, the humidity made his stumps painful which made him irritated.
To make things worse he had no choice but to walk home in the rain since his car had gone and died on him that morning.
Lance was so busy wallowing in self pity that he didn’t even notice he was about to walk into someone.
He managed to walk straight into a figure huddled inside their jacket causing the two of them to fall to the ground with a thud.
“What the hell man!” Lance yelled before stopping when he realised who he had just walked into.
Keith glared at him the rain plastering his dark hair to his face “not my fault! You walked into me!”
“Yeah well your still a jerk! You park in the handicapped space yesterday at the mall!” Lance yelled pointing at him accusingly.
“Why the hell do you care where I park! It was like 4am and it wasn’t like anyone needed it!” Keith snapped getting to his feet and trying to brush some of the water away.
“You didn’t kno-” Lance had tried to stand but when he was halfway up a cracking sound echoed around the empty campus and he went flying forwards right into Keith who caught him out of pure instinct.
Keith’s anger quickly turned to concern and nausea at the sight of the unnatural angle the lower half of Lance’s leg was now bent.
“Oh my god! Shit I’ll call an ambulance!” Keith stuttered as he carefully lowered Lance to the floor and looked for his phone only to find it cracked and unresponsive.
“D-don’t worry I’ll erm I’ll… why are you laughing?”
Lance was laughing hard as he watched Keith’s panicked actions.
“Relax dude I’m fine. See” he grabbed his foot and pulled making Keith have to fight the urge to throw up as it came away in his hand.
“See just plastic.”
Keith’s eyes widened at the sight of the prosthetic. He had no idea that Lance, the over confident narcissistic pretty boy was a amputee.
Suddenly him getting upset about Keith taking the handicapped spot makes much more sense.
“Shit… I’m sorry.”
Lance shrugged, “nah you were right it wasn’t your fault. But erm if your still riding the guilt train I could use a ride? I mean if you don’t mind.” He looked away blushing and Keith couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah sure.”
He didn’t wait for permission, instead he simply scooped Lance up princess style and walked him to his car, a small beat up red thing that could almost pass for home made with all the repairs done to it.
“H-hey I don’t need carrying!” Lance’s blush deepened as he wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck for stability only. Or at least that’s what he told himself.
“It’s quicker then you just hopping along.” Keith shrugged as he deposited Lance in the passenger seat and took his place behind the wheel.
“Still dude. It’s humiliating. Bad enough you know about my legs.”
Keith rose and eyebrow as he pulled out of the parking lot. “I only knew about one of them.”
“Fuck…” Lance hissed under his breath.
Keith couldn’t help but chuckle quietly at that.
“Man I really am an idiot, can you keep this between us… it’s just I’d prefer everyone not to know.”
Lance sounded so small and vulnerable in that moment that Keith glanced over to check that it really was the same obnoxious guy he knew from school.
“Look I promise I won’t tell anyone… but maybe you should.”
“What would you know about this?” Lance huffed crossing his arms.
“More then you would expect, my brother Shiro lost his arm and he was suffering in silence for a long time. I just don’t want you to do the same.”
Keith glanced over at Lance to see him looking very embarrassed.
Keith’s eyes widened “b-by that I mean anyone in your situation not j-just you specifically!” He rambled on quickly.
Lance laughed that strong joy filled laugh of his That always seems to light up the room. “It’s cool man. I knew what you meant.”
They pulled up outside Lance’s home and Keith offered his shoulder for support this time rarther then carrying him in.
After ringing the bell and waiting on the door step Lance looked up at Keith. “Hey Keith.”
“Yeah Lance?”
Lance kissed him on the cheek just as the door opened and Lance launched himself on his older brother closing the door behind him.
Leaving a very confused, very wet but also very very VERY happy Keith standing outside.

Villainous Headcanons

Yeah that’s right ya boi back on that bullshit also you guys should check out my Dr. Flug RP BLOG @oh-flug-me maybe drop a question…please

Anyway, let’s get started

•It’s a house rule not to attempt to remove Flug’s bag

•Dementia will pick at the edges to mess with him, but she’d never actually try to take it off
•5.0.5. learned his lesson when Flug almost had a panic attack when he started to lift it up
•Black Hat had completely removed it once, snatched it off his head in a fit of rage, and was actually surprised to see Flug curled up tightly on the floor, covering his head with his arms so no one could see any part of it at all.
•He was shuddering and crying, mumbling and pleading for Black Hat to give it back
•Black Hat, either out of the kindness of his bleak little black heart or maybe just because he was sick of Flug’s whimpering, he gave it back and even turned around, allowing him to put it back on without Black Hat seeing his face
•They eat at the table, all of them

•Black Hat’s rule
•"We’re evil, not slobs! It’s so I won’t find any plates in people’s rooms, Dementia. How would we look in our advertisments if this place was a mess?“
•Dementia eats more like an animal than 5.0.5. does
•Flug either waits for everyone to finish so he can participate in the conversation then eat alone at the table or he simply asks to eat in his room if his social battery isn’t too high, for obvious reasons
•"I better not find that plate in there or it’s your soul.”

•One day, Flug sat down at the table and seemed to worry about something
•Nobody was paying his fidgeting any heed until Dementia glanced over at him and her mouth dropped, prompting the other two to look where she was looking. Their reactions to the phenomenon were the same.
•Flug had pushed up his bag juuuuust enough to allow him to take bites of his dinner, revealing a small part of his mouth and chin
•His hands were shaking and he was trying to ignore their gawking
•"I-I-I-p-please lo-look away. Yo-you’re staring is m-making me uncomfortable,“ he squeaked, etching the bag back down.
•In an instant, the conversation went back to being just about it was before, but glances were stolen at his mouth
•Black Hat likes cats

•As in: If they wander in because the door is open on a hot day, he doesn’t immediately shoo it out and lets it wonder around til it leaves
•If it bumps his leg wanting affection, he’ll nudge it away a bit, but he won’t kick it
•If it brings him dead things, then it gets a pet
•Black Hat made the mistake of letting a cat fall asleep on him
•"You sneaky devil! How’d you even get in my lap?”
•He wants to move, but something compels him to stay put until it wakes up
•Dememtia is jealous as all hell when she found Black Hat asleep with the little fuzzball in his lap
•5.0.5. can be found sleeping anywhere at any point of the day.
•Flug: “I’ve been awake for a week with nothing but coffee and Ritz crackers to keep me alive.”
•Black Hat: “For once, that isn’t my fault.”
•Flug and Dementia sing together some times

•One of the few times you’ll ever see them getting along
•Dementia handles the more…provocative dance moves of the songs they sing together
•Flug can rap pretty damn well
•Though she may tease and sometimes bully him, Dementia likes seeing Flug so happy when he’s singing
•They usually sing until either Black Hat yells at them to turn it down/off or if 5.0.5. tells them that their music is ruining his cleaning time
•They usually high five before going about their day.

SKAM S04E05 Clip 2 - No Hard Feelings

NOORA: When Elias woke up, Eskild was sitting there and started hitting on him! He was like “Hi, are you going to wake up with me?” and Elias didn’t understand a thing! He looked terrified and threw up all over Eskild! Then he stopped hitting on him.

[GIRLS laughing, talking over each other.]



NOORA: What’s up?

EVA: We’re just talking about the party on Friday. You should’ve been there! It was so fucking fun. Lots of handsome boys.

CHRIS: Yes! Are you crazy? You really played the field.

EVA: I feel like there’s something about west side boys.. They’re like..

GIRL: Yes! That Alexander guy!

EVA: Yeah, the tall one?

GIRL: Yeah, he was really something..

SARA: He was so cute with those curls..

GIRL: Didn’t you hook up with him?

EVA: You have to take a chance once you have it.

CHRIS: You rolled around both in the front in the back, and not only in the bus, to put it that way..

GIRL: You really enjoyed yourself, at least.

CHRIS: Yeah, it was totally worth it.

EVA: We texted you, though.

CHRIS: Yeah, what did you guys do on Friday?

NOORA: No we.. We just.. Nothing special. Chilled out. We were tired.

CHRIS: But you’ll join SYNG on Friday?

GIRL: Yes, you have to!

CHRIS: Please

GIRL: It’ll be lots of fun.

CHRIS: Yeah, I think it’ll be so fucking fun.


EVA: Yeah, you have to check out the event Sara published on our bus page. It’s this karaoke party. Lots of people from school are coming. I think it’ll be so fucking fun.

CHRIS: Yes, of course!

GIRL: We should invite those boys.

CHRIS: Yes! Then you’ll get to meet them. Oh my God, it’ll be so much fun.

GIRL: And then we can hook up with them again!

CHRIS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SANA: Bus page?

EVA: Yes, on Facebook.

SARA: Yeah, it’s actually our old bus group, but I’ve added you, right?

SANA: I don’t think so.

SARA: I haven’t? Ok, sorry. I’ll do it right away.

EVA: But it’ll be fun as fuck. Is Magnus coming?

VILDE: Of course Magnus is coming. If I come, he comes. In more than one way..

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What does it take to get published by a big company like you guys?

To be honest: A LOT of hard work and determination. There are many steps between an author finishing a first draft of a book and seeing it published on bookshelves. Here are a few of the general publishing guidelines/steps!

Step 1. Find an agent. 

Literary agents are the first step once you’ve edited and revised your manuscript a few times. You should have a pretty polished book before you even send out queries. For more info on what a query should look like and tips for writing one, check out this link. Hopefully, this will then lead you to signing on with an agent!

Step 2. Your agents will shop your book around. 

Your agent will then send out your manuscript to various editors, who will either express interest or pass it over. If many editors from various Publishing Houses or Imprints like your book, then they will offer bids, or even take your book to auction. In the end, someone will agree to publish you, and your agent will help you to decide who is the best fit for you and your book. 

Step 3. You work with an Editor.

Once you find out where your book will be published, you work with an editor to help put those last touches on your book. This can often take a while, so even if your book is acquired in January, it might not be ready to be published for another two years or so! (Publishing is a SLOW business, y’all.)

Step 4. You get a release date!

This is when the marketing team will come in and start dreaming of all the fun exciting ways to let the world know about your book! Will there be a live chat? A goodreads giveaway? A tumblr post? Something more? Publicity builds buzz around either you or your book, or both, and hopefully readers are pumped up for your novel! All this happens in the build up to your release day. 

Step 5. Your book is born. 

Happy birthday! After a long process, your story is now out in the world! To help promote your book you might go on tour, or maybe you write guest blog posts or do a giveaway. Hopefully your book is beloved by fans and then you can sit back and relax… oh wait, I mean you can keep writing the sequel your publisher begged you to write!

Be warned, this is all best case scenarios, and every author has a unique journey through the world of publishing, often dependent on genre or publisher, or agent, or book. Many people have to face rejection after rejection after rejection before any of this happens. But hopefully this little guide is a helpful start as you start exploring this beautiful bookish world! 

It’s Not Gonna Suck Itself

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

Summary: The reader sends a naughty text to the wrong person.

“What the…no way, dude!” Jared bursts out laughing, practically falling off of his leather chair.

“What?” Jensen asks with furrowed brows, wondering if it’s worth getting up from the couch.

“Wow. I can’t believe she sent me this.” Jared grins widely, glancing back down at the text from you.

“Sent what? Who?”

Jensen grows impatient, his best friend still hasn’t answered him and it’s annoying as hell. He sighs dramatically then moves towards Jared, waiting for an answer.

Keep reading