you guys set him up for this didn't you

  • Rumple: So, now that Gideon's a baby again and I did the right thing... makeup/makeout session?
  • Belle: Hell no.
  • Rumple: Wait, what?
  • Belle: You did ONE good thing, that doesn't excuse the hell you put me through or what you were planning to do to him. Every time you make it seem like you've changed, it always ends up coming back to bite me in the ass, and until I get good, solid proof that this is permanent, Gideon and I are moving into Snow's apartment, since the Charmings are getting a farm.

Hey guys. I’m making this post for my fiance, because he is not feeling so great at the moment.

I’ll keep the story short because I want to get this out and posted as quickly as possible so I can try to get as much support as I can. So, for those that don’t know, Caleb (formerly toshootfirst and 17000, currently spunstories and heroscar) is basically the only source of income for his family. He is currently keeping himself and three other people in their home. But the bills have gone up, and unfortunately, he has begun to get shut off notices for both the gas and cable.

Currently, there is a boil water advisory that has been on and off a few times in Pittsburgh. So as you can imagine, trusting the tap water without being able to boil it? Is terrifying. Not only to him and his family, but to me. Because I currently live in North Carolina and I’m paying for college, so I’m not able to help as much as I would like.

Of course, Caleb has decided to focus on the gas bill, but my goal is to try to get both paid. It may sound silly for me to do that, but I know that being on Tumblr, writing, and having a place to escape from the real world? Can help more than most people realize. Especially when you deal with anxiety and depression. I’ve seen how much writing helps get him out of those anxiety and depression driven mood dips, and I just can’t allow him to lose his outlet.

So, here’s why I’m writing this post. I am asking, begging honestly, for any help anyone can give. Money, signal boosts, reblogs, anything. I want as many eyes on this as possible. I want to take the stress off of Caleb as much as I can.

How can you help? Both myself and Caleb have paypal. My paypal address is and Caleb’s is if you can or want to send anything to either of us, I’ll make absolutely sure it gets to him.

Also; If you can’t give anything, please know that I absolutely understand that. I can only assume that this post sounds a little frantic, because. I kind of am. I try to take the stress off of him as much as I can and when I can’t? When I fail? I just sit here trying not to cry because I can’t even give him a hug and promise him that everything will be ok because I’m stuck in school.

Anyway! Sorry. If you can’t donate, please know that I understand and that just the fact that you read this means more than you know. If you could reblog it, or pass it around, that would be more than helpful, truly!

And if you do donate, and there’s something I can do to repay you? I will. I might not be able to repay you all at once, but we can set up payments or something and I’ll find a way to get your money back to you.

Thank you guys so much for help in any way.

AU: Claire goes on her first date
  • Dean: *opens door with gun in hand* How may I help you?
  • Guy: Uh...I'm here to pick up Claire.
  • Dean: Oh, ok. So you are that guy *cough* who is going to die tonight *cough*
  • Guy: Excuse me, sir, did you say something?
  • Dean: I was just asking about your name. I have to thank you properly for handling that fiery witch upstairs.
  • Claire: *yells from her room* Dad don't scare him! You have already scared three this month!
  • Dean: *yells back* That's because they are all wimps! You don't need any cowards in your life. *turns back to guy* So what's your name?
  • Guy: Hamish, sir, Hamish Holmes.
  • Dean: Alright, Mr. Holmes. *pulls out a bullet from his gun and writes the guy's name on it* Here you go, my token of thanks. I am being generous here. That means one less bullet the police are going to find in you.
  • Cas: *walks up behind Dean* Don't be mean, Dean!
  • Dean: You were one who wanted to castrate him.
  • Cas: At least I didn't tell him ahead of time.
  • Claire: *comes downstairs and glares at her dads* Stop it.
  • Dean: Fine, but I will feel better if you take this .45 mm *takes gun from waitband*
  • Cas: Dean! What did I say about offering Claire guns?!
  • Dean: She has to stall for time while you get the castration set up ready.
  • Cas: ...Fine! But just this once! You hear me?
  • Claire: *rolls eyes and pushes guy towards car* I'll be back in a couple of hours. You guys better be done with sex by the time I come back.

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Salman Khan not only ran over innocent people and failed to own up to it because y'know WHY would he care about their families grieving cause money can buy him anything.But also couldn't get over his sorry ass when Aishwarya dumped him even though she was threatened and abused but didn't publicly expose him because you know she COULD'VE broken and torn his career to shreds but instead the VICTIM had to suffer at the sets of Chalte Chalte which caused a blow to HER career. You support this guy.

Let’s be real for a few minutes. He has admitted to what he has done - he’s also asked for fresh trials, Being Human was created as a direct consequence of what he had done in the past as atonement. 

What people fail to realize, to believe, to accept is that Salman Khan has remorse. He does regret his actions. He does realize that he has made errors. However, it’s people like you - and the holier-than-thou attitudes - that refuse to let all of this go.

As for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, just because she hasn’t aired her dirty laundry in public directly doesn’t mean she hasn’t made derogatory indirect comments. Domestic violence isn’t right, I agree. But the way that a lot of you treat this - you blow it up so much more.

Another question, what proof do you have of Mrs Bachchan being physically assaulted. Or is this just a result of the rumors that have built up over time. Either way, she came out of everything with a marriage into one of India’s most illustrious families, is still regarded as one of India’s “sweethearts”, has gone to Hollywood and back, but you still ask for Salman Khan’s blood. Blood that you have no right to ask for - just because he is a celebrity does not mean that he isn’t human. 

What also amuses me is that out of everyone that Salman has dated, or has been engaged to are still good friends with him. How do you know that he hasn’t or has hurt them the way that he supposedly did Mrs Bachchan. Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Katrina Kaif - they’re all close friends, they speak warmly of him; but in your eyes, it’s all about how he reportedly broke furniture in Mrs Bachchan’s parents’ home because he was rejected. 

Reality is such that you only choose to see one side in people; what sickens me is that in your quest to victimize Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, you have no objections in vilifying Salman Khan.

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Is Sam gonna be cockblocking & third-wheeling destiel all season, tho(better than Cas going on wild goose chases & being tortured, I suppose)? B/c I couldn't help but feel like Dean wanted to recreate a sexy video with scantily clad women washing a car in hopes that Cas would drop by, see him all soapy & wet and... lend him a hand :)) Instead, Sam gets an eyeful & Dean has to act super natural XD Didn't Call Me Maybe include a carwashing scene?If so,it's pretty hilarious,considering Cas DID call

Listen it is totally normal to wash all the cars in the garage when you think you’re home alone with the guy you have a ton of unresolved sexual tension with while wearing short shorts. 

I’m not sure what it means when you do it twice because the first time didn’t work.