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A story from the line at McDonald's
  • Me: okay so my sexuality's a complicated deal so let's just call me queer as hell
  • Friend: nono I wanna know can't you explain it
  • Me: well ok mainly I am asexual which means I don't want to do the do nor do I long for it, so it has nothing to do with lack of confidence or anything like that, I simply don't find anyone sexually attractive
  • Friend: right right
  • Me: but I'm also bi romantic. The sexual and romantic attraction are different, and I still fall in love and want to have physical contact with my partner, I just don't need the hanky panky
  • Friend: right cause you have a girlfriend that's pansexual right
  • Me: exactly and as long as we're both happy with not doing the rumba naked, that's a valid relationship
  • Friend: I get it, I get it... I didn't know the entire sexual and romantic orientations were different
  • Me: yeah I know it was an eyeopener for me when I found ou-
  • Lady behind us in line: excuse me so sorry but I couldn't help but overhear but I didn't know half of what you just said and I was just wondering what that thing your girlfriend was is, pansexual?
  • Me: *awkward glance at friend* oh uh I'm not an expert or anything and uh ok so basically it's similar to being bisexual, but there's less value in what gender the one you're attracted to is, at least as I understood it. So a bisexual would be attracted to a person despite their gender, a pansexual wouldn't really care at all in a way uh I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining
  • Lady behind us in line: that's alright I can look it up myself later you gave me a general idea! So where did you find out these things, you're pretty young?
  • Me: well, Internet. Once you're a bit confused about what you might be you usually go looking for explanations...
  • Lady behind us in line: so uh in theory... It's fine if you don't know, I just want to check with you... Is there a thing called aROMANTIC? like you're asexual, is there a equivalent to the romantic orientation you mentioned?
  • Me: oh yeah, absolutely! You can be both asexual and aromantic, or aromantic and heterosexual, literally all combinations are possible!
  • Lady behind us in line: *smiles LIKE REALLY GODDAMNED GENUINELY* thank you so much, I did not know that. *fishes up phone from pocket* now if you excuse me, I'm going to call my mother and tell her I'm not crazy for never having been married or stayed with one guy for long despite being 50+ but still has three children! *steps out of line and walks off while dialing*
  • Friend: wow that was... Amazing
  • Me: see how happy she got? That's the power of right information.
  • And that's why I've been smiling since this happened.
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Short story:
my mother is the queen of impulse purchases. Seriously. Its the worst thing. When we went to pick up my 40 gallon tank last month and I had to spend 45 minutes talking her out of buying a parakeet for my grandma. (yes, mom, grandma DOES like birds but shouldn’t you ask her first? no, mom, it needs a bigger cage. PLEASE MOM dont get her that bird)

In the past she has impulse purchased glofish, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and ALMOST sugar gliders (until i told her they will pee on you).

Needless to say I’ve been working her over for YEARS. She is definitely getting better about it. It’s been a couple years since her last purchase (the glofish that i now “rescued” from my fam). She also has this horrible habit of listening to the petsmart/co/land employees and believing what they say is correct (how we ended up with hamsters and ferrets).


well today

she comes home with a familiar plastic cup filled with water. and as soon as i recognized it my heart sunk to depths deeper than i knew were possible.
“look honey!! i knew youve been wanting a betta fish and your coworker never got back to you, so i got you one!! its black because i know you like black and white… they didnt have black and white bettas but they had this black one. he does have a bit of red on himn is that ok? those stupid petsmart people tried to tell me they can live in the cup forever, but i knew better and i told them you had a 20 gallon and they said it was too big…” she went on and on… she is quite proud of herself.

meanwhile im thinking: i knew i shouldve gone with her to petsmart this morning. she cant be trusted by herself.

she means well but jesus my new tank isnt even cycled yet since i restarted it and i dont have food either and she just GOT ME THIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK AND RED BABY THAT I LOVE SO MUCH

i cant ask her to take it back. i love my mommy and it was really nice of her to think about me but i will feel guilty beyond measure if i ask her to take it back. and she will be sad. i knoowww she shouldn’t do this and ive talked to her about it again… for the second time this year… but thats all long term concerns… as for now…

WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?! many water changes daily while my tank is still cycling?! will that be okay? i know all the rest of the care stuff- food, temps, etc. but what do i do about the tank?!


also hes very pretty. ill post pictures when i have a moment.



Shameless self-promotion~ 😅😄 just a shitty fanfic I wrote…many moons ago 😂 anyways…enjoy😀 ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ Namjoon. He was always smooth-talking. I knew exactly what his purpose for this was. He wanted me to become weak, to swoon over him, just like all the other girls. However, Im not like that. Definitely not. I wouldnt faint right away just because Namjoon -my for eternity cursed  rival- was talking to me. Everything that came out of his mouth was gibberish, anyways. He was always critizising me, making me look bad. He has always been better than me, what he made sure to let me know. Everywhere, everytime he was teasing and provoking me. Oh, how much I hated this! But I didnt care! No! Not a tiny bit! I tried to stay strong, to ignore him and his words. I didnt want to show him any weak spot of me and take advantage of it, never ever! I just wished he would disappear and leave me alone.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I know what you are trying to do, Make me fall for you, Oh why, I want you to leave, And leave me alone  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ “If thats not my favourite loser, Y/N!”, I could hear an arrogant voice saying. “NAMJOON!” I hissed at my rival, annoyed as hell. He was just grinning all over his face while I gave him death glares. How I hate this guy! “What do you want this time?”, I asked him annoyed. It seemd Namjoon would always appear wherever I was going. Thats really strange. “No, wait… I already know what you want to say *I, Namjoon,  am so much better than you! You are a loser! I am one step ahead of you* Am I right?” Namjoon was just grinning at me. “Seems like you were riveted by my words while talking to me, isnt it? You remembered quite alot! Im really touched!”, he said ironically, “Just shut your god-damn mouth  and leave me alone already, will you? Come on, get the fuck off!”, I complained and tried to shove Namjoon away from me. However, he opposed to do so stubbornly. “Hey! Y/N, this is a free country… I am allowed to stay here… you know?”, he grinned at me in a know-it-all manner. “GRR! But you are not allowed to if you keep on annoying me all the god-damn time! Get the hell away from me and stop bothering me!”, I got mad. No matter what I said he twisted my words to his liking and teased me with it. “Nah. Dont want to.” he responded grinning and crossed his arms in front of his body unwillingly. “GRR! NAMJOON!”, I shouted.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Everywhere I go,You’ll always be there,Try to give you hints to leave (But it’s like it came of the other ear)  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ “Tch! Do whatever you want, I dont fucking care anymore!”, I replied coldly, turned around and left. “Such a bastard! Who does he even think he is?!” I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!“, I mumbled angrily to myself, distancing myself from Namjoon, while cussing. Namjoon was looking at me leaving while grinning.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I don’t care what you do I don’t care about you I don’t care get a clue Cause I don’t really like you, I don ’t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I went directly into the cafeteria, but I had to see there triggered the rage inside me right away. There he was again. Arrogant as always. Namjoon and his dumb friends, or whatever. Everyone was gathered around him. Laughing, whispering and gossipping. I couldnt stand his so-called friends. I couldnt stand any person of this group in general! They all thought they were something else, just because they were rich, spoilt brats. And Namjoon was no exception. I gave them a sour glare. Of course, Namjoon noticed me right away. He grinned and winked at me. “URGH?!” I couldnt help it, and I also didnt know why, but because of this my face went bright red. He was so damn arrogant! I couldnt stand this guy! Quickly, I looked into another direction. He drove me up the wall! Namjoon. He was a mystery, which I couldnt clearly make out and didnt make any sense for me. On the one hand he teased me like there is no fucking tomorrow but on the other hand he seemed to be rather interested in me. More than he was in other girls. He was way too interested, for my taste. I didnt like this behaviour of Namjoon! I hated him so much!  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ You and your friends are dense You don’t make any sense It’s all at your expense Cause I don’t really like you, I don’ t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Annoyed from this whole situation I went into the library. I still had to finish a project. I looked for a quiet spot and grabbed some books and my laptop and started working on my project. At least this will distract me from this prick. After a while I was quite satisfied with the presentaion I had so far. “Very Goo-”, I was about to clap my hands in satisfaction. “Nothing will come out of this crap.”, I heard Namjoon arrogantly say. He was standing right behind me, staring at my laptop. “NAMJOON?!”, I shouted shocked. “What are you doing here again? Dont you see that Im busy?” Grinning he leaned down. “I just wanted to give you some useful tips… from an expert, you know? You will never have a chance against me!” He started to chuckle. You could literatelly see steam coming out of my ears. “GRR!” I was so damn pissed. And hurt. I really wanted to just start crying. But not in front of him. Not in front of Namjoon! He would just pick on her even more. Why was he doing this to me? Why? Couldnt he pick someone else to bully? He was always provoking me, and only me. I coped long enough with all this shit! I tried long enough to ignore his dumb-ass comments. However, I had to admit that his words hurt me everytime, over and over again. I couldnt take this anymore. Ive had enough! I hated him! Like poison!  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Why have you done this to me (You know I’m busy) Oh why I’ve been nice so far But I can’t take it anymore  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Some time went by since that incident in the library. But my mind still didnt change a tiny bit about my rival. I hated him! Still! No matter where I went - Namjoon was there. I was so irritated by him. I didnt understand whats that supposed to mean. I hated him. But everytime I told him that, Namjoon didnt seem to care. Instead, he preferred to just grin at me widly. “GRRR!” His behaviour totally got on my nerves. Couldnt he unsterstand already? I was so pissed this moment. “I told you that I cant fucking stand you, you prick! Got it?”, I yelled at him. Suddenly, he came close, dangerously close. “You are lying…”, he just said. “Huh?” I didnt understand what he was trying to say with that. “You are lying… If you are being honest to yourself, you find me irresistible? Dont you, Y/N?, he literally breathed into my ear. He couldnt hold back his grin while saying this. Immediately, blood rushed into my head again, I was bright red,  I didnt like that state of mine at all. "Th-Thats not true! Im not lying! I hate you! I really do!”, I tried to confirm my words once again. Without success. Namjoon just answered with his trademark grin again.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Time passes by and you wonder why I’m not gonna lie, You mean nothin’ to me  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I went mad! I always had to let myself be treated like a little kid by him. I couldnt stand it. I couldnt stand him! I hated him! “I just want to make something clear, Namjoon…”, I started irritated, and pointed threathening onto his chest with my index finger. “I will tell you this for the last time, and you better listen well… I FUCKING HATE YOU!!! GOT IT?!, I made myself clear loudly. "I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!”, I shouted and didnt notice how awfully close I got to his face. “Eh..?!”, suddenly this unwanted blush on my cheeks again. Namjoon just grinned at me widly. He started to chuckle. “EH?!”, at this point I was totally confused. I told him that I hated him, didnt I? Why did he start to chuckle?! I seriously didnt understand Namjoon at all. All of a sudden he stared me deeply in the eyes, again with a smirk on his lips. Again he got dangerously close to my face. Only a few millimeters seperating our lips, but before our lips even touched, he whispered: “I hate you too, Y/N… I hate you, too…”, a satisfied smirk showed on his lips. And suddenly he pressed his lips against mine. He smirked into the kiss. I could feel it exactly. I didnt know what to do. More and more blood rushed into my head. I was blushing so bad. What in the world was Namjoon, my rival, doing to me!? Suddenly I felt how Namjoon basically begging for access with his tongue, and softly nibbling on my lower lip. My face turned even redder, if that was even possible. I didnt let him access my mouth and pressed my lips together. But I couldnt withstand for a long time and I just let it happen. Namjoon started kissing me passionately. I felt his grin against my lips. This bastard. I didnt like this whole situation at all. However, I enjoyed this kiss in a strange way. I knew for sure that I would regret this kiss. When Namjoon finally broke the kiss he just smirked at me, for the ten millionth time this day. By now my face showed the darkest red shade possible. “See? I told you, that you find me irressitable!”, he grinned and kissed me again. I was mad as hell and embarrassed. “No! No! No! You heard me correctly! I fucking hate you!”, I yelled at him, still blushing madly.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I said I don’t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Namjoon started chuckling. “Yeah, and you heard me correctly…. I hate you, too…” he smirked. “Dont you think this is a mutual feeling?”, he grinned and stroked my head lovingly. His words and action made my face turn red again, and I looked kinda shocked at him. “EH?!”, I exclaimed. “I FUCKING HATE YOU NAMJOON!!”, I yelled at him with a red head. He just chuckled and hugged me. “I hate you”, I mumbled into his jacket. I didnt want him to win over me. But I had to admit it felt quite good. “I hate you” I didnt want to give up already. He stroked my hair again and pressed me against him. “I hate you”, I was ashamed but also smiled and just held onto the jacket of my, for eternity cursed, rival. “I fucking hate you…”  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫  I don’t really like you…

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“ this is so cool!” Gray said as he and his brother watched a group of velocirapters in their exhibit from high above.“Right Zach?” He asked his older brother, who was too busy drooling over a blonde girl taking selfies.

Gray sighed and leaned over the railing a bit more to see a closer look at the dinosaurs, and then.

He slipped.

He let out a scream as he fell over the railing and landed with a thud on the ground. the raptors instantly turned toward him and slowly began to circle the young boy who was shaking in fear. too scared to get up and run, for he had nowhere to go in an enclosed exhibit. he slowly scooted until his back hit a wall.

now he really had nowhere to go

“GRAY!” Zach shouted as he ran down the stairs.

the gates slowly opened as Christian , Owen’s partner was about to get the boy when a young voice shouted.

“ I got it christian!” A girl shouted as she jogged into the enclosure then slowly walked toward Gray and the raptors.

As she did she put her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud whistle. the raptors attention turned to her and no longer on Gray.

“easy guys, this kid isn’t a snack.” she said slowly as she held up her hands to she she meant no harm.This girl was Y/n Grady, Owen grady’s niece, she had come to live with him at a young age due to her parents inability to properly raise a child. he took her in with open arms.

Not only were her and her uncle alike in the fact there both total smart-asses, but also the fact that they both have amazing bonds with the veliciraptors at Jurassic world were she’s a trainee at.

Delta snapped his jaws and she snapped her fingers repeatedly in front of him.

“hey!hey!hey! eyes on me, jaws closed. you know the rules.” she sassed, and oddly enough. the velociraptor behaved, as did the others.

“alright, kid. you’re gonna slowly scooch your way to the open gate to your left, okay?” she spoke calmly, her eyes never leaving the animals in front of her.

Gray swallowed and nodded, slowly scooting along the wall until he reached the gate and christian grabbed his arm and yanked him out.

“ close it now!” she shouted and ran in between the gate doors right before they slammed shut behind her.

she turned to gray and held out her hands and tilted her head to the side. her eyes showing care and worry. “Are you okay kid?” She asked and he nodded as she took his hands and helped him up.

“I’m Y/n .” she said with a smile, “ and you are.”

“Oh, well i’m”

“-GRAY!” Zach shouted as he nearly tackled his brother with a bone crushing hug. “ oh thank God your okay, please don’t tell mom or aunt Claire about this or ill be grounded for life.” he said then heard a giggle and looked up and blushed at the girl in front of them.

she wore a Jurassic world muscle-t , showing off her toned and tanned arms. A simple pair of board shorts her uncle got her, her h/c hair tied up in a pony tail. she had a small smile and beautiful e/c eyes.

“hi, im y/n.” she said, holding out her hand to Zach. which he took in his own and shook her hand.

“I-I’m Zach, and this is.”

“Gray.” his younger brother said, absolutely in awe of the girl and her skill with the raptors. “ thank you for saving me.” he said and she chuckled and ruffled his hair.

“No problem, i couldn’t let such a cute kid like you get eaten now could i?” she said with a smile, causing the little boy to go red.

“ Y/n!” Christian called out. “ i need some help carrying the food over here!” he shouted as he carried the raptors next meal. he really didn’t need help carrying it. he just knew if Owen knew what was going on, he’d blow a fuse.

“ im coming!” she shouted back then turned to the boys. “well i gotta get back to work, but how about later we meet up and hang out? maybe grab a bit to eat? the food here is awesome.” she said and they both blushed and nodded quickly.

“great,” she giggled and grabbed Zach’s arm and began to write down her number, causing him to blush even more.

“call me in like an hour, Kay? see ya later guys!” she called out and walked off. leaving the two brothers in shock of what just happened.

“i’m so breaking up with Brooke.” Zach said, referring to his super clingy girlfriend. Gray looked up at him and scoffed.

“ like you have a chance with her.”


“Get in the car now!” Owen shouted at the two boys to avoid the pterodactyls that were attacking everyone.

“Wait what about that girl!!” Gray said as they buckled up. though they had just met for a little bit, he was worried about her.

“ what girl?” Claire asked as they drove through the crowd as fast as possible.

“ The really hot girl!” Zach said. “ The cute one with freckles who trains dinosaurs!” He said as they both tried to remember her name.

“What a minute, Y/N!!?!?!” Owen shouted, causing them both to nod. “NO.nononononononono.NO.NO.” He said angrily as he glared at them in the rear view mirror. “You stay away from my niece!” He growled as they continued to drive.

“ You have a niece?” Claire asked.

“Long story for another time.” Owen said calmly then slammed on the brakes as a pterodactyl dive bombed the car.

Right as it was about to come in contact with the glass of the car numerous bullets pierced it body and it dropped onto the roof of the car dead.

they all sat in the car, completely shocked to see the savior.

There stood Y/n in front of the car, her eyes wide, hair messy, cloths ripped, with a dangerous looking gun in her hand. her eyes went to the people in the car and saw Owen sitting in the front seat.

“DAD!” she shouted in relief and joy, tears of happiness threatening to leave her eye.  and he ran out of the car and engulfed her in a giant hug.

“Oh thank God you’re okay!” He sighed then grabbed her by her cheeks and pulled her away as he inspected her.

“Are you okay? are you hurt? were you bit? do you need to go to the-”

“I’m fine.” she said seriously.“ i just want to get out of here.” he said and he nodded, pushing her into the car before getting in himself and speeding off.

“ oh good you guys are okay!” she said happily as she pulled both gray and zach into a big hug. both of the boys going bright red at the contact.

But Owen didn’t stop it, he was to busy thinking to himself. not because of the dinosaurs no that wasn’t it. it was because y/n had just called him dad.

He was always like a father to her, but he didn’t think she saw him truly as a father. but now he knew, he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face as he continued to drive through the crowd.

“Hey black hair keep your hands to yourself and away from my n-daughter.” he growled into the mirror. hey, even though he was in a chaotic situation where they could all potentially die, doesn’t mean he’d be okay with some guy getting all cozy with his darling little y/n.

blood thirsty dinosaurs or not. y/n was his little girl.

Okay so i have been wanting to post this imagine for a long time ive just been really lazy but now i did! and im sorry there are no gifs or pics with it i just really wanted to get this up. 

so please go request any imagines you want and yeah. if my ask isnt working, which i dont know how to fix please help me with that. but if you can ask just reblog something of mine and comment with your request and i will find it. :) i belive thats all for now so byee!!!

Divergent One Shot-Extra Training

Hi guys, I had a lot of requests for more Eric fics so here we are! I was asked to do an Eric/Tris one so here it is. Hope you like it.

(Also I am well aware Tris is not like this but I played around with her personality for he sake of the fic ok?)

Mature rating, sexual content.

Making sure everyone is dead asleep; I grab my boots and head out to the training area. There is no way in hell I am not making it into Dauntless, I need to use every spare minute to get some practise in. It’s pretty late and no one’s around so I’m pretty sure I won’t get caught, even if I do what are they going to do? Take points off me for putting extra work in? Well actually, if its Eric he probably would. I seriously don’t know what his problem is. He does everything he can to annoy me and to put me down, he is such an ass. He’s also really hot…but an ass. I really love his tattoos though, and his voice is so deep and so smooth..ugh STOP. He’s a dick. Training. Focus on the training.

I flick the lights on in the punch bag area and grip my hair back. I start slow, pacing my actions and get faster and harder. I guess I’m kind of weak in the physical sense since i’ve never really done any work to build up muscle. Some of the guys have been helping me out though, running through a few good muscle building exercises with me.

After about half an hour of heavy punching, my knuckles start to turn purple with bruising. Ouch. This training is ruthless. I’m getting stronger though, I can feel it. I have to make it here, I cant be factionless. No way.

I take a deep breath and go again. Faster this time, putting all my efforts in, focusing on the target. Focusing so hard in fact, I don’t notice when someone walks up behind me.


“SHIT!” I swear my heart pops out my chest. Partly from being scared to death, partly because I know that deep voice. Eric. Great.

“What are you doing out here?” I ask him breathlessly.

“I could ask you the same question, initiate.” He stares at me hard.

“Well what does it look like?” I ask him, rolling my eyes.

“It looks like you’re weak.” He smirks. Ugh.

I sigh and turn back to the punching bag and start hitting again and I can still feel him watching me. After a while he huffs and walks over, grabbing me by the waist and putting me in a position so im in front of him, holding me in place. I can feel myself burning up from his touch and im pretty sure my cheeks are pink.

“Your form is all wrong. You’ll throw a better punch if you put all your weight behind it, see?”

“And why are you showing me this? Im surprised you haven’t deducted points for my extra efforts.”

He smirks, taking off his jacket and throwing it over a bench. “Im not an ass all the time ya know. Here, let me show you some stuff.”

He takes my position in front of the bag and starts punching. When he gets going I can’t help but notice how his muscles tense, and how as he hits harder, his skin starts to shine with a slight sweat and veins start to appear down his arms, leading to his hands. Man his hands are big. I find myself getting flustered at his appearance and it only gets worse when he starts letting out throaty growls each time he hits the damn bag. Eventually he stops and turns to me breathlessly, gesturing for me to take his place. He looks so aggressive, but smirks when he realises ive been staring at him for god knows how long.

“Like what you see Tris?”

Oh wow. How did I know he was going to be vain? I roll my eyes, trying to hide a smirk of my own and stand as he told me to. Again he comes behind me, putting me in position. His hands take up most of my waist god he is so close. I can feel his breath on my neck what is he doing. Focus Tris. His grip on my waist tightens as he moves me around and my breath hitches un expectantly at the contact. I start to burn up again and he notices, I can nearly feel his damn smirk against my neck.

I turn around and glare at him and he laughs. He actually laughs at me.

“What the hell are you playing at Eric?” I quiz him. First he’s an ass and then he randomly pops up in the middle of the night to start near on groping me and breathing down my neck. I mean yes I have thought about moments like these with him but..

“Whats up Stiff? Dont know how to have a little fun?”

“Oh and you do Eric?”

He steps closer to me again, inches away from my face. His lip curls to one side. “Why don’t we find out?”

I don’t even get chance to think about what he means when his hands are on my back and his lips are on mine. I fight it at first but then realise the feeling is too good, and I run my hands up his muscular arms and around his neck. He takes it as an invitation and runs his tongue along my bottom lip, pushing roughly into my mouth. It gets more heated and he gets rougher, breaking away only to pick me up by my thighs and sit me on the bench, and then kissing back down my neck. I shouldn’t be doing this. I know I shouldn’t but I don’t want to stop. He undoes the button on my trousers and pulls them down my legs, sitting with his legs on either side of the bench, and spreading mine to do the same. He pushes me to lay down and his large hands run up my thighs to my pants, rubbing over the already soaked material. He pushes them to the side and slides a finger over my opening and starts to rub on my throbbing clit. I groan and push my hips up wanting more. He dips his head between my thighs and runs a tongue over my heat. I bite on my hand to stifle my moans as he pushes one finger in, then two, tongue still lapping around my bud. He thrusts faster and harder and I clutch his hair with one hand, earning a throaty moan from him.

As I feel myself getting closer, I hear the faint sound of someone coming down some stairs and panic.

“Eric!” He stays totally calm and I feel him smirk against me. His pace quickens and I feel my insides tighten as I climax. I bite down on my hand again to stop myself from crying out in pleasure. Although I want to carry on with him, I hear someone getting closer and I quickly get up and fasten up my trousers. He laughs at my panicked state and pulls my close, getting to my ear.

“Dont worry, we can continue another time”. He whispers, before turning me around and pushing me off in my direction, smacking my behind. I yelp and walk off quickly, turning round to smirk at him before he disappears.

He really is an asshole. But an asshole who knows how to work his hands.

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wht do u think of dmab agender bokuto :3c

#long post incoming

HELLO i am here to talk about my headcanon bokuto koutarou gender & sexuality wise because i think its great to share ideas about your favorite characters and also it would be cool to let my followers know what they’re looking at when i draw my comics & the such. thank you for bringing this up anon i am SO thankful

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Dean Winchester Smut- Anger Management

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a dean story where he’s pissed about something and he’s driving while you’re in the passenger seat and you two are dating but you haven’t had sex yet(about 6-8 months into the relationship) and you scotch closer to him and kiss his jaw line and whisper sweet things to calm him down and he ends up pulling over so he can kiss you, and you end up having sex in the impala? (She’s riding him) and fluff after?”

A/N- so i’ve been holding out on writing for a few days, bc not only am i busy, but ive been trying to wait until i get my phone. But I dont like doing that to you guys :( Keep requests you cuties, i gotchu <3

            This was the longest most tension-filled car ride you had ever been on. The worst part? No one was here to break the tension. Dean was pissed, but he was calm and pissed, which frightened you more. He wasn’t speeding or clenching the steering wheel, he was just being Dean. 

      “Talk to me abou-” You turned in the passenger seat to look at his profile. “No.” Dean quickly cut you off, then began to speed up just enough for it to be noticeable . “Seriously Dean?” You asked, your arms thrown up a little. “Seriously.” He replied, kissing his teeth and shifting in his seat.

     Scooting closer on the leather seat, you put your hand on the inside of his thigh, mid way up and kissed his jaw. You felt the muscle under it flex as he groaned in his throat. “I’m all yours baby…” you moaned into his ear, knowing he would go for it. You had both been dying to have sex since you got together, but never really got privacy for long enough to do so. 

        “Show me how mad you are…” you said, nipping at his ear lobe. You squeezed the inside of his thigh, kissing behind his ear. You felt Baby accelerate every few seconds when you hit his sweet spot at the corner of his jaw. Feeling Deal pull off to the side of the road, it was seconds before he grabbed the back of your thigh and swung your leg over his so you could straddle him. 

          “I want you so bad right now, baby girl..” Dean said, pulling your head back by your hair, kissing and sucking at your neck. “Take me , I’m yours.” Dean didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, he was pulling your yoga pants down, along with your underwear. 

          Slowly, you started to grind on his hard denim covered cock, his eyes watching you contently. “Fuck.” He moaned as you pushed just slightly harder. “Dean..” you moaned, feeling his hands that were running up your sides, gripping and feeling your smooth skin. The warmth of your body against his cold hands sent electricity through you. 

        Cupping your breasts in his hands, Dean massaged them lightly, reaching behind with one hand to undo the clasp. Pulling your shirt off, you removed your bra, kissing Dean’s lips. Continuing to his jawline and neck, you felt him shift, his head between your breasts as he kissed up and down the valley. 

         Tangling his hands in your hair, Dean pulled your head back, kissing from your neck to your belly button, then back up. Licking your nipples, Dean took one in his mouth, sucking and nipping lightly, just enough to send all the pleasure to your core. 

            As he reached down to cup your core, Dean smirked at you, kissing your chest before he plunged a finger inside you. “I just want to feel all of you” Dean spoke before taking his hand out of your hair and cupping your ass.  Moaning, you let Dean pump his fingers fast inside you, his thumb rubbing rough, fast circles on your clit. “I’m gonna cum” you moaned, out of breath from pure euphoria. 

     “No you’re fucking not. Not until I’m pounding that pussy.” Dean’s eyes were full of lust as he quickly undid his belt, pulling his cock out. Twitching and leaking pre cum, you watched Dean line himself up with you as he pulled you down, forcing himself completely inside you. “Fuck you’re so tight.” Dean said, grabbing your hips and moving for you. 

       Moaning, you let Dean take his anger out on your body, his thrusts deep and full of pent up anger. “Fuck Dean, fuck me.” Pounding into you, Dean’s cock filled you to the brim, your pussy stretching to accommodate him. “Don’t stop, Dean” you moaned, gripping his shoulders. “Dean I’m gonna-” you were out of breath as Dean started to play with your clit. “Cum on my cock baby..” Dean said, playing with your clit roughly, making sure you were over the edge. 

      Clenching tightly around him, you dug your teeth into his shoulder as your high took over your whole body. Legs shaking, Dean went impossibly faster, chasing his high. When he finally came, he thrusted a few more times before he finally pulled out. 


     Laying in bed after you and Dean got home, you were in his arms, just talking about old memories. Laughing, you let the slow silence take over. You looked over at Dean who was watching you, his green eyes full of love, just simply adoring you. Pushing hair behind your ear, Dean grabbed your face, kissing you softly. “You’re all I want…” Dean said, kissing you again.

Kick-ass cutie punk!reader x michael jones

Originally posted by sukippa

“ And that, is how i got this scar.” you said as you finished your story on the podcast and pointed as a long jagged white line across your collarbone.

“ Jesus Christ y/n!” Gavin said, “ how did you not get arrested for that?!” he asked and Gus let out a laugh.

“ seriously Gavin? have you not heard of the crazy shit she does??” Gus asked and burnie nodded, 

“ yeah, ive got to say y/n is a total bad-ass.” burnie said and you shrugged with a smug grin on your face.

“ what can i say? i totally kick ass.”

“ totally, maybe that’s why micoo-” Gavin lets out a loud gasp and covers his mouth, eyes wide.

Gus,burnie, and Barbra send Gavin a cold glare, meanwhile you were just confused.

“that’s why Michael what? Gavin?” you asked and the British boy merely let out a squeak and shook his head, not even moving his hands.

“ Jesus Gavin nice job!” Gus groaned and you looked at him.

“okay what the fuck is going on!?!?!” you shouted and burnie sighed. 

“you’ll find out soon enough y/n, since Gavin and his big fat mouth nearly blabbed it to the entire world.” he said and began to scroll through tweets.” anyways, “

the rest of the podcast was a blur, Barbra said puns, Gavin asked stupid questions , Gus shouted at him for it, and burnie sighed and shook his head about twenty times. but all you could focus on was what Gavin said. 

maybe that’s why micoo-

that's why Michael whats? does he hate me? does he fear me?

does he like me???

that thought send your heart racing, ever since you had joined the roosterteeth family you had fancied the curly haired rager. but never had the confidence to say anything, people usually found you rude, gruff, mean, and scary. and you didn’t want to have to deal with being told that by Michael Jones, so you kept it a secret, locking those feelings up and throwing away the key.

but now, 

“ Gavin?” you asked as you both walked back tot he achievement hunter office together after the podcast. 

“yeah love?”

“does Michael like me?” you ask and Gavin stopped in his track and went pale.

“i uh ummm…… i don’t know!why would you ask me?”he asked, his voice at least three octaves higher.

“ then what were you goin to say?” you asked and his eyes went wide.

“ umm, well ya see i was actually going to say that micoo-”

“GAVIN!!!!!” A loud shout came from behind you guys as Michael ran towards you to.

“ BWAAAHH!!! MICOO NO!” Gavin squawked and jumped behind you.” protect me y/n!” he cried and you rolled your eyes. 

“ Jesus Christ.” you mumbled and held a hand up, stopping michael from tackling both you and Gavin to the floor.

“ y/n,can you move so i can kick Gavin’s ass, please?” he asked and you shook your head. 

“ not until you tell me why your angry at him.” you said strongly and Michael raised a brow.

“why? you’ve never stopped me from beating gavin before.”

“ just answer the question Jones.” you said and he sighed. 

“ well, he almost let out a very important secret on the podcast.” he growled and gavin whimpered.

“ it’s fine Michael! she doesn’t know about your huge crush on her!” he said dismissively and his face went pale. 

“oh no.”


in all of this your eyes went wide and a smile found it’s way onto your face. “you have a crush on me?” you asked and Michael stopped chasing Gavin and sighed. 

“well yeah, how could i not?” he said and scratched the back of his neck. “your pretty, funny, and your totally a bad-ass. how could i not fall for a kick-ass cutie like you?” he said shyly as he looked at the ground.

you chuckled, “ that all you had to say jonesy.” you said and leaned in, pressing your lips to his. his eyes went wide but he soon melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to this chest.

but as soon as it started, it ended.

you pulled apart from him and sent him a grin. “you bus tonight?” you asked and he shook his head. 

“no not at all.”

“ my place, six o clock, be there and be ready to stay the night. “ you called out as you walked away with a smirk on your face, radiating confidence. 

“ uh y-yeah! Totally ill be there!” he shouted back excitedly and Gavin pouted. 

“ but i thought we were going to be playing games together tonight. “

“ Gavin, y/n just asked me to stay the night at her house. a fucking tsunami wouldn’t stop me from seeing that girl.”


yaaaayy!!!!im updating! im so sorry ive been inactive you guys! i havent been writing lately cuse of school and my laptiopo broke so i have to use my mom’s crappy one that barely works! but within two months ill have enough money for my own computer so i will be uplaoding more by like november hopefully! but i will be trying to upload like once a week so please send in all your requests!!! especially spooky scary au!!!!i really wanna write some but i dont really have any ideas for it! so please send in some ideas cause i wanna write some fics that you guys will like! well i think thats all for now, bye!

loaver  asked:

okay so imagine Phichit and all of his skater friends planning Yuuri and Victor's wedding... but without Yuuri and Victor ever finding out, so they'd get to the Grand Prix and everyone who's in on Phichit's plan is eyeing them as usual, but with added intention. Phichit & Friends (the official group chat name) would be talking about flower arches and in the middle of the warm-up area Phichit yells "UNDER THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREES" and whips out his phone, proceeding to text the group (1/2)

(2/2) [Phichit, the wedding planner] Phichit texts the group that the wedding has to be in Hasetsu when the cherry blossoms fall bc “ITS GONNA LOOK GREAT!” Also they invited Giorgi bc he’s still sad and he needs to get his mind off of Anya by “planning a wedding, obviously.” Cue several moments of Giorgi almost giving them away bc Victor’s VERY perceptive and Phichit & Friends declare silence about the wedding IRL and they start taking the wedding very seriously, and Yuuri’s parents join in too!

yaboyphichit: u may be wondering why i have assembled u all here today…

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40. - I Love the way you Romance me, my Mr Romantic.


Despite not being in any type of mood to go ahead with this event of mine, I decided to put on a brave face and get it over with. Pushing back any traces of hurt from Mali, I turned my attention into getting ready for the opening. Just because I was feeling like shit, didnt mean I was going to go out there looking like it too.

So as always, getting my hair, makeup and dressing up like a doll always seemed to improve my mood. Stepping into the tight fitting, red bodycon dress I chose for this evening, I held still as Knoelle zipped me up. 

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Woozi Fic 17

AGH NOTORIOUS SEVENTEEN XD i seriously cant believe ive written this many oh my god but yeah i hope you guys like this one and i hope you can experience it in your heads (cause writing about singing is kinda weird but youll know what i mean) enjoy! oh and this is pretty much a continuation of 16 but you dont have to read both they work alone or together XD

“I still can’t believe this is happening,” Woozi says, helping you make your bed.

You chuckle as you fluff your pillows. “What? Your entire group surprisingly coming here for a slumber party? What’s so shocking about that?” you say, sarcastically.

Smoothing out your blanket, Woozi replies, “No, I’ve made my peace with that. What I can’t believe now is that you’re letting Minghao sleep on your bed.”

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changed it up a bit so yeah

pic credit 

[ more ]

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Really? Why Cant Angry Turtles Get Some Love Too? Chill.

Okay, so you guys know about that instagram pic that i posted last night right?

this one: 

Well if you look at the comments everyone was excited, except for this one person who claimed she was just a fan and denied the fact that wasnt a fangirl, when clearly she isnt, instead shes one of those fangirls. Her username and picture says it all.

 But due to me being a private person and having respect for that kinda stuff i will black it out.

Sorry guys, Im just particular about that kinda stuff. But here is her first comment.:

Okay, I know Ciro already replied to her, which i will show in a moment, but after I break this comment down, and yes, i will do so because I literally am kinda upset about this.

  • “You guys shouldnt have brought that THING back”

Alright, its fine if you dont like Mona, but really? You have to be that immature about her coming? that THING? Maybe im being sensitive about this, but Mona wasnt even fully developed back in the 80s series, and she hasnt even freakin appeared in this series, this is just like Renet all over again I swear.

  • “This show needs action, not romance”

Besides a small bit of romance in season 1 and 2 this show hasnt really been all that “Romantic” actually its been written really well. As Ive said many times before the boys will have their crushes, and yeah they threw a slim bit of romance your way, but thats it. In season 3 after a foot to big there has hardly been Apriltello moments, hell theres hardly been Capril moments. And no them hugging is not romantic, its just friends being friendly with each other. Same with Donnie and April, they are being friends. Friends hug, and even hold hands, that doesnt mean its automatically romantic, it just shows they care. Guess what? It will probably be the same way with Mona and Raph too but wayyyyyy different. Haha.

  • “Shes gross”

How is she gross? Also your opinion is really invalid if you HAVENT EVEN SEEN HER IN THIS DANG SERIES!!!! EVEN IN THE 80S SERIES HOW CAN YOU FORM THAT OPINION WHEN SHES BEEN IN ONLY ONE EPISODE! *sighs* okay, sorry, just lets move on hm? ^^’

  • “Raph’s better off alone”

Im gonna just call you one of those Raph fangirls right now, no matter what you say. Raph can be better off alone sure but that doesnt mean he cant have a crush here and there. Why? CAUSE HE’S A TEENAGE BOY DAMMIT! Sorry, im trying to be calm, i promise…

  • “No, Im not a fangirl who wants Raph for herself.”

Really? Cause you sound like one of those fangirls. And trust me I know crazed fangirls. Your giving all the signs besides your username and profile picture. 

Signs of being an obsessive crazed Raph fangirl

  • Saying he’s better off alone
  • Denying your not a fangirl
  • Insulting Raphael’s supposed love interest Mona
  • Insulting a great character that hasnt even appeared because she is the crush of Raph
  • Being agressive

Did i forget anything? Im not sure, if you wish yall can add more signs.And Im not buying the whole 

“Im just a fan of the show”

because if that was the case you wouldnt be this upset about Mona coming, or about how Raph has a darn crush, or you wouldnt be acting like its the end of the world. Just saying, Ive seen this aggressive behavior before, with Donnie fans, Leo fans, heck even Mikey fans! Also the fangirls who deny that they are fangirls act exactly like this.

((Not saying all of you fangirls do this)) *shakes head*

Last point

  • “You’ll loose some viewers because of her.”

Considering that most of the fandom is made up of adults or older kids that are in their late teens and have been fans since the 80s or 90s im sure its okay if they loose some fans, why? Because they have a ton more. you know that saying, you loose some, you gain more. Sure they may loose some, but im very sure they will gain more, especially when Mona is being voiced by ZELDA WILLIAMS! ROBIN WILLIAMS DAUGHTER!

Unlike me Ciro kept his cool and told her what was up

he kept it short and simple, to the point, its his show after all.

Here is where Brandon comes in, with his comment, and guys just so you know these two WERE NOT serious, they were trolling this girl.

This was her reply

oh man thats a lot to break down. Lets get started!

  • “What the heck? Babies? -…- Im out”

Alright first off, they were trolling you, secondly who cares if your out, seriously obsessed fangirl.

And to those who actually took Brandon and Ciro’s instagram comments seriously……

my reaction:

Originally posted by booyakashellshocked

And for those who are still taking their comments seriously and wont shut up about it:

Originally posted by sushimanjuu

Really guys? Do I really need to go on a rant about this? Right now Raph is my spirit dude >…> 

  • “Dont do that guys seriously xD”

Okay, im about to defend these creators beacuse im getting really tired about how everyone is up their butts 24/7 telling them how to do their show.

  1.  Its not YOUR show
  2.  Its not your place to tell them what to do
  3.  I dont care if your using that “xD” face, i will say this, chill the shell out, they really can do whatever they want with this show. CIRO CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH THIS SHOW.



*bites tongue* 

moving on….

  • “we’re here to see ninjas and fights not babies or romance.” 

Okay, stop talking for the whole fandom. Its YOU who dont want to see babies or romance, I am here to see turtles, no matter what, romance, babies, whatever, as long as turtles are in it, im in, and this is speaking for me, others may not want you to speak for them, I know others do not want ME to SPEAK FOR THEM.  why? Becacuse not everyone has the same views as you do you little —-

*bites tongue again*

Oh man i need to move on...*sighs*

  • “This made the show weird.”

Guys do you feel weird watching this show, a show that has hardly romance at all and when it does its very little? *asks in sarcasm tone*

Like really the romance on this show is so little that you actually gotta pay attention to actually see it, and even then it looks like they’re just being friendly to each other. In my eyes anyways…*shakes head*


  • “Im not a fangirl”

Your a fangirl, no matter what you say, people who say that kinda thing are either in denial or just to blind to see it. 

Actually scratch that, you are not a fangirl.

Theres differences between fangirls and over the top obsessive annoying fangirls who literally do nothing but overreact over every little thing that has to do with their favorite turtle.

you are the second.

  • “I’ve watched previous versions of the show. They didnt have romance and stuff.”

You want some s**t with that bull?



Comics- April and Casey, they even had a child, also the turtles had girlfriends if im not mistaken.
tmnt 80′s- This one hardly had any but i remember seeing a few moments here and there, correct me if im wrong about that
tmnt 90 movie 1- Casey and April, 
tmnt 2003- Casey and April, they got married in season 7 during the last episode. also it was implied that Raph had a slight crush on a friend named Jill or Jen ((Im pretty sure her name was Jill))
tmnt 2007- Casey and April, they were getting married, or was close to an engagement.
tmnt 2012- Leo and Karai, April and Donnie, Casey and April ((maybe))
tmnt 2014- April and Vernen ((IDK if i spelled his name right)) or April and Raph

I swear people like you forget that the other versions had a shit ton of romance ((excuse my language)) But when the nick series do it, its a like sin and you guys act like its a new thing that hasnt been done before.

Look the nick series actually goes by what actual teenagers do while in love or crushing on someone, they make it realistic as possible, is it annoying? Duh, but thats teens and life for you. Fans like you dont seem to get that in your heads, and seem to forget that in this version they are more immature, more teen like, also they relate more with todays generations of kids, maybe not to you, and thats okay, but remember the previous versions you CLAIMED to have watched before trying to make a point. 

Last one

  • “It was tmnt, thats what tmnt is for, ninjutsu”

So apparently tmnt is for ninjutsu, my dear, ninjutsu has a part to play in tmnt, but what is tmnt is the love for family and friends, the honor for your clan, the determination to protect the innocent no matter what, oh and pizza, mainly from what I get, TMNT is a family oriented show, which does include romance, but mainly its about the bond between four brothers thats so strong that nothing or noone can tare them apart. A bond between father and sons/ Sensei and students, And a bond between friends that are considered family.

If you just get ninjutsu from TMNT and nothing else, then you really havent gone in depth with this franchise, or grasped the concept of this show. It teaches about honor, respect, and how family is the most important thing in our lives along with friendships that last a lifetime.

THAT IS WHAT WE WANNA SEE…and Im sure the fandom will allow me to speak for them when i say that.

WE WANT TO SEE THAT. and guess what, most of us see it all the time when we watch any incarnation over and over again.

Its just YOU who only wants to see action, fighting, and ninjas. Dont get me wrong i like that stuff to, but if it was JUST that and nothing else, I’d probably wouldnt be in this fandom, nor like the franchise.

This show, franchise has balance, a best of all genres, Drama, Action, Adeventure, Fantasty, Romance, Family, and even Horror.

And thats what we like, different things that comes into one franchise, and honestly if I have to put up with teen drama BS thats fine. ((Not speaking for all of the fandom)) I will do it as many times, why? Because I love this show and franchise to death, nothing will ever stop me from watching.

And hey maybe some of the fandom feels the way I do, I dunno, but just know that we do not want you to speak for us, and we will defend the Creator of the nick series at any cost….

Okay well I will. ^^ cause I cant really speak for the fandom on that last part. haha.


((Sorry i had to, it was a perfect opportunity.))

Okay, i’ve done my damage here, long post this time, sorry for that.

I also wish to apologize if i sound rude, mean, disrespecful or hateful, this was not my intent, i do not mean to, just when someone does something like this i tend to get defensive over Ciro.

This show is his baby that he created, and honestly he and the crew shouldnt get this much s**t for this kinda thing. And we should know them by know that they werent serious, but Im sorry if i offended you, or my words hurt your feelings. 

Just tired of a great show, and its cast/crew members as well as the creator getting so much hate just because some people cant accept the fact that things will happen differently, So calm down and just have faith in them. Its better when you have fun and just let things go with the flow instead of taking it so seriously that you just stop all together. In my opinion that is…


If you wanna send me discussions here

If you wanna spam me because i tagged this in the wrong tags, or said something that offended you and wanna call me names, here

but if your gonna insult me, be creative and intelligent. I dont have time for idiotic trolls or cyberbullies. Thanks.

as usual!

Sharon and Nico Tweets

So I’ve tried uploading this last night, but I’m still learning how to post. So here it is again….

After seeing all the discussions on Sharon and Nico tweets, I decided to find out what all the excitement was about. Here’s my compilation of their tweets that I could find in order of sequence. I did edit out the address of those not directly connected to #MMFD. I think Sharon and Nico have developed a very nice friendship and are very comfortable with each. Their interactions are quite cute…. Enjoy!

June 23, 2012
@sharonrooney Alright are kid?!?! -Nico

@NicoMirallegro Hola Handsome!! How are you doing??Xx –Sharon

@sharonrooney Oi Oi! All good here, just in newmarket.. Down tomorrow, wit the gang! How are you? X -Nico

@NicoMirallegro Im looking forward to Mon, get the gang together again :-) I am good ta, was kissing Mr Achie till the early hours haha!!Xx -Sharon

June 28, 2012
Filming a pool party at some big fudging mansion wit @sharonrooney @generalraff @jodiecomer @CiaraBaxendale @DanDaveCohen #staywarmstaysunny -Nico

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Rant time

I needed to get this out in the open aswell as answer some of the questions that have been asked ( if i haven’t responded to you its not cause im ignoring you ive just died from work… seriously)

Basically this is my peve in regards to characters from owari no seraph and my personal view on it. You may or may not agree but this is my own personal view and everyone is allowed to do what they want within the fanbase even at the risk of the characters being changed drasticly from cannon.

Ichinose Guren

Oh my god where do I even start with this one… Guren our main lead in the light novels.. Our poor tragic hero who didn’t ask for all this to happen and is totally innocent and its all Mahiru / Mahiru no yo ‘s fault.

Right… Guren even though he is one of the characters i do like is not exectly a nice innocent guy. From evidence so far its pretty clear he is working with Mahiru and Feird, its impossible that he is not aware of what Mahiru is doing when she is in control. Demons feed on desire after all and its based on this that Guren’s desire for change is part of this threesome teamwork.

I agree, Guren acts like a dick to make sure people dont get close to him but hes also is really a dick. He doesn’t appricate the friends he does have and keeps them in the dark about everything thats going on. If his true reason is to ensure everyone is safe then hes doing a horrible job because not letting his friends know the truth is what is putting them in danger.

Guren being all smooth and sexy in bed… ( insert me laughing till i fall off the bed in agony due to my sides hurting ) Guren is as awkward as they come sex wise. Mahiru even stated that he wasn’t good in bed putting that aside and knowing that his only experience was Mahiru well you cant expect him to be all epic and good in bed. He also isn’t a housewife… infact he would make the worse housewife in the face of this universe and blow up several kitchens and for the sake of humanity everyone should just make sure he stays away from kitchens in general. Guren mama is also funny as hell, Guren would would have no clue what to do with a child. Infact everyone in this series would make shitty parents.

Guren really did love Mahiru its obvious in his attempts to save her even though everyone has stated there is no hope. He even tried to die with her at one point. Stop downplaying his feelings for her just to fuel your ship. Mahiru is dead and in a sword its not like she stands in the way of anything besides the whole taking over his body bs.

Guren is an intresting character. He has alot of flaws and is by no means prefect. He wishes to save everyone due to that keeps secrets and everyone in the dark and that is usually his downfall because not everyone can be saved. He tried to save the woman he loved only to end up killing her in the long run because she was hurting everyone around him and there was no other way. He is not a good guy nor is he innocent of the things he has done ( quit blaming Mahiru for everything ) he angsts over his decisions and the lost of his men but at the same time knows he has to do what he needs to do. Hes not a mama or a housewife or an innocent cinnamon nor should he be in the  “ I did nothing wrong squad” He is aware of his actions and Mahiru.

Hiragi Shinya

Ahh… my fav character and one which fuels alot of my rants. Mr troll, the adopted Hiragi. Or as most fans like to play and view him. Mr I cannot do without Guren or Useless trophy husband and useless in everything he does.

Shinya from a very young age was taught to kill and survive or he will die. He was bought by the hiragis to marry and breed with Mahiru. Due to this he is very skilled and deadly. People who think hes actually useless should re read the series again. Hes cunning, ruthless and capable of killing people with no remorse. Thats how he was trained and thats how he was raised. He’s not innocent and pure. Out of all the people in Guren’s squad hes the one who is most capable of surviving a battle.

Guren is one of the few people he cares about, mainly because he admires how Guren can actually risk himself for others and thus Shinya started to change. He became more open and cared about others but this still doesnt make him innocent and pure. He views death in a casual way and it doesnt seem to shock him. He has also stated several times in the light novel that he was more then ready to kill Mahiru for Guren which brings me to this part of the rant turned into a long ass post

Shinya didn’t love Mahiru he was more jealous of the fact that Mahiru would pick someone who was weaker then himself but he had no feelings for her.

He also has a reasonable relationship with Kureto. Their banter is amusing in the light novels and manga and I feel Kureto is the only Hiragi that Shinya can more or less get along with. The whole thing with Shinya being imprisoned I think hes more shocked then anything. The one person he thought he was close to hid the most important thing that was happening hidden from him. He might have felt betrayed, wondered if their friendship actually meant anything if he chose to keep this hidden.

Shinya is a complex character hidden behind a smile and pretty looks. He’s dangerous, cunning and will kill you in an instant if he needs to. Hes not a useless trophy husand or wife nor is he a great parent as i stated above, all of the characters in this series would make shitty parents. He is strong and skilled and i feel once he gets over the shock of Guren, he will get up and carry on with what he needs to do as hes always done. He did not survive years of death and crap just to be taken down like that.

Hiragi Kureto

A character i used to be meh about but now like. I find it amusing to see how people want him to die and they hate him yet like characters like Feird. Some people view him as this person who rapes shinya or Guren for his own desires and needs. That he kills for his own desires and goals.

Kureto is a prideful man. To do anything by force for his own personal pleasure is beneath him. When he does anything its for the greater good for humanity its even stated in the character guide book that he dislikes people who do things for their own desires. So why would he take someone by force for his own pleasure? If they arent willing on their own merits then they aren’t worth his time. He has better things to do like I dunno…. save humanity?

People push him into this shallow, stereotypical villain who does everything for his own pleasure and power, completly disregarding how his upbringing mightve affected him. He was the heir the eldest in the hiragi family by right of birth but his younger sister was picked over him and he was brushed aside as simply not being good enough. Even though he worked so hard for it. It was only when Mahiru tossed away everything that the family gave her that Kureto fnally got what was rightfully his in first place. Guren at least had a father who cared about him. Kureto had none of that nor did Shinya for that matter. He learnt from a young age that you can be tossed aside easily if youre not good enough

Kureto has a decent enough relationship with Shinya, he could be an asshole and lock him up when he does things Kureto doesnt agree with but he doesnt as long as Shinya did what he was told, he was free to do what he wanted even making friends with Guren and the rest of his squad. Kureto if you really look at it is less harsh on Shinya then he is with Seishiro. He lets him get away with alot of things which he wouldn’t accept from anyone else.

 I think he wants to be admired and appricated for all the hard work he has done through out all the years. He wanted to be admired  the way Mahiru was before she was taken over by her own demon. He wants to be the saviour of humanity. Does this make Kureto a good innocent man? No hes ruthless, strict and has no problems getting rid of people standing in his way. But think about it this way, leaders always have to make decisions. Its not always ideal and not always what the people want but it has to be made and that is what Kureto is, hes a leader. Its one thing to be a leader when times are peaceful and stable but its another thing to be a leader in a post-apocalyptic world at war with vampires and monsters all ready to destory humanity.

I think ive answered everything phew this was one long ass post. Thank you to anyone who reads it and I apologise for clogging up your tumblr screen.

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worldrop-0ut said:


Thank you for your email. Auntie MJ was very excited by it. There are so many things about the style of it she approves of. First, TWO EXCLAMATION POINTS!! As an OPENER. Followed by THREE. This is revolutionary and Auntie MJ is stealing it. Combined with the caps, I think that could make any sentence exciting. Let’s try it.




But you didn’t stop there. You not only provided visual style, you provided things I could get behind, like cicada and fire. You have absorbed the first and most important rule of writing: !!KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!! Auntie MJ salutes you.

You were so successful at getting my attention that I forgot that I was here to answer a question. I was dazzled. I was amazed. I was mesmerized. 

External image

I simply could not think, such was the immediate appeal of everything you had done.

However, I had to snap out of it. Auntie MJ has a job to do. She must provide advice. But that meant I had to break the spell you had placed on me, and I did that by employing a trick I learned from one of my grad school professors–when he finished a book and it was time for the final edit, he read the whole book BACKWARDS. He started at the last sentence and went on like that, back and back and back to see if the effect of one sentence was matched by the cause in the one preceding it. This also works when reading something you are having trouble understanding for whatever reason.

So I went to the end, and suddenly I knew what was going on:


Auntie MJ was back on the bus. I know there is more here, and we will get to it, but Auntie MJ will soon make her case that all of the other parts of what you define as your problem are actually all about THIS. Something is ENDING. What will I do when it ENDS.

But let’s continue backwards.


This is a powerful sentence, and a long one. It needs unpacking. We’ll do that too. But we need just one more sentence:


Okay. We now have the problem in three stages, which I will now summarize:

1. You like someone and have liked this someone for two years and holding in this truth is, in your words, agonizing.

2. This person certainly presents as someone who likes you as well. You engage in activities such as the eating of food and the watching of motion picture entertainment. He gives you gifts, such as NICE MERCH and food items. This person does not respond favorably when you speak of others who might be competition in a romantic way.

3. And then, the big one: high school is ending. The way you relate to this person, the time you may spend together, may change. Change is coming. 

In fact, let Auntie MJ reassure you on one thing: change is actually already here. Change is always with us. We surf a wave of change all the time. Change is nothing to fear. It moves everything along in the most natural manner. 

I think what you are asking in this is: is this my last chance? One or both of us may move and go to different places. (Or maybe you won’t, but it’s a possibility.) You face the problem faced by the narrator of the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, who cries, “Should I, after tea and cakes and ices/Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?” There’s been food! There’s been merch! And what, after all that–what if you ask and you hear, as the narrator in this poem FEARS he will hear, “That is not what I meant at all; That is not it, at all.”

So he does nothing and he just kind of wanders around and looks at the fog and worries about eating peaches and mermaids laughing at him.


You are approaching something you see as the CRISIS! The change! The end! And things will certainly go on after that–not to worry, the world does not crack open when you graduate from high school and reveal itself to be a hot, steaming egg full of baby dragons*. 

External image

Unlikely graduation scenario.

The fact is, you want to do this. Your exubarence suggests this. You say it’s causing you agony not to. The other fact is: there is a lot of evidence, based on what you’ve said, that your friend may be going through the same thing. We cannot know how things will go, but we can make our moves knowing what we know now and doing what we feel is good, and right, and loving, and true. And I think if it is actually causing you agony not to say how you feel–and your friend seems kind–maybe you should do it. Say it.

Absorb the possibility that he may say, “That is not what I meant.” And if he does, again, the world will not open and the baby dragons will not emerge and eat us all** People go through this ALL THE TIME. Someone has to ask the question. That how things start. 

Now, in a movie they’d do something BIG AND ROMANTIC, and you can certainly do that if you want–but I think something more effective would be to simply talk about it at a time when you’re both just relaxing and sitting together. Just say how you feel and ask how he feels about it–and make it clear that you value above all else his friendship. It could go wrong. It could go right. But truly, we only go forward when we act–and you seem READY TO ACT. No one starts a note with two exclamation points who is not READY TO ACT.

Or don’t. Do what feels right for you. But in Auntie MJ’s opinion, it’s worth a shot. Let me know how it goes. No matter what happens, it will be okay. Seriously. Do not worry about the dragons, etc.***


Auntie MJ



* usually

** probably

*** they are not worth worrying about because they eat you before you really get a chance to do anything

gUYS YESTERDAY WAS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. GET READY FOR A STORY TIME. so ive been listening to all time low for five years now. they basically have been here for me even at my lowest points. my life story consist 9 years of bullying, almost 5 years of depression, self harming, anxiety attacks and social anxiety, a year of eating disorders and 7 suicide attempts. every time i got into the recovery clinic i got trough it by watching funny all time low videos and listening to their music. i hate to say this but jack is my favorite cause he is the one who made me smile when i was about to lose hope. their music means the world to me cause it still gives me hope. so night before the gig my friends talked to dave (their tour guy) and he said that we need to come at 10.30am cause atl will probably come to the venue at then so we went there at 10am. Dave was there in his truck and then we started talking to him and he asked me “so are you a big all time low fan” and i answered of course aND THEN HE FUCKING GAVE ME ALEX’S USED GUITAR PICK. i started screaming and he said that im fucking crazy. then he asked do i have bra for jack and i had forgot them completely and then he said that he is gonna tell jack about it (i dont know if he did but either way holy fucking shit). then some lovely group of girls came to chill with us between the busses and we immediately became friends. at around 1pm the backstage door opened and fucking jACK AND RIAN WALK OUT RIGHT INFRONT OF US AND SAYING HI AND WE ALL JUST STOOD THERE WITH OUR MOUTHS OPEN CAUSE WE DIDNT KNEW THEY WERE THERE. when they went to the bus we all just started yelling at each other. it was so surreal moment cause i had never saw them so close before. they came out couple minutes later and we were stupid and shy so we just asked for high fives. thank god my friend pushed me towards jack so he gave me high five. after they went inside i started crying cause jack is literally the only reason why im still here. we stood there til the front door opened and blitz kids came to hang with us (i got into their documentary). the gig was awesome as fuck and there were so many lovely people like this one boy who saw me sobbing my eyes out during remembering sunday and therapy so he said to me “come to my spot so you will see better” and i dont know who he was but he seriously was so sweet. after the gig i went to the back again and i got pics with jono and rest of the blitz kids. it didnt took long time when jack came outside. when i saw him i just yelled his name and he came to take pics and us. when it was my turn i said to him “i just wanted to tell you that youre the only reason why im still alive” and that pic is from that exact moment. i was smiling cause all my friends around me. he hugged me so tightly that i couldnt breathe and we took a pic together. i showed him my barakat shirt and he said “woah that is awesome” and without asking signed it. im sure he said many things to me but everyone were yelling and fangirling so i didnt hear anything which kinda sucks but still i know it was just a little moment with jack but the way he looked at me was so sweet. i was too shy to look him in the eyes at that moment but my friend took this pic without me even knowing. after that i went next to their tour bus and i started crying so fucking much i couldnt stand. everyone was hugging me and saying that im so lucky. most of them cried too because they knew how much it meant to me. jack is so sweet and i know i choose the right hero for myself even tho he tells lots of dick jokes but thats good cause they make me laugh. ive never been so happy before thank you all time low for making really sad girl really happy. i will never forget this night. never give up cause guess what? someday you will be in my position

you know, this is really really fucking sad

ive been a fan of avenged sevenfold since i was 12. im 23 now and i STILL dont know alot of personal information about the band (yes that includes friends and family members)

why dont i know this when i had years to gather that information? because im not an inconsiderate disrespectful piece of shit.

there i said it. take it as you want to but knowing anything about the guys thats outside of the band or zacks clothing line to me personally is crossing a line. yes i can admit i do share pics of the guys with their wives but thats only when the guys are in the picture. as long as the guys are part of it i’ll share it otherwise i dont bother knowing anything about them or their friends or their family. and i definitely dont share pictures of matts kids because yes he actually has stated in interviews that he doesnt want his son to be put in the spotlight and has asked fans personally not to share pics of his sons

and when it comes down to his family and friends having “public” accounts (which btw still doesnt justify being a creep and finding out who associates with the band for the sole purpose of seeing pics of them with the guys) that still does not give ANY OF YOU permission to share pics of his kids. his friends and family have permission. not the fans. and personally who gives a shit what his kids names are or what they look like. kids in general arent fucking cute so why glorify them?

for the most part ive stayed away from making comments about this recent situation because im honestly tired of trying to reason with some people who dont get that they’re being creepy or understand what respecting someones privacy is.

like honestly just imagine yourselves in the guys shoes. honestly sit down and think about how you would feel if you were in a band and your fans wanted to practically know when the next time you were gonna take a shit. just think about it. sounds creepy af right? so why would some of you waste your fucking time doing that. why? why stoop to such a fucking level that honestly makes this fanbase the laughing stock of the rock community? 

because guess what? we are the laughing stock of the rock community. we actually fucking are. all because a majority of this fanbase are a bunch of gossip mongering brats who think theyre entitled to know everything just because they want to? 

fuck i can no longer talk to people about my music interests irl without them making fun of me for liking avenged sevenfold. almost every single person ive encountered has had the nerve to tell me “so since you like a7x you’re like super creepy obsessed right?”

do some of you not understand how shitty that makes me feel? do some of you not understand that i now cannot have decent conversations with people because im afraid they’ll make fun of me? do you not understand that i am now generalized into something i literally have no part of all because some of you dont know how to respect someones privacy? no less someone you dont even fucking know? because literally every single fan on this godforsaken website does not know the guys on a personal level whether youve met them or not.

and when it comes to the wives, you can hate them for all i care. but i see people on here spreading rumors about the wives and literally the rest of you actually believing these rumors and some of you use that as an excuse to hate them and call them bitches or gold diggers and what not. really? really? you literally do not even know them and you want to be negative and all for what? a few notes on a post or a few followers gained? you know how pathetic that makes you?

im not saying you cant hate the wives. by all means more power to you. but keep your negativity out of the fanbase. keep your obsession about matts kids off the internet. keep that shit to yourself. just stop. stop giving this fanbase a bad name. its literally no wonder why so many people in the rock community make fun of a7x fans. its because of all this bullshit. 

honestly im getting tired of it. this whole rant i have going here isnt going to change anything. i already know that, but wishful thinking is a weakness i have and i would hope it would get some of you to change your views and make you better and respectful fans but who knows maybe maybe not.

im not saying im gonna leave the fan base. there are very few of you who ive come to see as actual family in the fan base and so im only going to stay for them. anyone else who’s creeped on the guys and got information on them and has stolen pics of them or matts kids or hell even people who follow their friends cause they know the guys, i want nothing to do with you. i dont want to see that bullshit on my dash anymore and if you condone this idiocy you can unfollow me it wont hurt my feelings. im seriously tired of seeing this fan base fighting over such issues that honestly there are far more important issues in the world and some of you want to pick and choose and argue over the pettiest of shit.

any other fan base i have been in inside the rock and metal community do not act like this. they dont. period. they literally do not act like the way this fan base acts like and in the end.. thats whats really fucking sad. whats even more sad is that i understand now why some of my favorite blogs recently left the fanbase. they dont want to deal with all this bullshit anymore. hell i dont want to either but this band, Avenged Sevenfold is the only band thats keeping my stupid ass alive. they have been for years.

and i know some of you wont stop. i know some of you will still creep the guys family and friends accounts. i know some of you will still want to see pics of matts kids. i cant stop that from happening. but please PLEASE keep that shit off the internet from now on. keep it to yourself. keep it out of the fanbase so maybe someday the rock community can stop looking down on us as if we we’re lower than dirt. i get enough of that with everything else going on in my life, i dont want that in my safe haven.

sorry for the long post. this is all i have to say on the matter.

Made For You (Dean x Reader) **SNEAK PEEK**

This is a piece Ive been working on with the help of gleefinn, she is seriously an amazing girl and if dont follow her blog. YOU NEED TOO. 

Here is a sneak peek of a new one shot (maybe two part) piece that I will hopefully have out tonight or tomorrow! 

               Dean sighed as he drove; this didn’t make sense to him and he wasn’t exactly thrilled about having to go on this imaginary hunt that Cas seemed to believe there was. “I’m telling you Dean, this is an important job. You need to make sure the girl is safe.” He said from the backseat for the umpteenth time. “Cas, just stop talking. Okay? I don’t believe this car wreck has anything to do with what we do. This is ridiculous you’re making us drive all this way for nothing.” Dean grumbled as he turned the music up.  Sam turned and gave Cas a look of apology for Dean’s attitude.

               “Dean, there are things you aren’t understand in this case.” Cas said as he reached between them and turned the music down. “Oh yeah, like what? The fact that her parents were killed in a car crash because they hit black ice and slid into a tree at 75 mph. We looked at the reports Cas, this stuff just happens okay? It doesn’t mean that its demon related” Dean said, anger present in his voice.

               “Dean…” Sam said looking at him from the passenger side of the car. “That girl just lost everything….and maybe it’s not demon related” “which it is” Cas said butting in. Sam shot him a look. “But, don’t you remember how it felt to lose mom, and dad? We kept one parent, even though he wasn’t exactly the best, we still had one for years. She lost both of them in one night. The least we can do is check this out and make sure shes okay” Dean sighed at his brother’s acknowledgement. “Fine, what’s the address?”

               When the black impala showed up, it got quite a few stares from people walking toward the front door. “They’re having a visitation today” Castiel said getting out of the car. Sam and Dean looked at each other before him. “What gives about this girl? Why is she so important?” Dean asked staring at Cas. “I can’t tell you, not because I don’t want to, but it’s the rules. I can’t give away any more knowledge of this girl.” Sam sighed but nodded “That’s fine Cas; we’ll figure this all out.” “What that’s it? No, I want to know why you want to protect her so badly. What is she a prophet? Some secret angel in disguise?” Dean muttered as they walked up to the door.  

               Sam rang the doorbell and they straightened up and smiled as the door opened. The three of them had charmed their way inside claiming to be work associates of the father. An older woman with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled at the men. “Y/N upstairs hasn’t been down since a few other co-workers of yours were here.” She said offering them food, and drinks which Dean accepted while Sam and Cas turned them down.

               After a while Sam turned to Castiel. “So where is she?” he whispered causing Cas to look at him. “shes upstairs, we need to talk to her” he whispered as Dean walked back over. “So get this, talked to some neighbors, these guys would go on long business trips, sometimes the girl would go with them other times no. And usually they left in the middle of the night.” Dean said looking at them. Cas noticed people leaving and nodded toward the stairs. “We need to talk to her, let’s go” he pushed past Dean and headed up the stairs. “Cas! Cas, wait you can’t just barge in!” Both boys whispered as they followed him.

               “This house is nice” Dean noted taking in all normalized looking things, fake flowers on a useless hallway table. Pictures of people and scenes that no one knew; Dean turned his attention away from Castiel for a second to observe the way a painting was sticking off the wall when there was a gasp.