you guys seriously cannot comprehend what this show has meant to me

The Magical, Misshapen Formula for Anti-Zumai

***Please note: this is not an argument or rebuttal. This is just a philosophy and observation (and also taking the piss)

Being in a fandom where the most of the fans prefer the ostentatious crack ship Zutara more than canon, I can’t grasp why I seem to find anti-Maiko within the realms of the Maiko tag, quite recently actually, though promptly removed.

Do you not have enough? Why must you steal the little joy we have? We are a small people, lacking in numbers despite what is canon. This negativity is not what I want when I ask for Maiko as a tag.

To be clear, I don’t dislike Zutara. My feelings for the ship are pretty neutral (I mean maybe once upon a time the cave scene seemed fantastic and drove my heart to palpitations) but I’ve wandered from those waters. I actually like all, or at least most of, the ships.

This random hate is unnecessary, unwanted, and ridiculous. At some point you must realize we are talking about fictional characters. But let’s delve into the slightly overhyped business of Shipping.

The Bitter Zutarians Hatred of Mai

In a lot of these arguments I’ve seen (that are really all based on speculation…and sometimes even just wrong), the Zutarians are dead set on all the reasons Maiko wouldn’t work. And so this obviously implies that Zutara would definitely work.

It’s just that the thing is, this ship as a couple…is a theory. You take Zuko’s personality, Katara’s personality, and make theories on how their relationship might be realistically (and their relationship as just friends doesn’t really count because the way people are together as a couple & the way they are platonically are two very different things). The result is apparently much healthier for Zuko.

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 According to these aforementioned rants, the poor soul needs endearment and a motherly figure to love ‘cause of his - all the way up to and including his mommy - issues.

Alright, alright…I can get with that. Psychologically speaking, it’s pretty accurate, I guess. But do these long tangents have to contain the Maiko bashing?

Maiko is my OTP, so on behalf of my people (lol), I am saying that we have actually seen our OTPs interacting as a couple, we already know their dynamic. It’s beautiful.

Why? Because the thing is, most given reasons that Maiko are unsuitable to one another are a little true, but not by much and only Zutarians give a fuck about them because it mostly revolves around how Mai is just a batshit bitch subconsciously manipulating Zuko into a relationship. Pffft, nobody is absolutely perfect for their S.O, anyway.

Also in a lot of these arguments, non-believers point out that Mai is a poisonous cunt with no concern about Zuko’s feelings ( I think that when Zuko messed on her skirt with ice cream, and she replied sarcasticaly with “Refreshing” instead of “Thank you” it really highlighted this fact, actually).

Firstly, she is not, she is just neutral by nature, but she isn’t unfeeling, nor is she insensitive, just hella sarcastic. And despite that Zuko is more expressive about how he feels, he is not sensitive (more so than Mai in the series but in the comics Mai is actually mostly on par with him). A more apt description would be that Lady is more level-headed where Prince is hotheaded. And she has shown time and time again that she cares for the well-being of her beloved. You guys don’t actually believe she abuses him. Right? Let’s provide pictures.

Now…Zealous Zutarians (ZZ) might say: “She left him in his time of need! They are an unhealthy couple! She does not give him what he needs! She just doesn’t understand him…”

Guys, Zuko is not the bruised little plum you are making him out to be. His personality is not only emotional depth and the deprivation of fatherly love and familial normalcy.

He is also just a person (and a guy), as such he makes mistakes in his romantic life (i.e. screwing the fuck up and then wanting her bad as ever). More pictures!! 

The relationship doesn’t revolve around Zuko. It takes two. He did not go to her in his time of need, twice. The first time they seriously broke up, he dumped her over a letter…and of course she didn’t understand (obviously they grew up on the same set of ethics then he went on a life changing journey and that. She on the other hand could only learn through him. Did they talk? nahh). It was their communication…actually, what communication? The second time around, when 'Zuko loved his secrets more’, their relationship was quite probably beginning to feel one-sided cause he never told her anything (and a zz would probably talk about how she disregarded him that one time when they were dating for like a minute, buy let’s not get into that). And so, Mai ended it. You know, even poisonous bitches have feelings.

He could not get what he needed from her. But he didn’t even talk to her.

Zuko was the - main - reason they broke up - thrice, one in which he did the dumping.

Lots of people disregard that because…Mai’s aloof? She’s blunt? She’s sarcastic? Well. That would be absolutely tragic if Zuko was a pussy. Luckily Prince Honor has thicker skin (he messed ice cream on her skirt and offered her a gift she didn’t want, all he got was sarcasm and honesty. Get over it.)

But I guess it begs the question from the ZZ: “Doesn’t all this breaking up, and according to you, with Zuko as the instigator, just prove that they are not meant to be?”

Yeah, no. Guys, relationships aren’t a breeze. They both have to put in work. That’s just the way it is.

She does not emotionally torture, blackmail, drain, or abuse him, and vice versa (I have actually seen all of the above, don’t test me). She does not completely disregard his feelings. I’m fairly certain that Zuko also just knows her and is accustomed to her ways and he still loves and wants her. They had known and had feelings for each other for a really long time, it would be sad if he didn’t take it all with a pinch of salt. Same for her, because Zuko went through a shit load of character development. I’m sure it takes getting used to.

Love isn’t all rose petals and sunsets. Maiko is rocky…but unhealthy? That’s reaching a bit too far (have I mentioned the over-speculation? 'Tis hectic).

ZZ: “Mai loves Zuko more!”

But I think the untruth in the statement had been established in Smoke and Shadows parts 2 and 3. It oozed with Zuko’s jealousy, hurt, and confessing how he wants her back. Even going so far as to pull out the “does he make you feel how I made you feel?”. Lmao. So cliché.

Used to? There is no “used to” about the way she feels about you.

There are a lot of arguments regarding this couple, but I’m not going to mention many more.

I am aware of one more that is just…like…calm down.

Zuko has been through more than Mai. She cannot comprehend his journey, blah blah bullshit.

Yes. Zuko has grown, he’s matured, and wizened in his three years of searching for Aang. But I’m sure Mai didn’t vegetate. And in some ways she’s hella mature, more than Zuko. In some aspects he will know what she can never. In the end, Mai had to change for them to work out. For the better. She had to betray all she’d been taught, face her fears, and trust him. And she did. I’m sure that took a lot.

I also think that a great show of her maturity was their break up. And it’s different to their other break ups because there is no war, no Azula, no immature reason (like Zuko freaking the fuck out over her conversing with a boy) keeping them apart. This tune’s undertone hums with finality. This is because what stands between them are Zuko’s demons. She cannot help him overcome them, he must do that alone. I’m sure she understood that for a time, and could show concern and offer her support. It took it’s toll - being a side thought of the one you love.

And it must’ve felt like a slap in the face when he wouldn’t confide in her. Obviously it seemed that her support was not something he needed or wanted. Ouch.

Non-believers (of Maiko) might -want to- think that she left him in his hour of need.

Guys, a woman is not the backbone of her man. She can support him, but Zuko never wanted that. She is not an unfeeling alien. She is a *coughcartooncough* human being. She can only take so much. They were in a relationship, one that no longer seemed to have mutual trust. And so she left him, and he went to sort his shit out. He had deeply rooted familial issues, daddy issues, issues with him being a teenager running a fucking country, issues in places you’d never imagine.

They’d run into a large boulder in their relationship situation. Zuko has to learn to open up a bit more, as well as finally get a hand of this running a country business. And Mai…needs to learn to be able to deal with issues in a relationship without going to extremes like say…breaking up with the love of your life. Srsly. Swift severity is not the only way to deal with things. Matter of fact they should both just learn to deal with things in better ways.

But I have no doubts that the troubled teen lord and his stiletto-shooting angel will work it out.

anonymous asked:

Justin didn't love Brian ever. Justin's the one who cheated, left Brian many times, he even broke HIS OWN agreement. He tells Brian he can't kiss anyone on the mouth but him and literally the next episode later, he's kissing someone else on the mouth. Yeah it was a virgin but that doesn't change anything. Justin was attracted to the idea of Brian but when it comes to actually loving Brian? He didn't love him at all. I see no proof besides puppy dog eyes occasionally that indicates Justin's love

I don’t wanna be rude but like….. are we watching the same show??? I honestly cannot comprehend the amount of people who truly believe that Justin never loved Brian. 

Now before I probably go off on a tangent lmao, let me just say Justin was never perfect. Kind of like Brian wasn’t perfect and Ted and Emmett and Michael and Lindsay etc. Like every single character on this show, Justin made several mistakes and was flawed. You wanna list all the mistakes Justin has made and I’ll make a list just as big of all the mistakes Brian has made. Because it’s simple: They are written as human beings. Human beings are not perfect. They will sometimes do things that are hard to forgive. If any of these characters were written as perfect, I probably wouldn’t even like qaf. It’s their flaws that make them relatable and easier to sympathise with. 

While you’re, of course, allowed to have your own opinion about whether or not you like Brian and Justin together, you really can’t make a statement like “Justin didn’t love Brian ever” because it’s not true. It just isn’t. And the proof is all there for you to watch. Like literally, it’s all there. Maybe it’s harder for some people to see that because they can’t look past the mistakes Justin made in season 2 but it doesn’t make the fact that he loved Brian any less true. 

Let’s start with your first point: Justin is the one who cheated. I can’t excuse cheating ever and yes, that is what Justin did. Like a lot of people, I was kind of angry and upset about it. Do I understand why he did it? Yes. He was thinking about his future with Brian. He was feeling sad in that relationship because he felt like it was never going to move forward and he didn’t want to wait anymore for Brian to take those extra steps that he wasn’t even willing to make at the time. Does that mean it’s completely forgivable? No. But again, like every single character has, Justin faced the consequences. Which he does talk about in 3x08. If he had just gotten away with it and had his happily ever after with Ethan, I would probably still be fuming over it. 

Moving on to your next point: Justin left Brian many times. Well let’s see… He left Brian in 2x20 and then again in….. 5x07? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think those are the only times he left Brian. And I can completely understand why he wanted to in both situations. I feel like I’m having to repeat myself a lot with these asks but apparently no one cares ‘cause y’all keep telling me the same things hahahaha. Other than in those two episodes, Justin never left Brian. A part of me wants to go back and just count the amount of times Brian told Justin to fuck off or pushed him away in just season 1 alone but I don’t think anyone should have to put in that amount of effort for someone to get the point (but quickly lbr, it’d probably add up to 100+). Justin stayed no matter how many times Brian pushed him away. Brian blatantly rejects him in 1x01, Justin comes back in 1x02. Brian rejects him once again but oh he comes back in 1x03. Brian tells Justin that he means nothing to him in 1x05, (which by the way, would just destroy someone who had a little crush on that person but that wasn’t the case with Justin) but guess what? He still comes back. He still fights for Brian. Hell, he was there for Brian when no one else was. Can you believe that time and time again he was told that he was just a fuck and that he meant nothing and still, that 17 year old was strong enough to keep trying? Why would he do that? I think he maybe he loved him! 

Next! The agreement. Surprise, one of Justin’s many fuck-ups. He should not have broken that agreement, it was completely wrong. Again, I understood why he did it. He saw a little of himself in that kid and he simply felt bad for him. Did he have feelings for him? Nope, he didn’t wanna be an ass and treat him like shit just like he was treated after he lost his virginity. Did that mean he didn’t love Brian? Nope. Does that make it okay? Again, nope! We always knew Justin was persistent and fought for what he believed in and sometimes, like in 2x08, to a fault. 

“Justin was attracted to the idea of Brian but when it comes to actually loving Brian? He didn’t love him at all.” Maybe he was simply attracted to the idea of Brian in the beginning. Maybe he just wanted the attention and to feel wanted by the hottest guy in Pittsburgh. Understandable. It’s not like Brian was all hung up on him and Justin was just using him. But you can’t tell me that that was the case for the entire series. And hey! I actually answered an ask about this exact topic just yesterday! Feel free to give it a read, it’s pretty important and comes with straight-up facts! But if you don’t want to read it… Long story short, Justin loves Brian lol. 

And now for your final point: “I see no proof besides puppy dog eyes occasionally that indicates Justin’s love”. Right here is how I just know for sure we ain’t watching the same show! Here’s a link to another ask I answered about Justin apparently not loving Brian! But if you don’t wanna read that one either… Long story short, Justin loves Brian. I seriously cannot stress this enough. Justin Taylor loves Brian Kinney. If you still don’t believe that, I highly recommend you give all five seasons another rewatch. If you don’t believe it after that then fair enough. But next time you want to have a chat about this, you should come off anon and we can talk. But please do not go on my blog, click on the ask link, type out a message completely trashing on a character I have made crystal clear I love and clearly not doing your research by completely disregarding everything I’ve said about this topic not even that long ago, then have the nerve to send it to me anonymously. There are other ways to talk about your opinion than attacking others? 


You know what?  I can’t help but laugh at some of you who think you’re all ‘big and bad’ sending your insults to my tumblr anonymously.  You wanted a reaction so here’s my reaction—go fuck yourselves.  Seriously!  Take a huge fucking cactus and shove it up your assholes.  You want to bitch about how I respond to my haters?  Well, if you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen Don’t call yourselves fans if all you have to say to me is something negative.  I never asked you to follow me or like me or read my blog, that’s your choice.  I don’t know how much I’ve stressed that if you aren’t here to support me or to indulge in the “oh so fascinating” things that I have to say (that’s sarcasm, you ignorant fucks), then feel free to spend your time elsewhere.  Quite frankly, you’re the fuel to my fire so maybe I should thank you as well.  Yes, I’ll do both.  Thank you BUT YOU CAN STILL GO FUCK YOURSELVES. 

Now here’s where I apologize for my vulgar language and for possibly insulting those who are loyal supporters and fantastic folks.  I’m sorry that you have to deal with my onslaught of frustration but sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out in order to clear your head and start anew.  Also, I know that a lot of you understand (because you’re all not ignorant, idiotic, dumbasses) that I have a life outside of the television world.  I have to make a living and pay my bills.  I’m 24 years old; I can’t live off my parents’ money unlike some of you lucky young adults.  Anyway I’m sorry that I cannot meet the promises that I make, so I will no longer make promises.  This blog was meant to be my outlet; a way to vent to you guys and to help you understand me better, and to possibly help you all out as well.  When I said that I wanted to put AYTO behind me, I meant that I did not want AYTO to be the center focus of my blog.  I will try to answer your questions about the show but I will not go into detail about my time on it.  Like I’ve stated before, if you want to get the full, behind-the-scenes, story effect…go to Jacy’s blog.  She’s doing something awesome for you guys.

Here are a few answers to your questions about AYTO:

1. What did you regularly request on the grocery list?

As you all know, I’m a pescatarian.  I have been a pescatarian for about 10-11 months now, so I always requested fish.  I also was going through a phase where I was constantly craving Mounds, so I had them buy me bags of those too.  Jameson and Hendricks were my liquors of choice when it came to the liquor shopping list.

2. Adam blah blah blah Adam, lots of questions about Adam.

What you guys do not seem to comprehend is that if a relationship lacks chemistry, there is no relationship.  So despite who the matchmakers said WOULD be good for us, you cannot force a connection.  The goal of the show was to show us the traits in a person that we should be looking for—the bonus was that there could be a possibility for falling for our actual match.  Just because Adam was my match does not mean that I had to like him.  Life doesn’t work like that people.  Come on! Use your brains.  If it were that easy, I’m pretty sure we all would be in perfect relationships.

To kill two birds with one stone, Adam and I do still keep in touch.  In fact, I keep in touch with the majority of the cast BUT Adam, Ryan, Wes and Jacy are whom I keep in touch with the most.  I have no bad blood with anyone with the exception of a few people (you all know who they are).

3.  Who was I initially attracted to in the house?

Ryan—he’s a good-looking dude BUT I never though Ryan was my match.  I knew that Adam was my match but there were times when I questioned if that was correct.  Adam, JJ and Wes were the three that I kept thinking were my match.

4.  Is anyone from the show still together?

I believe that only Amber and Ethan are together.  There were only 3 relationships that developed from the show: me and Chris, Amber and Ethan, Jacy and Scali.  No one else actually ended up liking their perfect match (or not so perfect match).  If you guys are looking for a sappy love story just follow Ethan and Amber on twitter, hahaha.

5.  Were you able to smoke on the show?

No, unfortunately we were not.  If we were all high we’d be hella boring!  Don’t you worry though, I did get to try that nice Hawaiian bud at the end.  Boom.

6. How has the show changed your life?

Well I was on global television and a lot of people know me…I get recognized often.  I have a lot of people that I don’t know that hate me and a lot of people that I don’t know that love me.  It’s a lot easier to network now too I guess.  Other than that, nothing really has changed.  I’m still the same Shanley that I’ve always been.

Well those are probably the most frequently asked questions that I receive in my inbox pertaining to AYTO.  If you guys think of more, ask away.  I’ll answer the ones that I find interesting.

Here are a few questions about myself:

1. Do you do anything special to your hair?

Heavens no.  I’m lazy as fuck and I don’t really like to put product in my hair.  I’m half Asian so my hair is naturally thick and straight…and boring too.  I don’t really cut it often, so maybe that’s why it is so long.  I also wash it every day, which I don’t think is good for it, but whatever. OH AND HERE’S A DOOSIE!  I am actually considering chopping it off in the near future.  Kylie Jenner style.

2. Who are my favorite music artists?

I have answered this before but I might as well answer it again.  I love too many different genres of music to focus on a favorite.  If you need new tunes to listen to, check out DJs like Paper Diamond, Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion and so on.  I also really like to blast some A$AP Rocky (and Ferg), Schoolboy Q, Trinidad James, Drake and Big Sean when I’m feeling supaaaa thuggish.  I definitely have to throw the jam bands in there too like Phish, Umphrey’s McGee, STS9…yadda yadda.

3. What are my favorite TV shows?

Another question that I’ve already answered…I don’t watch TV that much but when I do, I’m usually glued to the Food Network.  I can watch that channel for hours, it’s ridiculous.  I do keep up with Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and American Horror Story as well…and I like Workaholics and South Park too.

4.  What are you favorite movies?

I have way too many to name.  I love every 80’s movie ever created.  I’m a huge fan of Donnie Darko, Friday Night Lights, LOTR movies, Harry Potter movies, Transformers, Requiem for a Dream…just to name a few.

5.  When is your birthday?

January 16th.

6. What is your favorite Pokemon?

That’s actually a tough question.  I know that if I could be any Pokemon, I’d be Ninetails.

7. What breed is your cat?

Jozzie is a Ragdoll x Himalayan mix.

That’s all for tonight my little dudes.  I had a long, very rough day at work and I need to get a few hours of shuteye before I have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.  Before I go, I want to thank those who have been so lovely and understanding…words cannot express how appreciative I am to read the kind words that you have for me.  I do love my fans.  You’re all my friends and I wish that I could travel to meet every single one of you.  I would literally bear hug the fuck out of you.  It is just really hard to balance my real life out with the life that I want to live right now, so updating my blog is a struggle.  Things will start moving next week after I film my first YouTube video!

Much love XO