you guys see that blush

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1

Friends Part 4

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2643

Warnings: Fluffy, loads of Bucky being a cute pie some sexual innuendos and some sexual tension.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You take a sip of your coffee as you look at the computer in front of you; you are never going to understand why you accepted a job at the Stark Industries, sure they pay you really well but looking at budgets all day was starting to make you crazy.

To be honest, the budget in front of you is the least of your concerns, it’s been five days since Bucky went on a mission and you still haven’t heard from him. Usually, he texts you to let you know that he was alive and well. But so far nothing, according to Natasha they are fine but the mission is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.

You wish they would be home soon, you hated worrying much, you couldn’t sleep when you were worried.

You almost have a heart attack when you hear your phone ringing, you look at the id caller expecting it to be Dan but no it is Wanda. This is odd she never calls you “Hey Wan is everything fine?” Your mind goes to the worst scenario possible, afraid that something might have happened to Bucky.

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Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

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“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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Happy Valentines Day!  ♡ ♡ ♡ (gave up on shading all the other stuff dfsdfh)

Pros and Cons

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Pairing: Spiderman Cast x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Tom decides to make fun of Y/n in the group chat with the rest of the Homecoming cast.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a little group chat fic with the Spiderman cast.

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Tom Tom has started a group chat with Aloha, Z, Lovely Laura, Tony Bo Bony and you

Tom Tom: I was hanging out with Y/n at her place and I found something on her coffee table…

Z: Lemme guess… you found coffee?

Tom Tom: No! I found a pros and cons list with everyone Y/n knows and why or why not she’d have sex with them

Aloha: Haha! Omg! 

Z: That’s not news. I already knew about that.

Lovely Laura: So did I. 

You: @Tom: “Tom- pros: none. cons: made fun of my list” 

You changed Tom Tom’s name to “Arse Barf” 

Aloha: Wouldn’t an “arse barf” just be diarrhea?

Arse Barf changed their name to “Tom Tom”

You changed Tom Tom’s name to “Arse Barf”

Arse Barf changed your name to “List Loser”

Arse Barf: Seriously, Y/n? You’re being childish.

You: Says the guy that changed my name to “List Loser”! 

Tony Bo Bony: Y/n’s right, you’re terrible at insults.

Z: That’s just cause he has a thing for her.

Lovely Laura: ^^^ This beauty speaks the truth.

Arse Barf: I do not!

Z: If you said that out loud, your voice would get all high and you know it. 

You: Tom liking me? Haha! I’m a weirdo who has a pro and con list and I’m not at all all that pretty or anything.

Arse Barf: Hey! Don’t say those things about yourself! Your weirdness is cute and you’re really pretty.

Lovely Laura: Yep, he definitely has a crush on you.

Z: Definently

Z has added Harrison is the Bestest Mate to the group chat

Z: Hey, Harrison, does Tom have a crush on Y/n?

Harrison is the Bestest Mate: Oh, yeah! 

Arse Barf: You just fell from the graces of your name, mate.

Arse Barf changed Harrison is the Bestest Mate’s name to “Harrison is the Shittiest Mate”

You: @Tom “Tom- pros: likes me. cons: made fun of my list.” 

Lovely Laura: None of you guys can see this, but me and Z, but Y/n is blushing so hard right now.

Harrison is the Shittiest Mate: Aww! That would be more cute if Tom wasn’t putting his stinky feet in my face while he tries to ATTACK ME!


Z: Oh, quit being such a baby, Tom! Especially when Y/N LIKES YOU TOO






Tony Bo Bony: ?

Aloha: What? I’ve seen her do it.

You have left the chat

Z has added You back to the chat

You have left the chat

Lovely Laura has added you back

You: Why won’t you just let me and my pride die in peace?!

Z: God, Y/n, stop being so dramatic. 

Arse Barf: @Y/n, call me. I have a question for you

Harrison is the Shittiest Mate: It’s a date related question

You have left the chat

Arse Barf has changed their name to “Tom Tom” 

Tom Tom has left the chat

NCT 127 & Hansol reaction to having an innocent, virgin GF/BF but being horny themselves


Anon: heYO HEYO WASSUP um well could you write a nct reaction (+ JI FKUCING HANSOL CAUSE THIS BOI NEEDS MORE LOVE ((and I know that not only the two of us are thirsty for him hue hue))) where their gf/bf is super innocent and a total virgin but they’re horny (the member lol)? also,,, bLESS YOUR HANSOL SCENARIOS AND YOUR ENTIRE BLOG IN GENERAL ILUBCHU

I’m actually so upset with how this came out :-( I thought it wasn’t going well and then I re-read it and was like, what kind of garbage have I just produced???🤧I’ll probably come back to edit this when I’ve had a bit of experience in this field lmao i mean i’m already half way there anyway lmfao

But yeah, this was a difficult request to do to be honest, I really have no idea how anyone would react but oh well😂

This obviously excludes Mark and Haechan❤️

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You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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Playing dirty / Chapter 2

Originally posted by adoringdo

Pairing: You / Xiumin / Baekhyun

Type: Smut, explicit language, illegal gambling

Word count: 3,3K

Summary: One night you met Xiumin in an illegal casino and he made you an offer you couldn’t refuse: help him win by cheating and get part of the profit. But one day someone comes in and tests your partnership and relationship. Will you stick with Xiumin? Or will Baekhyun steal you away?

Mini Masterlist

“I like that smile. You should smile more, it makes you even more beautiful,” he got closer to you.

He stood there for a minute studying you, eyes getting darker. “I’ll tell you what, you can have all of your money back.”

“Really?” a tone mixed with relief and excitment in your voice.

“Yes. But you have to stay at my house for a week,” he smirked.


You stood there with your eyes wide open, not wanting to believe the words that just came out of his mouth.

“You heard me,” he got closer to you and held your chin up with his right hand. “I give you your money back, and in exchange, you keep me company for a week.”

“Who the hell do you think I am?!” You grabbed his arm, freeing your chin. “You think I’m just going to sleep with you to get my money back?”

“Woah, calm down! I just thought you were an interesting girl and I wanted to spend a week with you, nothing more.”

“Well, sorry to ruin your plans, but I have a boyfriend.”

“You mean that guy that just left you crying in this parking lot?”

“Y-yes,” you hesitated.

“You don’t seem so sure,” a grin spread all over his face.

“Well, that’s none of your damn business!” 

“You’re right. It’s not. But it seems to me that the reason he’s mad at you is because of the money you lost to me,” he placed a hand on your arm. “And I’m giving you a chance to solve that.”

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Surprise||Jonah Marais||Imagine two♡

Summary: You visit Jonah on tour 


Requested: To be posted on here, yes

Warning: None:)

Sleeping Jo-nah on the side(:

You woke up with a huge smile on your face. Today was the day you would finally see your boyfriend of two years for the first time in 3 months. As you lived in New York and He lived in California seeing each other had been a challenge since day one.

You laid in bed as you thought about when you had met him, you were in a book store with one of your headphones in, singing “say you won’t let go” quietly as you looked for a new book to catch your eye. Someone had started singing along with you, causing you to jump as you thought you were one of the only costumers in the store. You looked up and blushed as you saw a tall and extremely handsome man standing beside you who was looking down at you smiling.

“You have a beautiful voice” He said to you, causing an even bigger blush to spread across your face.

“You aren’t so bad yourself” You stated, making yourself look like an idiot but at the time you had no idea who he was, or that he was in a band.

“I should hope so"He chuckled, causing you to look up at him funny.

“Im jonah” He smiled, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

“Y/n” You smiled, taking your hand in his.

Your thoughts got cut short as the sound of a text brought you back into real life.

Jonah- Hey babygirl, I can’t wait to see you in a few days. It feels like its been a life time since Ive held you in my arms. I love you.

You smirked, if only he knew that he’d be seeing you in a few hours. You had set it up with Jack and August (the photographer). They had got to New York City this afternoon and you were going to surprise him while the boys were shopping. You had told him that with school and work you wouldn’t be able to see him until the night of the concert and you couldn’t stay. You living about an hour from the city knew that there was no way he could just “pop by” so you set it up with the two boys and they even asked you to stay for the week which you happily took off from work and you were doing online school anyways so you could just bring it all with you.

Being in a long distance relationship was extremely hard, no one had any idea how heart breaking it was to watch Jonah cry on facetime, knowing that he needs you but you can’t drive over to his house and hold him while he cries, you can’t always be the shoulder he needs you. He always tells you that when all his dreams come true the one he wants to be standing beside him is you and sometimes you aren’t there and its heartbreaking for both of you, but the love you two have for each other is strong enough to stand the distance because you both knew that one day there would be no distance.

You got up and started packing, putting all the clothes you would need for the next week in your bag, along with makeup, your laptop, two pairs of running shoes, Jonahs hoodie that you had taken from him last time you had seen him, It no longer smelt like him so you needed a knew one.

It was around 3 when you did a last check to make sure you had all the chargers, cables, headphones, or anything else you would need for your week away. Also checking for your book for the train ride before you walked out of the apartment, a huge goofy smile on your face.

When you got to the train station you sent a text to the group chat you, Jack and August had made and told them that you were waiting for the train to pull up to the sation. You three had all of this planed for weeks. The boys were gonna go shopping at the huge mall by time square and thats where you were going to meet august who will bring you to Jonah. Your plan was to walk up to him and tell him whatever he’s looking at that it would look good on him and then wait for his reaction.

You had ordered an uber a few minutes before the trained rolled into the station, hoping it would be there just after you got off, knowing you couldn’t handle the long wait. After 3 minutes of waiting(which felt like forever) Your uber pulled up and you got in, putting your bags on the seat next to you.

you- On my way to you guys, see ya in 20

You blushed reading the next, it was moments like this when you realized just how strong Jonah’s love for you was, as if the distance wasn’t enough to prove it. Your smile from there on never faded. As you got closer and closer to time square you could feel your heart pounding, you were only minutes away from being with him again, from feeling his soft lips against yours, from feeling his strong arms wrapped around you.

“Here you are miss” The driver said, pulling up drop off spot and letting you out. You replied with a ‘thank you’ and grabbed your bags, running into the mall. Jack had texted you telling you that they were in foot locker and that august was waiting at the front of the store by the doors, everything was ready, the time was now.

You being from New York you had been to this mall more than once and knew right where to go, making no stops and defiantly not walking slowly but you felt that you couldn’t walk fast enough, no matter how hard you tried. Your eyes lit up as you saw him standing there waiting.

“Hi August” you smiled at him before pulling you into a hug. He took your duffle bag and walked with you into the store, you gave him your phone and as you started walking into Jonah’s sight he started recording.

He was looking at a cream pair of adidas shoes, you chuckled at him as you knew he had the same pair in black but Jonah could never have enough shoes. You walked up to him, standing up at him but he still hadn’t looked up to see you.

“Im almost sure you have that pair in black” you laughed causing his head to snap up

“What the fuck” He said, shock covering his whole face as he pulled you into a hug. You started to giggle as you wrapped your arms around his neck as he proceeded to pick you up, causing your legs to find their way to his waist.

“How are you-what are you going here?!” He asked, refusing to pull his face away from your neck, scared that if he did this would all just be a dream and you wouldn’t be next to him.

“Im here to surprise you” You said before he pulled away and smashed his lips onto yours. God you had missed this.

“YES MY PARENTS, MY SHIP IS SAILING” Jack yelled causing you to laugh into the kiss which caused Jonah to smile. By this point the whole store was staring at you but neither of you could care less. You were back in your safe place, in the arms of Jonah where you belonged and nothing you ruin this moment.

~Warning // Pt. 1~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! My power only came back on about three hours ago and the first thing I did was write this because I’m a dweeb lol. IDK how many parts this is going to be, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. Anyway, I’m going to go sleep for a million and a half years. Enjoy!!!!  

T/W: T/W: Attempted rape, roofying, alcohol, swearing, blackmail

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3

Thomas Jefferson was a name you had heard too many times to count.

A pompous, indignant, rich prick in a magenta suit – or so you had been told. His reputation was widely-known, though, it wasn’t like you were the only one who knew who he was. No, the Jefferson family was a popular and feared household that had worked in the law business for over nine decades.

Anyone who was anyone knew the name, and either brightened or cower at the sound of it.

Alexander and John were by no means afraid of him, nor did they like him. In fact, it was well known around the office that Alexander would rather chug a whole cup of magma than talk to Thomas. He would come home from a long day of work looking absolutely disheveled and yet somehow still have the energy to rant and rave and fume at how shitty this man was at his job.

John had a much calmer approach, but still said that he would, given the chance, gladly hurl Thomas into the sun. Laf worked on a completely different branch than John and Alex, but had still had enough encounters with Jefferson to learn the American phrase ‘shit-faced motherfucker’ just to call him that behind his back. Hercules didn’t even work with the rest of the boys, but he still managed to be the one Jefferson came to for all his clothes. He swore that the man only wanted magenta suits with black trim because he knew how hard it would be to get the fabric like that.

You were the only one to hate the man without knowing his face.

“He’s nothing but a douchebag with enough money to buy Canada.” Alex huffed, pulling his hair into a floppy bun in front of the mirror.

You flattened down your dress, one of the ones Herc had made that made your boys practically salivate to see you in, and fixed your hair slightly. Alex broke his intense gaze with his hair in the mirror to look back at you, his jaw dropping as his eyes skimmed up and down your figure.

“Damn, (Y/N), you look…” He swallowed thickly, voice dropping to a growl. “Edible.”

You giggled slightly. “No touching.” He deflated slightly, pouting. “I have to look good for your friends.”

“I’d hate to think you’re implying my male colleagues, (Y/N).” He smirked, coming to stand behind you and watch your reflection over your shoulder.

“Why, Mr. Hamilton,” You put on your best southern accent, placing a hand over your heart and dropping your jaw as you looked back at him. “Are you saying I would dress this way for anyone but yourself and our lovely boyfriends?”

He smiled dopily, resting his chin on your shoulder and snaking his arms around your waist. “God, I hope not.” He pressed a quick kiss to your mouth and ran off before you could yell at him for smudging your lipstick.

As you pelted from the room behind him, Laf stepped out from the bedroom across from yours as you passed it, half dressed with his bow-tie dangling, wrapping his arms around your waist and picking you up, spinning you around. You giggled as you struggled, trying to get to Alex, but Laf only held you closer to his body.

“Laf put me down! I have to make Alex pay for messing up my makeup!”

A squeak sounded from the kitchen, and Alex’s voice was heard, “Hide me, John!”

Laf only chuckled, setting you down to turn you to face him, smiling at you as your eyes darted to the side, as though you were trying to see where Alex was. Laf tutted and took your chin gently, moving your head to make you look at him. You stopped trying to move your head as his sparkling eyes met yours, your heart melting a little as he slowly retracted his hand.

His eyes moved to your lips, and he gave a soft smile. “You are still as beautiful as the day we met.” He mumbled, running his thumb over your cheek. A blush spread out over your cheeks and you shuffled slightly, bathing in his compliment.

“Well, so are you, Frenchy…”

He chuckled at that, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, leaning in close enough for you to feel his warm breath on your ear.

“Go get him, sweetheart.”

You broke into a grin and took off towards the living room as Laf chuckled, ducking back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. You stopped as you entered, almost running straight into John, who stood in the middle, smirking and doing up the buttons on his jacket, avoiding your gaze.

“Hey, Jacky…” You asked breathlessly, looking around for any sign of Alexander. “Have you seen Alex?”

“Alex?” He asked, confused. “I don’t know any Alex’s.” He shrugged, his gaze not breaking from the TV in front of him, playing some game that he was pretending to be interested in.

You gave a breathless sigh. “John, where is he?”

“Alex… I’ve heard that name before. Alex-is? Alex-andria? Alex-andro? Nope, nothing rings a bell…” He shrugged, tucking his tie into his vest and turning to you. He did a double take as his eyes trailed down your figure, but he was quick to snap his gaze back to your face.

“You sure you don’t want to tell me where Alex is, Johnny?” He bit his lip as you got closer to him, placing your hands on his chest and sliding them up to his shoulders. You had to get on your tip-toes to reach his ear, but as soon as your teeth nipped at his earlobe, his knees were weak, and you could reach his head with ease. “Or am I going to have to make you?”

You could hear him swallow thickly as he stood back up, looking down at you as your lips trailed down his neck, hitting the sweet spot and making him gasp.

“B- Behind the curtains.” He whimpered, screwing his eyes shut as your teeth grazed his skin. You looked behind him, and sure enough, there was a lump behind the curtain.

You smirked against his collarbone, nose brushing the nape of his neck as you slowly pulled away from him, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek like nothing had happened. “That’s it?” He asked, looking like a lost puppy as he held onto your hand so you wouldn’t leave.

You smiled, winking at him as you let go. “You’ll get the rest later.” A pink blush crept out over his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck, walking off towards Laf’s room.

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The Transfer: Part 3

The Transfer: Part 3 (m)

Word count: 5.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, sexting, angst and language

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Hoseok is so sweet it’s hard not to fall for him but then again, you don’t fall for anyone.

Parts: The Transfer: one | two 

It had been a full two weeks that you and Hoseok had started this ‘thing.’ You guess you could call it, dating. You figured he called it that. You liked him, you liked him alot but you shut yourself off from love for a long time so to you this was purely just a guy you liked and spent time with. That sounded way for complicated than it needed too.

It was interesting getting to know more about Hoseok and seeing him more often. You were still sneaking around though. You weren’t sure when to tell Jungkook, you didn’t know how he’d take it. Jungkook knew someone was around he was just sad you hadn’t told him yet. Or let him meet this ‘new person.’ You wanted to tell him he’s already met the ‘new person’ but you couldn’t exactly say that. You could tell he was a little worried, he hated when you’d get into these friends with benefits relationships and hide them.

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BTS Reaction- You Being From Greece


All of these reactions will be based on encountering BTS at a fanmeet. 

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anonymous asked:

If you haven't closed your requests yet (I love the way you write the characters ❤︎), what about MC who tries to make their s/o as flustered and blushing as possible? ^^

12Uuuuugh, if I delete this one more time I swear.

Anyways, if this seems rushed, it’s because it’s 1 AM and I have 18 requests to charge through. Thank you for the patience.



  • it wasn’t hard to get this guy going as it was
  • much less blushing or flustered
  • but being the sneak you were
  • you wanted to test his limits.
  • so you guys were just chilling at home
  • watching a romance movie on netflix
  • then you guys see a sex scene and your plan goes into action
  • you sigh and lean over on him
  • your head is directly above his dick
  • and he’s blushing hard as it is
  • slightly hard just imaging you
  • but when you tilt your head and shift a bit to bite your lip up at him
  • he loses it
  • you guys fucked on the couch, the floor, and the bed.


  • it wasn’t hard to get this guy to blush
  • you could say how you were just “hot” from the heat outside and
  • his brain goes wild
  • he’s just as bad as the others lolol

but nothing seemed to be getting a bigger effect

  • until you guys were at home and on the couch
  • and just chilling and suddenly you picked up your water an spilled it
  • on your white shirt
  • it was kind of annoying
  • but you noticed how he turned and stared at you
  • he was blushing all over
  • like fucking that ohshc scene where tamaki’s face goes all red and he covered his face with his hand
  • shoutout to ohshc fans
  • but you felt very accomplished
  • but you also knew you’d be sore for awhile
  • hue


  • you guys were working at her coffee shop
  • you were curious lately since she seemed a lot more embarrassed by things
  • but the shop was closing and you had the perfect the plan
  • so you leaned over and moved her hair to the side
  • made it like it was on purpose or just to do that
  • but when you leaned and began to kiss her neck
  • she jolted
  • “mc…we’re in public”
  • you grin though because she’s blushing so dark
  • you pull away and sigh dramatically.
  • “Alllright. Guess we’ll just wait ‘till we get home”
  • blush: upgraded


  • it was hard to make him blush as it is
  • but you had a speeeecial plan
  • you were at a meeting with him
  • and just sipping your whine and such
  • but occasionally you’d cast lewd glances and such at him
  • or you’d squeeze your thighs and make a small little sigh/whine
  • he’d stare and you know he was blushing
  • finally you yawn and stretch and you know you have him hooked
  • he stares at you in your tight dress and
  • “excuse me, sir. my kitten needs me at home”
  • he takes you home and you know you’ve won


  • also pretty easy
  • like you had experience
  • but you wanted to see just how far you could get
  • so you move behind him and wrap your arms around him as he works
  • “nyah~”
  • you had whispered that in his head and he turned his head around
  • you were only in lingerie with kitty ears
  • he was darker than his hair color
  • but he tried to hide the growing erection
  • you just looked s o cute
  • he honestly had no idea what to do
  • minus pin you to the bed and mark you again


  • um…how do fluster?
  • but really this guy is
  • blush 24/7
  • but you wanted to see what would happen if you got him extremely flustered
  • what better way to do that then
  • pretend your rika and take his eyesight
  • purr and grope him
  • that’s what seemed to get him going most the time
  • so you guys were cuddling on the couch
  • but you lean over and hummed.
  • “your clothes would look really good on the floor right now”
  • his blush began to darken and
  • you hummed as you trailed a hand down
  • “i reaaally need an examination of a heavenly body. can I use you?”
  • he shifted and looked away
  • bed? yes. goal? accomplished.


  • pda
  • pda in general
  • he was embarrassed by anything pda related
  • you could kiss him on the cheek and he’d die
  • but you were wanting to see how far you could really get
  • so you guys were just walking out
  • it was pretty late too
  • he really likes midnight strolls
  • you lean over and rest your head on his shoulder
  • you feel him grow tense and his face gets darker in the street lights
  • but for your final act you move a bit and kiss the corner of his mouth
  • he grumbles something and he’s completely red
  • you giggle and he huffs dramatically before taking you by the waist and
  • surprise surprise motherfuker
  • turns out you both get easily flustered

Sighs. This took longer than I hoped. I really hope I can get the rest of these done today. Anyways, thank you for asking, lovely anon~


Summary: You are a YouTuber who does material like PAINT. You and Dan are dating, soon you tell your fans along with Dan’s.

Ship: Dan x fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, angst, swearing, sarcasm, sass, etc.

Your P.O.V

I put my microphone away, rubbing the back of my tensed up neck. I’d been working on my latest video for hours on end. I finally finished it. It was my rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica. I’m a YouTuber, and quite a big one. Not to boast or anything. I do music videos, kinda of like Jon Cozart. My latest one was a shit load of editing. I’m extremely diverse when it comes to musical instruments. In certain frames, I was positioned playing two different electric guitars, drums, and singing. My videos are very different. Sometimes I’m doing beautiful calm songs or hard rock and everything in-between.

People loved it. I guess that’s how I met my now current boyfriend, Dan Howell. He loved my personality off and on the camera. We soon became a thing. We didn’t live far from each other so, meeting up was relatively easy. I glance over my video once more, biting my lip down in concentration. My focus was peeled away when I heard a loud ding. A text from the one and only, Dan Howell. Every time I got a message from him, my heart soar. ‘How’s the video coming along, love?’ I shake my head, smiling to myself before typing back. ‘Pretty good. Should be out in a few minutes, love.’ A few seconds pass before he replies. ‘Is there any chance I can get a sneak peak? ;)’ I roll my eyes, laughing. ‘Sorry, no can do. But we can hang out and watch it together if you want?’ He replied, almost immediately. ‘Sounds wonderful, love. See you soon!’

God, he was adorable. I take a deep breath, watching again, for what felt like the millionth time before I click ‘POST’. Shutting off my computer, slipping on my jacket, I walk out the door and head over to Dan’s. ‘Be there in a few minutes, DON’T WATCH IT WITHOUT ME!’ Within seconds, my phone dings. ‘Ugh, fine. IT’S LIKE YOU KNOW?! DO YOU HAVE POWERS OR SOMETHING?!’ I laugh lightly. ‘I wish lol, here.’ I stumble up the stairs before making my way to the door. He opens it within seconds, smiling wide and bright. “C'MON, LET’S WATCH IT!” I roll my eyes, cheeks flushed. He adored my musical talent. Often showing me off to his friends for getting someone so diverse in such an art form like music itself. We plop down on the couch, slipping a blanket over our legs, he pulls out his computer. I look up the video, clicking on it. Dan’s overflowing with anticipation.

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I bite my lip to hide my discomfort. I hated watching myself sing and perform. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. But that didn’t stop Dan from assuring me that, I was, in fact, good enough. The one good thing about me is that I’ve got an insane vocal range. It can vary to an alto, rarely reaching a soprano, but can go down to a tenor. If I try hard enough, I could probably reach baritone. So, when it came to the song, Enter Sandman by Metallica, it was easy to do his voice. I could, with a lot of practice, have a growly, sexy voice. So low, that it would sound like a man. In the video, I’m shot by multiple frames, one singing up close, two others on electric guitars and one on the drums. My makeup was pitch black, smokey and hot. My outfit was dark and somewhat scandalous. In one of my shots, specifically the one that focuses on my lip movements, I’m wearing a beanie with my hair tucked deep inside. Piercings sprinkled my ears. I’m not gonna lie, I look hot af.

I lean back, watching Dan as he watches me- well video me. The video begins, fog and smoke sprinkle the ground. The lighting, shots and frame make me very happy. It was perfect. It shows four different angles, one with me and my electric guitar, another with me singing, another with me playing the drums and the last playing a bass guitar. As soon as the song ends, Dan literally howls. “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! MY GIRLFRIEND IS SO TALENTED!” I roll my eyes blushing. “Thanks. I didn’t think it was that good.” He scoffed, shoving the computer in my face. “Read ‘em and weep, love!” Dan motioned towards the comment section. I glance over them, smiling.


              She is so sexy I’m gonna die!!!!!


                                                     She is so freaking talented, like holy shit.

“My beautiful, talented girlfriend.” Dan whispers into my ear as he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, kissing it. I glance back at them. “Think we should tell them?” He laid down on my lap, I run my fingers through his hair. “The fans? The world? Well, I mean we already told Phil, our friends and family. D’ya think we’re ready?” I shrugged, biting my lip. “I don’t know. I’m ready whenever you are.” He grinned, launching up to kiss me. “Than lets do it. Right now.” My eyes go wide. “Right now?!” Dan nodded, running across the room to grab his camera. I shake my head, laughing. I stand off to the side, writing down never have I ever’s. He sits down, grinning like a child. “Okay- so, I’ll do my normal introduction and then I’ll introduce you-” I nodded, smiling. He began as per usual.

“Hey guys! So, this has been a long time coming video and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making it. There has been some speculation on who’ve I’ve supposedly been dating- most, if not all the people on the internet think I’m dating Phil- I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but I am not. So this video is about the person I am actually dating. I would like everyone to welcome my girlfriend- the one, the only, (Y/n) (Y/L/N)!!!” I take that as my cue to enter. I sit down next to him, smiling. “Hi…” Dan giggles. “Oh my god, look at you!! You’re blushing!” As he said that, I blushed even harder. “Stop it!! It’ll only get worse if you point it out!” He laughed, kissing my flushed cheeks and then the top of my head. I flushed even more.

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“Okay so, we’re gonna play, Never Have I Ever!” He grinned, grabbing the cards from my hand to shuffle. “Okay love, would you like to go first?” I nodded, taking a card only to swear under my breath. “Shit.. Okay, so never have I ever had a one night stand.” I put one of my fingers down and clap my hands together. Dan’s eyes go wide. “There’s a lot about you I don’t know, haha.” I bit my lip, laughing. “That’s a good thing, haha. Now you read.” We go back and forth for a little while before Dan finally ends the video. “Okay, and that’s a wrap! Thanks for watching! Click subscribe to be kept up to date on all my videos! I’ll be sure to put (Y/n)’s Youtube channel link in the description below. PLEASE go check out her channel! She’s incredibly talented! Honestly, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like her! Thanks guys! See you later!” I blush and shout before he turns off the camera. “By guys!”

“Stop showing me off! I’m really not that good.” He rolled his eyes, kissing me, passionately. “You are perfection. C’mon, help me edit this and we’ll post it together.” A few hours past before we finally finished the video. Dan decided to go on twitter to set out a tease for the fans. I do as well. I cuddle close to Dan, looking up at him. “You ready?” He nods, kissing me again. “I was born ready.” We click POST and wait. It takes a few minutes but within no time, the comments section is booming. Not to mention twitter. They were all so heartwarming. Mostly kind words. Some of course, were not that kind but I didn’t care. I was happy to be with Dan. I loved him.

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Coffee Luck Part 03 of ? (start here) - MakoHaru Barista!Makoto AU

The dorks finally met! After 500 years of not updating I finally got into making the third part and it’s a bit longer compared to the previous two parts hopefully that would make up for the long wait. OTL Pfft Makoto is so embarrassed he ended up sounding like a nerd. It’s okay, love. Until the next update! Also if anyone is up I’m open for commissions! :D

Secrets Kill 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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iKON Reacting to you Walking in on them Shirtless/Changing

A/N: Hey! Thank you for requesting sorry for the long wait loool^^ 

P.S. Hi everyone! I’m back from my long hiatus and I hope you guys know that even though I’m continuing to update, it does not mean I will be updating frequently but whenever I have the time to… Please send requests because I’m starting fresh! I need more requests so request as much as you want! Also, final exams are next month so there will most likely be a delay but overall, I’m great to upload this whole month! Thank you for everyone waiting! Love you guys <3


I can see Jinhwan getting all cocky when he sees you blushing. He’ll try to make you even more shy by walking over to you without a shirt and give you a nice big hug. 


Out of the seven, he’d be one of the shyest. It would probably one of the few times that you catch him changing. He would shyly put on his shirt quickly and the two of you would try to ease the awkwardness by rambling. 


Definitely, Bobby would not be shy at all and even make a joke out of it to ease the embarrassment that you feel. He’ll flex and make funny sounds to get you laughing and it’ll be like nothing after that. 



He’d definitely fake the fact that he was also shy like you, laughing nervously and quickly putting a shirt on. I can imagine an awkward silence during this until you say something. 


Honestly, your jaw would drop to see them buns . He would give that adorable giggle and put on a shirt quickly, giving a wink at you, causing you to blush furiously. 


I can imagine Junhoe being the best person to play it off by giving you that jaw dropping stare. He would then say, “Like the view?” and give a wink, causing you to roll your eyes, but laugh. 


You could probably imagine at this point that yes, Chanwoo would be the most shyest member out of all seven. He would screech when you walk in and immediately you would run out the door, embarrassed. Don’t worry he’s just as embarrassed.^^ 

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h2o vanoss - "you're blushing"? I love you my dude

fraser ur gonna kill me one day with ur sweetness i swear. thanks my boy <333

“You’re blushing,” Evan said, a smirk present on his face as Jonathan walked next to him. 

“Shuch up,” Jonathan stuttered out, the dark red of his face only darkening with Evan’s chuckles. 

“Relax a little Delirious. Besides, if the guys see you blushing like that they’re going to think something happened,” The wink that Evan added on the end made Jonathan sputter before pointedly staring forward and ignoring the way Evan’s laugh echoed down the street. 

The pair reached the arcade all the guys were at and Jonathan was met with many hugs and high fives, as well as many compliments about his face. Evan stood behind him, a knowing smile on his face as Jonathan immediately clicked with the whole crew. 

 The two paired up for the entire night, effortlessly kicking everyone’s ass at any game they played until Marcel grinned suspiciously. 

“Marcel…what are you grinning about?” Evan asked, a waver in his voice. Marcel’s grin grew wider as he gathered everyone together. 

“What do you say we play an intense game of laser tag, eh Evan?” Marcel asked, but Evan didn’t dare relax because he knew Marcel was planning something. 

“Okay,” Jonathan agreed, moving towards Evan. But he was grabbed by Marcel before he could. 

“Oh no, lover boy. You and the owl are on different teams,” Evan glared at Marcel as he divided up teams and Delirious just laughed when Marcel flipped off Evan. 

“I’m stealing your clown Evan!” Marcel cackled and the teams split into different rooms, getting ready for the fight that was about to go down. Evan was going to kick the other teams ass. 

“Evan watch out!” Mini yelled as Jonathan tried to hit him from another angle. Evan dodged the laser and shot a victorious grin towards Jonathan who just laughed in response. The two had only been going for each other, which helped keep the two best players out of the way. (Although, Evan still managed to get Tyler, which made him scream quite a few profanities.)

Evan got distracted when Marcel attempted to sneak up on him, and while Evan was focused on Marcel’s advances, he failed to notice Jonathan sneaking up on him. 

“Surprise bitch,” Jonathan whispered huskily into his ear before shooting him in the back. Evan couldn’t stop the blush that flooded his face. 

“Who’s blushing now?” Jonathan asked as Evan died right then and there. 

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Undercover? With Him? {Part 3}

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You and Peter have a slight grudge against each other and when you are assigned to go undercover as a engaged couple, you have to get over your differences.

Word Count: 1003

A/N: I’d like to formally apologize for taking so long for publishing this, but look at it! It’s up! I had a few problems with ideas,  but after I pushed something out, I got into the flow.


Warnings: Hamilton


Part 1 Part 2

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