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He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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Our Day Will Come

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Ft. Wonho (Monsta X)
One Shot - Mature Content
Angst | Fluff | Smut

I’m awoken by the sound of my doorbell constantly ringing, tiredly I glance over to check the time, 2:38AM. This was becoming a weekly habit for me, and something I was growing used to. As the days went by the time in which I’d get up was becoming earlier and earlier, which was something that was beginning to worry me.

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A huge thank you!

I just wanted to thank you all wonderful people for the amount of love you showed my latest story about Serpent!Jughead and GoodGirl!Betty! Seriously, you guys, I’ve never ever expected such praising compliments and lovely words! I wasn’t sure about this particular story, I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job while writing it and then every time I was rereading it I thought that it was awful, and I was deleting and writing and deleting again and generally I thought the final result would be very mediocre. So all of you showering me with your love and utterly appraising comments makes me so beyond emotional and happy, you can’t even imagine! Thank you so so so so so much to everyone that liked, reblogged or just read my story; if I managed to make you forget the hiatus for just a second and indulge on those beautiful Bughead feels then that makes me the happiest gal on earth! Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

@dreaming-of-the-lost, @angeloaktree, @thats-what-makes-you-you, @cheryllclayton, @chatterboxcurlygirl, @bettyluvsjuggie, @cinnamonandpapercuts, @thekatreads, @freaky-blondey-geeky You were all asking for a part 2 and, yes, darlings, there’s gonna be a part 2 and a part 3. I’m making it a three part story! Thank you all for reading and I hope you like the next two parts just as much! 

@bettysponytaiil Thank you so much, love! It means the world that you enjoyed the story!

@jeemyjamz So so happy that my words made you feel that way!! Thank you for reading, dear! 

@queenofepicnessus-blog Wow, thank you so much!!! Really excited that you liked the story this much!!

@maria12345md Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

@juggydunes There’s gonna be more!! Definately around the same amount of pages long as the first part cause I just can’t help myself! Thank you for reading and sorry for that awful cockblock!

@myotpsaremypluto Thank you so much for you lovely words!! I didn’t know how this AU will be received and I was scared that maybe Jug and Betty would feel OOC but you guys all loved it and I’m so beyond happy for this. I just pictured Jug a tad more smug and confident if he was raised completely on the Southside and I just love Betty’s badass fighter personality so I amplified that. I really enjoyed playing in that universe and there’s more to come, dear! I’m making this a three part story that I hope you’ll all enjoy!

@teensyflowur Happy that I contributed to the improvement of your life, hahaha! Thank you much for reading!

@changminn Oh, dear, I should be the one smothering you with thanks! Your amazing words put a smile on my face! Thank you so much and don’t worry, there’s gonna be more!!

@birdlovesafish You are making me blush scarlet! Thank you so very much, honey!! I’m beyond happy that you enjoyed the story!

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency My dearest Anna, I always repeat myself but you truly are an ultimate sweetheart and I will never get tired of saying so! Your always complimentary words about my stories leave me the happiest girl on the planet and so damn honored coming from somebody with such incredible talent with words like you. Seriously, I should maybe buy you a gift and sent it to you, a simple thank you is just not enough at this point! I love you, you are amazing, and I hope my stories will continue bringing you beautiful Bughead feels and joy!

@carpebrina Wow back at your comment! Thank you so much for your words! And yes, there’s gonna be more, another two parts more!!

@allybastian So so happy that you liked the story!! And thank you very much!!

 @wordsonpages1 Darling, thank you so damn much!!! I’m so excited that you liked the little universe I created!!! And there’s gonna be more, don’t worry about that!!!

@jandjsalmon I’m such a sucker for Serpent Juggie as well, love - no, scratch that, I’m a slut for Serpent Juggie, that’s more like it lol! And compliments about my stories coming from you are always some of the most rewarding! Thank you so much, love, I love you back!

@timmyhatesit “… and I am so so so so happy that you literally wrote a 17k worded fic that has probably changed my life. YOU’RE AMAZING, OKAY?” No, YOU are amazing, dear, you don’t even know how much! I feel so honored about such a compliment, I literally don’t know how to respond because a thank you is just so plain! I’m very happy that you like my take on Jug and Betty, with him being more smug and cocky but still intimitated around Betty and the protector of the people he loves despite his more tempered character and with her being a badass feminist and a little more promiscious but never losing her pastel, sweet self. I wrote her as a modern young woman that’s not afraid to raise her voice and stand up for her rights and her own self without relying on any man to protect her like a fragile doll and I’m honestly so in love with her character (cause let’s face it Riverdale’s Betty is pretty much on the same wavelength as mine) and I’m so so so excited that you and other people loved her character just as much. Chuck is a mega asshole and he’ll continue to be because he is a fuckboy and nothing more and Reggie, my sweet boy, he is just tactless and a huge jock that doesn’t mind his tongue but deep down he is such a giant teddy bear. :p They’ll both have plenty appearances in the next two parts, cause yes, I’m making this idea a three part fic! Hope you got excited just as much as I did! And once again thank you for reading and for leaving me your amazing compliments, darling!

@goddess-of-everything-else You’re welcome, dear!! I’m very happy that you enjoyed the story at the end!!

@gershwinn​ I’m so excited that you all seemed to like what I did with the characters and the changes in their personalities! I had so much fun doing so! Thanks for reading!!!

@-els​ Wow, dear, such incredibly praising words!!! Thank you so very much!! Hearing such things about my writing is most rewarding feeling in the world!

@lostinafictionaluniverse​ Riya, my love, you redden me speechless once again with your wonderful feedback! I’m so so so happy that I could pass across the amount of sexual tension I was picturing in my mind those two would have and had you on the edge of your seat at the almost-kissing scenes. Seriously, your love and praise blows my mind each time! A million thank yous for your lovely words, you are so incredibly sweet! And there’s gonna be two more parts of the story; I hope they are of your liking too! @mkhamkhay Thank you so very much!! So happy that you’re enjoying my stories!!

@daredevil-karen-and-matt​ Serpent Jughead is always hot, I really can’t help myself either. I’m so glad that your first introduction to Bughead fanfiction was good! Thank you so much for your compliments!

@maldito-sentimentalismo​ Oh, love, I’m incredibly grateful, thank you so so so much!! Seriously, your words just warmed my heart, I feel deeply honored! And I appreciate you saying that you’d wait forever for my fics but I promise I’ll start updating sooner now that I have the time!

@leaalda​ Hahaha, I’m sorry for making the heat unbearable for you! Guess I should warn people to turn on a fan or something before reading!!! Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you enjoyed the story!!!!

(Tumblr doesn’t let me tag some people so if you left a reply but don’t see your name in this post, I’m so sorry, I’m deeply grateful for you too and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my Bughead dedicated heart!)

The Archie reboot not only rekindled my love for the Riverdale universe, it also exposed me to some incredible artists, like Veronica Fish (I have two beautiful pieces from her) and Thomas Pitilli, who created this amazing (not a word I use lightly) artwork.

Thomas enthusiastically agreed to a Bughead piece for me, and the final result is worlds beyond what I could have ever hoped for. He is an exceptional artist and a really nice fellow, so please go and follow him on IG (pretty sure he’s thomaspitilli everywhere), etc. Can’t wait to hang this baby up!

P.S. Please no editing this original post if you decide to share. I would hate to see him not getting the deserved credit. Thanks, guys. :)

noscarstoourbeautifuls  asked:

I've been reading your analysis posts & we seem to see things in a very similar way 99% of the time so I wanted your opinion on something.I truly feel like duke's character in the anime is miles away from manga duke.In the anime he seems like a guy who has a great background & a good family. But in the manga you can see it's clearly not that way. I adore that boy and I'm 100% sure that beyond that pretty face is an amazing,kind heart.I really feel like his character is underdeveloped & it sucks.

Thanks for the kind words and support, it’s always a lot of fun to share my thoughts and meet new people!

I have to be completely honest, I’ve never read the manga in its entirety and, as such, don’t have a great concept of Duke’s character or homelife as portrayed in it.

But as far as the anime goes I really do consider him an underrated character. He’s unfortunately easy to minimize because he had one distinct mini arc and then, as was common with some of the minor characters, faded into the background aside from a few pivotal scenes. The Yugioh writers tend to piece people in when they need to further the plot and because it’s such a flippant narrative approach, sometimes the audience sees it as the characters themselves being expendable.

I think it’s even more complicated where Duke is concerned because, for a variety of reasons, he’s especially aware of and plays to the “pretty young money” trope.

He does a lot of posturing in order to survive his newfound success and stardom, even if it’s small-scale. Being in the public eye generally means being larger than life. He and his game either live up to media hype or flop, and after such a rare and lucrative opportunity partnering with his idol, he can’t afford to flop. So he’s cocksure and invincible, when he meets new people he’s pushy. Coming into the limelight means selling himself, usually over-selling himself, and eventually that becomes a coping mechanism as well as a business tool. It puts distance between him and people who are after him for fifteen minutes of fame.

I guess what I’m saying is: the persona Duke projects is very different from who he actually is, and many people don’t realize just how deliberate that is.

They tend to forget the deeper facets of his personality.

I agree that he’s incredibly kind and think that shows throughout the series. He genuinely trusts and cares for Pegasus, and even though hearing the awful truth about him and Duelist Kingdom is a huge blow, he eventually sees Yugi’s sincerity and pays his story the attention it deserves. He’s never dismissive and he never ignores the emotional plight that put everyone through.

Later in the series, though he teases Joey, he’s always there when the gang needs someone to talk to and isn’t above rushing in to help when he’s able. Not only is he willing to put himself at risk for Yugi and co doing whatever the situation calls for, he never once uses Yugi’s relative fame as a leg up in the industry, he never exploits his friendships for personal gain.

At the end of the series, when they step off (on?) the boat that leads to the ceremonial duel, Duke seems legitimately upset they didn’t call to fill him in. The important part of that is: he didn’t insist on going. He didn’t say, “this is my fight too, you’re stuck with me” but wished them well and made sure he was there to see them off and know they were okay.

It was never about what he could get, it was always a matter of support.

Duke’s loyalty is also supremely impressive and one of my favorite traits in the entire series. Despite everything Pegasus has done to that point, he calls him. This is a man who made him, and his game, what it is. This is also a man who has committed unspeakable transgressions against people he cares for deeply. Does he weigh those things against one another? Do we see Duke strip his relationship with Pegasus down to whatever is good for business? No.

He remains genuinely invested in Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, and Ryou’s lives, while also being invested in Pegasus’s.

He loves and uplifts people even when he has seen them at their worst.

He doesn’t admonish them.

He doesn’t hold it over their heads.

He just loves them.

I really, really like Duke, and it’s outright criminal that he’s perceived as this shallow, superficial person.

Kitty’s Follow Forever!!

Ahhh, you guys ~~ So… I recently hit 300+ followers!  This is the very first Follow Forever that I’ve ever made, and I’m sorry if it’s a little simpler than some of the much-more awesome FFs, but I just wanted to say thank you!! to every single one of you guys who are following me!  It really means a lot, to know that the stuff that I post can make people happy enough to follow my blog! :)  Regardless of how often we’ve talked, I just wanted to let you guys know that I love each and every one of you sunshines!  ^_^!!

Before I get into this Follow Forever, I’d just like to give a shout-out to a couple of VERY SPECIAL SUNSHINES on here!  These lovelies mean the world and beyond to me, and I have no words to express how very much I appreciate and value their friendship!! <33!!  They are my very closest friends on this sin site Tumblr, and they are so, so important to me!  Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my life – I can’t imagine Tumblr/my life being the same without all of you guys in it!  <33333!!!  I really do love you guys – ya’ll are simply waaaay too amazing for me, haha!  <3.

  • Franchesca ( @sugary-poison ) - MY VERY FIRST FRIEND IN THE RINHARU FANDOM!!!!  <3!  And one of my very best friends!!  Like, I have no words to describe how very much I love her!!  <33!!  Ahhhh, thank you for being the one to really drag me into RinHaru Hell introduce me to the glorious ship that is RinHaru, back when I was just a wee newbie in the Free!/RH fandom!!  :D!  (And thank you for co-organizing the RinHaru Mook chat with me!!  That was so much fun, and it’ll always be “our” thing, haha!  :D!)  You run an amazing blog, that I can literally stay in for hours!  Keep being your amazing, amazing self!  I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I can’t wait to meet you next year in person!!  <33!
  • Phoebe ( @ebe-bee ) - BESTIE, WAIFU, THE RIN TO MY HARU!!!!  <3!  You are a truly beautiful soul, both inside and out – so kind and generous, so thoughtful and sweet, and I’m so very thankful to have met you!!  Your blog gives me so much life, omfg, and at the same time, simultaneously kills me!!  Thank you for being the one to introduce me to tears and heartbreak, squeals and overwhelming feels RinHaru fanfiction!! :D! (Ahh… your AO3 bookmarks… *sobs*…)  You are an amazing person!!  I love you beyond words, and I can’t wait to make that trip out to Japan next year to see/meet you in person!!  We are going to visit every. single. anime. store. in. existence. omggg!! ^.^!!  And visit Iwami!! AND SCREAM AND CRY AND FANGIRL OVER RINHARU!! <33!
  • Dani ( @erza-loves-cakes ) - SWEET CINNAMON ROLL TOO PURE, TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD!!!  <3!  Ahhh, I can’t even begin to say enough awesome things about you, m’dear!!  You are one of the absolute sweetest people ever, and one of my closest nakamas in the Fairy Tail fandom!!  I’m so glad that I got to meet you, and know you, and I love you so much!  Keep being amazing! <33!
  • Jeb ( @fandomdeluxe ) - ETERNAL SUNSHINE!! <3!  You are beyond amazing!  Your sweet and gentle nature is truly a blessing to all those around you, and your thoughtful encouragements are truly inspirational and uplifting to those who have the privilege of knowing you!  You are one-of-a-kind – don’t ever forget that!  I love you, and I’m so glad and thankful that I got to know you! ^.^!  Never, ever lose sight of that beautiful light that you have inside of you!! <33!
  • Meg ( @missrainysunshine ) - I’M SO GLAD THAT I GOT TO KNOW YOU!! <3!  You are such a sweetheart, and one of the nicest, most darling people I know, and I love you so much!! *huggles!*  I love your blog!  ^.^! Stay amazing!! :D!
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  • Cheska ( @dragnoots ) - ONE OF THE LOVELIEST, FUNNEST PEOPLE EVER!!  Ahh, Ches – you’re too cool, hahaha!  I love you, and your blog, so soo much!!  (Your tags crack me up, lol! :D!)  And you introduced me to my ULTIMATE CRACK FT GUILTY PLEASURE SHIP Navia, NEED I SAY MORE???  You’re one of my ultimate favs – stay awesome!!  <33!!
  • Wendy ( @watching-the-lovely-rain-fall ) - OMG!  Where do I even begin with this sweetheart??  Wendy – you are just so sweet, and the greatest, and I’m beyond thankful to have gotten to meet you on Tumblr and know you!! *huggles!*  Stay amazing – I love you!!  <3 ^_^!!

These precious sunshines below, these are the blogs that make me happy, whenever they pop up on my dash ^.^ <333!  They consist of my personal favorite blogs/bloggers/friends, from across various fandoms (mostly Fairy Tail and Free!, but will also include some super-quality Owari no Seraph, Detective Conan, and Hunter x Hunter blogs <3).  I highly recommend everyone to check out and follow as many of these blogs as you’d like, if you haven’t already, because they are all just such amazing blogs, and even more amazing people behind the blogs!! <3

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Hands Off - Calum Hood

Originally posted by bwfivesos

Word Count: 655

Requested: Yes

Anon asked:  can you do 33 with calum? Maybe like you guys flirt a lot but aren’t really together or just friends with benefits?

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The boys had just finished their MSG show, and I could not be more proud of them. To be able to say that I’ve been here since the beginning–literally–to probably one of the biggest accomplishments in their career, is beyond amazing. My motherly moment was interrupted by Calum’s words.

“Hey (Y/N), are you gonna help me celebrate tonight?” Calum asked cheekily.

“Of course, Calum. That’s the only reason why I’m here.” I joked back. Calum and I have had this on-going flirtation since this tour started, and a few months ago, it became more. Not like confessed our love and are in a relationship kind of more, but the ‘let’s hook up from time to time’ more. “I’m not here to show support for my other friends, just you babe.” The boys can only laugh at my bad attempt at sarcasm.

“We all know what you two do behind closed doors. No need to hide it with secret messages anymore.” Michael conveniently mention from his spot on the couch.

I look at him, eyes wide, and a confused expression upon my face. “Wait a minute, you guys have known this entire time and you still let us sneak around?”

Luke nodded his head, “It was fun to let you two think that you could keep a secret from us. We’d have figured it out at some point anyway.” He shrugged.

“Not cool, mate.” Ashton finally spoke. “I thought we had something special.” He placed a hand over his heart and feigned hurt.

Calum immediately continued Ash’s scene, “We do. It didn’t mean anything to me baby. I promise.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you really feel, Calum.” I laugh. These boys were going to be the death of me I swear.

After we all got showered and clothed, we decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate. I had lost the boys an hour ago, so I just stayed at the bar, where I could drink the whole night away. I was about 7 shots in when I felt a large hand on my back, slowly making its way down to my bum. I may be drunk, but not drunk enough for this. Just as I went to say something, I heard Calum’s chuckle in my ear.

“Did I scare you (Y/N)?” He asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes you did. I thought you were some creep trying to cop a feel.” I let out a relieved sigh. “Now could you please get your hand off my ass right now, or you won’t be getting any tonight.” I give Calum a sarcastic smile before turning back to the bar to order another round.

“No can do princess. All these men are staring at you in this dress. I need to show them it belongs to me. Only me.”

I scoff, “Last time I checked, we weren’t together and you don’t own any part of me.”

“Well what if I want it to be more.” Calum said, taking a seat next to me. “What if I want to be with you like that?”

“Is the Calum Hood actually saying that he has feeling for someone?” I asked rhetorically. “I never thought I’d live to see that day.”

“I’m not joking around, (Y/N). Do you want a relationship with a rockstar?”

I pretend to ponder my options before speaking, “Well, now that you mention it, it does sound like an okay idea.” I can see Calum’s face drop at my words. “Aw babe, I’m kidding. I would love for you to be my boyfriend.” I say, kissing his cheek.

“Good.” He let’s out a breath, “Now that that’s settled, can we have sex now? You look so fucking sexy in that dress, (Y/N).”

"I thought you’d never ask.” I grab his hand and lead him to the front of the club, without telling the guys we were leaving. Like Michael said, they already knew what we were doing, so why tell them something they already know?

This is beyond amazing!!

I can’t even put into words how unbelievable this is for me. To have over 5000 of you following my little blog is beyond comprehension.

I really appreciate every single one of you. Thank you all so much for liking/reblogging my posts and for all the lovely messages I’ve ever gotten. Thank you if you’ve been following me since the beginning or if you’ve just started following me.

I have made some amazing friends in the last 8 months or so, you guys know who you are and you mean the world to me. I haven’t had the easiest time personally the last few years & this blog & you lovely people have made things so much nicer. You make me very happy on a daily basis and for this I am always grateful. <3

Thank you & I love you all a lot.

(Might do a giveaway soon as well… ;D)


The Loft



I wake up to an empty bed, in an empty room. It’s completelydark; I reach over to the lamp and turn it on. I find a note that says,

“Hope you slept well babygirl, we’re next door. Come see us when you wake up. x”

I set the note back down and go to the bathroom.

I take a quick shower and shave my legs; after I get out I brush my teeth while standing in the mirror with only a towel on.

What am I supposed to wear?

I look around the bathroom and see clothes with a note on top.

“You won’t be wearing these for long, but they will do. x”

I don’t know which boy wrote this note, but okay.

I take the note off and put on the matching bra and underwear from VS, the pair of high-waisted jean shorts, a large red flannel – probably Jack’s -, along with a pair of black and white vans that look like they were just bought.

I comb through my damp hair and look in the mirror; I have no make up on.

I feel like I haven’t worn make up in forever, oh well.

I leave the bathroom and walk out of the hotel room into the hallway.

I wonder how late it is?

I knock on both of the hotel rooms next to me, waiting for the boys to answer.

After a moment of standing out there, both doors open and all the boys decide to come to my room.

I go back to sit on my bed and Gilinsky comes to sit next to me.

“So how’d you sleep?” Cameron asks sitting on the foot of the bed.

“Good, I want to get out and do something,” I reply.

Most of the boys are sitting on the floor and the others are sitting on the other bed.

They all look at each other in silence,

“What?” I ask.

Gilinsky says loud enough for everyone to hear, “We’ve already made plans. By the way, when was the last time you checked your phone?”

I laugh, “I don’t even know where it is, I’ve been avoiding it. Why?”

Nash says from the floor, sitting up so I can see him, “You do realize that it’s your birthday the day after tomorrow, correct?”
I gasp, “Oh shit.”

I forget my own damn birthday, but they don’t.

Oh god, what are they planning.

The boys stand up, and walk to the door. I follow them as we walk to elevator and back down to the lobby area. As we walk out of the crappy hotel, I look at the clock on the wall.

Holy shit, it’s 1 a.m.  Where could we possibly going on?

We walk out the double doors and out to the parking lot.

I walk to my car and try to get in the driver’s side but Jack makes me go to the passenger side because he wanted to drive.

We all pull out of the parking lot and get on the road.

“Where are we going?”

“Patience, babygirl.”

I roll my eyes and look out the window.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

20 minutes later-

After driving with loud music on, not knowing where we were all going, we finally turn into a road that is lit up with bright lights.

What could possible be open at one in the morning?
We finally come to a sign, which takes me a second to read considering I left my glasses at the loft-


They’re taking me to Disneyland.

I gasp and wiggle around in my seats looking at the lights as we pull in.

As soon as we all park, I get out of my car and meet up with the guys, basically jumping up and down with excitement.

“NO WAY! How did you guys do this? This is cra-“
Matt interrupts speaking for all the boys, “We know you’ve never been, so we made a few phone calls and they shut down the park for us. We have it to ourselves.”

I weep, “This is the best birthday present ev-“

“This isn’t your birthday present, this is because of what happened this morning. Your birthday will be much better than just going to Disneyland,” Shawn smirks at me.

What is he talking about?
“Guys, this is crazy,” I say shaking my head, even though this is the best thing that has happened in so long.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Aaron says outloud, walking towards the gates in the dark night.

I hear Nash and Cam say to each other,

“She’s so excited, aw.”

“I know, (Y/N) is so fucking adorable, I swear.”

How did I get so lucky with these boys?

We walk up to the security guards without saying anything, Gilinsky just nods.

As soon as we’re in the park, I see this huge rollercoaster and my eyes widen.

“C’mon, let’s go babe,” Matt comes over to me and leans down in front of me signaling for me to get on his back so he can carry me.

I step back a bit and run and jump onto him,

“This is the best night ever and it’s just starting!” I yell and all the guys laugh at me.

We go to the rollercoaster and Matt puts me down, Gilinsky sits next to me in the ride. The man that controls the ride starts it, and we getting pushed forward into a shaky and spinney ride.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

One hour later-

We’ve riden at least 20 rides and I heard my stomach growling.

“Are you hungry?” Nate asks standing next to me.

I nod yes, the guys change directions and we go to the cotton candy machine.

These workers are probably pissed because they have to stay afterhours.

It’s almost three a.m. and I hear a firework go off.

I turn around to look for the firework when I see at least ten go off at the same time, illuminating the night sky.

Colors flush the sky, astonishing me.

My jaw drops open as fire works go off in the shape of the words,

“Happy early birthday babygirl”

The words disappear after a moment passes of course.

I turn around once the fire works stop popping and look at all the guys smiling.

“Thank you guys so much, tonight has been beyond amazing. I can’t even begin to thank-“

“You deserve it. We know what you went through those months without us, we’re really sorry that we pushed you away,” Johnson says.

“Yeah, we just want you to know how much you mean to us,” Carter imputed.

I stand there, still shocked at the fact that they do all this for me.

“And this isn’t even your birthday present, babe. If you think this is amazing, you have a lot coming for ya,” Nash says.

“Nope, nope. There’s no way I’m letting you guys do anymore for me-“

“Hush, (Y/N). It’s already planned out, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Trust me, you’ll like it,” Gilinsky says coming towards me to put his arm around me, on my shoulder.

“Whatever, I’m too happy to argue anyways,” I say with a smile so big that my cheeks make my eyes squint a little.

We continue to ride other rides and rollercoaster; they each win me one stuffed animal and carry it for me.

I saw the characters walking around in their costumes and the boys took pictures of me with them and posted it on their social media.

I didn’t care about the fans, not tonight, tonight was just me and the boys, and it’s been too good to worry about hate.

After seeing the sun start to rise, that was our queue to leave before people started coming back to the park.

As I was leaving, holding icecream in my hands and a teddy bear that Sammy had won me, I walked to Sammy and Nate’s car.

“I wanna ride in you guys’ car this time. I feel like we haven’t spent any time together yet!”

They both nod and smirk at me while Nate opens the passenger door for me, letting me have shotgun.

“What are you guys smirking at me for?”

Sammy lets out a deep laugh, “You’ll get your time with us, believe me. You just won’t be ready for it.”

I swallow a lump in my throat and cough a little.

“Someone’s feeling sexual tonight, shit,” I laugh.

We all drive off as I’m finishing my ice cream. I turn on his music to blare through out the car; the bass is insane.

I roll down the sun roof of Sam’s car and ask the boys, “Can I?”

They both say at the same time, “Go for it, baby.”
I stand on the console between the two front seats and lift my body up out of the top of the sun roof.

I feel Nate hold on to my legs to make sure I don’t fall, feeling the wind of Sam speeding down the road.

My hair is flowing out of my face and I hear the music.

The guys in the other cars are laughing at me and smiling.

Matt’s in the car next to us and he rolls down the window after seeing me,

“Having fun up there, babe?”

“Shut up, Espinosa!” I giggle, enjoying how gorgeous the sunset is.

I feel so good right now, I feel like I’m actual living. I’m happy. I don’t feel depressed or anxious. I’m genuinely happy.

I lower myself back into the car and back into my seat with Nate’s help.

Letting out a breath, I say, ”That was so fucking fun.”

They laugh at me more as we arrive back to the loft.

Once we all get out of our cars and into the elevator, the boys start asking if I enjoyed my night.

“Are you fucking kidding? This might have been the best night of my life guys. I can’t even wrap my head around the concept of all that you guys do and continue to do for me,” I say holding my teddy bear.

I hear Johnson say to Gilinsky next to me, “She has no fucking idea, bro.”

I’m so curious as to what they have planned for my birthday.

It’s probably around 8 in the morning, and I’m tired again.

The house is spotless, of course.

The boys all walk up to my room, setting down all the stuffed animals.

After tucking me into bed and telling me goodnight, all boys but Gilinsky leave.

Gilinsky sits in bed next to me, getting under the covers.

“Alright, so here’s the deal. By the time you wake up, it’ll be late afternoon probably, because you need rest for what you’re about to be doing for your birthday. And when you wake up, come get me and I’ll help you pack. We’re leaving around 6 p.m.,” He points to a Victoria’s Secret bag on my dresser.
“That bag has a surprise for you, but you can’t open it until you get dressed tomorrow, you’ll need to wear what’s in the bag on the way there. Got it, babygirl?”

I normally hate surprises, but shit this is gonna be amazing, I can just tell.

“Got it babe.”

He nods, “Okay good. You need rest, trust me.”

“Why?” I asked Jack.

“Let’s just say that when you come back home, you’ll be sore.”

Oh shit.

I cough a little trying to release the tension as he laughs at me.

“We have a little game that we’ve prepared, it’ll be fun, don’t worry.”
He kisses my cheek and turns me over to lay on my stomach as he rubs my back, making me sleepy.

“Sing to me,” I tell Jack.

“Are you serious?”

I nod.

“Ugh, only for you, (Y/N).”

He starts singing Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, knowing that I still love that song.

His perfect voice fills my room as I fall asleep.

The last thing I hear him say is,

“Babygirl, you have no idea what you do to us.”

 - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Wow…I…really have no words right now. I’m kinda tipsy but I just want to tell y'all something real quick. The sense of community I get from other black women online - on Tumblr specifically - is like none other. The solidarity between black women is UNMATCHED. Don’t let nobody convince you otherwise. Black women have always had each other’s back since day one - that’s been made apparent today. I’m sometimes emotional when I drink but whatever, I’m crying because these last few days have been stressful for me. I know in my mind that these trolls are sick monsters, but sometimes it gets to me - especially when they tell me to kill myself. My father’s suicide is something I refuse to deal with so when suicide is mentioned, I have panic attacks. To see how you guys have showed up for me in my time of need means EVERYTHING TO ME. I can’t even express to you in words how I’m feeling right now. In a day, you guys have completely turned my channel around. Yes, there are still a massive amount of hate comments, and counting, but to see just one or two comments affirming my message means the world to me. Really. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am forever grateful for what you’ve done for me. Beyond my channel, even beyond the numbers, you’ve solidified my purpose. Man, y'all are fucking amazing I’m literally unable. 😭 Thank you babies I love you so much!!!!

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“What did I know? I thought it was just a book, just a story. Just a movie. And then I came here. I saw the love and the hope in your eyes, and I finally understood that it was a fantasy.

And you, you have made it a reality.”

– Ken Stott, at HobbitCon 2014 Closing Ceremony

It’s not exactly what he said, but it’s the heart of it. And I’m pretty sure half the hall was in tears, and the rest at least got misty-eyed.

This man was amazing. It was his first Convention, and I cannot say how happy and privileged and proud I feel that it was HobbitCon. You could see, you could feel how much he had enjoyed it. He actually got a little choked up.

To all you people from all the 28 countries who came to HobbitCon this year: you were AMAZING! Last year’s HobbitCon was great, yes, but this year it was beyond words, and you, to quote Ken Stott, you made it a reality! I met so many new people, so many fantastic people, it was indiscribable.

Thank you!

Wow, What? Really?!

Why in the hell 4k of you want to follow me I will never get but I am also so so grateful. I love all of you guys. Every single one. No matter if you talk to me, comment, reply, like or just hang. You guys are freaking amazing and I am beyond words! 

I am a bit busy atm so I won’t post my plans for a celebration right this moment just know that one is coming! 

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