you guys out numbered my boyfriend

Things I've heard my (cis/het) brother say while he's been in college for the last year:

-(Heard over the phone) “I don’t care WHAT is in your pants or what you identify as, GET THE FUCKING PISS OFF THE TOILET SEAT
- “I don’t get why some men like to call themselves straight and then say they’d never date a Trans woman because honestly if you’re willing to exclude an entire subsection of women based on something so stupid you’re probably not worth their time anyways”
-“I don’t know why some guys worry about gay men in the locker rooms because if I was a gay guy, even I wouldn’t date me. I’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days.“
-(Over spring break) “How the fuck do you make Kraft mac&cheese”
-“What do you mean it’s written on the box– WAIT SHIT IT IS”
-“I hit on a lesbian two weeks ago in the SU without knowing it and I still feel bad about it”
-“I honestly think I’d prefer living with a (Trans) person at this point because if they’re even as half as cool as you then it’s got to be better than living with two 19 year old boys who have fucking competitions of who can piss farther on the ceiling
-“For some reason even in college guys don’t seem to get that the only reason I get so many girls’ numbers is because I treat them like I would treat anyone else”
-“No seriously they think you have to act uninterested or like a dick for some reason”
-“No I don’t know why they think hitting on a lesbian is anything but a lot of secondhand embarrassment for the rest of us”
-“My roommate came into the room looking really dejected and when I asked why he said that he spent hours talking to this girl just to find out that she had a boyfriend the whole time and didn’t say anything” (And after me asking why it mattered) “I dunno, apparently he doesn’t understand the concept of friends”
-(After me saying I don’t get heterosexuals sometimes) “Even I don’t understand straight guys little dude, and I am one”

Dating Issac Lahey Would Include

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You being one of the first people he opens up to about his past

Lots of studying together

The study sessions always go longer than planned because he keeps getting distracted by every little thing (Such as kissing you)

Him complaining to you about Stiles

“Come on Isaac, Stiles is a great guy. You two just need to hang out and see just how much you have in common.”

“But he’s an ass”

You constantly “borrowing” his various sweaters and jackets

You “forgetting” to give them back

Always insisting he gets paired up with you for pack missions

Him slowly but surely becoming friends with Stiles, to where Isaac, Scott, and Stiles eventually start hanging out a lot so you have to beg to have your boyfriend back for a night

Always sleeping together (just sleeping, you need to be by one another for both of you to sleep)

Isaac sneaking into your room every night so that your parents don’t know

Him always listening to your heart beat

Going to every lacrosse game and wearing his number on your cheek

Every time you guys see one another he always plants a kiss to your temple (especially because he is way taller than you)

Having arguments about how much you can help the pack

           “Isaac, you aren’t my mom, you can’t tell me what to do”

           “I’m not losing you (Y/n), I need to keep you safe!”

more texts for you bitches [pt 2]

angsty af texts

[text]: I’m not talking about this with you anymore I am so mad
[text]: So you decide to treat me better AFTER you break up with me…yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Lay off.
[text]: FYI telling a person to calm down is about the LEAST productive thing one could do!
[text]: Do you seriously have that little respect for me?
[text]: You’re a piece of shit.
[text]: Take a hint – I want nothing to do with you.
[text]: I hate that bitch.
[text]: I don’t think this is how you treat someone you love
[text]: You have to take me back. Please.
[text]: I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text]: It’s like you didn’t even realize what you said was immensely fucked up.
[text]: I also broke up with my [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other] tonight
[text]: What does it say about my self-esteem if I continue this?
[text]: I just don’t really feel like being your secret.
[text]: I just feel like no matter what I say it’s not correct
[wrong number text]: I think I’m gonna break up with [your muse]…I’m done.
[wrong number text]: [Your muse] just pissed me off so much.

flirty af texts

[text] Well, let me fuck you while I make potatoes. It’s every girl’s dream.
[text]: I’m sorry I asked to make out with you last night
[text]: So you don’t remember asking if you could kiss me?
[text]: Is it gay if I had sex with a guy during a threesome?
[text]: You have to love more than my vagina to be boyfriend material
[text]: I get nervous saying so in person, but I thought you were pretty adorable
[text]: Good morning. It’s [your muse’s name], the cutie you met on Tinder.
[text]: If we’re both single by the time we’re 30, let’s elope.
[text]: You’re not single, are you?
[text]: I want to have sex in my car again before I put the car seat back in
[text]: Here’s an unsolicited pic of my tits, because you almost died last night.
[text]: Speaking of lightening speed, he ate me out while I was watching The Flash. If that’s not winning at life idk what is
[text]: Hey so I was thinking, would you like to grab a drink this weekend?
[text]: We just had sex in the shed while having a conversation about cheeseburgers…so that’s how my Thursday is going
[wrong number text]: Do you think [your muse] would say yes if I asked them out for drinks?
[wrong number text]: Holy crap [your muse] is fucking hot
[wrong number text]: To quote Rachel Green, [your muse] is so pretty, I could cry
[wrong number text]: I could never talk to [your muse] … [he/she/they] is so cute I’d be so embarrassed.

friendship af texts

[text]: You didn’t choose the taco life. The taco life chose you.
[text]: Your Snapchat story was solely footage of stray cats and whiskey shots
[text]: I’m eating pizza in the bathtub
[text]: I got high with a cute stranger. But [he/she/they] has a [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other]. Sad.
[text]: Dude [he/she/they] must have been cute to get you to smoke with [him/her/them]!
[text]: If he’s into you and he’s got a girlfriend, what does that say about his character?
[text]: I’ve been out with this guy twice and no kiss!
[text]: I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text]: Anyone coming over I expect to be here by 8. There’s cake.
[text]: I’m masturdating. Going out alone! For fun.
[text]: Is it rude to send him a “Happy Birthday I Hope You Finally Get an STD” text?
[text]: Some guy tried to give me a high five out here and when I denied him he called me ugly
[text]: Please stop putting yourself down I hate when you talk badly about yourself
[text]: If you’re having problems, don’t worry about mine. You’re your own priority.
[text]: You should just dump [him/her/them] and move on.
[text]: I’ve had so many people in like the past week tell me they were closing on or saving for a house…I’m just like, have fun with that
[text]: You might have a house but I just spent hundreds of dollars on highlights so who’s really winning here
[text]: He was so cute, it was a shame it didn’t work out. I loved his face and his penis
[text]: You also look amazing in that pic I can’t stop looking at it lmao
[text]: As soon as I saw [he/she/they] asked me out for drinks, I was like aw fuck
[text]: Your mom is drunk at the bar

A Dirty Shower

Summary: After being on the road for a few days with the two boys, Y/N is happy to finally have some alone time with Sam.

Warning: Smut. Unprotected Sex. Just know that it’s really dirty.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

The sound of your legs peeling off the backseat of the Impala made you wince. You were sweating, despite how little clothing you chose to wear. You groaned as you climbed out of the back seat, stretching your stiff muscles for the first time in a few thousand miles. Sam and Dean climbed out of the front, hardly fazed from the heat or the excruciatingly long car ride.

“Smell that Y/N? That is the smell of fresh coffee and bacon!” Dean smiled, rubbing his hands together before hastily walking toward the small diner.

You raised an eyebrow at Sam, who simply shrugged and rolled his eyes. He wrapped his arms around your waist. you wrinkled your nose in disgust, he was sweaty and didn’t have the most appealing scent wafting off him.

“No offense babe, but you reek. Granted, we probably all reek from being crammed in a hot car for a couple days without showering. You are definitely in need of a shower my dear, I vote that after breakfast we find a motel nearby to clean up and actually get some rest before we interview the victim’s family. We can’t stroll in smelling like this or looking like we haven’t slept in a few years, talk about unprofessional.” You laughed gently pushing him away.

“I agree, a shower sounds nice about now. Remember Dean’s promise, we get our own room this time. It’s been weeks since I’ve had you to myself, and I am dying to feel you under me.” His lips were at your ear, words spoken quietly and seductively. To anyone else, it would look like he was being sweet and pressing a kiss to your skin.

A small whimper left your lips, your legs pressed together. You shot him a playful look, taking his hand and leading him into the diner after Dean, although you were no longer hungry for food, you just wanted to get your boyfriend alone. Sliding into the small booth, you notice that Dean had already ordered his food and has demolished half of it, and half the pot of coffee.

“Holy crap Dean. You never fail to amaze me with how much. . . and how quickly you can eat food. I didn’t think we took that long, did you?” You turned to Sam who had already poured you both cups of coffee and was ordering food for you.

“You guys were out there for ages! Long enough for me to get the waitresses number, and to get my food.” He shot the waitress a wink and you shuddered, knowing he had probably used some embarrassing pick up line and convinced her to meet him after her shift. Classic Dean.

Shaking your head in amusement you took a sip of your coffee, nearly spilling it all over yourself when Sam’s hand landed rather high on your leg.

“Dude, it was like five minutes. That is beside the point, Y/N brought up a good point, we all reek and are in dire need of showers, clean clothes, and a real bed to sleep in. We can’t just show up to interview people looking exhausted and smelly. Plus, you and I both need a good shave. So, where is the closest motel?” As he spoke, his hand drifted higher on your leg, pushing slightly harder into your skin.

“According to the hottie, there is a motel about 3 blocks from here. I say, once I finish eating I can go book us a roo- two rooms. Right, I promised you guys your privacy.” He clicked his tongue, piling more pancakes into his mouth, sending a grubby smile your way.

Sam seemed satisfied with that answer, and dug into his own food that had recently been placed in front of him, his fingers on your leg dipping under the bottom of your shorts. You were struggling to keep still and practically scarfed down your food, eager to get him alone. Sam, on the other hand, was taking his time with his food, sending you cheeky smiles between bites. You could feel yourself soaking, your need for him growing by each passing minute.


“Here you guys go, I am a couple rooms down, I made sure to do that after what I heard last time,” Dean shot you a look and you blushed, “so if you need me, I will be sleeping or occupied with the waitress.”

You snatched the motel key out of his hand and practically dragged Sam towards your room. You flung the door open, shoving the tall man inside before slamming it shut and locking it. In a matter of seconds, Sam had you pushed up against the door, his lips hot against yours. His hands were everywhere; tangled up in your hair, on your neck, your waist, everywhere. You were panting against his lips when he pulled away, eyes ablaze with lust.

“Shower. You, me, now.” You growled, hands pulling his belt from his pants and shoving them down his long legs.

You knew he wanted to have you on the bed, but the idea of his hard, wet body pressed against yours brought a different wave of arousal over you. His hands gripped the bottom of your shirt and pulled it over your head, tossing it behind him onto the floor. He hoisted you up onto his hips, lips attached to your neck as you directed him towards the small motel bathroom. Setting you down, he turned his back to start the shower, leaving you to discard your remaining articles of clothing.

“Get in and wet your body, I will be there in just a second. Don’t touch yourself, that’s my job.” Kissing you roughly, he pushed you towards the shower.

The water was hot, but felt surprisingly refreshing on your grimy skin. You refrained from allowing your hands to wander between your thighs. You watched through the glass as Sam finished sliding off his clothes, set the provided towels on the counter and headed towards you. The door slid open, cold air seeping in from beyond the steamy shower.

“Good girl, doing just what I asked,” He spun you around and pulled your back to his chest, one arm wrapping firmly around you, holding you to him. His other hand trailed down your body, his lips kissing and sucking at your neck and collar bone. Chuckling as you squirmed in his arms he whispered in your ear, “Now tell me Princess, is this what you want?” You moaned your approval as his fingers ran through your folds before two digits entered your soaking pussy.

“Yes, please. I want you so bad baby.” Gasping at the feeling of him pumping his fingers in and out of you combined with the hot water on your bodies.

He bit down on your shoulder and you gasped, pressing your legs together around his hand. One of his legs nudged yours apart again, his thumb now adding to his assault on your body. If it wasn’t for the hand around your waist you would’ve collapsed to the floor. The feeling in the pit of your stomach was growing and you could feel your body shuddering, clenching around his fingers.

“That’s it baby, come for me. I want to feel you dripping down my fingers.” He nibbled your earlobe and your body obliged, your orgasm racketing through your body. You screamed out, digging your fingers into his arm on your waist.

You could feel his cock pressed into your back, and you whimpered, knowing that he wasn’t even close to being finished with you. He eased his fingers out of you and pressed you against the glass wall of the shower, your nipples hardening against the cool surface He flipped you around and lifted you up and onto his cock. As he slid you down onto his length, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling his body as close to you as you could get, nails digging into his wet skin. One of his hands tangled in your hair and yanked your head back for his mouth to attack the sweet spot on your neck.

Ramming into you, Sam sunk his teeth into your shoulder, groaning as you purposefully clenched around his throbbing member. You could feel your orgasm building again, this time stronger than the last.

“I’m going to… fuck, I’m going to come!”

“Not yet baby, not until I say you can,” Sam growled, his hand leaving your hair to rub your clit, adding to your torture. You screamed, fighting off your orgasm the best you could, your hands squeezing his shoulders like your life depended on it. His hips were moving mercilessly against yours, the sound of wet skin slapping together was drowned out by your moans.

“Fuck. Sam baby, please let me come.” You felt like you were going to explode.

“Now, come baby.” You screamed, your body spasming at the intensity of your orgasm, your head falling against his shoulder.

He came soon after, his hips faltering slightly as he filled you. He waited until your body was done spasming before he sat down on the cool floor of the shower with you between his legs, your back to his front. He pressed soft kisses along your shoulders and top of your spine, running his fingers up and down your sides to help calm you.

He helped you to wash your hair and body before washing his own, not trusting your shaky legs to hold you up. You were exhausted and didn’t put up a fight as he wrapped you in a towel and carried you to the bed. He helped you into one of his shirts and then slid on some boxers before he crawled onto the bed, pulling you into his chest.

“That was definitely worth the wait, but next time, can we not wait so long?” He laughed, kissing your head before cuddling you closer to him.

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend Pt.2 (Min Yoongi)

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Part 1

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

You groaned at another dad joke Yoongi has made “God stop they’re awful” you whined and sat up on the platinum white bed sheets looking at the older boy.

It has been a week since the accident and the doctor said you could be let out today. Although with the occasional disappearing to other deaths, Yoongi has been by your side the whole time.

“Wait I’ve got another one” you groaned at his voice and plopped back down in the position you were in before. “Whats brown and sticky?” he chuckles not able to finish the joke.

“You’re scaring me” you whisper not wanting to people to hear your voice. Over time you’ve learnt that only you could see him but when he wants to be seen by others he can be seen by others.

“A stick!” he gasps for air clutching his stomach for dear life, you couldn’t help but laugh at his state. You’re feelings for him were growing stronger, at this point he was but a child’s crush to you, and that’s how you wanted it to be.

 “Miss Y/L/N, How are you on this fine morning?” The doctor strolled in grabbing out his stethoscope and checking your heart beat, you keep looking at Yoongi who is still laughing but this time he falls out of his chair causing you to let out one big laugh.

“Miss Y/L/N are you alright?” the doctor looked concerned and stared at you, all you could do was bite your lip and nod.

“Well looks like you’re free to go. I’ve done all the paper work so you can walk right out of here” He smiled and practically skipped out the door.

“What do you wanna do?” Yoongi asked, hands in his pockets as the two you wandered out of the hospital. 

“I know what I’m doing” you waved your hands getting a taxi’s attention, luckily one rolled in right next to where you were standing “I’m going back to my dorm to get ready for my classes” you smiled up at him.

As soon as your butt touched the seats you sighed, ‘Being around Yoongi is hard work’ You thought to yourself and looked back to see he wasn’t there. 

Unfazed you turned back around to see him sitting right next to you. Holding your hand up to your heart you breathed in an out in hopes of steadying your heart beat.

“What the hell? Why can’t you leave me alone for two god damn seconds?” you whispered. The old man was too busy listening to his music to care. “I told you, I’ll be with you until you say yes” he smirked and rested his head against the seat.

You pulled up to your university and walked in the direction of the dorms. As you were walking you noticed girls watching your every move and gasping, “He’s so hot” you heard one girl bicker “I’ve never seen him before in my entire life” another said fanning herself.

You groaned and stopped in your tracks “They can see you can’t they?” you asked, “Of course babe” he swung his arm around you and continued walking. 

“Why can they see you?” you pushed his arm off of your shoulder and continued walking “I want everybody to know that you’re mine” he smiled and again placed his arm around you.

“Y/n!” Mi Na screamed and engulfed you into a big hug “I missed you!” it was the end of summer holidays so you didn’t miss out on much. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t come to the hospital” Mi Na rambled on.

When she was finished she went back to her desk and started to place books down. You started to hang photos up on walls and place all of your clothes into the dresser, that was until you felt cold hands wrap around your waist.

You screamed and jumped forward Mi Na looked up “What is it?” it was clear that this time Yoongi had become invisible again. “Nothing, I just thought I saw something” you said smiling.

“Hey, why don’t we get some coffee?” Mi Na asked.

After ordering you couldn’t help but stare at the cashier and he couldn’t help but stare at you. 

“Ugh! You’re so pretty it’s unfair” Mi Na groans scrolling through your latest Instagram posts. “I’m really not Mi Na, You’re the one who’s got a boyfriend.” you sighed grabbing your coffee.

Before walking out the door you see something scribbled on the lid ‘You are BEAUTIFUL’ it wrote, along with a number, you looked back to find the cashier staring at you smiling.

Whilst this was all going on, you didn’t notice a young man who was right beside you. Jaw clenched, steam practically coming out of his ears he was ready to beat that guy to a pulp.

“Ah Y/n I gotta go, my mums freaking out about my little sister. She isn’t home yet and wants me to go look for her” Mi Na says running off into the night air.

“Are you really going to call him!?” Yoongi shouts, stumbling over some rocks. “Maybe, Maybe not?” you say smiling. “You’re my girl, I don’t want you to” he says stopping right in front of you.

“I’m not your girl Yoongi but nice try” you patted him on his chest and walked around him. 

“Why don’t I call him now?” You ask wriggling your eye brows giggling, “Give me the phone” Yoongi runs after you, you quickly go into the woman’s public toilets and dial the number.

“I swear to God Y/n” Yoongi screams outside of the small building. “Hello?” you hear a deep voice coming from your phone “Hi” is all you could say. Your knees weak, you sat down on the toilet making sure the lid was closed before you do.

“Who’s this?” he asked “It’s the girl from the coffee shop, I believe you called me beautiful?” you asked. “Ahhh Girl From the Coffee Shop, how are you?” he asks. 

“I’m good and yourself Mr. Cashier From the Coffee Shop?” he laughed “Mr Cashier From the Coffee Shop? I like it.” He paused once again, this time you heard Yoongi singing like a drunken man.

“Oh my baby, won’t you please come out. I’II buy you diamonds and sweets Oh won’t you come out” He laughed and banged on the door. You covered the phone and whispered yelled “Yoongi shut the hell up or I’ll never say yes!” soon he was quiet, ‘That shut him up’ you thought.

You pressed your ear back to your phone and listened.

“But you must know…my name is Jin”

||Dickish|| Isaac Lahey Imagine

{Requested: isaac has been recently turned by Derek. And your his best friend. And he’s been different. More cocky and mean. And you confront him one day in school and he totally freaks out on you. He wolfs out and almost hurts you but your boyfriend stiles and your best friend Scott come. And Scott calms him down asking what the hell happened. He tried to apologize but you walk away in tears. And stiles follows right behind you. Later on that night he sneaks into your room to apologize.} Isaac x reader Stiles x reader .

“Is it just me or has Isaac been a lot more aggressive recently?“I asked Lydia as we sat down on the bleachers, watching the lacrosse team practice.
"What makes you think that?"Lydia asked.
As soon as Lydia asked that, Isaac sped towards Stiles. It all happened so quick, Stiles was screaming in the air and suddenly he fell on his back.
"That."I answered before jumping to my feet.
I ran over to Stiles as everyone circled around him.
"Lahey, what the hell was that?"Coach barked, gaining everyone’s attention.
"I swear my life flashed before my eyes."Stiles muttered, as I kneeled down beside him.
"You know I expected my life to be cool considering all the things we’ve seen, but really all I remember is me being terrified."Stiles whispered, groaning.
"Are you okay? Did you get hurt, did you break something-”
“My shoulder."Stiles muttered, screaming in pain as I touched it.
"Back up, back up!"Coach yelled as he shoved past the crowd.
Coach grabbed his arm and started moving it.
"Aaah!"Stiles screamed.
I couldn’t tell if it was out of pain or fright seeing as his arm would flip uncontrollably. I couldn’t help but scream as well while everyone gasped.
"This is like that time Harry fell off his broomstick and broke his arm!"I yelled, making everyone go quiet.
"Seriously, have none of you watched the movies?"I asked, squinting my eyes at them in disbelief and disgust.
"Hey babe, don’t mean to ruin your geeky moment- and you know I love you’re geeky side but I think it’s an inappropriate time to geek out because my arm is a noodle!"Stiles screamed.
"Right, sorry."I whispered, realizing he was right.
Soon the ambulance arrived, the paramedics wheeled Stiles into the ambulance while I jumped in.
"That wasn’t cool man."I heard Danny say.
"It’s lacrosse, if he can’t handle it then maybe he shouldn’t play it."Isaac answered.
"Besides, he’s not even good at it."Isaac snickered.
I furrowed my eyebrows, this isn’t the first he’s been acting like a dick.
"Sir, I’m gonna need you to stay awake-”
“No dad, five more minuets please.” Stiles muttered, half asleep.
“Sir, sir-”
“Mmm (Y/N), I love it when you call me sir. Love it more when you call me-”
“Stiles!"I yelled, covering his mouth.
"Faster?"He asked, his voice muffled by my hands.
"I think he hit his head real hard."The paramedic by my side whispered.
"You want it harder, alright you little-”
“Hey babe, I’m gonna need you to shut up and keep your eyes opened.”
*Next day*
“Here let me carry your bag for you."I offered as I took Stiles backpack from him.
"My left arm works perfectly fine (Y/N)."Stiles chuckled as I walked him to class.
"Unfortunately for you, no more playing with yourself."I said, making him roll his eyes.
"Good thing I got you-"Stiles started to say before we heard a loud bang.
I jumped in front of Stiles and used his backpack as a shield.
”(Y/N) every time there’s a loud noise doesn’t mean someone’s trying to shoot the school.“Stiles reminded me.
"We live in California, what do you expect me to do?"I asked.
"Thank you for shielding me, although I think it’s the boyfriends job to shield the girl."Stiles said, making me roll my eyes.
"Sorry I want to keep my boyfriend alive."I spat, making him wrap his left arm around me.
"What’d you say?"I heard Isaac yell from across the hall.
He had a guy that was taller than him pinned against the locker.
"I asked you a question dick."Isaac barked, slamming his head against the locker.
"That’s where the bang came from."Stiles whispered as I glared at Isaac.
"I said excuse me!"The guy yelled at Isaac.
"I told you to answer me not raise your voice at me-”
“Isaac!"I yelled, stopping him from throwing a punch at the poor guy.
I helped the guy escape Isaac’s grip, which Isaac more upset than he was.
"What the hell (Y/N)?’‘Isaac yelled.
"What do you mean what the hell, what is wrong with you?"I asked.
Isaac simply ignored me and turned away, walking in the other direction.
"Isaac Lahey, don’t walk away from me!"I yelled.
"Watch me!"He yelled back, making me glare at him.
"Just leave him alone."Stiles whispered, holding me back from running after him.
I sighed before walking Stiles to his last class of the day, which was also his least favorite.
"Have fun babe."I whispered before giving him a quick peck.
"Love you."He whispered before walking into his class.
I walked down the hall until I heard someone sobbing in the guys locker room. I know, I know, I should be going in but I had to. I walked in and saw a girl sobbing as Isaac zipped up his pants.
"Look, if you weren’t ready you should’ve told me earlier before wasting my time. I could have any other girl in this school so you’re lucky I chose you."Isaac muttered.
"Isaac I’m sorry-”
“I don’t care, don’t waste my time."Isaac snapped at the trembling girl.
"What the hell is wrong with you?"I asked, causing the girl and Isaac to jump.
"Not you sweetie, whatever he said, just forget it. Don’t let guys like him make you feel bad about yourself."I whispered as I sat by the girl.
I grabbed her phone and put my phone number in her contacts list before putting her number in mine.
"How about my boyfriend and I treat you to some ice cream tomorrow after school?"I asked.
"I don’t know-”
“My treat."I said making her laugh lightly.
"Sure."She answered.
"Alright now go back to class, I’ve got to talk to Isaac."I told her.
She nodded and walked out, leaving me with Isaac.
"Well wasn’t that sweet of you."Isaac muttered, rolling his eyes.
"I don’t know what the hell got into you but I don’t like this new Isaac. You’re my best friend and you would never treat a girl like that."I muttered, glaring at him.
"Watch your tone (Y/N), you don’t want to get on my bad side."Isaac warned, flashing me his golden glowing eyes.
"Of course, of course."I whispered, laughing.
"Ever since that night Derek bit you, you started acting cocky, you started acting like an asshole. I can’t believe I’m saying this but you’re almost as bad as Jackson."I muttered.
"I’m warning you (Y/N), don’t upset me."Isaac continued.
"No, I want to get on your bad side."I spat.
"Lets see the big bad werewolf you’re trying to be."I muttered.
"I said stop!"Isaac yelled as he wolfed out.
My eyes widened as I stumbled back into the wall.
"Isaac, I’m your best friend, you love me."I whispered as tears welled up in my eyes.
I noticed Issac raise his claws in the air, making my heart drop. I jumped out of the way as soon as he swung at me.
"Isaac!"Scott yelled, scarring both Isaac and I.
”(Y/N), are you okay?“Stiles asked as he ran over to me.
"I’m okay, I’m okay."I breathed out as Stiles cupped my face.
"What the hell is going on?"Scott asked, making me look up at him.
"Isaac wolfed out of me and tried attacking me."I answered as I stood up.
I winced as my ankle stared to sting. I looked down at it and noticed it bleeding. When I jumped, he must’ve managed to claw my ankle.
”(Y/N)-“Isaac started to say as I pushed past him and Scott.
"Don’t Isaac, just don’t."I muttered, tears falling down my face.
"Touch her again and I’ll make wrap Kira’s katana, put wolfsbane-”
“Stiles."Scott whispered.
"You get the idea."Stiles muttered before following after me.
"You wanna leave early?"Stiles asked as he found me by his jeep.
"Please?"I asked.
"Of course."Stiles answered as I helped him into the passengers seat.
"Can’t believe you won’t let me drive my own car-”
“You broke your arm babe, I’m just taking care of you."I whispered as I drove him to his house.
"I know and I love you for that."Stiles said as he leaned over and kissed my cheek softly.
As soon as we got to his house, I made him some food and did his chores.
"Can I just say you’re the best girlfriend ever?"Stiles asked as I collapsed onto his bed.
"Please do, I’m exhausted."I muttered, snuggling up to him.
"Stiles, did you clean the house?"Sheriff Stilinski yelled from downstairs.
"Because it looks amazing- hey (Y/N)."He greeted me as he stood by Stiles’ door.
"Hey Sheriff-”
“Actually (Y/N) cleaned it, she decided to do my chores since I can’t move my arm. She also made food which you’re eating right now."Stiles explained, pointing at his arm and then the bowl in his dad’s hands.
"Stiles, marry her."Sheriff said as he took another bite.
“Seriously, this is amazing."Sheriff mumbled.
"Thank you Sheriff, just trying to help out."I shrugged.
After his dad left the room, I ended up dozing off in Stiles’ arms. When I woke up, its was eleven pm.
"Shit."I muttered as I looked at Stiles’ alarm clock.
I wiggled out of Stiles’ grip and kissed his forehead before dashing out. I took his jeep and sped off to my house. Once I got there, I sneaked up to my room so I wouldn’t alarm my parents. I hopped onto my balcony and opened the window, then climbed in. As soon as I get in, the lights turn in.
"Jesus- Isaac?"I asked.
"I had to lie to your parents saying that Stiles’ jeep broke down.’'Isaac muttered.
"You didn’t have to, I didn’t ask you-”
“No but you’re my best friend, so of course I’d do it."Isaac answered.
My face softened as he called me his best friend, but then I quickly remembered what had happened today.
"As much as I’d love to chat, and I don’t, we have school tomorrow and I’ve got to get my beauty sleep."I muttered as I hopped into my bed.
"So jump off my balcony and don’t come here again."I spat.
”(Y/N), please just let me talk.“He begged.
"Before Derek bit me, you would always go out of your way to protect me from my dad. You and Stiles told the Sheriff about him and he got arrested. You then let me stay at your house until I moved in with Derek. I love you (Y/N), you’re my best friend and I’m so sorry I hurt you. I know I’ve been a dick, but I need you to forgive me."He explained.
"Please forgive me."He begged.
"I’m not the one who needs the apology, the girl you hurt and Stiles-oh and that guy in the hallway. Anyone you’ve been a dick to and or hurt."I answered.
"So you’re not mad at me?"Isaac asked.
"I’m disappointed, not mad. Overall, I forgive you. Just please don’t get all cocky and dickish."I muttered.
"Dickish isn’t a word-”
“Isaac."I warned him.
"Okay I’ll take what I can get!”-
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, have a wonderful day/night!

Patater Week Day 3

This is laaaaaate.  But it’s also like hella long so I feel like it’s justified.

Day 3: Fake Dating/Secret Relationship

“Kenneth, have you found a nice young man yet?”  Kent’s Grandmother squinted at the camera on his mom’s ipad.  “You know the Priest at church has a nephew and he’s quite good looking.  He’s a Kindergarten teacher, and I think you would just love him.  He even likes your hockey!  He teaches a team for children at the rec center on weekends.  I see him there when I have my water aerobics.”  She nodded.

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Apple Pie 5

// “just tAKE THE JACKET” //

number 5 of my best friends drabble list and the unofficial sequel of coconut oil.

*Warning Mature Content*

“Oh my god. This is so fucking good,” I moaned as my taste buds savored the quarter pounder burger I was shoving into my mouth. I looked at the beautiful burger I just took a bite of with astonishment. It was….. so good. I moaned again as I took my second bite and then my third bite that was the biggest of them all. I felt a bit of grease run down the side of my face but I couldn’t be bothered. I had my tunnel vision set on my food. I took a huge slurp of my vanilla milkshake and ate a few cheese fries between each bite of food.

“Yo, Y/N! You like the food over there?” Fredo called from across the table. I jumped at the sound of my name, breaking me out of my food trance. I looked up to see the whole table of the tour staff staring at me. I gave a shy nod as a strand of cheese from my fries landed on my face.

Everyone immediately laughed at my eager sloppiness as I tried to pull my myself together again and act like I didn’t smoke a blunt fifteen minutes prior. I looked forward to see Justin recording the whole encounter on his phone.

“Stop!” I whined as I quickly reached across the table and tried to smacked his phone from his hand so that he would leave me alone. Unfortunately, I missed and he leaned back in his seat as he continued capturing the moment.

“You’re so annoying,” I complained while holding up my middle finger and throwing a fry at his big forehead.

“Okay but, you’re gross,” He countered, finally putting down his phone.

“Okay but, I don’t need this from you,” I rolled my eyes as I stood up with my tray of food in tow.

“Where are you going?” Elysandra looked up at me.

“Somewhere where I’m not harassed for my eating habits,” I stated before dramatically moving towards an empty table on the side of small restaurant. On the way over there, a large group of dusty niggas smiled at me and watched as I sat alone. I kept my eyes straight ahead as I moved to my destination. I had no interest in being bothered again while eating and especially not by bummie niggas.

I finished my plate of food within the next few minutes. Once I ate the last fry I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, feeling the itis taking over. Just as I felt like I was about to pass out and meet Jesus in my sleep, my eyes flew open at the smell of apple pie. I looked up just in time to see one of the waiters walk past me with a slice of deliciousness. My mouth watered at the sight.

I didn’t waste a moment before getting up to go to the front of the restaurant to order. Annoyingly enough, to get to the place to order, I had to walked past the gross dudes again (who we’re making crude gestures as I passed) and past the section the Purpose crew was sitting at. I was almost past my friends that I was fake beefing with when, my wrist was grabbed in a tight grip. My eyes moved from the hand, followed the length of an muscular arm, and found myself looking at Justin’s red face.

“What?” I asked dryly.

“Take my jacket,” He said in a serious tone.

“What?” I rolled my eyes.

“Here,” He let go of my wrist to pull off his hoodie. The thick fabric of his jacket caused for his shirt to come up with it slightly, revealing a sliver of his toned stomach. I watched with my arms crossed as he readjusted himself and tossed the hoodie into my hands. “Put this on,” he told me, his eyebrows crinkled in annoyance.

“I’m not cold,” I handed him back the bundle of tan fabric. It was mad stupid that he was giving me his jacket when he was complaining about the cold restaurant earlier whereas I was fine in my tank top.

“Please don’t argue with me and put on the jacket, Y/N,” he was steadily loosing more patience as he looked from my face, down to my revealing shirt and my wide set hips, and then behind me. Not thinking about what the issue was, I tossed him his hoodie back for the second time.

“JusT TAKE THE JACKET,” He snapped making me roll my eyes even more as I dipped out and walked to the front of the restaurant.

Once past Justin’s uglass, I got in line so I could order a slice of each type of pie they sold. I hummed happily and swayed my hips as that on Sia song played lowly throughout the building. I was only alone again for a moment before one of the dudes from the other table made his way behind me in line. Curving the nigga, I took out my phone and scrolled through Twitter as I waited patiently for the line to speed up.

“So you like an twitter baddie?” I jumped in surprise for the second time of the day.

“What?” I looked back at the large guy who was licking his lips, trying hard to seem attractive.

“Nah, she thick and cute,” Another guy from the table appeared out of nowhere. “You an Instagram model huh? You be selling them fitness teas and shit?” He now addressed me as if I was a real life human.

“None of your business,” I said lowly and turned back to look at the menu that was written out above the registers.

“Hey, I like your shirt. It’s very cute,”  the first guy said but not surprisingly, he looked at every part of my body that wasn’t covered by the the holed up tank I was sporting. Just as I was about to tell them to fuck off, Justin came to the rescue.

“Here’s your jacket that you left in the car, baby,” He handed me his jacket with a fake smile on his face. I gratefully took and pulled on his hoodie. Instead of brawling with the dudes like I expected him to, Justin took the non confrontational approach and did the thing we haven’t needed to do in a while: played boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Thank you, dear,” I spoke, thinking that would be enough to ward off the bums.

“Aye, so are you gon let me get your number or…” the main guy boldly asked.

“My girl does not want your number,” Justin spoke up.

“Ayeeee, you’re that Bieber nigga,” the second guy got hype over Justin’s fame.

“You really be letting this white nigga hit that?” #1 laughed out.

“He is my boyfriend,” I scoffed.

“I own this ass so you guys don’t mind,” Justin exaggerated and did the most when his arm slid around my waist and his hand squeezed at my ass a few times.

“Alright we see you bro,” The guy shook Justin’s hand then when back to a conversation with his other friend.

“This is why I tell your ass to wear more clothes,” Justin scolded in my ear. His hand did not stop rubbing at my ass and spoke, still putting on an act for the guys behind him. Justin loved the hype and attention by having a beautiful girl on his arm. And no offense but I am the baddest of them all therefore, he’s going to take advantage of the situation as long as he could.

“Justin, please stop touching me,” I shivered. I was just like a teenage boy, it took nothing for me to get worked up.

“Why?” Justin looked down at my face before busting out laughing. “What is this turning you on?”

“Leave me alone,” I moved his hand but he used it to get behind me and wrap his hands around me.

“We’ll as your boyfriend, I feel as though I should take care of that for you,” He left a well placed kiss on my neck.

“Nahhh, we’re not about to do this again,” I tried my best not to completely melt into Justin.

“It was good for you last time but i think it’s will be even better since we have access to a bed,” Justin reminded me of the relief we both felt two weeks ago when we hooked up for the first time in the tour bus bathroom. Since there were two nights in LA of performing, we were staying in a hotel that was just down the street. A hotel… with beds.

“Yeah okay,” I gave in easily. In the words of R. Jelly, ‘my mind’s telling me no but my body, my body is telling me yes’.

“You wanted a slice of apple pie?” Justin guessed correctly as to what my order was going to be. I nodded a quick yes. “Room 693. I’ll be there in 10,” Justin handed over this hotel room key.

I snatched it from him, waved a goodbye to the rest of the crew, and made my way back to the hotel. I got into Justin’s room quickly and waited on the bed for him in my underwear. In almost exactly ten minutes, the front door open and Justin came in my pie in tow.

“Which dessert do you want first?” Justin’s corny self asked.

“How about you eat while I eat,” I proposed while taking my pie from his hand. Justin laughed but happily obliged. I ate my first bite of pie while Justin opened my legs. I stopped chewing as Justin rubbed his fingers against my wet panties, getting a peek at how aroused he had gotten me. The second bite of pie went into my mouth as I watched Justin pull my soaking panties off.

“Do you want to save rest for later?” He looked from the pie to my face with a teasing look on his face. “ t’s not polite to moan my name with food in your mouth, babe,” at that sentence, I closed the container and set it to the side.

Justin had my full attention as he licked his finger and pushed it into my slit. He laughed yet again at my loss of breath as he added a second finger and pumped them in and out of my while his tongue danced along my clit. The pleasure was so good, I couldn’t help but latching my fingers into his hair and holding him down. He moaned out at my dominance making the sound tremble long my clit. A shiver ran through my body as I grinded myself against his face, wanting more. Justin removed his fingers and used his tongue to fuck into me.

“Say my name while I eat you like this,” Justin demanded, his brown eyes melting into mine. I nodded and pulled him back to my core. The moment I started whimpering his name, he inflicted so much pleasure upon my body, I didn’t know what to do.

“Right here?” He asked as he looked up at me, his fingers plunging slowly into the spot that makes me cry out. I nodded yes making him speed up for me.

“You know what I want you to do? I want you to squirt all over me. You told me you were a squirter but I want to see it for myself,” He hummed before taking no mercy on me. Justin hit the same perfect angle faster and faster while he sucked my clit into his mouth.

“Justin Justin,” I called out his name and my thighs clenched around his head. At me locking up on him, he held my thighs down on the edge of the bed as he ate my pussy like no other.

“Are you about to squirt for me, babe?” He asked before swiping up and down my clit as fast as possible. I stood no chance to hold back. With the moaning of his name, Justin caused an orgasm to ripple inside of me and spill all over his face and bed.

“Good girl,” He praised me while licking what he could reach off his face. I wanted him hazily as I was still shaking from my orgasm.  Thinking he was giving to give me time to regroup, I was proven wrong as he positioned me on all fours on the edge of the bed. I moaned out as Justin pushed himself completely inside of me without warning. The sound of wetness our bodies made almost had me fainting.

“You know what I love the most about fucking you?” He was moving slow and deep into me making my pussy cave in around him. “I love how wet you stay for me and how I can feel you clenching onto me. Do you like the way I feel inside of you?” He asked, pulling my hips back to meet his harshly.

“Yes, baby,” He had me losing my mind.

“Who do these belong to?” Justin grabbed my breasts roughly.

“You, Justin,” I murmured as Justin let out a groan when he was particularly deep inside me.

“What about this ass?” he slapped it before grabbing and rubbing them the same was he did in the restaurant.

“It’s yours,” I cried out each and every time he continued to slap it.

“And what about this pussy?” Justin flipped me on my back and pulled me to him with my ankles. He looked high off of power as he pounded into me while rubbing quickly at my clit.

“I asked who’s pussy is this,” He spoke again, over my whimpering.

“It yours. It’s all yours. I’m all yours,” I moaned hysterically. As Justin gave me exactly what I needed I couldn’t help my cover my face with my hands, trying to stop the moans.

“Let me hear you scream my name,” Justin pulled my hands away from my fave as he sped up his thrusts. His name left my mouth until I could no longer get a breath out. My whole body disconnected frown earth for half a second before my second orgasm slipped out of me. I watched with low eyes as Justin pulled out of me and kneeled over my body with his dick in hand. My mouth watered at the desperate way he pumped himself.

“Come on baby. Cum all over me,” I whined, edging him on. He could only strike himself two more times before his eyes sealed shut and his cum oozed out of his cock in squirts that covered my body.

“So are you going to eat the rest of my pie of can I have some?” Justin asked moment later, laying beside my worn out body.

"Run us a bath and we can shared the rest of it in the tub, friend,” I hummed with my eyes closed. 

“You got it, pal,” Justin got up and went into the bathroom.

Sex, apple pie, a bath, and friendship is the perfect way to end a night.

Expecto Patronum | Jimin

Originally posted by daerwyn

Pairing: reader x slytherin jimin | Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff

Summary:  You were the first of your class to perfect the patronus charm & Jimin is curious about the memory you used.

A/N: Well, this ended up being longer than I expected. Slytherin Jimin is back! This takes place during their fifth year, before The Howler did.

Word Count: 3,677

Hogwarts Express | The Sorting Hat | The Howler

When your professor for defense against the dark arts announced that your next assignment was learning how to execute the patronus charm, you were ecstatic. You’d heard all about it from the books you’ve read and always wondered what your patronus would be. Although dementors no longer posed a great danger to the Wizard world, Hogwarts decided that all students should be able to conduct the patronus charm as a preemptive measure since it had saved the lives of many young wizards years ago such as Harry Potter himself.

“The patronus charm is the most famous and one of the most defensive charms known to wizardkind.” Your professor said as he grabbed his wand, drawing circles with it. “Expecto patronum!”

You watched in awe as a bright blue light streamed from his wand and began to form the shape of a lion. It let out a roar, making all the students gasp and watch with curious eyes as the blue lion pounced around. Your professor chuckled at your reactions.

“In order for a patronus charm to work, you must muster the happiest memory you can think of. The happier the memory, the better the charm will work.”

A memory instantly came to mind and you bit your lip in contemplation.

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You’re Mine (Andy Biersack) (Black Veil Brides)

Word Count: 534


“It sucks you couldn’t come on tour y/n. But your work is important. Just remember that I love you, babe.”

Your boyfriend Andy was laying in his bunk Skyping you while he was on tour with Black Veil Brides. You couldn’t go because you were chief editor of a music magazine and had to oversee a new issue every month.

“I know it sucks Andy but only one more week until we’re back together. I love you too. Now I really have to go because I have an early meeting tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Andy pouts on screen before sighing, “speak to you soon y/n goodnight.”

“Night Andy.”

You hang up the call and turn off the laptop before crawling into bed.

~Next Day~

“Someone’s here to see you y/n.”

Your intern opens your office door and in walks someone you didn’t expect to see. Your cousin Mark walks in smiling like an idiot.

“Oh my god Mark come here and give me a hug.”

You jump up from your desk and throw yourself at your cousin who you hadn’t seen in five months.


“Hey, man you might want to check social media. There are pictures of y/n getting friendly with another man.”

Ashley stares at me after opening my bunk curtain. What did he mean about y/n being with another man? Ashley hands me his phone and I scroll through pictures of y/n getting up close and personal with a man I’d never seen before.

“She wouldn’t cheat on me Ash would she?”

“You might want to ring her and ask her before doing any damage control.”

I nod and shut the bunk curtain. I wasn’t possessive; I just didn’t like other people touching what was mine. Pulling out my phone I dial y/n’s number and she picks up immediately.

“Andy, I’m sorry I should have known people would take pictures and put them online. I swear I’m not cheating on you.”

“Who’s the man y/n?”

I try to stay calm. y/n sounded upset.

“He’s my cousin Mark who lives in England. He was on a cruise with his boyfriend and he wanted to grab lunch. I can send you pictures from their cruise Andy. Please don’t break up with me.”

My phone vibrates and I see several pictures of this Mark guy all over another man. y/n briefly mentioned having family in England, she wasn’t cheating on me.

“Babe I’m not breaking up with you, I believe you. It’s just the way the pictures looked had me and the band concerned. You’re mine.”

y/n stops panicking and gets her breathing under control.

“I’m yours Andy, only yours. How do we deal with this?”

“Deep breaths y/n. I’ll post on social media as will you. Get the fans knowing that Mark is your cousin. I love you.”

“I love you more Andy.”

y/n hangs up and my curtain is opened again, this time, the whole band is watching me. Ashley pats my shoulder.

“We all knew she wouldn’t cheat on you, Andy.”

I smile and shoo them off to give me some privacy while I thought about damage control. y/n and I were a strong couple and we could get through this scandal.

anonymous asked:

Wrong number au where someone gives Victor a wrong number at a bar and it ends up being Yuuri's number. They end up texting everyday, and they actually call each other at some point (Victor is so happy to finally have a voice to the texts!)

Christophe texts the number from Victor’s phone, and Victor doesn’t protest, just watches as he punches in some letters and hits send.

“You need a boyfriend, Victor,” he mumbles as he stretches his arms out along the couch. “No, you don’t need one. You deserve one.”

Victor smiles at him. “You think so?”

“I know so.”


you have the wrong number, but thanks for calling me cute hahaha

Victor stares at the response for a while, blinks a few times. He hadn’t even looked at what Chris had originally sent, but now he sees that Chris had sent several kissing emojis and several more heart emojis. Glad I have the wrong number. My friend sent that text to a guy I met in a bar.

really?? lolol well i get wrong numbers a lot idk why

For some reason, he finds himself smiling at that text. And do you always handle them so gracefully?

well i esp appreciate the ones that call me cute on accident

What about the not-wrong-number texts that call you cute on purpose? Do you get a lot of those?

The answer is typed out, then erased, then typed again. oh, hourly Then, a follow-up text. (//sarcasm)

Victor laughs out loud at that, and for whatever reason, keeps texting him. And keeps texting him. His name is Yuuri, and he lives in Detroit, too, on the other side of the city.


They continue to speak over the weeks, and eventually they get in a heated debate about whether or not Star Trek or Star Wars is better and, suddenly, Victor’s phone is ringing.

He picks it up, shocked. “Hello?”

“Are we talking old Star Trek or new Star Trek?”

Victor laughs and clutches the phone closer to his ear. “Are you kidding me right now?”

“What?” Yuuri asks innocently.

“At first, I felt weird for thinking of your texts is cute, but now your voice is cute, too?”

There’s laughter from the other end of the line. “My voice is cute? Well yours is, too.”

“Are you busy right now?” Victor asks, because he can, because he wants to.


“Want to get a drink?”

“I’d love to.”

Library Love - 1

Bucky x Reader :)

“Y/N ! Come on !”, my bestfriend Natasha whined, as I walked in between the huge bookshelves.

“Nat, you knew it would take time !” I hissed, giving her a glare.

Nat rolled her eyes at me, and pretended to browse through some book.

“So boring ! Can’t you just use the internet for your research ? This place is killing me !” Nat said, yawning.

“Natasha ! Im here to study !” I said, trying my best not to raise my voice.
“Why did you come in the first place?”

“I had nothing better to do!” Nat said, shrugging.

“Hm. You can go if you want, Nat” I said, pulling out the book I was looking for from the shelf. “I’ll be fine”

“Of course you will be” Nat said. “But Im not leaving without you”

“Alright ! Be quiet then” I said, walking towards one of the big benches in the middle of the room, my eyes fixed on the book.

“Y/N, watch out !”

Well, Nat was too late to inform me - I walked straight into something hard and fell back. I screwed my eyes shut at the impact, and felt a pair or arms around me, blocking my fall.

I opened my eyes and gasped.

“Oh God” Nat’s voice had a touch of relief in it.

“Are you alright ?”

That was a new voice. I looked at the man in front of me, who was holding me, a look of concern on his handsome face.

“I-” I stared at him.

Those blue eyes.

“Y/N” Nat’s voice brought me back to reality again.

Thats when I noticed that I held my book tightly against my chest with one hand, and my other hand was on his shoulder. The fabric of his shirt crumbled under my tight grip.

I quickly let go, blushing.

“Are you alright, Y/N ? ” He asked again. Thanks to Nat, he knew my name !

“Yes, Im fine. Thanks for, um, -” I said, feeling the heat rise to my face.

He smiled, and said, “You’re welcome”

I smiled back, almost fully smitten by his good looks.

Nat was on my side by now, her hand squeezing mine tightly.

“See you around then” I managed to say, wanting to escape from this situation.

“See you” He said, and with a nod to Nat, he walked off.

Just as he was out of our sight, Nat burst.

“What the HELL was that ?!” she said, eyes wide.

“What ?” I asked, sitting down on the bench.

“See you around ?” Nat asked.

“Its not like I will be seeing him or anything” I said, feeling a bit of regret in that.

“Exactly !” Nat said. “Did you see him?!”

I raised my eyebrows at her.

“You already have a boyfriend ! You shouldnt check out other guys ” I said, with a grin.

“I checked him out for you, moron!” Nat said, shaking her head. “I cant believe you let him leave like that !”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked, closing my book, and looking at her.

“You should have talked !” Nat said. “Asked for his number or something!”

“Sorry, no” I said, “I dont do that”

“Hence your single situation!” Nat scoffed.

“Hey, Im totally fine with being single!” I argued.

“No you’re not !” Nat shot back. “That guy was perfect ! Did you hear the way he said your name ?”

“Yes” Was all I could say. My name never actually felt that good. Hm.

“Well, good thing you have me as your bestfriend !” Nat announced, with a grin.

“No, I dont like the sound of that” I said, shaking my head. “ Nat, whatever you’re thinking - DON’T”

“Oh please” Nat said, giving me a bored look. “I wonder if hes gone… Just wait here!”

Nat was too quick for me. She sprinted across the room in split second, and I sat staring at the direction she ran.
And a certain dread came over me.

                                  * * *

“Nat please tell me you didnt do anything stupid” I said, sitting on my bed, feeling totally burdened.

“Y/N, for the hundredth time ! He wasnt there ! I didn’t meet him !” Nat said. “I swear !”

I nodded.

“I wish he told me his name” I wondered out loud.


Nat had a wild look on her as she said that.

                                * * *

I was at the library in my usual time, and I walked towards the librarian to return a book.

I almost lost my breath, seeing HIM standing there.

“Hey!” He said with a smile. “Y/N?”

“H-hi” I said, feeling a lump forming in my throat. “You work here ?”

“Only helping out Mrs.Christie” He said, with a smile.

“Oh, thats nice” I said. “How long have you been doing this ?”

“Well, I started last week” He said. “That same day”

“Oh…” I was so afraid if Nat had done something that I skipped coming to the library a whole week.

“Bucky” He said, taking the book from me.

“Hm ?”

“Bucky Barnes. My name” He said, his smile widening.

“Well, you know mine right ?
Y/N  Y/L/ N” I said, smiling back at him.

He laughed.

“Thanks to your friend” he said.

“Yep, thanks to her”

We met almost regularly after that. He was a very fun person to be with, and he was slowly creeping into my heart too. I was not ready to admit it to myself, even. Thats when Nat found out.

“I cant believe how primitive you two are !” She sighed. “You dont even have his number !”

“Stop it, Nat” I whined, trying to wrestle her out of my bed.

“Seriously, Y/N” She said. “You gotta woman up, and make a move ”

“Not happening” I said, shaking my head stubbornly.

Nat exhaled loudly, giving me a dirty look.

                              * * *
Over the next couple of days, I didnt have much time to talk to Bucky. As disappointing as it was, I had an assignment due that very Friday, and there was no way I could fall behind in it.

After a long day of reading and typing, I was finally ready to leave. I felt a sudden shiver, when I saw that library was almost completely empty - was everyone gone ?

I raced to the desk where Bucky usually worked, and let out a sigh of relief to see him sitting there.

Bucky looked up, and smiled.

“I thought I got locked in” I said, leaning against a bookshelf.

“Wont do that to you, now would I?” Bucky asked, with a grin. “Pretty busy these days, I see”

“College work” I said with a shrug. “Just too many assignments”

Bucky nodded understandingly.


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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language, implied sexual activities (nondescriptive smut)

word count: 2,335


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Part 3: Bullshit, bullshit, and.. oh look, more bullshit.

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I was at a video game convention with my dad and my boyfriend at the time (I was 13). Me and my boyfriend were playing some SNES game and a man, about 40 years old walks up. He’s in an Assassin’s Creed cosplay, and starts trying to make jokes about being from a different time period. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable and drags me away to find my dad. About an hour later, I’m alone by a pinball machine, trying to call my dad. That guy comes up to me.

The following conversation
(We’re gonna refer to this guy as Gabe)
Gave: you know, in my era, I was quite popular with the ladies
Me: Stays silent because no bitch
Gabe: Can I have your number?
Me: *looks at him while literally still holding my phone* I don’t have a phone
Gabe: Can we go out sometime?
Me: I’m 13
Gabe: I’m 14
Me: I have a boyfriend
Gabe:He doesn’t have to know

At some point in this my dad picks up the phone, listens, then finds where I am and punches Gabe in his sweaty ass neck beard face

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Oh my god can you maybe write something where her is so drunk he forgets Jean is his bf so he's flirting and hitting on him and asks is he's single and Jean is highly amused by this and tells jer that he's not and jer literally cries because he loves him but he he just goes on to accept this because Jean is happy but then Jean tells him how it's him and jer remembers and fucking glows and is so happy about this information and everyone just loves the scene that went on??:)

Here it is! I hope you like it!

Jean and Jeremy didn’t drink much. Alcohol dependency was a big thing in the Nest and Jeremy didn’t like not being in control of himself, so they usually stuck to a bottle of wine over dinner or a beer after a long day, but not really barhopping.

That said, after a particularly brutal away game won by a hair, they can’t find it in themselves to turn down their teammates’ invitations to go out for a few drinks. Jean sticks by the bar front, nursing a rum and coke and people watching. Jeremy, ever the social butterfly, though, ends up going shot for shot with another striker on the team, never able to back down from a challenge. Jean has half a mind to remind him they’re not in college anymore, but Jeremy’s an adult and Jean trusts him to know his limits.

Once they’ve been there for a while, Jeremy wobbily saunters over to him. “Heyyyy, good looking.”

Jean bites back a laugh. “Hi, sweetheart. Having fun?”

Jeremy nods, but looks suddenly bashful. “Yeah…but my friends told me I should go try to get the hot guy’s number, so, uh…are you taken?”

Jean still thought Jeremy was being silly and flirty, so he answered, “I am. He’s pretty great.”

Instead of laughing though, Jeremy’s face fell and he just squeaked out and “Oh…well, I’m…I’m sorry I bothered you.”

He turned to walk away, but Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back. “Jere…I was kidding. It’s me. Jean? Your boyfriend?”

Jeremy got wide eyed. “Jean! Oh…oh my god. Guys! It’s my boyfriend!”

Jean smiled warily and pulled him into his lap. “I think you’ve had enough, babe. Time for sleep.”

Jeremy nosed his way into Jean’s neck and giggled. “Kay.”

Jean waved to their team and helped Jeremy stumble back to their hotel and into bed.

The next morning, Jeremy’s head pounded. He smiled a little when he saw the water and Advil on the side table. Jean always took care of him.

He rolled carefully out of bed and found Jean on the balcony, sipping his coffee. Jeremy wrapped his arms around him and rested his head on the muscles between his shoulder blades. He felt the rumble of Jean’s laugh before he said, “Morning, baby. How does it feel to go home with the hot guy from the bar?”

Jeremy groaned and shoved at Jean’s arm lightly. “Don’t make fun of me. I had so much tequila.”

Jean turned around and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I know. How do you feel?”

“Like I got run over by a truck. But we have a few hours until a flight and it’s nothing a good brunch can’t fix.”

Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back into the room. “Then we better get working. We’ve got to find the best pancakes in the city.”

Jeremy leaned up to kiss Jean, and Jean kissed back despite the fact that he probably tasted like death. “I can’t imagine a better morning, my love.”


Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted on my Wattpad account!

“Listen, I have a quick question for you, do you want to help me with an experiment?” you ask Dick.

“A what? ” he asks confused.

“E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T!” you spell it out for him and he gives you the ‘really’ look.

“I’ve heard that, I meant what kind Y/n? ”

“Uh, so we kinda, sorta get Jay a bit jealous…” You mumbled out quickly turning around.

“Jay jealous? What did you do?! ” he asks now clearly curious.

“Funny you should ask…A guy wanted my number but of course I politely declined saying that I have a boyfriend,and well Jason saw it and he kinda punched the guy but didn’t want to admit that he was jealous.” you pour it all out.

“A.. Ha.. Where exactly do I come in? ” Dick raises an eyebrow at you.

“I want you to pretend that you’re going to kiss me.” you smile at him and his jaw drops.

“And end up in a gutter somewhere?! No thank you! ” he scuffs.

“Dick pleaseee! I’ll do anything you want for a week!” you plead and he shakes his head.

“Not a chance, I’m not ending up with a bullet between my eyes because your boyfriend won’t admit he’s jealous! ”


“Remember the plan.” you wink at Dick.

“I hate you so much right now Y/n. ” he hisses at you.

“Batman costume for you Dick and brand new weapons from Roy and Bruce!” you reminded him and he sighed noding.

“Oh hey Dick! How are you? ” you say a bit louder hoping to get Jasons attention who was upstairs.

“Great, I just missed those…uh..beautiful eyes of yours?” Dick played along a bit unsure hoping that Jason didn’t have a gun with him.
“You’re such a charmer. ” you flirt ready to put your arm on his shoulder when it was snatched half way trough.

“This is my cue!” Dick announces and runs off.

“Coward.. ” you scuff.

“What in the name of Batman are you doing Y/n?” Jason asks you, anger evident on his face as he holds your wrist.

“Noothiiiing.. "you trail off.

"Bullshit.. Spill.” he demands and gives you a look.

“Okay fine! I wanted to make you jealous! You say you’re not but clearly you are! ” you say and pull back your wrist from his grip.

“Every guy says he’s not jealous when he really is!” Jason starts to laugh at you and you pout stomping your feet.

“Stop laughing or I’ll go that other guy who wanted my number! ” you protest and Jason stops laughing a serious look now on his face.
He pulls you closer kissing you on the lips.

“It wouldn’t work anyway… Unless you have a Lazarus pit near by..” he trails off and walks away.

“Jay! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t! ” your eyes winden in understanding of what he just said.

“I love you Y/n!” he yells back at you avoiding the subject completely.

“Oh not again.. ” you mumble under breath.

Hope you liked it!
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Prompt inspired by this dialogue in 'Almost Adults'



“Okay, so… you need to help me out. My teammates over there… DON’T LOOK. They bet me 20 bucks that I can’t get your number. Don’t look! And I like not only do I really want the 20 bucks but… they’re always making fun of me because I always… blow it with guys and they think I need a boyfriend or just like more experience… and now I’m completly oversharing so if you could laugh really loud and pretend I said something super funny and maybe look like you’re thinking about being into me.”

“They bet you couldn’t get my number?”

“Yeah. Well, straight boys.”

You think I’m straight?


Fic gift for  @sleepismyspirit as part of the PJO Discord Server Valentines Day gift exchange. Sorry, this is really late. I admit I’m at fault for it being so…

“Nico, please?”

“Hazel, you know how much I hate being in a crowd” Nico reasoned to his sister as the smell of Bacon and Eggs started filling their kitchen area.

“That smells good” Hazel blatantly ignored her brother as she began setting the table for the two of them.

“Bacon always smells good” Nico placed the plate of Bacon on the table before rushing back quickly to grab the plate of scrambled eggs. Two separate plates of pancakes and toasts were also already on the table “Also, don’t ignore my words. What I just said, stands. There’s no way I’m going to hang around people. Go ask Leo or Jason or even Percy, I’m sure he’ll gladly help you even if he’s got two left feet”

“Come on, Nico, It’ll only be for a few days. Just until Frank comes back,” Hazel stared at her brother, eyes looking all pleading “I just don’t want to miss any of my classes and everyone else has got their partners so I need you to stand in for Frank’s absence. Besides its only twenty people, it’s barely a crowd”

“Three is already a crowd. I can only stand up to two people and even that’s by choice” Nico voiced out “Also the fact that you’ve been practicing those steps for quite some time now and I do not is enough reason for me not to come”

“We both know you can pick the steps up and make all of us question our dancing skills in a couple minutes” Hazel shot her brother a ‘don’t even deny’ it look when Nico tried to argue “Also, just saying, you should have serious problem issues on your social skills” Nico scoffed at his sister’s words.

“Says the girl who’s as much into anti-socializing as I am before she met someone”

“I wasn’t anti-socializing. I’m just a bit shy and awkward around people” Hazel came to her own defense “But enough of that. If you agree, to be Frank’s proxy, I’ll stop Percy and Jason with trying to hook you up?”

“I have my own ways of avoiding their attempts. They’re named Annabeth and Piper, works almost every time. I recommend it, really”

“Come on, Nico! Please? I won’t nag for you to make your bed for an entire month?”

“Really tempting offer. I don’t get it why you two insists on getting dancing lessons anyway” Nico poured himself a cup of coffee “I don’t think being pro dancers is required for that dance party your attending”

“Don’t just call it a dance party. It’s special cause it’s for Valentines Day”

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Have a prompt for you, inspired by a tumblr post: A couple order pizza and when the pizza arrived the boyfriend answered the door. The deliverygirl though he was cute so she asked for his number. The boyfriend was all akward and started stuttering so his girlfriend came to the door and asked if there was a problem. The deliverygirl looked her up and down and said "shit, girl! Can I have YOUR number?" Imagine your OT3😁 I love Steve/Bucky/Tony but feel free to write whoever you want.

A/N: For some reason, Tony has glasses in this fic. \_(ツ)_/¯

Bucky couldn’t help it; he wolf whistled when the door to his last delivery for the night opened and a tall, buff, blond cutie stood on the other side. He should have stopped with the whistle, but then blondie’s cheeks pinked, and Bucky’s inner cad came out full force. “Hello, gorgeous. Somebody order a pizza?” Bucky winked.

Blondie’s blush deepened and he shouted into the apartment, “Tony, you didn’t order another stripper did you? It wasn’t funny the first three times.”

Bucky blinked in surprise. He also didn’t know if he should take being mistaken as a stripper as a compliment or not. Strippers had to be good looking, right? So that meant Blondie found him attractive, correct?

“What are you talking about, Steve?” Footsteps came from inside the apartment. The door was yanked open more and a brunet about a head shorter than Steve stood in the doorway. The guy was in sweats and an over-sized MIT sweater. His curls were in disarray and his glasses had fallen lopsided on his face.

Bucky just about died from his heart leaping out of his chest. The two men were beauty and adorableness contained in two wonderful human-shaped packages. “Can I get your phone numbers?” Bucky blurted.

Tony blinked and adjusted his glasses while he mumbled something about “contacts.” He eyed Bucky. “Oh yeah… I did order pizza twenty minutes ago. I forgot.”

“You forgot?” Steve looked worriedly at Tony.

Tony yawned. “I’m exhausted, Steve. Give me a break. It’s not easy getting three PhDs in… how many years was it again?”

Steve scowled and crossed his beefy arms over his chest. “I’m dragging you to bed as soon as you pay the delivery guy.”

“My name’s Bucky,” Bucky stated, like a dog begging for scraps. He’d gone from flirty to desperate now that his two ideal men were standing before him.

Tony patted his pockets then shrugged. “No wallet.” He turned to Bucky. “Will you take our phone numbers as payment?”

Steve made a sound of surprise. “Tony! You can’t be-”

“Deal,” Bucky said. He pulled out his cell phone. “Just tell me the numbers and I’ll call.”

Steve pinched his the bridge of his nose. “I’d say this can’t be happening, but then I would be lying. This exactly the kind of thing my boyfriend would do.”

“Love you too, babe,” Tony said then rattled off his phone number then Steve’s. Bucky dialed both, and heard their phones ring inside the apartment. Bucky couldn’t believe that they’d actually given him real numbers and not fake ones. Obviously he’d died on the way to the delivery and he was in Heaven now.

Bucky gave the two guys their pizza and stumbled back to his car, too excited and thrilled to walk straight. He had no clue what he’d done in a former life to deserve this, but it must have been damn good.

Now he just had to come up with a good plan to woo Tony and Steve. He already had a few ideas.

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going off of your 'what kind of lover would Cassian be' ask, what kind of boyfriend/husband do you think he'd be?

MY SWEET CASSIAN. Cassian’s number one love language is acts of service. He’s ALWAYS on the lookout for ways he can just do things for you. He’ll cook your favorite meal, take you on date night at LEAST once if not twice a week, buy you a random piece of jewelry he passed that he thought you would like, clean up the kitchen when you’re having a crummy day or take the kids out so you can have some time to yourself, that kind of stuff. He’s the guy who makes it a tradition that you two spend minimum fifteen minutes when you first wake up and before you go to bed just talking. About anything in the world, he just wants to be WITH you in those moments - just the two of you, wholly invested in one another. He’s not SUPER into public displays of affection, but if he thinks anyone is eyeing you he has his hand on your thigh or around your waist in a HEARTBEAT. Not in a possessive way, but like in a “excuse me I get to call her my girl/him my guy, so look away now thanks” way. He consults you on EVERYTHING - big decisions or small, he wants your input and he values it greatly. Whoever he commits the rest of his life to is his BEST friend, and he never forgets to remind them.