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A dinner with the boys

It was one of those old-fashion diner. Booths lining up and down the aisles. You sat on one side while the boys sat across from you. The waiter had to come back almost 3 times because you all were laughing and talking to much to even look at the menus.

You all were alittle buzzed. Not drunk just buzzed. You finally got around to ordering.
You ordered for the boys because they were too busy goofing around. You proceeded to order your own meal when they finally settled down.

“That’s a good choice”

The waiter flashed you a smile and tucked his pen behind his ear. You didn’t really notice it too much but Eric noticed right away. You guys talked about music and video games. You rolled your eyes and laughed at how engaged Eric was in.

The waiter came back balancing the many plates. You noticed Eric’s slight glare towards the waiter but you just brushed it off. The waiter placed the plates in the middle of the table but placed yours directly in front of you.

“Would you like another glass of water?”

“Yes please”

Eric shoved his nearly full glass of water in front of the waiter’s face. You giggled softly at his eager yet still angry expression. The waiter looked very confused and slowly took the glass of water. Once the waiter left the table Eric looked directly at you.

“I dont like him. We should ask for a new one right V?”

“Uh..yea, new one.”

You rolled your eyes and began eating your food.

“Y/n I’m serious.”

“Alright Eric”

You were still eating when the waiter came back with a new glass of water for Eric. He begrudgingly took the ice cold beverage.

“So how is the food guys?”

You were about to speak when Eric cut you off.

“It’s fine. But we would really like to eat without interruptions”

You glared at Eric. You waited for the waiter to leave before scolding Eric.

“Dude what the fuck was that?”

“I just want to fucking eat before fucking leaving. Is that not okay with you?”

“You are being rude thats whats not okay with me.”

“Fuck this man-”

Dylan stepped in like he always did when you and Eric got real heated.

“Guys shut up and eat. Please.”

You let out a deep sigh and was about to eat again when you noticed a small piece of paper.

“What’s that”

You slipped the paper under the table and left it on your lap.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know Eric I’ll check later”

You finished up eating. The mood picked up again and it was back to laughter. You threw fries at eachother and blew paper wrappers at eachother. Dylan and Eric were having one of their many secret talks and you deicided to read the paper scrap. It was a phone number.

“I see you finally looked at my note.”

You looked up at the smiling waiter and saw a upset Eric in your side vision. You immediately threw your head down ready for the shit storm.

“What’s is in the note y/n”

“It’s just my number dude chill”

“I’m not going to chill when you’re giving your number to girls who aren’t fucking available.”

“She seemed available to me. Anyways here’s your check”

The waiter left and you looked at Eric.

“What do you mean not available?”

Dylan shifted in his sit.

“Well looks like that’s my cue to go pay for you guy. Eric you can pay me back”

Dylan stood up and walked away towards the register.

“Tell me Eric.”

“Just forget it ”

“Do you like me?”

“Y/n just stop.”

“Eric. Instead of raging out on guys how about you fucking ask me out.”

You got up and walked past Dylan towards the parking lot. You felt the cool air hit you. There were tears in your eyes but you didn’t wanna cry.

“Do you wanna go out tomorrow”

You turned around and saw Eric looking at the ground. He looked up and saw your tear filled eyes. He grabbed your cheek and kissed your forehead like he always did when you got upset at him.

“But not at this place.”

You giggled a bit and nodded your head. Dylan finally walked out and saw the small moment.

“Eric stopped being a pussy.”

You let out a big laugh as Eric punched Dylan’s arm.

Boyfriend Mingyu Would Include...

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  • Mingyu Mingyu Mingyu MINGYU MINGYU MINGYU 
  • Mingyu would be the best boyfriend ever okay hands down okay I’m done this scenario I hope u like
  • Jokes aside though, Mingyu would be the loving, sweet, stupid boy that you fall for
  • He’s long tan and handsome good looks
  • To his bright. bubbly personality 
  • MIngyu is the full package 
  • He does have flaws though, much like every other person, so here is how dating Mingyu would be like
  • He would take a lot of your feelings into consideration, he’d be the type of boyfriend that would ensure that your needs are met before his
  • He would always check up on you
  • He’s the type to fall hard for someone 
  • When and if you were to break up, he would take it a lot harder than you, no matter the circumstance 
  • He won’t hold grudges or anything against you though, unless it was truly you to blame
  • He likes to care of you
  • He’d make you special meals to take with you, like homemade soup or something to make you smile
  • He’d leave little notes and messages everywhere reminding you how important you are to him
  • No matter your height or age he will always treat you as if you were under him in a good way trust bruh bruh 
  • He would be the big spoon when cuddling 
  • But he does like it when you become the dominate m8
  • There would be a shit load of skinship in this relationship trust meh
  • Lots of cuddling, petting, and sweet kisses 
  • Hand holding, massages, soft whispers
  • He’d caress your hair and hold you
  • Mingyu would always hold you by the hips or waist and swing you around 
  • He likes to place his head in the nape of your neck, resting his chin on your shoulder 
  • When ever you’re busy with something, he would always bother you by messing around with something to distract you
  • “Y/N I’m bored,” he would pout, spinning around in the wheelie chair situated across from you
  • “Wait, I’m almost done.” 
  • “Ahhh, but I need you!” He would wine
  • Mingyu smells good, his hair is soft and fluffy, his clothes smell good
  • Mingyu can cook 
  • MIngyu can clean 
  • Mingyu loves you
  • He will always say he loves you
  • But there will be times where he’ll go the extra mile to show you how much he loves you
  • Mingyu will always tell you what he’s feeling, he trusts you with his secrets 
  • Whenever he’s working with his busy schedule he always updates you personally with little cute behind the scenes pictures of him and the other members 
  • Mingyu likes dogs, he always begs you to get one so he can play with it
  • Sometimes he likes to have deep conversations about the future with you, who will you marry, what you plan on doing with your life, how many kids you’d like to have
  • He dedicates things to you and your relationship, he likes to say, “This was inspired by Y/N” a lot
  • He will say things like “What would I do without you.” 
  • When you get sick or hurt he would be the first person to be by your side and care for you
  • If you needed defending MIngyu’s got you
  • He would protect your no matter what
  • He can get jealous be he knows when to let go 
  • If he see’s or notices another guy getting too close to you he’d tell you right away “Don’t look at other guys the way you look at me, I don’t want to lose the most important thing to me to him.” 
  • Mingyu would be gentile and sweet during sexy time but he can go further (that’s the farthest I’ll go sorry bebe)
  • Did i mention he likes to kiss
  • His kisses would be passionate and deep, always wanting more, he would place his hands on your hips to steady you, and run his hands through your hair
  • He loves it when you wrap your hands around his neck and hang on to him as he carries you around 
  • Mingyu likes to lift you up and place you on counters to watch you while he cooks
  • No matter what he has to do whether it would be on stage with another female idol, he’ll always say “I thought of you the entire time.” 
  • Piggy back rides
  • MIngyu likes to giggle a lot and when he does his canines show, plus when he smiles heheehehehehehehehe
  • He likes to sleep next to you, and cuddle you like a pillow 
  • He likes it when you sleep on his chest, he thinks you’re small and cute 
  • He likes it when you coo????? 
  • ^^^Like when you act like a small child because it makes him feel strong??? 
  • Mingyu rarely raises his voice only when he’s being stupid 
  • When you’re tired he would carry you and tuck you in, lay beside, hold your hand and talk to you softly until you fall asleep, he would watch you until he gets tired himself, curl up next to you like a puppy 
  • He would whisper “I love you and good night, dream about me” 

onthighsbelongtotaemin  asked:

"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" ontae. ^u^

Rating: PG-13
AU: Cocoon
Word count: 1700+
Notes: This is a prequel to other installments, which are listed below in chronological order.

The Cocoon  -  Cocoon AU: Cozy  -  Cocoon AU: I Need You 

Jinki shuffled into the kitchen, yawning as he blinked the sleep from his eyes and scratched the back of his head absently. The sink was full of dirty dishes and Jonghyun was nowhere to be found. Jinki frowned in confusion, and then remembered the new knitting class at the local library. After the botched attempt at a knit hat for Jinki’s birthday present last year, Jonghyun was determined to learn how to knit properly. Jinki smiled as he moved to the sink and began washing the dishes, still yawning.

Half an hour later, with the dishes done, and breakfast eaten, Jinki moved back towards the bedroom to change out of his baggy pajama pants and tank top. But before he reached the room, there was a series of tentative staccato raps on the front door, as if from a timid woodpecker.

When Jinki opened it, he saw Taemin standing on the front step, clapping his hands lightly together in what Jinki recognized as one of the younger man’s stims. Jinki felt the same slightly painful twist in his gut that he had felt around Jonghyun’s boyfriend for several weeks now, as he took in the man’s mussed dark hair, rumpled clothes, and wide nervous eyes.

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