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Dating Dean Winchester would include...

• being called “sweetheart”
• him putting his arm around you when other guys stare at you
• making him pie
• private games of strip poker
• the best burgers you’ve ever tasted
• making love in the Impala
• arguing over who’s the funniest Stooge
• fighting over being reckless on a hunt
• taking him fishing on a pier at a private lake when he needs a break
• wearing only one of his plaid shirts to bed
• him trying to distract you while you’re doing research
• him holding your hand when Sam’s not looking
• him flirting with you to make Sam uncomfortable
• him making you sit in his lap while he cleans you up after a close call on a hunt
• dressing up as an anime character for his birthday
• him holding your hand while you get your anti-possession tattoo
• nights cuddled together watching DVD’s
• him taking care of you when you’re sick
• him side-seat driving the first time he lets you drive his car
• competitiveness in the shooting range (loser cleans the kitchen for a week)
• making sure he knows how much you love him
• feeling like you are the most precious thing on the planet

Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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Truth Within A Lie

Title: Truth Within a Lie

Summary: What happens when your mom invites you to a family dinner and wants you to bring your boyfriend for the family to meet? Usually nothing, but when you are dating the fallen angel Lucifer, you have to expect for the worst.

Tags: Let me know if you want added to a tag list! :D 

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You looked down at your phone and sighed.  This was the third time your mother had texted you about this particular topic. You had been dodging it, deliberately not responding, but you knew this time you had to answer.

Mom: Family dinner @ 6:30 this Saturday.  I NEED to know if u r coming!!!


There was nothing wrong with going to your family dinner, the issue was every time you went everyone hounded you about what you were doing with your life.  A year ago, you were on the fast track to a law degree, but your life turned upside down when the Winchesters saved you from a rouge vampire.  You then dropped out of school and became a staple in the guy’s life as a sort of researcher, kinda like their friend Bobby.  You spent a few months traveling with them and you met him.  After a bad hunt, you decided you were in the way with the guys and got an apartment, making it a bit of a home away from home for when your two non-biological brothers stopped by.  But, you obviously couldn’t tell your family that, so you had made up little lies, but you knew that wouldn’t last too long.  You just couldn’t tell them the truth!  What were you supposed to say?  Oh, well, last year I almost got killed by a vampire, I got saved by two guys, who are now my best friends, and they let me travel with them for a while. And the cherry on top…I met the king of hell, Lucifer, you know, the devil?!  Oh, and if that isn’t enough, Lucifer and I are dating now.  

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Heat. Castiel One-Shot.

Title: Heat.

Pairing: Female Reader x Castiel.

Prompt: Anon: hi!♥♥ can i requset castielxreader where they are already dating and she’s his mate(she can see his wings&halo) and he’s in heat and have been avoiding her for a while but then he loses it for some reason and fucks her roughly w/ some biting and scratching and wing kink? and after they finish he explains what’s going on with him while being affectionate to each other (btw your writing is absolutely my favorite <33)

Triggers: Smut. Rough sex. Dom!Cas. Grace/Wing Kink. Scratching. Biting. Oral/Face-riding (FR).

Going to need a cold shower. Enjoy ;D

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Guys I need your help, it’s really simple and will take less than a minute (:

So I have to do research for my food tech assessment and part of it is to do a survey so I thought I’d get the biggest audience I can. It’s simple, one question and just reblog with your answer

What is your favourite type of bread out of these?

  • Plain white
  • Brown
  • Wholemeal
  • Baguette 
  • Brioche 
  • Seeded 
  • Poppy seed 
  • 50/50 (50% wholemeal. 50% white)
  • Sourdough
  • Ciabatta

If you do this I will love you forever <3  (:

anonymous asked:

sorry about this but i have some problems.. first off, i can't figure out my sexuality. im a female and i like boys and i sometimes like girls, but it's pretty rare. can you help me figure out my sexuality? second, whatever my sexuality is, my family won't accept it. they only believe that there are two genders and that everyone should be straight. im scared to come out to them bc they'll tell me that they hate me or something. what should i do??

I can’t tell you what your sexuality is but you might bi/pansexual but leaning more towards guys? there’s a lot of sexualities out there so i suggest just researching it. you don’t need to feel pressured to come out to anyone if you don’t feel safe. straight people don’t need to do it so why should someone who’s gay, for example, have to when both are normal things and its literally just a preference~ 

Way Past Complicated

CH: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff

*Inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Smith*
You are a contract killer working for the firm YG. Your parents…dead, you’ve been an orphan for as long as you can remember. Through a series of unfortunate childhood experiences you have ended up where you are. Park Jimin works for the government agency BigHit where their contract killers take out threats to national safety, that means you.

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“So what happened last night? You two slept together right?” Minah asked you anxious to know the answer as you boxed at the punching bag.

Your eyes widened. “What the hell Minah?! Do I look the type of person to sleep with a guy she just met?!” You exclaimed stopping.

Minah was also worked with your firm, she however, never went out in the field. She did more research and comms.

“So what the hell happened then? I need a detailed explanation of the night.”

“That’s not gonna happen.” You told her. “What can I say? Well, we went out for food, talked, walked, talked and walked some more. ”

“That’s it?!”

“Yes Minah.”

“You didn’t even kiss?!?!”

“No. Now can we change the subject, you know how I feel about discussing my personal life at work. ” You said to her.

“I can’t believe it no sex, not even a kiss.”


“Sorry I’m just shocked and a little disappointed to be honest.” Minah told you.

“Did you expect me to sleep with a guy I just met?”

“Maybe a little. I mean you’ve done it before. ” Minah pointed out.

“That was for work!”

Yes, sometimes to take out a target you had to get that close. You do what is necessary to get the job done always.

“So you’re a prostitute.” Minah joked.

“You’re so lucky I can take my frustration out on this bag or else it’d be you taking these punches. Go do some actual work.” You told your best friend.

“Fine but, last question. Are you going to see him again?” She asked you.

You thought about it. You wanted to see Jimin again. If you were being honest you already missed his smile and laugh.

“I don’t know, I hope so.”

Minah smiled realizing that you actually really liked Jimin. Then without saying anything she left you to train.

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isabibimailloux01 replied to your photo: Project Canada: New Brunswick Timeline As with…

I was wondering if a timeline on Quebec could be done, pleaaaase? If you guys need information or is too lazy to make a research I’d be glad to help!

@isabibimailloux01 a quebec timeline is in progress; it is the last one i have to do but was the hardest to track down. I’m trying to use the same author for all provinces so my research is consistent, but quebec was the ONLY book in the series that my university didnt have. I put in a request for them to order it and I now finally have the book

It’s 10 chapters long and I’ve done 1/10 so far- I assure you it is not out of laziness! I do this in my own spare time as I have been doing for the past two years and since I am a grad student in classical studies working on my MA thesis i don’t have as much as I’d like, so it will take me a while. If you’d like to keep up on my progress, check my hapo reads canadian history tag or my pc: quebec tag. My estimate is that it will take me a few months to actually finish the research and probably a bit longer to draw it, but I’m going to try to have the research done by the end of april.

Thanks for your offer and I hope you won’t be disappointed. It’s a real labour of love I’m afraid, so please be patient with me ;u;


“Guys please stop it.” You pleaded as you tried to do some research for the hunt.
“Stop what?” Dean asked innocently.
“Stop calling me Sherlock. Seriously I have a name.”
“And that is Sherlock. Your name is Sherlock and there’s no way out of it.”
“How hard is it to call me by my name, which is (Y/N).”
“Wait your name is actually (Y/N)?” Cas asked, you sighed loudly as you leaned back in your chair mumbling an ‘oh my god’ under your breathe.
“Well I think it suites you sweetheart.” You heard Crowley say. “Plus you needed a name, we’ve already got squirrel and moose, and you need a name which is Sherlock.”
“Also there was that day when we were hunting a siren and you spotted it just by looking at it.” Sam stated looking up from his own book. “It’s called being observant dumbass.” You mumbled.
“Yeah you looked at the reflection of a window from the other side of the bar which showed the reflection from a womans pocket mirror which revealed that the waitress was the siren and she was hidden in the crowd.” Sam concluded. You opened your mouth to retort but nothing came out. “See what I mean.”

“Well there’s also the fact that she was avoiding anything reflective, also the way that she walked into crowds, there was also they way her eyes flickered all over the place, she also avoided us because she knew who we were. It’s just called being observant.”
“What about the time when we were interrorgating that woman and you could tell where she was and who she was with just by the way she had a slight scent of a guys cologne, and you could tell which guy it was by how much of it he had on. But he also had a faint smudge on his cheek from the womans makeup. Finally the chick was also with a lot of men at the same time, and how could you instantly pick out the guy just by that one interrogation that we didn’t finish.” Dean added. You breathed in through your nose then exhaled heavily out of your mouth knowing that you’ve lost. You threw your hands up in the air.
“Fine. I get it. I’m smart, smarter than Gigantor, and really observant.”

Things To Know Before Getting Inked

I’ve been getting some questions recently about my tattoos and advice that I have for people getting their first tattoo, so I figured I’d break it down for you guys! 

  • Learn how to cover the tattoo (in case you ever need to). There are many, many products that claim to cover a tattoo, so I suggest doing some online research before choosing a product that will fully conceal your ink. 
  • Do your research on the tattooing process. Know what will happen before, during, and after the tattoo. Make sure you are aware of what is going to happen, and the different steps to applying a solid tattoo. 
  • Eat before your tattoo appointment! This will prevent you from possibly fainting/passing out during the tattoo. It also may help to bring a bottle of water.
  • Bring distractions. You are less likely to be able to sit through your first tattoo if you are sitting there focusing on how badly it hurts. A book or an iPod can be a miracle in these situations. 
  • Pack snacks, a phone charger, and cash. You may want to take a break somewhere in the session, and that will give you an opportunity to charge your phone if you’ve been using it to distract yourself. Bring cash to tip your artist (tips can range between 15%-25% usually). 
  • Dress comfortably. Don’t go in a super nice maxi dress, or tight clothing. Don’t go in baggy clothes either, obviously; but wear something you’re going to be okay sitting in for hours. 
  • Look up tattoo shop etiquette. If you’ve never been in a shop before, chances are you probably don’t know how to act in one. Do some research and familiarize yourself with the typical environment you’re going to be in, and if possible, visit the shop beforehand and get the feel of things. 

Hope I answered any questions. Thanks!


Today the weather was simply too amazing to be inside so you and the rest of the pack were all having a cute picnic in the park.

‘This was a great idea (Y/N), between all the supernatural stuff going on it hard to appreciate the natural stuff. Like PB&J sandwiches.’ Lydia said happily.

You smiled and looked around the park. It was lovely during the fall. You knew the pack needed a moment of just being a human group of teens and not a pack trying to save everyone.

You were pack but you were in the same boat as Mason, you knew about everything, but weren’t really allowed to help outside of research. They said they didn’t want you to get hurt.

A loud whistle snapped you out of your thoughts. You look up and see a group of three guys wearing football jerseys coming towards the table.

‘Can I help you? you asked curiously.

‘Yeah, I just have a question. How much?’

‘Excuse me?’ you asked.

‘How much do you charge per night? Me and my friends are looking for a good time, and you look good. So are you gonna charge us per guy or is it depending on what we want you to do?’ the guy in the middle said.

‘I’m sorry but what the hell do you guys take me for?’ you asked, becoming angry.

‘A prostitute, what else? I mean wearing a dress like tha-ARRGH!’ he yelled as you stuck your hand out and dug you nails into his junk through his shorts.

‘First off that is no way to talk to a young lady.’ you sadi as you stood up, still not letting go of him.

‘Second of all, how dare you? I am here with my friends enjoying a picnic and you rudely interrupted us with your nonsense!’ you shouted while tightening your grip.

‘And lastly.’ you said before head budding right in the nose and pushing him back making him fall on his ass.

‘What a girl wears is her own damn business. Now get out of my face before I decide to shove my foot so far up your rude asses that you shit my shoe laces and cough up toenails.’ you glared.

The two jock helped up their friend who clutching sore nuts and bloody nose and scurried.

‘Hell yeah!’ Stiles cheered before he and the pack all began clapping and whooping, even Derek.

guess i have to make a separate post

guys, please. please do your research. the israeli government is not occupying palestine. israel is a country. it has been since 1948. the government is not occupying land, nor are they killing anyone en masse.
there are problems in israel just like there are in any country, and there’s terrorism from both sides.
but israel is not an occupation or a mass murder machine.


Wagon Wheel

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,030
Warnings: drinking
Song: Wagon Wheel - Jason Manns (feat. Rob Benedict & Richard Speight Jr.)
A/N: Here’s my entry for @i-like-your-assbutt Jason Mann’s Covers with Friends challenge! My song was Wagon Wheel. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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hey guys that are in my ask

Im on mobile rn and I just got off work to snuggle rose then I’m going to dinner with my relatives

Then I’ll be home and answer your questions I promise!!! I promise I’m not ignoring you!!!

If you guys need any bird care advice, from behavior to health please do ask!! I used to work in a avian clinic so I have some hands on experience with nearly every species of birds kept as companion animals and done a ton of research myself too!!

And if I can post it publicly to help other new birb guardians that’d be amazing!!!

Feel free to ask anytime my loves

Genderfluid Problem #83

My dad has asked me what it means to be genderfluid at least once every couple days since I came out eight months ago. His questions keep getting more stupid every day. “So it’s not like you hate being a woman, you just hate the label?” “So you’re a guy?” “So you just don’t care if people think you’re a boy or a girl?”

No, no, and no.

Dear Parents,
Please do your research. We are already stressed out, we don’t need your crazy assumptions and questions too.

-Mod Carter

Late Night Research

Characters: Cas x Reader, Dean, Sam
Words: 1019
Requested by Anonymous:  Hey! Can you do a oneshot with castiel x reader and they’re up late researching for a case and the reader insists that she’s not tired and asks cas to go make her coffee or something and when he comes back shes asleep and he dosen’t know what to do? Maybe sam and dean find out and they laugh? Sorry if its really specific, thanks.

Originally posted by mrsfitzgerald

           “Y/N, your eyes are drooping,” Cas said, looking across the room at where you were sitting with three books and a laptop, doing research for the hunt Sam and Dean were currently on.

           “I’m fine,” you said, “I’ve got to get this stuff figured out.”

           “Y/N, the guys are going to be okay,” he said, “You need to sleep before you’re too tired to even function.”

           “Cas, I’m okay,” you insisted.

           Cas didn’t look convinced and he kept looking at you with his worried expression as you continued to pour over the books and internet.

           “Cas, stop,” you said.

           “I just think you should get some sleep,” he said.

           “I think I need coffee,” you said, “Will you please go make me some?” you asked, trying to make it sound like you weren’t as tired as you actually were.

           Cas stood up, “If that’s what you want.”

           “Please,” you nodded.

           Cas walked over and kissed you softly, “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

           You smiled up at your boyfriend, “You really are the best. Thank you.”

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Being Best Friends with Stiles Stilinksi would include..

Being Best Friends with Stiles would include:

~ Him being choosy with the guys you like

~ “I don’t need your approval, Stiles.”

~ “Yes you do. I am the best friend, if I don’t like him it’s bye-bye boy toy.”

~ Both of you being sarcastic to each other 99.9 percent of the time

~ Standing up for each other

~ Flirting with Derek

~ You being the only living soul that he trusts with his jeep

~ You finding Scott a tad bit annoying

~ Trying to convince Lydia to give Stiles a chance

~ Mr. Stilinksi treating you like his own kid

~ Calming Stiles down when he has panic attacks

~ “Morning, Biles.”

~ “Go away, Y/N.”

~ Helping him with research

~ “Do you think I’m attractive to gay men?”

~ Bursting out laughing, “what?”

~ “What would I ever do without you?”

~ “Die in a hole of sorrow and misery because I’m basically your only source of happiness?”

parents need to either do research on names for their kids or there should be a guy by the birth certification signing to say “that name is fucking stupid” because one of the students’ names at my work is named fucking Estrus.

Don’t know what it means? lemme show you:


A Day in the Life

It’s been a while since I last did a “A Day in the Life” project. This project is about following an interesting subject for about a day and take photographs of them. Through those photographs, you aim to show the story of your subject. Choosing the perfect subject is kinda difficult since you need to do research to make sure his/her story is worth showing.

In this “A Day In The Life” series, I showed here a Chinese old guy who works as a helper in a local sari-sari store. He starts his day by buying a coffee at a nearby store then his work starts. The last photo though showed his merienda after a tiring day.

Hopefully, I can inspire you guys to make your own post like this one. Inform me if you did one. 

For shoot inquiries, email me at


“You know, I couldn’t help but notice something from over there.”

You continued taking notes on the sides of your notebook, flipping through the printed articles, your hair falling on both sides of your face, not even glancing the guy’s way. The roadhouse was, in the end, a bar, and you might not have anywhere else to do your research right now, but that didn’t mean you were going to stop every time someone decided you didn’t look busy enough. “Oh yeah?” you muttered, without the slightest bit of interest, “And what is that?”

You -” He hopped on the seat beside you with the faintest grunt. “- are working way too hard tonight. You need a drink.”

“And you need a kick to the balls, but you don’t see me going around telling you that, do you?” 

He fell silent for a moment and you thought he was gone, but then he said, “Do I know you from somewhere?”

You sighed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and looking up at him. “Like that line -”


Was that really him? Dean freakin’ Winchester. Last time you saw the bastard was back when his little brother was in college. You heard of him afterward, sure; it was hard not to when he practically co-broke the world on more than one occasion, but you hadn’t seen him in - hell, ten years.

“Holy shit, it’s you,” Dean said, a smile spreading on his face. “What are you doing here? I thought you were never touching that life with a ten-foot pole.” 

“What can I say?” you said, closing your notebook and turning to him. “Some asshole and his brother jump-started Armageddon and dragged us all in.”

“Oh please, don’t blame it on me,” he said, “You’ve always wanted an excuse to use a shotgun.”

“And you,” you said, barely holding the grin inside, “have always given me one.”

He snickered. “Can’t say I haven’t missed you, kiddo.”

“I sure as hell wasn’t a kiddo ten seconds ago.”

He raised his eyebrows at you. “I thought you wanted to kick me.”

“I thought you wanted to buy me a drink.”

“Well, I dunno about that.”

It was your turn to raise an eyebrow. “You don’t?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, I mean, we both already had a few drinks and -” He leaned closer to you, his lips an inch away from your ear. “- if we’re gonna pick up where we left off, we might wanna switch to soda.”

Read the fic here!