you guys know these don't just have to be for anime right

right now, all these people are like OMG, TWO GUYS FINALLY BECAME A CANON COUPLE IN A SPORTS ANIME, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!! and yes i get their point but

don’t forget about… this, you know???

(hint: “this” = makoharu, hello, this is a makoharu blog here. XD)

just because they weren’t as blatantly physical doesn’t mean there was not a TON of meaning and depth and words and beauty and emotions and just… so much stuff. seriously!! wow!!! makoharu is mind-blowing!! i’ve been stunned and blown away over and over again by this ship. there are so many reasons why makoharu is canon and i don’t want people to think that it’s not that much, or it’s something less, or something not as real, just because it’s not portrayed/expressed in the same way as other ships that people are getting excited about and saying “this type of thing has never ever been canon before and blah blah blah”

and it’s weird because i actually like that ship and really do understand why people are saying this. but still, IT MAKES ME KINDA SAD OKAY. XD i have mixed feelings. like do you have to say it as if every other sports anime male/male relationship didn’t get very far and doesn’t mean much?

i… i’’m getting a little salty over this lol

Naruto Shippuden Ep.461 Preview-My Thoughts!

Alright, in the next episode it looks like we’re getting some backstory of Hagoromo and Hamura!

Which is good as that’s something I’ve ALWAYS wanted since 2014 in the Original Manga!

Though I can’t help but wonder something. Notice anything right here:

Hagoromo doesn’t have his Rinnegan here so I wonder when he got it….Huh….possibly after becoming the Jinchuurki of the Ten Tails, perhaps?

I guess we’ll find out soon! And we even get to see some Mommy Kaguya:

Now, about this current backstory on Kaguya, I know some of you have this expression:

But, guys! Isn’t that way Kaguya is disliked in the fandom? Because we knew next to nothing about her? So shouldn’t we be relieved we get this backstory on her?

Well, I guess that’s just me! =P

I’ll see you all in the review for episode 461 next week!

Til next time guys, stay classy! ;D

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(P.S: Don’t you just want to hug Crying!Kaguya? =P She looks so beautiful! Or is that just me? =P)