you guys it's like this documentary was made for me

in light of recent post blowing up in notes, i watched a design documentary recently and the guy discussed something along the lines of creating something that resounds in the viewer. to remind them of something they experienced or have them relate to what you have created.

and once i finished that documentary and looked at the tags on that post, it amazes me. people do truly flock to what they can feel as ‘relatable.’ the idea at its core is by no means original (someone, somewhere must have done this before, i’m sure) like a song about love but the execution must have connected to them in a very special way that i made them decide: “this. i like this. i feel a connection to this.”

just some thoughts. the documentary is called abstract: the art of design. it’s really rich, visually and niemann (the focus of the first ep) talks a lot of things i feel and experience as a person who creates. i recommend watching it. it’s on netflix right now.