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im totally hooked on you guys right now. can i ask for an update on the werewolf reveal tag please. i love stiles' reaction in these sort of fics. keep up the great work ^^

They’ll Be Calling You a Radical by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 2,416 | PG13)

Derek is just trying to save the wolves. Wolves are great, okay? 

Support by vivoegoincrastinum (1/1 | 1,914 | PG13)

After dating for a little while, Derek opens up about being a werewolf, and Stiles is surprised but also really supportive, saying that he’s ‘heard of things like that’.

Or where Stiles thinks Derek’s a furry, and that his fursona is a werewolf.
(based off a tumblr prompt)

Baby, you should stick around by ElisAttack (3/3 | 9,543 | PG13)

Derek’s driving along a stretch of highway when an unusual sight makes him slow down, the engine of his old pickup rattling in protest.

There’s a kid standing by the side of the road.

It’s the middle of nowhere, the goddamn apocalypse, and this kid is standing by the side of the road with his thumb pointed skyward. Like he’s playing at being a hitchhiker.

Or the one where Stiles thinks he’s all alone in a post-apocalyptic world, until he meets Derek.

with ruffled feathers and gaping maws by gryvon (1/1 | 8,306 | PG13)

Stiles tries to save Erica and Boyd from the Alpha pack on his own. His plan backfires, but Stiles’s death is only the beginning.

Me reading all the OUAT spoilers and rumors like

I’m not feeling very positive anymore. But dammit, I will go down with this ship until my last breath!