you guys i was literally two feet away

Wait, what?

Mutual abuse?

I fail to see how Jasper grabbing Lapis with her ham hands is somehow as bad being dragged into the ocean with no way to escape, just so your captor can torture for stuff you didn’t even do to her.

The most I recall Jasper ever doing to Lapis is pulling her by the arm. Nothing else.

That is NOT mutual abuse.

And Lapis did not do that ‘For Steven’. They were literally two feet away from the ocean. If Lapis had enough strength to fight the Crystal gems on her own WHILE INJURED, and also had enough strength to imprison Jasper for 8 months, then that was totally unnecessary. She could’ve easily poofed Jasper.

But nope. Lapis wanted someone to suffer the way she had suffered. Even though she knew what kind of mental trauma imprisoning someone could cause.

The only reason you guys are seeing it this way is because of how they look.

Because you know, and I know that if Lapis had been big and intimidating, and Jasper had been small and scrawny, you wouldn’t even be seeing it the way you do.

Both Lapis and Peridot have done fucked up things to the gems and threatened Earth’s safety, and they both got redemption. So I don’t see why Jasper shouldn’t get it. I know it’s already confirmed that she’s coming back, but c'mon guys. Just let Jasper greave her diamond mom, and then let Steven help her get revenge for her by beating up whichever diamond killed her.

I work for the valet service at a major hospital. In the two months I’ve worked there I thought I’d driven the worst–cars with bloody bandages, ones that smell like gangrene, one full of dirty underwear, one particularly nasty number that you can literally smell from ten feet away. But Thursday I was proven wrong.

There’s a guy we’ve parked before–younger guy, uses a walker, drives a massive SUV with horrible brakes. He’s always friendly and always has someone else with him. He needs a walker for support when he’s moving around, but he always drives himself and otherwise seems pretty independent and able to do stuff on his own.

So he pulls up for the second time that day to visit someone. I write him a ticket and get his keys. He and his friend are friendly and cheerful for the whole thing. They hop out. Guy gets his walker and they leave.

Our lot is pretty full and there’s a line forming behind this car so I decide to just move the car all the way up in our lane and wait to park it until I know we have a spot big enough for it available.

I climb in and the first thing I notice is that he’s got mail strewn on the floor of the drivers seat, and it’s wet with something. Okay, whatever, he probably just spilled some water or something. I lean down in the seat and start fiddling around to move the seat up so I can reach the pedals easier, and then I see it.

It’s a one handed, medical-looking plastic bottle, and there’s something yellow in it. And the cap is off. And it’s right by the brake pedal I’ve currently got my foot on. And suddenly I’m smelling urine.

I wave my friend over to ask what she thinks it is thinking maybe it’s just me, and she’s like “oh my god, that’s PISS” and confirms my fear.

This man somehow peed in this bottle one handed while driving, and then LEFT the open bottle of pee there in the floor for us to deal with. I would be more understanding if he was severely handicapped or alone or in an emergency situation BUT. A) aside from needing a walker, he is able to care for himself and drive himself around, B) he had a friend with him who could have cleaned that for him if he WASN’T able to, and C) HE WAS VISITING SOMEONE. For the second time that day. This was not an urgent thing.

This dude smiled and chatted me up all the while knowing he had a bottle of piss on the floor of his car for me to handle. And by the time I realized it he and his friend were long gone.

We ended up just keeping the car st the front of the lane instead of parking it. I doused myself in hand sanitizer, put a warning on the ticket, and spent the rest of the day very aware that the hem of my pants was wet with urine. He came back to get his car after my shift ended and was told not to use our service again.

TLDR: friendly regular customer leaves open bottle of his piss in his car without warning. I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Bv

Lucaya au based off of a headcanon I found

“Maya, I’m not that drunk. I just wanna dance..” Riley says, attempting to pull herself out of my grip.

“Riles, you took the slice of pineapple off of your cocktail and were yelling at it trying to get spongebob to come out.” I say, grabbing her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.

“Well I wanted to eat the pineapple, but I didn’t want to eat spongebob! I was trying to save his life!” Riley says practically hysterically, yelling over the club’s music.

“There’s no spongebob! I’m taking you to the bathroom, and then we’re leaving.” I say, pulling Riley to the girls bathroom.

“I can go myself.” Riley says, pulling herself out of Maya’s grip and taking off her stilettos before walking into the bathroom.

I scoff at the door that Riley slammed shut, before I lean my back against the wall. Might as well wait here.

I hear a vomiting noise coming from inside, and I sigh.

“You okay Riles?” I yell through the locked door, wondering why the hell a club would have single bathrooms.

“Yup. I feel better now. I’m ready to dance.” Riley replies, and I rest my back on the door, stopping her efforts of leaving.

“Hey!” She yells at the door not budging.

“You’re not leaving yet, boozy.”

“You’re no fun.” She huffs, a vomiting noise following.

I chuckle to myself, until my attention is drawn away from Riley’s gagging noises.

“This is my song! You can’t make me leave now.”

“Zay, you’re wasted. And you just threw up on the bartender.”

“That never happened. I literally had like one beer.” Zay says, holding up two fingers.

“Yeah, okay bud. You’re gonna go throw up your problems.” Zay’s friend says, pushing him into the men’s bathroom.

The guy leans against the door in a similar manner as me, only about a foot away.

I look at him while he’s rubbing his eyes for a moment, and blush at his looks.

He’s like six feet tall, with dirty blonde hair that’s messy in a really attractive way, a sharp jawline, and broad shoulders. When he takes hand away, I feel my stomach tie in a knot at his incredibly handsome, long lashed green eyes.

His head turns to me quickly as he notices me staring, and I advert my eyes to my high-heeled shoes.

I see him smile slightly in the corner of my eye as I look up slightly, and hear another gag coming from Riley.

“Oh, there’s the pineapple! Oh god.. I think I ate spongebob. Maya, help! I’m a murderer!” Riley says hysterically, and I hear Lucas laugh from beside me.

“I promise spongebob is okay.” I say, holding back laughter.

“Did you see him?”

“Yeah, he’s at the bar. I swear he’s fine.”

“Phew, I thought I was going to jail for murder for a sec.”

I chuckle and turn back to the guy, who’s smiling at me in a “what the fuck did I just hear” kind of way.

“Friend who likes to party a little too hard?” He chuckles.

“How did you know?” I say, pretending to be in awe.

“Lucas, they have air freshener in here!” I hear Zay yell from behind the door, until a spraying noise follows. “Ah fuck, it smells like flowery bullshit!”

I suddenly hear a vomiting noise.

“That’s how.” Lucas says, before turning to the door. “It’s okay buddy, get it out!” Lucas laughs, me laughing hysterically.

“So, Lucas, was it?” I ask between laughs, noticing how nice his smile is.

“Yeah. Maya?” He asks, and I nod.

“I’d ask to buy you a drink, but I haven’t been drinking tonight, and I assume you haven’t either. Unless you have some insane tolerance to alcohol.” Lucas says, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah, you’re out of luck.” I chuckle.

“Shit, now I have to just tell you that I think you’re really hot instead of getting you wasted enough to make out with me. Drat.” Lucas sighs, and I let out a laugh.

“Yeah, well maybe if you’re lucky and Riley gets under control, I won’t need to be wasted.” I smirk, and Lucas smiles slightly, his cheeks going red.

“Aw, he’s blushing. What are you, 16?” I laugh.

“22, actually. But internally, probably like 12.” Lucas says and I laugh.

“Ah. And I’m 21. It’s Riley here’s 21st birthday, so she felt it was her obligation to get completely intoxicated. Only on fruity cocktails, of course. She gags on plain tequila.” I say, and Lucas nods.

“And you’re not drinking because?”

“Designated driver.”


“So has tonight been fun for you? I mean, it is her birthday after all.” Lucas asks after a brief silence.

“Yeah, I guess. It could be better.” I shrug.

“How much better?” He asks with a chuckle.

I open my mouth but no words come out, and I look at Lucas for a moment before moving over and kissing him harshly.

I still hear the bass of the music pounding, matching the rush of adrenaline brought by Lucas’s lips.

He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer to him, my hands tugging on his dirty blonde hair.

He moves his hands down to my ass and moves his kisses down to my neck, pushing me against the wall.

When I kiss Lucas I feel like the rest of the world isn’t there, like it’s just me and him. Just us. The loud music is practically muted, all I can feel is his hands on my body, his lips on mine.

I pull his head away and kiss him roughly, before I see something that pulls me out of this trance.

Riley, making out with Zay in the men’s bathroom, the door wide open.

“What the fuck, Riley! How did you-” I start.

“No worries peaches, he’s friendly.” Riley says, before moving back to Zay’s lips.

“Hey, get off. We’re going back to the dorm.” Lucas says, walking in and pulling Zay off of her.

“Boo.” Riley pouts, me pulling her away too.

“Come on Lucas, you get to make out with the tiny blonde chick. I want some fun too.” Zay slurs.

“Yeah, but me and the tiny blonde chick aren’t one beer away from unconsciousness.”

I begin to walk away from Lucas, smiling at him slightly.

“Hey Maya, wait!” I hear Lucas and I turn around.

“Call me.” He says, handing me a slip of paper.

I smile and look down at the phone number, before using my Riley-free hand to pull him by his shirt into a kiss.

I break apart and wink at him as I begin to walk away, him beaming.

“Ooh, he’s hot! Not boo!” Riley squeals as I pull her away.

Everybody Relax! Part 6 (final)

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Summary: Things at the Sub Shop had become pretty regular. Same people coming in and out each day, even the little weird things Trucker and Zo do weren’t particularly surprising. Tish had gotten another job and only came back a few days a week. She and Priestly decided they were better off friends. He’d entered a cycle of work, mope, work, mope. He stopped cracking jokes, didn’t dye his hair, didn’t do much in general. Piper and Jen decided to take matters into their own hands….

A/N: This is it! The last part…….I’m sad that it’s over. But I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

You wound around the end of the counter, walking over to wipe down a table. A familiar hand grabbed your wrist, effectively stopping you.

“No kiss goodbye?”

“Babe, I’m literally going ten feet away.”

You kissed him anyway, chuckling at how mushy he’d gotten. Walking by the register, you don’t miss Piper and Jen high-fiving.

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Family Life

Family Life
[Adjusting to domestic life]

Dongyeol hurried home as quickly as he could. He was prepping for a concert in Busan when he’d gotten a call from Seop’s school saying he was sick. Even with leaving immediately it still took a few hours to make it back home.

He dropped his bag by the door hurrying to Seop’s room to find him sound asleep in your arms. You were curled in bed beside him. You face buried in his hair while you slept. His eyes softened as he walked over quietly. Pressing the back of his hand to Seop’s forehead. He was pretty warm and his face was a bit flushed, but there was a bowl of soup and medicine on the bedside.

He released a relieved sigh before crawling into bed and cuddling up on the other side of his son. Being sure to keep him warm between the two of you to help him sweat out his fever. Seop stirred in his sleep feeling the movement but Dongyeol kissed his hair. “Shh…I’m here little man. Go back to sleep.” He whispered.

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Little Interuptions ~Jackson~ ◥

Request: Can you do a scenario where Jackson and you were making out and suddenly your 4 year old kid barges into the room? :3 thankiewww

Comments: Haven’t written a Jackson scenario in a while, hope you like itt ^^        

For once, the entire place was quiet, which was something that didn’t really happen to often. Being married to someone like Jackson Wang and have a miniature version of him aka your son made it almost impossible to be this quiet around here.

         Then again, Jackson was in the shower and your son was currently sleeping, so this gave you an opportunity to close your eyes for even a brief moment and just enjoy the quietness.

         But of course, it didn’t last long.

         “I’m back!” Jackson sang as he stalked into the room, holding a towel around his waist. “Did you miss me? Of course you missed me, how could you have not missed me? I missed you.” He grinned and went to the closet.

         You chuckled and sat up on the bed, leaning back against the headboard. “You were only in the shower for a good thirty minutes, Jackson.”

         “That’s thirty minutes without me, though. Am I right or am I right?” He searched through all the clothes in the closet for something to wear, but it seemed like he was having a little difficulty.

         You tilted your head and gave him a small smile. “Do you need some help?” you asked.

         Jackson scoffed and waved his hand. “I am a grown man, therefore I am capable of picking out my own clothes, thank you.” He drew out a blue t-shirt for a moment, only to throw it back in almost immediately. “Gosh, why is this so hard? This shouldn’t be so hard.”

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“Ugh could you just fuck off?” Michael glared at you as he saw you on the seat he was previously in, flipping you off as the other guys sighed at both of your immaturity. Your brother, Luke, had surprised you with a ticket to fly to Europe, so you could join them on tour for a two months. Calum rolled his eyes, pulling Michael by his shirt so he’d fall down onto the couch that he was currently sitting on. “Mike mate, chillax, just sit with me.” Michael pouted childishly as he attempted to make himself comfortable on the burgundy couch, you could practically feel his eyes burning into your skull at the moment. “Yeah well she took my chair!” You rolled your eyes, clicking your tongue. “Oh I’m sorry your highness, but where on this chair states ‘Property of Douche King, Michael Fucking Clifford’?” He looked as if he was ready to pounce on you, and you were too. The boys pulled you two back as Michael actually attempted to come over and yell in your face, obscenities flying across the room in a heated argument. The bus driver in the front looked back several times as if afraid an actual fight might break out, pulling over on the side of the road as he came to the back to settle the argument. “Listen! Listen! Kids, honestly, just learn to get along. Unless you want me to accidentally crash into a tree, I suggest you shut up.” Paul, the bus driver, was getting quite tired of all your arguments. From times ranging from 1 am at night, which he would rather be sleeping, to 11 pm at night, your profanities could be heard throughout the bus as you screamed at Michael. You stared at him, trying to find something that you hated about him to focus on. But the fact was, you couldn’t. As hard as you’d try, you couldn’t actually find a physical flaw about him that you found displeasing. So for now, you just hated him for his perfection.

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You took a step back

And another chapter appears! I hope you guys enjoy because it has been my very favorite chapter to write. :)

Part I: Who’s That Girl

Part II: Introduce folk dancing

Part III: I’m Not Gonna Be Ignored

Part IV: this fantasy, this fallacy, this tumbling stone

You took a step back

She spends most of her night staring out her windshield as she puzzles over the last text she’d received from Killian, waiting for her skip to magically appear, but the damn man is better at hiding than she’s used to, and she leaves his girlfriend’s apartment sometime around midnight, annoyed and uncomfortable.

When she walks through the door the place is a disaster, and Robin and David looked flustered and nervous, dashing about from room to room with no real sense of purpose, or at least, that’s what it looks like to Emma.

It takes her yelling at them to slow them down, and they both turn to look at her, guilty and flustered.

“What the hell is going on?”

They both glare at each other in silence for a moment, so Emma takes a moment to look around the living room and notice the trail of chaos had originated from the general direction of Killian’s room, which they’d spitefully converted into an “activities” room two hours after his flight had landed in London.

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