you guys i want to cry and i miss you so much already

  • he’s tol af
  • black hair
  • comes up like someone intimidating but is actually a dork
  • he jokes around but know when to back off and if he realize he went too far apologize right away
  • his horrible laugh
  • he wants to make nekomata’s dream true, he respect his coach so much
  • HIS ARMS !!!!!!! !!!!
  • when kenma is lost in his games and get missed he goes and search for him himself // light novel, during the trip to miyagi before playing agianst karasuno
  • biggest meme
  • he helps kenma with his studies 
  • he’s in prep college class and is also captain so he has plenty of responsabilities already
  • he’s in prep college class and how awesome is that!!! !!!!¡¡¡¡
  • he wants to fight people he doesn’t like 24/7
  • he also helps people that is not from his team *coughtcought||tsukki||coughtcouht*
  • HIS BACK DAMN !!!11!!1!
  • his provocation comments are on point
  • he knows exactly what to say and how to say it for encouring people to do better and try
  • he’s one of the most reliable characters imo 
  • his smile is so adorable it makes me cry
  • he says he is kind as a joke but he actually is, he’s probably not aware of how great of a person he is and makes me want to hug him
  • he sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair and it makes me want to hug him too
  • his leadership skills are unquestionable
  • silly comebacks like “for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoix acid, I dont think your opinions have much validity”
  • has grudge on people for silly things “coughtcought||chapter200||coughtcought||yaku||coughcough*
  • he was so into volleyball as a kid that he used to tried out the techniques he watched being used in matches on tv.
  • he has the taste of an old man for food, pls save him
  • his current concern is that he can’t get rid of his bedhead hair, after all this years
  • he’s very skilled at shuffling cards. (light novel) @ furudate let me know how much time he spends playing card games and with who
  • he’s passionate af and works hard to achieve his goals
  • he’s cute af but also hot af
  • he gets as excited as yamamoto sometimes and it’s beautiful
  • he confuses himself when trying to say something intelligent
  • he’s so supportive, it makes me cry
  • don’t take shit from people who can’t be objective in their view and doesn’t stay unspoken either

[ENG/FULL] Leeteuk reading a letter from Hyukjae for Sukira’s 10th anniversary ~

Salute ! It’s Lee Hyukjae who will promoted to a Corporal soon. Are you doing well?? It’s been such a long time since I have written a letter so I know everyone is cursing me on the inside. But I have a reason. I’m actually doing a push and pull ( * korean for something like playing hard to get ) with everyone. I’m trying to give a little bit of dating feel to everyone who is, of course, unable to date right now so I tried doing push and pull. Sorry for the nonsense. 

I heard that my letter this time will be conveyed to everyone specially through a special person on a speacial date. I know that Teuk Teuk Teuk Teuk Teukie-hyung is reading this to everyone now and 10 years ago today was the day Lee Hyukjae, who is about to be promoted to Corporal, and Reservist Sergeant Park Jungsoo met everyone’s lips on 89.1 KBS Cool FM. I can still picture that day vividly with my eyes. My nervousness and pounding heart that day.. everyone’s fresh congratulatory messages when you were 10 years younger has been left as a good memory to us. 

Even though I’m unable to communicate with everyone on this deeply meaningful day as I am in the midst of serving the army right now but I’m glad that I’m at least able to greet you guys like this. The people who loved and protect Sukira for the past 10 years: our kiss family, the many PD-nims, staff, my replacement DJ Aesonggie, Eongdeonggie, Ryeonggu and all my forever partner Teukie Teukie Leeteuk-hyung. Thank you all very very much.

I know that time passes fast on a day like this so I shall not write too long. Everyone, please take care of your health in this hot weather. Actually, as compared to my hot love that will be coming towards you all, this hot weather seems to be nothing, isn’t it? Please hang in there. Anyway, try going around! You won’t get a boyfriend please stay at home. And people who has not kept to their promise with me and has not shaved their heads. it is now the timing to do so. If you shave now, it will feel even more refreshing. Please don’t hesitate!

I shall cut down my letter to this short and i will greet you as Corporal Lee Hyukjae next time. Don’t fall sick till then and think of me a lot and play with lot of fun with our members. Sincerely, congratulations once again to Sukira on the 10th anniversary.

P.S If Aesonggie-hyung is boring, please send him home. The request song will be “Growing Pains” by this era’s best male duo - D&E.