you guys i think i'm getting there with this coloring thing

I think it kind of baffles me why people are wondering how Olicity can reconcile in a short amount of time, because literally the only way to reconcile is to talk. That’s it. Just one, nice long conversation where you hash things out. It may be ugly, it may hurt, but in the end if two people can make an agreement to move on and forgive the past then it’s all it takes to get back together. 

So color me surprised when folks are routinely confused how Olicity can get together, and I’m like… the ONE thing they haven’t done is talk about their feelings. I don’t know why people feel it’s too fast or not enough time has been given, because in order to move on there’s no Passage of Time quota. It boils over, people get fed up, and it’s time to talk. And that’s what these upcoming episodes are for. 

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1. Full Name
2. Zodiac Sign
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5. How tall am I
6. Favorite Quote
7. Eye Color
8. Meaning behind URL
9. Tattoos and piercings I have/want
10. How long does it take me to get ready in the morning
11. Can I sing/play an instrument
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15. My birthday
16. Where do I live
17. What age do people think I am
18. What I look for in a guy
19. What I hate most about myself
20. What I love most about myself
21. What am I currently listening to
22. Have you ever like someone and not told them
23. My pets
24. Any scars
25. My nickname
26. What I wanted to be when I was younger
27. Favorite Holiday
28. Where in the world have I been
29. Lock screen and home screen
30. What does my room look like
31. Favorite Food
32. Hair color
33. YouTubers I watch
34. Other social media
35. My favorite sport
36. Relationship Status
37. Night owl or early bird
38. Other than tumblr, what do I do in my free time
39. Hidden talent
40. Do I have any siblings
41. My favorite accents
42. Favorite tv show
43. Have I ever been drunk/high
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45. My dream date
46. Can I speak another language
47. Favorite season
48. Do I believe in love at first sight
49. Something I can’t live without
50. Ever been in love

I think

the reason why I love the goblin archetype so much is that it’s a design thats open to a lot of variation in pop culture rather than say..dwarves?  For example, if your watching/reading a fantasy thing and a dwarf is in it, there’s a good chance he’s going to be some variation of swarthy bearded guy/gal.  However, goblin designs are pretty much “whatever you like” which is as close to preserving the classic, pre-victorian idea of fairy that we can get nowadays. 

For example 

D&D goblin- drawn sometime during the 1970s I presume. A basic goblin. Familiar to stoned rpg players. 

Goblins as scene in that Rankin Bass  version of the Hobbit. They are huge and have little cat noses. 

The king of goblins who is Bowie. 

So yeah, tl;dr goblins come in all the colors of the rainbow and I’m proud of them. 


Le cose che piacciono a me - My favorite things

Gocce di pioggia sul verde dei prati,
Raindrops on the green grass,

Sciarpe di lana, guantoni felpati,
Woolen scarves, gloves with a plush lining,

Più che il sapore, il colore del tè…
More than its tast, the color of tea…

Ecco le cose che piacciono a me!
These are the things that I like!

Torte di mele, biscotti croccanti,
Apple pies, crunchy cookies,

Bianchi vapori dai treni sbuffanti,
White vapours coming out of puffing trains,

Quando ti portano a letto il caffè…
When they bring you coffee in bed…

Ecco le cose che piacciono a me!
These are the things that I like!

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Okay, um…so here’s the speech. The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, you know this, and…All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret. And…No one can really…know you. Now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets. Um, out of the question. Forever. But then one day I see this…Beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd ‘cause she’s so pale. And then suddenly there’s hope again. That’s all I’m saying. Who knows if we’ll even like each other. But I like everything I’ve seen so far, and, um…What have we got to lose?