you guys i love her so much you don't even know

         SO I actually would like to start this off with the fact that I was planning on doing this, 300 followers or not, because I really wanted to just say thank you so much to several people here. To all of my followers, whether they are interacting with me or they simply enjoy seeing me on their dashes, it really means a lot when I pop on and see your lovely usernames lighting up the screen. I just… am very, very glad I made Misty. I’m glad that I eventually told people about her. And I’m glad I came back.

                                             THE WIFE

          I CAN’T @ my beloved waifu to let her know I’m posting this, but tsukiakari is probably one of my best friends in the whole world. She’s always around to make me laugh, make me smile, and remind me that regardless of how bad it gets, it will always get better. She was there for me the entire time I was going through my whole mess, even though she has her own stresses in life to worry about. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than her.

                                              THE BAES

          I’D LIKE to take a minute to say here that I probably wouldn’t have come back if it weren’t for these people. These are the people that have stayed by my side, whether by personally messaging me while I was gone or offering support from afar, even when I was at my lowest, when I could hardly bring myself to log into Skype or even glance at a computer. None of them probed about what happened, but I know each and every one of you would have offered to listen to me, or did offer, simply because they wanted to help. I can’t thank you guys enough. I really can’t. Thank you, so so much for staying around, reaching out, and welcoming me back with no questions asked. I sincerely adore each and every one of you.

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                                           THE FRIENDS

I COULD never forget to thank the rest of you; thank you, those who reached out to welcome me back into the fandom without even blinking an eye. Thank you to those who plotted ideas with me as if I’d never left, who were willing to start up new threads, and to those who have simply been here from the get-go regardless of what blog I go on. I know I may vanish occasionally, and I know this last instance was abrupt and worried a few of you. So I want to apologise and say thank you one more time.

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Guys Show Eliza Our Love

Tonight at midnight EST we are trending “We Love Eliza Taylor” on twitter. This sweet girl who is devoted to her fans has been receiving so much hate and rudeness from people who claim to be her fans (majority are the blorkes). We need to show her that we are her true fans. People who love her and follow her after her time on Jason’s shit show. I beg you even if it’s one tweet, send out this tag and add something you love about Eliza. It could be something as simple as you looked very pretty today to something as deep as you showed me that it is ok to be who I am. You saved me. Let her know that there is an army prepared to to fight fire with love and we don’t plan on loosing. Show her who we are. Show her we love her. She deserves it.

Get To Know Meeeeeee

Okay so I was tagged by my good friend @theevakchronicles about a week ago (I only saw it like two days ago tho!) and I kinda thought, if I did this I would just write another essay because I love talking about myself and then you guys will like sign a petition to get me to be served as dinner to a crocodile or something. (who knows) But then I was tagged by @chickenparmaham (who practically just radiates cool btw) and that was enough for me to be all 

So here we gooooo fam

Name/nickname/whatever you prefer to be called?
Mikki “hey you!” “Mikki with the good hair” “chocolate thunder” But you know Mikki works fine too. 



Fav Skam character?
I swear to god satan wrote this question. Like omg Skam is probs the only show where I don’t really dislike anyone….okay there is probs a couple that I wouldn’t miss….but you can hear me rant about that if you want, another day. Anyway, if I have to pick, like if they were all drowning, who would I save first? 

It would be my Golden haired angel child: Isak Valtersen. He is literally my son. I have loved him from the early days of season 1, and continued to love him despite his snake qualities. I relate to him so much and there is just something about him that hijacked my heart and invaded my soul. 

When did you start watching Skam?
Omg this is actual so ironic. I was procrastinating writing this awful essay for my english class, so I of course found myself at the depths of youtubes blackhole, when I saw a fanvid for this super gorgeous blonde girl and cute guy. So I watched it, found myself intrigued af. and found the show with subs. I was sad to see that I had to watch a whole other season before I could get to this nice looking ship….but then… the strange thing happened. I fell in love with the show. Seriously in love. and then I found myself declaring Isak as my fave and just wanting more more more of him…so when I found out that it was his season next, and the first clip legit just came out yesterday. (i’m not kidding I discovered and binged skam the day after Isaks first clip came out. It’s fate guys) Well, I practically died. I had watched like 3 episodes of season 2 when this info came to light, and I practically ditched it to infuse myself in Isak. Of course the subs for it got taken down the day after I did that and there were no subs for Isak at the start, so I just google translated everything on my phone…but it was worth it.

I eventually finished Nooras season during Isak’s hiatus, but I found myself never connecting with her as much as Isak. and Noorwhelm turned out to not be a ship that I particularly liked? So basically the irony is I came here for Noorwhelm but ended up being the biggest, craziest, obsessed Evak shipper ever. 

Came for a cute Blonde, stayed for another cute blonde.

When did you make your blog?
Omg like ages ago. I made it in 2013/2014 I think? because my friends were all into it so I jumped in but then I didn’t understand tumblr? Like my bio says, I really really tried to be that cool aesthetic beautiful blog, but like I got bored. It wasn’t until I got into fandoms (like Girl Meets World and Teen Wolf) that I actually found a use for it, but I only had 49 followers before Skam and it was mostly just for me to find spoilers and theories for those shows haha 

Who are you cheering for to be s4′s main?
oh wow I honestly don’t know how to answer this qu-

psssh guys i’m just kidding it’s Even.

Who do you think is most likely to be s4′s main? 

Probably Sana? Maybe Vilde but I think she would be saved for season 6.(Russ season) I’m also praying that Vilde’s storyline will include her discovering that she has feelings for women? and some people I talked to about this think they wouldn’t do that straight after Isak’s coming out. I’m really curious. What do you guys think about that idea?? They can do a w/w storyline straight after a m/m storyline can’t they? or maybe not?? Let me know your thoughts on this. :) But yeah it’s probs my girl Sana. 

What are your main interests?
My cat. lol, nah I also like memes. I love memes. so sad. I love writing, music, getting burgers with my closest friends and then staying up all night, telling each other our thoughts about the universe until 4 in the morning. Very specific. But it’s an interest of mine haha. I also enjoy singing (let me clarify: this in no way means that I can sing. I can’t. this just means I enjoy singing and making my friends cringe when I break out in song and sing Ariana Grande on the top of my lungs), dancing in front of the mirror, crocheting tiny little scarves and beanies for my stuffed animals. I think you all now realise that I am the lamest 20 year old that has ever existed. Be thankful that you don’t know me.

Something you’re always up to discuss?
ANYTHING. woah turn it down Mikki, you’re coming across a little desperate. No seriously come chat to me about anything. I’m always ready to listen and give a super goofy opinion haha. No I really love discussing mental illness, and LGBT representation in the media. I am quite the feminist, so I love talking about anything to do with gender theory and the portrayal of women in film. I also would love it if you guys shared your thoughts and theories and just general observations about Skam with me. Because this show has honestly become my whole life and all I want to do is talk about it with all of you. So please please please TALK TO ME. Okay yeah i’m super desperate. 

Something you refuse to discuss?
hmmmm hmmmm Nothing that is oppressing or cruel to another human being? I’m not up to talk about anything that could invade the privacy of our beautiful actors on Skam. Lets let them live and be awesome. When they come back to our lives (seriously Isak come back to meeeeee) it will be amazing and delicious and ahhhhh it’s okay guys we can do this. We can make it. 😭

Other favorite shows aside from Skam?
Since Skam came into my life every show I cared about has basically evaporated from my mind? But uhhh I honestly do enjoy Girl Meets World (look it’s progressive and awesome for a disney show okay? if we get it to netflix it will be betttterr) My sister and I have always been into Degrassi (cos draaaamaaaa) um I loved Stranger Things, omg How I Met Your Mother is like the show I watch whenever I am sad, mad, sick, bored. it is just THE SHOW. You know that show that will always be there for you no matter what is happening in your life? HIMYM is that show for me. What show is that for you guys? Tell me. I need new stuff to watch during this wait. Theres a few other shows I am into but I can’t remember them because Skam has taken up too much room in my life right now. 

My friend keeps trying to get me to watch Mr. Robot but i’m like ??? not in the mood cos Skam withdrawals. Is it a good show? should I suck it up and just watch it already? 

Anyway phew we have made it to the end. I told you it was gonna be long af. I just can’t shut up. I’m sorry, I do love you guys. Don’t think I hate you cos I make you suffer like this. 

Okay um, I honestly can’t remember who my mutuals are?? But I’m gonna tag a bunch of blogs that I love and respect, If you have already done this I am sorry and forgive me: @tarjeiandhenrik @evakshalla @deepinskam @babyboyeven @skam-addiction @helovesharry @sanasevaks @skinnyluvlarry @bonsoir-my-ass @isakneven @josteninski @skamz

So I’ve seen many posts about how people shouldn’t be speaking badly about Gillian because of who she is or is not dating (and you definitely shouldn’t be), but some of those same people that are saying this are also saying that they are glad Gillian is possibly with this guy because of their hatred of David and how he would never be good enough for her. This seems incredibly hypocritical to me. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are both amazing people. They have both made mistakes in their past as WE ALL HAVE. I want those people that are bashing Gillian or David to think about the mistakes they have made and then think about how they would feel if they were judged based solely on those mistakes for the rest of their life. I guarantee you will begin to think much differently about others. I love the idea of Gillovny. I love it so much that I have been a little sad the past few days, but never in my wildest dreams would I ever think badly of anyone based on their past mistakes as well as who they are dating as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

When did Emma fall in love with Hook? When did she know?

Anonymous said:
When do you think Emma fell in love with Hook? Can you pinpoint an exact moment?

I don’t think we fall in love in a moment. I think it’s a process. Sometimes fast sometimes slow. But I do think there’s a moment when we REALIZE we are in love. 

And for Emma that moment would be this:

She’s spent so much time and effort suppressing her feelings for Hook.  but after their time traveling adventure (she can trust him), and that first real kiss (he is her home), and him convincing her that he is a survivor (he won’t leave her) she decides to finally give him (them) a chance and asks him out on the date.  

Emma keeps herself together during the actual date - and even after that kiss. but this moment here, when she thinks she is alone, is the first time she really allows herself to feel something for Hook - and it washes over her like a fucking tidal wave. the reality of her feelings leave her breathless - she’s so far gone at this point there is NO going back.  and that’s why everything changes between them after this point.

But the process of falling in love with Killian Jones began long before that.  It all started when their souls connected on that beanstalk.  And there were moments along the way from that point that demonstrated the slow fall of the pieces of armor Emma had placed around her heart.

As a viewer Emma’s increasing interest and affection for Hook were obvious despite her best efforts to convince him, the other characters, and herself otherwise. 

But the one moment I knew Emma was truly IN LOVE with Hook was this:

Not because she sacrificed her magic for him. Don’t get me wrong - that was huge, because she risked her own existence and what she thought was their only chance against Zelena for him. but that’s what Emma does - she puts others before herself. She saves lives. She’s a hero. But the moment above is significant for other reasons.

That moment was the very first time we see Emma stroke Hook’s face.  

It’s such a tender act - and one that we see her do frequently to comfort him after they finally get together. That intimate gesture, and her whispered plea for Hook to “come back to me”, was EVERYTHING. 

Those words prove that she thought of Hook and herself as a “WE” - that in her mind there was a togetherness for him to return to. And with his eyes closed (and him possibly lost to her forever) she privately expresses the same fears she later openly admits to him during their argument in front of Granny’s:

She’s afraid to lose him, so she’s afraid to love him.

That moment was confirmation for Hook that Emma felt as he did - not merely attraction and friendship, but love. 

It’s only after those fears are gone, after he convinces her that he’s a survivor, that she asks him on that date. And only then does she allow herself to really FEEL something for him. So for me those three moments above are connected. 

Amusingly, Emma is the last person to realize she is in love with Killan jones. The viewer knows Emma loves Hook before he knows it.  And Hook is aware of Emma’s feelings for him before she is.  Even her friends, family, and the villains have it figured out. Emma is literally the last one to realize it.

But it was so worth the wait. I honestly wouldn’t change a minute of their story!

(gifs not mine)

Dirty 30. Drabble.

Summary: This is almost smut. But, you know, like fluffy smut. A.K.A. not technically smut but the notion that there was smut is definitely implied. Also, in this fic, Val actually stays in LA for his b-day. 

A/N: Happy Birthday, Val. Enjoy, fam.

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Sirin Cove, Chapter One, v.two

i posted the first chapter of my novel here about two weeks ago, and i can’t even begin to express how grateful i am for all of the feedback you guys gave me!! the response was totally unexpected, overwhelming and heart warming, thank you so much. i took some of your advice on board and did some tweaking, so i now present to you - chapter one, version two.

| synopsis | chapter one version one | character bios | character aesthetics | character art |

It’s kind of hard to text when you’re being pushed out a fire escape, but Jenna Patterson was giving it her best shot. Despite the mob of panicked people rushing around her, she managed to type the beginnings of a coherent message to her dad:

Club caught fire am fine dont worry will text when know more

It probably wasn’t quite as reassuring as she’d hoped, and that opening was definitely going to terrify him, but she thought it was important for her dad to hear the news from her first. She didn’t want him reading about the fire online before she’d had a chance to contact him, so time was of the essence, grammatical errors be damned.

Jenna was just about to press send when she was pushed roughly forward into the frame of the fire escape door. Thankfully, her hand took the initial brunt of the impact rather than her head. Not so thankfully, it was the hand holding her phone. 

That little device with her entire life on it was knocked from her grasp, and her clumsy attempts to save it were made even more futile by the crowd surging behind her. She’d stumbled back a step when she hit the door, but the mass of people quickly pushed her forward again, and in the confusion she just had time to watch her phone land screen down on the hard floor before she was swept through the door and out onto the street.

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In My Veins

[A Bellarke pregnant AU that kind of got away from me. All mistakes are mine and also there might be a part two after I update all my other stories but who knows. I had so much fun writing this and I hope you guys like it.]

“Now.” He held her hand tightly in his. “You’re a part of me. You’re in my veins.

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Hey guys, just a reminder that how Ruby Slippers is received may largely influence on whether or not they ever decide to give us another LGBT relationship. I know that LGBT+ is much more widely accepted now then it was even 5 years ago, but on a ‘family show’ there is likely to be a fairly small but very loud, vocal blowback because of this episode, so try to be positive about this relationship.

I’m not saying you can’t be disappointed it wasn’t Ruby/Mulan, or voice concern on how it felt rushed, or is only a one-off episode, but on the whole try to keep it positive and let them know that we liked seeing a f/f relationship. If you are like me, and you want to see Mulan eventually get her happy ending as well, it may depend largely on the feedback they get about Ruby/Dorothy.

You don’t have to love everything about Ruby/Dorothy, but this is a huge deal to have a f/f couple on a show about fairy tales. Please be supportive.

a little too fast: a wally & linda mix
songs for when it’s complicated because you’re way too into a younger guy who’s also your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s cousin… and the (second) fastest man alive.


i. classic - MKTO // ii. sweet piece of candy - someone’s little sister // iii. can we dance - the vamps // iv. froot - marina and the diamonds // v. my racing thoughts - jack’s mannequin // vi. fast as you can - fiona apple // vii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // viii. drove me wild - tegan and sara // ix. did it again (feat. kid cudi) - shakira // x. all the pretty girls - fun. // xi. nuclear seasons - charli xcx // xii. if i go - ella eyre // xiii. adios - serayah mcneill // xiv. be good - emily kinney

[ncis:la] from the same cloth (1/2)

Scene Rewrite / Character Swap ficlet – 2x15: Tin Soldiers
(in which “Esme” reads Deeks’ palm instead of Callen’s)
by: asthedayisfading // jessica237

“Time to bait the hook, boys.”

At Sam’s prompt, Callen and Deeks approach the bar. In his head, Deeks is running his lines - a collection of his typical clever, smooth, bar pick-up lines combined with a few well-chosen, incredibly direct, obnoxious remarks guaranteed to ruffle Kensi’s feathers and have her summoning club security and, invariably, getting the attention of Singh.

But before he has the chance to even open his mouth, Callen jumps a step ahead, doing to him what Deeks so very often does to his own partner during investigations - taking what they’d planned and changing it completely around on the spot.

Luckily, Deeks is much better at playing that game than Kensi is.

(He’s just annoyed that he’ll have to find some other opportunity to impress his partner with his clever lines.)

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True colors (part 3)

[Part 1] [Part 2]

You guys are incredible! You make me like my own stories even more ♥! Here’s part 3, a little longer than the previous ones - but still a rollercoaster of emotions… Enjoy!

The meal goes very well. Mary already loves Rae, she’s very simple and funny, and she gets on incredibly well with Leo. Mary frowns when she notices her son gazing at Rae behind his fringe. He couldn’t be less obvious!

“That was delicious, Mrs– Mary.” Rae compliments, wiping her mouth.

“Oh thank you, my dear. I have to say I’ve never seen either Leo or Finn finishing their plates so neatly. I think they want to impress you!”

“MOM!” Finn cries out, his cheeks red with embarrassment.

Both Mary and Rae laugh whole-heartedly.

Leo yawns ostentatiously and Rae turns to him. “Well someone’s sleepy! How about I put you in bed and tell you a story?”

“Can you sing me a song instead Rae?”

Rae chuckles and Finn freezes behind her. “Of course, handsome. Let’s go!” She takes Leo in his arms and climbs upstairs.

Mary finishes cleaning the dishes and realizes Finn is still behind her as she turns around. She smiles quite mockingly as she sees his stunned expression.

“Finn? Earth to Finn?” She waves her hand in front of Finn’s eyes.

Finn shakes his head. “She's—she’s…”

Mary starts to laugh uncontrollably, happy her son has finally found someone he seems to want to be better for, and genuinely entertained by his obvious shock.

“Argh. Leave off Mom!” He says in a huff as he climbs up the stairs.

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tails & talons - maybe today

And you guys continue to amaze and humble me :’)
There is now even more amazing art for this series by catcuriositykilled, yetanothersadwriter and approvesport, please check it out here, here and here! \o/ I don’t know how I deserve so much love, really. :’)
Thankyou all so much for your support and feedback, ahh, it really brightens my day to see you being just as excited as me. ^o^

Part (5) of my Florist/Tattooartist AU series
read more: here

Lucy grinned when the doorbell jingled at one o'clock straight.

“Hey Natsu!” she called without bothering to check if it was indeed him.

It had been almost a month now, since they had met. And their occasional coffee breaks had long turned into a daily routine.

It was new to Lucy, that her weekends seemed so much more bland and boring than the workdays. These little moments of relaxation and bliss had become her favourite part of the week.

“I hope you didn’t forget that I wanted caramel syrup today!”

“Sure did.”

She peeked her head around the corner, ready to protest. His head hung low in shame, but when he brought it up, she saw that the corners of his mouth were twitching.

“Nah, just joking. Course I didn’t forget. I don’t have a death wish.”


They had grown considerably closer, too.

Many things Lucy had been wondering about, she had discovered - but only to find even more mysteries waiting to be explored. He truly was a piece of work, that Natsu.

But of course, they were friends now - just friends, she reminded herself - and she could ask about many things with much less reserve than before.

For one, she had finally dared to address the tattoo sleeve on his right arm - if not the others. They still remained a mystery to her, always covered up by his clothes. His stupid, funny, obstructing clothes.

Really, his fashion sense was an adventure in itself.

Today, too, she almost guffawed when she saw him.

Or rather, his pants. They demanded to be seen first thing, with their bright colours and crazy patterns. He blended in with the flowers around him almost perfectly. He even worse suspendes along with them, but they hung loosely around his thighs.

And then, at least, a simple grey tanktop to balance it all out.

The weather was great these days, and on most days jackets were only needed in the early morning or late afternoon. Much to Lucy’s joy.

His tattoo was almost completely visible. Now that she knew what it was - a phoenix - she could make it out almost entirely.

It was not obvious at first glance; it seemed more like an inferno of reds and black. But if you took a closer look, you could distinguish sporadic feathers between the red flames, and even the claws, on his inner upperarm. The fiery tail wound around his elbow and trailed out on his forearm.

It reached up almost to his throat, and he never managed to cover it up completely, except when he wore the grey scarf he seemed to love quite a lot.

He’d told her he had a few more tattoos, but for some reason she had not dared ask. Maybe it had something to do with the image of him pulling his shirt off his muscular torso, ruffling his hair as he grinned at her like he always did. No, she would find out about those other tattoos of his another day, when she had her hormones under better control.

She rid herself off such thoughts with a chuckle, rushing back to her chamber to finish the task at hand while he waited patiently. Or rather, as patiently as Natsu Dragneel could wait. He bustled through the store, stopping in front of different flowers, Lucy knew. And sure enough, soon he called:

“What are these called, the yellow ones that kinda look like bells in the middle?”

“They’re Daffodils,” Lucy called back. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

He had made it a habit to learn about her flowers, just like she had taken interest in his many sketches. She had yet to see him bring one of them to life on skin. Oh but she wanted to. So bad.

Maybe today she would ask him.

The bell jingled as he entered the shop.

“Hey Natsu!” he heard her call. The fact she knew it was him filled him with a weird sense of pride. He grinned as she reminded him of her caramel wishes.

A little scare would do her good.

“Sure did.”

His lips twitched when he heard her shuffle towards the corner, and he barely managed to surpress a grin when she puffed her cheeks at him in disdain. He held out her cup of coffee, but she did not come closer to take it.

“Nah, just joking. Course I didn’t forget. I don’t have a death wish.”


As she disappeared around the corner again, he chuckled. It felt like he had known her for ages now. He could not imagine how his new job would have been if not for her. The flower shop girl in love with fairies.

His eyes moved around the room, spying the occasional fairy figure between the flower pots. One of these days he’d have to ask her about them. He shuffled around, unable to stay still for long.

How much longer would it take her? Was she growing a tree back there?

Natsu leaned forward to sniff on a particularly bright little fellow.

“What are these called, the yellow ones that kinda look like bells in the middle?”

“They’re Daffodils,” she answered. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

He hummed in response, probably not loud enough for her to catch it.

They had a nice colour, a little like her hair.

He wondered if today would be a good time. The thought had been sitting at the forefront of his mind these last days, but he wasn’t sure what to do with it.

They were just friends, after all, weren’t they?

He wondered.

Was it normal to be grumpy all day when you couldn’t make it to your usual coffee break? Did you think of her all the time, because it was always so much fun to be with her? Did you secretly sketch your friend?

Natsu huffed, straightening his back when he heard her steps on the creaky wooden floor.

Maybe today he would ask her.

stop talking about jonnor breaking up in the finale. It took TWO seasons for them to be a couple so do you really that the writers are going to do this to us? I know they’re evil but c’mon

stop saying “summer of jonnor my ass” why are you like this? We all love Jonnor very much but we also know that even if their storyline is important, there are other characters on the show, they have their storyline and they are good too. The show can’t be 35 minutes about Jonnor and you all know it. Stef, Lena, Brandon, Callie, Mariana and AJ are here too and i love their storylines.

stop saying that Jude is being selfish or that he’s acting like an ass. What the actual fuck. You guys know his story, he’s afraid about losing his sister, he wants her to live with him, it’s normal! He’s not shuting anyone out, not the family, not Connor. He was just afraid. At the end he apologized. He’s 13 so what do you expect from him? He’s not gonna be the perfect little boy or boyfriend all the time and i’m totally fine with that. Give him a break. He is still learning to accept that, now, there are people who care about him and love him.


Rant over.

I have mixed feelings about the episode.

I truly liked Damon in this episode…until the last part. I mean, Bonnie is alone in the other world in HER FUCKING BIRTHDAY …and you decide to just have sex…

Guys, something is very wrong with your priorities. Damon, I was happy in the episode but and the end, you screwed all. And Jeremy’s “she is gonna be fine” make me want to puch his face.

The Gilberts are making everything about them, as always. The funny thing: even Damon knows human!Elena wouldn’t love him, but Elena is so busy convencing herself about how much she loves him (when some days ago she just erased her memories about them) and ignoring her own advices. Good…

On the other hand, I truly lovd Kai in this episode. He watches what Damon refuses to see: his relationship with Elena is toxic in all levels. If they keep making this I will become a multishipper of Bamon and Bonkai, and since they are keeping dullena and redeeming Kai (and Jeremy is going to leave), I think, sadly,they may develop a thing between them instad of Bamon

PS EDIT: It’s sad when the two psycopaths, Damon and Kai, are the only ones who cares to bring her back. God, Bonnie, you need new friends. For realsies.

i know lately there’s been a lot of drama in the fandom, and not only about camren but just so much drama that sometimes it makes me want to leave the fandom all together. but as usual, i’m still too whipped to leave.

i would like to make this clear though. camren isn’t dead. people need to stop blaming all the camren fandom for blowing things up out of proportion and all that. sometimes we do, sure but other times, it’s really just who over reacts at things camren shippers do. like for example. when camren shippers tweeted chelsea, other so called fans attacked chelsea saying she’s feeding camren shippers when in reality she was anything but being nice to makes even chelsea want to dislike camren because of the hate she’s getting out of it. does this make sense? (also i would like to ask you guys to give chelsea some love because she’s getting dissed by random people because of comforting all the camren shippers. if you can, give her some twitter love and appreciation) it’s not the camren shippers as a whole who’s causing drama. it’s those that just want to jump the band wagon wanting attention and it pisses me off because camren shippers already have so much hate from both lauren and camila.

camren is a ship. it’s not suppose to be something that dictates girls who they should date or what their sexuality are. you know what really died? it’s the sexual part of camren. the sexual aspect of it died. the idea of camren being in a relationship died. the part where some people sexualizes two girls that have/had this beautiful friendship died. camren was okay until it came to people telling girls what to do. giving whoever they were dating or was/is linked to them hate and saying shit about them just because they want to see what they want to see. what made it uncomfortable is when the people that they love and care about gets attacked because of camren. that’s what they hate. they want to hate part of harmonizers stans but they can’t because they know they owe it to us at some point the success that they can’t but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt them.

camren was created because of a beautiful friendship. you should never forget that! lauren’s sexuality is none of my business, and camila’s sexuality is none of my business so it shouldn’t be yours as well. i’m not sure about this whole shawmila thing and their new song is but if it makes Mila happy then why not, right? at the end of the day, we’re just fans who support them. what they do with their lives is none of our business. if we think it’s wrong then that’s all up to us, it won’t stop them and sending them hate because of it won’t stop them either.

so no, my dear friends. camren is not dead. as long as lauren and camila are friends and still talk to each other then camren will forever be alive. disrespectful people however should go for a walk and jump off a cliff. you’re the reason why camren shippers gets blamed for all the rude shits the girls are dating.

so ps: i will never stop shipping camren. screw you