you guys i found parallels

Richonne parallels - 3x17 and 7x16 (3rd time posting this …also this is one pic and brighten )

Strangers to family

(wow you guys love this. I think it’s cool that I found this parallel. At first I kept thinking it’s adaption to comic Andrea/Rick and all that. But this parallel I found it’s nice that it’s still Richonne. So Richonne. :) )

Why Sousuke is Swimming For The Wrong Reasons (No, I'm Serious)
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NGL I was at first super, super excited to see Sousuke come to the scene - Samezuke’s own bara?  A Makoto-esque protective character for Rin? YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP.

But when a character’s first appearances in the show is something like this (EVEN THOUGH it was a cop-out):

It’s obvious he’s here to cause strife

And don’t get me wrong; I still love a lot about the Whale Shark bUT he’s still bringing a lot of nasty stuff into the water with him.

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