you guys i can't stop staring at it

“Your name isn’t Swoops!?” Kent exclaimed in the middle of the locker room.

Several of the guys stopped what they were doing to stare confusedly at Kent. Swoops (or rather, not-Swoops) froze guiltily in the middle of putting on his shirt. “Uh,” he hesitated. “No, actually. It’s Troy.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Kent said, waving his phone accusingly at his teammate. “Why didn’t you say anything before?” If Johnson hadn’t texted the news to Kent after practice, he probably would have continued on calling Troy the wrong name.

Troy shrugged. “You never really asked.”

“I just thought you really liked basketball.”

“Yeah, I like that too. But, come on, Parse, my name has been on my jersey for the last three years.”

For the first time, Kent properly looked the jersey that was hanging on Troy’s hook.  “Huh, I don’t know why I never really saw that.”

In his hand, Kent’s phone buzzed again, and he looked down to see Johnson’s message: That’s all we know for now. Will keep you informed about Troy’s background story in later updates.

Kent shook his head in confusion, and put his phone down to finish getting dressed.

Johnson was really weird sometimes.

Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

Hey guys! Look at the lovely artwork @hansaera-art did for me!! I knew I wanted to commission her for something quite some time ago and it was hard to decide exactly what I wanted but I finally settled on this scene from Reality Dreaming: Chapter 41 - Tea. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!!

jackiegrasshopper  asked:

I was looking at the Hyde/Jackie kiss post and I was wondering, was there any kiss you wanted to include in the top but couldn't? c: Also, do you know how many times they kiss in the show?

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Oh, boy. There is one I love that it hurt me not to put in the top5, so let’s talk about that. And as for how many times have they kisses? Just that I remember: 3 kisses in the cheek, 1 in the corner of the mouth, and on the mouth, THAT I REMEMBER and including dream/fantasy sequences, are 28. On screen kisses. But I think it may be more, I’m just answering by memory, and my memory can be kind of bad. Now…

*can’t take my eyes off you by frankie valli, rock version and with lots of mental dirty innuendos in the backround* That one time she couldn’t take her hands off of her Puddin’ Pop

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This first image was taken right after he said, “Well, hey there!” and opened his arms to me. I didn’t even notice that he had bent down to hug me, but now that I see it I can’t stop smiling. My best friend took this picture, and…I just don’t have the words. I have never loved a moment more than I loved this. And I get to stare at it forever. 

And…I think the second really speaks for itself. He’s still bent down, and…I still can’t stop smiling. :)

This last photo is the message I left for Mark in his giant Birthday book. At first I regretted writing such a serious term as, “I love you”, but now, I think it was a reasonable thing to say.

It is completely legitimate to say that I love Markiplier. For anyone to say that they love Markiplier. Simply because…he is a part of our lives. He is always there when we need him. He always knows what to do to cheer us up. He is our friend. Our father-figure. Our brother. He is just one of those people that is simply…needed.

And the words, “I love you, Mark.”…just seem to fit.

I hope you have had the happiest of Birthdays, Mark Edward Fischbach. I hope that you will always know how much we love you.