you guys i can't look away

i’m sorry but more people need to talk about nct 127 and the fact that they did THAT with this last album they put out. like i’m sick and tired of hearing about “but nct u had one of the best debuts” look my guy no one is taking that away from them but the 7th sense can’t compete with the audio masterpiece that is the limitless album.


block b as the seven deadly sins; kim yukwon as greed.

You look like an angel. It takes my breath away to see you, always smiling brightly at me as if I was the only man in the world, yet, I can’t have enough of you. I fear this feeling that suffocates me every time I’m with you. I can’t run away from it and I crave for the feeling of your arms wrapped around my waist as we walk around the place. You tell me that we are not possible and I’m sure you fear the same thing as me; we disappear once we’re apart, but we lose ourselves when we’re together. Shit, it doesn’t matter to me anymore if I die; I want to be in your arms.

Go away, you tell me as you look out of your window

Let’s run away, I reciprocate

Because baby, I need you.”

let me tell you why

this scene was so important to me and, i bet, to a lot of mentally ill people

it’s because

isak valtersen, this small boy that threw the word “crazy” around when referring to his mentally ill mother, is now looking straight into his lover’s eyes and saying: no. you are wrong. this will work. 

it’s because isak refused to let Even push him away. we’ve all done this, i assure you. every mentally ill person. exactly because of why Even did it: we were afraid. scared to lose someone. scared to hurt them. and, unfortunately, sometimes, those people let us push them away. and we lose them. and it hurts, because then we think it’s our fault. we’re not enough to fight for. we’re not enough to stay for. we’re not enough.

but not isak. he stood his ground and with tears in his eyes he told Even they were going to take this minute by minute. he told him he wasn’t leaving him. he told a somber boy, during a depressive episode, exactly what a lot of us need to hear sometimes.

and Even looked into this boy’s eyes, who just a couple of months ago refused to even utter the word “gay” without the word “not” in the same sentence, and saw it. 

he saw that he was enough to fight for. enough to stay for. enough.

and that’s why this is so important.

because we can be loved. we are enough.

SO HERE’S THE DEAL :   so my activity is Wild nowadays with school & for my spring break i anticipated being here but lbr tumblr is stressful & i needed to Breathe for a bit . that being said gives away that i have trouble looking at tumblr as a relaxing outlet for me , & i wanna Fix that . so for starters : this is now officially a “take my time” blog — because i have a lot of responsibilities right now , it’s tough to designate time to do replies & it’s more of a “when i can settle down & stop Panicking for a minute” & there will probably be certain replies that I do before others out of comfort . this isn’t meant to be bias at all . it’s getting increasingly harder for me to just spring into new threads with new people . which brings me to my second thing: if you wanna write with me , i will Make It Happen . but the thing is i don’t want to promise exclusivity or being mains to anyone when i can’t be here 24/7 . so , if you wanna be exclusive with me or mains , that’s cool & i would love that BUT . i can’t promise being around here all the time . it would be selfish of me to restrict what YOU can do in terms of writing because i get busy . If that doesn’t matter to you , then cool . We’ll spit and shake hands . if we’ve established exclusivity or mains & you wanna stick around , let me know . or if you don’t , let me know . or don’t . just do what makes you happiest my man . THIRD THING: in terms of threads , the count will probably idle for a bit . i’m comfortable-ish with what i have right now , & i’d like to keep it like that until i can devote more time . I probably won’t put out starter calls all the time now . if you’re genuinely interested in writing with me & my slowness doesn’t bug you , come talk to me ! i would love to write . & that’s about it . i’m just trying to make this as low-stress as possible because that’s what i need & if my needs don’t coincide with yours , i completely understand my dude . godspeed to you . don’t let me hold you back . i love all of you !

“If you look back in history, there’s a common double standard of society. The guy gets all the glory the more he can score, while the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore. I don’t understand why it’s okay. The guy can get away with it and the girl gets named.” - sings Christina Aguilera in the song ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’.


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Jon: the world benefit greatly from the cease of your insistent banter


oh man guys it’s so hot right now in southern california. Like no cloud in the sky, sun high and blazing, it’s barely 7 am and it’s already 80 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of heat. It’s beginning. 


And tomorrow we’re hitting triple digits *cries*

I hate summer.  What does this heat benefit? you can’t do anything comfortable outside unless you wanna burn, your garden plants get cooked, your poor pets get overheated, traffic becomes more hellish than regular. *sigh*

At least it “cools” down somewhat around 5pm ( the breeze starts kicking in and thankfully not a too hot one). I should enjoy this before real summer heat hits.

At least i have good heat tolerance, but i still hate it.

LOLing forever at everyone who is angry that the writers of Rogue One pointed out that the Empire is literally a bunch of Space Nazis.  Look, dudes, you can and should dress in whatever costume you want, but if you’re going to willingly dress as a Space Nazi the least you can do is admit that you’re dressing as the bad guy.  Nobody is taking your charity work away from you.  And if you’re worried that this  notion will result in “hate crimes” against Imperial costumers, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

“Speak Now” w/ Soda

 Requested: anon

Song: Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Character: Sodapop Curtis

“GUYS THIS SUCKS!” Two-Bit said and stopped as we waited outside the Church. “Yeah, I know. I don’t know why Soda went through with this. She had a child with a-fucking-nother man.” Darry said. I looked down. “I should head out.” I said, “Good luck. I hope he doesn’t go through with it.” I started walking away. “You still love him, right?” a voice said. I faced Ponyboy. I nodded looking down. “You can stop this.” he said.


“You can stop this goddamn wedding! Just interrupt and declare your love for him.” Ponyboy said. I gave him a sad smile, “It doesn’t work like that, Pony.” “Yeah it does, Y/N. Look, I know your quiet. Your like me. But you need to put yourself out there. I don’t want Sandy to be my sister-in-law, I want you to.” Ponyboy said.“Just because I say I think Soda should be with me doesn’t mean he’ll want to.” I said and started walking away.

 “Don’t you want to know if you still have a chance?” 

I froze.

“Alright fine. Help me sneak in and have Steve, Dally, Two-Bit, and Johnny in that back. I’ll hide in the Narthex. When right before I should come out, have one of them come get me. This all has to be descrete, I’ll go inside in a couple minutes. That way Sandy won’t see me.” I said. Pony nodded, “Thanks for doing this Y/N.” I nodded.

I paced around the Narthex as I waited for one of the guys to get me. The butterflies in my stomach were immense. I was so nervous. So much could go wrong. There was a slim chance that this would turn out well. I heard the door open. I looked. 


“Ready Y/N?” he said. I shook my head. “Why not?” Johnny asked. “So much could wrong, Johnny! I’m screwed.” I said. “You’re not. Don’t worry Y/N, focus on the good and not the bad. You’ve got this. He wants you, he just needs that extra push. Let’s do this.” he encouraged me. I took a deep breathe, smiled, and walked out to the aisle like I owned it. “I OBJECT!” I stated as proudly as I could.

Everyone looked at me. Dally clapped, Two-Bit cheered, and Steve did a little both. Ponyboy shushed them. Darry looked at me thankfully. Soda looked confused. Sandy gave me a nasty look, but I stayed cocky.

“I object. Soda, what are you doing? This isn’t you. Look, I understand why you left me. I was a terrible girlfriend, I really was, but you could do better than this girl. Soda, I love you and I would never do what she did to you. I love you. I love you so much. I wish you would come with me instead of her. But I understand if you choose her. Just know you deserve better and I love you.”

There was a pause.

“Well, I should go now. I’ll see you guys at home.” I said quietly and walked out. I walked faster down the steps of the Church. “Damn, you move fast in heels. Speaking of which, why did you dress up for my wedding day? I thought you weren’t invited a and b) why would you want to look nice?” a voice said to me. “Soda?” I said. “I love you, too, Y/N.” he said. My face lit up and I jumped on him with my arms and legs wrapped around him. He laughed and hugged me.

“don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.”

A leetle snip of that Zach/Owen thing I’m writing.

He squirmed but made no real effort to get away, his laughter trailing behind them as he was carried inside. “Look I know you like to play Alpha…”

Play Alpha,” Owen gasped, incensed. “I am completely, undeniably, absolutely the Alpha, kid.”

“Until I get pissed off and you’re crawling all over yourself to make me happy,” Zach teased, letting out a little “oof” as he was tossed on the bed. His shorts dipped low on his hips, hair sticking up at weird angles as the salt water dried. He looked perfect.

“Yeah well, you’re a witch. You’ve got special powers over me.”

1. My spine has always arced away from the moon; I break my neck
attempting to look behind me to see even an ounce of moonlight
present, to realize that it is possible to have light in all this dark
surrounding me, to see the faded rays wrap themselves around
my ribs like the arms of a lover I so desperately wish I had had.
It took your hand on my cheek to straighten out my spine and
force my eyes to look up, noticing that you were the light I was
searching for all along.
2. I’ve always been a broken sunset kind of girl; the sky wasn’t
beautiful unless it was overwhelmed with storm clouds because
only then could I feel less alone with the constant, heavy rainfall
of others cruel words in my head. If the atmosphere could cry,
then I could too. I could weep like a fleeting drizzle or scream like
a flash flood depending on how strong the current was in my bones.
And in the moments I believed the water was going to house its weight
in my lungs, you were there to help me remember how good it felt to swim.
3. You taught me how to blend the colors dwelling in my watercolor
heart; showed me that yes, it was still possible to create something
out of the messy palette present there.
That something I created was us, and my god, we’re a masterpiece.
4. One night while we were lying in bed together, I counted you
whispering “I love you” against my ear five times. My heart drummed
against the walls of my chest, throbbing harder each time the phrase
left your lips.
But with your arms coiled around me like you were afraid for me to
leave your side, like I was the anchor holding you down to the bed
so you wouldn’t melt away into the thoughts in your head, I felt as
if I had never heard it uttered before. It was a train crashing between my ribs, and I’ve never been so ecstatic to have my breath taken away
by such an impact.
5. There was a certain amount of calm that swept over me the night
I watched you sleep soundly in the passenger seat of my car; you were
breathing shallow, neon lights reflecting off your skin. I couldn’t help
but feel a little ache within each vein of my heart when you grabbed at my hand in your slumber, grasping it tightly in yours.
It was in that moment that I realized I wasn’t the only person in the world who needed someone, and the thought of being your someone lit a fire in the pit of my stomach; I’d love to be your hearth for eternity.
6. Your kisses have now begun to echo across my skeleton at night;
bounce between joints, slip around bones, and sail through veins
like they know the route they create throughout my body like an interstate.
I tell you that one day, you’re bound to run out of gas; you’ll grow
tired and have to rest. You tell me that ghosts don’t sleep, and yours
is always with me when you cannot be.
I can still feel you in my sheets.
7. The more I let your hands wander, the firmer I believe you have a
touch crafted by gods.
You turn me into a believer of things I was so sure never existed;
like love for that matter.
8. I’ve written twenty-nine poems about you but burned nearly
4/5ths of them because the words can’t even raise a finger
to how well your lips can kiss a novel on my own.
9. I’ve spent a vast majority of my life giving pieces of myself
over to people who decided in the end to bury them in the
soft dirt of their hearts.
The first day I met you, you told me you were not afraid to
rob graves in order to make me whole again.
10. What I lack in self-control I make up for in adoration for you.
So when it’s 2 AM and I can’t breathe against the shadows trying
to suffocate me, and you’re sleeping soundly with the night
pressed against your eyelids, I will use that affection to form a
shield around myself.
You are the strongest form of protection I’ve ever come across.
11. My fingers have started to trail over your skin as if you are
composed of piano keys; I’ve never known how to play a
symphony, but I damn sure come close when I can feel the
soft pulse of your heartbeat beneath my fingertips.
12. You introduced to me to alcohol; watched over me while
the poison swept through my bloodstream like a tornado
ripping across the open fields of Texas. And though it may
make me stumble, nothing has ever made me fall as hard
as I did into you.
13. I realized I had fallen in love with you when you didn’t
acknowledge the scars scattered about my surface. You told me
you never would have even noticed if I had not said something
because you were not focused on what I saw as flaws in myself,
you only saw the curve of my smile or the way my eyes lit up
when I caught you staring while my head was turned.
You make me feel like a sculpture in the finest of museums,
and your gaze on my cracked, marble surface is the only
one that can mend those fissures.
14. Even when your arms are not laced around my waist
you hold me together. You are a dock for me to anchor
my worried mind at; gentle waves lapping at the sides
of my vessel after harsh currents have battered me.
15. My throat tends to close up when truth rises inside
of it, bubbling up to the tip of my tongue until I swallow
it out of fear.
With you, there is no fear, only understanding. And now,
in this gas chamber of a skull, I can breathe easy knowing
you are the oxygen fueling me.
16. I can’t remember what any other lover’s hands besides
yours felt like crossing my skin. You’ve placed a blanket over
my skeleton that has never kept me warmer.
17. The slope of your shoulder blades, the divots in your
collarbones, the dips beneath your hips; your body
is braille, and I finally understand what it’s like to read
and comprehend with your eyes closed.
I read about past loves across your skin, about where
each sparse freckle arose and why a scar popped up
there and a scratch never healed completely here and
I wondered if maybe I could be the one to fix it because
when your fingers are exploring my body like map I
can’t recall ever deliberately misshaping the flesh covering
my wrists. You make me feel as if I am a forest untouched
by the greedy hands of those around me.
18. When I say I’m hard to love, I mean to say that I’m a
difficult lover to deal with. I either love so hard that a part
of you gets woven into my psyche or I stand by your side
ready to flee, boots laced tight for when you realize I’m
not what you thought I was.
I never expected for you to say you’d run after me, nor did
I think I’d get threaded through your mind just as easily
as you did me.
19. I told you I was made of glass, that I had been scuffed
over and scraped across so much that only a few clear
spaces remained.
You smirked, took a hammer to my pessimism, and made
a mosaic out of me.
20. I can’t tell you how much time has passed when you’re
sleeping beside me, I just know that I can never sleep.
I can’t stop staring at the artery in your neck; the pulsing
proves to me that you are actually there. My fingers refuse
to stop painting invisible portraits across your chest; I understand
now that I don’t have to create anything on you or write anything
about you in order for you to be beautiful.
21. I know I’m in love with you because the rise and fall of your
chest is enough to make me smile. I know I’m in love with you
because your name tastes like candy on my tongue, and I love it
despite not having a sweet tooth. I know I’m in love with you
because my brain knows to shut up in your presence and let
my heart speak instead.
—  21 reasons why i know i’m in love with you // Haley Hendrick


Valiant: My Lord, am I really to be judged on some hearsay from a boy?
Merlin: I’ve seen those snakes come alive!
Uther: How dare you interrupt?! Guards!
[Guards begin taking Merlin away.]

My #1 reason for adoring the episode “Valiant,” though, is actually kind-of embarrassing. There’s a tiny moment in the midst of the scene where Valiant accuses Merlin of lying and Uther orders soldiers to cart him away where Bradley James (Arthur) breaks character and it kills me so much.

Arthur’s supposed to look really upset that this is happening to Merlin. But if you watch the scene and pay attention Bradley during to the long shot where the guards seize Merlin (right around 27:40 on Netflix), Bradley James turns back to Colin Morgan (Merlin) with this shit-eating grin on his face, like, hell yes you are getting grabbed by the extras, Colin, are you enjoying this moment, etc.

People. I find this utterly endearing. I’ve watched this sequence SO MANY TIMES IN A ROW.

I looked cute as heck yesterday

Also as soon as I had walked into my math class my teacher had asked me if I met a boy and had a date and if that was why I had looked nice. Like, no??? I am not an object here to please boys. I did this for myself because I felt cute. You can get your heteronormative and sexist views away from me.


I mean, there is clearly NO FREAKING NEED for that scene???? Murphy would still have saved them, they could have used Abby right away (and idk made the torture scene longer), they didn’t even get Bellamy in the end so they could use that piece of information


I’m literally just blown away with gratitude. Thank you for the pic cattiehallway and of course thank you Taylor for everything 😭  Love all you guys so much, and I hope you all enjoy this tour to the fullest because it’s so obvious from all the pics, fan tweets, etc. how hard she’s worked on this for us. :)

SSS- These Words are a Lie

My vision is blurry and distorted, tears completely overriding my sight. The blood is pounding within my ears, wreaking havoc on my already fragile mind. My chest aches from every heave. My throat grows rawer with every gasp.

I am in a state like no other.

And I probably would linger here, locked away both physically and mentally, had it not been for a few knocks on the door.

I crane my head up slowly, sniffling and choking out whimpers. But it’s the sound of a voice that tugs me completely back into reality.

“Jennifer? Are you still in there?”

It’s not Liam this time; it’s someone who immediately brings flutters to my trembling heart.


I open my mouth to reply, but all that rasps out is a feeble croak of a cry, my voice completely lost.

And with no answer, Josh only grows more and more desperate.

“Jen? Jennifer? Let me in.”

I shudder, trying in vain to bring my composure back down to something resembling normalcy. But how can I? Not with the positive pregnancy tests strung across the tile. Not with tears and moisture completely soaking various parts of my face and clothing. Not with my body reduced to a fearful, hollow soul.

Josh’s voice sounds from outside once again, and I focus on it, trying to let it soothe me even with its fraught tone.

“Liam…Holy shit….I thought you said she was okay.”

(Chapter Four: Coming this Thursday)