you guys i can't handle this

When I was
A young boy
My father
Took me into the city

Tell me you can look at him without feeling the urge to smile back. I dare you to!

How could you not! Look at this guy.

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What gave him the right to have such contagious happiness?

:^> :’)

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When I’m feeling down, I know to watch an interview with Ezra Miller.

You guys made me scream

I… I can’t even comprehend what’s happening right now…

I went to bed last night after a huge session of FFXV, like knocked out and dreaming of story ideas, and I woke up and… overnight… I got 212 notes and almost 20 new followers… overnight….

I’m really really really trying and failing to stay calm, I need to keep caps lock off haha.

So, now, not only has one of my posts hit 100 notes, but my Prompto Headcanons post is very close to 250 notes and honestly might reach that before I even get this posted, AND I have 62 followers. 62 followers.

I thought I was gonna get to do the whole milestone post like “my first post to hit 100 notes” and “Hey guys, just hit 50 followers!” But like, you guys, I fell asleep and overnight you accomplished both of those things.

So this serves as the milestone post. I’m actually convinced this is all some super lucid dream and I’ll wake up and this wasn’t real at all. But holy shit, okay, I – wow. The numbers are there on everything I’m checking and. I can’t even. 

((I’m 95% sure the majority of the reblogs came in because @daily-prompdose reblogged it and their blog is super popular – my main blog is following them and like, I woulda been shook if I’d been awake last night and seen my own headcanons on my dash. but of course they reblogged it from @noct-no, who reblogged it from me, and yes i keep track of this stuff pls. I look at every single reblog you guys have left me because the tags are precious things to me and i always read them if they’re there. Always.))

I’ve actually got tears coming to my eyes now, I really can’t believe all of this, this is so crazy I just. How did you guys manage to do this in such a small amount of time? I was asleep for six, maybe seven hours at most last night and like…. fjkbjsbuen

I’m blubbering.

Thank you all so much, I can’t even put into words how thankful I am that y’all took the time to not only read my trashy writing but to also like it and reblog it and follow for more trashy writing from me, a trash bin.

Just, THANK YOU ALL. SO MUCH. <3 <3 <3

“Laurens I like you a lot” is maybe the biggest understatement in the history of musical theater. 


I have been thinking a lot about this thing that happened at practice a while back: a guy was visiting from our brother league, and in a scrimmagey type drill he hit a skater, and she fell and hit her head on the ground. We ungeared her, as she was rattled and we suspected she had a concussion, and he skated off and freaked out (ungeared, sat in a corner, cried a little, just generally got upset) because he hurt her. His emotions became so much the center of the thing that the skater he had injured went over and comforted him. Like, this bitch has a concussion, and you’re she’s trying to make YOU feel better dude?

Anyway these are my thoughts about men centering themselves in women’s spaces this morning.

You guys ever just look at your favorite actor/actress/character- anyone in general, and you blush and try to bury your face because you just can't handle them?

Jay is half-naked and Gray wasn’t but should be *sighs* And look at Bora, with a cute ass hair style~ All in all we kinda died… This was a hella good MV for… several… reasons… heheheheh  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

You can click here to watch us die with them feels. *fans self*

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I can’t handle you seeing or talking to another girl or guy. I can’t handle it. I can’t handle it. I fucking can’t handle it, this is a terrible feeling always wondering if you’re talking to someone new.. or hanging out with someone new. I wouldn’t even have a clue. My minds out of control. Why do I feel like this. Fucking shoot me in the face, where’s the alcohol at.