you guys i am dead

Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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Sniffly Boys and Matching Sweaters - 23:45

Rei was feeling a little under the weather, so Mini bought them matching sweaters and invited him over for a Christmas-in-January party. They shared a bowl of soup, watched 80’s movies, and sipped on ginger tea. Needless to say, Rei was feeling much better.

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy


When we die and get revived, it’s like we’re reset to how we were when we first got here… and Jake didn’t have a beard then. The girls keep making fun of it, but if it means he’s staying alive, I’d rather him keep it.” -Dwight

“I’ll find you—Keep calling for me, Viola—
I want to read these books for the first time again ! But I don’t want to think about the movie cast (if it is official or not), as I am not really happy about it. I just want to keep the way I picture them in my head : )

I am back from the dead, I hope you guys are doing well, and - it is still time - happy new year everyone ! I wish you all the best for 2017, it is going to be fine : )

Last time I posted something was last year, time flies by but I am back on track. I am sorry it took so long.

I have an other illustration from Chaos walking just waiting to be done, and many other things I want to show you !

I’m dying and not even writing my self indulgent fanfictions can save me.

Avenge me.



Okay this took seven years to make and type up. I may as well be Noah.

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Portal Musical Rehearsal

Hey tumblr, 

It’s your old pal Fairlith, here. 

I just wanted to tell some people who will understand….

That we just had a two-hour staging rehearsal for Cave and Caroline and I am blushing like a maniac. 

It’s good, you guys. I am dead. 

Dead and melted.

Like, I need a moment and a cold shower, okay. My legs are jello.