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Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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Noise (Part 1)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader for now) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: none
Word count: 1444
A/N: As I was spending Christmas Day moving into an apartment and I heard my neighbor upstairs make some ruckus, a fic idea came to mind. Original, I know. 

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Peter Parker x plus size POC reader

A/N fucking Clint

Being Sam Wilson’s niece had some serious perks, you got to hangout at the Avengers tower all the time, plus play sweet pranks on everyone,except Nat obviously. Though the first time you came to the tower everyone tried to kill you now they’re like family. Then one day you were walking around the tower and some guy appeared out of nowhere, you had to admit he was kinda cute but 1. Sam would kill him if you dated 2. He’s much skinnier than you so you’re probably gonna get rejected.
“Who the fuck are you,” you asked startling him.

“I should ask the same thing,” he replied.

You said arms crossed,“ I’ve been here longer you first”

“Name’s Peter or Spider-man,” he said going for a handshake.

You took it and said,“ah, spider-boy, you stuck my uncle to the floor of an airport.”

“Hey, that’s behind us, I think,” he retorted.

You chuckled and say,“my name’s (Y/N) by the way,” you said walking away.

Unbeknownst to you, Peter was left wide eyed and starring at where you just were that when Clint popped out of the vents and gave him a heart attack he wasn’t surprised when he yelled,“I SHIP IT,” and ran off.
The next day you were eating breakfast and Peter was reading some comic and the milk was next to him so you naturally yelled,“hey spider-nerd, quit hogging the milk if you’re not gonna use it.” This caused Peter to yelp and frantically hand you the milk. The second he put it down you and Clint burst into laughter at his reaction. You finished your breakfast just as Nat and Steve walked in, the second you were out of earshot Clint started singing,“(Y/N) and Peter sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” causing Nat and Steve to look at Peter just as he was punching Clint.“How does that actually hurt,” he winced.
It had been a few months now and you and Peter were really close, but most of the avengers (except Sam) were acting weird. Every time you left the room you herd snickering from everyone else.
“Hey Sam,” Clint yelled.

“What” he replied.

“How would you feel if someone liked (Y/N),” Clint snickered looking at Peter.

Sam picked up on this and gave Peter a death glare and said,“ I’d say they have 10 seconds to run.” Which led you to walking down the hall and seeing Peter run past you with Sam not far behind, and Clint rolling on the floor in tears.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter said playing with his bracelet.

“Yeah spider-nerd,” you turned and looked at him.

“Will you go out with me,” he said so quietly you almost didn’t hear.

This was the part when you looked shocked for like 10 seconds but when you snapped out of it you said,“ wow, I was not expecting that, of course,” you didn’t expect him to hug you and lift you up. Then Clint practically flew out the vent and screamed, “HE FINALLY DID IT.” Everyone ran in and started to congratulate us, and threaten to kill Peter if he broke my heart.

B.a.p having a tall s/o


We know that Yongguk doesn’t really have a preferred type physically, and he is already taller than you anyway so he wouldn’t really care at all, for him it is about what is on the inside.
And after all, he would still be taller than him, so that didn’t really matter that much, for Yongguk it is all about your morals.

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“Why should I care about your height? Height doesn’t tell anything about which kind of person you are”


Another member who has straight up said that he doesn’t have a preference in looks, and even said that he has a fairly low standard in looks.
He is pretty tall himself so he wouldn’t even have to worry about people saying that you were too tall for him, so… Himchan wouldn’t give a flying fuck! 

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“Oh this is one of those things I have to care about? People are too focused on stuff like that, why does it matter your height?”


Daehyun might be a little bit more hesitant about dating somebody who is that tall, we know that his idea type is shorter than that and he likes females with a soft outwards look, but let’s also be honest the way to this man’s heart is by his stomach, so as long as you can feed him I don’t think he cares that much! Even tho he might ask you to leave the heals at homes since it would make you taller than him

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“I like you the way you are! Maybe just… leave the heels? You don’t need to tower over me, it is kinda sad “


I think he would like the fact that you were a little bit taller, for the reason that he has specifically said he didn’t want his girlfriend to wear any kind of revealing clothes, and heels are meant to make your ass look better.
He would like the fact that that you didn’t need to wear heels when you went out being able to be the only guy who sees you like that.

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“I like you this way! It makes it more private! Also, heels are bad for your health!”


Jongup is such a softy that I don’t see him caring at all abut how tall you were, he would find it kinda cute how you guys were almost the same height and he didn’t have to bow down or go on to his toes to kiss you.
But yeah, in general, he wouldn’t care about your height, after all this angel is all about love at first sight!

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“I don’t see why height should matter! Isn’t love all that matters?”


Now let’s be honest…  You are still tiny compared to him, he would probably be pretty happy that you were of a decent height for the one fact that back damage aren’t fun and he already has to bow down to kiss you as it, imagine how much he would hurt himself if you were any shorter?! Overall yeah, Junhong was happy with your height, and hey! He actually prefer when you wear heels just so he doesn’t feel like a skyscraper to much

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(Like seriously… can we have a talk about how tall this monster is? What is B.a.p feeding him!?)

Authors note:

Anon we are the same height! Just go to Scandinavia, you will be seen as short here!

- Prussia

1934. New years eve. You’re in brooklyn just for a few hours to watch Glenn Miller play before he goes mia during the war. This guy across the room keeps making eyes at you & he’s kinda cute so you smile back & he comes over to talk.
“You know, I know the face of every dame in Brooklyn. So why don’t I know you?”
“I’m from California. Just passing through.”
“Thats a shame”
So he sits down & you get talking. Hours pass but it feels like minutes. Next thing you know hes asking you to dance to what would later be called Moonlight Serenade.
“So how long are you in town for?”
“I’m leaving tonight.”
“So this is all I get?”
“Give me a reason to stay.”
At that moment the music changes and people start counting down to midnight.
“10. 9. 8. 7…”
“Why did you leave california?”
“It wasnt home.”
“I can give you a home. So please, stay. Just for a while.”
“3. 2. 1. Happy new year!”
You go in for the kiss and it’s like instant fireworks. “Happy New Year, Bucky Barnes.” You impulsively decide to stay and wind up moving in with Bucky and his skinny little friend. You start working at the club where you two met as a singer while he works any job he can get. Years pass and you fall madly in love. Then Pearl Harbor is bombed and he gets drafted. On his last night before shipping out he takes you out to the Stark Expo and out dancing and the two of you stay out until sunrise. You go with him to the docks so you can kiss him goodbye one last time before he leaves and right before he gets on the boat he slides a ring on your finger.
“When I get back I want you to make me the luckiest man in the world.”
Months pass and you find yourself alone because even his skinny friend left to go fight in the war. You spend your days reading every paper and listening to the radio praying you never hear his name amongst the dead. Once you hear about the Howling Comandos you spend all your time at the movies watching news reels hoping to see his face again. Then one day your whole world comes crashing down when you hear about what happened on the train so you pack your bags and never look back. Fast forward to modern day. Bucky is out of cryo. Every trace of Hydra is gone from his brain. He decides to move back to Brooklyn because it was the last place he ever felt truly happy. Then one day, at the local farmers market, he sees a girl that looks identical to you but brushes it off as his mind playing tricks on him. Except he keeps seeing that girl everywhere around town. One day he sees the girl and notices a very familiar ring on her finger. He gets up the courage to ask her about it.
“Excuse me, miss. Where did you get that ring?”
“My fiancé gave it to me before …”
You turn to face the man and fall silent, tears springing to your eyes.
You practically knock him off his feet with the force of your hug, trying to hide your sobs in his chest.
“Kitty? How is this possible?”
“Come with me back to my place. There’s a lot to explain.”
He follows you back to your apartment building, the same one you two lived in together all those years ago but recently renovated. You make him some tea and sit with him on the couch explaining that the reason you were still alive and as young as when he left was because you were a time traveler who had only been in that club that night to hear Glenn Miller. You tell him that the California you had left behind was the modern one and that he was the only reason you stayed as long as you did and that the only reason you left was because your home had supposedly died in the war. Then you tell him that you moved back into your old building because it was the closest thing you had to a real home and that you still wear his ring every day and tell any guy that hits on you that you’re engaged. Bucky breaks down crying which makes you start crying and all either of you can do is hold each other before you finally break the silence.
“Now that you’re back, how about I keep my promise and make you the luckiest man in the world?”
He moves in that same day and later that week you start planning your wedding 70+ years in the making. Every little detail has to be perfect. And Bucky wants to be involved in making sure it’s all perfect. The only thing you don’t let him get involved with is picking the song for your first dance. The big day rolls around and everything goes acording to plan. All of your closest friends and family are there. Both of you were sobbing while reading your vows. Everything was perfect. Back at the reception everyone is milling around waiting for the two of you to make your grand entrance. The doors open and you head to the dance floor for your first dance. Moonlight Serenade starts playing over the speakers and Bucky breaks down in tears, remembering both the night you met and the night before he shipped out and how much he’s loved you for all these years. He leans in close and whispers in your ear. “This song was the only thing Hydra could never take from me. Every time I thought about it I could see your face and I felt safe and loved.”
This made you break down crying and all you could do was hold him close and kiss him, giving him yet another sweet memory to go with your song. More years pass and one day you come home to find Bucky on the couch with your kids watching random home movies when suddenly the video and photo montage from your wedding starts playing, the song Lucky by Bif Naked playing over pictures of you getting ready, and Bucky starts tearing up. You walk up behind him and bend over to wrap your arms around him, kissing his cheek before moving to the other side and sitting in his lap, singing along with the song, both finally happy and home.

(Sorry it’s so long. Also sorry for any typos. I was literally sobbing while typing this.)

Please tell me you’ve written this or are planning to because I swear I almost cried and you picked one of my favourite songs. and I’m gonna need a minute. - Gen 

Fluffy Friday™ 

Someone for Everyone ( High School Edward Nygma x reader)

This was written upon request of @welcome-to-cobblepothell Warnings: Bullying and Physical violence, other than that fluff. Summery: You and Edward Nygma have had a rough couple of years at school. One day due through rumor the friendship escalated . ( First Kiss fluffiness)

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In high school neither Ed or yourself were popular. Or even remotely liked by most. I mean your teachers loved and you had very few friends but most of the time you guys just had each other. Sometimes you felt bad because your other friends would try to keep you away from him, but despite their efforts or belief you enjoyed being with him. One fine day at lunch you couldn’t find Ed anywhere. You had found a table where a few of your other friends were sitting “ Hey have you guys seen Ed any where?” They all looked at each other. “ Listen (Y/N), we need to talk.” You sat down in an empty chair. This is not a good sign. “ There’s been a rumor that has been spreading that Ed has a crush on you.” One said. You didn’t know if it was just hot or if you were blushing. You guys had been friends since freshman year and you thought he was kinda cute. You just didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him or him hate you if he knew you liked him. It made your heart flutter hearing he might feel the same. “ So as a precaution we as your friends think you should stay away from him.” Your Eyes narrowed “ What?” Then the one sitting next to you tried to put their hand on your shoulder saying “ We are just trying to protect you. We don’t want you to get bullied more because of you liking him. It’s a win win for everyone.” You quickly stood up. And stepped away from the table. “ No, I would take everything they already do to me a thousand times over than to stay away from Ed. He is my friend and I’m never going to stop that. Then you heard a sound all to familiar, a locker slamming. You ran toward the sound and you heard people talking. ” God Nygma, you actually think any girl could stomach you. Even your little freaky friend probably has a limit. “ The guys said slamming Ed back into the lockers. ” Stop it!“ You yelled walk up to them. ” Hey her she is! Freak number two. “ The biggest one mocked. Then his friend said ” Awe Nygma needs his girlfriend to help him. Pathetic really.“ They went to hit Ed but you grabbed the bullies arm in an attempt to stop him. He then threw you to the ground hitting your head on the concrete floor. Ed got out of their grip and went by your side ” ( Y/N) are you, Ah!“ He feel after being kicked. Then the bully did the same to you. ” It’s like you two were made for each other to bad she will never love let alone like you, Nygma.“ You then sent them an angry glare. You felt your blood boil. Both of the boys looked at you. ” No, you actually like him don’t you bitch. I’m going to be sick.“ He said making sounds like he was going to throw up as he left. Ed picked himself up and gave his hand to you ” Are you okay (Y/N)?“ ” Nothing to bad thanks Ed.“ You said dusting your self off. ” I apologize for asking this but is it true what they said? Do … Do you like me?“ He asked with this big, brown, puppy dog eyes. ” W-well I-I…“ Then he quickly slammed his lips to yours. You quickly pulled away ” What was that ?“ You asked. ” Goodness I’m so stupid!“ He said rubbing his temples. You then went back in to kiss him. Shocked at first but then you both melted into it. It felt like hours but probably was only a few minutes. You eventually broke apart for air. ” Was that okay? I’ve never done that before.“ You asked nervously. ” I’ve never done that either, but it felt good.“ He replied. You both smiled and held hands as you both walked back to lunch knowing that you wouldn’t even leave each other’s side.

Can you do a imagine where Y/N is African American and thick and Tony’s adopted daughter and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) falls for her and Tony becomes very protective of her??? Btw I love your imagines babe 💕 keep up the great work ❤️            

You walked into your dad’s workshop with his breakfast in your hands. If you didn’t make him eat, he’d probably die of starvation in here. FRIDAY was only so much help, when it came to Tony Stark. He was as stubborn as an ass. You were his soft spot, he couldn’t deny you the time of day when you asked for it.

“Dad?” you called as you stepped over the little robot that scurried past your feet. You weren’t exactly sure what he was working on but it seemed cute.

“Y/N?” he questioned. His head popped up from under his desk, like a little meerkat. You huffed a little at the sight of him. He had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and honestly he was looking old.

“Jesus, you need some beauty sleep,” you exclaimed, then got closer, “Second thought, maybe a coma.”

“Ha. Ha. What do you want?” he was feigning being cross. Despite his words he smiled at the jab. He was aware that the sleepless nights weren’t doing him any favors.

“I want you to eat breakfast, and get ready for that kid to come by and talk to you,” you thrusted the plate forward and waited on him to take it.

“Oh, what time is it?” he asked looking around, presumably, for his watch.

“It is 10:30 on the dot, Mr. Stark. And I would hate the poor boy to be stuck in the lobby waiting for you.”

“I’ll get dressed then,” he began to get up, with the intentions to just put on clothes.

“No! Not so fast. Eat first.”

“You just said-”

“I slaved over the hot stove all morning, Dad. Just to see you smile and be healthy. What kind of person would scorn-”

“Alright, cut the act,” he grabbed the plate and began eating. The moment he took a bite out of the pancakes on his plate he hummed in delight.

“I told you those cooking classes weren’t a waste of money,” you said smugly.

“Sure thing kid. Well look, if you want me to finish these, then you’re gonna have to entertain Spiderboy,” he said around his bite of food. You groaned throwing your head back in exasperation, “Oh come on, he’s around your age.”

“Daddy, the last time you told me to entertain someone around my age I got stuck with your investor’s douchebag son. I can still hear his stupid voice ‘Wow, I’ve never been with a black girl before’” you mocked in a deep dumb voice.

“Okay, I admit, that was terrible, but the look on his face when you kicked his ass was priceless. Aaannd you’re the one who insisted I eat first. Now you’ve gotta cover for me while I get all my vitamins and nutrients,” he gave you one of his famous snarky smiles.

“Fine, but I want the car this weekend.”

“Which one?”

“You know which one.”

“Deal, no boys though.”


“You can bring your gay friend, I like him.” he allowed.


You turned around and began out of the workshop when Tony called out to you, “Wait, look back at me,” You did as he said curiously, “You look beautiful today sweetheart… too beautiful. Gonna have to lock you away in the tallest tower one of these days.”

“Daaad,” you groaned.

“I’m just messing with you. You really do look good though. Nice Metallica shirt. I don’t think I have that one.”

“Yes you do, I ordered you one too.”

“Have I told you how much I love you.”

“My allowance validates me enough,” you laugh. You’re kidding of course. You didn’t really have an allowance… you had a job, two in fact. Keep dad alive, and occasionally make ground breaking bioengineering breakthroughs.

“I’ll clear out this weekend for us to hang out.”

“Good. You need to take a break anyway.”

“Sir, Mr. Peter Parker is in the lobby.”

“Thank you, FRIDAY,” Tony called back. You hurried out to meet the boy, your mind busy with what to do with the weekend you’d have with your father. It had been a long time since the two of you got to hang out. Being Iron Man was a full time job, and more often than not he was in his workshop.

You stopped at a mirror before going to meet Peter. You checked to be sure your make up looked fine, and that there were n stains on your shirt, blazer, or jeans. Once you deemed yourself all clear your waltzed into the lobby with a smile you were very used to giving.

“Mr. Parker,” you addressed, holding a hand out for him  to shake.

Peter turned at the sound of his name and his jaw dropped. Your figure was the perfect hour glass… a thick hourglass. His eyes traveled up your body to rest on your face. You looked like an angel come to heaven with your sweet playful smile and glistening brown eyes.

“… You are Mr. Parker right?” you asked, concerned by his dumbfounded expression.

“Y-Yes. That’s… yeah, Mr. Parker- Peter Parker.” he stumbled over his words and you stared at him trying to figure out what his deal was. He shook your hand and continued to stare at you like a guppy.

“I’m Y/N Stark. Tony Stark’s daughter. He asked me to show you to his workshop,” you explained.

“Um yeah, great. Lead the way.” he finally let your hand go and your gestured for him to follow you. You lead him the the workshop where Tony was still eating. You had to admit this guy was kinda cute. He had a sort of boyish charm. It also seemed like he had a hard time just talking to people and it was adorable.

“Thanks sweetheart,” Tony said, eyes looking at some plans on your desk.

“I want the keys by Friday night,” you informed leaving to go to your own lab. Bruce was there, he usually was. He often served as your adult supervision while you worked. He was good company so you never minded. Your music played softly from the speakers around the room, allowing conversation to erupt where it may, but Bruce was too inclined to talking and you were absorbed in your work. Much later in the day the door to the lab opened and Tony walked Peter into the room.

“And this is where you can be. This is my daughter, Y/N, and she won’t bite unless you touch her work,” Tony warned. You looked up and offered a reassuring smile, though your father was right.

“Thanks,” Peter said to Tony. You sat back in your chair and watched him as he took off his jacket and set it on the chair opposite you. His arms were well toned, body slim but muscular. You twirled the pen in your hand thoughtlessly.

“So, Spider-Man, what great science have you been working on?” You asked.

“N-not much recently. I’ve got school… and  spiderman to deal with. You?”

You grinned mischievously, “Well since you asked,” you launched into details about your most recent project. Peter rested his chin on his hand and his elbow on your desk enthralled by the passion behind your words, and they way they fell from your lips like music. It was like someone had perfectly rendered a girl just for him. At the end of your speech he just stared at you dumbfounded.

“Wow,” he whispered.

“I’m just stuck on energy,” you huffed.

He nodded thoughtfully then gestured towards the pieces on your desk, “May I?”

The two of you worked together, talking animatedly about the work at hand and about other things, like school and family.

“So you’re Tony’s daughter?” Peter asked skeptically.

“Adoptive,” you answered, “but he’s the only parent I’ve ever known. My parents died when I was really little, and they were really good friends with Dad. I didn’t have any other family, so he adopted.”

“My parents died when I was young too. I live with my Aunt.”

You smiled a little at him, not because you were happy his parents were dead, but because there was someone else who knew what it was like. Therefore he wasn’t going to treat you like Tony Stark’s charity case. You were staring at each other like some you were recreating a Disney scene. Then your dad walked in.

“Hey!” he called at. The two of you immediately leaned away from each other. You hadn’t realized how close you were until you moved away. You cleared your throat.

“Hey, Daddy. Peter helped me figure out how to get energy to the mechanical heart,” you said proudly.

“Is that so?” Tony was staring at Peter like he wa going to murder him any second, “Can I steal Peter for a little bit. I’ll give him right back.”

Peter followed Tony out of the room and then the steel blinds closed. The moment the lab door was closed Tony crossed his arms and glared at Peter.

“Listen, kid. I don’t want you getting any ideas about that girl in their. You keep your teenage boy hormones to yourself,” Tony demanded.

“Oh no. I wasn’t-”

“Save it. I don’t want any heart eyes, no flirting no nothing. And you don’t tell her I told you to stay away. You understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” Peter nodded quickly.

“Good, because unlike me all of the Avengers love Y/N and if you even so much as think about bringing your nasty little teenage boy desires to her attention they will all collectively kick your ass.”

Peter nodded again. When he came back he looked scared shitless and you pouted, knowing exactly what had just happened.

“He always does that to the one’s I like,” you grumbled, “I get that he’s trying to protect me, but jeez!”

Peter bit his lip thoughtfully, “Your dad is scary.”
“Yeah, I know and you think we should just be friends,” you finished.

“No… I just think your dad shouldn’t find out if you give me your number.”

You grinned at him, “I like your style Parker.”

~Mod Lillian

G dragon Scenario #58 “More than just sex” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“What’s wrong?” you were panting, trying to recover a little bit of air. Ji yong was also panting right above you. He was looking at you, but not at the same time, it was like if something was bothering him. “Ji yong?” you were so confused, and starting to feel a little bit worried.

What’s wrong with him? Did you do something wrong?

“Nothing” he smiled, and then he bends to kiss you again. You could feel his weight over you, not in an overwhelming way… it feels good, and it feels right.

You felt one with him as his hands started to caress every inch of your body, and his lips were taking care of yours. And they felt like… you don’t even know how to describe it, but they are sweet and addictive, really addictive. They were like a drug to you, and the way they move along with yours does not help at all. They always feel like a caress.

But then, in a few more seconds he stopped suddenly, just like before.

Ji yong sighed and then he throws himself onto the bed, right next to you. “Sorry” he says with a hand over his forehead.

“Did I…”

“No…” he moved his hand away and turns his face to look at you as you said that “… this is not because of you” and it wasn’t, he just had an awful day at work.

“Really?” your eyes were looking at the ceiling, avoiding his gaze. “Y/N look at me…” he says, and so you did “… this got nothing to do with you”

A hint of a smile shows on your face but quickly faded away as he says “If you want you can go now, I won’t be a great company tonight”

That cute smiled you had just a few seconds ago turned into an angry laugh… you felt like a slut. You felt like if he only wants you because of the sex. You felt use and not important.

You stood up, extremely offended, lifting your blouse from the floor. “Y/N…” Ji yong was looking at you. “I don’t want to hear you”

“Look I didn’t mean to…”

“No, you did, but its fine, after all…” you were buttoning up your blouse as quickly as possible, you just want to get out of there “… this is only sex, right?”

“Y/N…” actually it wasn’t. He does have feelings for you.

You two met at YG a few months ago.

You work there as an assistant, and, for a while you were only friends, but after the new year´s party you became more than that.

Seven months ago…

(God! I look so bad in this dress… what the fuck I was thinking when I chose this one?!) you were destroying at yourself in the elevator, checking out all of the things you don’t like about your body, especially in that tight dress.

And then, the doors opens and a guy was there.

“Hey” Ji yong says entering to the elevator. “Hi” you smiled, in the same way as always, just politely and nothing more. You knew who he was, who don’t? To be honest, and that’s why you couldn’t help but to feel awkward in his presence, even when he always acted so kind with you and all the people who works there. 

“Are you leaving?” he asked pressing a button.

“Yeah, it’s late” your eyes were looking up to the red numbers. “Yeah… you don’t want to worry him, right?” he says, looking at the numbers too. 

“Him?” you looked at Ji yong, who quickly turns to meet your gaze. “The boyfriend” he smiled.

“Yeah…” you started to laugh “… good thing I don’t have one”

His smiled got bigger “Yeah, good thing”

And that’s how you story with him started, after that day you two were inseparable.

You two became so close, and so quickly, it was insane. You two have a lot of things in common and the few things that you don’t agree with, are the things that made your “relationship” so unique.

That is why, even when the two of you agreed in have just a “friendly” type of relation, at the end both of you couldn’t help it but to fall in love with the other.

“See you later” you took your jacket, and then walked out of his room, grabbing your bag from the couch on your way to the entrance of his house. “Wait!” he was running behind you putting on his shirt, but you kept ignoring him, holding back your tears, cause you are a completely mess, you were sad and mad at the same time and on the same levels. You really just want to go and cry.

“Can you wait?!” he finally reached one of your arms making you turn to face him. “What?!” as you turned to Ji yong, you push him away from you.

“Why are you running away?” his grip does not allow you to move, even when you pushed him with all of your strength. “You said it, I should go”

“I didn’t mean that” he was honest. He simply did not want to ruin your day with his problems, and honestly, he felt like you wouldn’t even care, cause both of you agreed on that “It’s ok, you let it clear”

“Y/N why are you talking about?!” he says, completely frustrated with your behavior.

“Don’t worry, that’s all I am after all… a slut, your private slut or at least one of them” you were so hurt, and also the fact that you were a little bit drunk was affecting your emotions.

“A what?! That’s what you believe I think about you?!” now he was mad too. 

“Never mind, you were right, I should go now… maybe I will find another client on my way home” you smiled angrily.

“Stop this” he wasn’t raising his voice anymore, but the look on his face is harsh. He was mad, mad and confused. “That’s exactly what I’m doing, putting a stop, to this” you said, walking towards the entrance.

“Where are you going?!” he yelled at you. “Don’t pretend like you care!” you yelled back, and then you opened the door.

“Y/N I’m not going to follow you, comeback here!” he warns you. “Who is asking you?!” you crossed the door and then you leave. Breaking into tears as soon as you got to the elevator.

That night you barely sleep, you were so hurt and angry. It was the worst combination ever. But after a few hours your eyes, finally tired of the amount of tears they let go that night, shut, letting you get a few hours of rest before your alarm sounds.

It was early in the morning the next day, and it was a wednesday, which means that you won’t see him there. 

After a few months together you realized how perfectionist Ji yong actually is, even with his schedules. He was so easy to read.

You were working at your little office, just doing some of your paper work, when someone knocked at your door. “Come in” you said, without stop tapping at the keyboard and looking at your computer’s screen.

“Hi, are you busy?” Joon said. He was a cute guy from the finance department. “Kinda… like always” you joked. “I see…” he walks in “… I was thinking that… you know… maybe we can eat lunch together”

You smiled… he was a great guy. Smart and handsome, but for some reason the only guy who can make your heart beat fast, is the one for whom you are just another girl in his list of “easy girls”.

“It’s just that I have a lot of work to do…” no, you actually don’t have that much to do “…and I probably won’t even have time for lunch today” you were lying.

“Oh, I see…” he looks disappointed, but he was trying to hide it with a smile “… don’t worry” he started to walk out, making you feel like the meanest bitch in this world.

“Joon?…” you called him before he leaves “… why would you want me to go with you?

He looked kinda shocked at the beginning with that question, but then he smiled at you “Isn’t obvious?” he answered, making you smiled. You knew he likes you, ever since you got the job, cause he didn’t even bother to hide it.

If only Ji yong felt like Joon. If only Ji yong act like that.

“Ok” you answered. “Ok?” he said, confused.

“I will go with you” you stopped looking at him and then you started to tap again. He stood there for a few seconds without knowing what to say but with the biggest smiled on earth.

“Now leave …” you started to laugh “… I need to finish this”

Joon laughs along with you walking out of your office, and closing the door behind him.

After he left your smile disappeared, and you kept tapping like a robot but then, just a few seconds later, the sound of the door abruptly opening scared you. “Really?!” Ji yong says as he shuts the door. He heard everything, or at least, looks like it.

“What are you doing here?!” you said surprised.

“You can’t go with him!” he walks to your desk.

“Ha! Excuse me?!…” you stood up “… who the hell you think you are?!”

“Who am I?! Don’t pretend like you don’t know, cause yesterday…”

“I want you out of here” you interrupted him. “I won’t leave”

“Weren’t you the one who said that we shouldn’t talk here, that we needed to separate work from us?”

“I did, but tell me, weren’t you the one who agreed that we shouldn’t involve feelings? Because to me, yesterday, you…”

“Yesterday I was drunk” you cut him, again. “So why are you still mad?”

It was true, you agreed on that. You have no right to act like this… to be angry.

Ji yong got closer to the desk “Y/N, we need to talk…”

“We?! There is no we Ji yong, we are nothing!”


“Get out of my office” you said.

Tears welled in his eyes.

“Now” you meant it.

For a quick second you swore he was about to turned and leave but then he started to walk towards you.

“Don’t you dare” you stepped back, but there was no place to go, just the wall behind you. “Tell me why you are so mad with me?” he asked.

(Really?!) you couldn’t believe how stupid he was. Wasn’t it too obvious?

Yeah, you agreed on that before, but you fucked up, you involved yourself in this, you started to feel something and that something is love “Just leave me alone”

“I will…” he lied, there is no way he would let this go “… but first, I need you to tell me, why?”

You shocked your head, and crossed your arms, looking away, in an attempt to escape of him, at least with your eyes.

Ji yong knows why, but he wants you to say it “You are not… that… to me” he couldn’t say the word slut. He simply can’t put that word in the same sentence as the word “you”

Then why he treated you like that yesterday?

You didn’t answer.

“You are… different” for him was so hard to express himself. Ji yong wasn’t the type of guy who would say romantic things, he will show it to you, so this was really hard for him.

“Stop lying Ji yong” you didn’t believe him. “Why do you think I am?” he got closer to you.

Maybe deep down you don’t feel good enough for him to consider you more than just a body, cause deep down you know he didn’t mean to hurt you yesterday, maybe, you were just looking for an excuse to be mad, to have an excuse to leave before you got yourself more into this.

“Just leave” you said, starting to cry. “Y/N… please believe me”

You just stayed quiet.

Ji yong sighed “Fine! If this is what you want… fine!…” he started to make a few steps away from you “… I won’t disturb you anymore… but don’t lie at yourself, or he, because you know the one you love, is me”


Now he ignores you, walking away from you.

“You are so full of yourself!” you yelled at him angry cause sadly that’s the true. “No Y/N I’m just honest… not like you” he stopped and turned to see you.


“Just answer this… do you? Do you love me?”

“I can’t believe this…” you started to say, but then he started to walk towards you again. “Yes or no?” he was so close to you now. He placed a hand on the wall and his face was inches away from yours.

You couldn’t answer… or to be fair, you don’t want to.

“See… this is exactly what I was talking about. Every time I try to have a real conversation with you, you avoid it”

“And what about you?! You are such a hypocrite!” you were trying to defend yourself.


That was true… he did. He asked you to formalize your relationship and you said no. And not because you didn’t want it, but simply because you were so scared. You never felt like you deserve him and also because of his fans and all the hate you will get.

“I asked you, and what was your answer?… you said you didn’t feel the same for me, you said that we were fine just like that, without attachments and without compromises…”

Then, when you were about to answer the door opens… it was Joon. He forgot a binder.

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t…” he was so shocked to see Ji yong there.

“Get out” Ji yong says, as cold as ice, and with his eyes still on you. “I’m sorry I was…” Joon started.

“Now!” Ji yong raised his voice, now turning his face to him. 

Joon didn’t hesitate anymore, he closed the door and disappears.

“I believed you back then, but yesterday you showed me totally the opposite… so tell me, and I want the truth now Y/N…” he grabbed your chin in between his index and thumb and lifts your head “… what do you feel for me?”

“I…” you were about to say it, but then, what happened yesterday came to your mind “… why do you care? It won’t change anything”

“Just answer” he asked. “This is ridiculous”

“I know… and it is your fault, so answer, it was true? About what you said of this being just sex”

It took you a while to answer “Y/N?” his eyes kept looking for yours.

“No… it was not true… this… this is not only sex, at least not for me”

Ji yong finally smiled, just a little though “What makes you believe that it is for me? The only thing that I wanted and I want is to be with you”

“That’s not what you made me feel yesterday”

“Cause I thought you didn’t care for my problems” and he was right to believe that, after all, you rejected him. “But I do care” tears keep falling from your eyes.

Now he was smiling completely “Stop crying” he wiped your tears with his thumb, brushing away the ones that had fallen onto your cheek.

“I know I said that I didn’t want to get closer, and involve feelings but…” you couldn’t keep going. Clearly Ji yong wasn’t the only one with problems to express his feelings.

“Do you love me?” 

You swallowed and then, you nodded slowly. 

“Was it that hard?” he gaze at you, and then he kissed you.

Shit APH Australia Does #39

Actually shows a lot of sportsmanship in Rio rather than his usual competitive side, mostly because America won’t stop bragging to anyone he can get a reaction out of

Tea Leaves

((OOC: Set in Lily’s 5th year, before she and Snape had their falling out.))

Dorcas: Have you given him an answer yet?

*Lily looks up from her Divination homework.*

Lily: You’d think all of the all of the times that I’ve said no before would mean something.

Dorcas: He’s been asking you out for the past year or so…

*Lily heaves out a sigh.*

Lily: He’s like a toerag. He’s arrogant and he’s a bully.

Dorcas: He’s also talented, loyal, a bloody brilliant Quidditch player, and dedicated to his friends. I think you should give the guy a chance. Plus, he’s kinda cute, don’t you think?

Lily: Plus, Severus doesn’t like him…

Lily: Look, we’ve been friends since we were nine. He’s done nothing to harm me. His opinion means something to me. He’s also becoming James’ favorite target; he doesn’t need that, and I don’t want someone like that.

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For A Good Time, Call: Hold (by 4msg)

and y’all thought FAGTC was dead. HAH, YOU THOUGHT. 

@4msg wrote this Hobi oneshot as a part of an ongoing collab series being done by her, @hyacinth-ink, @sugasmut, @zeurin and i, making it oneshot 5/7, which means only 2 more left! thanks for being so patient with us, be sure to show these writers lots of love, and hope you enjoy~

You scrutinized your reflection. Hair cascading down your back, form-fitting cropped white sweater, baby blue high-waisted circle skirt. You had to admit, it was a beautiful outfit. But the goddamned price tag.

“Looks great on you,” came a voice from behind. You twirled around to locate the source of the sound. You noticed how whimsically the skirt fanned out as you did, almost feeling physical pain at the inverse relationship between the quality of the clothes and the price.

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Fault - Liam Dunbar // One-act Part 2

Pairing: Liam x reader

Word count: 1887

Request:  pleaseeee make part 2 for one-act 😱

Part 1

Liam was definitely right about the play; everyone loved it. You’ve been getting compliments about your performance all the time. Random people come up to you to talk about their experiences with domestic violence. Some want your advice, or they want to vent about what they or their friends have been through. You’ve gotten to know lots of new people, been able to support them, and made some friends along the way.

“Can you believe it’s been three months already?” You ask Liam with a smile. You’re leaning against a row of lockers, books in your hands. “Since the play, I mean.” You clarify.

Liam playfully rolls his eyes, “I know you meant the play. You just have to keep rubbing it in that I didn’t ask you out right away, don’t you?” He grins. He’s rummaging through his locker, unable to locate the book he needs for his next class.

You smile. “Well obviously. Do you know how stressed I got when you avoided me the day after?” You chuckle. “That seems like ages ago now.”

“What was I supposed to do? Walk up to you the following morning like we’re dating just because we kissed?” He chuckles. “Oh, found it.” He smiles, holding up the book he was looking for.

“Well, no..” You mumble. “Fine, whatever, you’re right, again.” You roll your eyes.

“You want me to be more forward? Let’s go out to dinner tonight.” Liam smiles.

You frown, then smile. “I like where your head’s at.”

“Good. I’ll pick you up at seven?”

“It’s a date.” You smile.

Liam places a kiss on your cheek before he walks off to class.

“As much as I hate to admit it, you guys are kinda cute.” Scott says as he walks up to you.

“Thanks, I guess.” You frown.

“I can see he makes you happy, that’s a good look on you.” Scott smiles.

“Yeah, he really does make me happy.” You smile.

The hours pass by slowly, classes don’t really have your attention because you’re so excited to go out with Liam. It’s funny, a couple of months ago you never imagined allowing anyone close to you, ever again. And now you have a boyfriend, and a best friend kind enough to give you a ride home from school, on the bike you worked on together.

“Have fun tonight.” Scott smiles as you walk up the steps of your door.

“Thanks. See you tomorrow!” You wave.

“Hey.” Liam smiles when he sees you. “You look.. tall.” He chuckles at your heels.

And your make up looks pretty, and that dress fits you so well. Why thanks lovely boyfriend, you don’t look so bad yourself.” You smile.

“You know I meant to say all those things, too.” Liam rolls his eyes. “You look great.”

“Thanks. Let’s go!” You smile, grab his hand, and drag him out the door.

“What’s wrong?” You ask Liam, noticing he’s suddenly all tensed up. He’s dropped his fork in his plate and doesn’t even pretend to be eating. All the excitement from earlier faded away.

“Nothing.” He mumbles.

“C’mon Liam. You have always been the one saying that we have to trust each other. After these few months I think it’s safe to say that we do, right? So you can tell me.”

“Of course I trust you, [Y/N].” He says as if it’s so obvious you shouldn’t even be asking. “I don’t wanna bother you with things that happened in the past.” He sighs.

“You are bothering me by being like this.” You snap. “Let’s just go.” You say, getting up from the table.

“You haven’t even finished your food.” Liam frowns.

“I’m not hungry anymore.”

Liam’s point of view.

I follow [Y/N] out of the restaurant. “Wait up.” I call out when I’m starting to fall behind. “How the hell do you walk so fast in those shoes?” I mutter.

“Aaaaand another one running away from you. Literally.”From behind, a laugh so horrible I prayed I’d never have to hear it again. I guess everything I’ve been trying to avoid is starting to catch up with me now.

“What the hell do you want.” I snap at him. Grayson Bennett. It’s been at least a year since I’ve seen him last.

“Had some unfinished business.” Grayson shrugs. And I already know what he’s talking about. How could I forget?

I look back to see if [Y/N] is still around, and that’s my mistake. I take a punch to the temple. Hard. My vision is blurred, but I see her. She’s looking right at me, her eyes distant and wary. She takes a step forward, but takes it back again. I don’t have the time to call out to her, or to turn and face Grayson. Everything happens in a matter of seconds, but it feels like hours have passed between me taking my girlfriend out to dinner, and her walking out on me. I barely even have time to think about it, because another punch hits me in the gut.

I take another one, and another one, and another. Don’t wanna fight back. I know I deserve what’s happening. I started this, and Grayson has come to end it.

Only when I notice blood on the ground, my blood, that’s when I realize. My mind flips the switch, and I forget who’s around me and who I’m facing and the promises I made to myself. Rage takes over my body, and I punch until my knuckles bleed.

Someone’s yelling at me to stop, I’m killing him. Good, I think. Let him rot in hell.

Hands grab me, from all sides it feels. I turn around and swat them away. They come back, annoyingly, infuriating. I push, and whoever they belong to falls on the ground. I don’t care, but then I notice everyone has stopped pulling, even Grayson is looking at me like I’ve completely lost it. Which I might have. I don’t understand what changed the scene until I hear loud familiar sobs. Ones I’ve calmed in the middle of the night because they came through in her sleep. All I ever wanted was to save her from the nightmares that haunted her. But I think I just became one.

“No, don’t touch me.” You snap at Liam. You’re at Scott’s place now, you’re staying over because you can’t go home with a black eye, bleeding head, and a boyfriend that won’t leave you alone even though he’s the reason behind your injuries.

“Are you bleeding?” Liam asks, noticing the blood on your hands. “We should get you to the hospital.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” You say.

“All right, then let me clean your wounds.” Liam tries. He’s sitting in front of you, on the tiles of the bathroom floor.

“I can take care of myself.” You grab a gauze from the first aid kit, put some antiseptic on it, and hold it against the back of your head.

“I know, I just want to help.” He pleads.

You shake your head. “You’ve done enough.” You look into his eyes, there’s hurt behind them, heartache. But he’s brought this upon himself. Still, it pains you to see him like this.“I can’t believe you just did that.” You choke out.

“I know, I know, and I’m sorry.” Liam gets up and sits on the edge of the tub, right beside you. He tries to wrap his arms around you, but you shrug him off.

“I said don’t touch me, Liam.” You mutter. “You swore this would never happen. You promised I could trust you. And what do you do?” You don’t even try to hold back your tears anymore.

“I don’t know what to say to make this right.” Liam mumbles.

You chuckle bitterly. “Because nothing will.” You shake your head. “You hurt me in an unacceptable way.”

“I’m sorry.” Liam says for the hundredth time.

“God, Scott is gonna kill you.” You mutter. Then take a moment to form your question properly, because despite everything, you don’t want to scare Liam off. “Would you have stopped?”

Liam doesn’t need to ask, he knows what you mean. “Probably not.” He admits. Again, as so many times before, all alarm bells ring being around Liam. This time, it’s a little harder to ignore, because he just admitted that he would have killed someone.

You almost laugh. The situation is so unreal. “Who is that guy? I don’t even understand what happened out there.” You let your face fall into your hands, then wince, look up in the mirror, and realize your black eye is a whole lot worse than you thought it’d be.

“Grayson Bennett, just a kid from my old school. We got into a fight once, I beat him unconscious. Guess this was supposed to be payback.” He explains. “I would have preferred it if he beat me unconscious, so we could be even. Now everything is messed up between you and me, and he’s still after me.”

“Please don’t put the blame on him.” You mumble, not even sure if there still is a you and me. Your head is telling you one thing: run. It’s instinct and the aftermath of everything that happened to you before. But your heart, your heart is telling you something completely different. Your heart is begging you to give him another chance, already aching at the thought of losing him, even with him still right beside you.

“I know it’s my fault.” Liam nods. “I just need to know that we’ll be okay.” He’s looking down his hands resting in his lap.

“We will be.” You whisper. But you’re not sure if you will be okay as a couple, just that the two of you, individually, will be okay some day.

“So what happened?” Scott asks. Once again you’re in the bathroom. Melissa is treating your wounds properly now, Scott is sitting on the bathroom floor.

“Liam got into a fight. And he –accidentally- hit me.” You mumble. Scott’s reaction is completely different from what you expected. A grenade. Then you realize that’s not the kind of reaction you’d expect from Scott, but from your brother. Scott has always been a lot calmer.

“Did he bring you here?” He asks.

“Yeah,” You nod. “I couldn’t go home like this.”

“So where is he now?”

“I send him home. I couldn’t stand being around him anymore.” As the words leave your mouth, you realize it’s a sign. Your head is making your decision for you, ignoring your heart’s wishes.

“Well, you can stay here as long as you’d like.” Melissa says. “Keep this pack on your eye so it won’t swell.” She says, handing you an ice pack.

“Thanks.” You smile, then watch her leave.

“You deserve better than him, [Y/N].” Scott says carefully.

You nod. “I know.”

I know. I know. I know. You keep repeating those words. I know, I don’t feel. And as you lay in bed, the cover pulled over your head and your face buried into the pillow. You allow the tears to roam freely.

How do you convince your instincts that they’re wrong? How do you turn your back to all the pain for a moment of happiness? How do you make your heart forget what it loves?

Valentine’s Day - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: Valentine’s Day is over in 3 hours for me, but I randomly got inspired to write this. Hope you’ll like it, please let me know what you think!!

Pairing : Stiles x reader

Word count: 1263

Valentine’s day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Unfortunately, when you’re alone, it’s quite depressing. Even your parents are out for dinner, leaving you all alone in the big house.

It’s fine, you were in need of a movie night, anyways. It would have been more fun to have some friends with you, but they’re all out with their boyfriends. Some time for yourself could be nice too, right?

In the middle of 13 Going on 30, the doorbell rings. You pause the DVD, put the bowl of popcorn that was in your lap down on the coffee table, and get up from the couch. Before you even reach the door, the bell rings again. “yeah, yeah. I’m coming, jeez.” You mumble.

You unlock the door and frown. There’s a huge bouquet of flowers. Obviously there’s someone behind them, but you can’t see his face. “Uhm, can I help you?”

The person brings the flowers down so that you can see their face. It’s a guy, and he’s kinda cute. You can’t help but smile. He has dark brown hair that is combed back, brown eyes, and thin lips. On their own, his features could be hard, but they seem to work really well together. Creating a soft look on the perfect stranger in front of you.

“Who are you?” The guy sounds surprised. In addition, he raises one of his dark brows.

“Who are you?”

“Stiles.” He replies briefly. “Is Lydia around?”


“Lydia Martin.” He looks at you questionably. “She lives here.” He states.

“Uh, no.” You say. “It’s just me and my parents.”

“Are they home? I can’t believe you don’t know Lydia, this should be the right address.”

“Just me, alone, on Valentine’s day.” You chuckle bitterly.

“Bet there’s a reason behind that.” Stiles says. “And I would hear you out, if it were any other day of the year. Right now I’ve got to get to my girlfriend. You’re really sure Lydia doesn’t live here?” He asks as he clumsily tries to get a piece of paper out of his pocket.

“I would help you get that, if it were in any other place but your jeans pocket.” You chuckle.

He gives you a look as he finally fishes the piece of paper out of his pocket. He unfolds it. “It clearly says- oh. Never mind.” He  mumbles. “this says she lives two houses down the road.”

“Oh the red head? I thought her name was Lisa.” You admit.

“You’re not friends?”

“No, we’re not. I’ve never said a word to her.”

“So you won’t have a problem with not telling her I was at the wrong house?” A light shade of red colors his cheeks and you can’t help but laugh.

“My lips are sealed.”

“Good. Happy Valentine’s.” He smiles before he turns around and leaves your property. You close the door again and get back to the couch.

You sink right back into the movie. Stuffing your face with popcorn, and occasionally allowing a tear to slip out. Right when Jenna confesses her love to Matt in hopes he doesn’t marry the other women, the doorbell rings again.

You frown when you see Stiles, with the same bouquet of flowers. “Hi?” You smile.

“Hey.” He smiles slightly. He has loosened his bow-tie, and his hair now rest messily on his head. He looks kind of sad.

“Wanna come in?” You ask him, even though you don’t know each other, you’re pretty sure he isn’t dangerous.

He only nods in response. “What’s your name, by the way?” He asks.

“[Y/N].” You say as you lead him to the living room. “Want something to drink?” You ask him as he takes a seat.


“I’ll be right back.” You say.

“So, tell me, what happened?” You ask him when you return with his glass of water. You sit down on the couch and get comfortable with your blanket.

“Well,” Stiles starts. “I went over there, and Mrs. Martin opened the door. She told me Lydia wasn’t home, but right when I was about to walk away, I heard her giggle coming from upstairs.” He says. “I think she was up there with some guy.”

“She’s cheating on you?”

“Hmmm. Not technically.”

“What does that even mean?” You chuckle quietly.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Stiles admits.

“Ah, I see.” You nod. “But you’ve had a crush on her for a while, and thought maybe you’d have a chance now.” You guess. “I’m sorry Stiles, but it’s not gonna happen.”

“Sounds like you know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, I mean. Obviously I’m alone, watching sappy romance movies and crying by myself.” A small sigh escapes your lips, followed by a smile. “It’s fine.”

“I’m not gonna force you to talk about it.” Stiles says.

“Let’s just say that even when you think you have a chance, people are cruel, and you find out you never really meant anything to them.”

“That sucks.”

“Kinda does, yeah.” You nod.

“You shouldn’t be watching this romantic crap, don’t you have any action movies? Or Star Wars?”

“I definitely don’t have Star Wars.” You chuckle. “Jurassic World is about as close to action as it gets.” You chuckle.

“Fine with me.” Stiles shrugs.

You stop the DVD and put Jurassic World in instead. “Do you want a blanket?” You ask him.

“No thanks.” Stiles smiles.

“Sweetheart we’re home.” Your mother’s voice echo’s through the hallway, awaking you from your slumber.

You open your eyes, and jump slightly. Stiles is now a lot closer than you remembered. In fact, your head is resting on his shoulder. He’s still asleep, so you carefully shake his body. “Stiles, wake up.”

He opens his eyes, and for a moment he seems confused. “Oh, hey.” He smiles.

“Hi.” You return the smile.

Your mother walks into the room. “Oh, I didn’t realize you had a visitor.” She says awkwardly. “Well, your father and I will be upstairs.” She smiles.

“Good night mom.” You call out to her, but she’s already out of the room.

“That was great.”

“Awkward you mean.” You chuckle.

“She totally thinks we’re sleeping together.”

“Nothing happened.” You defend yourself.

“True, but it was super cute to watch you fall asleep on my shoulder.” Stiles smiles.

“Yeah, whatever.” You roll your eyes.

“I should probably head home..”

“Oh.” You sit up straight. “Yeah, of course.” You run a hand through your hair.

The both of you get up from the couch, and you lead him to the front door.

“So.. I had fun.” Stiles says as he stands on the doorstep.

“Yeah, me too.” You smile.

“Next time we should watch a movie at my place, I have actual action movies.” He smiles.

“Hopefully we won’t fall asleep, then.”

“That was actually the best part.” Stiles’ voice is so low you’re not sure if you heard him correctly, so you just smile in response.

“Oh, your flowers are still in the living room, I’ll go get them.” You turn around, but Stiles grabs hold of your hand.

“Those are for you.” He smiles. He takes another step closer and leans in to place a gentle kiss on your cheek. “Thanks for tonight.” His breath fans your face, and you feel your cheeks heating up.

“Yeah, you too.” You grin.

You watch after him until he gets into his car and drives off. Then you get back inside and close the door. You lean back against the door and can’t help but smile. Guess Valentine’s day isn’t so bad after all…