you guys he just won't stop

I had a game a little while ago on Dorado where someone on the enemy team wrote “do you guys like my new skin?” in the match chat. I assumed he was talking to his own team but I was already at the attacking spawn door waving hello and emoting so I thought, “might as well” and wrote back, “Idk lemme see it”

Turns out this player was a Genji with the Young Sparrow skin. I told him I loved it.

Somehow me, my team’s Hanzo, and this enemy Genji got separated from the rest of the match. Genji and Hanzo were trying to kill each other as I healed Hanzo (I was Mercy), but then it occurred to me that if I kept on healing Hanzo, he’d kill Genji. I stopped healing Hanzo, Genji killed him, I waved hello, Genji said hello back, and we went back to the match together as friends.

I feel really bad for that poor Hanzo that I totally let die but I couldn’t let him kill his brother a second time, that Genji was my friend and that Hanzo never once said hi to me.

Bittle trying to make healthy treats to send to Jack is my new favorite thing. Can you imagine looking at the nutritionist’s list of forbidden foods and just frowning super hardcore? Obviously there’s peanut butter cookies, but how limiting is that?!? And then when he’s in the shower washing his hair a genius, brilliant idea comes to him. VEGETABLE DESSERTS. Carrot cake, zucchini bread, oatmeal raisin cookies with cranberries, eggplant brownies, pumpkin pie, beets in red velvet cake. And none of the players Jack shares his treats with (Because how can he be expected to eat ALL of that???) have no idea that they’re eating veggies. But the nutritionist is mildly placated because veggies, and Bittle is happy because baking. And if Jack doesn’t share the PB&J bars, what the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them, right?