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People always make Juliet out to be dumb in Romeo and Juliet, but I think she at least had some sense where Romeo didn't have much of any
  • Romeo: I was thinking about this chick earlier who I said I was in love with but now I love that girl over there that is very likely to either belong to my family's enemy or be close with my family's enemy as it is their party I am crashing
  • Juliet: I do not like being so young and forced into a relationship with an older man, but oh there's a cute guy more my age over there. And since he's here he must have been invited and is there for a reasonable love match for myself
  • --
  • Romeo: We should kiss right now at this party
  • Juliet: No that is a super dumb idea
  • Romeo: *kisses her anyway*
  • Juliet: That was dumb of you
  • --
  • Romeo: We should get married right now
  • Juliet: We don't know each other. Shouldn't we wait until at least a little time has passed?
  • Romeo: Like tomorrow?
  • Juliet: Sure, fine.
  • --
  • Juliet: We're married now, so we have to try and make things better between our families.
  • Romeo: Right.
  • Romeo: It seems I have killed your cousin and am now exiled.
  • --
  • Juliet: Ok so since Romeo fucked up I'm gonna fix this shit by taking a harmless sleeping liquid. He'll come and get me and we can go away together.
  • Romeo: *immediately kills himself*
  • Juliet: For fucks sake.
Middle of the Night

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie/Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 792

It was well after midnight when you heard your front door being assaulted by a barrage of knocks. You jumped out of bed, your first thought going to your parents who were out of town visiting a sick relative and the possibility that something had happened to them. when you reached the front door you hesitated for a second and grabbed the metal baseball bat from it’s place next to the coat hanger. You nervously looked through the peep hole then sighed in relief and raised your eyebrows in confusion at the sight of shirtless Archie Andrews.

You set the bat back in it’s place before opening the door. Archie barged through.

“Hello to you too.” You muttered as you closed the door. 

You heard him go into the kitchen and followed, turning on the light as you weren’t as comfortable standing in the dark as Archie was it seemed. You raised an eyebrow as you took him in fully, he was glistening-deliciously-with sweat and was slightly panting as he leaned against the counter. And he was looking at you rather intensely.

“Did you run here?” You leaned next to him.

“Yeah.” He panted, his gaze never wavering from you it was getting unnerving.

“Are…you okay?” You asked him slowly.

“Yeah.” He repeated.

You nodded before hitting him on the shoulder. The look on his face went from intense to bewildered which definitely made you feel better.

“What was that for?!” He asked.

“Seriously? It’s the middle of the night! You’re lucky it’s just me right now.” You yelled. “Plus you scared the shit out of me because I thought you were the police telling me something happened to my parents because usually only bad news follow a pounding on the front door in the middle of the night! And there’s nothing wrong with you that I can see so why the hell are you here?”

You really didn’t mean to yell. You also knew that Archie wouldn’t be there for no reason but it was the middle of the night and you were not pleasant when you were tired.

“Is there something going between you and Reggie?” He asked, almost snapping.

For a moment it was as if Archie had suddenly grown three extra heads. You and Reggie? Reggie was cute but he was also far too much of an asshole. And a bit of an idiot.

“Why do you care?” You asked. You were just going to say no but the way he asked was completely out of character.  

You and Archie had a very interesting friendship. You two flirted, even made out a few times but there had never been any conversation about possibly exclusively getting together and you never talked about potential lovers because why would you? You would be lying if you said you didn’t have feelings for Archie but you were fine with the way things were. However, you had backed off when he told you about him and miss Grundy because that was too much weirdness for you (which you told him).

“You’re seriously asking me that?” He asked in disbelief. You threw your hands out exasperated.

“You came to my house in the middle of the night to ask about Reggie and me? Yeah, I’m gonna ask you why. This could have waited until tomorrow.” You said.

“I know. I’m sorry. I just-” Archie ran a hand through his hair. “Reggie has been talking about you. Nothing bad. And saw you two earlier today flirting. I don’t want you to get hurt. Reggie is a player. You deserve more than that.”

“You’re a sweet guy Arch.” You sighed. “But despite of whatever signs you were seeing or whatever Reggie is saying, there is nothing happening between us.”

Archie relaxed slightly, leaning once more against the counter next to you. You two stood there in comfortable silence for a few moments. Your exhaustion slowly crashed around you. You looked at your gorgeous ginger friend for a second. He was more relaxed. Not as glistening with sweat. You thought you could see some goose bumps starting to pop up on his skin. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Arch. Why did you come here so late?”

He looked at you. That intense look he had before appeared again. This time you weren’t uncomfortable being the focus.

“I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and Reggie.” His voice had dropped low so you had to lean in to hear that last sentence.

“Do you feel better now that you got your answer?” You asked him.

For a moment, he just looked at you and you didn’t say anything else. Neither of you really realized that the gap between you two was getting smaller until you felt his breath on your lips when he spoke next.



Birthday/Liquor Challenge for @winchester-writes

I had #20 Ciroc Vodka and “You couldn’t wait until we got to the door?”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader missed her 21st birthday due to harrowing circumstances thus meeting the Winchesters.  She turns 25 and Dean thinks he’ll show her a good time. 

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Your 21st birthday was supposed to consist of bar crawls, getting ID’d at every stop, having your sash signed by all the single guys, but no, that year, your parents were brutally murdered by a shifter guised as your best friend and you hadn’t touched a drink “legally” since.  

Dean was going to remedy that situation once and for all.  He knew tomorrow was your 25th birthday and just as it was a milestone in the hunter’s life as well as everyday life, he knew it’d be a blast to watch you drown yourself in alcohol, the light weight that you were.  

“YN, wear something nice, we’re goin’ out to the local bar for your birthday,” Dean popped his head into your room in the bunker, but you didn’t hear him. You had your earbuds in, music as high as it would go, and you were glued to the research in front of you.  Dean rolled his eyes, sighed, and sauntered your way, all bow legs and determination, and flicked an earbud out of one of your ears.

“Jesus Christ, Dean, give me a heart attack why don’t ya?” you slapped him in the chest; quite hard.  You always had a mean streak.

“Damn it, YN, that hurt,” he grimaced, and you pouted,

“Big bad hunter Dean Winchester, hurt by a wee little girl like me?”

“Har har,” Dean smirked, “like I was sayin’ at the door, get dressed, wear something nice, we’re goin’ drinkin’ for your birthday.”

You jumped at the sound of that.  Wear something nice? Right.  Because you either wore ripped jeans, a concert tee, and flannels, or a leather jacket to top off your latest hunting outfit.  Surely you had something stowed away in your closet or hope chest that you could use for this occasion. 

“Give me a half hour,” you pushed him gently toward the door, “I’ve got work to do.”

Dean didn’t know why you even had to take that long; you were gorgeous in jeans torn at the knees and an old punk tee, hair loosely thrown into a bun. Your eyes a mysterious gray with specks of, oh Jesus, what was he thinking? Getting you drunk just to confess how he felt?  He was now catergorized as one of “those pervs”.  No, tonight would be about you, your celebration of birth, and there’d be no moves placed on you, by him.

You managed to find a pair of leather skinnies, a maroon blouse that cris-crossed in the front, exposing just the heft of your breasts, peep toe booties, and minimal makeup, with your eyeliner, catified.  

You left your hair nested in a bun, but curled the strays that weirdos across your face, and straightening your bangs. You smacked your lips as you applied your lipstick and winked, “Damn, I look good for 25,” and that’s when you noticed the huge welt on your bicep from the hunt last night. “Fuck me,” you grabbed your leather jacket and threw it over your blouse, “some things never change.” You excited your bedroom and heard towards the war room to find Dean wearing a dark green button down and worn jeans, his leather jacket swung over his shoulder.

“Fuck me,” you exhaled not quite loud enough for him to hear, but loud enough for Sam to chuckle. “Hush, you behemoth,” you stared him down, and that’s when Dean turned to look at the commotion. He eyed you like a piece of fresh meat, ready to pounce and you got instantly wet.

“You look-Jesus YN you look-” Dean stumbled over his words.

“Hot,” Sam interjected, “stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, any of those will work Dean.”

“Yeah, YN, what Sammy said.”

“Thanks you nerds, now are we getting drunk or what?” You played it cool, you didn’t want the heat in between your legs rising to your cheeks.

The Work Station was busy, bouncing with men and women of all ages, ordering drinks, singing karaoke, making out in corners. You were loving it and as the three of you found a booth in the back, old habits die hard, Sam took orders. One whiskey,one beer, for himself, and for the birthday girl,

“Ciroc, on ice, with a splash of seltzer and a lemon wedge,“ you rattled off at the bemusement of both men.

"What?” You asked incredulously, “Did i stutter?”

“No, uh, not at all, just don’t you think you wanna start off with something less, I don’t know, potent?” Sam suggested.

“Ciroc, Sam,” you winked, “not everyday I get to celebrate my 21st and 25th in the same night!”  You whooped with a fist in the air and connected with Dean’s fist for a bump.

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You were having a blast, lost count to how many drinks you had consumed, and you and Dean were flirting non stop.  You had your hand on his thigh, he had his on the small of your back, your lips were close to his ear as you shouted your latest karaoke song, and while Sam was enjoying drunk YN singing and dancing, he wasn’t about to watch his brother and best friend fuck on the leather booth.  He cashed out and took the two of you, clearly inebriated, grabbed the Impala’s keys, to Dean’s chagrin, and drove the two of you back to the bunker.  

The two of you had begun to make out in the backseat like horny teenagers, moans growing louder, hands roaming further under articles of clothing, and Sam slammed on the brakes, breaking the two of you up for seconds.  You both exited the car and headed towards the Bunker’s door, when you felt your world spin, your stomach claw for reprieve, and you tossed your cookies on the front of Sam’s shirt.

“Seriously?” Sam threw his hands in the air in frustration, “You couldn’t wait until we got to the door, could you?”

Wiping your mouth with the back of your hand you whimpered an apology and Dean immediately sobered up, holding back your hair, as you retched into the bushes next.

“Ciroc sucks,” you grumbled as Dean hefted you up bridal style and side stepped the vomit and Sam drenched in puke, opened the door, and led you to your bathroom, where he helped you remove your top, peeled off your skin tight leather pants, and left you to pray to the porcelain goddess in your matching bralette and panties.  Dean tended to you all night, grabbed a shitty pillow from storage and a blanket, and kept you on your side, in case you had to be sick again.

Kissing your temple as you fell asleep, mumbling more apologies, about how he probably regretted kissing you in the first place, Dean just chuckled, not imagining how the night ended up.

“Good night, Princess and Happy Birthday,” he placed a blanket over your clammy body, “and I don’t regret a damn thing.”

“But you will in the morning,” he leaned against the tub and shifted closer to your body and kept vigilance over your sleeping body the rest of the night, “no more Ciroc for you, that’s for sure.”

You mumbled an incoherent “uh hm” and shifted into his side.

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Centennial (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I was going to wait until tomorrow when it was officially Bucky’s birthday, but I’m too excited and want to post it now. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: It’s Bucky’s 100th birthday, and you have a special surprise for the Sargent.

Other Characters: All the team!

Warnings: Fluff, almost/implied smut

Word Count: 1,129

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Requested?: Yep! Anonymous asked:  Hi! Can I request a jungkook scenario where your back hurts and after going back to your dorms from university you just lay on the bed all day and when jungkook comes to your dorm he just kinda holds you and rubs your back?? Thank you!

A/N: I reeeally enjoyed writing this. I hope you are satisfied with it anon! I am never against writing a part two if you want!

Word Count: 1046

Genre: Fluff

Member: Jungkook (BTS)

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You knew your unavoidable demise was fast approaching, but all you could do was take aleve and sleep. Your back had twinged when you got out of your desk in your university English class, and only got worse every step you took. When you got to your dorm, you collapsed on the couch, your back aching like someone had set a fire on it and was raking their nails down it.

You took a lot of pain killers - admittedly a little too many - and laid in your bed, hoping it would pass. You rejoiced as you realize that you don’t have classes tomorrow so your homework can wait until your back stops hurting so badly. Your boyfriend, Jungkook, was nowhere to be seen. He was in night classes so he wouldn’t be texting or calling you for another few hours. You drew yourself a warm bath and situated yourself happily inside the bathtub.

Jungkook was one of the most attractive guys you’d ever seen. Him and his six friends were all scarily good looking and you wondered how they became friends. Jungkook and you met in a chemistry class and the two of you instantly became friends. All of his friends accepted you into their little group right away, no questions asked. If their Maknae liked you, they decided they did too. The chemistry between you and Jungkook was absolutely undeniable. It didn’t take long for the two of you to begin dating.

A while after you two started to date, Jungkook switched to night school to get some of the classes he wanted. Every night he would unfailingly come to your dorm. Your roommate is actually one of his friend’s girlfriend. Her name is Jun-hee and she’s really sweet. Her and Hoseok had been dating for years and years. She never cared when Jungkook would come into your dorm even though it was totally against the rules if residence. You never complained when Hoseok would sneak in and she wouldn’t even notice sometimes when Jungkook came in.

Jun-hee and you became really close friends really quickly, both of you ecstatic that your roommate wasn’t a total dick. To this day you two are still very close and you always have each others backs. You two take care of each other when you’re sick and bitch about people you can’t stand in your classes. It’s both healthy and therapeutic to get all your pent up anger out. She was actually the one who encouraged Jungkook to confess to you because he was terrified to make a move because he didn’t want to be rejected.

When you met Hoseok, you understood why him and Jun-hee had been dating for so long. They were almost carbon copies of each other but different in a way that allowed them to be different enough to mesh perfectly. Both of them were forever optimists and had such bright personalities it was almost blinding but in the best way possible.

The front door creaks open, snapping you out of your train of thought, and you realize that if Jungkook is home, it’s way past 4 in the morning. He cracks open the bathroom door, peeking inside. “Jagi?” he asks.

“Kookie,” you reply. He walks in, sitting on the side of the bathtub.

“Babe, why are you up? Are you alright?” He asks.

“Yeah, my back is just giving me trouble,” you reply honestly.

“Want to come out and we can watch and movie and I’ll grab you a heating pad?” He asks. You nod and reach out for him. He grabs your hands, pulling you out of the bathtub and wrapping a fluffy white towel around you. You lean into him, your back screaming at you to sit down. he notices instantly and picks you up with no trouble. He grabs you one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers. You change into them and he makes you a hot cup of tea and you two cuddle on your bed, watching a movie off your laptop with a heating pad snuggled between you and the mattress.

“Feeling better?” He asks. You nod.

“Better now that you’re here,” You admit. He smiles.

“Want a back rub?” He asks. You nod and he pulls you in front of him, working your tense and aching muscles out so their loose and less sore. His slender fingers work their way down your back, along your spine and wash away all the pain you were feeling. Jungkook always gives the best massages. His fingers come to a halt eventually and you lean back, situating yourself between his legs and leaning your back against his chest. He sighs in content and runs his fingers through your hair and he holds your hand, bringing your fingers up to his lips and presses a kiss to them. Your fingers tingle at the touch, eliciting a small giggle to fall from your lips.

“I feel a lot better,” you say. “Thanks so much.” He traces his fingertips across your bare thighs, along your side and through your hair.

“Whatever you need babe,” he singsongs at you, pressing a kiss to your neck that makes your heart race. You smile and turn your head and he presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth. You smile and turn fully, your back not hurting at all. You lace your fingers in his brown hair and press a kiss to his lips. He smiles and reciprocates the gesture, pulling your body closer to his by your waist. After a while you shut off your laptop and plug it in, setting it on your nightstand. You snuggle under the covers, your head on your boyfriend’s chest.

“Lazy day tomorrow?” He asks. You nod. You both had tomorrow as a free day, so you actually have the time to just talk, which is a luxury the two of you often don’t get.

“Of course, what else would we do?” You ask playfully. He presses a kiss to your forehead.

“I love you, Y/N,” He says.

“I love you too, Kook,” you reply, cuddling into him. Your backache long forgotten, you fall into a deep sleep you haven’t been granted in weeks and it’s all thanks to the gorgeous boy laying beside you.

You guys are gonna love me.

So I’ve been working on my new Roman Reigns fic. Its a 4 part fic and I want to have it done and posted by Sunday. Roman returns to the ring and I thought Id mark the occasion. 

Also I have written the final chapter of my Brock Lesnar fic as well. I will be editing it tomorrow morning and publishing it as well as the first 2 chapters of the Roman fic.

And just to show you guys that I am actually working Ill post a teaser of the Roman fic. I wont tell you whether this tidbit is from chapter 1 or 2 but I will tell you its a hot piece. 

Also if you want to be tagged in my new Roman fic please let me know so I can add you to my tag list. And remember feel free to share my stories and posts guys. I cant wait for you to read my new story and to see what happens with Brock. The teaser for my new Roman fic is below! 

Reign Supreme Chapter 1 Teaser:

I’m snapped out of my trace by his husky chuckle. “Baby girl I can practically hear you thinking. And trust me I want to do more than just stand here. Maybe I should bend you over this desk and shove my cock into that pretty pussy. Would you like that? Hmm?”

His voice. It’s so deep and husky. It caresses my skin and makes me melt on the spot. I can feel my panties become soaked and it only turns me on more. I manage to nod my head since words have failed me at this moment. He places a finger under my chin and lifts my chin so that I have to look up at him.

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Hehe. I cant wait for you guys to read this! Until tomorrow… ;)


“hello i’m calling to activate my phone”

“Oh! sorry sir but that’s done by the connection centre! Unfortunately they are closed.”

“No it’s not! Every month i call and you type it into your computer and you do it!”
“I’m actually sir we don’t have computers. just a register. the only ones who have computers would be the connection centre…”
“No!!! Don’t tell me you’re computer illiterate like me?! i need my phone for tomorrow! There has to be someone who can get it done!”
*leaning over the counter dying inside as i share a long suffering look with the connection centre guy as he counts his cash* “….that would be the connection centre..-”

like??? my dude i literally cannot do that shit for you!!!! if you need your phone so. sadly why the fuck would you wait until like 9:30 at night to call in? If we weren’t a super centre the whole store would be closing down at that point…FUCK people annoy me

Another Chance Ch. 3

A/N: I’m doubly excited to be posting this, because I had really lost the feel for this story. Special thanks to Wolf for helping me get my groove back!
Next chapter should be the last~


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The alarm on Lance’s phone blasted the marimba tune like the world was ending. Resisting the urge to throw it against the wall, Lance snoozed it and stretched his limbs until his hands pressed against his headboard and his toes spilled off the bed.

Last night he had taken the time to tell his roommates in excruciating detail about how Keith and he had exchanged numbers.

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Drunken Confessions

A/N: A request, finally!!!! I’m so excited to write this, also don’t forget to send in request! Thank you to @linmanuclmiranda for helping me edit this! She’s a lifesaver! PS: Did anyone get my How I Met Your Mother reference?

Prompt: Can I request something??? How about a Drunk!Lin confessing his love for the reader but the reader is all flustered and thinks it’s just the alcohol talking but it’s not. Idk you can elaborate more on that but I love your writing so much!! And If u have any fic recs with Drunk!Lin could u link them? Bc I really need more Drunk!Lin in my life. Thanks~

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: alcohol, cursing (per usual)

Masterlist | Request!

As the costume manager for the musical “Hamilton” at the Richard Rodgers Theater, you were living the dream. You had been blessed with a love for musical theater, but cursed with an inability to sing. Costume manager was the next best thing; however, costumes weren’t  your only job. You made sure Leslie took off his wedding ring, all the mics worked, and you also made sure Anthony put his hair down to play Philip in act two which he often forgot. They had many different names for you such as: “angel in the wings,” “lifesaver,” and “the backbone of Hamilton.”

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Bad News :(

My internet went down for a long time and I don’t think it’s going to come back any time soon. I have no idea why this keeps happening, but I’m going to talk to the company tomorrow. 

I have to postpone the shop update until tomorrow. I have so much more to list and I can’t even publish anything right now. 

I am so sorry- I feel so bad for making you guys wait. It seems like everything was against me getting finished today! :(

So the new time for the huge 150 item shop update is tomorrow at 4 pm Pacific time. 

Thank you all so much for your patience, and again, I apologize. I hope everything will be worth the wait! <3

Theo Raeken - On My Mind (Part 3)

warnings ; bloodplay(kinda?), biting, oral (male on female), cursing, S M U T

 prompt ; in which theo visits you at your house in hopes of trying to make amends.

 a/n ; it’s finally here!! part 3 of on my mind! sad to be writing the last installment to the vampire!theo series. it was great while it lasted :) thanks to everyone who read it! 

 | part one | part two

 ∆ On My Mind - Ellie Goulding ∆ 

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High School Headcanons: Yoosung

And we’re back again! This week I bring you the star prince, Yoosung

Hope you like this! ^^

  • He is a very hardworking student, and he’s really nice and friendly, so he’s that cool kind of nerd.
  • He has a crush on you since middle school, you live in the same neighborhood, so he always sees you at the bus stop or around the block
  • However, he never had the guts to talk to you, you seem totally out of his league. President of the debate club, homecoming queen… yup, too much for him.
  • But he’s always longing for meeting you at the bus stop, until one day you weren’t there…
  • Then he feels his heart ache when sees you passing by at this guy’s car. Oh yeah… there were some rumors about you dating the new substitute chemistry’s teacher.
  • The guy is a prick, from what he can tell. Rude, full of himself and definitely a player, you’re probably not the only young girl he’s hitting on.
  • Yoosung is worried about you, you’re so smart, why would you let someone so disgusting come even near you?
  • He’s thinking of you a lot more than he’s used to, so he yelp when he sees… you at his house? At night?
  • “Hi! Yoosung, isn’t it? I’m babysitting your sister, your mom asked me because she didn’t know what time you would come home. Don’t mind me, okay?” you say sweetly, he’s shocked, he doesn’t even answer, he just runs to his room.
  • Oh god… you’re here! So close, yet so out of his reach… he’s jealous of his sister, he wishes he could hang out with you like this and…
  • He listens your voice near his bedroom, are you talking to him? No, your voice is a little muffled. He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help listening your conversation.
  • “Are you serious right now? You’re really breaking up with me over the phone? God… you’re such a prick! Well, at least the sex was good, since I like small dicks! Fuck you!” WHOA! This is a completely image than he had at you, now he’s kinda relieved you don’t sound… too perfect. But you’re still the girl of his dreams…
  • When his parents come home, his mother asks him to accompany you to your house. He’s so flustered, but he would never disobey his mother.
  • So here you are, walking side by side, in a dreadful silence… until you come to your house, he’s not ready to say goodbye yet. “So, uhm… see you at the bus stop tomorrow?” WHAT? NO! Now you know he listened to your conversation about breaking up with the guy and probably not having a ride to school anymore.
  • “Yeah, I guess…” you shrug, he nods a weird goodbye and starts walking. “Yoosung?” you call him, and he’s shivering when he hears his name like this. “Y-Yes?”
  • “How much of that conversation you listened?” SHIT! “Uhm… I, I… not mu-much, I… small dicks, and… WAIT! I… pretend you didn’t hear that, I… will stop talking now.”
  • You laugh, he’s adorable. How come you never noticed? You knew he was nice, you could tell by the way he greeted you at the bus stop every single day since middle school, but you never noticed how cute he is…
  • “Sorry you had to hear this. I… I, you probably think I’m such a stupid bitch, right?” “What? No, ne-never! I… heard the guy is an asshole.” Whoa, now he’s cursing too? He feels kinda cool… “Just… know you deserve better and move on, okay? And don’t date teachers! It’s… weird!” wow, he’s being so sincere… both of you are impressed.
  • Next day, you two are at the bus stop TALKING, he’s been dreaming about this for so long… gosh, your laugh is adorable. You can’t believe you had this really cool guy so near all these years and never tried to talk to him…
  • But your smile fades away when your teacher stops his car in front of you two. “Want a ride, kiddo?” Ugh… he’s so gross, how did you not notice before? “No, thank you.”
  • “Ah, please… come in and let’s talk, I know you didn’t mean what you said last night about my…” he notices Yoosung and stops talking.
  • “She already said ‘no’, professor, I think you should go.” “And who are you? Wait… you already traded me? For this loser? Oh, come on, MC… I knew you were a little slut, but not like this…”
  • You just see Yoosung standing up and staying in front of the guy’s car, he tries to accelerate, but Yoosung doesn’t move.
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing? Get back here!” you beg him. “Come on, hit me over! Then you’ll be a murderer in addition of having sex with minors!” “YOOSUNG!” you scream, going to him and dragging him away from the car.
  • You glare at your teacher and yell: “Go away, dude! I’m sure the teacher’s council wouldn’t like to hear anything about this. Oh, but the whole school would love to know about your little, very little friend and…” the guy goes away, you roll your eyes, men are so predictable.
  • Except from this one in front of you, he’s not predictable at all, actually, he keeps surprising you since yesterday, he’s much more than you thought…
  • But you still need to scold him for being so reckless: “Don’t ever do something so stupid like that! Why would you even do it?” “BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, OKAY? HAVE LIKED FOR A LONG TIME NOW…” whoa, he’s still in an adrenaline rush.
  • “You… like me? But…” he hugs you and pulls you for a very timid and fast kiss. “Do you want to skip class today? I… I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…”
  • “Yeah, sure. Where do you wanna go?” “Don’t laugh, but I… I would like to dye my hair. Do yout think you can help me with that?” Yup, still surprising you, not that you’re complaining, he can keep surprising you like this whenever he wants…

EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so

Broken Kind of Perfect (Yoongi X Female!reader)

(This is a little glimpse of how I write out ideas to remember for later. Thanks to my bestie for this plot idea.)*smutty smut smut* tag geekynerdiegirlie* jealous* make up sex*

“Yoongi. Come on. You’ve been at the studio all day. Can’t you just come home for a few hours. You need rest and I miss you,” You huff into your cellphone.

“You know I can’t babe. I have work to do. These songs aren’t going to produce themselves,” Yoongi replies.

“You need sleep! My god Yoongi you haven’t been home in a week! A fucking week! For gods sake we live together and I haven’t seen you in a week!”

“It’s always about you. I have a life too. A job.”

“Excuse me!? I’m not making this about me. I’m worried about you. This is unhealthy. You need sleep, you need to relax and take a break. You need to eat an actual meal. Christ you need to worry about yourself for once!”

“Fuck off Y/N.” He snaps and hangs up.

You try calling him back a few times, but then give up. Throwing your phone to the floor you get up with a huff. No way in hell were you going to sit here and wait for some half ass apology from Yoongi that you would accept then two weeks later go through the same shit again. No, this time you’re not going to just sit and wait. Something has to change. Someone has to change. And it sure as hell isn’t you.

You get up and lock the door and head to your bedroom. Yours. Not his. Not ours. Only you. This is your bed. Your nightstand.


Knock knock knock knock … BAM BAM BAM.

“What the hell?” You hiss.

“Y/N! Y/N! Fucking hell Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry. Let me in. Please babe. I’m sorry.” You hear Yoongi shout through the door.

You throw yourself out of bed and shuffle to the door where Yoongi is still knocking and pleading.

“Please. I look like an idiot out here.” He whines.

“Good. You better look like a dick-faced idiot who can’t get his shit together. You better look like you made a huge mistake.”

“Babe. I’m seriously sorry. Let me in please.”


“I’m sorry.”

“You already said that.”

“But I am.”

“You always say you are. Everytime. Every. Fucking. Time. I’m sick of it.” Then you start to mock him, “I’m so sorry, babe. I love you. Let me in.” You sneer. “Then the next day you’re screaming at me to fuck off and leave you alone.”

“I really am sorry, Y/N. I was just stressed.”

“Then you have a problem because being constantly stressed is a problem.”

“Please just let me in. We can work this out, I promise.”

“No, we can’t.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m done, Yoongi. It’s over. This is over.”

“No, Y/N please. Please I swear I’ll fix it.”

He starts to slam into the door, the whole frame shaking. You jump back as he keeps slamming into it.

“Yoongi stop! Just stop!” You scream but he doesn’t.

You know your neighbors must be awake by now, most likely looking to see what was going on. You finally decide to open the door, sending Yoongi stumbling into the apartment. He falls to the floor and slowly pushes himself up. He grabs onto your shirt as he stumbles and almost falls again. The thing you tend to forget about Yoongi is his ability to pronounce words so well, even after consuming massive amounts of alcohol, his only problem was standing and walking.

“Hands off,” You hiss.

He rolls his eyes and lets go of your shirt. You drag him to the couch and make him sit down. You then go to your room and throw all of his stuff, what little of it there is, into a bag and throw it at him. After that you grab you phone and call Namjoon, who doesn’t answer pissing you off more. Yes it’s two a.m. but you had a drunk ex-boyfriend who you want to murder sitting on your couch staring at your ass like nothing is wrong.

You try calling Jin, who doesn’t pick up the first time, but you try again because you know Jin always has the volume on his phone on incase anybody needs to reach him. The third time you call he picks up.

“This better be important, it’s two in the morning and I’m trying to sleep,” He groans.

“Would I have called you three times if it wasn’t important? Nevermind. I need you to come pick Yoongi up. He’s at my house throwing a tantrum.”

“Why would he-? Why can’t-? Wait. Did something happen between you two?”

“Yes. I’m going to deal with him until morning so I suggest you, or one of the guys, comes to get him.”

“Okay, yeah. I’m coming. Give me a a bit and I’ll get him.”

“Thanks Jin.”

“You’re explaining everything to me tomorrow.”

“Fine. Just get him out of here.”

Jin hangs up and you sit in a chair as far from Yoongi as possible.

“You look cute when you’re mad,” Yoongi tells you with a small laugh.

He sits on the couch wriggling around like he can’t get comfortable. And of course staring at you like you might dissappear.

“No I don’t,” You mumble, mostly to yourself.

“Don’t be like that I’m seriou-”

“No. Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear your crap. The cutesy lovey dovey comments are not going to help. I tell you I care about you and that I want you to be healthy, and you shut me down. You tell me to fuck off and hang up then come home hours later drunk and slamming on my door, begging for me to forgive you. You know what? Fuck you! Fuck you and your stupid games! I’m so sick of this! How many times do I have to say it before you ignolage the fact that I’m fucking done? We are over! And there is no way for you to fix it.”

His eyes glaze over and he stares at you in shock. Even with an alcohol clouded mind everything became clear and you can see it in his face. He reaches his arm toward you only to realize you’re too far away to touch. He doesn’t attempt to say anything. He now realizes it won’t help. No he just sits there with a sad look on his face his eyes pleading for you to take back what you had said. But you’re not going to do that.


“I’m really sorry Y/N,” Jin tells you as he drags Yoongi down the hall. “He didn’t mean it, whatever he said.”

“Doesn’t matter. It keeps happening. He’ll get over me.”

Jin sighs and continues walking. You’re so done with all the bullshit. Done with all of it. You turn back and slam the door behind you. One reason. Fuck this. Fuck all of this. You don’t need it.


“Give it a couple more days. It’ll stop hurting at some point.” You tell the bottle in front of you. “You said you were over him. But you obviously are not.”

Yes. You were in fact talking to a bottle of wine. But hey, you’re out of beer, what else are you going to spill your feelings to.

The sound of a loud bang makes you jump. Realizing it had come from the hall you get up and look through the peep hole. You couldn’t see anything in the hall, so being the smart drunk person you are you open your door. Min Yoongi stumbles into your apartment, hair tossed about his head, shirt wrinkled, and missing pants. The boy is laying on your floor in only a baggy shirt and boxers.

Half of you said it was just your brain playing tricks on you, the other half was screaming ‘holy shit this boy is hot like that’.

“Um. Yoongi?” You ask standing over him.


“What are you doing?”

“I came to see you. You wouldn’t answer my calls.”

“I know. It was on purpose.”

“I know.”

Yoongi slowly gets himself off the floor.

“The guys let you leave the house without your pants?” You ask him.

“No. I don’t think they know I left.”

“Gives us more time to talk, right?”


“Yes, Yoongi. Talk.”

“You really want to talk?”

“We’re going to have to eventually.”

A wide smile appears on Yoongi’s face. It almost makes you smile. He then proceeds to move to the couch and sit in his usual spot. You move to sit beside him, he shifts slightly.

“I’m sorry.” He tells you.

“I figured as much.”

“I really am.”

“I know.”

“Do you forgive me?”

“Not sure yet. Keep talking.”


“Just do it.”

“Okay. I’m sorry for the way I treated you. That I was never there. That I fucked up do many times. I’m just sorry.”

“It wasn’t just about what you did to me, Yoongi. Look at what you were doing to yourself. You weren’t sleeping. You weren’t eating enough. You stressed too much. I just wanted you to be okay, but you just threw it back in my face.”

“I-I didn’t mean to.”

“I get it, Yoongz. You get caught up in your work and forget about everything else. I get it but that doesn’t make it okay.”

Yoongi made a sound that seemed like a mix of a squeal and a huff. You look over to see him staring at the floor, he seemed sad but also frustrated at the same time.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” He finally speaks.

“I don’t know either,” You tell him.

“Then what do I do?”

“How about not say anything?”

“That seems counter productive.”

“That’s a big word.”

“You used to use it all the time.”

“I’m drunk.”

“That makes more sense.”

“Does it?”

“It does.”


“I thought you were acting strange. And not as stubborn.”

“I think I take offence to that.”



When the silence set in you began to shift. It makes you uncomfortable when this happens. Neither of you have anything to say but you both want to say something.

Yoongi stands and starts to move toward the door but then stops. He turns back to you and before you could ask him what he was doing he sits back down right next to you and kisses you. You jump back at first but quickly kiss him back. You pull him into your lap and he groans in response. He the pushes you down into a laying position on the seat of the couch, leaving you feeling almost exposed.

Yoongi then shifts to position your hips between his legs. He kisses you again in a reassuring manner. You carefully lift his shirt over his head, throwing it to the side. He in turn pulls your shirt off and awkwardly shifts you to get it all the way off. He then trails sloppy kissed down your neck, down to your bra. He stops momentarily to take the bra off, kissing around your nipples a few times before continuing down your abdomen. You squirm a little when he reaches a ticklish spot on the bottom of your rib cage, he smiles against your skin and unbuttons your pants. In turn you slide his boxers down to his knees.

Your phone was buzzing somewhere on the floor, you deside to ignore it. Nothing beats this. Nothing beats make up sex with Yoongi, why stop to check your phone?

Yoongi slides his hand down your body, you moan as he sticks a finger into your pussy. He pumps his finger in and out before adding in another finger. He pumps a few more times before puking his fingers out and repositioning his cock to line up with your entrance.

Yoongi starts to finger your clit as he enters you causing you to wriggle underneath him. He starts his thrust slow, moving his hand over your clit at the same pace. His thrusts get faster as he moves his hand up to grope your breast. You become a moaning mess, the only sounds in the room were Yoongi’s grunts, your moans, and the sound of skin hitting skin.

“Yoongz,” You moan loudly.

“I know, baby, I know,” He says in huffs.

He stops moving and pulls out of you, grabbing your hair and bringing you to kneel in front of him.

“Suck me off, babe.”

You nod in response, bringing your lips to his cock. You circle your tongue around his head, playing with his slit the way you know he likes. You open your mouth and press it around his cock, licking it as you move your head down his shaft, lips never leaving his skin.

“Holy shit, holy fucking shit,” Yoongi moans.

You let out a laugh making Yoongi squirm. He grabbed onto your head, pulling your hair slightly. He pushes your head, forcing his cock against your throat, then down further. You choke slightly, letting him take control of how fast your head bobs. He pushes your head back and forth along his cock, you move your head faster and he let’s go of your head.

“Holy hell.”

You smile as little at that, grabbing the base of his cock where your mouth couldn’t reach. The faster you pumped the more rapid his breathing became.


You nod in understanding, giving him permission to cum in your mouth. He grabs onto your shoulders as you slow down your movements. He groans  as he cums, filling your mouth. You pull your mouth away and Yoongi leans down to wipe off some cum that ran down your face.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you,” Yoongi whispers.

You nod and lay back down, spreading your legs wide. Yoongi leans down and licks across your pussy. You squeeze your eyes closed, completely engrossed in the pleasure. He laps his tongue around your clit and teasing around your entrance.

Damn rappers and their tongues

Licks and teases until you start to squirm, then he moves to lick around your entrance. You squirm more as he continues this. You buck your hips as you cum, Yoongi licks up your mess the best he could before moving to collapse and pass out beside you.

You get up, stumbling a bit. You make your way to the bathroom and grab a rag, wetting it and going back to Yoongi.

“Yoongz, Yoongi.” You say shaking the sleeping figure.

He let out a sad groan.

“I’m going to clean you up, okay?”

“Mhm,” came quietly from his lips.

You went to wipe him down, cleaning all the cum off of him before cleaning yourself, too tired yourself to take a shower. You pick up your phone from the floor, opening it and squint at how bright it is.

Eight missed calls.


Two missed calls for Joonie and six from Jinnie.

That can’t be good.

I called Jin back knowing that Joonie most likely called to see if I was just ignoring Jin.

“Why haven’t you answered any of my calls!” Jin says as he answers the phone.

“I was busy, what’s up?”

“Yoongi left the house while we were out and we can’t find him. He left his phone here. Have you seen him?”

“Yeah. Yeah he’s right here.”

“Thank goodness. Is he okay? I’m sorry he’s bothering you. I can come and pick him up right-”

“No. No its fine, Jinnie. Really. He’s not bothering me.”

“But. I thought…”

“We’re talking things out.”

“You guys are talking?”

“Yeah. Well kinda. He fell asleep.”

“Are you sure you don’t need me to come get him?”

“No. I’m not mad anymore. We’ll figure things out in the morning. I bring him back when we finish talking.”

“As long as you’re okay with that.”

“I am, Jinnie. I am.”

You look down at the sleeping Yoongi and smile. This is what you wanted. You wanted to see him fall asleep after talking and paying attention to you. You wanted to see him happy and not as stressed. It almost seemed like a broken kind of perfect.

Hello, things to celebrate!

Alright, this has been in the works for about a week and a half. I met a goal of 1.3k + followers and wanted to do a mutuals post. BUT, I decided to wait until Valentine’s Day to do a LOVE YOUR FELLOW MUTUAL post.  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Cold Coffee - Cisco Ramon Imaigine

A/N: aaaahhh xD this is my first Cisco Ramon imagine and I’m honestly so excited I cannot contain it! I am in love with this beautiful cinnamon roll and I think he doesn’t get nearly as much love as he deserves! :D so here it goes, hope you dearies like it :D

anonymous asked: *cracks knuckles* (that was much more badass in my mind) YOU ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! You’re an ice!metahuman that Team Flash takes in to teach how to control their powers but refuse to open up about your past until one night Cisco finds you crying in the pipeline and you tell him about how your mother and siblings died at the hands of your step father that had you locked in a meat freezer the night the explosion happened (I know it’s dark but it’s been prodding my mind for a while now)

so, here it is :D enjoy!

Warning: abusive stepfather and reader’s family death… so yeah, kind of dark in some parts :/ but happy ending, yay!

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash :)

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Cold Coffee

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s my favorite girl” Cisco said as she entered the cortex with everyone’s coffee from Jitters.

“What do you want?” she asked suspiciously as she gave everyone what they asked for.

“What? Why would you think I’d want something just because-“ he started but she raised her eyebrow at him. “Ok, here’s the thing. You know how we need to try this shields to see if they can resist Captain Cold’s gun?” he said sweetly. “I was thinking I could maybe try it with… your… powers… you know?”

“I thought you were working on another gun that resembled Captain Cold’s” she said not really content about having to use her powers, since she was still managing to learn how to use them.

“Glad you asked” he said grabbing his coffee from her tray. “I did do that but Joe wants to make sure his people are gonna be completely fine and well, we all know that you are as cold as it gets, am I right?” he said with a small laugh but (Y/N) didn’t even smile. “Please?”

“I’m not even that good at controlling them yet” she said unsure.

“Well, we’re still training in a bit” Barry reminded her. “So maybe you can try after that?”

“Fine” she said sighing as she took her seat at her desk.

“Hey, (Y/N), am I reading this wrong, or is tomorrow your birthday?” Caitlin asked excited and (Y/N) felt herself pale a little.

“Uh- I um- y-yeah tomorrow’s my birthday” she said quietly knowing there was no way she was getting out of this.

“What? Why didn’t you say anything?” Barry asked.

“Yeah, we have to celebrate” Cisco said excitedly.

“Oh, n-no that’s really not necessary. I don’t feel like doing anything-“

“(Y/N) come on, it’s been pretty chill lately and it’s on a Saturday. Downtime leads to increased productivity, ergo we need to have fun” he said rolling his chair towards hers. She simply eyed him with a serious expression on her face not responding. “And the best way to have fun is for us to go out to the club” he suggested. “Am I right, Team Flash? LET’S GET TURNT!”

“Yeah, that’s not happening” she said getting back to her work.

“Come on, Elsa-“

Stop calling me Elsa” she said glaring at him.

“Loosen up a little. It’s your birthday and we all need a break” Cisco tried to convince her. “Come to think of it, I don’t think you’ve ever hung out with us outside of S.T.A.R. Labs” he said.

“Cisco” Caitlin warned him knowing he was slowly walking into dangerous territory. (Y/N) was a really reserved person and they all knew that.

“What does that have to do with anything?” she asked looking at Cisco.

“Well, nothing just that you’ve been here for months now and you’re still sort of an enigma” he replied.

“Cisco” Barry tried but he still ignored them.

“There’s not much to know” she said shrugging her shoulders. “My name is (Y/N), I have ‘ice powers’ as you said and-“

“And that’s pretty much everything we know about you” Cisco complained. For the longest time he had tried to know something, anything else about (Y/N). The minute he had laid eyes on her he thought she was incredibly beautiful and when he got to know her, well, as little as it was, he couldn’t help but feel captivated by her. The only problem was; she was probably the most reserved person he’d known. They knew as little as possible about her and he wanted to know more. He wanted to break down that wall that she had up against everyone. “We don’t know anything about you, like your favorite color, what movies do you like, books, food. I mean, if it wasn’t for Caitlin we wouldn’t even have known your birthday was tomorrow-“

“Well, maybe that’s because I didn’t want you guys to know my birthday was tomorrow because I don’t want to make a big fuss about it” she said trying to get back to work but Cisco wasn’t letting her off that easy.

“But we can even have your favorite cake. If we knew what it was. Wait, don’t tell me. Ice cream cake, duh” he said laughing trying to make her laugh too. (Y/N) turned to look at him and smiled a little.

“You are so funny, Cisco” she said using a fake laugh before she touched Cisco’s coffee cup and he slowly felt it freeze until it got ice cold so he stopped laughing. (Y/N) smiled sweetly at him before she turned around and left the cortex.

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Bad Girl Ch 10: Who Needs A Hug?

You guys asked for it!

“I have to call him,” I hold my hand out expectantly, Suho just stares at me, his lips in a firm line. My fingers run through my hair in frustration, “You honestly expect me to not talk to him? Are you kidding me? This whole thing is a mess, I have to talk this through with him and you have my phone so hand it over.”

“Baby,” Luhan comes up behind me and places a hand on my shoulder. “We just got you back, we don’t want you anywhere near that bastard.”

“That bastard is my fiancé until proven guilty and even if all of this was his fault that doesn’t mean I coming back. But beyond this whole mess I have other responsibilities, other people who will be worried about me,” I pause as my own words sink in. “I wonder if Jiyong told Jiho about all of this, he must be so worried, I need my phone now!”

“We need to talk,” Suho says sternly but I’m not afraid of him or little anymore, I don’t back down.

“If you don’t want to give me my phone give me any phone. I need to call Jiho and after that I need to call Jiyong to talk to him about some things.”

“Suho, just do it, she won’t give up,” Luhan sighs.

Suho hands over my phone, anger in his eyes, “Put it on speaker.”

I roll my eyes, “Fine.” I eagerly search through my phone for Jiho’s number and call him.

He answers on the second ring, “Oh my god pretty bird are you okay?”

“I’m fine Oppa, just a bit shaken up,” I admit, relaxation washes over me at the sound of his voice. I didn’t know I could miss his stability so much.

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you!”

“Like hell you are!” Suho roars making me jump away from him, right into Luhan’s arms.

The older glares daggers at him, “Suho you aren’t scaring anyone except for Jooyoung, stop it with that bull shit.”

“Is that them?” Jiho snarls.

“Oppa please stay calm,” I beg into the phone, “I need someone to be my rock right now because I can’t do this. I need you to be calm and level headed, I need you to be my voice of reason. You are always able to help me through so I need you to do that right now, please?”

He is quiet for a moment before humming a soft, “As you wish.”

“Thank you, I just wanted to tell you that I’m okay, well mostly,” My hand goes to rest on the bandage concealing the cut on my neck.

“How long are you going to be there?”

I look up at Suho and Luhan who are staring right back at me, waiting for my response as well. I shrug, “I need to talk to Jiyong before even thinking about tonight, tomorrow for sure, we still have to meet with Youngguk so I’ll message you where to pick me up before that. Is everything all set for tonight?”

“You are basically in your own hostage situation, stop thinking about other people. Hanbin and his guys will get the kid, you and I need to get you home safe, alright?”

“Okay Oppa, I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

He sighs, “I’ll be waiting, call if you need anything.”

“Of course.”

“I love you little sister,” He hums softly into the phone.

“Stop sounding so emotional you are hurting my heart,” I mimic back to him what he told me hours ago. A sad smile spreads on my face, how things have changed in such a short time, “I love you too Oppa, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I hang up and press my phone to my head for a moment, taking a few deep breaths to keep myself from crying. Be strong, you have to be strong. I can’t let them see that I’m weak, I will not let them make me small again.

“Who the hell was that?” Suho asks in a quiet, but still very upset, voice.

“Let’s wait until I call Jiyong to talk about things, I’d preferred to only get yelled at once by you today if that’s possible,” I snap back at him while I call Jiyong. I have to keep my brave face on.

“My love?” Jiyong answers hopefully.

I sigh, “Oppa.”

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you at all? There was a lot of commotion and than the line when dead, I had no idea what happened,” His voice is filled with panic. I begin to wonder if this sweet man could think of such a plan, fake my death and claim to the world that I’m a fake, could he really do that?

“I’m fine Oppa.”

“Thank God, what are they planning on doing now? Did those bastards let you go?”

“No, but you are on speaker so I would keep the trash talking to a minimum.”

He scoffs, “They wouldn’t dare hurt you.”

“But they could lock me back up and throw away the key.”

“I wouldn’t let them do that to you again.”

I take a deep breath and ask, “Oppa, could I ask you a few things? These things have been weighing a lot on my heart.”

“Of course my love, anything,” He answers eagerly.

I can barely get myself to say it, “Did you plan my kidnapping?”

“Of course not! I would never do anything to hurt you!”

“Is Jiho involved in this lie?” That seems harder to say than the first. I can’t imagine the horrible reality of Jiho being involved in this, the thought rips out my heart.

He is quiet for a moment, “He wasn’t really involved. He just doesn’t know all of it. I would like to explain that better but that would just give you more questions.”

“I really want to ask you why you lied to me. I want to know how this is connected to my kidnapping but I need to ask that to your face so I will wait.”

“How long?”

I flop to the floor on my butt and let out a heavy sigh, “I’m going to talk to these guys for awhile. We have a lot to talk about, and I told them until I know what is going on we are still engaged so please don’t worry about anything happening.”

“I trust you completely. When do you think you will be coming home?”

“I told Jiho that I would be going to my meeting tomorrow so I can come by after that so we can talk.”

“Does that mean you are sleeping there?”

“I have to talk to twelve men who were grieving over my death for a year, three of them tried to kill themselves because of it, I have a long night of talking a head of me.”

He sighs, there is a thunk and I imagine him resting his head on his desk, “I love you. I love you so much, don’t ever forget that. I will make lunch for us and we can sit down and talk, okay?”

“Okay Oppa, I’ll see you then,” I pause for a moment before I admit, “I love you too.” I hang up before he has the chance to talk me into coming home now, I know he could.

“You love him?” Suho echoes, both hurt and angry.

“I do love him, I wouldn’t be getting married to him if I didn’t love him,” I state as if it is obvious.

“What about us baby?” Luhan wonders, “Do you still love us?”

“Yes,” I sigh and begin running my hands through my hair, “Of course I love you. I’m just mad and confused… and… and I just don’t know what is going on.”

“Are you mad at us?”

“Of course I’m mad at you! But not because of this whole abandoning thing right now, I’m mad because of how all of you handled me being gone! Look at you guys, your younger brothers are a mess, why didn’t you take care of them?”

“We all had problems of our own Baby, but can I ask you something, since you still love us?”

I sigh, “What?”

“Can I hug you?” He chokes on his words as he opens his arms up to me. For a brief second I consider pushing him away and just storming out but I don’t, I can’t get myself to. I stare at him, taking in his thinner face and body, there are bags under his eyes and I can’t stop my heart from breaking. I step closer to him and wrap my arms around him, enjoying the familiar scent. “I’ve missed you so much,” His face is tucked into the crook of my neck, I can feel his tears making my skin sticky.

“Hush, Lulu, it’s okay now, I’m not dead, I’m right here,” I coo softly. I kiss the top of his head before pulling away. Suho is watching us with bloodshot eyes, he’s trying not to cry but failing. Tears start forming in my own eyes as I open my arms to him, “Come on Suho, I know you want one too.”

He doesn’t hesitate to basically tackle me to the ground, “I’m so sorry.” I lay there with my arms wrapped around his head, his weight resting on top of me, a position I’m not used to with him. He feels so small right now, so sad and weak.

“I forgive you, please stop crying,” My hand rubs his back in a soothing motion, trying to calm the normally strong man. Luhan joins us on the floor, he pulls my head into his lap and begins running his fingers through my hair as he stares down at me. We just lay there for a while enjoying the familiar feeling of each others company. I don’t know how much time has passed when someone knocks on the door. None of us respond.

“How are things going?” Kris asks as he opens the door.

“Pretty good, I guess,” I smile at him.

“Can I have a turn?” Kris comes closer and nudges Suho with his foot. I pat the younger on the back signaling him his turn is done.

Suho shakes his head and holds me tighter, “Can’t I just stay here forever?”

“There is going to be a line forming soon,” The giant whines. “I want more than five seconds with her.” Suho groans but rolls off me and glares up at the older.

“You have at most thirty seconds before someone else comes, you better hurry,” I open my arms up yet again. He eagerly joins us on the floor and takes the same position as Suho with his head on my chest. Only a moment passes before four more figures are in the door way. “Sorry, I guess it was only thirty seconds from when you walked in the door.”

He looks over his shoulder as his younger brothers before kicking the door closed. “I have twenty seconds left with you in peace.”

I chuckle but do nothing more.

“We have all night, right?” Luhan wonders.

I nod, “My meeting is at noon so Jiho will pick me up tomorrow morning around 10 since he’ll have a lot of questions himself.”

“Who is Jiho?” Suho asks.

I sigh, “Five more seconds then we can go back to the living room and I’ll explain everything that happened after I was kidnapped.”

“That’s too long,” Sehun whines from outside.

“Shut your mouth punk,” Kris growls.

I smack his back, “Don’t talk like that to your little brother. You were whining less than a minute ago.”

“Noona,” Sehun calls, “Noona.”

“I’m coming Sehunnie,” I roll Kris over so I’m on top before quickly jumping to my feet and rushing through the door, leaving the older boys dumbstruck on the floor. I pull the door open revealing Sehun, Kai, Tao, and Kyungsoo. “Lets go to the living room before the hugs start again.” I lead the group of boys back into the living room where Xiumin, Chanyeol, Chen, and Lay are all waiting. They jump to their feet at the sign of my return.  I can see the hesitance to approach me in their body language making me chuckle. I was the one who was kidnapped yet they are the ones afraid while I’ve never felt more powerful in their presence, “Who’s first?”

“Me!” Sehun picks me up and brings me to the couch. His body wraps around mine like a snake, holding me tight in his embrace.

“So everything is okay?” Chanyeol assures.

“Things aren’t okay,” I admit, “but we are going to figure it out. I am leaving tomorrow morning to talk to Jiyong but you guys have me until then to talk about everything.”

“Are you going to go back to him?” Chen squeaks.

“I need to talk to him before I decide anything fully.”

“What if it was all him?” Xiumin questions, “What if he planned all of this so he could have you all to himself? Will you come back to us?”

“I don’t know,” I snap but regret it a moment later when all of them basically deflate. “Look guys I’m sorry for snapping but you need to give me more than a few hours to deal with this news. My life was completely flipped upside down and I don’t know who I can trust right now.”

“You seem to trust that Jiho guy,” Suho points out.

“Your time is up,” Kai points out before pulling me out of the youngest’s grip and into his own.

“Who is Jiho?” The group says in a chorus.

“Jiho is my close friend and body guard. He’s like a big brother.”

Kris crinkles his nose in disgust, “Does he have anything to do with your kidnapping?”

“No!” I say firmly, both for myself and for them, “He would never do that to me. He was there when I got attacked, they knocked him out too. I trust him with my life, he is my guardian angel so leave him out of this.”

“Fine,” Kris holds his hands up in surrender.

“Let me go.”

“What do you say?”

I narrow my eyes at him, “Please.”



He pouts, “You said it to Suho hyung earlier and Baekhyun hyung too.”

“I already told you I am not your little girl,” I sneer.

“Stop saying that, you are her. You are my baby!” He actually yells holding me tighter but I force my way out of his embrace onto my feet.

“I am Kim Jooyoung,” I protest, “I am the white dragon of Korea, I am not some innocent little child.”

“White dragon?” Kyungsoo questions. “The black dragon’s new partner in crime? The person who has been involved in all of those gun and drug deals, that white dragon?”

I nod, “The one and only.”

“That is impossible,” Chanyeol tries to shake the idea out of his head. “I’ve heard the white dragon is brutal, he has ordered at least a dozen gangs to be either wiped out or taken over. He has a thousand foot soldiers and Jiyong’s own personal henchmen on call. You can’t be that person, I don’t believe it.”

I roll my eyes at him, “Why does it have to a he? I’ve changed a lot in this last year, more than I ever thought possible but here I am. The technical queen to one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia.”

“How could Jiyong let you into this world? Do you have any idea how dangerous this is for you?” Suho snaps. “This will not be continuing when you come home.”

“This is our problem, right here!” I snarl back, “You guys need to stop forcing me into a bubble. Who said I was coming back here? I don’t want to go anywhere where I can’t be who I want to be.”

“And this is who you want to be?” Kai gestures to all of me.

“Damn right.”

“You don’t honestly think this is a good life for you, do you?” Sehun is completely dumbfounded by me right now.

“We just want what is best for you,” Yixing tries with a calm voice, “We want to keep you safe from all of this.”

“Too late now. I am in this, I am actually running this. Now let me tell you guys something that you need to understand. If I do come back to this house, I’m not saying I’m going to, but if I do you can’t baby me all the time. You can’t keep me locked in this house or in an office. I will come and go as I please because I will not leave my work. I worked hard to get involved in this world and I’m not leaving because you want to keep me safe. If you can’t understand that tell me now so I don’t waste my time here tonight.”

The room is dead silent.

I chuckle dryly, “Is that really such a hard limit for you? You can’t give me my freedom? I’ll give you guys some time to think on things, I’m going to give Baekhyun the same speech. Even thought he just about killed me maybe he’s calmed down enough to know if he really love me or just my little side.” I turn and take a few steps toward the doorway when someone grabs my arm.

“I love you,” Xiumin confesses. “I love you when you are little, when you are big, when you are mad, when you are happy, I love you so much it hurts. I will give you anything you want, just please don’t leave me again.”

Of course it’s him. He stares at me with that cat like eyes and I find myself smiling. I let him pull me into his arms and almost crush me in a hug. My heart flutters, I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder.

“I love you too.”

“Whatever you want,” Luhan sighs coming forward, “I’ll give it.” He joins in on the hug, followed by the rest of the group until I’m drowning in their embrace.

“As nice of a moment this is, I need to talk to Baekhyun too,” I feel bad breaking up the love circle but I don’t feel fair leaving Baekhyun out.

“I can go get him,” Chanyeol quickly volunteers.

I shake my head, “I need to talk to him alone especially after the whole almost killing me thing.”

They part like the red sea for me, I shuffle around the familiar home, up the stairs and down the hall until I’m standing outside his room. I can’t hear anything from the outside but I still knock.

“Just leave me to die,” He grumbles from inside. I open the door anyway and close it behind me. Baekhyun is laying in the middle of the floor with his forehead resting against the wood. He lifts his head only to bring it back down to floor with a quiet thunk. “If you are going to kill me don’t make it fast, I deserve the most painful death imaginable.” His voice is scratchy and strained from crying so much. I can see that the floor is wet from tears.

My heart cracks, “No you don’t.”

His head snaps up to look at me, “Baby?”

I consider telling him not to use my nickname but the broken look in his eyes keeps the words off my lips, replacing them with ones I didn’t want to use, “Hi Daddy.”

“Don’t call me that!” He snaps before returning to the same position, the thunk becomes louder. “I hurt you, I don’t deserve to be your daddy. You should hate me.”

“I don’t hate you. In fact, I love you.”

He shakes his head, “You love Jiyong, you should love Jiyong. He would never hurt you like I did. He protected you for a whole year until I came in and fucked everything up for you. You should just hate me.”

“Stop saying that,” I snap.

“But it’s true!” He scream back, “I ruined everything for you, you would be happy and at home with him right now if it wasn’t for me. I destroy everything! I should just die!” He slams his head down hard on the wood making me jump.

“Baekhyun stop!” I rush over to him as he continues to smack his head again and again.

“I’m sorry baby,” He cries as he keeps going.

“You are hurting yourself stop! You are going to kill yourself!”

“I deserve it!”

anonymous asked:

Can you please write a prompt about Lucas and Dustin realizing they like Max? Your writing is awesome!!

Thank you, Noni! I hope you enjoy! ❤️

“Oh, shit!”

Dustin backed away from the air hockey table, grimacing. Across from him, Will was whooping gleefully. “I told you not to go against me,” the younger, normally more humble boy grinned. “Air hockey is my game.”

“Well why don’t we rematch,” Dustin suggested, “with Discs of Tron!”

Will shook his head. “I have to get home,” he said.

“You sure? Highest score wins!”

Will, shrugging on his hand-me-down denim jacket, rolled his eyes. “Wins what?”

“I have two hostess cupcakes in my bedroom,” Dustin said.

“I’m more of a Twinkies guy, myself.” Will grinned and grabbed his bag. “See you guys tomorrow.”

He ran out the arcade doors and onto the curb, where Jonathan was waiting in his car. Dustin sighed in defeat and shuffled through the rows of games until he found Mike and Lucas in the back, playing pool.

“Are you serious?!” exclaimed Lucas, backing away from the table in frustration. “How did you get so good?”

“I’m a natural,” Mike gloated. He spread chalk across the tip of his cue.

Lucas spotted Dustin. “Where’s Will?”

“Went home.” Dustin grabbed a ball off of the table and rubbed it against his shirt, to the great protest of his friends. Dustin ignored them, a teasing smile spreading across his face. “It’s like, almost eight,” he told them.

“Shit!” Mike grabbed at his stuff, face pale. “I told my mom I would be home by seven forty-five!”

With that, he took off running. Lucas quickly hurried after him, leaving Dustin to catch up. He huffed and put the ball down, before grabbing his own things and heading out.

The night air was cool and brisk on their faces; the smell of freshly fallen rain was prominent, and dampened the ground so that the street lights reflected against the asphalt in melted bright colours.

Dustin grabbed for his bike, which was a little wet.


The three of them rounded, for a moment expecting the sneering face of their signature bully—but it was a girl. The new girl to be specific, who everyone called crazy.

She had red hair, which fell in wavy strands around her freckled face. She dressed like Will did; in second hand clothes that more often than not carried holes and loose threads.

Dustin took a liking to her immediately. He waved in what he hoped was a friendly way, which seemed to surprise her; she stopped in her tracks and furrowed her brow. “Uh, hey! You’re Max, right?”

Max nodded. “Yeah…”

“I’m Dustin Henderson, this is Lucas Sinclair, and that’s Mike Wheeler.”

His friends also waved, and then Mike wheeled his bike out. He looked anxious. “Did you need something? Because we’re like, super rushed, right now—”

“I saw you talking to that kid,” said Max. She advanced toward them and pulled a trapper keeper out of her bag. “Will Byers? I heard… I heard some pretty weird shit about him.”

Dustin balled his fists, and Mike’s jaw clenched, immediately on the defensive. “What things?” he asked.

“I heard he died, and came back to life,” Max said. “And I heard that something totally weird happened last year, aside from the Will thing—there were electrical shortages, and disappearances, and that lab was like, shut down—” she was rifling through her binder, producing cut out articles and displaying them like some FBI agent might. “And since you guys are friends with Will, I thought… maybe you could tell me what was going on?”

Lucas eyed her skeptically. “You seem to have it all figured out yourself,” he told her, and then mounted his bike.

Dustin did the same, although he was far more hesitant about it. Max’s shoulders sagged.

“Please. Please, I… I think…I know this sounds crazy, but I kind of have this weird obsession with extraterrestrials, okay? And if you guys know something, I need answers.”

Her voice grew more firm as she went on. The guys exchanged glances.

“Look,” Dustin leaned on the handles of his bike, “we don’t know anything. And even if we did, we wouldn’t tell you.”

Max frowned. “Why not?”

“Because Will is our friend,” Mike said firmly. “And we’ve known you for what, thirty seconds?”

“Okay, I get that.” Max closed her trapper keeper and swallowed. “I can even respect it. So…”

“So what?” Lucas folded his arms over his chest.

“So can I be your friend?”

Her eyes had turned hopeful, and in that moment Dustin saw himself. He saw a nine year old boy who was about to get the crap kicked out of him by Troy and James, only to be saved by Mike Wheeler.

Even though they were sitting outside of the arcade talking to a girl, it didn’t really feel like that. It felt like… like it was meant to be. And that was crazy; Dustin believed in science, not destiny or fate… except when it came to his friends.

He exchanged a look with Lucas, and knew that they were both thinking the same thing: Why the hell not?

Mike began to back away. “Meet us tomorrow on the corner of Elm and Cherry,” he said. “Then we’ll all see. Together. Okay?”

Max brightened, and Dustin felt his heart flutter. Stupid. She’d never go for you. “Okay. And, uh, thanks.”

She smiled, a smile which would never be beaten in Dustin’s books. Light and warm and radiating, even on this chilly August night.

The three of them biked out of the parking lot. Dustin glanced behind, just once, to see Max gaining speed on a skateboard. He concealed a grin, but saw that Lucas was doing the same.


Kyle: Hello! We just wanted to say thank you guys for already over 20 followers! We’ve just launched this, and it’s kicking off pretty well. I’m really happy with that.

Eric: Hey, Kyle! Guess how many followers we have! Come on!

Kyle: Cartman, I was just gonna get to that, can you just-

Eric: I gotta show everyone this video I made for celebrating. They’re gonna love it. 

Kyle: Can’t you wait until I’m finished? 

Eric: Hell no.

Kyle: Ugh, fine. Come play it here.

Kyle: I can’t believe I married him, I really can’t. 

Kyle: I’m truly grateful for these followers, I am. Sometimes, I can’t fucking handle him. Why we bought that damn editing software, I don’t know. But, stay tuned. Thank you guys for these follows, it means a lot…Abel should be posting his intro tomorrow, unless Fatass does something stupid again. See ya, guys.