you guys have the best stereotype ever

say what you want about glee but it had the best wlw representation I have ever seen in a tv show.

- brittany being bi and her sexuality never being dismissed as her ‘just experimenting but eventually ending up with a guy because that’s what you need for a stable relationship’ like it happens to so many bi female characters

- santana never being reduced to the ‘soft lesbian’ or ‘butch lesbian’ stereotypes, and her sexuality never being the most prominent part of her personality

- just. this incredible quote: “the only straight I am is straight up bitch”

- sapphic demi lovato (!!!)

- straight girls supporting sapphic girls without anything resembling a ‘no homo’ claim (c.f. the ‘I kissed a girl’ episode)

- brittana being one of the three power couples and probably the only non-toxic relationship on this wreck of a show

- brittana being the most adorable

i want someone to write a book where the strong female character is a feminine lesbian with a million guy friends that have never once thought about being with her and that the girl doesn’t own combat boots or leather jackets because it doesn’t match her badass pastel aesthetic

i want someone to write a book where the male lead doesn’t even want to be part of the story and he just constantly tries to get someone else to do the job so his life doesn’t get ruined but he’s also a massive sweetheart that loves baking cookies and sliding on wooden floors with his socks on 

i want someone to write a book where the strong female character (mentioned above) uses nail polish remover or hairspray to blind the antagonist so she can save her friends 

i want someone to write a book where the main character is supposed to be the love interest but wants nothing to do with the person they’re supposed to fall in love with and instead they just become best friends and do stupid shit together

i want someone to write a book where the wise old man trope character is actually proven completely wrong and clinically insane so all the other characters have to find an entirely new way to defeat the antagonist because “hey, this sword is made out of foam!” or because “hey, i’m not part of this prophecy at all! it’s actually you, jerry!” 

i want someone to write a book where the gay protagonist is nowhere near a gay stereotype. if it’s a guy, he has the thickest beard you’ve ever seen instead of being clean-shaven, he has a doughy stomach or even a really big one instead of being stick thin, etc. if it’s a girl, she’s basically the girl mentioned above 


i want someone to write a book where the protagonist is insanely asexual/aromantic/both so if the love interest makes a move on them they’re like “ha, no thanks i’d rather watch stand up comedy” 


complex mental problems the signs have (sorry not sorry)

 Aries: A real conformist. They like to look normal, act normal, be normal. While deep down they have this thing that makes them unique and special, I really don’t get it why most of them try to “go with the flow” all the time. For fuck’s sake, you are original, embrace yourself! They are SO afraid of what the other people have to say, that’s why they cannot succeed in life.

Taurus: They always like to be “the good guy” in every situation, they ALWAYS want to present themselves as the most humble person you’ll ever meet. When in reality, deep down, they’re just a weak-ass attention whore who has a boring life and they always try to be at their best because they always follow stereotypes, doesn’t matter how much open-minded they are.

Gemini: Another attention whore. They constantly need approval and assurance by everybody, they’re the MOST FAKE people. Their low self-esteem makes them this person that pops up in your life, suddenly, out of nowhere, assures you things about you (which might not be true), sugarcoats every single one of your problems and when you pay them back with your real goodness for their FAKE goodness, they become mentally stable and they start to believe in themselves. Then they get bored of you and forget that they even had you as a friend. 

Cancer: Cancers are so bitchy. I mean, they always like presenting themselves as that good innocent blonde angel in pink fluffy clothes when in reality they always cheat, they care only about themselves and their family, nobody else.

Leo: Jfc, these people need to chill. (most of them). They talk SO much, they always try to be the center of attention all the time and they always try to have the best things in life. If someone is less successful (on their imaginary scale of success), they see that person as a weakling and nothing more. If a person is more successful on the same scale, they start talking shit about their person behind the person’s back, neglecting every success the person has ever reached, trying to ruin the social image of that person. While behind the mask, they are actually cowards and are terrified and afraid by that person’s success. If they cannot destroy the person’s image, they try to befriend them and stay friends, presenting an image of “the best squad”.

Virgo: Maybe the most judgmental people you’ll ever meet in your entire life.Their ego is so big, they even get depressed, thinking that they’re better than everybody around them, thinking that something is not wrong with themselves. Here we have a reversed big ego when the individual has an immense ego, constantly reassuring themselves that they are not egotistic, but only practical and really successful. But you know what? Stop living inside your forlorn mind and go use your potential because you suck if you drown yourself in self-pity for the rest of your life. And you will never be able to evolve.

Libra: These people are crazy. I mean, CRAZY. Constantly bothering everybody around them with gossips and that kind of things while acting innocent and good, when in reality they don’t fucking realize that THEY are the one who’s spreading gossips. They love acting like social justice warriors, they just cannot live without attention and popularity. It’s disgusting, stop it. Spread your false positivity somewhere else.

Scorpio: Another example of people who want to look like the baddest guy OR the best guy, there’s no in-between. And it’s all because of attention, because they need compliments. In fact, their real goal is to look, act, behave and BE hard-to-get, they love living in the clouds. The scary thing is that they can achieve this very easily because they have natural charm, especially for the ignorant masses. But one day, they will tire themselves trying and close themselves inside them, that’s the price. They will really become unreachable and will end up living alone, isolated somewhere until they overdose and die.

Sagittarius: They have a serious PHOBIA of showing their feelings and revealing how they feel to another person, especially their partner or someone they love very much, while deep down, they feel really hard and true. They are very constructive and productive but sadly, they are so nervous and this makes it almost impossible for someone to love them because they hurt, accidentally or intentionally.

Capricorn: Freaks for success and being the best. Stop trying so hard, for fuck’s sake, be original and spontaneous for once. They always try to be original AND the best at the same time, they only think about working and success and when they achieve it (because they actually HAVE the potential to get what they want) they will get bored and depressed and the only thing that will be able to pull them out of their depression will be… a new task/goal. Stop doing that to yourself, just relax and pay attention to the beautiful things in life.

Aquarius: You can’t win an argument with these people. Not because you can’t but because they won’t let you. Because talk too much and probably aren’t paying attention to your opinion and what you’re saying in the conversations. The thing is, they act like they do pay attention about what you have to say. They have this need of being the most intelligent person (and they are very intelligent but they’re definitely NOT the most intelligent, they’re only just a show-off). Know-it-alls beyond borders. Jfc, y’all need to think before you speak. And stop acting so intelligent, you’re not stupid if you don’t understand maths or chemistry, gosh. Just relax and admit your mistakes, you’ll learn more that way and you’ll put your intelligence and potential in good use.

Pisces: Ugh, where do I even start with these. The thing is, they can morph into every one of the signs mentioned above. When in reality, they are only manipulators who are good at acting and making y’all feel wonderful and all that stuff but it’s sad because they’re probably using you for their own goals. They can be so cold-hearted and materialistic on purpose. Too bad because they have immense potential, they could be very successful in a good way. But it’s not them to blame, but the cruel society they live in, because Pisces are actually never born evil, they become this vengeful monstrosity that society has created. Don’t underestimate them and stay away from them if you mean to harm them.

BoJack Horseman

That show is so good. I never expected it to be half as good, even quarter as good. You see the visuals and expect a fart-fest like Family Guy or something like that, but it’s a very well-done drama with some of the best-written characters in an animated show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen so many.

The humor is good, the setting is bizarre but thought-through, the characters, man, the characters. For the first time since Steven Universe I actually like more than one female character per show. I love all the characters. They are so archetypal without being cardboard stereotypes, they have so much life, so much honesty! 

It seems quite simple at first glance, but then you find out more and characters become more and well-rounded and flawed and real. There’s so much quotable stuff in there. A++ show. The third season seemed a little weaker, but the first two were superb.

It’s not a light show, but it’s got great humor and a lot of great messages.

Also consider: well-developed interesting characters, both male and female; at least one canon asexual character, a feminist character who isn’t a joke, almost no toilet humor, deep emotion, very interesting and life-like relationships, continuity, attention to detail and hardly any filler episodes (I’m looking at you, Steven Universe).

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The signs as I know them
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> I am actually not supposed to get along with Aries but two of my best friends are both Aries. You guys have so much energy it's amazing. You always come up with new things to do. Though you tend to tease the people you like a lot, if anyone else tries to do that you will break their face. If you have an Aries in your life, nothing will ever be boring.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> I know so many Tauruses and I really like them all. My general friends group are mainly Tauruses. In my experience they are all quite different from the stereotype but they are all generally really relax and good hearted people. Stubborn and enjoy chilling with a smaller group of people, they are no party goers. They have a very comforting nature.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> contrary to popular belief Geminis are lovely people. Very smart, great listeners and talkers and always fun to be around. They are very social and have a lot of friends. Life of the party and very influential. They can snap out at you but they never mean to hurt you. Geminis are a great friend to have.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> I don't know many Cancers but they are very emotional people which they either let out or try to hide with a lot of sarcastic remarks. They can really be quite mean when they try to hide their feelings. Needy but they have a lot of love for you and you need to learn how to deal with that. A Cancer's love is the warmest you can receive.<p/><b>Leo:</b> my sister is a Leo. Leos are beautiful people. In my experience they are very artistic and warm hearted, even the boys. They love luxury and being spoilt. They are quite popular and maybe a little conceited sometimes but they have a soft spot for people they love. Will destroy you if you mess with them.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> I get along really well with Virgos. My other two best friends are Virgos. In my experience they are very smart and ambitious. Are both ridiculously messy and organized at the same time it's confusing. You can always trust a Virgos jugement. They can hide their feelings well so they can come off as fake but take time to get to know them. But once you earn a Virgo's loyalty they will be there for you forever.<p/><b>Libra:</b> Libras are so versatile. I've seen lots of different Libras. But generally they are all social and chatty especially if they feel comfortable around you. Have the sweetest laughs. Don't get on a Libras bad side, their death stares are terrifying. They tend to be a little clingy but that only means that they care and want to keep you safe. They have this calming nature about them, if you feel stressed go to a Libra, they'll sort you out.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> okay ngl Scorpios are difficult for me. They tend to be drawn to Capricorns a lot. Though they are charming and very deep, they get jealous very quickly. They don't mean it badly, they just care a lot. I feel like they tend to drown in their own sadness a lot, because they're scared no one will give them the love they need. Are very misunderstood, and very emotional. But once a Scorpio falls in love with you, you will be loved forever.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Sagittariuses are really beautiful. In my experience they want so much more then than most people. Crave freedom and adventure. Though they have very individual thoughts, I feel they sometimes follow the crowd a lot. They are scared of rejection but there really is no need to fear that. Go out there and think for yourself! Stand up for what you believe in, you won't regret it.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> though I am a Capricorn myself I know a lot of other Capricors. Capricorns are really hard to read, they seem to have the same expressions most of the time. They are really deep though, have a lot on their mind. Highly ambitious, they judge themselves more than anyone else. Always seem distant, Capricorn is the guy or girl in school everyone knows but no one really knows anything about.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> my boyfriend is an Aquarius. You guys are so aloof, always seem to be dreaming. Get caught up in their own world a lot. Very artistic and seem to love the past on which they built the present. But they can be so detached. Never seem to say anything real to you, don't feel genuine but I know you don't mean it like that. Let the important people know how much you care, it would mean so much to them.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> I know quite a few Pisces and I really like you guys. You are so genuine and smart. Have their goals set and know exactly where they want to be. Good listeners, trust a Pisces when it comes to advice on relationships. I honestly just wanna cuddle you. But Pisces can be a little selfish sometimes but with all the love you give, you can get away with that.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Communication Error (TOP Scenario)

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Took a while for me to come up with an idea for this that I liked haha. Finally did, though, so I really hope you’ll like it, sweetie! Enjoy~

Summary: You’re quite new to the Korean language. Because of that, your conversations with Seung Hyung are mostly in English, which makes him flustered - since he has a hard time finding the right words to say.

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How I See the Signs

[WARNING:] Please remember this is solely my opinion and my opinion only. If you agree with me, great. If you don’t, oh well. I’m a Libra Scorpio cusp btw.

Aries: You fucking scare me when you’re angry but you always try to make me laugh and usually succeed. You’re determined and good with money and tbh if I had to trust someone to do my homework I’d probably trust you to. You’re also cool af.

Taurus: You my bestie. I love you to death and you’re funny af. You’re not food obsessed either… well… most time’s you aren’t anyways… you always know how to make me smile especially when I’m sad and I think that’s fab and awesome and stuff. I wish I could be more like you.

Gemini: You’re kinda bitchy sometimes just like the stereotype… but I love you too. When you’re not being a jerk to me you’re the nicest kindest and most caring person I’ve ever met. When you are a bitch to me it’s usually because I’m hanging out with Taurus or Pisces or Virgo but when I’m alone with just you you’re the nicest person ever okay.

Cancer: I love you guys to death. You give me life, and although some Cancers are crybabies most of them aren’t and have to seriously trust you to cry in front of you. I’ve known maybe five Cancers and only one of them has ever hurt me, even when they did they didn’t mean to. You guys are super nice and I wish I could be more like you.

Leo: Tbh I’ve had a lot of bad experience with Leos. I don’t know why but a lot of you guys know how to tick me off really easily. But the few I know that don’t tick me off, you guys are awesome. Sometimes you’re a little boring and I don’t really get your sense of humor but I still love and appreciate every single one of you that hasn’t been a jerk to me.

Virgo: When we get older we’re gonna move in together tbh… we’re best friends and most of the time you don’t even care how neat/clean a place is. I don’t think I could live without you because although we’ve had our differences you’re one of my favorite signs out there. You always know how to make me laugh even when I’m pissed af at you and you’re shockingly nice.

Libra: Hey Libro! I’m half Libra and I appreciate your existence ok. Keep doing you, you’re awesome, super creative, caring, and at times you guys can be really funny. You try really hard to make everyone else happy, even if it means taking away your own happiness and I seriously appreciate that. You give yourself a lot of self hate and I’m sorry but you don’t deserve that. You’re amazing and I wish I knew more of you.

Scorpio: Woah hey here I am again! I’m also half Scorpio. With you guys/girls I’m either all or nothing. I’m friends with a few of you and you’re not really that sex obsessed… all though you do get jealous at times I understand you. You, just like Libra, criticize yourself a lot when the reality is you are simply amazing. You guys are a little crazy and you never can tell what you’ll do next but that’s what keeps me on my feet with you guys.

Sagittarius: Every Sag I’ve ever known has done me wrong eventually. You guys leave me like I’m not worth anything and even though I know it’s not your fault your feelings change so quickly, it really fucking hurts because I don’t have you in my life anymore. You guys are funny af and a great catch, you’re also attractive af and you guys aren’t actually players like everyone says you are (most of the time anyways). You guys seriously commit to people and I don’t know where this “player” stereotype even came from.

Capricorn: Same as Sag. Every Cap I’ve ever met has done me wrong. I love you guys though, I love your seriousness and how committed you guys usually are to work. I especially love when you guys show your funside where you make an unexpected and extremely hilarious joke, you and Sag undoubtedly have the best sense of humor out of all the signs, that’s why it hurts so much to lose you guys. You’re cautious a lot of the time and also extremely witty. I love you guys even though most of you have hurt me because it’s almost impossible not to love you, you’re so easy to love.

Aquarius: Oh dear god where do I start. You guys are usually train wrecks but that’s okay because I’m a train wreck too. Girl Aqua’s who are past 18 usually fit the Aquarius stereotype. Not saying that they’re aliens just saying they’re hippie and I love it. You guys always try to make me smile and I love you to death because of it. You’re really good at cheering people up and every Aquarius I’ve ever met has fabulous hair like OMG you guys are hair goals af.

Pisces: Bestie #3. You guys are really funny and sensitive. It’s easy for you guys to get sad but then again I think that’s because you always try to make others happy and never think about yourself. You guys are extremely caring and I don’t know what I’d do without you, you guys are so special to me, like I don’t even know how to explain how much I love you guys. You’re usually quiet too but that’s because you’re cautious and try to think logically a lot of the time just like Cap. 

My Culture Is Not A Costume: Love My Culture & Love My Blackness If You Want To Enjoy My Culture

to whom it may concern (or offend.) #0010

This topic comes up multiple times and it’s constantly on my mind when I’m at a party. Why? When you’re the only black person there and these white kids are playing the most ratchet music and the shock that wraps around their face when they find out you’ve never heard it. And you’re just like “well sorry I’m not overcompensating for having no culture.” Okay that’s a little mean. You in particular don’t have culture but I’m sure your European ancestors do. At these parties I see white people trying their best blaccent while posting on Facebook and Twitter with hastags like #catlivesmatter #gaylivesmatter #whiteguysmatter #someirrelevantquirkylivesmatter. And ofcourse I’m here for the free food and drinks but the blatant blackface and touching my hair without my permission isn’t appreciated. My blackness isn’t something you can use to be “edgy.” But this isn’t appreciation. You are not a nigga. I am not your nigga. We are not the same. Your use of ratchet and hood aren’t desired either because you associate that with my blackness. “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?” As Amandla Stenberg says in her video ‘Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows’ “Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated but is deemed as high-fashion, cool or funny when the privileged take it for themselves.“ This brings me to that godawful party that recently happened at UCLA. You know which one. The Kanye “Western” party. How clever. Do you privileged white people have nothing better to do than mock racial stereotypes for your own entertainment then distance yourself away from it when it’s broadcasted all over social media? Number one, no matter how much you convince us that you aren’t you are in fact racist. Number two, putting on blackface and perpetuating ignorant stereotypes is not appreciation. We do not appreciate it. If anything it shows us your true colors dare I say. Stop trying to convince me that you’re colorblind and that you don’t see color. That you simply judge people based off of their character because all of that is a lie. Look at the current trends that are seeping into white music. As usual people like to pull from us directly and indirectly. Most of the time it’s stealing. Put a white face on it and it’s proclaimed safe and marketable. Let’s first talk about rock n roll. A genre we invented that is now seen as niche when someone of color is expressing themselves within that genre. Why has it become so white centric? Because white men won’t let us have anything therefore once again a part of our culture has been stolen so someone of the beige descent can seem edgy. One of the greatest success stories of stealing and often credited as the “inventor” (major eye roll) of rock n roll is the all American caucasian legend himself Elvis. Yes, I will admit I fucking love his music but I’m not blind or ignorant to where the orgins of this person’s popularity has come from. As I sit and watch my caucasian peers and musician counterparts all I can think about is when they incorporate trap music (a genre they didn’t know existed til recently) and mainstream black genres into their own creations and playlist. It doesn’t feel genuine. It feels like “hey black people are cool, I know who Aaliyah is and therefore I’m cool by association.” And yes Aaliyah isn’t trap but she was produced by two southern geniuses. If you knew this music you’d know where it comes from. You like this because you got a tumblr page and saw it on some best of list second to some white woman on SoundCloud biting that sound without acknowledging where she got that from. Not to sound like a snob and I know I do but you don’t know this music. You know this aesthetic and you’re also hella late to the party. The resurgence of trap music is a perfect example. You not knowing where Fka Twigs’ baby hair do comes from. You not knowing where twerking comes from. If you think Miley Cyrus started that trend first then you are incorrect. And this brings me to the many forms of blackface. We can talk about the wrecklessness of the current “I’m a strong black woman that don’t need no man” in a white woman or white man’s body. White people are fucking fearless. Now I’ve touched on this earlier in the one of the previous post but rolling your neck, waving your finger, popping your tongue, talking like you from the hood (knowing damn well white poverty and black poverty are completely opposite things as you are still privileged and more than likely grew up in the suburbs) and borrowing from racial stereotypes to give you what ever edge you think you may have is blackface. Dating black guys, your black best friend and your potentially mixed race children don’t give you credentials to exploit blackness. You will never experience blackness and that’s okay but you can’t be showing up to Afropunk taking in my culture playing false ally and still remain silent when my people are constantly killed and opressed solely based on the color of our skin. If you want to rep my blackness then get your ass in the trenches with us. Cry with us when we die. Fight beside us when we’re angry. Live in constant fear that you’re not safe from police brutality or racial profiling. You can cry with us and fight beside but you will never be one of us. You are still white and all you’ll always be white. Sorry but there’s no changing that. You may own everything and at one point you owned us and technically you still do but our culture isn’t your birthright. There’s a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Using blackness (that includes trends, music, art and etc) to perpetuate stereotypes and seem dare I say once more “edgy” without the cultural significance behind it or the history behind it then you are appropriating. You are in blackface. You’re not honoring my culture. As Jarune Uwujaren says “using someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression is an exercise in privilege.” There is a thin line between appreciation and appropriation. If you aren’t fetishizing my blackness and it’s culture then you’ve not crossed the line but if you are, me and Nicki are on our way. What’s good Halloween? So this Halloween be careful. If you offend me I will read you for filfth and in all of my pettiness will find ways to splatter your blackface all over media. Trick or treat? - Sincerely, white people please stop wearing dreads, dashikis and cornrows you look messy

p.s (solely for your black friend)

please stop enabling your white friends