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Hey guys: please deactivate the new Tumblr “favorites first” functionality

It might seem like a good idea but it basically gives Tumblr the power to decide what you see first. We have no idea of how that algorhythm works.

Besides, it’s already hurting artists on this website. We depend on people seeing our posts to make a living. With the new tool, many artists just don’t get seen anymore, as the algorhythm doesn’t care about that.

Maybe you think this is meaningless and you’re too lazy to uncheck the box, but remember: you’ll probably see less of new, beautiful, and interesting art/writing/crafts/anything on your dash. You’ll be lead to see only a few cherry-picked users and kinds of posts, and you don’t get to decide which. Tumblr is a tool of discovery - and you’ll be losing that ability with the new item.

By the way, @staff: NO ONE LIKES FAVORITES FIRST IN ANY SOCIAL MEDIA, BUT ESPECIALLY IN AN INFORMAL ONE LIKE TUMBLR. You’re hurting your public and people who use this to work. Take it down.

To everyone else: thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll spare 5 seconds to uncheck the box :) Also, please reblog.


If you want to keep reptiles or really any animal please read this.

This leopard gecko was kept by someone I know who, despite loving him very much, did not spend time researching his care. Therefore they did not know that he needed calcium and d3, they also did not know how much heat he needed. 

Because his owner didn’t know to provide these things for him he developed MBD (metabolic bone disease) and a respiratory infection along with a huge amount of shed collecting on his feet.

He has seen a vet and is on antibiotics and vitamin supplements, while he will probably survive he will never walk well again and has already suffered far more than any creature should.

This could all have been avoided if his owner had done research and provided for him everything he would need to stay healthy and happy. There is no excuse for not researching the care of a pet you are going to be responsible for. Just a simple google search would have prevented this little guys suffering.

Please take the time to learn about any animal you are going to be responsible for, they cannot get themselves what they need to stay healthy that is up to YOU. Love is not a substitute for proper care.

Edit: this was posted with the owners consent

;currents | (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader
genre/warnings— smut, fluff, slight angst (this is low-key cute and sad at the same time, my heart)
words— 5,959

:: summary: you’ve been in a long-distance friendship with Hoseok for a couple of years, hiding feelings that you think he may also reciprocate. What happens when you finally cross paths with him again…

note. based on a request. Named after this song here. Also, periods of italics indicate the characters are speaking English!

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The Maid

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, Dom!dean, sub!reader, praise!kink, orgasm denial, oral (male and female receiving), unprotected sex

Word count: 3411

Summary: when you take up a new job as a maid at the bunker, you may have a slight crush on your boss; Dean.

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day, here some Dean smut for you beautiful people

You were running late to your job interview. It wasn’t like you weren’t prepared or didn’t leave on time, but this place was very hidden. You were in desperate need of money so you decided to go to an interview to become a maid at a bunker. You had seen the ad for the job, you didn’t have to book an interview you just had to show up between the time 3:00pm-5:30pm. It was 6:30pm and you had only just arrived outside of this bunker.

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Days of the week: Saturday (smut)

Words: 1240

Warning: Smut, REALLY SMUTTY.

BTS x Reader

A/N: Sorry about the hiatus :(. Here’s a gift <3

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin l Saturday - Taehyung l

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Shit” you thought.  Jimin ran back there and there you were, naked, with two guys staring at you while the other one, who you had just had sex with, was staring them.

Taehyung stopped a few centimeters away from you, leaning in to whisper on your ear as you covered yourself.

“I knew you were hot but I didn’t know you were this hot” he said, his voice darker than ever, “I wanna fuck the shit out of you right now”, his voice tone sent you shiver for all over your body but before you could answer, Jimin pulled him back.

“I just did it” he said, making your cheeks get pink. “Come on, Tae, she is tired. Your turn is tomorrow, give her some rest”. He was so fucking cute. Fuck. In one side, you actually were tired, fucked, wrecked. In other hand, you wanted to. You wanted him to take you right there and then. You looked at Jungkook, who was now standing there doing his best not to look at you. Ah… this shy boy.

“Ok, ok. But maybe you should not go home tonight, I mean, if you are ok with that. I usually get horny in middle night and… You would be perfect to fix it” Taehyung said and you wanted to scream. How could someone be that sexy? That attractive? “Plus, it is 10:35 p.m.“

"N-no I don’t want to bother you, I have my car here so I can drive back to the dorm… it is not this late” you said.

He kept there, staring at you. Well, fuck it.

You could just nod. Nod harshly.

“I insist you sleep in my bed. Please” he murmured, making the cutest aegyo you had ever seen.

“Ok” you whispered, avoiding those eyes, recalling you were still naked.

“You must be hungry. Jin probably let some food done. Let’s eat?” Jimin asked.

“Are the guys going to be out all night?” You asked.

 You were now in the same bedroom you had already been before. You looked at the bed and recalled the memories. Hm…

 You weren’t alone. Taehyung was there with you. Jimin and Jungkook had gone to sleep and so had you both. The door was locked and you were in your underwear and a hoodie only - one more for your collection. Taehyung was staring at your half naked body as if you were a prey.

He was only in his boxers, his cute belly calling your attention.

You were getting nervous. You looked at the clock. Saturday. Midnight.

You were gonna have a big night.

“Do not worry; I’m not touching you right now. I know you are tired because of this… heavy week, and I have other plans for you” he said, chuckling maliciously. Fuck… plans?

“You like cuddles?” He asked.

“I-I think so” you answered.

“Do you… wanna cuddle?” He asked, Shy-Tae appearing.

“Yes, I’d love it”

 You did lay on the bed and so did Tae. Laying on your side you gave him your back and you felt him move, soon his arm was around you hugging you.

He felt so warm. You felt so happy. You were actually cuddling with Kim Taehyung. You’d never think it.

 He snuggled closer, his nose dangerously close to your neck. He breathed in, maybe feeling your smell, but the soft touch made you jump a little. He smiled at your reaction and held you closer, his hand brushing your belly under the hoodie while he buried his face in your hair.

Suddenly, he started singing for you. Shit fuck. That was not happening.

His voice was freaking amazing. That moment was cute. You started to wonder how sex with him would be. Maybe cute. Maybe not.

The next thing you knew, your eyes were closing.

  You were sweetly dreaming about your previous sex days when something started to pull you out from your fantasy. No. Is it morning already? Let me sleep a little more.

Your eyes snapped open. You felt something warm- and good - between your now open legs, making you wake up completely. What the fuck?

You were about to close your legs when the sight almost killed you.

There he was. Taehyung. Sucking on your clit as if he needed that to survive, eating you out, and his eyes closed.

  You coughed a little to call his attention, but once his mouth left your core, you cried out.

  “Shh. It’s not morning yet” he said and you immediately looked at the clock. 3 a.m. “As I told you, I usually get horny in middle of night. Now I’m gonna make you fix it” he said, pecked your lips. He did slide down your body till his head was between your legs, his hands on both sides of your thighs, slowly pushing your legs apart.

 You let yourself go, enjoying the sensation. His tongue was amazing; he knew what he was doing. He was sucking you good, your sensibility helping you to get wet as soon as possible.

You were becoming a moan mess and he had barely touched you. You felt you could squirm on his face, but if you were going to, you wouldn’t anymore, because he stopped his work.

 “You have 15 seconds to get completely naked” he said and started to take off his clothes. You did as he said. “Good”. He was aroused. You wanted to suck his dick. Wanted to feel his cum. But you were sure he wouldn’t let you, that he wanted to fuck you already, because you wanted too.

  He placed himself between your legs and pushed in without a warning, the stretch making you scream.

“That’s it. I want you screaming” he groaned on your ear. He took no time, thrusting inside of you, rocking against your walls, his stone dick giving you the pleasure you wanted. He started rubbing your clit with his fingertips while thrusting, his lips sucking the skin of your neck.

 “Oh my God, Tae, it feels so good” you said. Shit. The feeling of him pounding into you was driving you crazy. You wanted more, if this was possible.

 He stopped moving, making you whine.

 “On all fours” he commanded. You did quickly, missing the feeling.

 He brushed the tip of his dick against your entrance, teasing you. You pushed yourself back, trying to fit his cock inside you, and he slapped your ass cheek in answer. He leaned in, pushing the head in and pulling your hair back.

“Do you want it? Do you wanna feel it?”  he whispered on your ear.

“Huh…” you moaned. That’s all you could say. He smacked you again. You could feel your juices dripping down your thighs. He squeezed your boobs, and then slapped your pussy. You screamed in surprise. “Please, Tae. Keep fucking me”. Did I just say that?

 “As you wish” he said and pushed in. He started moving immediately, his balls slapping against you, mixing the sound with the one of his thigh smacking against yours, the erotic sounds driving both of you crazy,

 “Oh, God” you moaned. Your walls were clenching hard, and it didn’t take long for you to cum.

His hand tightened on your ass, pushing you forward, his cock pulsing as he came deep inside you, the feeling making you gasp in pleasure.

 You both collapsed against the bed. You couldn’t say anything, just enjoy the feeling.

  *knock knock knock*


or “the college au where lily is a single mom struggling with finishing school and raising a child, and james discovers he quite likes babysitting” (AO3)

(p.s.: thank you to @gxldentrio for being a lovely beta reader!)

Chapter: ½

She’s just another face in the crowd.

But she stands out.

She’s battling her way through the waves of I’m late-s, I should have gone to bed earlier-s and Why haven’t I started that bloody paper yet-s entangling themselves in people’s legs. They trip, but she bears on.

Her hair is made of flames; they lick their way through the sea of people, turning them to ashes, burning a path for her - James is entranced. Her brow is furrowed with decision, and she doesn’t hesitate to nudge someone out of her way with her shoulder, or to make herself bigger with the size of her backpack which looks like it could make her topple over. She parts the flood with sheer determination in her eyes.

She’s unstoppable.


He goes unnoticed.

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maxcaulficlds  asked:

punk richie and soft pastel eddie in high school for the writing thing!! just some Uhh cute stuff

I hope you like it, enjoy 😊

•Not letting go this time•

Pairing: punk!Richie x pastel!Eddie highschool AU
Warnings: strong language/ slight violence

Richie was leaning against his locker, not waiting for anything in particular when he spotted a certain someone in the crowd. For a few moments his heart skipped a beat and a strange sense of nostalgia settled in.
He hadn’t really talked to Eddie for the last couple of years. Since the whole Pennywise -thing went down they all went their separate ways. It was kind of like promising you would keep in touch with each other over the summer but then you never actually get the chance to hang out.
And Richie was truly sorry for that.

When they were younger, he didn’t realise what it was that he felt for Eddie, for him it was just a strong friendship, right? But as the years passed and Richie changed, he was more and more certain that what he felt for his old friend was not just fraternal love.

But by the time he got to accept his feelings for Eddie it was already too late. They had grown apart and Richie was forced to admire the now slender but somehow athletic boy from the distance.

Although Richie was anything but the shy type, there was one thing he couldn’t do and that was walking up to Eddie Kaspbrak and just talk to him. Richie had done a lot of shit in the last couple of years. He had gotten into unnecessary fights because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, vandalized almost every building in Derry with obscene graffiti (a form of art, like he called it, he had discovered back in 7th grade) and transformed into the textbook definition of a rebel.
Richie didn’t give a fuck what people thought about him, but that was the thing, Eddie wasn’t “people”.

Sometimes Richie would wait just a bit longer on the hallway, just to see Eddie walking from one classroom to another or getting his books for the next period from his locker.

Right now Eddie was talking to someone from his volleyball team (it was a miracle that he had been able to convince his mother to let him join the team) and Richie just stood there, not paying any attention to the words that came out of Eddie’s mouth but instead focusing on how his hand moved while he explained some strategy to the other guy, how his face lit up and how an enthusiastic smile grew bigger and bigger on his face.

He felt a stinging sensation as jealousy started to run through Richie’s veins like poison. In that exact moment Eddie looked across the hallway and for a split second met Richie’s eyes. The moment seemed to last forever but then Eddie turned back again to the guy he was talking to and Richie kept standing there, a thousand questions in his head. Should he go talk to Eddie? Would Eddie even enjoy talking to him? Wouldn’t it be weird? But he had to, he had to talk to Eddie, he just missed his old friend so much, not to mention those other new feelings that were starting to grow inside of him.

Richie had just mustered up the courage to cross the hallway and actually speak to him when the bell rang and Eddie disappeared in some classroom, leaving a frustrated and lovesick Richie behind.

Richie decided that that day was already fucked, so why even bother going to class. He spent the rest of the day in the park, smoking one cigarette after another (Eddie never liked it when he smoked around him, it made him cough) and carving little drawings into the wooden bench he sat on.

Maybe it had been fate that had made Richie sit in that park. It was already dark outside when he heard two voices arguing.
“…– just leave me alone, asshole!”
“I don’t think so, pretty boy, you’re all alone out here and I’m bored, why don’t you keep me company?”
“Because I have standards so fuck off already!”
“God you’re such a fucking tease pretty boy…”
The next thing Richie heard was a muffled sound like someone trying to break free. Richie was already on his feet, he had recognised one of the voices immediately. He made his way through some bushes and when he finally got to the scene he could see Eddie struggling to get away from a guy who probably hadn’t seen a shower in weeks and was clearly drunk.

“I said get the fuck away from me!” Eddie finally managed to push the guy away, only for him to grab Eddies arm and yank him back in his direction.

“Hey!” Richie took a step forward “He told you to leave!” When Eddie’s eyes met Richies for the second time today, they were filled with relief and gratitude.
“Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it, four-eyes?” the guy let go of Eddie and approached his new target. “We can share the cutie if you want to.” He let out a disgusting giggle. That was enough for Richie. He didn’t even realise that he threw the first punch. Blood was dripping down his fist. Richie didn’t think the guy would be in the condition to fight back and so the second punch came by surprise. His glasses shattered and left a few small cuts. After that the whole fight was just a blur. It took Eddie nearly 10 minutes to drag Richie away. The guy quickly made his way out of the park.

“Oh god, you’re bleeding! I need to get you a band aid or something we have to go to the pharmacy, we – ” Richie could see the shock in Eddies face and he let out a small laugh.
“So you’re still playing nurse?”
“That’s not funny, Richie!”
“I’m fine, I’ve had worse…”
Eddie just ignored that last remark and began to inspect the small cuts on Richie’s face. His fingers caressed Richie’s cheeks and slowly but surely they found their way into his wild hair.
After a while Eddie muttered “Thanks by the way. I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here.”
“Let’s not think about that. Also, how are you going to reward your hero, Eds?” He grinned suggestively and pressed Eddie’s hand more firmly against his face. It felt warm and comforting.
Eddie didn’t even respond to that joke, he was too surprised by the use of that nickname, that he hadn’t heard in years, to have any reaction at all.

Here he was standing right in front of him; Richie Tozier with his black, slightly curly hair, broken glasses, to many ear piercings to count, already sticking a cigarette between his lips.
“You know I hate when you do that…”
“Oh shit, sorry” he put the cigarette back in the pack, not realising that Eddie was talking about the nickname.
“That’s not what I mean – “
“Eddie can I ask you something?”
“Well you just did, smartass.”
Richie was too nervous to roll his eyes at Eddie. This was his one and only chance.
“Can I do something? I wanted to try something for a long time now…”

Eddie felt how his heartbeat began to accelerate. Richie had always had that effect on him. It was his bad boy charm that made Eddies knees weak. The fact that Richie always looked too cool to even be alive when he was standing there in the hallway, casually leaning against the lockers.
They had belonged in different worlds, Eddie with his light pastel look, having a sense for the delicate things in life and Richie with his messy hair, dark cloths and fuck-you-all-attitude.

But now he was standing right in front of Eddie in the dark, asking for the permission to do something. Eddies imagination was running wild and then suddenly the only thing on his mind was Richie leaning in and closing the space between their faces. Eddie was blushing furiously and was about to have a heart attack when Richie stopped just when their noses were about to touch.
“So, it’s ok if I take my reward then?”

Eddie just stared at Richie, nodding slightly. Although he was pretty sure of what was going to happen, when Richie’s lips touched his, he wasn’t ready for the intense heat wave that went through his body and the tingling sensation that began to take over. It was only a short, innocent kiss but it was enough for Eddie to finally realise his intense attraction to the punk in front of him.
Richie pulled back.
“S-so how was it?” Eddie questioned without really thinking about what he just said.
“Pretty damn nice, I hope I can save you again sometime soon, I’d like to get used to this.” Richie smirked.
“Well I don’t want to have to put myself in danger every five seconds for you to kiss me!” Eddie finally managed to say.
“So you liked it too.” Richie’s grin grew into a wide smile. The whole thing went better than he had ever imagined.
“Well if you’re so into me, maybe later we could go to my place and try something else, I know some – “
“Beep-beep Richie!”
Both started to laugh as they started to walk out of the park and Eddie shyly grabbed Richie’s hand. This time he wouldn’t let go of Richie that easy.

Seventeen Reaction to them making you cry during a fight

A/N: This is my own personal opinion, I’m not saying that the boys are like this, I don’t know them. I’m just not about those unrealistic imagines where they’re too nice and coddling you; from what I know through being a fan, this is how I think they’d be. 

Seungcheol/S.Coups: It would be your first fight and neither of you would know what to expect from the other. You’d always seen Cheol as this loving caring character so it honestly surprised and scared you when he yelled at you. He immediately reigned himself in and regained his cool but tears were already pricking at your eyes as you gaped up at him, not knowing who it was that stood before you right now. “Shit… Y/N I’m sorry…” He would honestly feel so helpless bc all he wanted to do was just coddle you and make all your sadness go away but dammit he was the cause this time. You guys would probably have a far more reasonable conversation after that, working through whatever the problem was.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan just strikes me as a super bitter person when he’s mad like if he was really mad he would go after something you were insecure about just because he knew it would hurt you even if he didn’t mean what he said at all. And so you and Jeonghan would probably be having the worst fight of your entire relationship and you guys would be screaming profanities at each other. At one point Jeonghan would just take it too far and you wouldn’t reply, staring at him in disbelief. You were trying so hard not to cry all this time but you couldn’t help it anymore. Jeonghan would immediately sober, “N-No.. I’m sorry…I swear I didn’t… I didn’t mean it..” He would whimper and immediately step towards you, his heart breaking when you stepped away.

Joshua/Jisoo: Joshua seems like he’d be really cruel when he’s upset too but more of in a petty way. Like I think he’d be the type to continuously bring up old stuff while you guys fought. And you’d cry more out of frustration than anything else because you weren’t sure how much more you had to do for him to forgive you for things in the past. “Are you really trying to cleanse your own guilt by bringing up my old mistakes!?” You would yell, tears streaming down your face. His face would sober slightly and he’d clench his teeth, upset but realizing he was in the wrong too. “Can we just not talk for like 5 minutes..” he’d whisper as he hugged you tightly, “Can we both calm down before we talk about this again?”

Jun/Junhui: I feel like if he’s gotten to the point of yelling then this fight is something that has gone way too big; Jun seems like a calm person that tries to make peace as much as he can. Even if he did yell though, even before he saw you cry he would sober, realizing that he needed to calm down. Jun seems like the kind of person who never raises his voice, so for him to do so would surprise even him. The sobering would only speed up if he saw tears in your eyes. He seems like the type to just pull your head into his chest and sigh to himself, holding you. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled… We’re not going to come to any sort of understanding by yelling at each other,” and he’d cup your cheeks, making you look up at him, “I’ll order takeout, lets just sit and talk okay? Communication is the key to relationships or the heart of relationships– whatever you know what I mean!” 

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Honestly I feel like whatever her did would be an accident. Soonyoung just seems like he’s not prone to yelling at people or anything but he’d probably be kinda inconsiderate if he was stressed about something. Like how he didn’t listen to Minghao’s idea lol. Like you’d probably need to discuss something important with him like you would understand if this was like you had a bad day and you need to vent like he can’t drop all his responsibilities for you just because you’re sad but this is an important thing like idk maybe you two are moving in together or your dog is sick idk its important. And he’s just not taking you seriously he’s just like “Later Y/N, this is really important okay?” and you’re so fed up and you’re just “So is this!” “Listen this is my job, you have to be more understanding about this, I can’t compromise this okay?” and you’re just looking at him like so betrayed and you’re tearing up “But you can compromise me… Okay.” and you say it so softly like you’re not understanding why he’s making you out to be the crazy person. And this kid finally sees clearly like oh no… tears, those are tears, I caused those tears oh no. And he’s like “You know I didn’t mean it like that..” “I know… but sometimes that’s really what it feels like..” And he tries to explain but you’re like no i want a real proper discussion so you finish whatever it is you need to do for work and then we’ll talk. 

Wonwoo: The type of man that is probably really good at the silent treatment. Like you both probably had a very passive aggressive back and forth until a silent cold war began in the house. He wouldn’t speak to you, he wouldn’t stay if you came into the room, he wouldn’t even look at you. Honestly he knew that he was being immature but it was one of those things that he had already taken too far and now he wasn’t sure how to stop. Besides you were probably even more mad at him now and if he went and talked to you after this grand show that he had put on, he’d be sacrificing his pride wouldn’t he? It wasn’t until you grabbed his arm as he was trying to leave, your voice shaking as you looked at him teary eyed, “If you’re going to act like I don’t exist then at least break up with me so I can get closure.” and that gets his attention real fast, man is whipping around like what break up what no “I don’t want that..” “Then talk to me! At least look at me for god’s sake!” and that’s how you guys end up having a heart to heart about whatever problem you were fighting about and potentially both of you end up crying. 

Jihoon/Woozi: It’s a long standing cliche that Jihoon works a lot and all the fics portray him as someone who doesn’t give him s/o enough attention. Truthfully it’s not that he doesn’t give you enough attention, its that he’s just stretched so thin that he doesn’t have time to show you how much he loves you sometimes. You’ve always been understanding about this, you’d never ever complain and only encourage him about it; but that just made him too lax in giving you his time. Maybe a month would’ve gone by and you wouldn’t have seen him once, his texts were always brief and his phone calls practically nonexistent. You wanted to be understanding but you had limits too. You’d call him, hoping that you could have some sort of discussion but almost minutes into you calling he immediately goes “Oh Y/N can I call you back, something came up.” and he’d be using a bluetooth so he wouldn’t hang up, he’d just start doing whatever it was that came up. You would assume he had hung up and couldn’t stop the tears that pricked at your eyes, “seriously…” you sniffle, “let’s just break up Lee Jihoon, you can date your job instead.” and you’d say it so bitterly, assuming he wasn’t there anymore but he’d be frozen on the other end, feeling sick to his stomach “Wh-What…?” and then he’d try to get out of the office to see you but if he couldn’t he’d force you to at least FaceTime him. 

Seokmin/Dokyeom: I don’t think he’d make you cry in the sense that he says something that makes you cry. With Seokmin it’s probably a slow rise of things that are happening but he seems like the type to always pretend that everything is okay; he might think that the only way to not lose you is to never fight. Seokmin also seems like the kind of person who hates confrontation so even if you try to bring it up he’d probably dodge and just make it seem like everything was okay. Inevitably that leads you to thinking maybe you’re the problem and that maybe you’re just too sensitive. And one day you just snap, you just start crying and you can’t stop. Luckily it was a day off for you that day but you were supposed to spend it going on a date with Seokmin. When you cancelled on him with a really flimsy excuse, he immediately went to your place. His hand would hover over the door but he pulled it back and just fished out his spare key to your apartment, not knowing what was wrong with you and not wanting to make you get up if you were sick or something. Walking in on you clutching your pillow for dear life, sobbing your heart out would make him panic in all sorts of ways. He’d probably just stand there frozen as he softly called out your name. You’d panic, acting like you weren’t just crying and one second you’re asking him how he got in and the next you’re in a warm hug, holding you tightly like you were were only thing keeping that person alive. You guys would talk eventually but a lot of it is just hugging tbh y’all have a bonding moment. 

Mingyu: He seems like he’d try to just smile and be like “why are you being like this..? Calm down..” whenever you tried to fight with him. He also seems like he takes criticism a bit to heart so whenever you tell him anything you’re worried that he’s going to get really insecure about it. And its frustrating for you. Usually you just try to take it and stop getting upset but it honestly made you feel like you were being unreasonable or psychotic every time but it wasn’t his fault either because you tended to never criticize him so when you did it seemed like it was out of the blue. You two have a very bad communication situation please work on that. But yes anyway so one time he says this and you literally lose your mind like you just start tearing up and you crouch on the ground like hugging your knees like you’re sniffling and just in a crouched position and he’s !?!?!?!? and like slowly walking up to you like “Hey… hey please don’t cry.. I’m sorry..” but tbh he has no idea what he’s apologizing for until you whisper “I’m not crazy.. stop acting like every time I say something I’m being crazy and unreasonable..” and hes very ??? “I know you aren’t crazy.. I just don’t think fighting helps and that we should talk about it” “But we don’t! You tell me to calm down and then we pretend everything is just dandy!” and that’s how you guys have your first ever proper discussion and put it all on the table. You grow as a couple tbh. 

Minghao/The8: I don’t think it would be from an actual fight. Minghao sometimes tends to take his jokes too far and while he immediately makes up for it when he realizes he might’ve hurt the person’s feelings, if you’re not the type to immediately show on your face that you’re upset he might think you were okay with it. Especially if you laughed and said something back like you probably didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing and come off as sensitive so you’d try to play it cool. But one day you may just be having a bad day and he’d say something, not realizing that you weren’t feeling well and you’d blow up. “Do you have to be like that all the time!? Am I not human? Do you think I don’t have feelings?” and he’s just staring at you like shellshocked because where is this coming from, what did he do, oh god are you crying– “I-I was just kidding.. I didn’t–” “I know it’s my fault for not saying anything but how can I we’ve only been dating for a few months and I didn’t want to come off as crazy or sensitive but I have limits okay…” and you’re just rubbing at your eyes angrily because you feel like you’re throwing a fit and you feel crazy and sensitive. But then Minghao is cupping your face and walking close till he can rest his forehead on your comfortably. “You’re not crazy or sensitive. If something I do hurts you, you have to tell me, how am I supposed to be a good boyfriend if I’m hurting your feelings all the time? I’m sorry okay? I swear I don’t mean any of it. Pinky promise.” 

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is your biggest supporter, he’s everyone’s biggest fanboy. But usually everyone doesn’t reciprocate back to him the way he cheers them on. Everyone loves him, but they don’t always show it. And that’s why he makes you cry, not because he hurts you but because he just looks so pitiful as he pours his heart out to you, admitting that it hurts him when you don’t cheer him on or congratulate him and he realizes that it’s not like everyone can be as extra as him but its still unpleasant when all someone says is congratulations. And you can’t help but cry as you hug him, not realizing that you had been hurting him all this time. Out of the two of you Seungkwan had always been the more exuberant one and you didn’t realize that he was expecting it back but you vowed to do better from that day forth. 

Vernon: I just can’t see him making anyone cry? Like he’s just too soft of a person? If anything he’s the one that’s crying? I dunno man.. If he were to make his s/o cry it’s probably like a you’re both just so stressed and its tears of frustration because he just can’t seem to get what you’re saying; you’ve reiterated your point about 10 times already and he still doesn’t understand why you’re upset and you’re at your wits end and ready to scream. And so you start crying because if you’re like me you cry when it gets too much. Your fight would probably pause with you telling him to forget it and walking out on him. The poor boy probably wouldn’t get why he was in the wrong until he went and asked his members tbh. 

Chan/Dino: He seems really old for his age. Not old, that’s mean, mature, he’s mature for his age. And because of that sometimes he finds what his older members do to be quite childish and kind of sighs at them like “Hyung wyd.” Like he’s still a bright child that knows how to have fun don’t get me wrong; its just sometimes it feels like Dino could blend into Hyung line and people who don’t know svt that well wouldn’t be surprised if you told them he was one of the older ones. So if his s/o was a person that had moments of hyperness, if he was really tired, he’d sometimes put a hand on your arm like “Y/N why are you yelling babe” And so it would honestly just be a huge misunderstanding; he’d do it a few times in one week and you’d start wondering if he found you annoying. You’d probably try to stop it all together but you’d have a moment of too much excitement randomly and he’d laugh and ask you to stop yelling and you wouldn’t know what came over you but smh you’re tearing up and Chan is sat up like !!! shoot what what did i say omg. “Sorry.. I just.. I can’t help it sometimes.. I know it’s annoying.. I’m sorry..” and hes like ??? what do you mean? Its not annoying my head just hurts right now???? And you all talk about it finally basically the moral of this entire post is, talk about things with your s/o if you want a healthy relationship. 


Some of my favorite pieces I’ve done of @therealjacksepticeye. I feel this event is a super cool idea for the community. I’ve seen some people put it as an entry, but I know this isn’t a comparison so show what you want and what you can create!!! We all know Jack wants to see all we have and can give back in any form. Nothing like an entry is needed, just admiration for this silly green bean! :D

I’ve already found some amazing work that I’ve reblogged so others can see it too. I want everyone to be noticed! Just have fun guys and post what you make.

I’ll probably be spamming a bit with my things like I’ve been doing on Twitter, but it’s all in good fun and Jack said he wanted to help us out as well.

Finders Keepers  (Raphael x Reader)

You had to admit that this was the weirdest thing you’d ever dragged home. Normally you collected little thing off the ground to create new things and fix old things. This time you had a large tarp meant for taking in old furniture, what you had was no chair though. A turtle. A GIANT TURTLE. Like twice the size of you giant. Clad in a red mask complete with scars, tattoo’s and a pair of fork like weapons. Every so often it’d move and grunt, it startled you but then again you lived in New York so you have seen a lot worse. Pulling him into the elevator of your apartment you had already assumed that this wouldn’t be a easy task, just him waking up would probably be enough noise for the neighbors to think you were being attacked. 

Though I didn’t feel like leaving the poor guy on the streets, today was supposed to be hot and the sun was just coming up. Looking at your door you looked down at the turtle man again, would he fit through? Can you fit him sideways? Did you even want to try? Nope. He fit. Sort of.

 Knowing full well he wouldn’t fit on your little couch you pulled the blankets from the closet and covered him up, slipping a pillow under his head. You had first aid training, not much but enough to fix the turtle man up to the extent that he needed. Though an hour had past and the turtle man woke up with a BOOM. Jumping up to full height and smacked his head right into your ceiling light. Clutching his head and letting out a moan of pain, you started to laugh and you laughed hard.

 “It ain’t that funny ya know, what the shell is that made of?!”

 “Sorry, uh…?”


 Walking up to Raphael you patted him on the arm, while passing him a bottled water,

 “My names y/n, so no offence but you do know your a turtle right?”

 “Nah never thought that, just figured it’s normal to have a shell”

 “Just wondering, so um I doubt you really want to leave since the suns up and people don’t take kindly to you know…” 

“Turtles? How come you ain’t scared of me?”

 “To be honest I’ve seen worse, actually I think your a tad interesting. You’re welcome to stay by the way I’ve got pizza”

 “*chuckles* I think we’ll get along”

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Reasons to watch March Comes in Like a Lion
  • amazing music/ themes, Bump of Chicken does the first OP/ED
  • amazinger animation
  • poetry-like dialog and imagery
  • mc has probably one of the most accurate portrayals of depression I’ve ever seen, especially in anime
  • if Van Gogh paintings and art from The Little Prince is your aesthetic, you already know it’s beautiful
  • incredible scenery
  • Smith
  • the cats
  • metaphoric image representation for emotion
  • you won’t like Shimada very much at first but he is the sweetest cinnamon roll
  • dynamic characters
  • you will learn about shogi without even trying, and it’ll make you want to learn how to actually play it
  • the cats have voices for their thoughts
Puppy Love - Part 1

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.

Pairing: cop!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,628


You swear to god your dog is a ninja. He’s constantly sneaking off and getting his fluffy ass into trouble. He’s a 100 lb German Shepherd and he’s worse than a little kid for Christ’s sake. You really should be able to keep track of him by now.

“Murphy! Come here, buddy!” 

The beautiful beast is too smart for his own good. Murphy’s a troublemaker for sure, he always needs to know what’s happening at all times. You have a slight suspicion that he thinks he’s a police dog.

You quickly search your ranch style house and the large backyard that’s attached, it’s not really a surprise that he’s no where to be found. The Shepherd tends to invade your neighbors lives on a consistent basis, he’ll just waltz right into someone’s home or yard if he can. Sigh. You race out your front door and start searching the area.

“Murphy! Playtime’s over. Let’s go!” You hear a quick bark and your eyes land on the gorgeous 1967 Chevy Impala that’s always parked across the street from you. Oh shit.

Murphy is sprawled out on the leather back seat of your neighbor Dean’s pristine car. He’s new to the neighborhood so you don’t know him that well. You do know that he’s insanely good looking and that he really loves this Impala. Wonderful. Your foolish dog is lounging inside of Dean’s pride and joy. 

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Elijah Mikaelson imagine: Not Important (Part two)

A/N: So the second part of Elijah’s imagine is here ;) Hopefully you will like it, even though it’s not my best work.

Part one

Summary: Reader gets kidnapped, because of Elijah. Then is saved by him and his brothers. After that they talk everything out.

Word count: 1540

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For next few days, I had successfully managed to avoid Mikaelsons’ maison and the members of the family.

The atmosphere in New Orleans was slowly getting tighter. Everyone was preparing for a war, that was coming.

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I like the Idea of an AU where No one takes Quirkless seriously, and A Quirkless hacker becomes a Nightmare for both Heroes and Villains aka Izuku is tired of people thinking he’s mentally and/or physically handicap because of his lack of quirk and proceeds to do his best to ruin the lives of any horrible person he can while the world freaks out and doesn’t suspect a Quirkless nobody is causing the chaos.

Hmm, not quite what you asked for. 

Also cookies if you catch the stealth crossover reference. 


Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000 01101101 01100101

Izuku’s fingers flew across the board, strings of code flashing across his screen and he poked and probed firewalls and sensitive information.

These days numbers and bits of code were his only friends. He ventured into online forums, making friends with other faceless icons, but never staying for long, always moving. The cold internet was now his haven. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t nice, but if it meant not seeing people to face to face, he would gladly throw himself into the world of data and codes.

He paused, stumbling across a chatroom where someone (a guy if the picture icon was anything to go by) making inappropriate remarks to another person. Pulling on his lip, Izuku’s curiosity got the better of him as he peered closer.

Hotdudebowdown3249: Why don’t you give me your number?

blu3skyluvR: no

Hotdudebowdown3249: don’t be like that! We’ll have fun!

blu3skyluvR: leave me alone!

Hotdudebowdown3249: c’mon! I’ve already seen your picture! You’re so hot!

Hotdudebowdown3249: Or just send me a pic of your chest. :D

Disgust filled his stomach as what his hacking revealed. Hotdudebowdown3249 was indeed a guy, middle age and single. Office worker. blu3skyluvR was a young girl, middle school and probably didn’t know how to fend off the pervert. Disgusting. This was what humanity was like.

Izuku scowled, fingers flew across his board. He cut off the connection between the two of them, destroying the chatroom. Then he dived deep into Hotdudebowdown3249 computer. He pulled out a name Takara Souta, pulling up all the dirt he could find.

Ugh. Terrible. This wasn’t even the first girl Takara had done this to. Right there in his internet history, sending pictures of his dick to other women he could find on the internet, harassing them and the ones he could stalking them, even after they blocked him and moved to other websites. Completely disgusting. Izuku wasn’t even sure if this man was human.

The first thing he did, he emailed all of the information he found to Takara’s boss. With any luck, he’ll be out of a job in the morning. It was almost an a guarantee, actually. One of the young girls he was harassing was his boss’ daughter.

Then the more damaging things. Izuku didn’t care how he ruined this guy’s life, just that he did. The information was also sent to the police and Takara’s neighbors. Timed with a delay to make sure he did get fired first. Then Izuku hacked into his bank account, transferring out the money. He would probably find some nice charity to dump it into.

Ruin this bastard life the way he was doing to others. Karma in its finest.

01110011 01100001 01110110 01100101 01101101 01100101

Inko stared forlornly at her son’s bedroom door. The slight tremble in her hand rattled the dishes of tonight’s dinner on the tray she was holding.

Hikikomori. She missed the days where Izuku would leave his room, when he had been a bright child with a smile on his face. She missed the days when he would proudly tell her how he would be a Pro-Hero, Quirk or no Quirk. She missed the moments they would have, quiet mornings, happy evenings, memories.

She could count the number of times she had seen Izuku this month on one hand.

People were cruel. Children were cruel. And this all started because Katsuki-kun couldn’t stop bullying Izuku. Because the teachers turned a blind eye. Because everyone looked at her son and thought ‘worthless’.

They beatdown her son, burying his smile and optimism. They wore him down, telling him he was useless. Izuku drew into himself little by little under the weight of their words. Until he locked himself in his room and refused to come out.

Inko wanted to rage against society. Wanted to demand justice for her son who hadn’t done anything wrong.

But mostly, she was so tired. She didn’t want much in life. Izuku happy for starters. Izuku to look her in the eye and smile again.

Inko set down the tray in front of Izuku’s bedroom. Knocking, she said, “Dinner, Izuku.”

“Thanks,” was Izuku’s soft reply.

Inko stared at the door and quietly retreated. She would be back to collect his dishes later.

01100111 01101111 01100001 01110111 01100001 01111001

Alibaba: Hey… do you ever think about going outside?

Izuku blinked at the question. Alibaba was one of the few people he could count as a friend online. She had been the one to teach him the finer tips of hacking when they had met on an online forum. They kept regular contact even has their interest expanded into other fields. He pulled on his lip and replied.

Allmightfanboy: No.

Allmightfanboy: Why?

Alibaba: Long story, but I got a new big brother. And he’s always asking. Not pushy or anything. But, like patient.

Izuku felt a brief pang of guilt, thinking of his mother who he knew stood outside of his door, patiently waiting.

They don’t speak much about their personal life, but Izuku knew that Alibaba was a hikikomori like he was. Something had happened to her parents and she landed with her adopted dad and hadn’t been outside since.

Alibaba: He doesn’t even want me to leave the house. Just wants me to join them for dinner.

Alibaba: He’s kinda a dork. Just sits outside of my room, talking to me. Even though I don’t answer.

Alibaba: I think he’s lonely.

‘Like us,’ Izuku thought. He felt a brief flash of jealousy. There was a part of him that wanted tell Alibaba not to do it. But… he hesitated, pulling on his lip. That wouldn’t be a good friend would it?

Allmightfanboy: Try it then.

Alibaba: Right! I’ll let you know.

Izuku smiled to himself, biding Alibaba goodnight. He pushed away from his desk, turning to look at the heavy curtains that covered his bedroom window. Izuku hesitated, reaching out for the curtain. He pushed them open, watching as the sun slowly rose over the horizon.

Outside, huh?

Outside was cruel. Alibaba wasn’t Quirkless, but Izuku was and everyone had made it clear that he had no role, no place in society. There was no point to going back outside.

Izuku closed his curtains and collapsed on his bed. He didn’t need to go outside at all.

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Can you believe that guy!

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Requested? Yes.  Hi! Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where you and him go to the club with his teammates and wags and the waiter or someone starts flirting with you and he starts a fight with the guy? Hopefully that makes sense!! Love your writing by the way

AN: There’s unwanted compliments and lite touching and a lot of swearing in this one. 

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It has chapters that you’ve probably already seen on tumblr like HOW TO BE HAPPIER and it is a very cute pocket-size and full color and basically beautiful.

ALANIS MORISSETTE (LIKE LITERALLY THE ALANIS MORISSETTE) said “All of Adam J. Kurtz’s words are filled with wit, warmth, wonder and wisdom” and I swear to god when she DMed me this blurb I fucking died and my soul left my body and now I am a ghost person.

TarcherPerigee will donate $1 for every book ordered before 10/3/17 to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, working for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

OH AND BY THE WAY IT’S ONLY $8.56 ON AMAZON RIGHT NOW EIGHT DOLLARS AND FIFTY SIX CENTS I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW BUT IT IS VERY INEXPENSIVE FOR AN ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK THAT I LITERALLY HAND WROTE. If you live outside of the USA it’s also on every other bookseller website including BookDepository, where it is $12.53 with free shipping to every country in the world.

You can also visit to find ordering links for like 12 other websites, plus EVENTS (RUPAUL’S DRAG CON NYC, Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Mexico City, Las Vegas, more soon) and other details.

This is probably the biggest deal thing I’ve ever made and your pre-order actually matters so fucking much so please if you have ever liked any of my work, my posts, my Instagram, my pins, my dumb videos, my ten years of growing into “an artist and author” on this tumblr, if you have ever seen me and been like “wow I can’t believe his dumb shit turned into a career that’s pretty cool congrats to u dude-i-don’t-know,” please PREORDER THIS BOOK.

Analysing Naruto’s sexuality

You know, people love to criticize SNS by saying that they’re totally straight, but let me tell you how they’re not.
Starting by Naruto.
Jfc, because I’m stating he likes boys doesn’t mean he can’t also like girls.

BEWARE: reaally long ass text post.

When he was still a kid, in the first part of the manga, Naruto wasn’t very mature. Althought he was shown as having romantic interest in Sakura, it was actually pretty clear that his preocupations were very far away from anything related to sexuality. What he really cared about was simple things such as pranks and instant noodles.

Naruto leaves the village to train with Jiraya at the most intense phase of the adolescence (who has been through it, knows what I’m talking about) which is between 13 to 16 years old. Sexualy speaking, this is the phase where everything changes, body and mind. Being so, when Naruto returns, it’s expected that he’d have a bit more sexual maturity, showing more interest in girls (you know, curves). But no. No interest for girls, the first thing he says is that he sees no difference on Sakura. (So sorry, Cherry Blossom) I mean, he’s supposed to like her, right? He should’ve been stunned by her more womanly-like looks or something, but we get no reaction on that. Sakura herself feels clearly different about him, as is shown by the way she looks at him and by blushing. Naruto, on the other hand, is again worried about joking around with Konohamaru showing off his sexy no jutsu (to which he shows no reaction).

On another hand, the first person Naruto points out to be beautiful is - guess who? Sasuke. I’m not even joking.

He’s extremely upset about Sasuke being “replaced” on Team 7, much more than Sakura, who tries to show that Sai is, afterall, somewhat like Sasuke, not only in his ways but also in looks. Now, see, she said nothing about being pretty, she said they’re kinda alike. And what Naruto says? “They’re nothing alike, Sasuke looks tons better! No… Wait, he doesn’t look as bad”.

Oh my god, are you kidding me? No, wait for it, and he even repeats that! “Ohh noooo, that guy can’t get even close to Sasuke!”

Can I freak out already? No, seriously, he gets pissed off and starts babbling on how Sai can’t replace Sasuke because Sasuke is so much more handsome. Not only that, but he also does the tipical tsundere thing of “i-it’s not like I find him pretty… b-baka!”. Naruto, pls, just stop talking, bby, you’re making it worse.

And then, since Naruto can’t get along with Sai at all, Yamato decides to take the team to a bath house to relax and get a bit closer. As we know, it’s very common in Japan to go to these bath houses, like Naruto did before with Jiraya and such. Even so, withouth any aparent reason, the scene starts with Naruto already awfully embarrassed to be there. It would be normal, giving the situation, if he was suspicious or angry to be forced there with Sai, but not self-conscious the way he’s shown. He’s not avoiding Sai specifically, but with his eyes down, the face really blushed and almost entirely underwater, in a clear sign of insecurity, as if he’s trying to hide himself. If public baths are normal, why would he be like that?

That’s when I started thinking: afterall, he had just been through the hardest phase of puberty, right? This means that, while he was away, he probably went through things like first erection, wet dreams and first signs of sexual attraction (for what I researched, most boys go through that at the age of 12 to 15).

Now let’s be honest here, if in almost three years sulking for his bestie who looks so good (as he said himself), starting to develop the natural sexual desires of the adolescence, he didn’t dreamt or thought of something a little sexual about Sasuke, it’s a lie. He could even be 100% straight and had spontaneously fall in love with Hinata and all that jazz, but he was 14, 15 years old, training with the only purpose of reaching for Sasuke (you can check, he came back saying he’s stronger to save Sasuke, not to become Hokage or anything else), going through a naturally confusing phase of self-discovery and sexual development, it’s only natural that, going through that with his mind completely focused on someone, he’d start questioning his own feelings. Also, who knows what other hot muscled ninjas didn’t come across his path during those two years and a half? The thing is: aparently, he’s violently embarrassed to be naked surrounded by naked dudes (not much help from Sai, who made fun of his little buddy moments latter. Btw, thanks, Sai, for this vital contribution. Without you, we’d never know Naruto had a small equipment)

Afterwards, it turns out Sai was a spy for Danzou who served as a bridge between he and Orochimaru. In the middle of that, he said he had been with Sasuke and he’s not the person they used to know anymore and says he can’t understand why Naruto and Sakura go so far for him and, aparently calm, Naruto explains that he used to hate Sasuke, but found out he felt happy around him. He was smiling and all was okay, but then he pauses his speach and closes his eyes real thight, as if he was on pain or something. When he opens again, it’s clear there’s a terrible feeling. He breathes and it’s gone, he’s back to his normal self, it was just that moment. It’s clear from that, even talking about Sasuke is difficult for him, just in thinking how much he misses the guy already affects him physically. This reaction in particular caught my attention because I suffer from anxiety and, many times, when it attacks, I feel my throat closing, it gets hard to breathe, my stomach goes all raging butterflies and sometimes I get even sick. The point is: my first reaction is exactly this: I close my eyes tightly and take a deep breath. That’s feeling is kinda common among people who had been through a recent break-up too, I got a lot of friends who also have this frequently.

Finally, after almost three years apart, it’s time for Team 7’s firt reencounter. I guess it’s valid to remember Naruto’s first reaction here was freezing. He mutters Sasuke’s name and stays staring at him in silence for a while like a dummy. And then, when Sasuke says he doesn’t care about them anymore, Naruto starts yelling on why didn’t he kill him when he had the chance. If you don’t care about me, why did you let me live? He’s been rehashing that, he has this little hope he’s holding onto and he needs to know Sasuke cares about him.
Now, here comes something fun, Sasuke just showed off how he can move at the speed of sound, but he announces out loud that he shall kill the guy and starts pulling his sword in slow-motion while three ninjas, all perfecty able to step in, watch the whole thing happen. But let’s not talk about how Sasuke was begging to be stopped, let’s talk about how there’s some guy leaning on Naruto, about to impale him with a sword and he’s just paralized there. His only reaction to being threatened with a lethal blade is to complain it wouldn’t be worth to become Hokage if he wasn’t able to save the guy about to murder him. He doesn’t even blink, he’s just completely frozen there like “omg, he’s touching me”.

Now this one hurts me. After all the sacrifice to get there, years waiting and training restless for this moment, they fail and Sasuke leaves once more with Orochimaru. The look on his face kills me, I swear, and then he breaks down, sobbing, crying his heart out. I find interesting how much he lost it at this moment, since even when Jiraya died he didn’t sob like he did back here. I don’t mean to say Jiraya’s death wasn’t a terrible pain for him, in fact it even made him understand Sasuke’s pain and need for revenge, but he somehow knew how to deal with it, unlike failing with Sasuke. The death of someone so dear hurts badly, but whenever is about Sasuke, he just loses all control, like when he went kyuubi mode just because Orochimaru reffered to Sasuke as ‘mine’.

After the failed reencounter with Sasuke, Naruto becomes really upset. Then we get this cutesy scene in which Sai, all changed and wanting to befriend the other guys, realized Naruto is feeling down and remembers you’re supposed to hug people when they’re sad. And then we have this completely reasonable and not even a bit exaggerated reaction from Naruto to the hug, that is to freak out and push him away screaming how he’s totally not gay. I mean, as gay akward that Sai might be, he really didn’t seem to be trying to kiss Naruto at all, he was clearly facing another direction. One thing is to say “dude, get out, don’t hug me”, another completely different thing is “iM TOTS NOT GAY, WHY U THINK IM GAY? IM NOT”

Kinda around this point of the story, the same happens do Kakashi. He takes Naruto to train and, seeing him all grown up and learning things so fast, he says “you know what, I’m starting to really like you”, and guess what? The boy freaks out histerically and starts yelling how he’s totally not into guys and, omg, ew how disgusting.

It’s like they say: You got nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide. No one rational and confident of his own sexuality would have this kind of reaction for so little. I mean, nor Sai or Kakashi actually hit on him, at least not openly (yes, I’m looking at you, Sai). As a fujoshi, I can state I would have never seen any malice in Kakashi’s words if wasn’t for Naruto’s overreaction. That gets me thinking, his encounter with Sasuke probably messed up with his insecurities real bad. No fujoshing here, but if he was already worried about that, finding out the little Sasuke he knew turned out to be that stunning man with abs-showing, badboy style, arm around him, close enough to smell his scent, that intense staring when their eyes first met… I mean, he’s shaken by that. It’s logical. This is the moment in which his the most insecure, as he shows with his reactions. He’s almost certain he’s into boys and is terrified that someone might notice.

And then we have this not-gay-at-all moment, right after Pain’s defeat (in which Hinata confessed her love for Naruto) and he’s laying on his bed. Thinking. Of Sasuke.

There are no arguments, man, one thing is to miss your friends and think about them, another thing is to lock yourself in the bedroom and spend the whole night long awake with your face burried on the pillow sighing for someone. When you spend the night locked up in your bedroom, face burried on the pillow, sighing for someone, that’s love. I mean it, to lay in your bed sighing for someone like “oh, I wonder how are you? Do you still think of me? What are you doing now?” this is the kind of thing people facing a breakup do. Check out the melancholic look on his eyes. This is not even the only time he’s shown laying awake thing about Sasuke, there are at least three other moments like this one, although this in particular has more relevance since this is when he found out Sasuke had finally killed Itachi and this got Naruto more worried about how he was feeling and if he was on pain.

“Why Itachi said that? Why me?” Well, bby, Itachi said you remind him of his ex-boyfriend, he’s obviously shipping you and his little brother. And well, by the way Naruto spoke of Sasuke to him, it must not have been difficult for him to understand what was going on, Itachi knows the deal. Anyway, I believe he then had some time to think about everything, Sasuke, his own feelings and sort things out.

So far, Naruto had the excuse that he had been doing all that because he promised Sakura he’d bring Sasuke back, but when she asks him to forget about that, he shows that this isn’t right. He’s doing that for himself. HE needs to save Sasuke, it doesn’t matter what Sakura feels or felt, he is not doing this for her or anyone else, as he clearly states. This is a problem between him and Sasuke and he’s pretty steady about that.

After he commited several murders and joined Akatsuki, Konoha decides Sasuke must be executed. After all, he is a criminal who shows no remorse, has no loyalty to the village and doesn’t care about anyone there, right? Sure, even Sakura and Ino, who have been in love with him all their lives comprehend that their feelings can’t change that. He is a criminal and has to be put down.

But not for Naruto. The simple ideia that Sasuke has no salvation and, therefore, must die is enough to cause him such a breakdown that he passes out.

Again, everything comes from a very intense difficulty to breathe, it’s a crisis I know very well, although I happilly never passed out from it, but it’s an anxiety symptom. Just the thought of a world without Sasuke is too much for him to handle, he panics.

And then they meet again. Differently from the first time, in which before he even knew how different their powers were he tripped and fell before reaching Sasuke, this time around Naruto already gets there very sure of what he wanted and with all the words at the tip of the tongue.

They only exchange one attack and, with that, they could see each other’s hearts. This is really relevant. The first time they fought, they couldn’t see the other one’s heart, as Sasuke yelled at his face, he couldn’t see how Sasuke felt. But not this time, this time they did see and he says that.

“Did you see what was in my heart?”, he’s talking about this feeling he has for Sasuke, he wants Sasuke to see how much he means to him, that he would never give up on him, 'cause his love is too strong. And now he knows Sasuke’s feelings too, since he lost Jiraya and found out the story behind the Uchiha massacre, he understands what Sasuke wants and his reasons and that’s why he’s ready to die with him if necessary, rather then simply dragging Sasuke back by force, like he says then.

More than that, the security he shows at this point, differently from what things were all the way until here, demonstrated that he was probably accepting the nature of his feelings. He understands what he feels and is getting more used to it.

During the war, they keep teasing each other about little things only they understand (in a way that reminds me a lot of Marceline and PB, from Adventure Time, who are confirmed ex-gfs). I guess this speaks for itself. “You know I like you, I know you like me, I’m saving them 'cause I love them, you know… Like you did. For me. Back then. And just now. Stop pretending you don’t care, I know you better then that”

Also, let’s talk about how Naruto stated that he had been training this jutsu in particular more then even his rasengan, lately. In case you don’t remeber, he especifically showed Konohamaru that the proper way of training that jutsu is searching for good reference, to which he used porn magazines. Now, Konohamaru’s reverse oroike no jutsu featured Sasuke and Sai, who are both well known for being the ladies’ preference around Konoha, so you can clearly see where he went. Naruto, on the other hand, had all those fabulously hot guys who were never seen before with adult muscled bodies and charismatic looks on their faces. I wonder where he got those references… I mean… He used to train for his regular jutsu by sneaking into bookshops and taking a look into porn when he was a kid, now think about that and try to see where this logic goes to.

Appart from how much I cried with this shit, I find quite interesting how each person makes the interpretation of this particular part as it suits them better. Also known as “hurdur, he’s talking about Hinata because the one like Kushina would be Sakura, but he doesn’t love her anymore”.

Ok, let’s start by saying that, nope, because Kushina didn’t say “marry some girl with the same personality as me”. As Naruto said himself, “mom told me to find a girl as great as she is” and I, as a rational human being, understand by that “a girl with good character, honest, who truly loves you”, you know? A decent person who isn’t some evil bitch who would make him suffer, I think it’s absurd to fight over who is more like Kushina, no one told him to marry his mother’s clone.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that he didn’t say “I found a nice girl” ou maybe “I found someone, but she’s a bit different from mom” or even “I will do my best to find a nice girl”. Nothing about girls. What he does is “mom said this… and… uh… well, not everything is going according to what she wanted”.

This is literally the only part in which he fumbles, stutters and ends up not really saying anything.

Like I said: each person makes their own interpretation of this, you know what was mine.

Well, I’m not saying anything about the dialogues between Naruto and Sasuke on those last chapters, because we all know very well what they said to each other, so I’m just letting Naruto share his opinion.
Sasuke’s one and only.
Not fucking Sakura.
Not anyone else.

Now, from the ending, we could get two possible ways of seeing what happened in-story: either, since he had to put Naruto with Hinata for the sake of the $$movie$$, Kishimoto changed his mind as to make Naruto oblivious of everything and too naive too recognize romantic love, which I find offensive for a character who is mostly the love expert of the story and lectured every single mf about love during those 15 years, but that paired up with Sasuke’s guilt, thinking Naruto would be too good to him and deserved someone better, would be enough reason for them to never try and get together. Also fits well with Naruto’s try at explaining his feelings on chapter 698. It relevant to say that, this time around, when Sasuke asked what he meant by “friend”, he no longer said anything about feeling like a brother, which shows he understood how different from that his feeling truly is, but by saying how he doesn’t know how to put it in words might signify he was still clueless about it being romantic love. Another probable thing, I find, might be that Kishimoto left enough timeskip for something to happen between the moment when Sasuke came back to Konoha from Naruto starting to date Hinata. They had a fight or just talked about everything and decided (mistakenly) that it was for the best if they got married to the girls, to which I can think of several reasons and the fact that Naruto was frowning when he went to say Sasuke goodbye and return his headband and by Sasuke saying that he didn’t thought Naruto’d show up to say goodbye at all makes me think they had a fight over Sasuke leaving again and that there’s more to see that we first might think. I particularly like to believe of this second theory. It works either you consider The Last as canon or not (since it’s not Kishimoto’s writing, I don’t), as The Last happens two whole years after the events of chapter 699, giving plenty of time, and since NH is terribly undeveloped even in the movie and Naruto doesn’t really seems to care that much about Hinata until he gets caught up in the creepy scarf-genjustu thing and gets brainwashed, not making the whole “Naruto loves Hinata” thing very plausible.

Got to Get You into My Life - Chapter 2

Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

Summary: Being a teacher’s assistant for your cousin at Hawkins Middle School, you thought nothing would happen besides teaching.

A/N: Thank you to all the wonderful notes! I didn’t think this would blow up like it did!

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Length: 2024 words

Chapter 2

You spent your lunch in the library, setting up “the goods” for the AV club, and having bites of your sandwich. You didn’t get any help from Scott as he had to do actual teacher duties, but you didn’t mind. Giving you a job and a place to live, Scott has easily done enough.

The last bell has just rung, and you’re waiting outside the library to meet Scott and the AV group.

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