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Reasons to watch March Comes in Like a Lion
  • amazing music/ themes, Bump of Chicken does the first OP/ED
  • amazinger animation
  • poetry-like dialog and imagery
  • mc has probably one of the most accurate portrayals of depression I’ve ever seen, especially in anime
  • if Van Gogh paintings and art from The Little Prince is your aesthetic, you already know it’s beautiful
  • incredible scenery
  • Smith
  • the cats
  • metaphoric image representation for emotion
  • you won’t like Shimada very much at first but he is the sweetest cinnamon roll
  • dynamic characters
  • you will learn about shogi without even trying, and it’ll make you want to learn how to actually play it
  • the cats have voices for their thoughts
Raphael x Reader

You had to admit that this was the weirdest thing you’d ever dragged home. Normally you collected little thing off the ground to create new things and fix old things. This time you had a large tarp meant for taking in old furniture, what you had was no chair though. A turtle. A GIANT TURTLE. Like twice the size of you giant. Clad in a red mask complete with scars, tattoo’s and a pair of fork like weapons. Every so often it’d move and grunt, it startled you but then again you lived in New York so you have seen a lot worse. Pulling him into the elevator of your apartment you had already assumed that this wouldn’t be a easy task, just him waking up would probably be enough noise for the neighbours to think you were being attacked. Though I didn’t feel like leaving the poor guy on the streets, today was supposed to be hot and the sun was just coming up. Looking at your door you looked down at the turtle man again, would he fit through? Can you fit him sideways? Did you even want to try? Nope. He fit. Sort of. Knowing full well he wouldn’t fit on your little couch you pulled the blankets from the closet and covered him up, slipping a pillow under his head. You had first aid training, not much but enough to fix the turtle man up to the extent that he needed. Though an hour had past and the turtle man woke up with a BOOM. Jumping up to full height and smacked his head right into your ceiling light. Clutching his head and letting out a moan of pain, you started to laugh and you laughed hard. “It ain’t that funny ya know, what the shell is that made of?!” “Sorry, uh…?” “Raphael” Walking up to Raphael you patted him on the arm, while passing him a bottled water, “My names y/n, so no offence but you do know your a turtle right?” “Nah never thought that, just figured it’s normal to have a shell” “Just wondering, so um I doubt you really want to leave since the suns up and people don’t take kindly to you know…” “Turtles? How come you ain’t scared of me?” “To be honest I’ve seen worse, actually I think your a tad interesting. You’re welcome to stay by the way I’ve got pizza” “*chuckles* I think we’ll get along”

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May I get your attention please! I have an announcement to make! Or rather, A CONFIRMATION!!! so, most of you have probably already seen this picture and you can all see as clear as I do, that there is a big plot revealed in here….

Rose is fricking blonde!!! We have it confirmed!! I repeat; ROSE IS ACTUALLY BLONDE-HAIRED!!! This is revolutionary!!!

Oh, right. Rose’s mom seems to be an alien… That’s cool too.

BUT GUYS!!! She’s actually blonde. But right now she’s red-haired, which means she’s coloring her hair! Now you may ask; why is she coloring her hair? I’LL TELL YOU WHY!! TO match her name! You know; Roses are RED

She’s going to become a real rose D8


Ok. Enough with the jokes. I mean, I was actually suprised that she was blonde, even if I’d already seen her in blonde hair before (in that dream…thing?), but i guess that one didn’t click for me…He… ‘:D

But anyway, I don’t really have a theory or anything for this. There’s clearly A LOT you can get out of this, some of my joke theorising might even be right! ;P but that’s nothing I’m trying to do right now.

I’m not that great at making/thinking up actuall possible theories and right now, I’m not feeling that well…

But hey!! If any of you are up to “go deep” with this picture (which I encourage you to do!!) then go right ahead!! I would love to see someone theorising a lot more about this fantastic comic!!

Okay, I’m done. 

So, bye for now!!

The Types + Immortality

ENFJ: Like, of all the ridiculous things I’ve made into a fucking Types As post, this is surprisingly the least outrageous in terms of possibility for you guys… like i mean….. yeahhh immortality is kind of….not real…..but like, have you seen the amount of water ENFJs drink on a daily basis? It’s like…. statistically likely that ENFJs have caused literally every drought known to man. More power to them, though. They’re probably already fuckin immortal

ENFP: Lol I know /exactly/ why you guys would want to be immortal, like imagine how many times you can change your personal philosophy in three weeks… imagine that for eternity,,,it’s just like a never ending daisy chain, as more buds are added, the old wilt and disintegrate into the mossy earth– feeding the soil from which they initially came. Forever and ever adding on into infinity. I’m talking quite literally here. I’m saying that if ENFPs were given eternity, they’d spend their idle time building really fucking long daisy chains.

ESFJ: fuuuck literally every ESFJ i’ve seen seems to still be dealing with the bellowing aftershocks of the fucking Big Bang, like I tried to google how hot Stellar Nucleosynthesis is, but this is a shitpost so i’m just gonna tell you that it’s pretty fucking intense – and like That, on top of Yesterday’s Double Texting Nightmare is like??????? K so you know stepping on a lego? Multiply by the fucking sun. just let them r e s t  damn it

ESFP: idek if they’d want immortality, like it might just kind of fucking destroy their will to do shit but like??? ESFPs would age so gracefully, like…. they’d still be getting carded at bars and like they’d be 405…like, i mean, it’d be a bit of a hassle for them but like, then again? Kinda never gonna die? like

 ‘’how old are you?’’



INFJ: Like Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™, immortal INFJs are probably sulky, have been 17 for way too  long, and drink deer blood for fun

unlike Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™,

i got nothing

INFP: ‘’’’’’’’’‘’Wait….’’ *author spins wheel* ‘’ Fallout Three Linkin Park Days Grace Boys isn’t gonna be here in 4000 years???????


ISFJ: of all of the ISFJs i’ve met 10/10 of them strike me as having been on the titanic at some point in their lives so like?????? coincidence???? i think not. Also, (if you happen to know an ISFJ) (i have several pressing questions about Leo Dicaprio and I’d be very happy to have a primary resource if u get what i mean) (I want to sell his hair on eBay) (help a guy out here)

ISFP: I’m not even gonna lie, ISFPs are a fucking mystery to me, but I respect them. I feel the same way about a lot of things, particularly Life and also corn chips….so like Life = neverending life = immortality + cornchips = double immortality, so like True?

Look, I’m like 67% sure i already made a post about ISFPs climbing inside of deer carcasses (which is what i was thinking of now) and Not Even I Could Stoop So Low as to repeat my own jokes so i’m just going to be completely honest here and say that i did not plan this out ahead of time

and if that’s not the spirit of a 6000 year old ISFP then i don’t know what is

ENTJ:   okay…….me and ENTJs……

It will be a very quick engagement and wedding ceremony, we’ll only invite maybe a few close friends and relatives (very secretive). The police will find me in my private jet 3 days after the funeral, drinking scotch and staring blankly into the horizon – just a few miles off of my private island. ‘’He was an old man…. his heart was failing,’’ I’ll sob into my silk smoking jacket, ‘’it was only a matter of time….’’

immortality would fucking ruin this for me

ENTP: k so i feel like if I, personally, ever got to be immortal, it’d be that fucking immortality that has like this catch where  ‘’you’ll live forever… long as you’re  not killed’’ and i’ll be like ‘’well fuck, that rules out all of the enemies i was planning on making now that there was no consequences’’ and then i’d have to live my careful (boring) life as full as i could make it without accidentally dying and then bam 

i’d step on a poisonous jellyfish

but it’d be in some weird way like i’d be walking down the street in chicago or something and smack in the middle of the sidewalk: jellyfish

and like, i wouldn’t even be mad tbh

ESTJ: Read the ESFJ description from this post (i linked to it here) multiply THAT by the sun. Divide by 3.

Tbh they’d probably enjoy their time as long as people BACKED OFF, MAN

ESTP: tbh i feel like immortality would kind of undermine an ESTPs entire life motto at first, like…..their time isn’t limited anymore….they no longer have to absorb as much input from every situation ever….they’d probably be reduced to like an emo mess for like the first 3000 years, but then they’d probably develop their Se-Ni so well that they like transcend the physical plane and exist everywhere and nowhere at once, and it’d be horrifying….and then they’d become this badass traveling conman with like mystical powers and everyone kind of thinks their like….some mythological figure but in reality, they’re just immortal and bored.

INTJ: I feel like they’d just be generally pissed about it? Like??? This isn’t what they asked for when they said they wanted a sustainable future??? This is too much, it’s like the industrial size bag of Lucky Charms cereal, put it back

INTP: Okay, like on a scale from one to ten they’d be like 8/10 as an immortal like…..yeahhh they’d be pretty chill for most of the time, yeahh they’d probably find things to do with their time…..but like…..when are they gonna hang out with their mortal friends????? probably never??? text me back man

ISTJ: Like, 2nd most likely type to become immortal (first being ENFJs) cuz like…..i’m pretty sure you can leave a pack of ISTJs alone on a deserted island and come back, and they’d be sitting there…no one will have killed and eaten anyone…..they’d just be chilling, surviving…??? like??? what the fuck kind of person kills and eats another human being like lol? calm down hannibal lecter

ISTP: welp, looks like another millenia of staring into the abyss, my friends. 

I’m so sorry. 

Which Tintin Characters You Should Fight
  • Tintin: Oh my god. Either you've never opened a Tintin book in your life, or you're just plain stupid. What the fuck makes you think you could take on Tintin? Have you seen what he can do? He's been shot four different times and lived. He's wrestled bears in Russia. One time he got attacked by three burly men in a Chinese prison and sent all. three. of them to the hospital. Think about that. Do not fight.
  • Haddock: Ok, so Haddock's a pretty tough guy. If you tried to take him on physically, you'd probably lose. But if you got him drunk enough you could insult him into submission. But why the hell would you do that? Hasn't he already been through enough? Do not fight.
  • Thompsons: You'd think since there are two of them, it'd be a loaded challenge, right? Wrong. These two couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Go ahead, fight the Thompsons.
  • Calculus: Are you really going to fight an old man? A deaf old man? Well if you insist. Just know that this deaf old man was quite an athelete in his youth and knows savate and can probably fuck you up in old-timey ways your millenial ass didn't even know were possible. And god help you should you ever call him a goat. Go ahead, fight Calculus. But you'll probably lose.
  • Nestor: Please do not fight Nestor. Do you think that with all he's had to put up with as Marlinspike's lone butler, he'd be any degree of phased at your scrawny punk ass? Please. Look at that fucker's stone cold face. He'll knock your ass out and use your mangled corpse for an ironing board. Seriously. I'm saying this because I like you. Don't fight Nestor.
  • Chang: I do not recommend fighting Chang. Not because I think you'd lose, and not merely because he is a sweet cinnamon roll child who you ought to feel ashamed for thinking you could fight, but look at his posse. He's friends with Tintin AND Haddock. Motherfuckers went to Tibet and fought a Yeti for him. Go ahead, fight Chang, but only if you're prepared for the shitstorm that will follow.
  • Zorrino: What kind of asshole are you, anyway? You filth, don't even look at me. That's like asking me if it's okay to kick a kitten. And the answer is no. Do not fight Zorrino, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  • Bianca: "Poor, weak woman" nothing. There is nothing weak about Bianca. One time she got arrested for conspiracy and shut down her own trial in only FIVE comic panels. When jailed, her biggest concern was that her pasta wasn't being cooked properly. You think she's scared of you? She'll just tag team with Irma and take your ass down in nothing flat. Kneel before the queen, you piece of shit peasant.
  • Jolyon Wagg: PLEASE fight Jolyon. I speak for everyone in the fandom and every character in the series when I say that you'd be doing us all a huge favor. You could probably take him down with one punch. Please fight Jolyon, be the hero this fandom needs.

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Relationship status - single
Favorite colour - purple 💜
Lipstick or chapstick - lipstick! 💄
Last song I listened to - sleepover hayley kiyoko
Last movie I watched - Logan! (I’ve seen it twice in a week lmao)
Top three tv shows - parks and rec, always sunny, daredevil
Top three characters - steve rogers, bucky barnes, ben wyatt
Top three ships - steveb/ucky , turn/wood, probably mav/in??
Books I’m currently reading - the virgin suicides

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The ~Accent~ Challenge!

I was tagged by the lovely @tsevers and @helladonut !! So, I’m going to apologize in advance for just how awkward this all is and the fact that I’m technologically inept so now you have to look at my face too 🙃

I think, like, everyone has done this already? But I’m going to tag my bb’s @dulcedeliam & @cobaltwriting if you guys wish to be as awkward as me!

Okay, without further ado, here are the q’s that we’ve all seen lolol

- Your name and username.

- Where you’re from.

- Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

- What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

- What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

- What do you call gym shoes?

- What do you call your grandparents?

- What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

- What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

- Choose a book and read a passage from it.

- Do you think you have an accent?

- Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

- End audio post by saying any THREE words you want

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I've seen that you were bored so what do you wanna talk about? I can give you some fic rec? I've read a jungkook hybrid!au serie that you might enjoy. The writer just started it but it is already sooo good!!!

Really ? :) pls send me a link ~~♡♡♡ I’ll probably read it in my free time ^^ but I just want to highlight something to you guys first . When I say I’m bored , It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have nothing to do of my day :( it just means that I missed talking to y'all T_T because everyone is so busy these days, my blog is less interactive and I really miss these days when we’d talk more often you know :) ❤ I just want to love everyone whether it’s in my free time or when I’m busy because that’s why I made this blog in the first place :) you know I just missed these days when we’d talk about random shit and everyone would have a blast :“) I hope these days are back once I’m done with school ~♡ I’ll be posting more fics soon ^^

jdhorner  asked:

11. Top 3 places to be touched? // 26. What’s the most attractive part of the body? // 43. Have you ever been made to/made somebody beg for it? // And one more for good measure: 96. What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever seen?

11: I like my neck being touched.. if touching also consists of kissing and licking. And then maybe nipples and hands… i like holding hands and tracing shapes n peoples hands.

Already answered 26! Keep up Josh!

43: Yes i have and you probably know who did that.

96: Theres so many!!!! Tumblr has some weird shit, but i think the guy who has his dick split in half is crazy!

You know, one reason I’m probably so chill about YJ is returning is because, in my mind, I’ve already seen the perfect season 3 and 4.

There’s a fic on Fanfiction called Young Justice: Darkness Falls by Angelus-v1 and it is so good guys. It’s impossibly long and detailed but WOW. It picks up where S2 left off and goes on this great storyline. It even breaks chapters up in ‘episodes’, like damn guys it’s so good and pretty much 80% of my canon for S3.

The author then wrote a S4 to follow called Young Justice: Titans and it’s just as good omg. So if you want something good to pass the time until we get actual YJ season 3 then you should totally read these. Except now I’ll be comparing YJ S3 to these stories lol.

PSA: I’m so fed up!

I hate it when people already bitch about Gifted without even having seen it. Not because they’re shitting all over my boy Chris Evans. And not because they do it for as dumb a reason as his (ex-)girlfriend being in it. 

No, they’re also writing off a movie that was directed by Marc Webb.

Do you know who Marc Webb is?


Well, let me help you out there.

He’s the guy who directed the music videos for half a dozen emo bands that you were probably fapping to during your emo phase (shut up, we all had one!) including The All-American Rejects…

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…and My Chemical Romance

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And I know what you’re thinking. “But this isn’t a music video, this is an indie movie!”

Well, huh, does (500) Days of Summer tell you anything? 


The movie that single-handedly made all of us fall in love with Zooey Deschanel…

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…and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

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Seriously, you guys have no idea what you’re talking about and I’d prefer you take your miserable little jealousy drama somewhere else. 


Disconnected - CH

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yeah I have no idea what to do with this so I guess I’ll just post it as a blurb? excuse me if i screwed up the dates but the times are supposed to be when you receive them so yay for clarification!


February 16th, 5:53 PM: “Hey! Alright, so I the guys and I are heading to LAX for our flight to Japan. You’re probably in bed and drooling all over the place and that’s why you didn’t pick up your phone. Either way, Tokyo is only two hours ahead of Sydney so I’ll call you when we land. Talk to you later, loser.”

February 17th, 5:32 AM: “Just got to Japan. I’m so wiped. We’re waiting for our bags but we can already see all the fans waiting outside for us. And–oh, shit, babe. I wish you could have just seen Michael trip Luke into the baggage carousel. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Crap, gotta go. Film crew is pulling out the cameras for the tour diaries. Call you when I get a chance. Pick up your phone next time!”

February 17th, 6:11 AM:  “Yikes, totally forgot you were flying back to LA today too. Which means you’re probably on a plane. Huh, what? Oh, Ashton says “Hey.” Anyway, you can’t see but I’m pouting right now because I miss your voice. Text me when you land!”

February 19th, 2:06 AM: “First show tonight! The guys and I are so fucking pumped. Sad I missed your call earlier but we’re about to go on so I’ll just try again later. Wait hold on, gotta get away from the guys…those pictures you sent earlier were great. You’re the best. Wish us luck!”

February 21st, 10:31 PM: “Hey babe, miss you. Can’t believe we keep missing each other’s calls. Call me when you get a chance. Time doesn’t matter.”

February 24th, 7:18 PM: “Helloooooooooooo? Remember me? Your lovable and cute and very lonely boyfriend? He’s missing his very smart, very beautiful girlfriend because he hasn’t seen her in a while and she hasn’t called him back yet.”

February 25th, 2:48 AM: “Just talked to Mali. Said she’s coming to visit you and you two have a whole girls thing planned while she’s in LA. I’m very jealous my sister gets to see you.”

February 27th, 3:38 AM: “We’re about to go out and I really hope that this is some practical joke. I don’t want to overreact but I’m fucking pissed. And I’m just going to get even more angry if you don’t fucking call me back and make your dumbass friend take that picture down.”

February 27th, 8:42 PM: “It’s uh, it’s me. Calum, that is. I know you told me not to call after our fight the other night, but I couldn’t leave it at that, ya know? Not when you cut me off before I could finish. You aren’t my girlfriend, alright? You are my girlfriend. Shit, you’re the absolute love of my life and fuck, I never thought I would find someone like you. I’m freaking out over here, [Y/N]. I overreacted. Went off the deep end at the thought of losing you. We’re barely 20 but I can’t imagine anyone else but you in it. I’m scared. I’m so scared of the future but then I think that maybe you’ll be in it and it doesn’t seem so fucking frightening.”

February 27th, 8:45 PM: “I’m in this for the long haul, for however long you want me. I love you. God, I love you.”


Tbh I’m not striving to be a professional artist. I draw from time to time for fun. And also…

I don’t want any critiques. 

Seriously. I might sound like a self-centered brat but I do not want criticism nor advices. You may think, “yeah, but how are you gonna improve?”. Honestly? I don’t care about improvement. I just wanna have fun! Also, trust me, even if you tried to point out a flaw in my artwork, then probably I have already seen it myself. I’m a perfectionst. And it kinda sucks because I’m almost never satisfied with my works. It really stresses me out. I’m absolutely sure that outside criticism would only make me more stressed out about my art. It sucks. I don’t want that. I repeat, I’m only trying to have some fun.

So, all in all, I don’t want any criticism, sorry guys! However, if we are friends then I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to give me an advice. But please, IM me instead of replying or adding a comment, alright? 

That’s all! 🌟


Okay so many of you have probably already seen this post around :) as i said, alba and i thought about selling kpop and anime buttons/pins and we started designing some of them (we also took requests from that post’s replies). We are working on a tumblr and twitter account where we will be posting our designed buttons and selling them, so stay tuned if you’re interested on them! :) Here are the results of some of our ideas and original designs, hope you guys like them! (Don’t forget to help us out by reblogging this post and message us if you want a particular group/anime button, thank you!)

I am sad

Hey Sydney and Perth,
Nothing could make me sadder than what I’m about to say. I’m really unwell and apparently, as I’ve been told by the 4 doctors I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, I have had acute laryngitis which has gotten much worse and now developed sinusitis, leaving me too sick to sing. In the last week I’ve been to Washington DC, Toronto, New York, London, and Sydney, and it just feels like my body and voice have finally given up on me. I have family flying in for this show, friends flying in, journalists coming, music industry people coming that I’ve been looking forward to meeting for months, my record label who I care so deeply about and who work so hard every day (and who haven’t seen me play yet), this was my first home show (!!!!), and most importantly there’s you guys waiting outside the venue already, and I’m the fucking sickest I’ve probably ever been in my life. It sucks. I’m on antibiotics, medication to reduce mucus, a full dose of steroids, have drunk loads of water and been gargling everything under the sun - all to no avail. Hopefully the three or four days rest I get now will be enough to get me better. Thank you for buying tickets, thank you for caring, thank you for understanding, and I swear I will be back and better than ever, with my voice, so so so so so soon (we’re already scrambling to look at new dates) to hug you guys, apologise, and give the hopefully amazing shows that you deserve. Love you, love Troye xxxx

hey okay so you guys know how the current big theory is that the color of the already fallen children’s hearts corresponds to the monster that killed them? well not only does this mean that we’d be dealing with two unknown monsters (orange and light blue) but…

going from left to right we’d have Undyne, MTT (probably pre-upgrade human killing Metta), orange somebody, Muffet, one of the bone bros, and another unknown monster.

I have a hard time believing that Papyrus could kill anybody but remember what Sans said? “you know what would have happened if she hadn’t said anything…? buddy, you’d be dead where you stand”

that basically outright states that without Toriel’s influence, Sans would’ve killed Frisk. and honestly to me, it sort of sounds like he’s killed people before, right? or at least a person.

Kaisoo vampire fanfics part 3

Holy shit you guys a ton of vampire fics came out in the last few months. I cannot help but to rejoice (by rejoice I mean post). You guys have probably already seen most of these because they’re amazing, but you know, just in case. Check out the last vampire posts here and here

Goodnight Verse: ongoing, I am so into this I really hope there will be more. So it is a set of stories about Jongin getting to know vampire Kyungsoo who is kind of standoffish. He lets Kyungsoo drink from him and they get closer.

Stitch me up- one shot. Zombie Jongin has a crush on vampire Kyungsoo, but is too shy to act on it.

I want to drink your blood Please?- one shot High school Kyungsoo is trying to drink from Jongin, who is creeped out

Surprisingly Attracted-one shot Kyungsoo doesn’t go for humans, but Jongin is hard to resist

Unseen, out of sight= one shot Jongin and Kyungsoo become roommates, Kyungsoo is the vampire, their relationship gets complicated with Jongin runs into other vampires.

Allure of darkness: Ongoing. Kyungsoo has been kidnapped by vampire Kai, who is well known to Kyungsoo for being cruel, but he is being nice to Kyungsoo, and it turns out there is a reason 

Come as you are  : complete 2 chapters. Vampire Kyungsoo is having a complicated relationship with wolf Jongin, and has to keep it secret from everyone.

These walls caught me here with something- one shot. Kyungsoo is Jongin’s vampire bodyguard, and they are trapped in a house together and get to know each other before the shit goes down. 

Not greedy (just thirsty): drabble fluff


N: Clint’s hit pretty bad, guys. We’re gonna need evac.
C: Do you have eyes on Nat?
S: Go!
C: Damn it!