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+ hi hi helo etc !!!! so basically for my first hundred (i'm crying i haven't been here long and ily all so much) i thought i'd make a lil masterlist of lyrics by marina and the diamonds from every ep/album that she's released that could be used for inspiration, descriptions, prompts, ideas, bios etc. check them out under the cut, and please like/reblog if you found this at all helpful. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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Ashton Imagine: You Meet Oli at a Bring Me the Horizon Concert

Author: Rhine


You let the music wash over you, the drums shaking your bones, the bass resonating in your skin. You could feel your ears start to feel numb and your voice start to scratch from all the screaming you’ve done that night, but you’re having too much fun to care. You can feel the sweat on your body clinging onto your shirt, streaming down your face and threading your hair, though in the strobe lights it made you look like you were glowing. 

You feel a familiar set of arms encircle your waist, his own sweat-drenched shirt clinging onto yours, though you weren’t complaining. You turn back to look up at your boyfriend, his skin just as sticky with sweat as when he’s on stage himself; his bandana holding down damp, curly tufts of hair with a smile as bright as the stage lights on his face.

“Having fun, babe?” He shouts into your your ear, but it translates into a soft murmur in your concert-broken eardrums.

“This is the best night ever!” You yell back at him, turning up to look at him, beaming. 

Ashton had just come back from touring, and managed to secure two tickets to the concert of your favourite band - after 5SOS, of course - Bring Me the Horizon. 

You had been looking forward to the concert all week, shaking so much with excitement that you nearly barreled into Ashton when he came to pick you up earlier that night.

Someone’s excited to me, he had grinned, dimples and all.

Yeah, but not as excited to see five other guys tonight, you had teased, winking cheekily at him.

Ashton merely ruffled your hair and put his hand securely on your waist, guiding you to the concert arena. 

You better not run off to be their groupie after the show, he had growled playfully. Remember, you’re already mine.

You stuck your tongue out at him, too excited to be seeing your favourite band - second favourite band, he’d remind you - too jittery from excitement to pay too much attention to anything else.

And the show was incredible. 

When the boys came onstage, you thought you’d lose your mind. You shrieked and grabbed Ashton’s shirt, jumping up and down while he merely smiled at you, laughing.

When they started playing their songs, you could hardly believe it - seeing them in person, so close to where you were, hearing the songs that you had heard so many times through your speakers or headphones live in person. It was surreal - the way the music weaved through your body and your bones, the bass and words waking something up inside of you that must’ve been asleep all this time.

You felt so alive, seeing the crowd move in all different directions, thousands of pitches of voices singing along to every lyric - being a part of it all. 

You were jumping and screaming, hair flying in all directions as you shouted the lyrics you loved at the top of the lungs. And when you got tired, you rested in Ashton’s arms - sticky skin clinging onto each other, hands wrapped around you like he’d never let go - hearing how his heartbeat matched the rhythm to every single song.

And when the show ended, you were breathless but still running on adrenaline with a camera roll full of blurry pictures and shaking videos of you and Ashton and the band from your seat. 

Slowly, the crowd started to file away, the band having already disappeared backstage after one last song to end the night.

You and Ashton were one of the last ones to leave, the backstage crew already coming out to clean the stage and the seats.

“Ready to go, babe?" 

Ashton smiles brightly at you, dimples showing and eyes glowing from the magic that was the show. His hair is messy, loose curls clinging onto his forehead and shirt glued to his stomach from the sweat - you’re sure you look the same. 

"Yeah - everyone else is already gone." 

You lace your fingers with his, and make your way to the nearest exit.

The two of you are almost out the door when you hear a shuffling from the stage and turn to look back, only to see none other than Oliver Sykes himself - the lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon. The tattoos and messy hair was a dead giveaway. 

He didn’t seem to notice the two of you, but your jaw drops and you tug Ashton back to the stage, despite his feeble protests.

"Why are you pulling me, women - oh.”

The two of you stopped in front of the stage, still unnoticed by Oliver, who seemed to be looking for something.

“Hi, um - Oliver?” You squeaked out, partially from your hoarse voice and partially from your nervousness of seeing the band’s singer just mere meters away from you. You could see every intricate detail of the ink on his skin, clearer than any picture that you’ve seen through the internet. 

He whips around, shocked that the two of you were still there. “Um, hello?”

“I just wanted to say - um, I actually - I just really, er - ” You fumble around with your words, not quite sure what it was you really wanted to say. Frankly, you didn’t plan this far ahead - you saw him there and wanted to say a hello, and then completely blanked out about what would happen next.

You never thought you would get to meet the Oliver Sykes, let alone talk to him.

“What she means to say is that she’s a really big fan of yours and she loves your music.” Ashton covers for you before you end up looking like a loser. “Like, a lot.

You nod enthusiastically at Ashton’s words, smiling at Oliver brightly without trying to shake too much.

“Is that so?” Oliver smiles slightly at you.

“Yeah - I’ve been listening to you guys since the beginning and I’ve loved you guys for so many years. I’ve got practically all your albums and all your songs on my phone.” You manage to squeak out, all your words jumbling out in a rush from your nervousness. 

“You guys are my favourite - ” You start to say before Ashton nudges you painfully in the side, “ - second favourite band.”

You smile brightly at him, casually smacking Ashton on the chest as you do.

“Who’s got your number one spot?” Oliver asks, grinning at the two of you.

“This loser’s band.” You pull at Ashton’s cheek, watching him squirm. “I’m obligated to love them because I love him.”

“That’s how you get the best fans.” Oliver winks at Ashton, and he laughs. 

“I got lucky with this girl.” Ashton grins, rubbing his sore cheek. “I’m Ashton, by the way. From 5 Seconds of Summer.”

He extends a hand and Oliver takes it, shaking it firmly. 

“I knew you looked kind of familiar, kid. Oliver Sykes. You might know me, I just played this awesome show.”

You and Ashton laugh, and you feel Ashton’s hand snake around your waist, his long fingers hooking onto one of your belt loops.

“Oh, trust me, I know. This girl has so many posters and pictures of you that I’m starting to forget that I exist." 

"Ash!” You bump his hip playfully.

“What’s your name, love?” Oliver asks you, his eyes friendly. 

You introduce yourself, and he shakes your hand - you touched his hand! - smiling at you.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you.” He says, his accent sweeping you off your feet. “I’m lucky to know I have such wonderful fans like you.”

You blush tomato red and look at your scuffed shoe, mumbling something incoherent about albums and music.

“Anyways, we’re sorry for bothering you.” Ashton says apologetically.

“Nah, I was just looking for a bracelet I dropped during the show.” Oliver waves his hand nonchalantly. “Must’ve swung off my hand while I was playing or something.”

“We can help you look for it, if you want.” You offer, biting your lip. Truthfully, you weren’t quite ready to leave yet, and you still were still a bit starstruck over seeing Oliver.

“Sure, why not.” Oliver grins. “Come on up - my eyes are getting a bit rusty anyways.”

You and Ashton hop onstage eagerly, waiting for instructions.

“Well, it’s thin and braided and brown - might be a bit hard to find, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see it.” He explains.

The two of you nod and start looking around - or rather, exploring the stage. You wander to the edges of the stage, peeking backstage to see if you could the rest of the band with no luck. 

While you quietly snooped around creepily, Ashton came up from behind you and squeezed your sides, causing you to jump and yelp, which made Oliver turn around in surprise.

“Ashton!” You whisper-yell, hitting him on the arm as you felt your cheeks heat up. From the corner of your eye, you can see Oliver smile at the two of you before continuing his hunt.

Ashton gives you the puppy dog eyes before laughing. 

“It’s cute how you think others can’t tell that you’re clearly snooping around.” He whispers in your ear, causing the hairs on your neck to stand up.

“I’m not snooping around!”

“Well you aren’t doing a very good job of looking for this bracelet.”

“Shut up, Ashton!”

“If you wanted to collect a piece of his hair I could always pluck one out for you.”

You smack him on the arm again, and he bounds off playfully, giggling to himself.

After a few more moments of looking around, your feet nudges something strange - upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a worn, braided bracelet - just like Oliver had described.

“I think I found it!” You exclaimed excitedly, bounding back to the two boys, who were staring at you.

You held up the thin braid for them to see. “Is this it?”

“Yeah - thank you!” Oliver grins widely, reaching out to take the bracelet from your hands before pausing, his hands stopping in its tracks. 

“You know what, why don’t you keep it?” He says after a moment of consideration. “Think of it as a thank-you gift for being such an amazing fan.”

“Are you serious?” You gape at him, eyes wide. It was clearly no Tiffany bracelet with its worn and frayed edges, but it was a bracelet from Oliver Sykes. That he wore

“Yeah, definitely.” Oliver smiles at you. “Finders keepers, anyways.”

“Whoa, thank you so much!” You beam, and before you can stop yourself, you have your arms swung around his neck, engulfing him in a tight hug. It takes a moment for you to realize your spontaneity - you practically jumped on the poor boy - but you merely grin to yourself when you hear Oliver laugh and feel him hug you back.

“Any more moves like that and I might just lose her for good, man.” Ashton sighs loudly, shaking his head as some loose curls bounce around his head.

“Don’t worry - if she runs off, I’ll have her delivered to you, free of shipping charges.” He jokes as you punch Ashton lightly in the arm, giving him a quick peck on his cheek to rid his face of his childish pout.

“Um.. one more thing?” You ask timidly before you and Ashton turn to leave, bouncing on your heels nervously. “Can I have your autograph?”


You and Ashton finally left the arena a full hour after the show ended, a new bounce in your steps, Oliver’s bracelet tied securely on your wrist, a dozen photos of you and Olver and Ashton on your phone, a CD signed with a cute memo - for the sweetest fan I’ll ever meet and her curly boyfriend whom she should not forget because he’s alright too - and the brightest beam on your face.

“Looks like you got the most out of that concert, didn’t you?” Ashton eyes your gleeful steps and permanent smile etched on your face.

“It was the best nice ever!” You enthused, practically dancing on the streetlights that you passed by. “We jammed out and met Oli and I got a bracelet and an autograph and a bunch of pictures and oh my god, is this all a dream?”

“You’re cute when you fangirl.” Ashton laughs at your loopy form, the dim streetlamps weaving strands of light in your hair that matched the sun in your smile.

“What, you aren’t jealous that I’m fangirling over a band member that isn’t you?” You teased, jumping off the streetlamp and staring at Ashton, a smirk on your lips. 

“No, because I can give you something better.” He grins, something mischievous in his eyes. 

“And what’s that?” You tease.

“This.” Ashton presses his lips to yours, his hands gently cupping your face. You feel yourself lean back a little at his sudden movement, but he stables you with his sturdy hands, and you can feel him smiling in your kiss.

When he pulls away, you’re left dazed and breathless, running on more adrenaline than you were before. His hazel eyes are so close you can almost see the flecks of gold from the streetlamp shining into them, a hint of childish mischief in them.

“I can also give you some excellent post-concert waffles, if that counts for anything.” He whispers, voice breathy.

“You had me at waffles.” You murmur, still dazed. “You sure know the way to my heart, Irwin.”

“Like no other man.”

“Shut up and give me some waffles.”

He laughs and throws you over his shoulder despite your shrieks, his laughter mixing with yours as he runs to the nearest all-day breakfast store for a midnight snack. 

Needless to say, it was one of the best days you’ve every had.


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Vault Chat
  • <Jack White> morning
  • <Jack White> it's going good, very good
  • <Yepsen> I saw Olivia Jean last night, she's killing it out there.
  • <Jack White> glad you did, her band and her are taking it to a new level of energy
  • <inamaneschy> thank you for the concert in sao paulo. was life changing
  • <Jack White> sao paulo!
  • <Alia Kaakani> will you be going to Detroit at all for the Frida Kahlo exhibit?!
  • <Jack White> i'll be in detroit but won't have time for frida this tirp
  • <Jettkoral> will the new vault package be announced soon?
  • <Jack White> yes we are announcing soon
  • <Th3Whit3Shad0w> will you be coming back to the UK anytime soon?
  • <Jack White> sorry can't do that, only a few shows left...
  • <MissELuna> been meaning to ask you if you are familiar with Billy Joe Shaver?
  • <Jack White> yes.
  • <von_Kytzia> What plans after coachella? Big vacations?
  • <Jack White> have a nice cool week after coachella that you'll hear about soon...
  • <thirdgirl> it's great that some vault folks were able to join you at the tidal launch!
  • <Jack White> wish you could've all been there, it was very nice.
  • <BlueOrchid> are you working on more solo material?
  • <Jack White> no, working on chairs and expanding third man's universe
  • <Kasey> Will smaller artists be treated more fairly with Tidal tha, say, Sporify?
  • <Jack White> damn straight. i'm aiming to get unknown artists paid so that they can make more music.
  • <Malinda_Lee> can you tell us more about tidal?
  • <Jack White> tidal is going to help a lot of artists out, i'm talking about the punk band that has 50k hits on youtube and doesn't see a dime
  • <Alan Spaulding> Jack, any recommendations on which headphones to best experience TIDAL?
  • <Jack White> grades if you can, anything but ear buds!
  • <Vinnie Vrhovnik> Will vault members get any exclusive Tidal content?
  • <Jack White> lots of things in the works on that, stay tuned and don't be worried
  • <Aly Fava> I think Tidal is a noble cause, I don't understand the backlash that it's getting.
  • <Jack White> there's a lot of misinformation about music in the last decade, people know that it costs a lot of money to make a super hero movie, but they don't know that it costs millions to make a country album too
  • <LazyDynamite> Will the release of Tidal help TMR grow as a company?
  • <Jack White> we want to get the music of tmr from the unknown artists out to as many people as possible
  • <Keke> thank you for being an advocate for all musicians, not just the ones who have made it.
  • <Jack White> glad you dig it, unknown musicians don't have a voice being heard, i want those artists to make a living at being artists so more great music can happen
  • <boyd5647> Jack, I really struggled to tell a large difference in "high definition" audio with the PONO player. Is TIDAL that much better?
  • <Jack White> depends on what you're listening too. ear buds and computer speakers are only good for ham radio as far as i can hear! haha
  • <Jack White> remember there was a culture of hi fidelity stereo audiophiles that got tossed aside because of computers being the new stereo. there was a lot of beauty in that, just like watching a nicely streamed hd movie on a wide screen television with surround sound
  • <Big III> come on Jack we're all asking about DW, give us little something...
  • <Jack White> @Big III lots of plates spinning....
  • I still support McIntosh : -)
  • <Jack White> well macintosh is great, but very expensive. there are cheaper, affordable choices for good sound for everyone
  • <MissELuna> I like the concept, I just don't think I can spend the money...
  • <Jack White> well i used to buy three records a month at 18 bucks a piece when i was a teenager bussing tables, i also went to the movies three times a month, what did that cost? same as today with inflation? hmmm...
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack this day 37 of a 40 day fast, any suggestions for my first meal?
  • <Jack White> steak.
  • <AmyPresley520> What are some of your favorite artists on Tidal that we can check out?
  • <Jack White> i want to get all of tar's music on tidal, so those songwriters and musicians can get their songs to a bigger audience (remember most of those artists don't get radio airplay) and i want them to get paid royalties for their songs too so they can live
  • <LazyDynamite> How big of game changer do you think Tidal will be?
  • <Jack White> it's about educating everyone. it could make a difference just like tmr has made in the vinyl world in that last 6 years, it starts with people who think music is sacred and beautiful.
  • <AmandaRae> I think Tidal is great for the fact that it will get more money to artists. After reading how little Pharrell from Pandora streaming off of one of "Happy." Really made me realize how little musicians just starting out must be making, when Pharrell only made $2700 off of something like 43 million plays
  • <Jack White> yep, whoever started the model of making a website get paid by big advertisers (youtube) and not pay that money to the artists GENERATING the interest, makes no sense to an artist trying to survive
  • <AmyPresley520> I totally understand wanting to help out smaller artists. My musicians buddies are all struggling.
  • <Jack White> but also bigger artists, medium artists, whatever, if PSY gets viewed 2 billion times and makes a couple grand, where did all his money go?
  • <Jack White> it's also very important to buy real records from artists you love when they are on tour, that but gas in our tanks when we were struggling,
  • <Professor J> Kudos on the Tidal release. For people who are upset over paying more for exclusive content through Tidal and not through the vault probably don't understand the extra financial obligation there would be to hosting such files/services on site. I like the idea of this both for TMR as an entity and for the artists who get hosed via other streaming services.
  • <Jack White> stay tuned, lots of things in the works i can't relay yet...
  • <macwacky> is the Reason the RRS never ventures into Long Island is because our traffic is legendarily so bad that it couldn't choogle?
  • <Jack White> @macwacky it's far away man!
  • <Jinxy’sDelight> are you stretching youself too thin lately?
  • <Jack White> always have, what else is new? haha
  • <Eketelle> What do you want to be when you grow up!?
  • <Jack White> just like you.
  • <Katie Kaz> I saw OJ at the Magic Stick last night. Fantastic show. Great venue. A lot of good memories/shows there. Any thoughts on its upcoming change over to an electronic music venue?
  • <Jack White> well they got to go with the flow
  • <Kevin Ringgenberg> Is this the Tigers year?
  • <Jack White> hell yeah you know it.
  • <Tony DeGenaro> boring question: what is your favorite venue in Detroit?
  • <Jack White> masonic temple.
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack, did all the artists from Tidal get along?
  • yes we did. we spent all last night talking and discussing ways to make it very cool. here's the shocker : musicians want you to hear their music in the best possible
  • <Jack White> way
  • <Jack White> ways
  • <Jack White> we mix on very nice speakers and systems only to have 90% of it be heard on tiny components that cut out half the information
  • <MrBigStuff> will you ever meet RobJones?
  • <Jack White> @MrBigStuff no.
  • <Yepsen> Any largely unknown artists we should be looking for on Tidal?
  • <Jack White> i hope tons. i want tons of obscure albums that haven't been digitized to be on there too. loretta lynn recorded something like 90 albums! how many can you acquire or stream digitally? 4? 6? where are the other 80+?
  • <Aly Fava> Which is why I find it interesting that you listen to your music playback in your car when you're working on records, or so I read.
  • <Jack White> digital in the car, vinyl in the bedroom
  • <Jack White> baby
  • <Mallory McClain> was the Nashville show with Loretta Lynn filmed? I'd love to have a DVD of that night
  • <Jack White> maybe....
  • <KatieKat> why are you so sexy?
  • <Jack White> i am just as god made me.
  • <Professor J> Does Tidal have any plans for supporting independent artists? I hear that services like Youtube will soon be wiping away independent artists vids etc. or they will be charging them to host their content....soomething to that effect anyway...
  • <Jack White> lots of ideas, but you KNOW i'm all for independent artists getting heard.
  • <Jack White> you have to understand something interesting; when we do a 45, just a single, with an unknown artist at tmr, it's a big investment in production and manufacturing. how do you get people to listen and buy that record so they artist can stay afloat? you can't get radio play for them, so that's why streaming is an interesting way to turn people on to unknown music.
  • <bloomooks> It was so special seeing you with Loretta onstage! So happy to have been there. I just read her autobiography
  • <Jack White> oh yeah.
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack, I have to speak to 200 highschoolers today about leadership, anything I should mention?
  • <Jack White> respect the people you are leading. they are as smart as you, they just need motivation and a central person directing the game.
  • <ry3313> jack have you considered adding an extra tier to the vault that includes tidal at a slight discount
  • <Jack White> patience....
  • <EJ Kopec> Tidal is a bit ellitest to be talking about the little guy in the music industry no?
  • <Jack White> what is elitist about it?
  • <Jack White> who's speaking for the little guy?
  • <MaWaiDu> jack, it's because everyone has gotten used to free and cheap
  • <Jack White> should movies be free too? how about food?
  • <kawhite> Jack did you enjoy your time in Brasil? Thank you so much again
  • <Jack White> i loved brazil are you kidding?
  • <BexicoCity> when you planning on taking a break? Don't get me wrong I love everything you're doing for us but I worry bout you wearing yourself out!
  • <Jack White> i have a few shows left...
  • <vcaicco> I think the idea of tidal is fantastic! My big concern is the exclusive content showing up there instead of here
  • <Jack White> don't worry, our vault world was here before tidal
  • <Jack White> gots to go y'all
  • <Jack White> thank you!

In a post before, I discussed the difference between press releases and syndicated articles. Now I’ll discuss the difference between press releases and press statements. (Again, as this is a 1D blog, I’ll be using press releases/press statements in the context of the industry.

(Please note that press statements and press releases can also be named differently, ie, news releases/news statements, media releases/media statements, PR releases/PR statements, etc. but the idea remains the same)


  • Similarities: Press statements and press releases both provide information.
  • Differences: The difference is actually very subtle. Press releases can be provided to provide information for a celebrity (ie, new albums, new shows, movies, etc) and they also can be sent to news outlets to directly or indirectly seed information. Press statements however, are reactionary. They are mostly only provided as a reaction to certain events in a celebrity’s career that requires immediate and controlled delivery of information.


Celebrities or their teams issue press statements so that they can control the flow of information as tightly as possible, to mitigate or cancel any further potential damage to the image. Press statements are part of PR crisis management and need to be as controlled and as factual (by factual, of course, I mean that it’s subjective to the ‘facts’ that the celebrity and their want people to know) as possible. 

Press statements need to be the first word in about the event to the public or, if not, at least, the most damage-controlling.

Press statements are also released in the hopes that all major news outlets will use it as the backbone for any articles written about the event forthwith. Press statements are supplemented with press releases to major news outlets to provide further information, if needed.


(In light of recent events, I’ll be using the press statement that One Direction released for Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. My apologies for this.)

In essence, press statements are news stories unto themselves and that’s why most PR companies hire people with journalism backgrounds. Journalists know how to use the inverted pyramid style in which the lead, or starting paragraph, can convey the essentials of the story and then provide detail as succinctly and as neutrally as possible in the succeeding paragraphs.

To explain, using the One Direction press statement:

AS A WHOLE: The press statement is very concise, which is essential since readers (specially those who want to quickly understand the news) want to know the information in bite-size, easily digestible pieces. The tone is also very positive, and any possible red flag topics remain very vague, neutral or not discussed at all. Emotions are described as carefully as possible, enough to convey feelings but not enough to make the statement overly emotional.

PARAGRAPH 1: The first, or leading, paragraph immediately gives the capsule version of the news: Zayn Malik has left and One Direction will continue.

PARAGRAPH 2: The next paragraph is allotted for Zayn as he is the main topic of the press statement. The explanation for his departure is worded in a positive but neutral manner, with no blame to himself (his reason is self-deprecatory but positively scripted), the band and their team and the recording company. This will be Zayn’s ‘official’ statement until the he decides, or is permitted, otherwise.

PARAGRAPH 3: This paragraph is allotted for One Direction. One Direction is not just Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. In this case, ‘One Direction’ stands for the boys, their team and the entire corporate/business entity that is One Direction. (think of it as like how companies are, ‘we, the company’, ie, ‘Apple has decided’, ‘Google has discussed’). The boys are ‘acting’ as representatives of that entity though (’the four of us’), but it is not to be confused as the four boys as actually speaking. As with Zayn, there is emotion but wrapped in positivity, with no mention of negative topics and, much like Zayn above, this will be the boys’ ‘official’ statement until they are permitted otherwise. 

PARAGRAPH 4: The final say, of course, is the person who also plays a big part in Zayn’s departure: Simon Cowell, who ‘discovered’ him and is most likely a major key player in the discussions and negotiations of his departure. Again, as with the second and third paragraphs, there is emotion but no negativity and blame. As with the previous paragraphs, this will be also Cowell’s ‘official’ statement until he chooses to say anything further.

ASSURANCE STATEMENTS: This press statement also serves as a business assurance and fandom assurance. 

  • Business assurance (squared-off in blue). Celebrities are mostly business entities employing a whole retinue of staff and also have other business enterprises attached to them. As such, news like this needs a reassurance: business as usual. Tours will continue and records will be made. Is it a bit impersonal and cold-blooded in the wake of Zayn’s departure? In a personal level, yes. But in a business level, no. Employees leave, even important ones. CEO’s in major corporations resign all the time. But as a business, the rest have to cope because, even though one has left, they still have their own livelihoods to think of.
  • Fandom assurance (squared-off in green). ‘Continue’ is continuously repeated. The theme of the words that I squared off in blue is ‘continuing’ and ‘moving forward’. The repetition is a subconscious reassurance: we will still be One Direction, minus Zayn. It is, in its discreet way, trying to repetitively allay any fears that One Direction will be no more. 
I'm Here. ~Sunggyu ~ ✷

Request: hi! please write an infinite scenario where i comfort Sunggyu because he was feeling down because he took the teasing of the members to heart. and please add that he gets drunk at some bar and i have to pick him up and take care of him thanks! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY!! :)

Comments: So basically my heart broke when I heard Sunggyu speaking about this…. because he just doesn’t deserve something like this at all. So, I got a little emotional with this request, I guess, since Sunggyu means so much to me. I really hope you like it because it’s probably a favorite of mine. Thanks for requesting & thanks for the birthday wish~        

“Where is he?”

         All the members fell silent as soon as the question left your lips. They awkwardly shuffled in their places and looked down at the ground, not bearing to meet your eyes.

         At the sight of this, you grew more worried and even more furstrated. “Where is he?” you asked a little more forcefully. “Guys, I know something is going on here, but the only thing I want to know is where Sunggyu is. Please, someone just tell me where is he!” Your voice cracked at the end, since by now the tears had already completely built up now and were ready to fall.

         For the entire day, Sunggyu hadn’t called, texted, or communicated with you at all, which was completely out of the ordinary. No matter how busy he was, he always found time to check in with you, since he always worried over you so much. He practically couldn’t go to sleep at night without being sure that you were safe and healthy.

         But today was different. He didn’t contact you at all, and that made you nervous. Every time you tried to call or text him, he didn’t answer either, and that made you even more nervous.

         The one thing above anything else that Sunggyu usually did was call and say ‘I love you’ every night before you went to bed. Every single night; no excuses.

         When you didn’t receive his call, you knew something was wrong.

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I'm sooooo pissed off right now

I know everyone already told their opinion about the fucked up mess on twitter involving Liam, but I still want to say something about it. I just can’t find the words to tell you that I’m so extremly disappointed and angry. I feel so bad for everyone.

First off I feel bad for Liam, because he is always so nice to everyone. He compliments someone who is in this celebrity world, but still makes time for his family and runs a show. (I have no idea who this guy Liam is talking about is so I’m not going to say anything about him) and everyone fucking losses their shit, because apparently Liam has said that he is homophobic and he doesn’t like homo’s. People say he’s rude and mean and he should kill himself and he’s not worth to be in the band and all that kind off crap. HOW DARE YOU. If he can’t have an opinion than you surely can’t have one. And he NEVER EVER said that he’s homophobic EVER. And if you have read the tabloids and believed what it said and send Liam hate than you’re an awful fan. How can you believe that bullshit and don’t even bother to read what Liam actually has said. I just can’t understand how people send hate to other people and don’t feel guilty about it. Poor Liam googled himself. HE GOOGLED HIMSELF. HAVE YOU NEVER WATCHED THE DOCUMENTARY WHERE HARRY GOOGLES HIMSELF?! DIDN’T YOU SEE HOW MUCH HE WAS HURT. HOW CAN YOU PUSH THE LIMITS SO FAR THAT LIAM GOOGLES HIMSELF! WHAT KIND OFF FAN ARE YOU!! I’m so mad I can’t even tell you. I just want to hug Liam and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

Second, I feel bad for Tyler. I feel bad because he apparently thought Liam was homophobic and got disappointed and send him a tweet about it. Of course that was stupid, but we all make mistakes. If a celebrity that you’re a fan of send a tweet that looks like he’s homophobic and you’re gay than that hurts. So I get that his first reaction was to defend himself and other gay people. Of course it was a wrong tweet, but I think it’s very brave to defend other people even if that means you have to have an other opinion than your celebrity. It was a misunderstanding and Tyler apoligized for it. AND HOW THE F*CK DARE YOU TO TELL OTHER PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE FANDOM. ARE YOU THE BOSS OF THE FANDOM? NO. YOU CAN’T JUST TELL PEOPLE TO ‘LEAVE THE FANDOM’. IF YOU TELL PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE FANDON THAN MAYBE YOU’RE THE ONE THAT SHOULD LEAVE.

And last but not least I feel bad for all the ‘fans’ and people that send hate to eachother, Liam, Tyler or anybody else. You must be so fucking stupid that it must be hard for you to live on this planet. I’m so sorry that you think people can’t have an opinion especially when it’s not your opinion. I’m sorry that you have to send other people hate for what? To make you feel better? To tell your opinion? To make other people feel bad? I don’t know what kind off monkey lives inside of your head. It’s so lame to send people hate over the internet. That is so pathetic that I can’t even explain it. I don’t know if you know what an opinion is. But it is someone’s thought about a certain thing, spoken by themselfs. Last time I checked, tabloids don’t speak for Liam. So if you want to send your opinion to Liam about his opinion than you first should read HIS opinion. And if all you fucking morans would have did that than you would have read that Liam NEVER EVER said something about that he’s homophobic or that he agrees with everything that that man says.

So that’s my opinion. I hope that all the people who have send hate feel bad. ‘Cause Liam is sad, disappointed and is being told of today because he can’t say these things. He can’t even have an opinion and that is very hard, I think. He can’t even defend himself or explain himself without being told of. I feel so sorry for him. I still love him and I still love Tyler. It was a misunderstanding that now has developed in some kind off war and everyone is hurt. I hope you people all feel good about yourself, but I think we won’t hear One Direction’s opinion ever again.

And that, lady’s and gentlemens is how you create distance between fans and their celebrities.

:) x Hanne