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How to Bullet Journal 101:

hey guys!!! alot of you guys have been asking about my bujo & tips on starting one, so here are some tips for anyone who wants to start a bullet journal!!! i have included several spread & layout ideas for you guys; i hope that you find them useful!!! also!! do remember that every bujo is unique!! you don’t have to copy my spreads, but you can use them as references, if you’d like!! anyways, wishing you guys all the best!! have fun & enjoy the process!! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Things People Don’t Realize They Need at College/University

Hello class of 2021!

I know a lot of you are probably in your beginning stages of shopping for college, as a sophomore who is about to start her second year of dorm life (This time as a RA!) I thought I would throw together a list of things that people don’t realize that they need while they’re away from home.

  • Air Freshener, chances are your dorm has been closed up since the last person left it in the spring, opening a window and spraying some febreze works wonders for a stuffy room
  • Clorox Wipes, it never hurts to wipe down door handles and flat surfaces, especially during cold and flu season.
  • 409/Comet Spray, Guys seriously. Clean your shower tiles. 
  • Dust Ruffle, seriously. Your room WILL collect dust, I know its easy to ignore. But just set aside 1 day a month to dust all the furniture in your dorm room
  • Laundry Scent Boosters (Like Downy Unstoppables) The washers and dryers are used by hundreds of different people, chances are they may have a funky smell to them, scent boosters are a great way to make sure your laundry comes out fresh, no matter how old the washing machines are
  • Pepper Spray, whether you’re living on an urban or rural campus, pepper spray is a great (and legal) way to protect yourself. Remember, knives are NOT allowed on any college campus. I would recommend a pepper spray with UV dye, it reflects light and makes it easier for the attacker to get caught by the police
  • Flashlight, no, not just the one on your phone! You may never know when the power will go out in your dorm room.
  • Epsom Salts, if your dorm room has a bath, Epsom salts are an awesome (and cheap!) way to relax. If your dorm only has a shower, put a few drops of lavender, melaluca, or lemongrass essential oil on the tiles before you start your shower.
  • First-aid-kit, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a pack of band-aids, neosporin, some gauze, and a pair of tweezers
  • Emergency kit, hopefully you’ll never have to use this, but last year I was trapped in my college town after a hurricane caused more damage than originally expected. A reflective blanket (you can get these at sports stores for $10), glow sticks, an extra flashlight, and a highway map are great things to start you out. 
  • Cash, Always have at least $10 in cash wherever you go. Chances are you’ll find an adorable bakery off campus that only takes cash, or you’ll need to tip a waitress. 

Well there you go guys! I hope this post gave you some information about some items you may not have on your “Back to school” list. Feel free to message me anytime about dorm life, move-in day, relationship drama, or any pestering questions you have about college life. Have a great day! :-)

Using genealogy to find your trans-cestors

My grandpa does genealogy for fun and he just emailed me about my great grandmother’s great-great-granduncle who was born Sally Strout in Maine, 1791-1871. He identified as male rather than female and went to the lawmakers of Maine to ask them to recognize him as male, allow him a name change and to be allowed to marry a woman. This caused a lot of hoopla since that just wasn’t done at the time, but in the end Albion Peter Strout got his name change and gender recognition, and legally married a lady, Mary Dorsett, on August 31st 1835. He was well thought of by his peers and owned a tavern and sawmill in Buxton, Maine.

We have ALWAYS existed and the historical records are there to prove it. Genealogy is a great resource for learning about our trans ancestors (and LGBTQ+ too!) and it should be used to its fullest potential. Now I know I have a confirmed trans guy related to me who lived 200 years ago and not only had the respect of his town but even got the law on his side in a time when people like him weren’t taken seriously!! Dig around and see what you find about your own family history. Even if you hate your family that’s living, you may find some amazing and inspirational relatives who have passed on.

Stolen Sweaters

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Nothing, this is just seriously fluff galore.

Summary: You accidentally threw on the wrong sweater that morning, one you didn’t exactly have permission to have in your possession.

A/N: So today my best friend gave me my late birthday present, which was a Midtown High sweater, just like the one Peter wears in Homecoming, and it’s my new favorite article of clothing. And it inspired me to write this cheesy, sappy lil fic for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it because it honestly melted my heart to write alsksklsj :,)

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The rain fell down hard outside, causing the train floor to be a slippery mess when you’d gotten on that morning. Luckily, you were there early enough to manage to find a seat so you didn’t have to stand up and tediously grip the railing. Honestly, you weren’t even sure that you wouldn’t slip and fall on your face if you’d been forced to stand.

It had been thundering all throughout the night, which to most people was calming, but for you, it just meant that you barely got any sleep. Something about thunderstorms always rendered your brain incapable of shutting down and resting. 

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For those who are having a bad day, week, month, or even year, here’s some YouTuber inspiration.

YouTube Channels You Can Watch Other Than JonTron

Nitro Rad (Canadian video game commentator who is precious)

SomeCallMeJohnny (actual laid back dude talks about video games. I know. Shocking. I wanna have coffee and chat with this guy someday.)

Shan Boody (click-baity titles, but actually entertaining sex educator for young adults)

Nerdy and Quirky (Sabrina is delightfully nerdy and I love her jokes)

The ThomCast (I find this guy talking about his comic work kinda inspiring because it makes me keep going)

Innuendo Studio (did a BRILLIANT multi-part video about GamerGate and what we can learn from its garbage. His videos deal with pop culture, psychology, and games)

Caddicarus (You probably know about him and his game reviews already)

Animal Wonders Montana (animal rescue nonprofit organization that shares videos about their animals and how to care for them)

Sexplanations (Sex education!)

The Good Stuff (short-form documentaries about anything from pinball to haunted houses to solar energy)

BoyInABand (British guy who occasionally makes great music, when he’s not talking about whatever he wants to talk about)

Olan Rogers (his stories ALWAYS make me laugh, and make a bad day better)

WheezyWaiter (comedian and EXCELLENT video editor)

Andrew Huang (does lots of music with household objects, and sometimes talks about how he writes music)

100 Days (Watch John Green be terribly out of shape in the gym but get better over time, along with his buddy Chris. Community tab’s where it’s at)

Thomas Sanders (he does more than Vines)

Brows Held High (Thanks to my buddy Sean, for showing me this insightful review channel)

Reblog with your own channel recommendations!


Creature studies

Asked you about your favourite beasts the other day for inspiration, and inspired I was, indeed. Occamy, Ashwinder, Demiguise and Niffler!
Art blog: questionartbox

oh my god

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Structurally, I steal a little bit from “Harry Potter.” I have to tell you.


MIRANDA: Because the opening scene, Hamilton meets Aaron Burr and he says “Aaron Burr, help me, I want to be in this world,” and Burr gives him the opposite advice of who he is. And then he meets his real friends: Mulligan, Lafayette, and Laurens. And it’s exactly Harry Potter meeting Malfoy first and then seeing his real friends on the train and being like, “I like these guys better.”

WATSON: I completely forgot that because in the first book, Draco tries to be like, “I can help you—“

MIRANDA: “—I can help you consort with the right people—“

WATSON: And Harry has this instinctual [feeling] like, “This guy is clearly an asshole and I have to stay away from him.”

MIRANDA: Yeah, everything I know I learned from those books.

From One significant part of Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ was inspired by ‘Harry Potter’

How did I not know about this? Is this something everyone already knows? I can’t deal with how delightful this bit of information is. Like, its actually improved the quality of my life. 

(Thank you anon whose ask I’m about to answer for leading me to google and find this article.)

Suga’s Ships Appreciation Post

First off, lets start with Yoonmin, the smol ship

“When the members make fun of me, Jimin is the only one that tells me that it’s okay and that I’m good-looking.” -Min Yoongi

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Then we’ve got Yoonseok, the playful ship

“Whenever I’m sad I gain strength from looking at you.” -Min Yoongi to Jung Hoseok

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After, we’ve got Sugamon, the inspirational ship

“A leader you can count on always. You will never find a leader like him.” -Min Yoongi about Kim Namjoon

Then we have Yoonjin, the responsible ship

“Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease.” -Min Yoongi about Kim Seokjin

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Now, Yoonkook, the caring ship

“Why are you guys teasing him?” -Min Yoongi

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And last, we’ve got Taegi, the dorky ship

“I’d want to switch bodies with Suga because I think he has the best part in Cypher part 3.” -Kim Taehyung

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My Favorite Anime

Many of us have watched a lot of anime through the years, but there will always be that one list of anime in the back of your mind that become timeless and close to your heart. No matter how many years have passed they still remain the best of the best,  because let’s be honest, anime is not what it use to be.

This will include series/movies/OVAs. there are also many series in this list that i couldn’t decide which i love the most, so there isn’t a particular order.

Ghost in the shell

I really like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, but the 1995 animated movie was my favorite. the execution of the animation and the story/plot was definitely something special, and no matter how many years have passed it still remains one of the best. The fact that the Matrix was inspired by the GITS 1995 movie supports my point.

The music for stand alone complex by Yoko kanno was awesome.

Rurouni Kenshin - Trust and Betreyal  OVA mini series. (the franchise better known as Samurai X)

You guys have no idea how much i love this OVA, because not only am i a sucker for symbolism and everything that has to do with Feudal Japan,  but because this mini series did a wonderful job at conveying  so much wisdom and depth. It has something poetic about it. to me it’s a masterpiece. 

i have the DVD somewhere around my house, but, i can’t find it and i’m freaking out about it,  cuz from what i’ve heard you can’t find that original version anywhere anymore since it was discontinued , so basically it’s a rare relic.  3 :’D

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BTS Reaction- s/o assuming they cant carry them

Anon asked: I am in love with your reactions so much. Can you pretty please write one for me? Situation is their s/o is a bit heavy or thinks they are so they assume the members aren’t strong enough to carry them? Thank you in advance ❤️

A/N: Heya anon. Sure thing! Also guys I have tons of reaction requests and I am sort of not going by order. I am doing ones I find inspiration for first! Just saying. Anyway enjoy reading :))))



Jin would be shocked to hear you say that because to him something like that wouldnt even matter but he also would be shocked because it would undermine his strength

Jin was shocked when he heard that you didnt think he could carry you or pick you up. “You saying that is seriously undermining my strength babe” he looked a you in disbelief. “I need to prove you wrong now” he bent down with his back to you. “Hop on” he said. As you did so he couldnt help but laugh and shake his head. “Arent you a silly one. I don’t know what made you think you are heavy because I can carry you like this for a good hour or so without getting tired” he tightened his hold under your knees. 


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The Cast of Final Fantasy XV; Criminal AU

I have been watching the hell out of American Horror Story and it actually inspired me to write these. All of the head-canon requests in my inbox are going to get filled, no worries, I just prefer to be a little more thoughtful with the things I write for you guys.

There might be a Part II eventually.

You can find my other head-canons here.

Warning: Mentions of drugs and homicide.

Noctis Lucis Caelum 

  • Mass Murderer. The ‘sloppy homicide.’
  • Noctis has a lot of curiosity when it comes to how much blood there is inside of a person and if you happen to be in his line of sight, not only are you unlucky, but you’re not having that open casket. 
  • He’ll absolutely mutilate you, and it’s not because he wants to, he’s just messy with his kills and really doesn’t have a premeditated plan. He must get in, kill, and get out as quickly as possible.
  • His main goal is to see you bleed and it doesn’t matter what method he uses, so long as he gets to watch the light fade from your eyes. 
  • He got caught right away, but his numbers were high, double digits within the same twenty-four hour period and residential area. He wore no gloves or protective clothing and did not bother to cover his tracks, it just wasn’t on his mind.
  • Arrested in a bloody Mario Kart shirt; Prompto was so disappointed, it could have been a better game. 
  • When he was questioned about why he murdered innocent souls, he simply replied that it was because he was ‘bored.’

Gladiolus Amicitia

  • Drug Connoisseur. The ‘good bad guy.’
  • Definitely not into drugs, but he’ll sell them if it makes him the cash. After his father died, he had to take care of Iris all by himself and got into a rather dark business - but he is good at it and that’s all that matters to him. 
  • He knows most drugs inside and out and - for the most part - and he isn’t ashamed that he does; it’s a part of his business to be smart and educated about his product. He runs a rather diverse network and is careful to keep himself hands-off, as it is important to him to protect his own legality in order to protect his sister. 
  • The guy will sell to anyone, but kids are a no-go; Gladio isn’t that type of man.
  • If he has to come personally, you’re either a major money client or in big fucking trouble. Gladiolus won’t kill your family, he won’t lay a hand on you, but he will ruin your life and you will never recover. 
  • From the outside looking in, he lives a normal, care-free life. He’s a happy man and he lives lavishly, making sure everyone that he loves can enjoy a good time as well. 
  • Donates to cancer research. 

Ignis Scientia

  • Con Man. Fulfills the ‘perfect crime.’
  • Everything is carefully planned, victims chosen by meticulous research and study, not a single action is performed without having been first drawn in blueprint.
  • He’s a master of fooling you into love and out of your well earned cash; if you get in his way, he has no problem snuffing you out and will leave behind not a bit of evidence.
  • He goes by many names and you wouldn’t know him by his original - the papers all say that man is dead.
  • This guy steals both money and life away just for the thrill of picking your brain and finding out what makes you tick before he takes away everything you have.
  • Ignis lives life the way he always has, with grace, cunning, and houses in more countries than you could visit in your poor, tasteless lifetime.
  • Don’t think he hasn’t been in love, in fact, he still is - with the only man to turn him on his own game, Ravus Nox Fleuret. His beloved supplies him with many of the tools needed to make a swift getaway. 
  • Only diamonds on these hands, boys.

Prompto Argentum

  • Arms Trafficker. The ‘I do it for the fame.’
  • Looking for a bit of contraband weaponry? Perhaps you’ve been dying to get your hands on ammunition the government has locked up tight. Whatever your gunmetal desires are, Prompto will provide.
  • Prompto is a smart man, went to school for business, but he decided the real money and names were where the deals weren’t made legally.
  • It started out as him just helping a friend, he wasn’t for a real crime scene, but after a few hangups, he just slid into the life - convinced it would make him famous, and it did.
  • The guy’s never murdered anyone, but man, does he love showing off his guns if he’s threatened and he’s got the right air to make people believe he’d pull the trigger.
  • Has killer aim and has gotten into a couple of scuffles, but he never shoots to kill, only hinder a man if he’s being chased down. And boy, is he always getting chased down.
  • Supplies several underground groups and their enemies.
  • Goes by the street name: Metal Chocobo. It never stuck (and never will), but fuck him if he stops trying.

Ravus Nox Fleuret

  • Black Market Specialist. The ‘scientist.’
  • Ravus wanted badly to become a chemist, at first, but waking to his sister not breathing in her bed - it spiraled into something a bit more sinister. He was fearful of her leaving him alone with nothing and the idea of preserving a part of her was more tempting than anything else; he stole her heart, keeps it in a jar.
  • Eventually, he had to flee home, as he was accused of murdering her. He is currently a wanted fugitive. 
  • Keeping the organ had only made him want for more and more he received, as ridding the streets of the less fortunate was an easy and inconspicuous task - and when he realized the money that was to be made from fresh parts in the underground, he did well to ease himself into the business.
  • This man has a silver tongue and brilliant mind, he can get himself into and out of any situation given his desires.
  • He was nearly conned once, but after turning the situation around, he not only fell in love - but they became an unstoppable force and lived a life of dreams. 

Iris Amicitia

  • Burglar. The ‘now you see me, now you dont.’
  • She’s quick and deadly, having all of the tools of the trade in order to get in and out undetected; her agility and intelligence are unmatched by any in her profession.
  • Gladiolus gladly supports her and she supports him, however, they’ve agreed that if either of them gets caught, they bear no relation to one another. No one will attempt to save the other out of the fear of them both going down.
  • Iris lives a perfectly normal life outside of thievery, she has never once been caught and her identity has yet to be revealed. She pursues a degree in teaching and plans to leave the life behind once she takes a position as an educator. 
  • She doesn’t really know why she got into the life of stealing, she doesn’t consider it a good thing and Iris would never blame her brother for influencing her decisions. It was just easy and she is able to give back to charity despite the means in which she does so. 
  • Donates to scholarship and education programs.

Loqi Tummelt

  • Data Hacker. The ‘I did it for love.’
  • If he is the one behind the screen, your identity and money is his, as well as all of your secrets.
  • He used to work for the government, but defected - no one knows of his whereabouts and he prefers to keep it that way, even with his greatest clients.
  • Mechanical master; he builds all of his own computers from scraps and has no issue leaving them behind if someone is on his tail. Wiping the databases and scramming is an easy task bereft of his fingerprints; he will replace everything himself, as starting from scratch is easiest.
  • In all honesty, Loqi wants to be noticed, wants to be caught - particularly by a cop named Cor Leonis, whom of which he’s been in love with for nearly a decade. 
  • He’s been with Cor for years and was feeling that they were going to fizzle out if he didn’t do something drastic. The lingering touches were becoming rare, the soft words, nearly non-existent. Loqi cannot stand it, he wishes to be desired as he used to be.
  • Now, he’s on the run and his longtime flame is chasing after him like never before.

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☁️ Rose gold + Marble ‘Make your own momentum’ Wallpapers ☁️ 

If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with marble and rose gold so I made myself this adorable little wallpaper, and I thought I’d share it with you guys! I find that it’s a nice combination of inspirational and aesthetic to satisfy your inner chic geek, so I hope it brightens up your device. It’s just in the one colour for now, but it’s available for a number of iOS devices. (the iPhone 6/7 file should also fit Samsung phones!)

Links to download for each device:

I hope you guys like it! Please feel free to message me if you run into any problems or have any questions. I’d love to see photos if you use it so please share a photo with me here on tumblr or instagram (@the_girlygeek) 


How To Calculate Macros

Calculating your macros is a crucial part of making progress with your body. The macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Calculating how much you need of each is a huge part of your success. It is simpler than a lot of people think.

PROTEIN - Protein is what the muscle tissue in your body is made of. It also plays a key role in the functioning of many hormones. Without protein you cannot build or even maintain muscle tissue, or even maintain things like collagen in your cartilage. Protein is necessary when trying to gain muscle, lose weight, or just maintain good health. Protein yeilds 4 calories per gram. An easy way to calculate how much of it you need in your diet is to eat a gram per pound of lean body mass. This means you must figure out your body fat percentage, multiply that by your weight, and then subtract that number from your body weight. What is left is your lean body mass in pounds. If you don’t know your body fat percentage, it is okay to estimate. Typically protein should make up about 25-30% of your diet, depending on the individual and what their goals are. To calculate how many grams you need using a percentage, take your total calories and multiply it by .3 or whatever percentage you are using. Then take that number and divide it by 4.

FATS - The reason I put fat next is because they have more function than carbohydrates. Fats are in each cell in your body, and they supply your body with much more energy per gram than carbohydrates (9 calories per gram). Fats also make up many hormones and help to transport nutrients across the body. Many people try low fat diets in fear that eating fat will make them gain fat. This has been proven to be untrue again and again in studies. Because fat is used for so many other things in the body, your body does not just store all of them. Also eating too low of fat could suppress hormones, cause malfunction with the micronutrients in your body, and ultimately will force you to eat more carbohydrates, which can cause fat gain much more easily. Typically fats should make up 25-30% of the diet depending on your goals and body type. To calculate how many grams you need, take your total calories and multiply it by the percentage you are using, then take that number and divide it by 9.

CARBOHYDRATES - Carbs are pretty simple; they are your body’s main energy source. They have other functions, but giving you energy to do everything you do is the main function. Carbohydrates have much more leeway than the other two macros. Carbohydrates can change drastically depending on what your goal is. For example, many bodybuilders eat anywhere from 300-500 carbohydrates when bulking, and then drop them close to 0 when cutting. When you consume carbohydrates they are either stored as glycogen (in the muscles), converted to glucose (in the blood), or stored as fat. When you have more carbohydrates than you need to supply your body with proper energy, it stores the rest as fat. This is why they must be limited when trying to lose weight. This is not to say you must drop your carbs to 0, just don’t overeat them. If you do decide to go 0 carb, just keep in mind that you will most likely experience dizziness, fatigue, and some other abnormal symptoms when you first stop eating them. This is due to your body trying to find a new energy source as you have taken away its main one. When eating 0 carbs, your body will be forced to burn fat through the process of lipolysis, and convert amino acids to glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis. If you do things right and eat enough, you should not lose much muscle. Carbohydrates yield 4 calories per gram. Typically they should make up about 35-50% of the diet. Like I mentioned before this varies drastically depending on your goal and body type. I myself can only get away with about 35% when bulking and I go to 0 when cutting. For others they go up to 60% when bulking and only down to 40% when cutting. To calculate how many grams you need, take your total calories and multiply them by the percentage you want, and divide that number by 4.

Sorry this became such a long post but it is a more complex subject and requires more information. No matter what diet you decide to do, just try to find what works best for you and stick to it. Never starve yourself. You want to eat less than you burn off, but only by about 250-500 calories. This a surefire way to burn muscle. Hope this helps guys, let me know if you have any questions.

Girls Just Wanna Have... (NSFW)

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So since this one inspired me to do the Jessica Jones one shot I thought it was only appropriate to write it first. I feel like today is going to be a girl love day for me, I have another Wanda request and an idea for a sub!Nat one shot. I’m not saying those are all going to get done today but maybe.

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A Four Flats Masterpost (some great pieces in what I find to be the most expressive key signature):

(This was 100% inspired by @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major)

warning: there is gonna be a lot of chopin pieces because he’s my fave and this the key containing the highest amount of his pieces and I love everything he did so scerw you.

And yes, I have made Spotify playlists so you guys can listen to these great pieces, just click on the key. Also feel free to tell me some other good ones if there are any I missed.

This list was a long time coming, so enjoy. <3

A♭ Major

- Polonaise Fantasie by F. Chopin
- Impromptu No. 4 in A♭ Major by F. Schubert (it technically starts in A♭ minor though but oh well)
- Sonata Pathétique Mvt 2 by L. van Beethoven
- String Quartet No. 10 in A♭ Major by D. Shostakovich
- Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin (yeah yeah cliche but it’s undeniably great)
- Polonaise Héroïque by F. Chopin
- Concerto for Two Pianos in A♭ major by F. Mendelssohn
- Waltz in A♭ Major Op. 39 No. 15 by J. Brahms
- Symphony No. 1 in A♭ Major by E. Elgar
- String Quartet No. 14 in A♭ Major Op. 105 by A. Dvořák
- Intermezzo in A♭ Major by F. Poulenc
- Étude Op. 25, No. 1 (Aeolian Harp) by F. Chopin
- Finlandia Op. 26 by J. Sibelius
- Sonata No. 31 in A♭ Major Op. 110 by L. van Beethoven
- Bruyères by C. Debussy
- Lillies by S. Rachmaninoff (so calming)
- Liebestraum No. 3 by F. Liszt (if I didn’t include this piece, I would feel like a bad person)

F minor

- Piano Sonata No. 23 (Appassionata) by L. van Beethoven
- Violin Concerto L'inverno by A. Vivaldi (the Winter Concerto of the Four Seasons)
- Symphony No. 1 in F minor by D. Shostakovich
- Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor by F. Chopin (just……… all of it. so good.)
- Fantasia in F minor for Piano, Four Hands by F. Schubert
- Das Jahr: November by F. Hensel-Mendelssohn
- Piano Sonata No. 1 in F minor Op. 2 No. 1 by L. van Beethoven (despite my suffering in trying to play this, it really is a fantastic piece)
- Valse Romantique by C. Debussy
- Sonata No. 3 in F minor by R. Schumann
- Symphony No. 4 in F minor by P. I. Tchaikovsky (one of my favourite symphonies)
- Prelude And Fugue in F minor BWV 881 by J. S. Bach (currently working on this one and now am essentially forced to include it. The fugue is especially good.)
- Piano Quintet in F minor by J. Brahms
- Ballade No. 4 in F minor by F. Chopin (probably my favourite piano work of all time)

Team Voltron with an Artist s/o HCs

Requested by @jxsontxdds: “JULES how about a headcanon for Team Voltron when they find out you can paint or do art? love ya girl and congrats <3"

A/n: Hope you love it Lina!!!


  • When he first finds out he doesn’t pressure you to show him your art.
  • He will wait until you want him to see it.
  • When he does get to see it, he finds it so amazing.
  • “Whoa, [F/n]! You’ve got a real talent here.”
  • He’s so very supportive.
  • If you make your own paints he will pick up alien plants with cool colors on missions for you to make paints out of.
  • Always on the look out for anything he think you may like for your art.
  • If you’re up for it, he loves to watch you.
  • You often end up sketching him as he’s working on things.


  • He learns about your art when you present something to him.
  • Showing him a sketch or painting you had made and were on the fence about.
  • “Wait, I didn’t know you were an artist.”
  • “It’s just a hobby really.”
  • Insists to see what else you’ve done.
  • He loves all your works and likes to have them where he can see them all the time.
  • If he catches you sketching or painting he will end up watching over your shoulder.
  • Loves to catch you sketching him.


  • He’s an oblivious boy.
  • Had exactly zero idea you were an artist.
  • When he finds out he’s so shocked.
  • “HOLD ON! You’re an artist?”
  • “Lance, my paintings are literally all over my room.”
  • When he hears that he wants to see all of the stuff you’ve done.
  • If you make something for him he puts it on display in his room.
  • He loves it and wishes he had your talent, so he wants to help.
  • WILL model for you.
  • Really supportive little bean.


  • He had suspicions.
  • He’d always see you washing paint off things in the kitchen.
  • When he finally asks about it you show him your art.
  • Finding it absolutely stunning.
  • “[F/n]! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?”
  • Type of guy to help you with inspiration.
  • Sketching or painting any specifically interesting looking dishes he makes.
  • You have a sketchbook dedicated to his culinary masterpieces.


  • She’s kinda oblivious like Lance.
  • Never really noticed the multiple items in your room until you pointed it out.
  • All around she’s impressed.
  • Appreciates the time you put into them because she feels that with her being an engineer.
  • Will help you make anything you need for your art.
  • “You need more paints? I’ll make them.”
  • She loves to help you out and make it easy for you.


  • Learning about your art intrigues her.
  • She wants to know about what art on Earth is like.
  • You explain to her different styles as she watches you.
  • “So this type of art is called modernism.”
  • Eventually she will show you some Altean style art and will show you how to do it.
  • Everyone is confused because all of a sudden art is everywhere in the castle.


  • So very enthralled with your art.
  • He loves learning about new things and Earth art styles are definitely new.
  • He will tell you so many facts about art on Altea.
  • “I once saw the most realistic painting of a Duflax”
  • Will look up old altean art and show it to you.
  • You try and recreate some for him.
  • He treasures it.

1,200 Milestone - Headcanons: OPEN

Some Halloween Prompts
  1. “For the hundred time I don’t not want to join your Brood.”
  2. “Praying is not going to make me go away.”
  3. “You should have made sure, I was dead.”
  4. “You could have warned me, about your dead ex.”
  5. “Dead men tell no tales, but we do bend the truth alot.”
  6. “It will be an easy job, you said.  Banish some lower demon back to were they came, you said.  But no one said, anything thing about the demons, being part of my immediate family.  I just had to banish my Dad.”
  7. “Run, just run!”
  8. “We need to leave, before they find out we can see them.”
  9. “So you guys are saying, no one put up the extra scary scarecrow, in the front yard?
  10. “There’s a body in his trunk, what do i do?”
  11. “Your soul, or hers.”
  12. “Out of all the items in this thrift store, you find the only cursed one.”
  13. “She on the thirteenth floor.”
  14. Not to be that guy, but are we really not going to talk about, the skeleton in your boyfriend’s closet?”
  15. “Who’s hands are these!”
  16. “Don’t say his name.”
  17. “With the last breathe in it’s body, it cursed me to death.”
  18. “I am not taking that short cut.”
  19. “Dancing upon those graves, might not be a good idea.”
  20. “There’s no way out of here.”
  21. “You can’t sell me your soul, when you don’t have one to begin with.”

Throwback to my very first note-revision after finding out about studyblr! I never expected any of my posts to exceed 100 notes, but now I have a post that has 4,000 notes, and this is just in a span of a month. Thanks so much for your support, guys! You really motivated me to study. I will forever be thankful to studyblr. <3 ‘Til the next school term! :)

waiting on the right words (g.d.)

I’m pretty sure I’ve written more fluff lately than I ever have before… And I guess I got a thang for first kiss Gray cause LAWD. This one’s inspired by one of my absolute favorite songs right now about wanting to tell someone so many things, but not being able to find the words. As always, I hope you guys enjoy!! :)


SONG: Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu by The Maine

“You’re joking right? Please for the love of all that is good and holy, tell me you are absolutely joking.”

“What? I thought this looked awesome!” He exclaimed in confusion, waiting for an explanation from the girl casually laying on her stomach on top of his bed. The boy stood in front of his closet holding a hanger carrying a black t-shirt in one hand, and one with a brown, faux leather jacket in the other.

“Grayson,” she sighed, laying her phone down and resting her hands in her palms. “You seriously cannot wear brown with black. It’s hideous and a fashion disgrace, and I won’t let you do it.”

The boy let out an over exaggerated, dragged out scoff as he turned back to his closet, placing his choices back where they belonged and began searching again. A thump to his lower left leg caught him off guard, noticing one of his pillows landing by his left foot. 

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