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Imagine - Zach breaks up with you

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@thrtreasons Request: “pls zach x reader where they dated for a long time and they were super goals but then they broke up idk why and he’s still in love with her and you know he’s not doing well after the tapes and she notices and helps him?? i mean he tells her everything and thinks she’ll hate him etc anyway thank you💫”

It has been exactly one month since you and Zach have broken up, and it was over something extremely stupid. It was over an argument that the two of you had. An argument over the fact that you and Bryce were “too friendly with each other”. Clearly Zach had gone mad. Because you would never cheat on him, and certainly not with Bryce Walker. That guy was a complete asshole and a pervert. If anything, he was always flirting with you, even though you were dating one of his best friends. But you had no intention what so ever to cheat on Zach with Bryce. You loved Zach, you truly did. And he loved you, but clearly not as much as you though because he couldn’t see how it was not you being “too friendly” with Bryce but the other way around.

It has been a painful month for you after the break up. You and Zach were perfect for each other, in your eyes and in the eyes of most of the students at Liberty high. You two were the “IT” couple. Always the talk of the school on how cute the two of you were together and how others wished that they had what you and Zach had. Why did things have to end between the two of you. You remember the night where everything went downhill, like it was yesterday…

“I’m not ‘all over Bryce’ Zach! That’s ridiculous!” You yell.

You and Zach were sitting in your living. Your parents were gone for the weekend on some business trip and Zach had promise to keep you company in the time being. So he had come over to your house so the two of you could cuddle and watch some movies. But things turned south pretty quickly…

“Sure you’re not.” Zach scoffs “You two are always flirting with each other! And right in front of me too!” He booms out.

“You know I’m really surprised that you haven’t left me for him yet, slut…” He breathes out the last word that you nearly missed what he said.

But it’s too late. You heard it. And you have never been more humiliated and furious in your life.

You look at him straight in the eyes, seething, and slap him. Hard. Right across his face.

“You know what!? Fuck you Zachary!” You spit out. “I fucking hate you! Get out!”

Zach scoffs and then says with malice, “Sure, I’ll leave, but know this, we’re fucking done (Y/N). I don’t even know why I went out with such a slut like you in the first place.” Then Zach walks out your door.

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hey caffeine!! so my highschool has this writing contest and i really want to participate. the topic can be whatever we want (free form? style? i don't know how to say it in english lol) and i can't think of anything for the life of me. i've been looking at prompt blogs all day but nothing convinces me, and bc i always like what you write about, i was wondering if you could give me some ideas/tell me your favourite tropes or something like that. thanks for reading anyway!!!💖

WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME! Here’s five things that have been on my mind lately!

  • Superhero universe: Your best friend left your small town to become a hero in the Big City. But, after three years, you turn on the news and see that they’ve become a super villain. So now you gotta go take them out because of this blood pack you guys made when you were eight.

  • The Fae: Shana’s a changeling, something that the good folk in her parents’ backyard thinks should surprise her. She thinks that it might have in the old days when iron jewelry wasn’t a thing, but she’s known since she was eight and googled “Allergic to iron??????”

  • Okay, so you know that one scene in the movies where the MC learns a secret art from a master? And then the MC has to go fight the Big Bad after like a month of tutelage? What if another master of the art shows up, sees what’s going on and THROWS DOWN with the master who trained the MC? “WHAT PART OF YEAR AND A DAY TRAINING DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??? MC HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR A MONTH!” And then they go fight the Big Bad.

  • Someone who’s got precognitive abilities that can only see five seconds into the future. They call it the “five second rule” and all of their friends think it’s about food and the entire plot is just a series of misunderstandings around that.
  • “Sorry I’m late. The five second rule doesn’t apply to late buses.”  “???Lol, you’re a crack up, of course it doesn’t apply to buses.”

  • An empath who hides their ability from the world, thinking that they’ll be ostracized for it. Then aliens land and the ALIENS are empaths and are looking for “evolutionary anomalies” that makes humans compatible with their dying species. So…romance, I guess? Or a dystopian rebel story.

ok but how about a “you’re my older brother’s best friend since forever and we met when i was literally 13 and in my really awkward stage. we get along pretty great but my brother has always been v vocal about me being off limits to you guys and you’ve never really shown a lot of interest in me anyways. now i am older and we bumped into each other the other day at the club and you couldn’t keep your hands off of me. we might have made out in the uber on the way back and now things are v complicated bc oops you have feelings for me but my brother is v overprotective and will never let this happen”

Speeches at desi weddings
  • Maid of Honor: “This girl is so sweet and beautiful, she have always been there for me. You're my sister. I’m so happy for you both.”
  • Best Man: “Yooooo remember our Vegas trip brooo??? this guy is wild lol *insert drake lyrics* yeaaahhh well anyway man so glad you found a nice girl”
It Was Just A Scare // Joe Sugg

​when you are joes younger sister but jacks girlfriend and you think you are pregnant and you buy a test; mikey finds the boxing in the bin and starts making jokes, joe starts getting protective over the fact that his baby sister could possibly be pregnant.

I rest my head against my boyfriend Jack’s chest, sitting in between his legs, laughing at Conor being ridiculous. It was our typical Thursday night, all of the boys and I just hanging out at the Maynards and Josh’s apartment. Conor was pretending to be pregnant, stuffing pillows up his shirt and just acting stupid.

“Come rub my belly dear”, he said to Josh, freaking him out by talking in a high pitched voice.

“Oi, that’s how Y/N could look in about nine months’ time,” Mikey blurted, laughing so hard as he slaps his knee.

“What!?” Joe yells out suddenly, my eyes widening as I feel the colour of my face drain. Everyone then went quiet looking at Jack and I with a confused look, except my brother Joe, he was absolutely livid.

I stood up and turned to Mikey. “What do you mean, Mikey!?” I say, obviously knowing what he meant. Just confused on how he knew.

“Well, I found a box in Jack’s bin that said pregnancy test”, Mikey stuttered out.

“Guys, calm down, she’s not pregnant”, Jack said, standing behind me in support.

“But she could’ve been, if you’d been more bloody careful”, Joe spat out, directing his anger towards Jack.

“Joe, stop it please”, I begged him.

“Don’t tell me to stop Y/N. I tell you to be more careful and you never listen. If you knew how to control yourself, you would never have to get yourself into this mess at such a young age”

“It was just a scare, and I don’t need you adding more stress to this situation.” I walked out the living room area and up the stairs to Jack’s room to grab my purse. Joe then followed in behind me, I heard him taking in a deep breath as I was grabbing my stuff.

“Y/N, –“  

“Leave me alone”, I say.

“Y/N, don’t take it personally. You know how I am and how much I love you. You’re so young and you have so much to offer in life. I worry so much about you, you don’t understand, you’re my baby sister.”, Joe said, stepping closer towards me. I sniffle slightly, as I sit down onto Jack’s bed. Joe joins me, wiping my tears away with his thumb. “Please, Y/N, I didn’t mean no harm. I know I should’ve handled it more calmly, I’m so sorry for being so harsh.”

“Joe, if I was pregnant, would you have taken your anger out on my child?” I say lightly.

“What? Fuck no. I would spoil that child and be the best damn uncle anyone’s ever had”, he said, nudging my shoulder with his causing me to laugh. “Just be more careful yeah, like I said, you have so much to offer in life. You have your studies to focus on and travelling the world, that’s always been your dream. I love you so much. I just want whats best for you”, he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

“I love you too”, I reply, smiling up at him and meaning it.

“Knock knock”, I hear Jack’s voice softly as he walks into the room. “Am I interrupting?”

“Don’t be silly, come on in. Looks like we’re gonna have another talk, aye?” Joe says, making me laugh at Jack’s scared reaction. 

sorry for the short one guys, i didnt have much time today. im getting so many prompts relating to pregnancies hahah. anyways hope you all enjoyed it! xxx

Saturday Morning [Part 2] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

As soon as I got home, I could no longer suppress the urge to look Grayson up on Google. I didn’t even have to type in his last name. Google immediately suggested ‘Grayson and Ethan Dolan’. I was hesitant. Was this an invasion of privacy? Was it weird because I met him without immediately knowing who he was? Did he like that? Did he hate that? Would he be weirded out if he found out I Googled him? 

My head felt like the inside of a blender as I pressed ‘Enter’ and looked at the search results. There were hundreds upon thousands of pictures of him with an identical looking boy next to him who I assumed was his brother. I scrolled through Google and contemplated clicking on one of their videos when his Twitter account caught my eye. I clicked and my mouth fell open.

“2.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS?!” I practically shouted from thes small bedroom in my apartment. I ran a hand through my hair and put my elbow on my desk, resting my chin in my hand and sighed loudly. I scrolled through the comments and retweets and his own tweets to see what I was dealing with. 

It was rare he got less than 35,000 likes on each tweet, with thousands of replies and retweets on each one. He talked about loving his fans, truly and genuinely, how they were everything to him. I closed my laptop and put my head on the desk, closing my eyes and mentally slapping myself for even bothering to look him up. It only made the situation worse. 

Okay, so let’s assess: he’s pretty famous, girls love him, he’s breathtakingly beautiful, AND the sweetest guy you’ve met in L.A. Of course.

This was just my luck. I meet a guy who takes my breath away and it turns out he’s unattainable. I rolled my eyes and picked up a book from my desk, going to sit on my bed. I pulled my calculus notebook from a drawer and started working on some problems, as I did every day to keep my mind sharp, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Grayson and all his fans and what I should do about it. I must’ve been working for about an hour when my phone buzzed. 

An unrecognized number flashed on my screen and I picked up my phone.

Hey. It’s Grayson. Wanted to make sure you had my number. I had a blast today! Can’t wait to trip over you again 😜

I felt my heart race and I thought for a moment before replying.

I had fun too. Hopefully next time there will be no tripping!

I put my phone down, expecting that to be the end of the exchange, but was surprised when it buzzed for a second time. 

What’re you doing tomorrow?
I have to work in the morning, but I’m free after like, 1. Why?

I put the phone down, but stared at it intently, holding my breath. The pause between this text and his first text was substantially different. There was a long wait before I got a response, but he did respond.

Would you be totally opposed to me taking you to dinner?

I let out the most girlish, unabashedly gleeful giggle I’d ever giggled in my entire life, along with the breath that I had been holding. I had to remind myself to take a deep breath to get enough oxygen to my brain before I responded, so as to make sure I didn’t say anything ENTIRELY stupid. I wrote out three different responses, deleting them all before finally settling on something not entirely stupid.

Not TOTALLY opposed, no. In fact, I think I’d be totally up for it. 😊

Oh, god, that was fuckin’ lame…

Awesome! I’ll pick you up at 7. I can’t wait

Me neither! See you then 

I closed out the messenger app on my phone and looked up to stare at the wall for a minute. I had to say it out loud to confirm that it was true and I wasn’t losing my mind.

“A famous YouTuber…tripped over me in a bookstore…and is taking me on a date tomorrow…” I said, slowly, as if putting together puzzle pieces. I rolled my eyes and flopped back down onto my bed, my head hitting the pillows with a thwack.

So, you’re going on a date with him? Does that mean you’ve decided to go after him? Or let him go after you?

I struggled with the repercussions of going on a date with Grayson for hours, going back and forth with myself. I didn’t want to have a target on my back yet again. His fans would surely be upset if they knew he was seeing someone. I looked up Grayson’s twitter on my own and clicked over to his brother’s page. There were several dozen pictures of him with a beautiful young woman with song lyrics as comments and lots of heart-eyed emojis. His fans seemed to be pretty supportive of their relationship. Her name was Emily. 

I got up to make myself some dinner and continued thinking about the whole thing, scrolling through their social media pages. I watched a few of their videos while I cooked. They WERE funny, and I laughed out loud at a few of them. They were goofy and silly. They reminded me a little of my sister’s husband Kyle. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, my phone rang and his name lit up the screen. I smiled and answered.

“SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! Were your ears burning?!” I said with a laugh. My brother-in-law laughed and put the phone on speaker. I could hear their dog Riley barking in the background.

“Hey, Alyssa! How are you?! Michaela was worried about you, said you hadn’t called in a few days and she asked me to check on you. What’s up?”

This was very typical of my brother-in-law. He and my sister were high school sweethearts. They started dating at 14 and got married at 28 - they’ve literally been together for more of their lives than not. He was always like a sixth brother to me, the one I liked the best. He was always there for me as much as he was for Michaela, and I always appreciated that about him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve been super busy. Working, reading, meeting boys, studying -”


“No, Kyle. Not yet, anyway,” I said, scoffing at the end of my sentence. It wouldn’t be the first time Kyle beat a guy up for me.

“Good. Your mom’s worried about you too. You should call her later.” I let out a loud, elongated groan at the suggestion. I love my mother, I do. But she is the very definition of a helicopter parent. 

“Thank you for the list of people I should call,” I said with a laugh, pulling my dinner together. “How’s the landscaping business getting along?”

I talked to Kyle for another half hour before he told me he had to go. It was already 9 here in L.A. which meant it was midnight back home. I told him I’d call my sister and mother in the morning since they were probably already sleeping and left my phone on the kitchen counter as I ate on the couch and watched Hulu. I’d been hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale, having read it when I was younger and knew I deserved a break from studying, so I finished two episodes.

When I was done, I cleaned my dishes and put them away, going back to my room to do some reading before bed. I pulled the book I had purchased out of my backpack and smiled as I thought about my day with Grayson. If it weren’t for this book, I never would have met him.

Maybe that would’ve been a good thing.

I frowned. The thought had come so clearly from a dark corner of my brain. I sighed and put the book down in my lap, staring at it. Was going on a date with Grayson a good idea? Were we rushing things? WAS IT EVEN A DATE?! 

The thought caught me off guard and I sat up a little straighter, my eyes widening. He hadn’t called it a date and neither had I. I let out an agonized growling sort of noise and flopped down face first onto my bed.

Oh, fuck.

Hey, I figured I’d give you guys a head’s up and announce that I’ve decided to go ahead and continue drawing Shallura!

Now that I’ve had time to think it over I’m very confident that, if the writers do have fixed ages, Allura is at least 18/19 and Shiro around 24. That being said, I still have a lot of fun drawing the both of them as adults in their mid-20′s and will continue to do so. To repeat myself from the last post: All my previous and future Shallura art is between two adults; regardless of what’s canon that has always been my intention.

I completely understand that this might make others uncomfortable so definitely unfollow/block if it’s whats best for you, or otherwise blacklist the ship because I’ll always tag my posts ~ 

Go Fish

Summary: Bucky and Steve try to play a nice game of go fish and somehow they end up talking about you. But what Steve has to say, is something Bucky doesn’t want to hear.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2080

A/N: So this week has SUCKED! Which made me really not in the mood to try and write something other than angst. But with where I’m at in my other series I am not about to write angst and ruin everything. So I’m hoping that this little blurb got it out of my system. (Y/D/D- Your Dream Destination)

Warnings: ANGST, talk of death

Tags: @fangirl1802

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“Do you have any fours?” I looked up at Steve, watching the expression on his face, looking to see if he was lying or not. “What do you think she’s doing right now?” I asked wanting a good response from him.

“Go fish.” Was all he said, as he rearrange some of his cards.


“Do you have any Jacks?”

“Steve.” He finally looked up at me.

“What do you want me to say Bucky?”

“Don’t be like that.”

“Don’t be like what? Myself?”

“Is it so wrong for me to think about her?”

“You talk about her all the time. I don’t get to see you that often, I was just hoping that we could talk about something other than Y/N.”

“You know, that that’s not my fault.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry that I’m busy saving the world. You could help—

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Forever And Always (Tony x Reader)

A/N: Hey y’all haha. I just have to say this is a rather short one and I can just tell you it’s not one of my best and I’m really sorry for that. I’ve been more busy recently so yeah, I’m so sorry anon!! 😭 Anyways, I really want to thnk you guys for 214 followers!! It’s not a lot but it’s still something haha thank you all. Enjoy!!

Request:  Hello can I resquest a cute tony imagine ? Like, him and the reader, in the morning, full of fluff and maybe some teasing from tony ? Thanks

You woke up to the feeling of someone staring at you. Without opening your eyes, you spoke. “What do you want, Tony?”

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Tony asked, making your eyes snap open to look at him suspiciously.

Sitting up against the headboard, your crossed your arms over your chest and looked at him. “What did you do this time, Stark? Did you get in trouble with Cap again?”

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[[ Request: Jax imagine based off of the song You and I by Lady Gaga where you guys broke up for a stupid reason and but you still love each other and then one day he decides that you two being split up is stupid and come to your door and kisses you passionately and just cute fluff in the end ]]

“Whatever, Jax!” you shouted, stomping your way towards the front door of Jax’s house. “I’m done with your shit.” You slammed the door behind you and made your way to your car. 

Jax Teller had been your old man for the past three years and things had run relatively smooth. But lately it seemed like you had done nothing but fight. You fought over everything, even the smallest of things. He was so deep into club bullshit, you hardly saw him anymore. And when you did see him, it usually led to another argument. You were sick of the constant screaming matches, day in and day out. Tonight was the last straw for you. You had packed your bags and decided to leave Charming for a little while. You needed some time to cool off, away from Jax, away from the Sons, and away from this chaotic town. You needed to be alone. You needed to really think about your life and the way you were living. You didn’t want to be ‘Jax Teller’s old lady’. You just wanted to be you for awhile. 


After nearly four months, you found yourself missing Charming dearly. It was time for you to come home. You feared deep down that coming back to Charming was a bad idea. Things hadn’t exactly ended on a good note with Jax. But you knew Charming was your home. It was where you belonged. You missed your friends, you missed your SAMCRO family, but most of all, you missed Jax Teller. The two of you had broken up the night you skipped town after having some stupid fight, but you couldn’t even remember now what the fight had been about. Not that it really mattered anyway. You were sure Jax had moved on by now. Probably with some beautiful, stick-thin, bottle-blonde croweater. You rolled your eyes and sighed loudly, debating whether or not you should stop by Teller-Morrow to see Gemma and the guys. You missed them, but you knew it was probably for the best if you stayed away. SAMCRO would always feel like family to you, but they were Jax’s family first. And you were no longer his old lady. 

You had just finished unpacking and were lying in bed when you heard the familiar rumble of a motorcycle pull into your driveway. Your stomach filled with butterflies.

You walked to the front of your house and opened the door to see Jax leaned against the side of your house. He took a drag of his cigarette and watched you, saying nothing.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, your voice a mixture of shock and confusion. You had been back in Charming nearly a week. You knew Jax knew you were back. He had to. Charming wasn’t a very big town, and the sight of Jax Teller’s long lost old lady was bound to cause a stir. But why had he decided to stop by? 

Jax took another drag, then held the cigarette out to you. “Gemma told me you were back in town.” He paused and gazed into your eyes for a moment. “I wanted to see you.” 

You took the cigarette, took a long drag, and leaned against the doorframe. You sighed and handed the cigarette back to Jax. “Everything is a mess, Jax.”

He took a drag. “I know.”

“What happened to us?” 

Jax didn’t answer. Instead, he put the cigarette out and looked up at you, as if he had just realized something. He scanned his blue eyes across your face for several moments, saying nothing.

“What?” you finally asked after he still hadn’t said anything. 

Jax grabbed your head in his hands, his fingers tangling in your hair, and kissed you. Hard. Passionately. Like you had never been kissed before. You felt yourself melting at Jax’s touch. You didn’t fight it. You had waited four months to feel his hands on you again, to breathe in the familiar scent of whiskey and cigarettes that always seemed to linger in his hair. You missed Jax Teller more than words could describe.

“I love you,” Jax breathed, pulling back long enough to look at you before he pressed another deep, passionate kiss to your lips. “I love you so fucking much.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug. You rested your head against his chest and listened to his heart beat. “We never should have broken up. It was stupid. I was stupid. I should never have let you go.” He lifted your head so your eyes met his again. He placed a gentle kiss to your lips. “We belong together, babe.” 

You smiled and pressed your lips to his. “I know that now.”

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me with my job situation. If you could keep it up, I would appreciate it. Last night was my first overnight shift, after church on Sunday and a shift at my part time job earlier in the day (13 hour work day, 21 hour day by the time I fell in bed). And anyway, the account for this other building is crap and there are four entire employee positions/shifts that are not being covered. Ever. Used to be six but myself and another employee have just been added. There is no way to make the account or the situation better until we fill those gaps, and the situation is running off the one decent worker who has stayed so far.

The company has a leadership meeting tomorrow that I am attending, and I’m going to have to bring some things up. I don’t know if I will stick with this job, but I’m giving it my best shot for now.

Anyway, I’m really tired so prayers are as always appreciated. Love you guys, hope you are all having a fantastic day. :)

(Also, shout-out to @traveling-magpie for being The Best ever.)

Couples Cruise (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: Anon asked: “HIIIII! I LIKE GREETING PEOPLE! Anyways, can I request a Lafayette X reader where the reader had gone through a breakup (not with Laf though) But then she books a cruise but it’s COUPLES cruise. And since the mottos for the cruise is Everyone who books is guaranteed to fall in love. SOO she ends up falling for Laf. DANK!(dank means thanks in German)-Alpha”

A/N: I hope I did what the anon was asking for lol I also tried making the reader as gender neutral as possible so hopefully that worked ??? this is like my oldest request and i’m glad i finished it i’ve been facing writer’s block but hopefully this is a sign that it’s gone?? make sure to leave me a request!!! i literally will write anythingggggg

-Requests I currently have!


TW: cheating, heights?, if there’s anything else let me know

W/C: 1787


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You opened your eyes, but you didn’t move at all. You just laid there in bed willing yourself to go back to sleep, but this was the third time you had woken up. You knew that you had to get up now.

You groaned as you struggled to get your body in an upright position. You grabbed your phone from the nightstand and scrolled through the notifications on the nightstand. Four missed calls, 15 texts, and one voicemail from Charles. “Hm. The number’s getting lower,” you thought. You deleted everything before you were tempted to look at it and decided to go get the mail.

Nothing was of importance except for the tickets that had finally arrived for a couples’ cruise you had planned to go on with your, now, ex-boyfriend as an early birthday present.

A week earlier you had caught him in bed with someone else. It stung, but you two had become distanced for some time, so it was easier to break it off. The cruise was actually supposed to help strengthen your relationship since the motto of the cruise was “Fall deeper in love with Paradise Cruises.” You definitely didn’t need that anymore, but you had no idea what you were going to do with the tickets. You really didn’t want to waste them, but you had no use for them.

“Guys, what the hell do I do?” you groaned, resting your head down on the table.

“Well, you could’ve broken up with him forever ago, which we suggested, but you insisted on trying to fix things with someone who wasn’t as invested in the relationship as you were,” John said, rubbing your back.

Alexander was just looking at the counter, very deep in thought, until you could almost see an actual lightbulb turn on above his head.

“What are you thinkin’, Alex?” Herc asked.

“Why don’t you take Laf?” Alex asked you.

“Take me where?” Lafayette asked, walking into the room, rubbing his eyes, clearly having just woken up.

You grabbed the tickets and held them out to him.

“Uh, a couples cruise?” he asked, somewhat flustered. He shot a look at Alex, and Alex shot a look back that said “This is your chance!” which you completely missed.

“Yeah, since our little (Y/N) is single now and didn’t know who to take on this couples cruise, I figure, why not you? Since you two are basically an old married couple anyway, I figure you can tag along, so the tickets aren’t a waste. You can make fun of cheesy couples together!” Alex replied, attempting to make this sound as appealing as possible, “Doesn’t that sound like fun, (Y/N)?”

You took your head off the counter and sat up straight.

“Actually, that does sound kinda nice. Would you be willing to go with me, Laf?” you asked, looking up at him, not realizing you were giving him puppy dog eyes that he could never say no to.

“Of course I’ll go with you, mon ami. We’ll have fun; I promise,” he assured you.

The day had come for the romantic couples’ cruise you were going on with one of your best friends. He was the most perfect guy you had ever had the fortune of knowing, and you two were so close that most people assumed you were a couple anyway. He was the most comforting person you had ever met and you had always felt safe around him. Lafayette accompanying you on the couples cruise was only another example of what an incredible friend he had always been.

Laf had been there for you through every breakup. He was always the one to comfort you when you were crying. He had been your best friend since kindergarten when you beat up a boy who was bullying him for having an accent. He had been your anchor through every rocky point in your life, and you couldn’t thank him enough. You had also been there for him, although, he had seemingly less interest in dating. None of his relationships had ever lasted very long, but that was mostly due to his love interests not being able to deal with how close the two of you were. You were the #1 person in his life no matter what, and he would drop everything for you in a heartbeat. They just couldn’t handle it, but you always comforted him and told him the right one would come one day soon.

You made it to your room when Laf realized there was only one bed, and it was covered in rose petals with a bottle of champagne sitting on the nightstand.

“Oh,” he said, dropping his bags on the floor.

“What?” you asked, going to look at what he was staring at. “Wow, that’s a lot of rose petals.”

“Where am I gonna sleep?” he asked.

“On the bed,” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “It’s like a sleepover, Laffy Taffy!”

“I guess,” he muttered.

“I don’t have cooties I swear, Laf,” you teased.

You went to lay down on the bed and turned on the TV.

“What are you doing?” the Frenchman asked.

“Uh-watching TV?”

“Uh-why?” he said, mimicking your tone. “There’s an itinerary we have to follow! Come on, lazy butt! I’m not gonna let you drag me here just to not even do any of the activities they have planned like the…” he trailed off, looking through the schedule, “Oooo, there’s couples massages or the Rock Wall of Looooove.

“Can’t I just lay in bed for a little bit?” you groaned.

“Non! We have to go participate in all these activities! You paid for this cruise and invited me along, so now we have to make sure your money is not wasted!” he insisted.

“Ugh, fine,” you said, letting him drag you out of the room to whatever activity was going on.

The cruise was nearly over, and it was probably the most fun you had ever had. All the trust exercises and every single couples activity was so enjoyable with Lafayette by your side. It was when you two were on the Rock Wall of Love (ironically) that you realized something. Lafayette was incredible. Sure you knew he was incredible before, but acting lovey dovey with him and doing couples things with him gave you a new perspective. He was the perfect boyfriend. You had feelings for him. You didn’t know how long those feelings had been there, but they definitely weren’t new.

You had nearly fallen all the way down on the rock wall when he caught you.

“Mon cher, are you okay?” he had asked.

He had wrapped an arm around your waist to secure you, and you realized you had never been this close to his face before. You found yourself leaning into him involuntarily before you realized what you were doing and looked away.

“Uh, yeah, no. I’m fine,” you said, turning your head to look at your harness.

Once that activity was over, you found yourself looking at Laf a lot more often. You noticed little things like how when he smiled his eyes crinkled, and it made him look about 10 years old. You also noticed how his eyes displayed his emotions more accurately than any body language or facial expression could. You found yourself loving each and every one of these little mannerisms and more importantly, loving him.

The last night of the cruise, you found yourself lying awake in bed. Your mind was racing with thoughts of the past week and how amazing it felt to be by Lafayette’s side. You were almost positive that he had felt the same way. There was a spark there that couldn’t be ignored, and the two of you being affectionate to convince other couples felt different and new and exciting. You had started getting butterflies whenever you had even the slightest contact with him. You knew you had to say something.

“Laf,” you whispered, looking at the ceiling.

No response.

“Laf!” you whispered a little louder this time, “Are you awake?”

“Yeah. What’s wrong?” he asked shifting in the bed, facing you with his head propped up on his elbow.

“I just- this cruise has made me realize a few things about me. About us…” you trailed off, moving to face him as well.

“U-Us?” Lafayette asked clearing his throat.

“This might seem weird, but hear me out. I’m gonna ask you something, and I need you to not freak out or be weird about it or anything,” you said carefully.

“Okay what is it?” he asked searching your face for some sort of clue for what you were going to say next.

“I need you to kiss me,” you said shutting your eyes and hoping for the best.

“Kiss you?”

“I just have a theory. I need you to kiss me to see whether my theory is right or wrong. Look I totally get if you don’t want to or think it’s weird or-“ you were cut off by a pair of lips crashing into yours. Your eyes widened before you started kissing back as ferociously as he was. Your lips fell into perfect synchronization with his and you could feel years of pent-up feelings being revealed in one single kiss.

You pulled away first, needing air. Your eyes were still closed, and you could still feel his lips on yours. You couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“So what does that tell you about your theory?” Laf asked, breathless.

“It tells me that we should’ve really kissed a long time ago.”

“Does that mean we’re an actual couple now?” he questioned, caressing your cheek.

“Yes, and it also means I can finally sleep in peace,” you said shifting so that you were staring up at the ceiling again, unable to stop yourself from smiling.

“Yes, you could do that… Or…”

“Or?” you said confused.

“Or we could make out,” he said with a smirk.

“That sounds like a good idea,” you replied with a matching smirk.

When the two of you returned home, the rest of the guys were awaiting with a banner that said “Congratulations!”

“What? How could you guys possibly know? We haven’t even told anyone yet!” you whined.

“Are you shitting me? This has been coming for a long time. The two of you were just too oblivious to see it,” Herc laughed.

“Exactly! I honestly thought it would happen sooner!” John added.

It was frustrating to know that you could have been with Lafayette long ago, but that was covered by the intense joy you now felt having his fingers intertwined with yours and knowing you had your soulmate by your side.

Mini Fic Rec List

So until I can get an Korean adapter for my laptop, I can’t actually produce anything on this in the format I like, including my next fic rec list. Until then, I would like to just give a mini rec list of things I’ve been reading until I come out with my second official one. Remember to always review, no matter when a story was last updated, as many authors who haven’t updated in nearly ten years are coming back and saying it’s because of the encouragement you guys have been giving. These stories will all be added onto the second fic rec list too once I’ve got a working laptop. Anyway, here are some stories I’ve been keeping up with that you should too. As with before, the asterisks mean they’re a fav of mine. And as usual, check out other stuff from these authors as these often aren’t their only or best Zutara stories.

– THE BOTTOM OF A SWIMMING POOL *** by d-dulcet –

This fic is immediately post war, and while I like post war Zutara a lot, immediately after typically turns me off. However, this author is amazing and now I’m making an exception. This story is definitely going to be a slow build done well, with on point character depictions and interactions, poignant writing, wonderful pacing, and one of my favorite things, a realistic, mature, and in depth look at the issues of politics and prejudices. We see Katara staying to heal an injured Zuko, and while their bond strengthens every day, Katara must face and deal with the people around who view her as below them for being born in the Water Tribes. We see even the lowest servant show their obvious resentment of Katara and nobles with their thinly veiled disgust of her, all for being Water Tribe, and how even her position as the SWT’s Chief’s daughter or a war time hero does nothing to change this view (if anything, it almost hinders her living in the FN) I just love seeing Katara’s feelings through out this all. At first, we see her annoyance and righteous anger for this behavior build until she makes her mind known to these people who are meant to be considerate of her. We see her get confused and hurt, questioning herself and the worth of her bending, from little microaggressions from the Fire Nation nobles. And then we see her find validation in herself again and then a feeling of contentment from healing and hanging around with Zuko. Furthermore, Zuko’s relaxation and acknowledgment of her power is sweet and nice after seeing all the crap others were putting her through. I also like the little introspection we see in Zuko, in him realizing that while Katara may tease him, it never reaches a level of cruelty we see in others who were meant to be close to him. Really awesome fic,

and SHE MOVES WITH THE SEA *** by Void —

These are two companion fics that are grossly underrated. Written in a more poetic style, we see post war Zutara develop through some angst and fluff. They write so beautifully and like the previous fic, you feel the emotions the characters feel. Everything about this is perfect, definitely check them both out and give lots of love.


Not smut so chill this is actually a really cute short AU fic in which Katara discovers and saves a grumpy mermaid, all while trying to keep it a secret from others in her household. It’s really cute and the ending a bit bittersweet, depending on what you think. Adorable, definitely check it out.

– LEADING UP TO YOU by Olive-Tree-Hugger –

Trouble and unrest in the Northern Water Tribe leads Zuko and Katara to a battle between spirits and crazed men in power, resulting in the death of the blue spirit and more than political issues for Katara to face. And is the Blue Spirit really gone?! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!

– OUR FORTUNES TOGETHER *** by NomDeGuerre —

This fic is an arranged marriage fic that is super exciting with nice development. The first chapter has a bit of smut near the end which you can honestly skip and then after that, Zuko and Katara are immediately thrust into precarious situations and travel and meet certain new friends *wink wink* and have to face and Ozai who wants another war. I won’t go into much more detail than that as it would reveal too much and take away surprises the author placed in wonderfully. Super awesome story, featuring an adorable old!aang (who kinda reminds me of General Leia but with more candy) and a certain herbalist who is bound to have a family reunion. Zuko and Katara themselves are very in character. I love when stories show the characters flaws just as much as their good points, and this author does this which makes the developing relationship between the too feel that much more real. Zuko is super awkward and closes himself off constantly, feeling like he’s trapped Katara, who he’s beginning to develop feelings for, in a relationship with a monster, while Katara keeps trying to open him up and is worried that he doesn’t like her or want the relationship at all… Which leads to fun moments as they see how wrong they are. Definitely read this.


A Zutara and Taang fic in which Sokka gets into trouble with someone who turns him into a badger cat, starting a chain reaction that turns into an awesome creative story. Toph stumbles across this sassy, talking animal and sees an opportunity at adventure in running away and helping him turn back to human and find his friends. Zombies, Pirates, and Zutara moments come along quick in this. Definitely keep this fic in mind in your searches, especially for more creative plots.

– BACK FOR YOU by Reyn –

One shot, and due to a curse on the Fire Nation from the Water Tribes, the Fire Lord and a waterbender have to meet annually to prevent drought and coincidentally fall in love. Some complications fall into their lives which may or may not prevent them from being together. Very pretty, and a creative idea. Some suggestive material, nothing explicit.

– ASCENT by bexst –

Short chapters with what seems to be a depiction of a spar that is actually the development of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship. Pretty cool. Size of fic means you can read and finish on toilet, so double cool.

– NAUTILUS by maddeve –

So unlike the previous fic, this story has huge chapters, but they’re interesting and full of good developments. Post war, Katara trying to figure things out and Zuko hoping she figures out how he feels about her. The author does a nice job of displaying where canon couples go wrong on some issues, along with brining up political and personal obstacles in everyone’s way. Really pretty, for the most part is in character, I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

– WELCOME HEAT by cowlicklesschick –

Modern AU, which I typically don’t like, but this one is cute and entertaining. Due to a dangerous accident while saving a certain med student, Zuko finds himself in a hospital trying to make it back when Katara comes to bring brownies to her savior. This leads to a ton of events that bring them closer. The whole Gaang is here too, featuring IrohMeddling™. Nice fic.

– EYES OF AGNI** by cannaduh –

I love how in character everyone is in this story - I can actually see them thinking and saying these things the author writes. I also am liking their OC’s and the little details they’ve included like the servants and guards always “correcting” katara for saying zuko instead of fire lord zuko. It’s funny and engaging, while also giving us an idea of the environment in this post-war world.

Besides the funny and on point dialogue, the pacing is always very good - they take time explaining the things that matter but they also don’t drag on certain parts by detailing everything in a scene. It’s perfect.

I also like the plot. I find they’re making this a naturally developing relationship with characteristics of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship being addressed in a way that ATLA’s producers (notice how i didn’t say writers) chose to skip. I also like how they’re subtly showing the problems with the canon ships without outright attacking Mai and Aang. Instead of saying “oh Mai is an evil bitch” or “Aang is an immature asshole” like so many other fics do, they’re simply including things like Mai and Zuko not seeing eye to eye nor sharing priorities. They’re allowing us to see Mai is able to be polite but also off-putting, like at one point with Zuko and Mai not really communicating is very well done as this was something we really see in the show. I would like to see how they handle Aang some more. I’d imagine they’d display him as the same lovable guy from the show, but like with Mai, showing the characteristics that make him and Katara incompatible. Awesome development, sweet story line, no outright character bashing. Really nice stuff.


Katara suffering from Kataangst and basically deciding that what Bryke did to her wasn’t what she was going to let happen. Short fic, can read and finish on toilet while being proud of Katara.


This title is literal. For this, we have a series of AU fics that are all original, fun, and exciting. You’ve got several modern AU’s, like gangster Zutara and Domestic Living Zutara, along with Soulmates and letter exchange between the fire lord and master waterbender.

– SPIRITS*** by lady wisp – Super creative fic here in which Katara, the Southern Water Tribe’s “witch” for keeping contact with the spirits, is called upon by Zuko as she attempts to get help for the Southern Water Tribe in its war with the Northern Water Tribe. In order to receive help from this spirit, she must agree to help him find the avatar, something she’s never heard of before for being almost illicit in nature. There are all sorts of twists and turns, like what sort of spirit is Zuko if he is one, how did he get to that point what does he remember, and is he trustworthy, along with Katara’s discovery of different secrets and dealings related to the water tribes and outside nations (“what’s the fire nation? Bending? What’s that?”). Really creative, fun, and cool with in character interactions and fun development and, while it is not completely dark, there’s a level of suspense.


So there are a couple fics. This post will have been queued as I’m away and will be leaving tumblr for a few months. Enjoy these, and I’ll try to come back with an actual second fic list later (and if you haven’t seen the first one, it’s on my blog).

Also, you’re an author, please send me your stuff as I’ve lost a ton of stories I remember liking but I have no idea what the titles were and yours might’ve been one of those fics.

Lost In War


 Howard Stark x Reader
 Hai! So weird for me to ask this kind of one shot/imagine that isn’t relevant to Steve. But can you make a one shot of Howard Stark and reader? They are best friends and have feelings for each other, but before he can tell you, you die in the army? And Steve has to tell him? If you can’t it’s fine. Thank you c:
Warnings: Death
Notes: Hope you guys are enjoying my imagines so far, next week there may be a slight lack of work being posted so I apologise in advance! Also sorry if this piece isn’t my best piece of work but I don’t know the character overly well. Anyway enjoy!

Howard Stark was always known as a man who could solve any problem, think clearly and have a plan of action. However around you that all seemed to go out the window. You two had been best friends for as long as Howard could remember, but there was something about your determination and free spirit that drew him to you. What he didn’t know was that the feelings were reciprocated. You had been in love with your best friend since forever, but when the call to war came you felt you needed to do your part. You went out under the pretense of being a nurse for the 107th, however when many men of the division went missing, including your big brother Bucky Barnes, you made a plan to go out and help. With the appearance of Captain America on the base, you two went out to rescue your big brother.

 Days later the Captain and the surviving members of the 107th marched back into camp. Howard ran out, hoping to see your face in the crowd. Looking around frantically he couldn’t see any sign of you. “Stark.” He heard a solemn voice behind him. Turning he was faced the rather disheartened face of the Captain. “Where is she? She’s okay right?” Howard babbled clenching his fists at his sides. “I’m sorry Howard.” Steve said with a shake of the head. The next thing Howard knew he was on his knees with his head in his hands. “I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her.” He wept silently. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he looked up into the eyes of Bucky Barnes, your brother. He could see the pain in the mans eyes and knew he was going through the same thing as him. But at that very moment in time nothing mattered to Howard, nothing would bring you back to him.

anonymous asked:

what are the best Stiles as pack mom/ stiles and derek (accidentally) build a den fics? thanks in advance and have a nice weekend/ rest of the weekend!

Hey :) Good gravy! It has been a weekend full of essays. Is it holiday break yet?! Anyways, pack mom stiles is the best! 

Ok, I had 2 asks for pack mom Stiles and I’m not sure I got either one right. I tried you guys!!! Seriously though, these fics are awesome even if they aren’t exactly what you were looking for. 

here is the deepest secret nobody knows by  owlpostagain | 22.3K

“Derek,” Stiles groans. “You have me. You’ve always had me, you absolute moron, how many physically impossible feats of life-saving heroics do I have to perform before you get it?”

On Building an IKEA Den for an Alpha Werewolf | 13.8K

Senior Prom is coming up, and Stiles doesn’t have a date. Additionally, Derek has an unfurnished apartment, and no one to take him to IKEA.

some nights by  Hymn | 5K

Derek pisses Stiles off, and Stiles issues an “open-door policy” for the teenaged werewolves in his life. (Which is, really, more of an open-window policy, because seriously: werewolves) After that it is, like, all werewolf all the time.

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by  owlpostagain  | 35.1K

In which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.

Pack Mom by  one_windiga | 5.3K

’“It’s just a sandwich,” Isaac mumbled around the food in his mouth, crunching a little between words. Derek firmly believed there was no such thing as ‘just’ anything where Stiles was concerned.’

Stiles begins to take on the role of the Pack Mom. Derek is confused and upset.

A Question of Pack by  impalagirl, wilddragonflying | 24.4K

Stiles knows he isn’t pack.

But why do the Betas keep coming to him for advice and comfort?

ticket for littering by  kellifer_fic | 7.6K

Stiles is totally ready for his life to stop being a horror movie and start being a romcom. This… isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

build a rocket, boys! by  hito | 2.5K

Stiles has kind of become the den mother. It’s not like he planned it!

Pack Dynamics For Dummies by  SpiritsFlame | 36.6K

Stiles isn’t sure how a Pack is supposed to work, but he’s pretty sure that this this disorganized jumble of people and events doesn’t quite qualify. He has to hand it to Derek though, he keeps trying. And Stiles has never been one to stand quietly on the sidelines.

Hitting the Motherlode | 3.8K

5 times Stiles was oblivious that he was being the pack mom and 1 time Derek made him enjoy it more than he should.

He’s Not Mine by  Sunnee | 68.5K

Derek comes home to find an abandoned werebaby on his front porch and Stiles volunteers to help him out. Surprisingly, that is just the beginning of his problems.

Past, Present, Future

Advent Calendar- (Christmas Eve) 5 Days

Happy Christmas Eve!!! I hope that you enjoy this new fic : ) There is a lot of mixed emotions and conflict, but never fear. It is primarily fluff, just in time for Christmas!

If you have any feedback, please let me know. I always love hearing from you guys!!! You have all made my year so wonderful. Thank you!



It was already Christmas Eve. You could barely believe it. The past few months had been sobering for you, as you came to terms with the knowledge that you would never be having children with Bucky. He had been acting a little tense with you since that discussion. More tense than usual anyway. He was still missing a great deal of his memories, and working hard everyday at trying to rebuild his life. You helped him as best you could, and found many reasons to smile with him.

“Steve, help!” you pouted, sick of him laughing at you reaching desperately for the top of the tree. Even on your tippy toes, it wasn’t going to happen.

“Alright (Y/N). No need to be upset,” he replied chuckling, taking the silver star from you. Bucky sat on the couch, watching your interactions. He seemed distant, but you didn’t want to stress him out by questioning him.

“There, how’s that?” Steve asked after he had finished, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Perfect. Thanks!” you stretched up to place a kiss on his cheek.

Placing the star on the tree on Christmas Eve, rather than the day you put the tree up with the rest of the decorations, was a yearly tradition (on the years you celebrated anyway) ever since your first Christmas with the boys. Bucky had forgotten to bring the star, and by the time he remembered, it was Christmas Eve. You all kept it up every year since then. Strange how these things come about.

The compound was pretty quiet. Christmas was a time to be with family. You were here with yours. Clint was of course at home with his. Nat had gone along to visit with him, but before she left, she made Steve promise that there would still be mistletoe around when she returned. His face had turned as red as her hair when he nodded his agreement.

Tony and Pepper were off somewhere tropical. You missed Bruce and Thor desperately, and all you could do was hope that they were safe.

Wanda was coping as best as she could, given that it was her first Christmas without her brother. You had all done your best to spend time with her, and listen to all of her wonderful stories about him. Vision especially liked to keep her company. The two of them had been getting on marvellously.

Sam was going to pop by on Boxing Day, but he had travelled to be with his parents and siblings for Christmas. He hadn’t seen them in a while, and was excited when he left, large smile in place. He complained quite a bit though about the fact he had to fly the normal way.

“What do you think James?” you asked, still taking in the tree.


“Never mind,” you forced a smile. He was acting so strange. His emotions were swirling. You were beginning to worry. Steve seemed to notice.

“(Y/N), why don’t you go take your bath, and I’ll get the heater sorted out?” he suggested mildly.

“Ok, that sounds nice,” you replied, leaving the lounge room without another word.

Despite your concerns about Bucky’s behaviour and uneasiness, you relaxed a little bit in your bath. FRIDAY played your music for you, and you closed your eyes, trying to shut out as much as you could.

Returning to the lounge room once you were finished, you looked around to discover Steve gone. The heater was on though, with Bucky sitting in front of it.

“Where’s Steve?” you asked.

“He went to see if Wanda needed anything,” Bucky replied absently, staring into the simulated fire in the heater. You couldn’t keep ignoring it.

“James, are you alright? You’ve been acting weird lately…”

To your surprise, Bucky smiled. “I should have known you’d notice.”

“People keep saying that, but they still never seem to learn,” you replied with a small smile of your own. “So, what’s going on?”

Bucky looked pensive for a moment, and then sighed. “I tried really hard to think of the best way to do this…”

Do what?

“The last time I did it, I put a lot of effort in… I can’t remember it properly, but Steve filled me in on the blanks.”


“I really wanted this to be perfect…”

“James, please tell me what’s going on.”

“Maybe it would be better to show you,” he replied cryptically. He reached under the nearby Christmas tree, and produced a small, delicately wrapped gift, handing it to you.

You accepted it.

“Open it,” Bucky encouraged.

“But it isn’t Christmas yet…”

“I know. This isn’t really a Christmas present though, so it’s ok.”

You obliged, curiosity eating at you. Why had a gift gotten Bucky so ruffled?

Inside the wrapping paper was a small purple box, with a ribbon around it. Pulling away the ribbon and lifting the lid, you saw a ring nestled inside.

It was a silver colour, the band set with a small blue moonstone. You raised your eyebrows quizzically, and removed it from the box.

“The more I thought about it, the more it made sense,” Bucky whispered. “It’s obvious that I’m never going to remember everything from our past. Or, if I do, it will be a long way into the future. And, I don’t fully remember how we got engaged, or our wedding… and we’re both such different people now. So I thought…” he seemed to be lost for words.

His anxiety and distant behaviour finally made sense as it clicked.

“James, are you asking me to marry you?”

A look of relief came over his face when he realised you understood. “Yes, I am. (Y/N), I love you so much. I want to show you that, no matter what has changed about me over the years, that hasn’t. Will you marry me?”

You looked at the ring, then at your husband. You could barely believe what was happening. Tears began to brim in your eyes, and your lips curled into a smile.

“Yes!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms around him, and crying into his shoulder. He held you close, eyes screwed tight, and he was finally able to relax for the first time since he had decided on doing this.

Eventually you pulled away, and he took the ring from you, placing it upon the ring finger on your right hand. You looked at it happily, and considered how lucky you were that you were able to become engaged to the man you loved for a second time.

Things were very different now. It was becoming harder and harder to ignore that fact. But knowing that Bucky wanted to embrace those differences and continue your life together made you feel a great deal better.

Later that night, you disentangled yourself from the sheets, careful not to wake your sleeping husband. You looked down at him with a smile, and then wrapped your bathrobe around yourself in case you bumped into Steve. You made your way down the dark hall into the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror bleary eyed. You looked at your hands, taking in the familiar sight of your old engagement and wedding rings. Then your eyes flicked across to your right hand and new ring.

You removed it to more closely admire the intricacies of it, when you noticed something on the inside of the band that you hadn’t seen earlier in your excitement and confusion.

Looking carefully, you were able to read the engraved words, a new smile on your lips:

(Y/N), my past, present and future - James


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1985 AGAIN >> EXO Click & Drag Scenario

In the present day, you’re working at a dead end job, are trying to care for two small children, and are forced to deal with a crumbling marriage to an unloving man. You often feel exhausted and miserable. You never thought your life would be like this… Recently, you’ve gotten in touch with an old friend from college. You two spend a whole evening talking about the past and you find out where all the people you once knew ended up. You don’t realize the time and come home very late. Your husband confronts you, causing you two to argue. You run out and, crying, you seriously wonder what your life would be like if you had made different choices. Suddenly you see a bright light coming towards you… What would you do if you could do it all over?

Continue >>

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(Re)cycle - Eisuke Ichinomiya

Title: (Re)cycle or How Many Times Do I Have to See You Until You Get Tired of Me

Summary: Somehow, the universe always found a way to bring them together, only to separate them again. So, Eisuke does what he does best—defy the damn universe. Reincarnation AU.

Genre: ANGST, Romance, and Historical if you squint

Pairing: MC/Eisuke

a/n:  This idea has actually been floating in my head for a while. That, or maybe I’m a sucker for AU’s like these lmaoo. I think I had way too much fun bullying Eisuke here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . He’s a fun character to write, that’s for sure. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!


               The first time he saw her, he remembers being in an open, barren field.

               He was starving; the famine that hit the land was no short of a disaster. He could barely recall when rain last hit the now-dry soil of his homeland. Young boys like him would always be sent to go out and look for any sign of life, or die trying.

               In his mind, he was already dead at the rate he was going.

               The last of his crumbly bread was long gone, and he was already collapsed on the ground, waiting for whatever god to take him away from this wretch of a world. In his next life, he vowed not to be as powerless as he was.

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fun facts about FN-2187 & friends

so i’ve been reading rucka’s BEFORE THE AWAKENING which is a pretty entertaining little book written by greg rucka with a bunch of backstory for the new trio and boy howdy let me tell ya:

- finn has a little posse of four friends he hangs out with. FN-2199 is called Nines, FN-2000 is called Zeroes, and FN-2003 is called ‘Slip’. anyway they all train together and are buddies as cadets and stuff

- FN-2003 is called Slip because he’s always slipping behind. eh? eh? GET IT? he’s like the worst. he’s terrible. finn tries to help him. like poor slip is just slow and clumsy and really bad at storm trooper-ing. any given training mission, if someone fucks up or falls behind, it’s liable to be him

- literally everyone else is annoyed at slip but finn just feels bad and tries to help the dude

- also notice how i didn’t mention a nickname for fn-2187

- he does not have one. he’s the only dude in his little squad without at least a cursory numbers-based nickname. i think it mentions offhand that he’s SOMETIMES called ‘eighty seven’ if they really have to shorten his name? but otherwise nah. a veteran trooper is like “lol yup you’re the outsider huh.”

- he’s also the best shot in his squad and was considered SUPER PROMISING, like promising enough that he coulda been promoted to officer based off his record in training/simulation

- he also has extensive first aid training for combat situations just an fyi

- anyway he is always trying to help slip until phasma finally takes him aside and is like “yo you aren’t helping this guy by coddling him. you have to let him succeed or fail on his own” and finn feels really bad about it but goes ahead and does as she says and stops helping his buddy. slip does not really pick up the slack. zeroes and nines are just even MORE annoyed with slip. rip.

- also jakku wasn’t the first time fn-2187 failed to follow orders; his first ‘test’ or whatever was on a group of striking miners the first order was in negotiations with who he failed to help shooting. slip shot the dude he was supposed to shoot for him basically. (phasma noticed)

- like he’s fine with shooting enemy combatants but even in simulation he freaks out over the idea of accidentally hurting civilians sooo

- anyway the trooper who dies on jakku and smears blood across FN-2187′s face is his sorta-buddy Slip** who he tried to help and then was ordered to stop trying to help so like

- yeah


**apparently the visual dictionary says that it’s Nines who dies on Jakku, not Slip????????? which?? just makes me wonder if it’s slip who calls him a traitor later????? lol.. rip …………… in any way that’s very possibly an error on my part; in either case it’s still one of his sorta-pals who dies

also, for the record, the first aid thing is from the TFA novelization, during that scene on the millenium falcon; it’s not actually in BTA. still good.

Valentine Fiasco

So not too sure about the title but oh well haha. Here’s a Nalu AU I wrote up for Valentines Day. This is dedicated to @dandanaru because surprise!! I’m your secret valentine ^.^ 

(ps it’s not valentine’s day quite yet for me but I think it is for you? So here you go :) )

I hope you guys enjoy this!

Today was one of those days that came around every year; a day that some people loved and others hated. It was none other than Valentines Day. 

Lucy Heartfilia was usually one of those people who loved Valentines Day. Not because she always had someone to celebrate it with (as Aquarius had always enjoyed pointing out), but because she loved the idea of love so much. Even if she wasn’t in a committed relationship with someone she loved, she still enjoyed seeing all the couples around her happy.

That all changed this year though. 

Nothing, in her opinion, hurt more than a broken heart, which was exactly what was hurting her now. She thought she had met the perfect guy; he made her laugh, told her she was pretty and smart, and she was really looking forward to spending this Valentines day with him.

Until she walked in on him making out with a nameless face, who had the decency to look embarrassed and pull herself away when Lucy walked in. Lucy had just stood there for a few seconds, not quite knowing how to process what had just happened. But, she thought back with a slightly triumphant smirk, at least she didn’t give him a chance to try and come up with some bullshit excuse. She marched right up to him, and slapped him right across his face with all her might, then sauntered right out of the room, resolving to never speak to him again. 

But as much of a brave front she put up at that moment, here she was now, the day after, the day before Valentines Day, laying on her couch eating chocolate ice cream and watching action movies, because she really didn’t want to have anything to do with romance at the moment. Her eyes were red from the tears she had cried, her phone discarded somewhere in her apartment probably filled with a dozen messages from her best friend. 

She felt slightly bad, knowing that she was probably worrying Levy since she only sent a short text saying that she had broken up with her boyfriend. Honestly, she was surprised she hadn’t came over to talk smack about him yet.

As if by fate, a loud insistent knocking was heard at her door. She sighed, untangling herself from the blankets she had been protectively curled up in, and made her way over to her door. “Levy, you didn’t have to come over!” she called before opening the door with slight hesitation. She really just wanted to be alone.

Surprisingly though, it was not Levy at the door, but her best guy friend, Natsu.

She laughed to herself mentally. She shouldn’t be surprised he was here, he always was anyways. 

He had a scowl on his face when she opened the door, arms crossed and his stance showed he was not happy. 

“Why the hell have you locked yourself up all alone here? Do you know how worried we’ve all been?” 

Surprised at his words, she stepped aside as he started to push his way into her apartment. “Levy said you’ve didn’t go to class today. That’s not like you Lucy.”

And it wasn’t. Lucy had never missed class, as she was always enjoyed learning new things. And she felt slightly embarrassed, missing class because she broke up with a boy. But they were together for 10 months, she felt she deserved a day. 

“I wasn’t feeling good.”

He snorted, but then got a good look of her face and the tear-stains, and his expression softened considerably. “What happened? Do I need to hit someone?” His eyes went cold. “Was it that jerk of a boyfriend of yours?”

Lucy’s lip quivered at those words, fighting hard to keep back an onslaught of tears. She would not cry in front of Natsu over a boy who he had always expressed his distaste for. She slowly nodded her head before heading back to her couch and curling up into a ball, not being able to handle it. 

She felt the couch dip down with added weight, and suddenly two arms were wrapped around her and she couldn’t stop the tears now, and she melted into him, crying until a wave of exhaustion hit and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Lucy woke up with a crick in her neck, and her shoulders stiff. She blinked a few times, a little bit confused by the warmth that surrounded her, unsure of exactly where she was. She pulled back a little and saw a head of pink, and suddenly remember breaking down in front of her best friend. Cheeks lighting up in slight embarrassment, she tried to untangle herself from his grasp, but he didn’t seem to want to let go. She saw him start to stir and gazed at his face, smiling at the peaceful look he had. 

“Lucy..” she heard him mumbled, causing her cheeks to go a shade darker than what they were, noticing he wasn’t quite awake yet. 

Is he thinking about me in his sleep?

She tried to not let the thought bother her too much, but she couldn’t help it. Feelings from years ago when they first met started to creep up on her, but she wanted to blame that on the fact that he was comforting her after crying over a break up.

Before she could let her thoughts wander to far, she woke up her silly best friend, and offered to go buy him supper for dealing with her.

“Natsu, I said no. I’m over it. If you ask me one more goddamn time I swear I’ll Lucy Kick you to the moon and back before you can say ‘aye sir’.”

It had been a few weeks since the breakup, and Natsu wouldn’t stop bothering her about whether or not he could go kick the guys ass or not. Lucy always refused, being the better person (plus she already got a good hit in, she was fine). 

Natsu blanched, knowing that she was being pretty serious. Honestly, Lucy could be really scary when she wanted to be.

She sighed and went back to editing her latest chapter in her novel. She didn’t have as much time to work on it as she’d like to with midterms coming up, so she really wanted to get some editing done while she could, but Natsu barely ever left her alone these days.

And it was really starting to piss her off.

“Natsu, as much as I enjoy your presence,” she forced out in agitation, “I really need to work on my novel. Don’t you have assignments to work on or a class to study for?” 

“Nope, I finished all my assignments and my midterms aren’t for another two weeks.”

“Okay. But don’t you need to feed your cat?”

“Fed him before I came over.” That was a peaceful ten minutes, Lucy thought.

She dropped her pen, swung around in her chair, and fixed him with her best glare. “I really don’t want to be rude Natsu, because I understand that you care and just want to make sure I’m okay, but please, I need some time alone. You can’t be with me 24/7. I can protect myself from whatever the world can hit me with.” She was starting to lose her stride at the adorably sad look that was starting to form on his face. She continued though, because she really needed alone time. “Why don’t you go out, have fun, try to meet someone? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a relationship.” which was strange, because Natsu was a great guy, funny, attractive, always there when you need him. 

He shrugged and looked away from her. “I’d rather just hang out with you, Luce.”

Her heart rate increased just the tiniest bit against her will. She never dared to think he felt something for her, so she always pushed her feelings away.

“I don’t get it. You’re 20 years old and you never wanted to be in a relationship with someone?” 

He looked at her, right in the eyes with some emotion she couldn’t quite identify. It was almost like irritation.

“I never said that.”

Lucy bit her lip, not daring to let any treacherous thoughts enter her mind.

“So you like someone? Why don’t you ask them out? I’m sure they’d say yes.”

Because, she thought briefly, I would.

He scooted his chair closer to hers, determination settling onto his face. “She recently got out of a very serious relationship. Plus she’s one of my best friends and I don’t know how she feels. I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Calm down heart. It might not be you.

What a silly thought that was, she would later reflect on.

“Is it Lisanna?” 

His jaw dropped open slightly in awe, which made her think for a very brief second that she was right and she felt so incredibly heartbroken in that second, more so that when she caught her cheating ex, which surprised her. 

But all thoughts were quickly erased from her mind as he stood abruptly up from his chair and pushed it out of the way, coming up right in front of her, boxing her in by placing his hands on the arm rests on either side of her chair. 

“How do you not know by now, Lucy?” his voiced dropped, now low, almost like a growl. “I thought I couldn’t be any more obvious, especially after the ice princess pointed out how fucking obvious it was.” He reached a hand up and cupped her cheek gently, staring her right in the eyes, and now she could name the emotion in his eyes. She realized she never saw this particular one in her ex’s eyes before, which, for a fraction of a second, made her sad. But she realized she never truly felt it for him before either.

It was love, and she suddenly felt so overwhelmed and really needed a breather right now because, oh god, this was her best friend and what would happen? Would they start dating? Would-

Her mind shut off when she felt rather than saw his lips descend onto hers. It didn’t last very long, it was quick and sloppy, but it clearly conveyed his feelings towards the blond. He pulled away and stepped back from her with a scared look on his face. He couldn’t believe he just did that.

Lucy raised a hand to her lips, heart rate soaring, staring at Natsu with wide eyes.

“Lucy, I don’t-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean..” he trailed off, not quite knowing what to do or say. 

And Lucy, clearly frazzled and not thinking straight, said the first thing that came to mind.

“So I guess it’s not Lisanna then?”