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The Night’s On Fire

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Warnings: Underage drinking, drunken sex.

You feel the bass pounding beneath your feet the moment you step out of the car. The massive house is overflowing with college kids (and brave locals), stumbling around with red cups in hand. You can see strobe lights flashing and smoke from the smoke machines drifting out of the open door and you know that this is not the place you want to spend your night.

“Smile, sweetheart,” one of the brothers slurs as you wait by the door for your roommate, “you’re at a party!”

Before you can retort, one of the more sober brothers working the door shoves him inside. “Sorry about him. He’s a new brother. They’re finally allowed to drink and he’s gotten a little out of control,” he explains. “I was going to ask over or under but because there’s vodka in your cup, I’m assuming over. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.” He holds his hand out for yours and scribbles a circle on the back with a grin. “Enjoy the party.”

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Okay I know you're not really an hc blog but can you do one for all the frat boy mark things that are floating around???

Oh my god yes!! (this actually makes me so happy bc I’m in a sorority)


- They’re not the top house on campus but they rank pretty high and all the sororities like them because they’re funny and cute

- Mark is the president 

- Tyler is VP or like pledge ed (the guy who takes care of/hazes the new recruits)

- But Tyler doesn’t haze bc he believes in the brotherhood and all that sappy stuff

- Ethan is a pledge, of course and he’s just trying to work his way up the line

- They have a mixer with Amy and Katheryn’s sorority

- Mark and Tyler challenge them to a game of beer pong and Mark acts super cocky like “nah you don’t understand we OWN this game”

- but of course Amy and Katheryn crush them


-and of course their chapter would be super philanthropic because Mark loves doing stuff for charity

mbti types commonly used tags

ENFP: #funny #lol #omg #wait #i thought this was a picture of a lizard #but turns out #it’s just a man holding a photograph of his wife #whoops

INFP: #why can’t we just love each other #inspirational #puppies

ENFJ: #this is so important #we all need to read this #powerful

INFJ:#let me just tell you my life story in the tags #when I was a child…


INTP: #ref #interesting #aliens #my theory has been confirmed

ENTJ:  #political stuff #i’m running for president #wait #you shouldn’t know that #oh well #I’d make a great candidate tho

INTJ: #this is why we need to delete the internet #aesthetic

ESFP: #cUTE #ok #but seriously guys #we’re not gonna talk about what happened that night #and who may have #or may not have #been left at a gas station #because I am embarrassed #and scared for my life #fashion

ISFP: #awwwwwww #awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #cute #animals #art

ESTP: #HOT #HOTTT #hHOT #BRO #we should do this

ISTP: #I’m not a spy #i don’t even know #where you would get that idea #lol #government organizations #you shouldn’t know this

ESFJ: #adorable people #friendship #love #food pics #photography

ISFJ: #quotes #inspirational #aww #I exist everywhere and nowhere at once

ESTJ: #money #get rich quick #life goals #important #yes.

ISTJ: #reference #ref #life #adulthood #oh this makes sense now

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*slams fists on table* I NEED MADISON HEADCANONS ASAP

  • don’t even get me started on how nervous he gets around you
    • like he just gets this really really cute smile on his face and thomas just groans because he just knows that james is going to do something really awkward
    • but thomas also smiles a bit when he sees james smile because he is usually so stressed and is just really really tired but then he sees you and it’s all worth it!!
  • thomas just makes a bunch of innuendos around you guys just to see how much he can make the both of you blush collectively 
    • james always blushes more 100% of the time 
  • when james hugs you he is the type of person to give the best hugs ever and he is really really clingy so if you were planning on doing anything else that day then you might have to call in sick for work because he just loves hugging you and holding onto you because he is so aware that someone is there for him and that you’re not leaving anytime soon but he still just wants to make sure because you never know
  • he!!! loves!!! being!!! taken!!! care!!! of!!!
    • and he knows that you will take off more days and tell your boss that you need to take care of him and he just blushes and thanks you
    • but it’s not one sided!! 
    • like he will call thomas if you are sick and just requests the day off and thomas always lets him because thomas ships you guys so much
    • and he will just take care of you all day and night and will just make sure that you stay in bed and that you start to feel somewhat better although it’s not above him to almost take you to the hospital if you are still sick like even if it’s one sneeze he will probably like get the car ready because you aren’t feeling better yet and he doesn’t know what to do
      • you always call thomas and convince him to tell james that it’s just one sneeze, your s/o will be okay
  • he absolutely loves the cold weather although it tends to make him feel worse because he loves just cuddling up with you and reading and drinking coffee and just being a cute couple in general
    • thomas jokes around with you guys by saying that he always would love to join you guys 
    • ‘just to take pictures of the cute couple.’ he claims 
      • definitely not because he wants to be a part of the relationship that you guys have or anything pft
  • james is absolutely horrible at cooking like he set the kitchen on fire several times now but he is great at baking cookies and stuff like that?
  • he also has a secret sweet tooth?? like absolutely loves chocolate and jelly beans and if you get him the chocolate covered jelly beans he will probably cry because of how happy he gets
  • whenever you call him james he just gets really happy because he is called madison all day or vice president and literally anything but his own name
    • the only other person who calls him james is thomas which makes sense since they are both close friends outside of work as well

okay okay so while writing this i got the idea to add this section because i just ship it a lot now, okay?

being in a poly relationship with james madison and thomas jefferson:

  • oh gosh okay so it starts off with you and james dating and thomas is jealous for the first time in his life but he’s not sure of who because he really likes both you and james and he kinda just hints at it a little bit
    • like why do you think he likes making you both blush?? he loves seeing you both flustered and he loves just being near you guys when you are all blushing and awkward and i can just imagine that he accidentally says something that just screams that i like you both one day and all three of you are just blushing a lot and thomas is blushing the most because he pretty much just admitted that he likes both of you a lot 
    • and whenever you call thomas?? he can just feel his heart accelerating immediately and when you are telling him to make james listen to reason, he just sorta feels that he is a part of the relationship already and he does it and he effectively calms james down 
    • and he always offers to come over and make tea for james when he isn’t feeling well and you can’t take off work or miss anymore school and james always accepts but is nervous about getting thomas sick as well
    • and then you come home just to see thomas making mac and cheese for you three and wow you know it isn’t half bad like this man can actually cook
  • and james is the one to start falłing in love with thomas as well because i mean they have been best friends for so long but with you around things have changed between them and they both just act like they haven’t noticed but they have
    • so with your permission they ask if they can start dating as well and if you would be cool with that and if you are them it’s kinda like james is in the middle of you two 
    • and of course james notices that thomas gets all blushy around you and that whenever they talk about you he just lights up and goes into this rant of how amazing you are before trailing off at the end
    • it takes a lot of convincing to get homes to confess his feelings to you because james has been with you for so long and don’t think he misses the way you look at thomas as well and how you go out of your way to ask thomas to move in with you since james is too shy to do it himself but it seems like you really want him there as well
      • thomas does it and you just sorta smile and nod and accept it because he is putting his feelings on the line here because you get nothing if you wait for it
  • you guys are such a cute couple though like now it’s thomas always cooking either mac and cheese or french dishes or something because james can’t cook to save his life and you always offer to help out with cooking or baking
  • if one is sick then it’s likely the others will get sick from spending time with each other all day when they are sick because everyone makes it their duty to take care of one another
  • thomas is always singing a song in the morning while he is making breakfast so it is likely that you and james will have that same song stuck in your head the entire day
    • thomas just always smirks a bit when he hears you guys humming the song a bit 

thank you anon <33 we’re still new so please don’t be too harsh! :)
i kinda strayed from the original idea and it’s more what kind of person they are but aah i hope you still enjoy!

S. Coups

  • nice jock 100% that wants a girlfriend/boyfriend so they can take cute couple selfies and do couple things
  • doesn’t know how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • picks up rubbish on the floor and puts it in the trash

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  • two things he always takes with him are a burnbook he made in middle school and a skateboard but he doesn’t know how to skate
  • dodgy guy with a dodgy smile they’re right he’s probably a swindler
  • washes his hair at school and has shedding season

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  • lots of friends, class president, popular
  • resident nice kid you can talk to him about stuff, ask for inconvenient favours and he gives himself up to help others LET HIM REST
  • but lowkey the guy that goes home watches anime for healing time

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  • was actually a really modest, cute and shy guy but now he’s a Greaseball and you can’t get away from his flirtying
  • had a glow up and now he is a Man fuckboi. he watches porn
  • thinks overused sex jokes are funny and clever until he graduates

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  • goofball and fun loving guy that wants to have a pizza party with the whole school like chill
  • loud and distracting but teachers love him anyway
  • lowkey actually a really hardworking student

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  • does well in everything, everyone hates him because of this
  • the guy you don’t think much about but then that one time he said something really mind blowing
  • likes to hang out in a tightknit group

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  • manly man babyface short cutie
  • looks pissed 24/7, is pissed 24/7
  • good work ethic, teaches the teacher, actually a stress bug that needs a hug and a self esteem boost

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  • class clown, probably friends with Hoshi and they just hang out and be happy together
  • when he gets sad he smiles and laughs
  • would question his sanity based on how much he is smiling but he’s just trying to hide his tru emotions because he doesn’t want others to worry

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  • brings his pet dog to school and gets sent home
  • resident good looking Cute Boy mega hottie, doesn’t know it until someone tells him
  • tries to pull off the whole ‘i can b ur boyFriend’ player concept but doesn’t working because he’s too pure

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  • quiet cool kid minghao by day, clapback god thughao by night
  • brings his friends chocolates on valentines day so everyone feels special
  • people like talking to him because he’s a good listener and keeps secrets

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  • drama queen and cries on a daily basis. it’s a schedule. don’t deny
  • friends with all the girls and likes to gossip with strangers but it’s lighthearted
  • comic relief in awkward class fights

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  • does that thing where you snake your headphones through your sleeve and listens to music in class
  • always on his phone and walks really slowly
  • you would think he smokes weed

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  • develops crushes on upperclassmen and tries to impress them with his dance moves this boy is slick but baby faced
  • stubborn and gets salty when there is conflict in group work
  • he’s probably as typical as vague typical pubescent teenage boys get

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mod kimchi ☆

The Waste of A Wish | Chapter 11


YUMA’S EYES are sparkling nonstop since he has stepped at the school grounds. He could feel that there are a lot of hidden gems in that place. Finally, his dream to invade NHG is being materialized.

“I wonder if I can see them here.” He murmured at himself while looking around. He looks like a cute shonen in his earthly paradise. Yuma looked at Natsu who is busy acting as the tour guide. A smile of excitement curved up the searcher’s lips.

“This one is here. There’s a big chance that they are here as well.” His fists even clenched in great excitement. “You guys are doing well, right?”

While Yuma is in the peak of his excitement, a certain group is in the verge of breaking down due to stress.

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Where does the nickname Loulou microbe come from? If I may ask :)

Hello Anon! Good question and thanks for ask it !

I know that the nickname “microbe” came from our former prime minister : Manuel valls, who used to nickname our dear Emmanuel macron like that when he was his minister of economy.

But “loulou” i don’t really know where it come from exatly, someone on tumblr must have create it but i don’t know who (if someone know, share with us!). But i think it make referance of the child side of our new president who is completly childlish, and this make him very cute.

Anyway hope the answer will satisfy you, and i hope my english is not so bad! If you guys have any other question french or english, don’t hesitate!

[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - Jin Thanks To

Our family, mom, dad, hyung, Jjanggu, I love you so much

Our members, Monie, Suga, Hobi, Jiminie, Taehyungie, Jungkookie, Seokjin loves you guys a lot.

Kawaii-ly cute Bang PD-nim, vice-president Choi Yoojung who is strong as well today, directorKim Shinkyu who is so lovely to me, my soul friend - director Yoon Seokjoon - who was mistakenly left out last time heoheoheoheoheoheoheo director Lee Hyuk, director Chaeeun who’s always energetic, I’m always thankful.

And our Hyukki-hyung, Jaehoonie-hyung, Eunjung-nim, Eunsang-nim, always thank you very very much.
Bighit’s idols, Hobeomie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Soonhakie, Kwangtaek-nim, let’s have a dinner among idols after this album’s over!!
Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-nim, Gabriel-hyungnim who make our handsome faces even more handsome, I always love you.
Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-nim, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim who are working hard to recruit newbies, I hope you would work a little bit less hard. Hahahahahaha
Pdogg PD-nim who made my song become so stunning this time, Dohyungie-hyung, Sangsangie, Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoung-nim, I hope you win the lottery.
CC team who always makes my sorrow go away, Woojung-nuna, Surin-noona, Hyunji-nim, Bunhong-nim, cheer up. I’ll treat you later, even if it’s just chicken.
Our Heesoon-hyungnim who got dark circles from working too much, Hayan-noona, Jinah-noona, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim
Fan Marketing team’s legend Seulie-noona, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-nim, fighting. I will fill your fridge right away when I’m successful.
PR Communication team, Seolhee-noona who always have to go through a lot, cheer up.
The legend in the hair world - Head of Department Naejoo, Jinyoungie-hyung, makeup’s legend - Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim
Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim who prepared beautiful outfits for us.

Bangtan’s professional MV team, director Lumpens, director GDW, Hyunwoo-hyungnim!
And (..)*! I love you
And teacher Sungdeuk, teacher Seongeun, teacher Narae, teacher Sungpil, teacher Byungho, Gaheonie, our lesson is still to be continued. Hoohoo
And my friends who always stay beside and look after me, Gunhwanie, Hyunbinie, Geunho, Jinwoo-hyung, Joonwo-hyung, thank you
Ken-ie, Sandeulie, Minhyukie-hyung, Seunghyubie who made be not bored in the celebrity world, I’m glad I have you guys ㅠㅠ


I love you ❤ 

*the phrasing is a little weird here, will edit later when I figure out

Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook

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Sarah, did you ever read Komatta Toki ni Wa Hoshi Ni Kike? Its super cute and light hearted series about this two guys who dislike each other at the beginning, but ended up becoming bestfriend who have no boundary with each other (everyone around them just accept they're probably dating lol) and the friendship and family theme is big because they live at the school dorm (i kinda worship the president lol)

Komatta Toki ni Wa Hoshi Ni Kike

Ohh! I haven’t read it actually, but it sounds adorable!! Will definitely take a look when I get the chance <3 Thanks so much for the rec, love!



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imagine the football fandom in twenty years on tumblr

“oh my god why did raul benched leo torres?!” - “he is the national coach, he should know what he’s doing.” - “yeah..he should.”

"holy shit miro is so good looking as national coach!” - “i knoooow dude, just look at him!”

“for gods sake sergio, stop takling down our opponents!”

“red card for ramos. what a surprise.”

“the klose twins scored again and celebrated their goals with a somersault!”

“oh my god, cris is looking so good, like his father.” - “yeah but his father will always be hotter.”

“did manuel neuer’s son just scored a goal? as a goalkeeper? with running trough the whole field?!” - “yeah..yeah he did.”

“and benzemas son scored, finally YEEES YES YES- it was offside. of course it was offside. damn.”

“martín is as good as his father in goal, i think we have a new saint.” - “saint martín.”

“oh my gooooooooooood guys, did you see this defending from julian lahm ?!” - “yeah, like his father..good old times.”

“robbens son plays so selfish sometimes, and all this diving, i could kill hi- oh god what a goal i love you so much baby, i take everything i said back please do more of this goals against the bvb like your father!”

“pizarros son have so much class.” - “yeah but he never wil be as classy as pizza.” - “i miss him” - “too”


“transfer window is killing me” - “some things never change”

“oh my god bastis son had his debut today and he played so good and he was so perfect and he’s already the boss and he will be as great as his father oh my god.” - “nobody will be as great as basti.”

“YES YES YES we get john terrys son you all can go home we will run this shit”


“still crying over selling di maria in 2014” - “oh god don’t remind me of this shitty transfer”

“if alonso isn’t going to let javi martinez’s son play in midfield instead of defense WE REALLY HAVE TO TALK”

“gutis son aitor has been spotted drunk in a nigt club last night” - “like his father..god i miss guti”

“müllers son is saying so much shit in his interviews i love him” - “yeah like his father last week as he said that bayern will buy the whole squad of fc barcelona” - “god, how did schweinsteiger come up with the crazy idea to let thomas müller be the press speaker?” - “don’t know but he’s the president”


“but guys did you saw the pictures from oliver girouds fotoshooting?” “hell yes, i still want to marry him”

“basti could you please stop buying all these bvb players thank you”

“benzemas son doesn’t have furniture in his house neither just look at his last selfie he posted on facebook..” - “like father, like son.”

“oh yeah of course i mean, who needs denfense, this is totally overrated, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MILAN PIQUE!!!”

“we lost javi martinez’s son in the camp nou..” - “oh god not again”

“have you seen the last götzeus selfies guys aw marco and mario are so cute” - “even if they’re already over 30”

“these new bromances will never be as cool as schweinski, seriker, sernando, rönaldö, gerlonso, götzeus and co” - “yeah fuck this new shit i mean, what the hell is "torraldo”?!“ - "torres and ronaldos sons” - “oh god”

“sergio and his girlfriend finally broke up!!!” - “yeeees”

“real madrid announced that her new president will be iker casillas” - “god is real yesss *fangirling over iker²²²²²²²²²* ”

“julian lahm announced his retirment from international football” - “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME”

“greek just won the world cup” - “..wait what?”

“shit guys just watch this gif of cris oh my god his eyes, his smile, his body, his style of playing football oh my god i’m dyin” - “you mean old or young cris?”

“aww we have a new confused spaniard in munich! what was his name again?” - “javi martinez junior”

“HAHAHAHA just read that cristiano ronaldo jr is going to barcelona HAHAHAHA marca this was a really good joke”

gwiyomi | maknae line

maknae line drabble where you don’t usually show them aegyo, but this time you do - and they’re freaking out big time over how cute you are

enjoy xx

i’m actually trying to imagine the hyung line in this situation lmao

“oh my god, (Y/N) you did not just - you did not just do that!?”

“what did i do, jimin-oppa?” this time you make sure to make your eyes even rounder and your voice even more baby-ish, accenting the ‘oppa’ at the end.

“there is no way this is happening. you cannot be cuter than me,” taehyung stares at you as if you’re an exotic, unknown species of human.

you blink at the trio in front of you with eyes looking as bewildered as theirs and they groan while shaking their heads in disbelief. this was the first time you had displayed aegyo for them in years, something that they had always been bugging you to do but their wish had never been rewarded till they were least expecting it - in the middle of their video game.

“it’s impossible…” jungkook mutters under his breath before reaching out to pinch your cheeks, to which you shy away from ever so adorably. “this is not the (Y/N) we know. it’s an imposter!”

of course, having the maknae line as your squad since diaper days, they were very familiar with your practical, more serious behaviour and the main event today had struck the living daylights out of them.

“(Y/N),” jimin beckons gently as if he’s attending to a child. “do that again?”

you pout at him for a second, your cherry-red lips pursing ever so slightly and right then and there, you decide that the boys have had enough of a treat for today and it’s time for you to snap out of aegyo-mode. “nah, i’m gonna get a soda. y’all want some?”

you get up from your crouching position on the floor with the boys and head to the kitchen when their murmurs start again.

“wait, what the hell? did she just switch back to her normal self?”

“b-but i wanted more of aegyo-(Y/N)…she’s better than hobi-hyung!”

“we need to bring her to the police. it’s not legal for someone to be that cute!”

“more like bring her to a scientist. it doesn’t make sense for (Y/N) to be cuter than me!”

“okay, now does anyone of us have ideas on how to get (Y/N) to show us more aegyo? i mean, she just did out of nowhere it can’t be that hard…”

“anything, god i’ll do ANYTHING,”

“hey maybe, we could set up a (Y/N)-AEGYO-FANCLUB? i’ll be the president!”

“guys, you all aren’t seriously still talking about that, are you?”

Drive! (4)

Chapter 4

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Time to introduce a new character! I hope you guys take a liking to the newest addition to the series!)

Biker AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Chapter List

Plot Summary: You and Poe have been together for a while now, and Finn and Rey are more invested in your relationship than ever. However, when Poe’s ‘friend’ comes into the mix, is it going to work out between you and him? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to meet face-to-face.

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“Finn, it’s your turn to do the dishes.” You called, looking for your brush to tame the beast that is your messy bed-head.

“I don’t live here!” He called back, stretching as he walked into the living room.

“Yes you do. You’ve practically lived here for a month, you have your own place.” Rey replied, tying her hair up into her signature buns.

Finn scratched the back of his neck. “Well, my place doesn’t have my friends there!”

“What’s the real reason, big deal?” You crossed your arms, as Finn sighed.

“Okay, the wifi sucks there. I’ll do the dishes, but only if you do breakfast and Rey cleans off the table.” 

“Deal.” The three of you high-fived, filing into the kitchen to prepare for the day.

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Basically I’ve read a lot of these and i absolutely LOVE them so i thought i’d try it out. It’s my first time doing something like this soooo bear with me if it’s terrible, people

  • Okay so I see the boys as that really close squad that’s always doing something
  • Like they’re all  furiously determined to feel alive and they have this list of stuff they want to do before graduating and adventures they want to go on
  • So they’re always out and about and you’re always hearing about the new shit they pulled that got them in trouble aGAIN because these boys are incapable of not getting caught
  • But they don’t really give a fuck tbh as long as they’re in trouble together they’re alright
  • Anyway sO IN CLASS
  • Namjoon is the guy that doesn’t really do much studying, and who’s always distracted in class, chatting w/Hobi or asking deep philosophical questions in the middle of math class or some shit, but he has amazing-ass grades anyway bc he’S SO FUCKING SMART
  • But he’s not even smug about it and he’s always down to help anyone who need tutoring bc he’s an adorable lil bean even though people are intimidated by him for some reason
  • and he goes from dimples smart fluff baby with purple hair
  • to walking talking daddy kink in sexual situations
  • kim namjoon has a daddy kink dONT FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • Jin would be the type that’s super well behaved in class
  • Never chatting, never distracted, always trying his best and doing his homework 
  • And he doesn’t get the best grades but his record is squeaky clean
  • basically jin is an adorable princess trying vERY hard to take care of his boys
  • he makes sure no one goes too overboard with the pranks and adventures
  • and that they all eat well and stuff
  • and he probably kinda forgets about himself sometimes because those boys are his best friends and he’s always putting them before him
  • “yo seokjin did you do the science homework?”
  • Most of the time the whole squad has the exact same answers in homework
  • I think we can all guess why
  • Except Jungkook
  • Because let’s be real, our golden maknae would do his own
  • Like he’d have perfect grades and be super involved in extracurriculars and probably be class president or something
  • And whenever they do pranks and stuff he’d be the only one not getting caught because he really cares about his record
  • and let’s be real here, everybody knows he’s as involved as the others
  • But no one ever manages to prove it
  • and it drives the school principal insane 
  • Also he’s a human meme
  • like if you’re friends he’d be the kinda guy to spam you with rare pepes at 3AM without context
  • But at the same time there’s the Kookie/Jeon Jungkook contrast
  • Kookie being all cute and goofy and bunny smile
  • and then you’re walking by the fields after school and there you have jeon jungkook all sWEATY AND FIRE IN HIS EYES AND MUSCLES
  • was that panties dropping i heard
  • i think it was
  • Tae and Jimin would be impossible
  • Always pulling jokes and pranks on everyone and being lil shits
  • They’re basically the Weasley twins of this shit like M A N
  • (Hobi being Lee Jordan obv)
  • Don’t get me wrong, they’re not disrespectful
  • Like ever
  • Their jokes are always good-natured and never close to bullying or like making fun of their teachers
  • and teachers can’t help but love them bc they may not have the greatest grades or record they’re jUST SO SWEET
  • and if Tae and Jimin do something they’ll have to act all angry but they’d be trying sO HARD NOT TO LAUGH
  • Babies i swear to god
  • Jimin would be the type of guy to be terrified of rollercoasters
  • like t e r r i f i e d
  • but as soon as he’s on it he’s all adorable laugh and crinkley happy eyes and arms up and shouting bc he’s having so much fun
  • he’s v v insecure even though he doesn’t show it, and he gets a lot of confidence from being friends with the boys
  • and tae knows it which is why he’s always making sure bb doesn’t feel alone
  • get him enough alcohol though, and he’s all Perfect Man Performance!Jimin
  • This guy has an endless amount of sex appeal
  • like he knows it, people tell him, but he’s not fully aware or confident in that
  • he’d act all flirty and sexy with you but right after he’d be having a break down
  • “tae omfg i was so creepy she probs hates me now”
  • “jimin, she’s more likely to be changing her underwear bc you were too hot, calm down”
  • We all know how he is
  • boxy smile one second
  • sex on a stick the next
  • they’re all like that technically, but ya know
  • kim taehyung is adorable, and he’d do anything for his friends
  • like he’s always ready to lend a hand or to listen to whatever they need to talk about
  • He would be the type of friend that never judges you bc he loves unconditionally
  • and he’s so comfy and cute and sweet and rlly rlly outgoing and confident
  • like if you join the squad it’s probably thx to him
  • but he’d be in class some day and trying real hard to focus bc he really needs a good grade this time
  • And you’d poke his arm bc you need to ask him something
  • and he’d look up with a frown and his tongue poking out of his mouth and serious eyes
  • panties dropping part.2
  • To me, Yoongi would really be kinda like a switch
  • He’s either really cold and sarcastic and forever done with humanity or a smol ball of sunshine and gummy smile and fun colored hair
  • Either “aight wake me up when class is over” or “tae i swear to god if you make one more joke im choking you with my own hands i’M TRYING TO COMPOSE HERE”
  • Either “wait we had homework?” or “don’t talk to me i stayed up all night to finish this”
  • Like if he’s passionate about something he’ll work his ass off to succeed in it
  • But if he’s not it’s no use to try and get him into it
  • And he likes to act like he doesn’t care about anything, bc he has lots of issues expressing his emotions out of music
  • So he’d be the type to do something rlly cute like dropping by your place with hot chocolate when he knows you’re stressed af bc of school
  • but brush it of like “pff no i was just passing by and the barista gave me an extra drink by accident so i thought i’d get rid of it, i don’t care, i wouldn’t do something like this what are you talking about”
  • “yoongi you live across town and your coffee shop is five minutes away from your house”
  • “shut the fuck up and drink (y/n)”
  • Okay hear me out, jung hoseok is a ray of sunshine
  • actually, scratch that, jung hoseok iS THE FUCKING SUN
  • Like the room litterally lights up whenever he walks in
  • And everybody loves him
  • By everybody, I mean everybody, babies, animals, parents, teachers, old people E V E R Y B O D Y
  • He’s kinda like tae and jimin in class, but more energetic and with better grades
  • Also forever participating
  • He may not be great in the written area but he always goes all out for oral exams with theatracality (idek how to write this word) and it’s always super fun and well done so everyone’s always looking forward to it
  • Hobi is always happy
  • Actually he’s not but he hates when anyone sees him not being okay
  • So no one ever saw him get angry or cry and stuff
  • except for that one time he caught some asshole trying to bully jimin
  • and let me tell you all sHIT WENT DOWN
  • like he got all cold and steel eyes and clenched fists and steady voice and menacing stance and you never saw someone run away so fast in your entire life
  • but 0.1 seconds after he was smiling his sunshine smile at jimin, checking he was okay and proceeding to cheer him up
  • “oh hey hyung, how you doin’”
  • Anyway but for some reason everyone seems to be super intimidated by them
  • It’s probably bc everybody knows about their adventures and all the shit they seem to get into, and the fact that they seem so alive and untouchable and close knit and cool
  • But they think they’re rebel bad boys and stuff
  • And you’re new, and after talking to him during a free period one day, Tae invites you to eat lunch with them, and you guys are outside on a patch of grass and Hobi and Jimin are throwing food at each other, and Tae is trying to see how much pieces of corn he can put in Yoongi’s hair before he wakes up, and trying to bribe Kookie into joining him, and Jin is kinda looking over it all while slurping his ramyeon  with a wide smile and you’re just sitting there with Joonie and you’re just like “aren’t you guys supposed to be bad news or something?” and he looks at you like you’re crazy and just “have you sEEN THESE DORKS, THEY COULDN’T BE DANGEROUS EVEN IF THEY TRIED”
  • Unless someone messes with someone they care about
  • In which case they’ll probably disapear from the face of earth without any proof that the boys had anything to do with it


2PM’s girlfriend visits the groups practice with food and they are trying to boast to the others

Here ya go,  myromeo4ever! Sorry if its not what you expected…


“Yep, thats my girl, guys. You all should be jealous! Salanghae (Y/N)!”


“WOAH! Isn’t my girlfriend great guys?”


“Isn’t my jagi, awesome? She is sooooo cute” *can’t stop smiling and talking about you even after you leave*


“HA! Did you guys see that? Does your girlfriend ever do that? Oh wait! You guys don’t have an awesome girlfriend like I do!”


*brags about you to his members, manager, neighbor, mum, dad, siblings, prime minister, president, Kim Jong Un, Obama…* #happychansung


WY: I still can’t believe what a great and caring girlfriend I have! She even brought visited us with some fo-”

T: “That was two weeks ago Wooyoung! Can you stop talking about it!?”


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Hey Carrie, I need some cheering up. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer today and I dont know how to deal with it. I'm so scared. I know she'll be okay, but part of me keeps kind of whispering "but what if she's not". If you have time, please could you write me something funny with Sterek? I love your writing and it always makes me feel better when I'm down. Thank you x

[I’m sorry to hear about your mom! I know it’s a scary time, but there are a lot of great treatment options out there. I hope everything works out okay for you guys. Have some fluff, I hope you feel better]

Derek doesn’t mind his job in the movie theater much. It’s not very labor intensive, and he always can catch the newest films for free. Laura always makes fun of him for being a huge nerd, but Derek doesn’t really care about social standing at school. Plus he gets a certain amount of pleasure in evicting rude guests, and he has a knack for spotting people who are theater-hopping. As a high school student, there are a lot of slim pickings for jobs, so Derek can’t really complain. 

Derek’s seen a lot of weird things in his year at the theater; a guy once snuck in three trays of food from Panda Express and started to eat (loudly and annoyingly) during a James Bond feature, couples attempting various sexual escapades, a kid who demanded to know where the 4D movies were…

But this is probably the strangest.

“Uh…are you okay?" 

The theater is empty, save for one guy in the middle of the theater, crying loudly into his popcorn. 

The loud, strangled sobs stop, and the guy turns around. Derek recognizes him from school: Stiles Stilinski, hangs out with the popular crowd like homecoming king Scott McCall and class president Lydia Martin. He’s on the lacrosse team, and definitely one of the cool kids. 

"No,” Stiles says. There are streaks of tears running down his face. He’s kind of an ugly crier. He does have a cute face, though. Not that Derek is noticing, nope.

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Never never never never never

You guys need to find a better person to follow because this acc was just for rubbish but THANK YOU! YOU DA BEST

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So I'm a little new to the ham fandom, and I need tips on how to still enjoy the characters in the musical while knowing that the founding fathers were shit irl because I love them so much, in the musical.

  • tip #1: It’s Not That Deep. people get incredibly stressed about hamilton (aaaaand history in general) because everyone is problematic™. the bad news? they don’t stop being problematic if you like them enough. the good news? everyone knows they’re problematic. you don’t have to defend yourself if you say “i love madison”. you probably don’t love former president james madison. you love the cute shy guy with okieriete onaodowan’s face that hangs out with jefferson like Best Buds. everyone (or at least, the vast, vast majority of hamilfans) already know this. they’re not gonna come into your askbox and yell how dare you james madison was a slave owner how can you love him. do i love jefferson as a character? yes. do i complain to my boyfriend every time thomas jefferson crops up in my politics, philosophy and history classes? also yes. seriously it’s a problem he won’t leave me alone he comes up in all my classes please help
  • tip #2: They’re Kinda Fictional Characters. yes, hamilton is based on the real life of alexander hamilton, but it also has a warped narrative to the point where they might as well be fictional characters. the show presents us with very biased outlooks on characters to establish protagonists, antagonists, climaxes and plot twists. therefore, for the sake of the show, eliza is portrayed as someone pure and kind and lovable. they don’t constantly bring up that she grew up with slaves, or that she wasn’t much of a social justice supporter. she was what the plot needed her to be. every character is. back to jefferson, he’s a slave owner, he’s an asshole, he’s in love with france — he’s not portrayed as an elegant writer or a legit founder of modern democracy. he’s not the guy that negotiated with britain to avoid a war, he’s the guy that avoided fighting in it like a coward. warped narratives. it happens.
  • tip #3: history is about celebrating the good and mourning the bad. if you understand this, and if you understand that no person will ever fit on the binary of “morally upstanding” or “morally abhorrent”, you don’t really need tips on how to, as you put it, enjoy the characters in the musical while knowing that the founding fathers were shit irl. you get it. obviously, some people lean towards “morally upstanding” and some people towards “abhorrent”, but these people are people. they’re like celebrities. was chris pratt a good person for disliking jennifer lawrence’s culturally insensitive story, or was he a bad person for not openly speaking against it? that’s your choice. these guys are just celebrities that are too dead to call out on twitter with a hashtag. it gets u nowhere treating them like gods, or like demons. don’t forgive these guys for their sins because you like their song in the show, but don’t throw them under the bus, either.

like i said at the beginning: It’s Not That Deep. enjoy the musical <3

The presidential elections are happening today for my friends in the u.s. You guys are always welcome to live under my bed or in my closet if you feel uncomfortable about whoever gets the presidency throne loll CANADA IS YOUR BFF , WE LOVE YOU GUYS 💗💗💗💗

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The Activities Fair

Dean glanced through the lounge that connected the two freshman dorm hallways, and sighed longingly as the group on the east hall whooped and hollered and laughed.  On the west hall, his RA was a nervous sophomore who kept asking if everyone was okay with the rules they had to follow.  Like, did it matter if they were okay with them if they had to follow them anyway?

Chuck looked at his clipboard again.  “Okay, well, we’ve about covered everything.  Don’t forget our hall will meet up with the Orientation Aide tomorrow at 9:00am.  The rest of today you can explore campus and buy your books if you already know what classes you’re taking.  I’m here if you have questions about meal plans or you need help using the class registration system.  Oh!  The activities fair is this afternoon starting at 1:00.  I really advise you all go to it.  Clubs and intramural sports are where you’ll find most of your friends here.  Not that your hallmates won’t be your friends.  I mean, you don’t have to be friends with your hallmates.  It’s a not a bad thing, but…”

Chuck continued to ramble awkwardly and Dean tuned him out.  It was his second day at school, and the first without his family.  They had moved him into his dorm room the previous day and they’d met his randomly assigned roommate, Cole.  He seemed a little intense, but they’d probably get along.  Probably.  Unless the guy turned out to be a total asshat.  It was too early to tell.

What Dean was focused on, to the point of almost vibrating out of his skin, was that here—over a thousand miles away from Lawrence at a university that none of his high school classmates were attending (he checked)—he would be free to be…“himself.”

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