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Hey,, I never thought I would have to do this but i need help. I’m a 17 year old trans man moving out of my abusive home on August 4th and I have no funds to my name and I’m staying with a friend currently but I found a cheap apartment I can stay at with a room mate but I need help.. If anyone can donate to on paypal or commission me PLEASE do.. Even a dollar can help immensely and if you cant donate please reblog and boost it please. Thank you to ANYONE who can donate




You can either submit your own writing or write an ask for me to either write about or to expand on or you can even tag my url (@txhohood) in your work!!

You may write about whomever you’d like!!

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run/walk discourse

My best friend and I’ve been arguing about this and its been irking me for a while. So here’s the dilemma.

  • I am saying that if you run through the rain, when it’s pouring outside, that you will get LESS wet.

  • But she says that if you walk you would get LESS wet, because less drops of water are going on you, and that if you run, you’ll have more drops on you and that would make you more wet.
  • Now, I would love your opinions on this subject. Who do you think is correct?

listen you guys dont understand how overwhelming it is to see a predominantly black cast in a movie that isn’t involving slavery. how absolutely thrilling it is to know that a kid is going to see black panther and realize that heroes can look just like them. it is an experience that many of us were deprived of as children and i can almost feel a sense of my childhood coming back thinking about how i always wanted someone that could represent my culture and having that now is something i can’t quite put into words.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any good DJWifi centric fics?

check out this fic tag cuz most of it features oneshots, and links to stories focusing/ including them heavily  seriously go through it you’ll find find some killer oneshots and fic links)

other recs 

and some random ones i don’t think i’ve reblogged/ i can remember at the top of my head

Now, All I see is You (2 oneshots, slowburn-ish,  it fluff with music being the theme. not sure if they’re gonna continue it but boy its so cute A++ on that)

Chatoyant  by @marshmallohno (first two chapters focuses on them. A++ interactions/dynamic)


A Night on the Town by @krzed ( oneshot, Christmas fic with incredibly miraculous presents, hella good , nsfw-ish but not really its mostly just mentions stuff

Honest proposal ( its a short one-shot but its funny and sweet)

Akuma Victums’ club ( not specifically about them but the interactions between themselves and the other classmates is really great and it warms my heart)

fragile ones by @sadrien (im still crying from this one, akuma victim flashbacks and they comfort eachother )

Frozen first dates by @siderealscribblings (well..the title says it all. one-shot and its frickin adorable) 

Snowball fight by @insanitysscribblings (again the title says it all. its a oneshot and its cute as hell)

Knighted  by@thelastpilot (princess and royal guard au!! multi-fic, in process to bro)


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Bill, can you shapeshift into Wendy and disguise your eyes and voice, make out with Pinetree and in the morning show him it's you?

please never come into my ask box with bill///dip ever again its gross and i hate it k thx