you guys dont get it this makes me feel bad

Body Positivity; Yuta

Request: Hello ^_^. So I wanted to request Yuta for the body positivity thing. I actually loved the one from winwin and eventually started crying. I’m not very positive about my body and these make me feel better so yeah.. thank you :3💕

  • ahh im glad this series is still getting requests
  • and mostly im glad that they’re able to make yall feel better about yourselves
  • reminder that i love you all and you all are wonderful the way you are
  • check out my masterlist for the other body positivity posts for winwin, jaehyun, ten, johnny, hansol & mark!
  • time for this mountain man
  • let’s go

  • feeling insecure??

  • not under yuta’s care
  • because this man would love EVERY single part of your body and features
  • and he’s not hesitant at all to show it to you through his actions
  • and words
  • he wants to make sure you see how beautiful you are in his eyes,
  • and it hurts him to know that you think otherwise
  • his hands!!
  • are always on you,
  • like literally, a l w a y s
  • one moment his running his hands down your waist and hips
  • then wrapping his arms around you
  • combing your hair
  • caressing your cheeks & back
  • he loves to show you that he’s in love with you!!
  • but when days get a little tougher and you feel even more worst
  • fret not, he’ll give you the sweetest compliments ever
  • this guy is good at his words
  • and they never fail to make you blush and feel better
  • “too bad you cant see how beautiful you are, every single day i see you but i still get stunned by your beauty, how is that possible?”
  • “i never say this but, you’re way too gorgeous for me to handle, even someone as goodlooking as myself cant handle it, dont you see how beautiful you are?”
  • “i’ll do anything to make you happy and im here to assure you that there’s nothing wrong, trust me”
  • then he flashes you that big smile of his
  • and pecks you on the lips
  • then cheeks
  • then down to your neck
  • he kisses you everywhere
  • because once again, he wants you to know he’s sincere in saying all that and that he means it
  • he loves you so much he brags about you A LOT
  • isn’t afraid to show you off to the public
  • probably has his hands wrapped tightly around you and would have a big grin on his face
  • “my baby’s looking good like always”
  • “isn’t my girlfriend pretty?”
  • “ahhh how cute random kiss
  • and to the members,
  • he blushes every time they mention about you
  • and he gets all excited because he loves you that much
  • can you believe, he gets even more excited than when he sees winwin
  • would post pictures of you online
  • with captions;:
  • “my heart cant take this amount of gorgeousness”
  • “what did i do to deserve such a queen”
  • and he also loves posting pictures of both of you, mainly him holding you in his arms
  • “if only i could give her everything in this world, she deserves it”
  • “every single time i look into her eyes i still get lost”
  • wakes you up every morning with his his sweet words
  • loves calling you his queen, baby, princess & babe
  • he’s just so in love with you anyone could see that
  • he wants you to be happy, not just with him but with yourself and how you look
  • so he’s always consistently putting in effort to prove that to you
  • he doesnt care about what others think of you or the both of you
  • what matters most is that you’re contented with yourself and your body
  • and he’d be the happiest man alive!!
  • the sweetest man loves you

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hey guys can you please not make triggered jokes to me

Ok i have to talk about what a feeling again bc ive been listening to it on repeat and this song, everything in this song is perfect. Their voices collectively is the most beautiful sound, their solo parts are so soft, the melody of the entire song is so gorgeous, louis voice in this always gives me fucking chills same with harrys and when you listen to them in the chorus you can hear both of them so well and its just so beautiful and then i havent even mentioned the lyrics yet

dont get me wrong, i LOVE to make friends and i really really wanna be friends with you guys. but if you’re just trying to be my friend because im a popular blog/artist thats….really shitty n makes me feel really bad n used lmfao so…dont perhaps?

can i tag you?

i really kinda wanna tag you guys in things i made (edits, moodboards, aesthetics, poems etc) but i never know exactly who to tag? like idk who would be interested, so reblog this please if youre okay with it so i can always tag you in my things :)

(feel free to reblog this if it applies to you, so you can also tag the other people who reblog this in your creations, including me)

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Don't feel bad. You didn't ask for this guys attention and you certainly didn't ask for anyone to send them negative comments, or send anyone to instigate a fight. I'm really sorry that this happened though and that you ended up in the center of it. As far as I can tell, you're a good-hearted person and you'll get through this. It's a fad on the internet, everyone will have forgotten it by next week. Just gotta breathe.

Thank you, that makes me feel a little bit better about this whole thing, i really hope youre right and that everyone will just forget this whole thing. Ive been stressing over this for far too long, now im tired of it

My Commentary on Be More Chill Soundtrack

Note: all I knew about it was there was some sci-fi and that there’s a song called Michael in the Bathroom that’s really good.

More Than Survive:

-This Jeremy kid, I relate to him too much.

-A play within a musical? Hahaha, like that hasn’t been done before.

-This Michael kid is cool.

-I love Jeremy’s voice, he sounds like an authentic high school kid.

-This song is so good, I’ll probably listen to it 24/7 now.

I Love Play Rehearsal:

-K, I soooooooo relate to this.

-Too much for my own good.

-But who the hell is this?

(@astro-princey: “Christine” “oh the one Jeremy is into. Alright.”)

-But this song. It’s just me. Always.

The Squip Song:

-Oh my god, the instrumentals are so good in these songs



-Oh god, sexting and small penises?

-Where the hell is this even going?

-Squip = drugs


-Oh is there where the sci-fi is kicking in?

-Yeah, I’m liking this.

Two-Player Game:
-They’re playing video games? Sweet.

-Oh this is the “We Are Best Friends” Song

-Hahaha, I’m still loving this Michael kid

-Makes me want to go to college

-Oh they are Sophomores? Or Juniors?

-Makes me want a best friend

-Aw, Michael is Jeremy’s fav? Adorable.

-Realistic Friendships 101

-sick harmonies bro

The Squip Enters:

-What the fuck is going on?????


Be More Chill Pt.1


-phhhht masterbater


-or geeks, whatever

-aw, poor Jeremy

-The squip is cool I guess

-his reactions are funny

-voice is fun too

-Oh my god it’s a anxiety manifestation kill meeeee

-Oh god, lying story HERE WE GO AGAIN

Do You Wanna Ride:

-oh no


-This song is fun tho


-I love the jazzy feel


Be More Chill Pt.2

-Awwwwwww, poor Jeremy!!!!!





More Than Survive Reprise:

-And here I thought this was going to be about a play within a musical kind of deal


-Also push-ups are my worst enemies

-Ugh “swagger”

The Guy I’d Kinda Be Into:

-Just by the title I know what this song is gonna be about



-Oooooh, I see

-How selfish of Christine geez

-uggggghhhhhh here we gooooo

-not relating to people your age? What? Are you into older guys or something?

-oh god puberty

-am I supposed to like this chick? I can’t tell



-The title is worrying me

-Oh wait this girl is playing a big role in this show??

-wasn’t expecting that


-ARE THEY??????????

-uhhhhhh I’m confused


-I think I get it????

-is Jeremy gonna break Brooke’s heart?

-Oh yeah, that’s what’s going on















Halloween: (I could barely go on at this point)

-I’m so depressed now omg

-oh god why are high schoolers all about sex??

-and getting drunk?

-I kinda like this Brooke character?? Is that bad?

-Jeremy 1.0 creeping out a little bit

-this is why sometimes it’s good that I go to a Mormon school

Do You Wanna Hang?


-That must be a lot of sex

-Hang = sex?

-In your (ex) boyfriend’s parents room??



Michael in the Bathroom:


-I’ve seen that this song is popular for some reason??

-uhhhhhh bby? Are you okay?

-I thought Michael had a squip?




-oh gooooooooooddddddddd help my soooooooooon

-ohhhhhhhh noooooo

-I justtttttttt relattttte toooo muchhhhhh 😭😭

-noooooooo don’t cry!!!!

-oooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyy god!!!!!!

The Smartphone Hour:

-What’s going on????

-Who is Rich?




-oh god this is turning into deh


The Pitiful Children:

-oh no not this fucker

-oh god


-mind control shittt??

-this is like “meant for you” from Heathers

-this is insane

-which girl is singing in the background?

-what’s even happening??

-this is so haunting


The Pants Song:



-what’s going on?


-is it?




-Now I get what’s going on

-omg you love Jeremy, Michael you know it

-this song is so silly

-but also soooooo… adorable????

The Play:

-Should I be worried?

-I think I should be

-oh crap people are gonna get mind controlled

-this should be fun



-Mountain Dew?????


-But seriously, red Mountain Dew taste bad bleh






-geez the girls in this show are creepy

-my little video game nerds are adorable





-k now I’m deaf

-what’s going on??

Voices in my Head


-What’s going on?

-I’m so confused


-is that Brooke? Christine?


-What the heck is this ending???

im in the process of doing something absolutely insane - and i mean ABSOLUTELY INSANE - and im terrified but also really… excited…? 

i don’t want to tell you guys cause i dont want it to get back to my family yet and i know some of yall know me personally/have found my mom’s contact info. it’s not bad, i swear; it’s instead of killing myself. idk if it’ll work out, but it looks like it really might. and if it does… i’ll have a massive decision to make. my stomach is doing flips, but i’m excited. 

i forgot how weird/bad/overwhelming anxiety feels.

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Why am i so awkward?? I had a chance to make out with this really cute guy, he actually told my friend he wants to kiss me so what did i do? I avoided all situations where we could end up alone ughh i only kissed like 2 times before and i have such bad anxiety about it i feel like im going to die alone just bc i cant make myself kiss someone lol im sorry for bothering u i just needed to vent bc i cant talk to anyone about this irl..(also im sorry forany mistakes english is not my first language)

dont worry babe, you’re fine. and omg i totally get you i do this all the fucking time???? idk really how to help you, i think its just something you have to suck it up and do it you know?

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I know how much i fucked you up but please listen one last time. Im so in love with you since we kissed and i just want to make sure you re doing good. There re so many things i see in you, so many hidden parts Stop behaving like the bad guy your friends expect you to be Stop treating people like shit bc your friends feel comfortable about hurting others Stop making out with all these hoes not bc it hurts me but bc i can see you dont like it Stop doing that druggy shit You re not that mean

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest

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I love how disagreeing with anything SJW Tumblr says or does will get you labelled a religious, -phobic, Nazi asshole but if you do concede on an issue with them you get a response like "fuck off with your white guilt lmao." Like there's just no way to win. These people want to be oppressed and victims so much they'll find a way to make YOU the bad guy even if you stay out of it entirely.

I dont really care how they feel tbh, anyone who knows me at all knows that both my very existence and my own moral code prevents me from being…any of the things they accuse me of. 

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Latest anon. I get it, you dont like being ignored, cool. I don't like confrontation or denying people. So basically your saying I should have my own anxiety attacks or be extremely uncomfortable to make others feel better? I get that we live in a world where people feel like they need to put others before themselves, but I believe that I have my right to do what I think is best for me. Which is now to quit the site, because apparently I'm such a bad guy because of my own phobias.

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Gosh, I'm really sorry. I just feel so pathetic right now. Even on tumblr I don't feel loved or appreciated and it's really hard to pretend to be okay. I just think that every time I talk to people they get annoyed so being an anon even if you know me makes me happy because you can't be annoyed if you don't know who I am - jealous/depressed? (I can't think of a good name for myself)

no no don’t be sorry! you can talk to me anytime - on or off anon! wait do i know you off anon? see i told you guys i cant tell;;

but either way, you’re not annoying at all love. and you dont need to be okay all the time! it’s perfectly fine to feel bad, but I hope you still have someone to talk to - even if its just coming into my inbox. and I hope you do feel better soon..

[ we’ll figure the name thing out later;;; ]

hey guys! gosh I feel so bad making this post but I’m literally poor and trying to save all my commission money for anime LA in january, my phone bill, and any other expenses so if any of you are kind/wealthy enough I have my wishlist available! and if you do get anything from there please let me know so I can thank you personally and maybe even make u a small gratuitous doodle! happy holidays everyone!


161127 #EXOrdiuminTaipeiDay2 .
I heard many people fidget because of this clip added to Chanyeol’s “sad” video in Sehun’s IG.. Aigoooo.. Ok..
I do see why you guys are worried because look at Baekhyun..
Before Chanyeol push him - playfully - he was so smiley and happy, but that smiles drops after Chanyeol shove him..
Hehehehe.. He looks kinda sad.. lol.. Or should i say - disappointed(?).. But i dont think you guys should be worried over this.. This is only one time - ONE - time that Chanyeol acted kinda “cold(?)” towards Baekhyun for the entire night.. I dont think anything happened.. Be positive nae Firelights.. Its Monday here.. Guy..!!! I tried to upload a new video i made for chanbaekstanina 2nd meetup that happened yesterday, but that video got blocked in 213 countries and in some devices.. Idk what to do.. I did upload it on youtube but its not available.. Idk what to do..
I adjusted the audio, i lowered the pitch, i put echo.. but still got blocked.. Some people got to watch it on my Channel but idk about the others.. If you go to my channel and theres new video then you are lucky.. Coz even i cannot see it in my video list.. I’m so sad.. very sad..!! Huhuhu.. 😭😭😭
Idk guys.. I’m so disheartened because of this.. This is not the 1st time i made a video and because of the music it got blocked.. And my Firelights cannot watch it.. It saddens me.. i kinda feel like dont want to make another video anymore.. Huhuhu…
I’m sorry guys.. I’m sorry for this video i didnt managed to make you guys see, and i’m sorry if i went on hiatus for my videos.. i need to get over that a video i’ve made with a sonv i really like got blocked in so many countries and no one can watch it.. sighhh.. What a bad caption to start our Monday - GREAT SO GREAT.. aigooo.. Whatever..! Firelights…!
Have a good Monday nae ♡
Love yall ♡

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Hey boo how are you?! Can you please do a blurb where y/n is a different race and people discriminate the relationship because of it like the fans and his parents ( all boys please) 💞

A/N : I made this for women of color friendly instead of one specific minority group because I wanted to make it as general as possible while still sticking to the story-line. Also, I don’t believe any of their parents would have a problem with any of the boys being with a woc! Enjoy babes !

Reminder that requests are closed until October.


Being a woc and dating Ashton would be hella rad. Ashton is such a free spirit and he has such a kind hearted soul. I mean he’s already stated Kelly Rowland as one of his celebrity crushes in an interview as well as calling Rihanna a babe so I think he has a wide and open minded range of women he would go for. On the other hand, you expected hate. As did he, especially since he usually went for non-woc in the past. However, Ashton would address the hate one time and one time only.

He’d make an Instagram video saying: “Hello everyone! Quick rant I need to get out really quickly. As you all may know by now, Y/N and I are dating. She makes me really happy and I love her a lot. I wouldn’t usually make an entire video addressing hateful comments..” He paused.

“But I saw a trend with her name and a racial slur beside it the other day and that uh, that was pretty much the last straw for me. Look guys bottom line is .. You don’t have to like my girlfriend, all I ask is that you respect her. She respects you guys and all I want is the same in return. Anywho, hope you all have a great day. Thanks for listening, bye!!” He smiled, ending the video.


You and Luke, I feel would receive the most hate. I don’t know why, I just think people expected him to date within his race and it’d be a shock to the world if he dated a woc. Now, I personally don’t think Mama Liz would mind at all but if she did Luke would definitely be heartbroken about it. He’d probably tell his mom “Just give her a chance. You didn’t raise me to see race..I thought you’d be more supportive than this.”  or like whenever the fans looked down on your relationship, Luke would do this thing where he would just hold you until you felt better or do whatever you wanted to do that day. Sheesh, that boy would be so sweet and domestic with you im crying.

I can’t help but gush over how much Luke would be completely in love with you. He wouldn’t be able to keep his fingers off your dark skin, being utterly infatuated with how different it was from his own. Or your hair, whether it was loose waves, tight kinks or somewhere in between. He’d love it. Don’t even get me started on your features. Woc usually have fuller lips and a more curvy body type and Luke would be in awe. The moment he fell in love with you was the first time you slept over and you were wearing nothing but a tank top and pajama shorts, much of your skin being exposed for his eyes to admire. “How do you do that? Huh princess? How do you wake up looking so god damn beautiful like that?”


I think Calum’s parents would be least likely to be racist towards you because his mom is a woc and his dad is married to a woc so I feel they would be the most supportive. If he saw a racist tweet from a fan, he’d immediately block them. His following tweet saying something like “Wow I know racism is still alive but c'mon people. @Y/T/N is the love of my life. She didnt ask for any of this and she doesn’t deserve this at all.” And if the hate ever got to be too much to the point where you didn’t feel like your were good enough for Calum or you couldn’t take all the negative comments anymore, Calum would do his best to change your outlook on the whole situation.

He’d say things like  “Baby girl, you think you’re not good enough for me? I’m actually not good enough for you. You’re the only one I know besides the boys and my family who could put up with me for more than a weeks time.” He’d giggle, his eyes crinkling. “I love you and your brown skin.” He’d say kissing your exposed flesh. “And I can’t get enough of these lips.” He added, leaning in to kiss your soft, full lips. After deepening the kiss by cradling your head and smiling into the passionate lip lock, he’d smirk and say “Don’t even get me started on that perfect little ass of yours either.” He said, grabbing your behind and pulling you to straddle his pelvis, causing you to let out a loud giggle.


Michael is such a family oriented guy but like if his parents didn’t like you specifically cause of your race I think he’d be disgusted . If his any of his family members made slick comments under their breath or made you feel uncomfortable about your ethnicity in any way, he’d more than likely speak up about it. Whether you guys were at the dinner table or out at a family get-together, he’d stop everything and clear his throat. “If any of you have a problem with Y/N, keep your shitty racist ass comments to yourself. Dont make her feel bad about her skin color.” or “I swear to God, one of you has one more thing to say about my girlfriend. We will fucking leave.”

Like I truly believe this boy would defend you to anyone, especially fans. He’d make tweets like “she is the girl I love and if you loved me you would love her” or “wow, its amazing what people can’t accept these days. Its 2015! I’ll love who I fucking love.” As you can tell I’m all about protective Michael. To make you feel better he’d compliment you endlessly and maybe take a soothing bath or something, tracing the curves and imperfections of your skin to show you how beautiful you really are WOWOWOW.


Imagines coming soon | Masterlist | Wattpad

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We should start #fightmehelen - like srsly. I mean it. Lets do it. Everytime somebody send you something stupid about what you did/are doing/will do you just put this in tags and everybody will come to rescue you. Fight me Helen if you dont agree!



2:04 a.m. jan. 4, 2015
i’m drunk & i still love you more than you will ever know. i think about you every second of every day and i want you to be mine. you make me want to spin in circles and look up at the stars as they blur across my vision but i also want to jump off of the closest building because my heart hurts a lot. when my body is numb and i cant feel anything, i want you to kiss me so my lips are the most numb thing on my body. the alcohol tastes better than how i feel now that youre gone & youre not coming back. i want you to come back. together we’d be a beautiful purple but now without my blue, i’m just a bloody red and without you, i’m sickly and unappealing and i don’t want to be sad anymore. you make me sad. you’re okay going to parties and playing beer pong and having sex with a girl that doesnt care about you like i do. we have memories and you guys only have memories of sex. this “poem” sucks a lot, but the world is spinning and i cant get you off my mind. please get out of my head? my eyes are drooping and my heart is sinking and i dont want to love you anymore. i dont want to cry about you or drink about you or feel you in my veins. i can’t feel anything right now but i can feel everything after what you did to me. you destroyed me so bad that drinking alcool doesn’t make me want to vomit. instead i’d rather drown in it until your name doesn’t even exist anymore. sobriety is too much for me to handle because then i’m just thinking about you and all the flaws my life now has. i have anxiety about seeing you and letting you go & panicking is a frequency on the daily. it happens a lot and my world is spinning. get out of my bones. i hate myself. i just want to close my eyes & forget your face. i don’t want to see your blue eyes or your smile or your hands. i don’t want to see you at all. i want to be over you & forget you ever existed. this is darkness and there. is. no. light. you were the light in my eyes & i thought i made yours sparkle but that quote makes me depressed as fuck but i never did. i want my shoulder in your mouth and hickeys behind my ears and a warmth in my throat. i want you to be mine but we know that i have no chance. drunk and still sad because you forgot i exist. my head is pounding and i cant breathe. stop not loving me. i need you more than you think!! you were important and you still are, but the thing is, i thought i was important. i suppose not. i just wish i never wasted my time on someone who could forget me so easily. fuck you fuck you fuck you. im going to sleep and i dont want to wake up. not until the pain goes away. my chest feels like a huge balloon is in it and someone popped it with a needle and ive said that before but now theres a void && i cannot let you go
—  he told me the only thing i owed him was my happiness & dammit he was it. (via coldandsick)

Okay I’m going to explain to you all a thing. Now i know make a lot of kouao posts… and don’t get me wrong, I love Noiao, Renao, Clearao and Minao just as much as or more than the next guy BUT. I feel I have to talk about this because this is important.

In Koujaku’s good end (and obvs bad end he says it almost every sentence) in both games, Aoba tells Koujaku he loves him far more than he does to anyone else in any other route. If you dont believe me go play both games over. Why do you think that is? Hmm, maybe the same reason Koujaku’s bad end is so different from everyone elses. Only in Koujaku’s route, Aoba feels so so so terrible that he cant save Koujaku (HE COULDN’T BE THE HERO THAT KOUJAKU WAS TO HIM KILL ME) that he gets consumed and desire comes out. Shiroba, as we call him, wants to destroy anything left of Aoba. The only thing he couldn’t kill was his love for Koujaku. Even as a beast, Aoba, and Shiroba love him body and soul. Also, even in the common route, Aoba is jealous of how much attention women give Koujaku - even avoiding him completely when the girls are around him. I feel that aoba tells him more often than everyone else because he always thought so highly of him and thought he was cool, his hero etc. So when he ended up with him, he felt unworthy sort of. In Koujaku’s summer side story, Aoba even asked Koujaku if he regretted being with him instead of some girl. Aoba is really insecure BUT HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THAT THE ONLY REASON KOUJAKU DOES HAIR IS BECAUSE OF HIM AND HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND HOW LONG HES BEEN HIS NUMBER ONE. I could go on and talk about how Koujaku couldn’t commit suicide because he thought of Aoba and his smiling face and “don’t give in” BUT I shall leave that for another day.

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why do you never answer my messages? i feel like you only care when its convenient to you

listen i’m so sorry that you feel that way but please try to understand my point of view
1. i’m only 20, yes i’m a dad and i really do love you all and wish you all the best but a lot of times i get highly triggering messages and it overwhelms me and i just want all of you to be safe but i usually don’t feel comfortable answering triggering messages on anon but if you send it to me off anon i promise not to publish it i just would rather message privately so i don’t trigger other people. not to mention how it affects me. i know that selfish to say but it breaks my heart to get some of the messages you guys send me and i want to help you all but i dont know how to do so without sacrificing my mental health. i try to be as encouraging and positive as possible to make you guys feel a little better but its hard to help you all individually
2. i get a lot of messages. like a lot a lot. i don’t even have time to read all of them let alone compose answers to them. i do try to reply to as many as i can and i feel bad bc i do want to answer them all but i’m only one person :/

i’m just really sorry and wish i could be more for you guys. but i still love and support you all and wish you the best okay? this doesn’t mean don’t message me i love all of your messages and wouldn’t trade them for the world but please be a little bit more careful when you do. |-/