you guys dont get it this makes me feel bad

hey guys! gosh I feel so bad making this post but I’m literally poor and trying to save all my commission money for anime LA in january, my phone bill, and any other expenses so if any of you are kind/wealthy enough I have my wishlist available! and if you do get anything from there please let me know so I can thank you personally and maybe even make u a small gratuitous doodle! happy holidays everyone!

so i just wanted to say something nd make sure u guys know that like… i really appreciate you all a lot nd i love it when u guys talk to me, i just feel really bad for leaving so many conversations hanging, i just want yall to know i never intentionally ignore yall or dont care cause like. im just beginning to recover nd i cant pay attention to shit bc my dissociation is rlly bad nd my adhd is unmedicated nd like. i get overwhelmed REALLY easily nd cant reply for a while nd its nobody’s fault !! i just wanted to explain because i constantly worried that ppl think i hate them

guys can i get mushy for a moment? it’s 5am in the feels Starr time.
finding and becoming part of this community has been one of the best things to happen to me so far in my life. everyone’s so supportive of each other and so welcoming to new comers that it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. the fact that we’ve all found this thing that can do and share and be a part of is just so cool! even though not everyone talks to each other there’s just this vibe that like we’re all kinda like a family and stuff. and then the fact that all these amazingly talented people are all in one place and can collaborate with each other and play off one another and make fucking art just !! feelings you guys!