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Just saw this blog and I loved the S.O being possessed one, you write the guys so well! Can I request a similar scenario like this, except while the S.O is possessed, whatever weapon they have in their hands they end up like, stabbing themselves so they don't hurt whatever one of the chocobros they're with? o____o They don't die, but almost do? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, thank you!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it and that I’m doing a good job writing the boys. I was super worried I was making them too OC.

This one I did a little different than the Deamon ones, so hopefully it’s just as good. <3


You couldn’t believe how stupid you were, Ardyn had somehow tricked you.

That bastard tricked you!

Separating you from the others, and placed some type of spell, some type of curse on you, so you couldn’t control your body. Your mind was still your own, but your body was his puppet to do with as he pleased, as he tormented the others.


Your body let out a scream, as you charged at Noctis, your own sword raised to strike the man. Your possessed body slashing and swinging at the man as if you had no training at all.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Noctis called, warping out the way of a second random swing from your wild attack.

You couldn’t answer him, no matter how much you wanted to, only able to shed tears as you attacked him. Only to think of how ridiculous you must have looked, attacking your Prince, your boyfriend, trying to kill him.

“Noct!” Prompto called from somewhere that was your left.

“Don’t, Y/n is still in there!” Noctis yelled, as you slashed again, only to watch him block.

Another scream of pain erupted from your throat, as you swung at the man, only to realize at the last second your sword shifted to the right. You were gaining a little control over your body, your only thought being that you had to end this.  

Noctis could only watch, as you slowly rose your sword again, rushing the man straight on. Out of instinct the man tossed his sword away, to warp after it, only to realize mid-warp that you had changed direction, going after his sword. “Y/N, wait!”

Yet instead of reaching out to grab it like he thought, you stepped into the blade’s path, sword slashing open your left side, your body immediately hitting the ground, as if someone had cut the strings to a puppet.

Your fingers twitched, you did it, as you heard a deep chuckle somewhere on the battlefield.

“Seems you figured out a way to break the spell, my little Princess.”

“Ardyn!” Noctis growled.

You turned your head to the figure beside you, gasping as you realized it was indeed Ardyn, wanting to crawl away, but you’re body felt heavy. At least you could now feel it. Letting out a cry in pain, as you felt Ardyn’s hand move on your open wound.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, you created quite the mess.” He chuckled, only to leap back as Noctis raced over slashing at the man. “Do see to that, Noct, she won’t last very long.” The man replied, before disappearing.

Your eyes were becoming so much more heavy, as you reached out to the blurry figure that was your boyfriend. “Noct…”

“Y/N!” Noctis gasped turning to you, panicking as he looked to the blood spilling from the large gash on your left side. “What were you thinking?”

You couldn’t help but smile, as you focused on those blue eyes before you, “Noct…” You whispered cupping his face, before everything became black.

A warm comfort to your right side, a very familiar warm comfort to your right side. You opened heavy eyes, noticing that you were at a campsite, bundled up in a sleeping bag, Twitching your left hand, as you noticed a bandaged just under your ribcage, where the sword pierced you, and a couple of potion bottles not far from your head. Moving your vision back to the right, as you saw the familiar spiky mess that was Noctis’ hair, laying beside you on his own sleeping bag, curled up to you tightly.

Moving your shoulder the best you could, with the man currently making sure you didn’t roll to your side reopening your wound. Smiling as those familiar blue eyes opened to look at you, watching as sleep left them rather quickly as he sat up.

“Y/N, are you okay, are you hungry?” He asked.

You shook your head, too weak to sit up and embrace him like you wanted, you still felt so sleepy, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up next to him, a soft groaned escaping your throat, “Noct,please.”

The Prince seemed to understand the call, as he unzipped your sleeping back of your right side, curling up beside you, so you could rest your head under his chin. Falling back into a dreamless sleep almost immediately.


You felt yourself hyperventilating as you stood before Prompto, one of his guns held in your hand pointing toward the blonde, who had his arms raised, refusing to fight against you. How did you allow this to happen, how did you allow Ardyn control over your body?

“Don’t be afraid now, how is this any different than what you do to those others.” Ardyn chuckled standing beside you, as he gently nudged the gun to get a  more accurate shot of Prompto.

You’re panting seemed to shake the rest of your body, “Prompto.”

“I know this isn’t your fault, Y/n” Prompto smiled softly, his hands still raised.

Ardyn maneuvered your hand causing your finger to put pressure on the trigger, “Just a little twitch and you’re free to go, it’s that easy.”

“Please, please, please.” You beg to whomever would listen, tears falling from your eyes. “Please I can’t. Please.” You cried, as your finger squeeze the trigger, only for Ardyn to suddenly shove your arm down, causing you to shoot at Prompto’s feet with a scream escaping your throat.

“Let’s try this again.” Ardyn chuckled, as you let out a sob, your arm still shaking. “It appears you have one more bullet left, better make this one count.”

You turned your head to Ardyn, “Please don’t make me do this!”

Ardyn’s eyes widen in mock sympathy, as he looked to you, “Oh why not, he’s just as empty as the rest of them.”

“Please, he’s not.” You beg, feeling your arm still shaking, as the weight of the gun seemed to double, was he actually going to let you go?

“You make a compelling argument, but then again…” Ardyn laughed, as he touched your arm, all the control he had over it disappearing, yet the forced feeling remained in the rest of your body.

Your mind racing, before you could even think it through, you pulled the gun to your right hip, a smile on your face, “I’m so sorry Prompto.”

“Y/N” Prompto called in shock, as you pulled the trigger, hearing a loud pop, before a rush of pain blossomed from your side. You couldn’t even shriek, as you collapsed faceforward to the ground.

“And she was so close.” Ardyn chuckled, “Oh well, do see to her young Prompto, she does have long.”

You heard Prompto’s clumsy footfalls by your head, the blondes entire attention on you, as he removed the fabric often tied around his waist, pushing it against your wounded right side. Tears falling from his eyes, as he panicked, not knowing what to do,

“Y/N, why would you do that?” He cried, before turning else where, “Noct! Ignis!”

You slowly reached a hand out, taking his left in your own, “I know…”

Prompto turned frantic eyes back to you again, “Hang on, Ignis will be here soon with a Hi-Potion.”

“Okay.” You whisper, eyes closing, you could hear him screaming and begging you to stay awake, but Prompto you were so sleepy.

“…she’ll be fine Prompto.” Ignis voice cut through the blackness, followed by what sounded like a door opening than closing.

Opening your eyes, you found yourself on a rollaway bed, in some motel, glancing around, before you found Prompto sitting in a chair by the bedside.  The blonde was playing on his phone, and hadn’t noticed you, but whatever he was doing couldn’t distract him long enough,since he kept clicking away at the device, more than likely opening and closing the same 3 tabs.

“Chocoboo,” You call softly, rolling over to your left, flinching as your wound strained against the movement, laughing only seemed to aggravate it more as you watched him almost drop his phone.

“Y/n, you’re up? Are you feeling okay? Do you need me to get Ignis? Something to drink?” He panicked, as reached out your left hand from the blanket. Relief seeming to wash over his face, as he took your hand. “I was so scared.”

Slowly moving your other hand out the bed to encircle the one that was holding yours, “Me too.”

Prompto placed down his phone, he crawled into the small bed, luck would have it that you both could fit, the two of you laying side by side staring into each other’s eyes. “I’m sorry…”

“Shh, this wasn’t your fault.” You whispered softly, pulling his left hand up to cradle between the two of you. Resting your forehead against his, as his freckles slowly disappeared from vision, your eyes becoming heavy again. “How long was I asleep?”

“About two days.”

“Did you sleep?”

“… No.”

You kissed the hand cradled in your own, “Go to sleep Prompto.” You reply, before drifting back off to sleep.


You wanted to scream, you really did, but couldn’t beyond this stupid helmet placed on your head.  It masked you entire identity from the boys, and with that stupid curse,spell, whatever the hell Ardyn had placed on you, you couldn’t speak and at this moment, you were currently going against your huge behemoth of a boyfriend.

“Where’s Y/N!” Gladiolus barked, as he slashed at you with his greatsword, only for you to flip out the way last second.

You wanted so bad, to apologize to the guy, a few days ago you two had gotten into a fight over something so petty, and had been too stubborn to apologize to one another. Now here you were fighting against the man, wanting nothing more to run into his arms and apologize, yet your voice was stripped from you, and your body no longer in control. Even as you summoned a greatsword of your own, to block two of the daggers Ignis threw at you.

“Gladio isn’t that one of yours?” Prompto called, as you rose the sword, feeling your body strain under the weight of the weapon. You couldn’t lift the damn thing normally, and your body was screaming for you to put it down.

Gladiolus let out a roar as he rushed you, swinging his own Greatsword down on the one you were holding, “Where the hell is Y/N!” He yelled, his eyes red with rage, but he couldn’t see your horrified face on the other side of the mask.

Pushing him off yourself, you swung in a large arch to gain distances from the others, turning around as you noticed a glowing rock, it was one of those stones that Noctis dragged magic out of, and by the blue glow it was an ice one. Racing toward the rock, you dodged Prompto’s bullets, standing above the rock, as you rose the Greatsword above yourr head, feeling you body almost collapse under the weight.

“If they strike that, we won’t be able to dodge!” Ignis called.

“Prompto!” Noctis yelled toward the blonde, who quickly rose his gun.

“On it!”

You heard a “TINK”, as your head rocked to the left, your helmet falling off, the GreatSword still above your head, as you stared at your friends without the helmet blocking you.

“Y/n…” Gladiolus called in disbelief.

“I…I don’t have much time, I’m so sorry Gladdy.” You call a sad smile on your face, as you slammed the sword onto the rock. Watching as Gladiolus pulled up a shield, dragging everyone behind it. The pressure of striking the rock, sending you back, as you slammed into the mountainside behind you, immediately making your world white out.

You didn’t feel anything at first, and everything was white. You had to admit, you were surprised to have actually made it to heaven.

Only to realize that the ice white of your vision was fading, and  becoming color, blinking your eyes, you realized you were staring at the roof of a hotel, rolling your head to the left as you saw Gladiolus sitting not far from you, book in hand, acting your guard. You shivered wanting to reach out a hand to grab him and his attention, only to realize the big guy must have tucked you in with all the blankets in the room, yet you were still so cold.

Closing your eyes again, you laid back, you wanted to apologize for the stupid fight, you wanted to explain what happened, but your head hurt so bad, and you just couldn’t stop shivering. You were certain that your lips had turned blue, as you exhaled earlier seeing a puff of your breath. Which made your first words even more strange, but you knew what would help. As it always did.

“Baby, I’m cold.”

Almost as if on cue, the book closed, as the warm body, of Gladiolus climbed into bed with you, pulling you to lay directly on top of him. His arms wrapping around you tightly, as he rubbed your back.


“Mmhm.” You muttered, wiggling to get free of your cocoon, pulling an arm out to rest against the strong chest pressed against your cheek, curling on your side, as you traced the patterns of the bird on his chest. “Baby…”

“I know, Babe, me too.”


Rain poured around you, mixing with the tears falling down your face, a lance held in your hands, as you slashed at Ignis again and again. The man never returned the attack, only using his daggers to parry each of your attacks.

“Y/N, love what happen?” Ignis called, as one of your thrust barely missed his cheek.

“Iggy, I can’t control my body.” You cried, managing to kick one of his daggers out his hand, coming around with a roundhouse only for the man to block, shoving you back, as you lost the spear.

Ignis moved, as he embraced you tightly with the arm holding his remaining dagger, using his height to lift you off the ground, holding you tightly to his chest. “Do you know what type of spell?”

Managing to free an arm, you shrieked, as you turned in his one arm grasped, elbowing the man in the face, sending his glasses flying. “Iggy, I’m sorry.” You gasped, your body moving back as his defenses lowered.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, dear.” He called, only to grunt as your body rushed forward tackling him to the ground. Your knees on either side of his chest your arm reaching out to the dagger in his hand. “Yet I’ve been better.”

You were at a lost of words, as the man underneath you didn’t seem the bit disturbed that his girlfriend was currently holding a dagger to his neck. “Iggy, I don’t know what to do.” You cried, rain pouring heavier around you all, the man’s green eyes staring directly into your own, as you slowly rose the knife.

“Everything’s going to be fine, my love. You’re not in control of your self at this time.” Ignis replied, underneath you.

Fighting for control of your body, you braced a hand besides the man’s head, twisting your body as you rose your hand. Watching as he closed his eyes, you let out a scream, as you body plunged the dagger down toward his face, closing your eyes before impact.

Ignis laid beneath you, waiting for the feeling of his flesh being cut open, only to feel your entire weight laid on his chest. “Love? Y/n?”

“Iggy, sweetie, I’m going to ask you to move me softly please.” You whine, hunched over him, hissing in pain as he slowly rolled you both over, only to hear him gasp in shock, at the dagger you had plunged into your stomach. “I believe I missed everything vital, but it seems to have done the trick.”

“That was rather reckless, love.” Ignis stated, removing a handkerchief  from his shirt pocket, as he wrapped it around the blade.

You laughed, only to groan at the pull it caused in your stomach. “Oh Iggy, is that the one I got you for your birthday?”

“Worry not, I shall get it cleaned.” He stated, as he removed one of his gloves, “Please open, love, I’ll have to pull it out before applying the hi-potion.”

You opened your mouth, allowing the leather between your teeth. Looking him in the eyes, before nodding and closing your eyes, rather not looking at him pull the dagger from you. Yet that didn’t mean you couldn’t feel it, forcing your limbs to remain on the muddy ground you turned your head with a muffled scream, caking your hair with mud.

“There we are, are you still with me, Y/n?” Ignis inquired, as you felt the Hi-Potion knitting up your skin, and cleaning the cut, before making the area numb.

Opening your eyes, you noticed his glasses not far from your head, reaching out, as you noticed the right lense was caked in mud, giving a shrug you wiped it on a spot of your dress shirt that wasn’t covered in blood or mud, happy to see that you didn’t crack the lense like you originally thought.

Rolling your head back to Ignis, the man removed the glove from your mouth, as he helped you sit up with a wince, taking the glasses as he placed them back on his face, “I do apologize again, love.”

“Water under the bridge my dear.” He replied, as he wrapped his suit jacket around your shoulders. “Are you fine to stand?” He asked as he helped you mouth weakly to your feet, only to collapse back to the ground.

“Oh the pains not that bad,” You pout to yourself, going to your feet again, only to feel your legs to fail again,  “Ignis, my love, please help me to my feet, I may need a shoulder to lean on.” Only to gasp, as the man scooped you up in a Princess carry. “Oh, Ignis, do put me down, I’ll be fine.”

“Than allow me to do this for me, my cupcake.”

You could only huff, your limbs were heavy as lead, and the man wasn’t going to set you down anytime soon, only to lean forward sweeping his bangs from his face.  Feeling your eyes become heavy as you rested your head on his shoulder, only to gasp awake as you felt a jostle.

“I apologize, love, yet I can’t allow you to rest just yet, we need to make sure that the wound does not reopen.”

“Kinda of difficult to do, when you’re so comfortable.”

Ignis chuckled, “ I’ve cleaned the area best I could, it appears that we will have to find a motel for the night to ensure that your wounds are properly cleaned. So my dear, I will have to request you keep speaking so that I am aware that you are not dozing off on me.”

“Well as you have asked so nicely.”

By the time you arrived to the hotel, you realized that you had begun rambling, yet new it was due to the high fever you had developed. The others leaving you and Ignis to yourselves as the man washed and cleaned the two of you in the shower, seeing that the fever had made it even more difficult to walk.


“Yes, my dear?” Ignis called, drying your hair with a towel as you sat in a chair before him.

“Do you believe it’s okay for me to rest now?”

“I should see no harm in it, it would do wonders for your fever.”

“All right.”

Ignis didn’t even flinch as he reached out, catching your collapsing body from falling off the chair, letting out a chuckle, as he scooped you up, placing you in bed, before crawling into bed next to you, allowing you to curl up to him. It had been a rough day for the both of you, you deserved rest.

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I know this is hella weird but it's the same anon as the don't die on me or (something along those lines) WHICH WAS AMAZING AGSFDHDJE B U T,,, Can I request RFA + V + Saeran reacting to an MC who killed someone purposely and they see the bloody body or something,,, (omg and she asks if they could help her out) like would they be scared and still call the police or would they stick to MC? Its fine if you feel uncomfortable with this request it's pretty out there. ~Dylan

oh, hey again, thank you for coming back! ahhh I’m glad you liked the last drabble thingy\ ˚▽˚ / 

and yeah, this is a pretty out there request, but hohoho i’m gonna do it! I hope you like this one too^^ feel free to ask for as many as you want!!

[tw: mentions of death and blood  ]

….ok so, loopholes. ¯\_(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯  also seven’s is short, i apologize;;


  • the label director zen was signed under got to mc’s last nerve 
  • he had to go, they were going to limit him so much! not only in their relationship but his acting! and they were going to leak more about his past?? no on mc’s watch 
  • but then they call zen over because Regret 
  • “i’m sorry, what did you do? was it an accident?” when they say no he’s literally about to have a mental breakdown 
  • but mc looks like they regret it and are about to start crying, “zen, help”
  • zen is so thankful he doesn’t believe in god right now 
  • here comes a plan! it wasn’t at the apartment, but near the sidewalk between these two buildings 
  • he pulls mc into a hug and whispers “just let me do all the talking, okay babe?” 
  • calls 911 and puts on his Actor Voice™ on and tells the operator he and mc found a dead body 
  • when the police come and ask about the blood mc, zen tells them she tripped and fell on it, which is how they found out 
  • oh look, they bought it
  • they don’t leave the house for at least 2 days and they both have nightmares for almost a month..they also cuddle a lot 


  • this one panics understandably 
  • they were in the parking lot of a convention and this one asshole who had been both picking on yoosung and making advances towards mc got in the way of their car (mc: :)) ) and by advances i mean the rly bad kind
  • “oh no~ yoosung, i need your help” “how am i going to help here, mc? i can’t call the police-” 
  • mc, who somehow is still calm, tells him yes, he can. 
  • “listen, just give me the phone when you call” “..ok mc”
  • when they get an answer, mc switches their tone to nervous and scared
  • yoosung is lowkey impressed 
  • they hang up eventually and give yoosung’s phone back
  • “we’re not in trouble, the police are going to ask a bit of questions, but it was an accident”
  • now he’s terrified because did mc just…get away with murder? 
  • decides to repress it 


  • mc really thought they weren’t going to get caught
  • but jaehee went out to the back of the cafe to check them and almost screamed
  • mc covered her mouth 
  • “mc!” she whisper-yells “what did you do?! why did you? oh my god-”
  • “wait, jaehee, look who it is.” 
  • “is that….that same person who threatened to destroy the cafe and us last week?” geez ams, what are you putting the cafe through?
  • they nod
  • “oh my god” 
  • eventually decides to help
  • is the one who rearranges the scene to make it look like they had no idea
  • both she and mc talk to the cops and its like a mad libs story they have the same plot to 
  • this is never going to happen again


  • mc totally snapped at this reporter who was following around for a month
  • so they were like “i’m just going to kill them”
  • but then it worked
  • they panic and tell jumin when he gets home
  • he is Shocked but also immediately has a plan 
  • tells all the guards to leave he and mc alone for like an hour 
  • they’re used to this and leave asap its usually for ~sexy times~
  • but this is not sexy
  • they position the body at the end of some stairs (turns out jumin has like a trapdoor in the penthouse and they put it there for it to lift up when mc passes by 
  • mc acts like the reporter was still following them until they reach the end of those stairs it was really only like a few minutes, they pretended to leave them and jumin’s room
  • the police are called and it was determined the reporter fell 
  • no reporters are allowed near mc anymore 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • so it was for this one guest who was…making mc uncomfortable
  • this guy was probably there when it happened and came up with a plan in advance 
  • he doesn’t even call the police, he just hacks into the person’s records and now their dead
  • died from a heart attack, apparently
  • he and mc act surprised along with the rest of the rfa when word gets out 
  • no one has to know
  • no one else knows
  • they “celebrate” with honey buddha chips

v / jihyun

  • why would you put this man through this?
  • some weird mint eye supporter that wasn’t saeran was going after mc
  • they broke into mc’s apartment and mc had no choice really
  • no question would stick by mc and take blame for them if they ask
  • but they don’t 
  • they ask him for a story they could tell
  • he was surprised, but also…has the perfect idea
  • jihyun “i don’t know how to explain this so the body is in the ocean now” kim 
  • they tell no one 
  • seven found out, though because of the camera 
  • “you know you could have just…vouched for self-defense, right?”
  • yeah, ok smarty-pants, but when you’re in a panic, the body goes into the ocean
  • please don’t do this to him again, mc


  • it didn’t matter who it was to saeran
  • it didn’t matter what they did, either
  • he probably gave mc the tools they needed
  • also knew the perfect place to hide a body
  • and came up with the perfect story
  • no, he didn’t force mc to do anything, but he does have all the details covered
  • cops? what cops?
  • not when saeran also hacked into the person’s records 
  • take that, dead person
  • if mc feels guilty afterwards, he shares a blanket with them and tells them that if they felt like they needed to do that, the person deserved it
  • and that if anything really did come up, he’d take the blame for them 
  • so mc doesn’t bring it up again
Nalu Fluff Week 2017: Within the Law, Chapter 1

fanfiction by impracticaldemon
Words: ~2500 | Also available on FFnet and AO3

Author’s Note:

Once again, I’m too behind on writing to be able to complete all the prompts for this ship week, but I did want to contribute at least a little!

The main prompt for this story is “Rain” (Day 2). I am also throwing in “Vacation” converted to “Work” (Day 3), and a smidgen of “Fashion (Day 4). I haven’t yet decided what else I may do for this ship week but you can probably look for a couple more pieces. Please remember: “a fanfiction author is never late, nor is she early, she publishes precisely when she means to.” Thank you, Gandalf (and Tolkien, I suppose).

I hope that you enjoy the following shenanigans!

Chapter 1 ~ Sunshine in the Rain

Law school was tough—it turned out that Professor Porlyusica’s class on Trusts was just as bad as they’d told her—but this was infinitely worse. Here she was in downtown Magnolia, wearing her best—and currently only—suit, a tailored white blouse, sheer nylons and conservative dark heels. And she was lost. Not very lost, just momentarily stymied. Any one of the three mega-towers in with entrances onto the plaza looked like it could house the prestigious Makarov & Vermilion law firm that had granted her this precious and not-to-be-missed interview for a summer student’s position.

Unfortunately, a small contretemps at a subway turnstile involving a little white dog, an oddly bluish-grey cat with a green bandanna for a collar, and a guy rocking a great suit and neon pink hair, had caused Lucy to drop the paper with the firm’s street address. The guy had been apologetic, sort of—he’d viewed the whole thing as more funny than serious. Then he’d told the animals to meet him at the ‘usual place’ and off they’d trotted without further fuss. It had been a little weird. The man looked like he worked at some high-powered job—Lucy had assumed that the animals weren’t his.

“Don’t worry,” pink-hair-great-suit had told her, “you didn’t hurt Happy or Plue.”

That hadn’t been Lucy biggest concern, but she’d murmured something appropriate and gotten a wide grin in return. She’d even returned the guy’s wave as he rushed off—though whether to his job or to rendez-vous with his pets was unclear. He wasn’t to be seen getting on the subway, in any event.

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To the people calling you out for not posting that much lately: don't listen to them and don't let this affect your happiness Mak!! ;o; This is awful and toxic and every sane person knows that you also have a life beside your blog, in which you don't have time to draw - this is totally normal! Other things might get in the way, art blocks hit you like everyone else or just a busy schedule, this is perfectly alright and normal. I think it's uncalled for that people give you shit for that

“ I also think that you post pretty regularly, when I take myself in comparision, you really put out one piece after another out there and that’s amazing! You do so fine with your work, people shouldn’t get their pants in a twist when you happen to not upload something in 2 weeks because school and test and exams are happening and you have friends and family that probably also want attention and you just doing other things.

It annoys me that people don’t give you the respect you deserve for all your hard work, let me tell you that you’re a bright sunshine on my dashboard whenever I see your art and I’m so proud of you how far you came already! Don’t let this drag you down, block these people who says mean things that puts you into a terrible place feeling-wise, it usually don’t get better from here on out, that’s my experience at least. :( Love you and your hard work! ♥

Also please take care of yourself and don’t rush head first into a bunch of work, do it all in your own pace and never forget to have fun. ♥ It’s something you do in your free time after all and when it all feels like a chore, you will be discouraged and what’s left then anymore? :c”

((i dont know how you look like recently?? but i saw a few of your posts of your face a while back so i based it off of that?))

a huuuuge chunk of replies for @eisschirmchen in the keep reading, but basically:  I will definitely come back with arts, but not too regularly, of course. 

And guys. Follow Eis​. She’s the purest being. Love her art and her posts. I hope you guys take care!!!

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Okay I might have sent this before but I don't think I did so sorry if I did! Anyways, could I request a Yuri Plisetski x Reader where Yuri is trying to teach the reader how to skate? :) your writing is phenomenal by the way 💛

i love my russian punk son he reminds me so much of myself when i danced ballet lmao

Originally posted by wanpanch

Title: Seriously?
Pairing: Implied - Yuri Plisetsky x Reader.
Words: 1230.
Rating: K.

Нет, нет(no, no)!” His voice seemed to shrill through the air, vibrating on the ice below your feet as he skidded his way towards you. Yuri, in all his seriousness, didn’t seem to understand the motive behind you asking his help. His hair was pulled into a small pony tail, bits and pieces of it falling into his face as he glared intensely at you, “You look like a dying turtle-” Yuri had informed you, stopping on his skates in front of you with a graceful slide. “-why are you wobbling so much? Does being on ice scare you that much?” The tone of voice he was using was his usual scolder, with something perhaps a bit deeper behind the words. You couldn’t quite figure out what it was, though you did try. “Maybe, if it scares you, you shouldn’t have asked for my help. I could be practicing right now, but because I’m-” he gestured at himself and flicked back some of his bright, blond hair, “Such a nice guy, I decided to help you.”

You sighed shakily and stared at him through completely unamused eyes; to which he stared back with equally unamused eyes. But, you could see a flicker of slight playfulness and amusement as if he was enjoying bossing you around so much. “I didn’t ask to be professionally trained in the ways of ice skating, I just wanted to learn the ropes.” You retorted with a small sneer that didn’t go unnoticed in Yuri’s bright eyes.

Surprisingly, that was something he had to seriously think about. He had been skating for so long, that the ropes were nothing more than second nature to him. How do you teach someone something you’ve been doing basically your whole life? “The ropes?” Yuri pushed himself back on his skates, twisting around and circling you before shoving his hands against your shoulders, “Well, maybe if you moved and let go of the wall, I could show you them!”

Hesitantly, you did as advised and the grip you hand on the wall to your left vanished. Yuri mumbled something along the lines of ‘thank god’ before pushing you forward. Your legs were still a wobbling mess, but despite this Yuri kept pressing. “You’ll never get anywhere on those skates if you keep acting like a scaredy cat, (Name). One foot,” He removed his hands from your shoulders, leaving a kiss of warmth in their wake as he pointed to his feet in a dramatic fashion. You watched carefully, “in front of the other, like this.”

In the act of trying to imitate his movement, which in itself seemed impossible because on the ice Yuri carried himself with such grace and poise that it made you wonder if it was really him you were looking at, you had managed to skate forward only a few feet before shuffling to an awkward stop. You were too far away from the wall now to hold onto dear life, and you knew that Yuri would only scoff and push you off if you reached for him, and so you stayed put. Arms out for balance, as if you were ready to just fly, you took a glance down at your feet. They were pointed awkwardly inward as a means to stop you from skating anymore. “I don’t think I was born to be an ice skater.”

“I agree,” Yuri said without disdain, “you don’t just look like a dying turtle now, you look like a mutilated penguin. ” Skating forward a few feet, he turned in a smooth motion to face you and raise his eyebrows. His blue-green eyes shined brightly, as the ice below was shadowing the color and making them appear much more vibrant. “Congratulations, I’ve seen newborns skate better than you.”

You gave him a bitter smile, one that seemed to match his personality perfectly. You knew better though, and his words weren’t coming from the heart. The pressure put on such small shoulders resulted in nothing more that a chilled personality, one that appeared frigid and uncaring, but was quite the opposite when he finally opened up. It was just the sort of person Yuri was, and it was strange to know that it was how he showed affection as well. His attitude has been amplified considerably in the past few weeks, causing you a bit of wondering. You knew how the success of Yuuri and Victor was treating with him, and finally admitted to yourself that it was the source of his suddenly hateful outbursts at you and others. Reckon, he was always a firecracker, but his personality was spiraling even further than before.

“And I’ve seen prettier people than you.” That was a lie, and a rather sporadic one at that. Yuri’s mouth twitched on the left side as he moved towards you.

“There’s no one prettier than me,” He snapped, “not even Victor is-”

“I was kidding.” You rolled your eyes and held up a hand for him to stop. Because, one he started on the topic of Victor there was literally no stopping him until he felt the need to stop.

“Jerk…” Yuri mumbled under his breath and began waltzing away from you. The insult wasn’t directed at you, and more towards the air than anything. He had thought of Victor’s face in that moment. Solemnly, he slacked his small shoulders forward and swallowed. The athletic fabric of his black shirt and tight pants were doing nothing to keep him warm anymore, but then again, he wasn’t practicing, he wasn’t throwing himself around, functioning himself through the air. He was still, his back towards you. He looked like anyone else on the ice. Just a random stranger, no cockiness, no grace. Just, a person.

“Yuri.” You straightened your feet and shuffled towards him at a miraculously slow pace. You thought of what to say, something that may ease what he was dealing with himself. But, nothing came to mind as you grasped his arm for support before swinging yourself around him so you were face to face. For a second, he appeared to be sad, but that changed drastically as he tugged his arm out of your grip and gave you a scorn that said, ‘what do you want now?’

You stared at him, and though you didn’t quite make eye contact, he surrendered something even greater. Yuri let his wall down, even if it was only for a blink of an eye. “I’m not a skater, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I trip on air, constantly, I have literally no center of gravity and my balance is…” You shuddered and looked to the side, “You though… You were born to be on the ice. Born to be in front of people, showcasing what you can do. And though, you’re a cocky son of a bitch sometimes, it’s still amazing. You’re Russia’s next chance at greatness. But, you know,” You grasped his arm against despite his attempt to pull you off him. You swirled back and pressed your hands to his back. He was bony, but muscular. “You can’t do it unless you believe in yourself.”

There was silence in the air as your last words hit deep inside of his mind. He finally spoke, after what felt like a few minutes, but it was nothing sentimental. “That was so motivational, I may puke.”

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MatsuHanaIwaOi fanfic

Inspired by @areamia
I hope it’s okay I wrote this? I just continued the story like I thought it would be nice, it ended in matsuhanaiwaoi fluff. If you want to I can take it down!

Just a joke.. ?

“Iwaizumi, smile!”

Iwaizumi was irritated for a second but quickly shot a grin as he noticed Matsukawa trying to take a picture of them two.


Matsukawa lowered his arm to take a closer look at the selfie he just took. Iwaizumi had a smug grin on his face, Matsukawa looking tired from practice, but still happy.

“Hey!” Oikawa exclaimed, playing offended. “You never smile when I ask you to!”

Matsukawa laughed. “That’s because no one wants to give you the satisfaction.”

“Nor wants to see your ugly mug.” Hanamaki contributes.

“SO MEAN!!!” Oikawa pouted, as the other third years started giggling.

He went back onto the court. “I know it’s just a joke.” Oikawa thought to himself.

Iwaizumi took place besides Oikawa, still laughing, but his smile quickly faded away as he saw his best friends face.

“They don’t actually mean it.” He continued his thoughts, not paying attention to Hajime.

“But sometimes they do still sting. But they’re just jokes.” Oikawa sighed and looked at the volleyball in his hands.

“Just jokes.. right?”

Iwaizumi noticed that Oikawa’s face went a bit paler, his eyes shining in the light of the gym. He also noticed the tight grip on the volleyball and the slight trembling of his friends lips.

“Oikawa, you know we were just joking, right?” Iwaizumi explained in a concerned tone.

A few seconds passed and Oikawa finally looked up, the first tear slowly running down his face. Iwaizumi’s heart clenched at this; he couldn’t deal with people who cry very well, he always gets overly emotional. Especially when his best friend is the one with the puffy eyes and the red and wet cheeks.

Iwaizumi made an attempt to grip Oikawa’s shoulder to ask him what’s wrong, but the captain slapped his hand away. Now everyone else had noticed them and the gym went silent. Even more tears were running down Tooru’s face now. Suddenly he felt all the anger, embarrassment and sadness fall over him. He dropped the volleyball, got his Jacket and left quickly, not paying attention to the shouts behind him.

The rest of the team was left with different expressions on their faces; some had a questioning look, others looked slightly embarrassed.

“What was that?” Hanamaki said and broke the silence with that.

“Training is finished for today. Pack up and go home, we see each other tomorrow.” Iwaizumi muttered.

The first- and second years exchanged some weird looks but then quickly left. After a few minutes everyone went home. Only the three third years were left.

“I..” Hanamaki started. “I didn’t thought he would react like that. Or do you guys think it was something else?”

Matsukawa knitted his eyebrows. “He seemed fine before that selfie-incident. But he never reacted like that before. Oikawa always knew we were just mocking him. Right..?” He finished his sentence with a question.

Iwaizumi shot a glance to his sport-wristwatch he got a few weeks ago. “It’s only 19:14pm, I ended practice 15 minutes early today. We could go to his house and ask him what’s wrong. I don’t want to fight with him.” The ace sighed. “Plus, he looked very hurt. And I don’t like to see my childhood friend like that.”

Hanamaki and Matsukawa looked at each other and shrugged.

“I don’t want him to be sad either. He might be an idiot sometimes, but he’s our idiot, right?”

Matsukawa smiled at hanamaki’s words, agreeing. “He’s also always there for us. It’s the least we can do.”

They finished cleaning up, got their stuff and made their way to Tooru’s house. It wasn’t far away from the school so they reached it after a few minutes. It was a big white house, with a pompous garden. No car was parking in front of it so they figured that Oikawa’s parents weren’t at home. That wasn’t something unusual; they are both known business people. The three men went to the door and knocked. No answer. They knocked again. No answer. Iwaizumi knocked again, now louder and a bit more agressive. A few moments passed and the door opened. The guys almost jumped at the sight: Tooru’s eyes were red, from crying they figured. His hair was wet, hanging down his head, water dripping onto the floor. He wore a wine red sweater and some black sweatpants.

“Wwwhat do you guys want here??” Oikawa slurred.

Iwaizumi took a deep breath. He could smell the alcohol. “Are you drunk, shittykawa?”

Oikawa jumped at that nickname.
“Call mme that on-one more time and I’ll *hic* n-never come back to practice ever again, Iwaizumi.”

“Iwaizumi..” Hajime muttered to himself. Oikawa never called him that.

“What happened Oikawa?” Hanamaki asked. “Is everything okay? Can we come in?”

“I- *hic* I tried to take a bath but yo-you guys interrupted me!!” Oikawa practically screamed now.

Matsukawa lightly pushed Oikawa forwards so him and the other two could enter the house. They didn’t want to disturb the neighbours.

“You tried to take a bath in your condition? You could’ve drowned!” Iwaizumi growled and shot an angry look at Oikawa.

“Whatever. I don’t care.” Tooru muttered.

“What the fuck do you mean by tha-”

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE!” Tooru screamed, which made Matsukawa, makki and hajime frown.

After that Tooru broke down on the floor, heavily panting.

Iwaizumi just looked at oikawa in shock, just as Matsukawa, but hanamaki’s eyes filled with tears. He went to Tooru, crouched so he could sit in front of the shaking Oikawa and pulled him into a hug. The setter’s eyes widened at this, his body was stiff at first but soon, he relaxed. Hanamaki was silently crying into Tooru’s neck.

“Don’t ever say thing like this again. Do you understand me?” Hanamaki whispered.

Oikawa pulled away to see Makki’s pained expression. His eyes filled with liquid again as he slightly smiled.

“I’m- *hic* I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Oikawa started but was interrupted, with soft lips pressing against his own. He let out a surprised “Oh!” but quickly melted into the kiss. It wasn’t a firework or romantic. It was messy and clumsy. But God; it felt so right.
Hanamaki was the one who pulled away. Before anyone could say something, he stood up and silently went up the stairs, giving the other three a hand signal that meant “come with me.”
It wasn’t unusual that he just moved in his friend’s house how he liked, they knew each other way to long for it to be unfriendly.
They went to the rooftop. It was a flat roof, that’s were they hung out for the first time, all four together, after their first practice at aoba jousai.
Hanamaki stopped and turned around, now facing the other three who had a confused look on their face. And then Hanamaki began to talk, say so many things he always wanted to say but never did.

“Oikawa,” Hanamaki begun. “I’m really sorry if we hurt you today. Or other times before that. We never knew if you even liked those jokes or took them personally, either way. I want to apologize for the three of us. We feel horrible. If we ever do something like this and it hurts you, please tell us. Alright?”

Oikawa nodded, but before anyone could comment hanamaki’s statement the pink-haired boy continued.

“I have so many things on my mind right now. Just a second ago I kissed the boy I loved. And it felt right, it was warm and good and I felt safe, but it also felt wrong because he is not the only guy I am in love with.” He took a deep breath.

“Matsukawa. We know each other for so long now. I told you many times I loved you, but we always shrugged it off as a joke. It was never a joke. I meant it, and every time you smiled at me after I confessed to you, my love grew even more. I’m addicted to you, to your character, to your eyes, your scent. I’m addicted to you, just as much as I’m addicted to Oikawa.”

No one spoke a word as Hanamaki now finally turned to Iwaizumi.

“Hajime.” Hanamaki whispered and Iwaizumi let out a small gasp. “I’m not a guy for words and I may regret what I just said or will say now, but dear god. I love you. You’re so beautiful Iwaizumi, do you know that? I can never take my eyes off you or-” he glanced at his other friends “- or you. I tried so hard to hide my feelings for the last two years. I really did, I tried everything. But nothing worked. As soon as I looked at one of you again, my feelings lit up like flames in a fireplace. I need you guys, you are a part of my life. I don’t know what exactly I expect from you now. Nothing in particular when I think about it, really. But I just had you guys to know. Oh, and Oikawa-” he looked at the setter now, with both loving and serious eyes. “Never say that one of us wouldn’t care if you’d die. None of you should ever say that. If one of you guys die, I’ll die with you. Because you’re all a part of my god damn life and heart.”

Hanamaki was finished with that. He looked up again and saw the other three shaking and silently crying. All this emotions he just expressed and all the bottled up feelings just came out of his heart and he sunk to his knees, sobbing. He placed his hands over his eyes to shut everything out, but soon felt warm bodies around him. His three best friends were hugging him. He laughed in relief and let his body embrace in the various scents and the warmth that felt like home.

“I can return those feelings,” Oikawa whispered. “I love makki. But I also love mattsun. And of course, I love my Iwa-chan.” He sobbed. “I never understood my feelings..”

“Same.” Iwaizumi and Matsukawa said in unison.

For a short while no one said anything and nothing was heard, besides some silent sobs.

“What does this mean?” Iwaizumi asked.

“I-” Matsukawa started but was lost for words. He took a few seconds to think. “I think we should date. Try to date. We don’t have to tell anyone now, right? I mean, polyamorous relationships exist. And we can just test it.”

“Good Idea.” Hanamaki smiled and chuckled. He was overwhelmed with his emotions, so he started to cry again. “I’m so happy.”

“Me too.” Oikawa whispered.

“Same.” Matsukawa said as he smiled lightly.

Iwaizumi just let out an agreeing grunt. He was suddenly very tired.

Oikawa yawned. “We could all sleep in my bed tonight. It’s *hic* it’s big enough. And even if not, w-we can just cuddle.”

No one said anything but they all understood without exchanging any words so they got up and went straight to bed, after getting rid of all clothes besides their underwear. When everyone was comfortably laying underneath the blanket, Iwaizumi spoke up.

“I love you guys, so much. And I hope we’ll stay together forever”

Everyone was silent. Hajime didn’t need any words to understand how much he was loved back. Slowly the four of them drifted away.

namara-ashina  asked:

i don't know why people are surprised you would ship moana/maui after your history of shipping sess/kag. both are awesome by the way and your art is amazing! (isn't max also some kind of immortal?)

LONG POST warning.

WELL my preference for sesskag aside even the canon pairing of Inuyasha/Kagome would be technically problematic by sjw standards now cuz Inu is still hundreds of years older as well. But again immortal/mortal ships aren’t NEW it’s been around forever but I suspect that it’s acceptable in most stories because the guys in question are often times HANDSOME. I mean Bella is completely fine with Edward stalking and breaking into her room to watch her sleep cuz he was hot amirite. Don’t think she’d feel the same way if he actually looked not 17/was ugly. And look how many people completely mooned over that despite the fact that he turned out to be a pretty manipulative and abusive guy. Are immortal characters (but men mostly cuz double standards for ladies including being judged by women fans themselves lol) absolved of all their wrong behavior because they’re hot? (similarly what is up with ppl only caring about a different race or even species in fiction only if they’re attractive. I doubt anyone would care as much about all those blue kitty ppl in Avatar either if they weren’t extremely long legged humanoid supermodels but that’s a different conversation) In short people are shallow.

And if you think about the terms of “acceptable” where Inuyasha despite being hundreds of years older ACTS like a fucking stupid boy it’s also considered OK I guess. Maui ACTS like he’s always young at heart even if he’s around forever. The difference therefore lies mostly in the superficial. I dunno, perhaps cuz he’s not traditionally attractive in terms of society’s standards or even cuz he’s a POC or thick. I mean, if you look at a lot of canon princes and princesses in media all the girls are usually younger than their love interests with the most significant age gap recently between Flynn(24) and Rapunzel(17). The youngest being Snow White at 14 in her story. (Haha and let’s not forget that Juliet was fucking 12). Doesn’t make it better but everyone seems to be so OK with these.

But that aside, I understand why someone would be uncomfortable with a ship and I personally don’t have anything against them cuz they’re feelings are valid and whatever ppl want to ship or not is their business. Like I’ve said before whatever floats your boat your dash is your place so fill it with only things you like. Block, Scroll Past, Unfollow whatever you want. All I ask in return is for the same courtesy to leave me to my own business and not go attacking other ppl for something that they like–which I had explained in this post is something often times not even explainable why you like something. It’s irrational, the heart wants what it wants right Tamatoa fans? People just want to be left alone to enjoy what they want nobody is forcing others to like the same things they do.

Besides that, when I ship characters I usually go based on their character dynamic and how I feel they are fit for each other. It has nothing to do with a preference for immortal ships. I usually strive to show when I portray them that I care about the fact that they are equals. That I see their relationship is grounded in their mutual respect and friendship for each other. That I see it developing over years and is essentially kind of timeless and most importantly is not dependent on sexual/physical attraction which is secondary to me. Also if you can really sell it to me and convince me why a pairing works I can be won over even if I wasn’t on board before. And honestly that’s how I feel about SessKag/most of my ships too? 

Like if we’re getting back to SessKag I’m actually pretty annoyed with common trope that either of the characters are only in it to get to the other one’s pants and there is no deeper substance to come out of that relationship besides the fact that hey you’re hot and I’m hot which is fine but if you’re again trying to go back to oh but immortal/mortal ship nobody really cares as long as the characters are bone-able. I just think ppl need to start taking to take a good hard look at themselves if the only reason why they’re OK with other immortal/mortal ships but not this one boils down to the fact that either of the parties involved is not attractive.

Also ppl who equate fandom to real life extremes needs a reality check and I also explained that again here. again that’s like saying “You’re pro-choice so that must mean you’re a murderer.” Ridiculous.

This was a rant and not entirely coherent I’m sorry. 

p.s. I don’t think Max is immortal he’s just subject to the whims of George Miller’s hand-wavey timeline (i.e. GM admitted to not really caring about accurate time tracking cuz Max’s stories are meant to take on a myth-like quality. and so his adventures themselves immortalize him).

Sometimes Sorry isn’t Enough P2


Sam fidgeted in his seat which Dean barely saw, the excitement of seeing you again but the heartbreak of you rejecting him was creating a wave of emotions inside his body. He knows you’re going to have a bit of a problem at first but Sam couldn’t see any other way to fix this. He wanted you as well as he needs you. You made everything 100x better in Sam’s eyes, eating, dancing, roadtrips, even sleeping. When you lie next to Sam he feels both powerful and powerless and you had been the only girl to ever do that. 

“We’re almost there Sammy” Dean looked over at his younger brother both worried and hopeful. If there was one thing Dean knew growing up is never have high expectations but he couldn’t help but feel you might come back with them in the Impala tonight. He notices Sam’s slight smile that’s been on his face for the past hour and Dean can’t help but feel like everything will be perfect, Sam hasn’t had a facefull of hell yet which means things might be going their way. Dean pulls up to where your work and parked on the further side of the lot. Sam observes the cosy cafe and he smiles, he looks over to Dean wondering if he understood his sudden happiness.

“This is my favourite cafe branch” Dean smiles at his younger brother, he remembered helping you find a place to work at and when your eyes landed on it you knew you were going to work their. It’s the only restaurant where there are more than one type of salad on the menus and their salads came with proper vinegrettes instead of ranch.

“Okay Sam, Stay here okay. You can’t just go up to her and say ‘Hey I’m sorry I tried to kill you, please love me’. Let me go in first and warm her up to it” Sam nodded and obeyed his elder brother, Dean exited the car and Sam strained his eyes in hope to catch a glimpse of you. His breath hitched in his throat when he saw you wiping down a table. Sam put the window down, the wind instantly flowing through his hair but now he could see a better angle of you. He sighed with an instant loving smile placed on his face. He hadn’t seen you in months and his face hadn’t felt this much emotion or expression in a while it actually hurt. Tears were pricking his eyes as his heart was now beating against his chest, not from being afraid but from the adrenaline your beauty provides. Your Y/H/C luscious hair had gotten longer, your skin was slightly tanner, you looked healthy but you didn’t look happy. Your eyes didn’t have the twinkle he loved, or your smile you gave to that old lady wasn’t the one that helped him sleep. You were surviving, not living…

Sam breaths became heavy so did his head, he held his head as felt something similar but worse than a migraine. Sam shut his eyes as he cried out in pain, Dean heard his brothers screech and ran towards the impala.

He saw the steel cool knife in his hand,

Sam gasped for air as he saw Dean running towards him.

He saw you struggle to get out of his impossible bound,

Dean ripped the car door open, trying to get his baby brothers attention.

He saw your frightened, pleading and agonizingly miserable face,

Dean held his brothers head in his hands.

He saw the monster he became from the betrayal in your eyes.

“Sam, SAMMY! HEY LOOK AT ME” Dean ordered his brother to open his eyes but Sam simply violently shook his head while the tears streamed down his face. He pushed Dean aside and threw up all contents of his breakfast on the floor of the parking lot. Dean soothed his brothers back and looked behind him, hoping you didn’t catch him or Sam… but you simply waited tables.

“Dean” Sam hoarse voice called out, aiming to get Dean’s attention. He pulled away from Sam, shut the door and jumped into the drivers seat, putting the cafe in the rearview mirror. He caught a glimpse of you walking outside the cafe with your hand shielding your eyes from the sun. Dean looked over to his brother who was hunched over with his head in his hands.

“I saw everything, Dean. I saw what I did” Sam whispered while he cried. He felt sick, disgusted and wretched. He felt worse than the demon blood, he wanted to scrub away the feeling growing inside the pit of his stomach but not even acid could remove that stain.

“I saw the way she looked at me… oh god. Dean I was a monster” Dean’s face fell, he shook his head when he saw Sams troubled expression along with his guilt ridden posture. He was heavily breathing, panting even. Dean heard Sam’s shaky whisper commands to breathe in and out and Dean felt useless for once.

“Sammy it was- DON'T… don’t say it.” Sam cut him off. Dean sighed and he felt a vibration on his right leg, he pulled out his phone while keeping his eyes on the road. He looked at the screen and saw it was a text from you, he looked over to his brother and opened the text.

From: Y/N

Hey, I heard a 67 chevy outside the cafe, was that you? Or am I going insane cause I miss you so much?

Dean smiled, he was proud of you, you could tell it was baby just by her roar. Sam saw his brother smile and snatched the phone off him. Dean was about to retaliate but he stopped when Sam calmed down just a bit by your name. Dean pulled into the hotel and looked over to Sam who was just staring at his phone. Dean entered the cool A/c blasting room and walked up to the reception desk, seeing a familiar face.

“Hey Steve, how’s it going?” He walked up to the desk seeing his old friend behind it.

“Hey Luke, long time man. I’m great, so same old?” Dean handed over the fake card which had the name ‘Luke Bryan’ written on it.

“Nah, two beds this time” Steves eyebrows arched and he had a shit eating grin replacing his soft gentle one.

“Not like that Steve, I got my baby brother this time” Steve nodded and handed Dean the keys wishing him a good day. Dean exited out of the reception and walked to Sam who was leaning against the impala, frozen, focused on Dean’s phone.

“You have a picture of her” Dean confusingly looked at Sam but he remembered you sent a selfie of yourself to him last night.

“Yeh… she was proving a point” Dean fumbled with the keys in his hands, avoiding Sam’s gaze.

“I know, I read your texts” Deans head shot up, he was no longer sympathetic, he was pissed. You confided in Dean during so many texts, you told him about your nightmares. You told him you followed a guy that looked like Sam behind just to make sure it wasn’t him. You also messaged him one time about how you and Dean kissing was a mistake and that it was a moment of weakness. You trusted Dean in those texts and now he let you down.

“You what?” Dean snatched the phone from his largely intimidating brother but no longer was he afraid of stepping on the cracks.

“I had a right too” Dean wiped his face hoping his anger bubbling inside him would wipe away with it too.

“No you don’t, Jesus Sammy. Are we gonna talk about what happened back there, or not?” Dean loved Sam, with all his heart but it was times like this when Dean wanted to punch his face in.

“Or not… and you had no right kissing my girlfriend, or hiding the fact that she’s alive… Wow Dean, couldn’t even give me fucking peace of mind… couldn’t even tell me she was still fucking breathing, nice going… brother” Sam spat out and grabbed the keys as he walked to the motel. Dean sighed and stared at the ground shaking his head in frustration. It was going way too well that it had to fuck up sooner or later. Dean turned on his phone seeing a new text from you.

From: Y/N

Okie dokie, I’ll see you soon x  

“What the?” Dean didn’t remember sending a reply for the first text, he opened his sent messages and saw one new message.

To: Y/N

Yeah that was me, I’ll be at yours in 5.

“Fuck” Dean sighed and walked to his sulken brother. Dean closed the door behind him and sat beside a pissed off Sam.

“Look Sammy, Y/N is literally the Leia to my Luke. I love her in a sisterly way man and what we did was only because she was sad and I’m Dean Winchester. It meant nothing, I swear. I regret it more than her… but we can’t see her. You literally just fucking glimpsed at her and you threw up your frigging stomach man.” Sam sighed through his nose, nodding he tried to look at it through his brothers eyes but he couldn’t. He needed to see you, you needed to see him so he got up and walked towards the door. Sam looked behind him, waiting for Dean to get up. Dean slowly stood up understanding nothing could change his mind. Sam walked out the door expecting his brother to follow. Sam sat in the impala simultaneously as Dean and he looked out the window.

“I saw the text, you know” Dean not wanting to set his brother off the edge, picked his words carefully.

“Which one?” Sam bit his lip, holding back the salty liquid that was causing his eyes to burn and turn red.

“How sorry will never be enough” Dean realised what Sam was talking about and his raised his head in acknowledgement just before dropping it. He remembered how harsh that text sounded and how his heart hurt when you sent it.

To: Y/N

I’ll beg Sammy to apologise please, Y/N… come back. You can leave Andrew, he’s not family like us Y/N. Has he ever been stabbed by a witch for you? Or uh has he ever made you laugh so hard that you pee’d your pants? Because I remember that day, Y/N… Family don’t end in blood… and it don’t start there either.

From: Y/N.

I’m not going to lie to you Dean… but you, Sam, Bobby and Cas are my only family in this world. The rest of my family is up there and I would die for you any day no questions asked but Dean… how I feel. This feeling inside me. Words can’t explain how much I want to fling myself off a cliff. I feel disgusting, I feel worthless. I want to cry till my god damn eyes bleed out but I can’t you wanna know why? Because I lost my brother and my soulmate for the rest of my life in one day and tears can’t justify that sadness. No amount of tears will fulfill this hole in my heart. I want to throw up and die but I can't… I gotta keep fighting.

Dean, sorry isnt enough. My heart is broken in ways even Cas can’t heal and I’m afraid if I don’t put on a mask now it’ll never be okay.

So, Dean Winchester. I’m fine.

Dean remembered the heart ache he felt, he knew how it felt being broken. He never wished in upon his worst enemy,the feeling of hatred towards yourself is worse than anything. Knowing that you’ll never amount to anything is literally torture.

“I broke her, Dean. I fucking broke her” Sam let the tears fall, leaving them untouched.

“Well now you’re going to fix her.” Dean prayed deep in his heart to god. He never did but he prayed for you and Sam. Hoping for once things would go their way, for fucking once.

Don't Be Jealous~Sam Winchester smut for anon~

Hii, I really feel like a jealous sam x female reader story, maybe y/n has to go undercover, flirting a lot with the victims friends to get info, wearing short skirts and stuff. and after they comes back to the motel sam’s mad and horny and they have hot, angry sex, so smut. Please and thank you so so much!

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“No, Y/N. You’re not doing this!” “I don’t really want to do this either, Sam but i have to if we’re gonna solve this case, dammit!” You and Sam had been back and forth about this for hours. You needed information for a case and you were sure that the friends of the victim knew something. Problem was, you could tell by the looks of them that they weren’t going to talk to you if you were dressed like feds. So you decided to blend in and try to get information through tactful flirting. Sam didn’t like it. “I just don’t want my girlfriend flirting with all these guys just to get some information. If we do the whole police thing, they’ll have to talk to us.” He complained.

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it’s 3pm here but im so HERE FOR THIS LIKE

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My moment is our moment: a Lucaya fanfic
  • The story is told from Lucas side, And is their last day in Quincy Addams Middle School. Just after last class.
  • Lucas POV
  • Middle School is almost over. I might as well say is over since We're not coming back after the summer break. We are going to highschool. Wow, I'm finnaly going to High School. How different would it be? What if We all drift apart? What if I never get to see my friends?
  • What if I never get to see-
  • Zay: You ok bro?
  • Lucas: what?
  • Zay: You spaced out...
  • Lucas: oh, I was just thinking...
  • Farkle: Can you believe we'll be in highschool soon?
  • Lucas: yeah... I was just thinking about that...
  • Zay: really? Cus you didn't look as exited about it like mr genious right here...
  • Farkle: aren't you exited about it?
  • Lucas: yeah I'm just worried about some things right now.
  • Zay: about what?
  • Farkle: something we can help?
  • Lucas: not really. I just need to sort some things out before we hit highschool.
  • Zay: oh I get it... Is about-
  • Lucas: not now zay!
  • Zay: yeah it is...
  • Farkle: well you still have the whole summer. Unless you have plans to go to texas.
  • Lucas: I do actually. That's why I think I need to sort this out today...
  • Zay: why such a rush?
  • Lucas: cus I'm leaving this sunday.
  • Farkle: but is friday!
  • Zay: yeah, relax... You still have like 3 days left...
  • Lucas: two... And believe it or not that's barely enough...
  • Farkle: well, let us know if we can help in any way.
  • Zay: I can distract one while you talk to the other!
  • Lucas: Bruh! (Rolles eyes)
  • Farkle: wait... The thing you are sorting out today is the thing with the girls?
  • Lucas: kinda... Yes...
  • Zay: I knew it!
  • Farkle: But didn't you all said that we would stay friends? Why would you wanna complicate things even more?
  • Lucas: I don't! I didn't mean to complicate things...
  • Zay: You can't ignore feelings Dude! You can hide them for some time, but they'll come back and bite you in the butt! I would know...
  • Farkle: but... Why such a rush? You could think about it all summer and then have "the talk" with the girls by the time we hit highschool. And I bet by then it'll all have been forgoten.
  • Zay: No dude. Lucas don't wanna be forgoten by lil' miss sun-
  • Lucas: Bruh... Seriously
  • Farkle: then that means, you did chose one. Who is it Lucas?
  • Zay: Seriously? You blind? Is very obvious by now-
  • Farkle: No is not. Riley is a wonderful girl. She's the sunshine, she sparkles, she lightens the room just as she walks in... And Maya... She... She's scary... And pretty and scary...
  • Zay: sounds to me like you kinda like Riley dude.
  • Farkle: Of course I like her. She's my best friend, she's the best person I know, and...
  • Zay: and you love her.
  • Farkle: and now you are confusing me... I... Do love her. I always have. She's my friend...
  • Zay: ok dude. But it sounds like You really love her. You should know by now is not just as friends.
  • Farkle: But I love Maya too... She's my friend.
  • Zay: dude... You don't love Maya... All you can say about her is "she's scary" and she is... But not your type of girl if you know what I mean...
  • Farkle: but then...(looks at Lucas)
  • Lucas: you said it first Farkle... If I was to choose the other one, you got to
  • Keep the first one.
  • Zay: wait... When did this happened? I wasn't aware of this arrangement!
  • Farkle: It was a long time ago. Lucas knew I liked both girls... And I kinda knew he did too.
  • Zay: but you told me about how beautiful she was the very first day you came here, you even called her the blonde beauty!
  • Lucas: Bruh!
  • Farkle: wait. So all this time you have liked Maya?
  • Lucas: It wasn't like that...
  • Zay: But-
  • Lucas: Ok... I did liked her since the first time I saw her. But she's scary man!
  • Farkle: I know right!
  • Zay: Really? Cus You told me you weren't scare of anything. So you lied?
  • Lucas: It wasn't just that... She was... Or is in love with someone else...
  • Farkle: oh... I see
  • Zay: what? What you see? I can't see anything!
  • Farkle: he comes back this weekend...
  • Zay: who? Who comes back this weekend?
  • Lucas: Josh...
  • Zay: Riley's uncle?
  • Farkle: yeah... She's been crushing over him since we were like 12
  • Lucas: more like, she's in love with him...
  • Zay: that much?
  • Lucas: (sights) yeah... I saw them, in the subway, she has deep feelings for the guy.
  • Farkle: You mean the double date? But... That was ages ago...
  • Lucas: yeah... And I've liked her since two years ago and those feelings haven't gone anywhere... I doubt hers have...
  • Zay: I feel yah... I have been inlove with Vanessa for years... It doesn't just go away.
  • Farkle: But wouldn't that mean that Riley still-
  • Lucas: Exactly.
  • Farkle: oh...
  • Zay: now it makes sence. Good luck bro... With your chat with the girls.
  • Farkle: you want help?
  • Zay: can we watch?
  • Lucas: No. Thanks. I hope it all goes well. And NO ZAY!
  • Zay: but last time I could watch! And it was painfull I must add
  • Lucas: You didn't had to watch!
  • Zay: she said the exact same thing... But honestly, I can't look away.
  • Farkle: Don't worry Lucas. We won't butt in.
  • Zay: But I wanna watch!
  • Farkle: I'll keep an eye on him.
  • Lucas: thanks buddy. I need some alone time now. The girls will be out of their meeting soon and I have to think what I'm gonna say to them.
  • Zay: But Didn't you already made up your mind?
  • Lucas: Yeah... But is not about me, I need to know how they feel about it.
  • Farkle: would that make a difference?
  • Lucas: I don't know. I mean, It won't change what I feel, just what we do next.
  • Zay: are we doing something later?
  • Lucas: No... I mean-
  • Farkle: he means what would he do about the girls.
  • Zay: You gonna date her?
  • Lucas: I don't know. I eanna, but I don't know if she wants.
  • Zay: yeah... Las time it was a disaster...
  • Farkle: he means after the talk... Ugh never mind. Lets go zay. Lets leave Lucas alone.
  • Zay: but I wanna watch.
  • Riley: You wanna watch what?
  • Maya: Are we going to the movies or something?
  • Zay: or something!
  • Lucas: bruh... Seriously...
  • Farkle: no, we were just leaving... Me and Zay... We'll see you later... Or not... Just.... Bye (drags Zay out os school)
  • Zay: I wanted to watch... Good luck bro!
  • Maya: doesn't he know your game was yesterday?
  • Riley: but he was there, with the cheerleaders, I was there with him.
  • Maya: Most have forgoten.
  • Lucas: he didn't meant it for the game...
  • Riley: then why would he say that for?
  • Lucas: Never mind... You ready to head home?
  • Maya: Can't wait to get out of school. So gladd is finaly over!
  • Riley: Aren't we waiting for Farkle and Zay?
  • Lucas: they had something to do. I was waiting to walk you home.
  • Maya: whatever, lets get out of here.
  • Riley: But Farkle always waits for us
  • Maya: Riles, he's gone. You wanna stay here alone?
  • Riley: But...
  • Lucas: Come with us Riley, we kinda need to talk, and that's kinda the reason they left.
  • Maya: oh... Sorry... I' leave. So you can talk.
  • Lucas: No! I mean... Don't go... This is kinda between us three.
  • Riley: why?
  • Maya: isn't it obvious? He knows we both like him! This is ridiculous... I'm not staying. (Turns and starts walking away)
  • Lucas: Maya! Please! Would you listen to me at least?
  • Maya: (turns, tears filling her eyes) why should I? You know all you needed to know, and you didn't say anything.
  • Lucas: I'm sorry. Is just... You never asked me what I felt! Or what I feel...
  • Maya: doesn't matter anymore...
  • Lucas: yes it does.
  • Riley: So what so you feel Lucas?
  • Maya: Lets go Riley... (Comes back to get Riley and takes her hand) It doesn't matter anymore, is all behind us. (Tries to drag Riley out)
  • Riley: (stops her) wait, I wanna know how he feels.
  • Maya: why?
  • Riley: Because is true. We never asked him what he felt...
  • Maya: Then you go ask him. I don't care anymore.
  • Lucas: Maya please... Just listen
  • Riley: what do you feel Lucas?
  • Maya: I don't wanna hear it! I don't care! (Turns away with watery eyes)
  • Riley: you know, for someone who doesn't care you're talking in all caps. And I know you care! You wouldn't be upset otherwise.
  • Maya: I don't!
  • Lucas: Well I do Maya! I do care because all those times I could have said something I didn't. And I understand if you don't wanna give me another chance, but please let me explain.
  • Maya: explain what? I already know. You felt sorry for me, you thought your moment with Riley was over, but then it wasn't... And we are better if we stay friends... Did I miss anything?
  • Riley: oh, Peaches. You missed everything!
  • Riley: You wanna know what I've been looking at for the past few months? I've been watching my best friend hiding her feeling for the guy who's supposed to be dating me, and him (turns to Lucas) him falling in love with her right in front of me! But he never said anything! He never said anything because...
  • Lucas: because I care about you Riles.
  • Maya: see... you got it all wrong. He loves you. He always has. (walks away)
  • Riley: we had our moment Lucas... Is gone, just like Maya. She still loves you, you know? That's why she's so hurt.
  • Lucas: I'm sorry Riles.
  • Riley: Don't be. I had my moment. Go have yours!
  • Lucas: (runs outside but turns as he reaches the door) would you be alright?
  • Farkle: (turns around the corner) I'll walk her home!
  • Lucas: should have known....
  • Zay: Go Bro! I'm right behind you...
  • Farkle and Riley: NO!
  • Maya was walking really fast, just around the corner. He reached her because he was running. Touched her arm and stopped her.
  • Lucas: (panting) Maya, please wait!
  • Maya: Is ok, Huckleberry. No need to explain. I just need some space right now. We'll talk on Monday.(starts walking home)
  • Lucas: No. (Follows her) that's the thing. We are not fine! This can't wait for tomorrow. I'm leaving in two days for Texas and I won't come back untill next school year starts...
  • Maya: We're fine, we'll still be friends when you come back.
  • Lucas: Just stop saying that! We are not just friends!
  • Maya: yes we are! (Keeps walking until he grabs her arm and turns her)
  • Lucas: you never once asked me what I felt.
  • Maya: Because I already knew the answer.
  • (Takes her arm away from his hands) Lucas: No, you thought you knew.
  • Maya: so enlighten me. What did you felt?
  • Lucas: I was afraid! I was ashamed because I liked this girl so much, but she wasn't into me! She even pushed her best friend to date me!
  • Maya: you know what, You didn't had to date me. If you liked Riley so much and after she "pushed me" to you, you could have said no. Is not that hard!
  • Lucas: what? Why would I say no to the girl I like? That would be stupid!
  • Maya: what are you talking about?
  • Lucas: You. I'm talking about you. It's always been you. I've liked you since the day you smiled at me, introduced yourself and broke up with me. I never got over you... And then you pushed Riley to me, and she's cute and all, but... She's not you. I never thought I had any chance with you, until Texas, when Riley told me you... liked me.
  • Maya: But, why didn't you said anything?
  • Lucas: because I couldn't believe it. I was shocked. And scare. It was the scariest moment of my life.
  • Maya: why? I'm not a monster.
  • Lucas: Because if I ever had the chance to have you, that meant I could loose you. And I don't wanna.
  • Maya: That's stupid
  • Lucas: I know right. I was finnaly gonna have my moment.
  • Maya: what moment?
  • Lucas: this moment!
  • Then, I don't know where all that confidence came from, but I just had to kiss her. This was my moment. I just grabbed her face, gently and pulled her close to me, and I leaned down to reach her lips. And I kissed her. I kissed her and I was the happiest I' ve ever been. I couldn't believe I finnaly did it. I had my moment.
  • Maya: don't you mean our moment?
  • Lucas: yes. My moment is yours.
  • Maya: did you really liked me since the first day?
  • Lucas: I did. Why you think I kept the game going so long?
  • Maya: I thoought you likes Riley and you were just annoyed by me.
  • Lucas: I do like Riley, but my heart was already somewhere else. I was just scared of you.
  • Maya: but why? You rode a bull!
  • Lucas: baby, you are way more scary than Tumbstone...
  • Maya: I'm not that bad...
  • Lucas: you told me you wanted to break me!
  • Maya: and you said you couldn't wait for it!
  • Lucas: Cus I wanted to make you happy...
  • Maya: ugh... This isn't working out...
  • Lucas: (laughs) let me gess. It's not you, it's me... Cus I don't pay enough attention to you?
  • Maya: but we can still be friends!
  • Lucas: not really... You see, I tried. But I can't. I'm way to much in love... I can't let you go.
  • Maya: really? That much?
  • Lucas: I would rather have you break me every day for the rest of my life, than not having you around.
  • Maya: says the guy who's leaving for Texas.
  • Lucas: If you ask me, I'll stay.
  • Maya: oh... I would never do that...
  • Lucas: what? Why not? You're not playing this right!
  • Maya: because, I'm not staying here Huckleberry. I'll rather go have a squaredance week than sit around waiting for you. Besides I kinda miss pappy joe.
  • Lucas: If that makes you happy, I certainly can't wait for it. Ma-am.
  • Maya: you just gotta recicle lines don'tcha?
  • Lucas: I'm resourcefull. Did I tell you about the time I delivered a baby horse?
  • Maya: shut up and kiss me already!
  • Lucas: will do ma-am.
  • The end
  • Not really
  • A little extra 😉
  • Maya: wait... How long did you said you were leaving?
  • Lucas: all the vacation time.
  • Maya: that's a lot of packing... I don't think I have that many texan outfits.
  • Lucas: you know... you can wear regular clothes.
  • Maya: you really need to try harder...
  • Lucas: I'll carry your bags?
  • Maya: you're not even trying...
  • Lucas: we'll get you new ones!
  • Maya: now we're talking. I was just kidding by the way. We are comming back after one week.
  • Lucas: I figured, after you said squaredance week.
  • Maya: yeah... Sounds nice and all. But I hated the rodeo... Brings back bad memories.
  • Lucas: No more rodeo shortstack.
  • Maya: promess?
  • Lucas: I promess, I'll talk to grandpa...
  • Maya: I'll deal with Pappy Joe from now on.
  • Lucas: Ok... Can I have my moment now?
  • Maya: no... You had yours. Now is my turn to have my moment! (She kisses him)
  • Lucas: Our moment?
  • Maya: our moment.
  • And just like that. I got the girl. All it took was a few yesrs, some time to analize things and a lot of guts. Cus man, she's scary.
Fortune Teller

[Read on AO3]

Castiel had only been with them for a few hours so far, and Charlie was sick of it. No, not because she disliked the angel, quite the contrary, but because of Cas and Dean, together. She’d heard so much in the books, the way they would give up nearly anything for each other, their hopeless devotion, but they didn’t nearly do it justice. She began to wonder how on earth Sam could put up with it.

It started when Dean came down the stairs, pizza in hand, and Charlie caught on to the star struck look in the angel’s eyes, like someone watching their love interest coming down the stairs in the most beautiful prom outfit. She thought it was cute, the way Castiel’s frame visibly relaxed, his blue eyes wide, mouth slightly parted, with what she could only put down as adoration.

And it only continued. The way Castiel and Dean danced around each other, their touches lingering every time they came in slight contact, their eyes holding each other’s gazes longer than normal. It was frustrating, seeing these two people, her two friends, refusing to acknowledge their feelings. She had to do something about it, because nobody else was going to any time soon.

With a smile, she nudged Castiel with her elbow, who was sitting silently at the head of the table, just watching the humans enjoying themselves. He turned his gaze to her, the corner of his lips quirking into a slight smile. She couldn’t help but notice how he had been staring at Dean as the green eyed man laughed.

“Want to play a game?” She quizzed, earning herself a curious look.

“Of course,” the angel murmured stiffly. It was obvious that while he had become far more human since where the books left off, he was still not too used to everything. Especially with his grace once again returned, he couldn’t enjoy the simple leisures the humans could, which was unsettling him slightly.

“Alright, pick a colour,” she instructed as she produced a fortune teller from her bag, positioning it correctly in her hands. It took the angel just a second to glance over the colours, before choosing.


Of course. The red-head’s lips quirked in a small smirk, but she said nothing of it. This could wait until later to delve into deeper.

“Pick a number,” she instructed again, tilting it so he could see.

“Two,” he frowned at the paper game, obviously not sure about the purpose of it. She counted ‘one, two’, before tilting it towards him again to pick a second number. He chose one.

Lifting the flap, noticing how he leaned over to pry at the answer he got, she smiled.

“Your heart’s one true desire will come to you very soon,” she read out, before cocking an eyebrow at the angel. He paused, blinking once, before sitting up straighter and readjusting his tie.

“Interesting,” he mumbled, casting a fleeting glance at the older Winchester beside him. Oh, she definitely didn’t miss that.

The day slowly faded to night, after several hours filled with light-hearted teasing passed between them all (Castiel tended not to join in, an ever-present puzzled look on his face).

“I’m gonna turn in, man, it’s been a long day,” Dean sighed as he rubbed his hand down his face, pushing himself away from the table. Sam got up moments after.

“Me too, night Cas, Charlie,” he nodded at each of them in turn, before setting off down the corridor after his brother, both going into their separate rooms, leaving the red-head and the angel alone. Again with the longing looks from Castiel. She almost wanted to push him out of his chair and demand he followed after Dean.

“Hey, Cas? Castiel?” She started tentatively once she was sure the Winchesters were gone, a warm smile spreading across her lips as he lifted his head curiously.

“Yes, Charlie?” His voice was steady, controlled, just like his expression.
“Seems we’re, like, best friends now, this means we can share secrets, right?” She implored as she leaned in closer, chin resting on her hands. Castiel parted his lips but no words came out, his eyes darting from her face, to the table, and several objects on the table, as if searching for an answer

“I suppose so,” he finally agreed, lifting his eyes to meet hers. An ever-present curiosity shone in those bright eyes, often joined with fascination. It was endearing, if she was at all honest. She always imagined angels to have no interest in humans, to think themselves as above them. At least, most of them had given that impression in the books. But Castiel was indeed a peculiar little thing. He seemed to find joy from helping humans, from learning little things about them. Charlie knew that he was a warrior, and could smite her without a flinch, but she also knew that under all that, this being was a gentle, humble creature, forced into a life he didn’t want. Multiple times, actually.

“What team do you bat for? If you don’t mind me asking,” she winked playfully. The first step to getting him to admit his (rather obvious) feelings. The puzzled look was expected, so she decided to elaborate. “Who are you interested in, romantically or sexually? Guys, girls? Both? People in-between? All of the above? A certain someone?” She shut herself up before she could hint any further.

“Oh,” the angel blinked once, twice, sitting up straighter in his seat. Charlie, again, didn’t miss the way he glanced toward the doorway the Winchesters had exited from just minutes earlier. “I do not find myself interested in these sorts of things, for the most part,” was what he finally said, his shoulders slumping just a bit, a despondent look flashing across his face momentarily, before he masked it.

“For the most part?” She repeated, eyebrow cocked.

“Yes. I find that… I only seem to become attracted in those senses when I grow close to someone,” he admitted, looking a bit flustered where he sat stiffly in the wooden seat. Was he even trying to be subtle?

“Demi, huh?” She grinned, not explaining just to see that puzzled look once again. She could see why the Winchesters (or perhaps just Dean) seemed to find him so cute. She hurried onto her next question, trying to hide her excitement that Castiel had pretty much admitted to her. “So, when are you thinking about admitting how you feel to Dean?”

The angel cleared his throat to mask his embarrassment, refusing to meet her eyes, lips pursed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Charlie.”

“Oh come on. You said we can share secrets now!” She protested, a small grin spreading across her lips when she noticed the small smile tugging at the corners of his. However, it soon fell away, a small sigh passing from them.

“I don’t believe it would be the best idea, Charlie. I don’t believe he is exactly interested in the likes of me.” The red-head couldn’t believe she’d actually convinced him to tell her. But that answer just wouldn’t do.

“Are you kidding me?” She stared at him with an almost disbelieving look, before she got to her feet, tugging him up. The angel looked utterly muddled, brows knitted in a small frown, lips pursed in a thin line.

“I don’t understand-“

“I want you to go into Dean’s room right now, and just,” she gestured vaguely with her free hand, the one which wasn’t gripping onto the angel’s arm, and gave a disgruntled sigh. “Just admit to him, okay? Tell him. I guarantee you, you will like the results.”

Everything was going downhill from here, even she knew it, but if she could do one thing to make something good out of the situation, she was going to. Dean and Castiel had been dancing around each other for too long, and she wanted, no, needed was a better word, to do something about it. They’d only continue, and continue, and never notice the other felt the same way until someone gave them a kick up the backside to get them jump-started. They deserved some happiness in their lives.

Castiel gave her an appreciative smile, a thankful look in his eyes which spoke a thousand words. Thank you for telling me this. Thank you for making me notice things I was blind to before. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. The red-head could only nod, her grin only spreading wider still, watching as the angel scurried away.

She remained in that spot, listening to a muffled conversation, a quiet bout of laughter from Dean, before silence. For a moment, she was worried that maybe things hadn’t gone how she had suspected, but that was when she heard it.

“I love you, Dean.”

“Yeah. You too, Cas.”

And that was the moment she mentally high-fived herself. Quite content with the good she had done that day, she made her way down the corridor, only chancing a quick glance through the gap in the doorway, seeing the angel and his hunter curled up in one another’s arms under the duvet. It had taken them so long to realise they both shared these feelings, and yet the conversation which finally revealed this to them had been so quick.

The books, and many fans of the ‘fiction’, almost always referred to Dean and Castiel’s relationship as being filled with ‘unresolved sexual tension’. But no, that wasn’t it, Charlie realised. She’d read enough of the books, and seen enough of the way Dean and Cas act around (and not around) each other, to know they were both completely in love. And wasn’t that just disgustingly adorable?

And when Castiel walked into the kitchen the next morning, adorned in one of Dean’s old shirts, pyjama pants, and his favourite dressing gown, closely pursued by the green-eyed man who didn’t waste a moment to take hold of his hand, Charlie knew she’d helped to start something wonderful.

You know that moment when you’re writing something and you realize you’re writing something else so you figure you might as well finish it? This is that fic. No one asked for this, it doesn’t use any prompts. And yet, I still blame you all. I’m sure you’ll figure out why. 

Angst galore. No sex. You probably shouldn’t read it. 

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Pairing: Amy / Karma (Faking It)
Rating: K
Word count: 1,053

Summary: If you could fix this back to the way it was, you would. Then it’d just be the two of you once more.

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