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late night rendezvous with sehun ✨❤🌃 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Hachi! I wanted to tell you that your art is super super nice and I love it with all my heart! I've been following you for so so long and you've improved a lot and I'm really proud of you! Also, you're a big inspiration for me ;v; Aaaaaand you probably get this a lot but I also wanted to tell you that you're a super sweet and kind person! I've wanted to talk to you for ages but I'm... easily intimidated and also an awkward potato and I don't know how so :____ Aaaaaa have a nice day! <3

thank you so so much for being such a long-term follower ;;___;; when I look back at the way my art was 2 years ago it’s…mildly cringey to say the least, but it feels really rewarding to know that thanks to sharing my work online and getting so much encouragement and support from you guys, I’ve improved and kept at it, and it’s honestly thanks you all that I’m where I am right now TvT

dfhgfdgd YOU ANON ARE THE REALLY SWEET ONE *HUGS* the best step toward wanting to talk to somebody though, is to stop yourself from thinking of others you admire as being somehow ‘too cool to approach’ or ‘out of your league’ - and don’t put yourself down! Whether you struggle with picking topics to talk about, or get really shy when first meeting people, y’gotta have a little confidence in yourself and trust even if you hit a couple speedbumps, folks will see how genuine and friendly you are and hook onto that instead <3

Artists are just everyday folk, except we tend to have worse backs than most….so much bad hunching

Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story
  • Marinette: *walks into Cafe Reflekta on Sunday* Hi Juleka!
  • Juleka: Hey. ((Long time no see!))
  • Marinette: Listen, I've got a friend coming here tomorrow and I want to treat him to something nice. Will you help me?
  • Juleka: Sure. ((HIM?!))
  • Marinette: Thank you so much! *puts envelope on the counter* If a guy walks in asking for the Ladybug special, give him a number three in that red polka dot mug, and this letter.
  • Juleka: Cool. ((What's in the letter?))
  • Marinette: And if he asks for any information about me, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Not my name, what I look like, or how you know me.
  • Juleka: ...ok. ((Is Marinette involved with the mafia?!))
A Special Day
  • David: Today is a very special day for you, Emma.
  • Emma: ...why?
  • Snow: We want you to know how much we love you and believe in you--
  • Regina: Don't tell me you're going to give another hope speech.
  • Snow: But everyone loves my hope speeches!
  • Regina: Wanna bet?
  • Snow: ???
  • Emma: Seriously, guys, what's so important about today?
  • Ruby: It's National Coming Out Day!
  • Emma: ...
  • Everyone: *stares at Emma*
  • Emma: *gay panic*
  • Emma: [to Snow & David] The only closet I've ever been in is the one you put me in as a baby. And I came out of it a long time ago.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Archie: Did you, Emma? Did you really?

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Hey I don't know if you do this, but I'm a bi girl that recently got out of an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship w/ a girl, and I wanted something different. There's a guy, that sat next to me from the beginning of the year and he's kinda been flirting with me all year, and I never really responded bc I had a gf. Now dating him sounds like the different thing I was looking for, but I've never really been in a relationship w/ a guy and I have NO clue how to go about this.

Go for it. Don’t think too much about everything and just let things happen. Try flirting back first and then go from there. You can do it okay? I know you can.

lovelifeandcats  asked:

Hi rose! I've been watching you and Rosie's videos since you guys were only at 45,000 subscribers and I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the help you've given me over the years. Not only with my sexuality. I've been living with extreme anxiety my whole life and it just feels so comforting knowing that you also have an anxiety disorder but you don't let it run your life. You are my biggest inspiration and seeing you live positively makes me want to drive for the same. Thank you so much.

Wow that was so nice! :) Giving other people hope when it comes to anxiety disorders makes me feel like I’ve actually achieved something. I remember how crippling it was when I didn’t understand what my OCD was or why it was affecting me. It was the scariest time of my life and by far the most unsettling. I never imagined it getting better. But as I concentrated on the things that mattered most to me, and being surrounded by extremely supportive people, life got good again! 

And you know, sometimes I relapse pretty badly. It was only about a month ago that I REALLY panicked about it. But as you develop a more comprehensive understanding of your condition, the easier and less overwhelming it becomes. In fact, I used my perfectionism to guarantee my dissertation was to a standard I believed would award me with the degree classification I desired. I used my compulsive nature to no longer dwell on the negative aspects of life, but to drive me towards achieving my goals.

When we came back from New York I said to Rosie that if it all ends now, I would be happy with what we have achieved together. Meeting our fans in New Jersey was a really special moment for me. Listening to their stories really reminded me of myself and I felt extremely honoured that I had affected people’s lives in a positive way. It was such a pleasure and the reason why making videos is so worthwhile <3

When this is all over...
  • Scott: Mason, you helped me get my pack back together. You saved the Chimera's from Theo and reminded them of their humanity. You spoke to Liam and brought him back to me, you helped save Lydia. You have helped me so much! How will I ever repay you for this.
  • Mason: Well... there is one thing. Unless it's asking too much, I understand if the answer is no, ever since I learnt Liam was a werewolf and about you guys, I've wanted to join you, could you make me-
  • Scott *Suddenly expecting the worst*: Mason, you don't want this, being a werewolf is not fun.
  • Mason: A werewolf? No. I just want to know can I be Inner Circle too. I want to help you guys, know everything about the Supernatural. I can do research for you, I can work with Stiles. I don't need claws or fangs, I need books.
  • Scott *Relaxes*: You're 'Inner Circle' but you know, we dont really call it that-

anonymous asked:

So I like this guy. I met him 9 months ago, and he went away for a while. I waited for him to come back, and I turned down every guy who tried to take me out while I was waiting. So, he gets back, and we talk, and all of a sudden he starts telling me how much he loves this one girl and how he's finally got it right and I don't know what to do. I was going to tell him how I felt, but he did this before I had the chance. What should I do? I've given up so much and now he doesn't even want it.

Being in such a situation is really hard and I can’t really help you to find a decision. Think about it with your head and heart. Is it worth it to keep on waiting for him if he isn’t interested or would it be better for you if you just let him go and start a new chapter of your life without him ?

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Is it wrong to "reverse fetishize" is that exists ? Like I'm black and after seeing how much black guys don't want me for being dark I've felt like "well fuck them in gonna get me a white guy who's gonna love me and then I'll have a mixed kid so she won't have to deal with half the shit I do" I know it's wrong to feel like this but It's like a defense mechanism .

It’s still fetishization and it’s wrong, especially because it’s more likely to backfire on you in the long wrong. Do you really want this?


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I need some advise.. So my friend has been acting pretty slutty lately and she has a "thing" with this guy I'm also friends with and he really wants to commit, but she still wants to "be able to do stuff with other guys". And she's been talking to her ex (who has a girlfriend) and doing some stuff with other guys and I've pretty much lost respect for her.. I just don't know what to do because I still love her, but I hate what she's been doing, and I want to help her, but I don't know how to..

If she wants to act like that, you can’t change how she acts. You can try to talk to her, but it doesn’t sound like she will change. So now you should decide if she’s the type of person you want as a friend?