you guys don't even know this was my show man

i don’t really spend time thinking about cophine scenes, but i saw the gifset on my dash of cosima and delphine sending all that info out on DYAD onto the world wide webbernets and cosima breaking down into tears of pure joy and just.. i have WORDS. many words apparently TO SAY ABOUT IT AND TATIANA

now i know that that emotional reaction was improv’d but… damn guys. tatiana maslany felt cosima’s joy and relief in the CORE of her being and just…. couldn’t contain the tears. that she felt cosima’s realization that she was FINALLY FREE and like just this waterfall of emotion just made physical tears and uncontrollable laughter just burst forth from within

that’s more than acting. that’s insanity. and she literally did that for every single character she embodied on orphan black. countless hours of filming and rehearsing and memorizing and tapping into two, three or sometimes four characters /per day/ all for the past five years.

she didn’t just act out these characters, she didn’t just pull a different emotional mask on every single time the script called for a different tone, she literally reached into the depths of her friggen SOUL and became each and every one of these people. 

when sarah first saw kira in season 1 after almost a YEAR, i didn’t see tatiana for one single second. i truly saw a mom who had been working so hard and doing all the wrong things for the right reason of simply just trying to see her daughter – i saw sarah manning, the person, the mother, the /human/, experiencing real joy and real relief and real guilt and disguised anguish at being away for so long from her daughter who meant the world to her

honestly, i don’t think there’s any other actor or actress out there who can do what tatiana maslany did for orphan black. what she did for us, for clone club. and there will never be anyone like tatiana maslany in the acting profession for a long, /long/ time.

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Why do you guys call Scott white? If it were any other situation, wouldn't you guys seem mad that a character was whitewashed and the POC culture of the actual actor was taken away? With Scott/Tyler you're like "he's white. end of discussion." And then bring up the fact that even Tyler wanted to be white, knowing what he said was problematic and ill formed...I'm just confused and your explanations don't make sense. It's like you guys aren't applauding a POC lead. Not that you're obligated to but

You’re catching the tail end of a years long conversation, nonnie, so I get how it can be confusing. 

Here’s my evolution with Teen Wolf and SCott McCall:

Ooh, Tyler Posey is gonna be in Teen Wolf

Oh wow, is he really the first Latino youth to lead a show?  Cool!

Oh man, this show is awesome with the diversity!  They have a Latino Teen Wolf!

Lol, of course they put him with the white girl *smh*.  And his white best friend.  Sigh, here we go.

Why is his last name McCall if he’s supposed to be Latino?  

Well, Tyler’s last name is Posey so maybe he’s biracial and this is their nod to that?

I mean, I guess it’s not that big of a deal, and I should be happy he’s just there but… is he gonna speak any Spanish?

Can I get an abuela, talk about a quincenera?  Some Spanish home food?  A book of Pablo Neruda, I’ll take anything at this point?

*Jeff brags about FINALLY getting recognized and gets run off Twitter*

Sooo… Jeff says he’s latino… kinda, and then completely refuses to use any identifiers, and this is my fault because sterek? 

If Jeff wanted Scott to be Latino, why didn’t he make him Latino?  And why are all the POC and women getting killed off this show?  What is going ON?!?

Delgado?! WTF?!  Eff you, Jeff!

Ryan Kelley auditioned for Scott?  So Scott was always supposed to be white?

I’m starting to not like Scott on this show, but I don’t feel racist… hmm.

Stanning two white gays in love >>>> Stanning a white passing “he’s latino cause we said so” Teen Wolf

So, Scott is white because even when we tried to make him POC the show said not so and then cast a wide YOU’RE RACIST net on us when they changed their minds.  So eff them, seriously.  Scott is white and Sterek is eternal. 

Ashley Lynn Wright
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My first mood board, subject: Ashley and her story through On Dating a Demon. I obviously can’t show everything because spoilers, but it references all the big stuff, even if you guys don’t know about any of it yet. 


I hope you all are as excited as I am for Chapter 9. I’m currently working on Chapter 12 and I’m so excited about where this is headed. Chapter 9 will go live on December 9.

Next week: Hiei Jaganashi.

(Thank you, @luckystarchild​ for your help!!)

  • What she said: I am fine.
  • What she means: I don't know man, the new Malec episode seem to be soul eating af, I mean I am still not over the fact this show named an episode after a ship, like I didn't know miracles actually exist in a cruel world like this u know, like I mean the last episode almost ended my life when Magnus said you when Alec said name it, I mean I haven't even read the dang books and I already hit post limit twice rebloggin gay ass tall dude and catlady guy and gifsets of Izzy's outfits, and now the fukin promo threw that 0.24 secs of malec porn at me I just don't think I can move forward anymore in life after I have witnessed something so climatic u feel, I don't know tbh man I'm a bit offended that the show is only available in America, like Canada doesn't desserve this, but ya like when would we get some more that hot vampire and smol simon action man, but ye mandude i am a lil fucked over rn for someone who has like 2 papers due by the end of spring break so I think I would need counselling after the season finale but its whatever u know

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Even the interview saying that Mortis was a shared Force vision didn't make sense. I dislike the Light/Dark dichotomy (I like Living/Unifying Force with the Dark Side as imbalance itself), so that was a major turn off. But even if Star Wars 1-6 had the Dark/Light dichotomy, Mortis' internal logic was a mess. (The Father was pretty selfish in his own right, saying Anakin had been created to be isolated in a small area and watch over his kids). I could rant more, but this is already long.

I feel you, friend.

I have so many issues with literally everything about the Mortis arc that I don’t even know where to begin.

So I will limit myself to one observation:

Who the hell looks at a canon where the religious entity / ultimate reality is called “the Force,” and is established as being “an energy field that surrounds and binds us,” - who the hell looks at that and says, “You know what would be perfect? If we showed the Force as an old, bearded white human man! Yeah! What a great idea it’s perfect A+ to us.”

I mean. That’s some next level bullshit tbh. Without even getting into the rest of the fuckery that is that story arc.